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A merchant that hi porta t-brok
'Oil'.l adrerti'lB; Willi mm.
ThB eMted !ow quite anilMatbed
To take Rip V Wlable Hp.
See Djlly Bro'. chango of ad.
Men, felt boots 50 cents at Adams'.
Choice Concord grapes at Long's.
F. S. Rates, of Bort Bjron. is in the
city today.
Yon get the bcneCt see Doll;
Bros', new ad.
Choice Missouri Jcoitons bv the
barrel at Long's.
See KeMj Bros', plat of Unirersitj
Park on Crtt pac.
A1anis is headquarters for men's
hoes. Try them.
The W. K. C. gives a box social at
G. A. R. hall this evening.
Shoes given away at Dolly Bros'.
See their ad., seventh page.
John O'Connor, of Galesbnrg, is
spending the day in the city.
See Klag-IIasler Dry Goods com.
pany's new ad. on seventh page.
Mrs. James McXaraara, of Fnlton,
arrived this morning on a visit.
Don't miss the concert at First M.
K. church Nov. 16. Admission 25
The stage of water at the Rock
Island bridge at noon was 60; the
temperature, 48.
Those men's 3.60 and $4 calf welt
shoes are beauties. Get into -a pair
and see. Adams.
The Woman's Improvement guild
will meet at Trinity rectory Wednes-
aay auernoon atz o'clock.
The enamel calf, with the Warren
toe and Baltimore edge, is the latest
for men. Adams has them.
Ten cents a week for The Akois
delivered at your door. Try it a
week and you will want it right
If you are in need of a situation
try Tub Akois want column. Oth
ers have done so with success. Why
not you?
Mosdames William Ullemeyer and
W. B. Barker will take part in the
entertainment at the First Baptist
cnurcn lonigni.
Dr. G. G. Craig, who has been con
fine I to his home by a severe illness.
is now somewhat better, as all will
be gratified to know.
Kx-Sheri!T T. S. Silvis has exper
ienced a decided change for the bet
tcr and his friends will rejoice to
Know mat no is mucn improved.
The preliminary hearing of S. W,
Turner, charged with embezzling
1100 from the Peon Tank Line com
pany, was continued yesterday until
nor. jo.
The chrysanthemum exhibit at
Library hall, DavenjMirt, opens this
evening, it promises to be in all re
spectsa most attractive and delight-
iui event.
You may wonder why Dolly Bros.
can giveaway shoes. The reason is
they have had no losses in the last
eight months, so the cash buyer gets
i it 0 oenciii.
Thomas Ca.'ey and wife depart to-
mrrrow lor South Bend, Ind., where
the will hereafter make their home.
Mr. I 4.ey having secured a good po
ition there.
Superintendent J. II. Cleland, of
ine a i Ken street x. I'. s. u. K , was
presented with a society gold pin on
. me occasion oi dib tad oirtnuav sun-
day by the young people.
iMiss Sarah Butler had recovered
snlllciently from the injuries re.
ceived by being atruck bv a passen.
ger train to Iw removed to her home
in Muscatine yesterday afternoon
Fifty gold filled watches warranted
20 years for 1 10 each. Bur one, try
it. if yon don't like it. fetch it back
and get your money. Waltham or
F.lgin movement. 1622 Second ave-
r Due. J. W. Jones loan office.
J. r. Mueller and E. LTSelle de
parted this afternoon for Pekin to
attend the 4-drys Conference of cen
tral Illinois teachers of the Germao
Lutheran schools. The Rock Island
Lutheran school has been dismissed
for the week.
C. L. Walker. E. D. Sweeney. F.
C. Ilemenway, M. M. Sturgeon and
E. E. Parmenter are attending the
judicial convention today at Rock
lord as delegates from Rock Island.
Mr. Parmenter went as C. J. Searle's
Kridy Bros', have the exclusive
sale of, lots in University Park at the
corner of Fifth avenue "and Thirty
eighth street which are undoubtedly
the finest in the city. It behooves
all who would secure one of these
handsome sites for a home to make
inquiry at once.
Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Taylor have
adopted Leita Rue Graham by per
mission ( the county court, the
child's name to be changed So Leita
Grace Taylor. The little one is 9
years old and motherless, her father,
Charles Graham, having consented
to the adoption.
The special services conducted bv
Evangelist Black atill continue at the
Christian church. Already a num
ber have started in the Christian
life and a deep interest is being
awakened. Tonight Mr. Black's
theme is The Great Question." and
Miss Harris will sing by request, "If
i ere a oice.
Charles E. Lemon, of 1018 Fourth
avenoe, was struck on the head and
shoulder by a plow falling two
stories, at the Rock Island Plow
works, where he is employed, .yes-
terday aiternoon. a rather severe
gash was inflicted in his head and
bis sbonlder waa braised. Dr. J. R.
Hollowbush attended him.
tk Wonld-ba Trata Wracks of
Dareaport, Bu a Record.
The capture of the man. W. H.
Pieper, in the act of attempting to
tamper with a switch so as to wreck
Kock Island passenger train In
Davenport Saturday night, brings
back to the Democrat's memory some
of the history of this man. It is
right in line with the character that
a great many railroad men have im
puted to him, the Democrat says.
and goes far to strengthen them in
the belief that they have held ever
since the Rock Island's No. 2 was
derailed in the edge of Des Moines
one night about three years ago
the belief that Pieper did that piece
of work.
About that time the Rock. Island
bad a little trouble with a few of its
employes, and among them was Pie
per. lie bad worked lor it as bag
gageman and brakeman, and for
some reason, the road claimed for
good cause, he was discharged. It
was known that he was bitter against
the road, and it was reported that he
had talked of revenge, or intimated
that he would seek satisfaction.
None of his acts were especially sus
picious, however, and no watch was
kept on him.
One night the train mentioned was
thrown from the rai's at a switch in
the edge of the city of Des Moines.
The place was a looelv one like the
location or the switch neper was
fooling with in Davenport Saturday
night in his fiendish effort to cause
a derailment and wreck and it was
not at all impossible that the switch
might have been fixed. At any rate
me train leit the rails there and piled
up, and when the trainmen and
jostled passengers got together to
pick up the pieces they found Pieper,
this same Pieper, it is said by men
wno Know, in the near neighborhood
of the switch where the derailment
Acqaltted Him.
He was badly hurt, and as the in
cident is recalled now, was insensible
when found, but . became conscious
soon after. He was asked how he
came to be there, for it was claimed
that he had not been in any of the
cars on the train previous to the
wreck, and his presence in the midst
oi the scraps seemed suspicious and
me more so in view or bis well known
antipathy to the Bock Isltftd road
He said that he had been riding
on the platiorm, between the cars,
and that he had been thrown off and
nurt wnen the crash came. He was
held as the cause of the wreck, but
alter a trial was acquitted. His
story coujd not be fairly refuted by
tne company, and there was no post
live evidence against him.
Daaghtars of the Revolution.
Rock Island is likely to have i
society of the great patriotic order
of Daughters of the Revolution. A
preliminary meeting has been held
of those eligible to membership and
so far 12 to 15 have signified, their
willingness to become members.
The object of the society, which is
similar to the Sons of the Revolu
tion, is the perpetuation of familv
lineage springing from the revolu
tionary fathers and the purchase and
maintenance of places of historic re.
nown are collected.
Ree. and Mr. Alias KecalT.
Rev. and Mrs. Ira W. Allen enter
tained tne central rresbyterian con
gregation at their home, 1210 Third
avenue, last evening in honor of the
reception of several new members
into the chnrch Sunday. Nearly
every member of the church at
tended and it was a delightful affair
and the sociability of Kev. Allen and
nis esumaoie wue win oe long re-
lmembered. Ladies of the church as-
Isisted in entertaining. Coffee, cake
land sandwiches were served. The
parsonage was tastily decorated.
Iaelplaat Fir Kqaalched.
While engaged in tarring the roof
oi tne Muoer malt bouse on Third
avenue this afternoon the heat from
a small furnace, which was tain?
used, ignited the tar and it blazed
up. A atill alarm brought the book
and ladder truck and the Central
company, and the , Are was quickly
suoauea witnout resulting damage
Louis Siemon, in tossing the
burning pot of tar from the building
a 1 a
naa nis nanas burned somewhat, but
not seriously.
Stw Telephaae Liaa.
The preliminary work has been
done lor a new telephone line run.
ning from Milan to Andalusia. The
firm of Marshall & Tody has charge
of the work and the poles will be
erected and the wires strung in
tew cays, ine purpose oi the pro
jectors is believed to be to connect
with the wires of the Central Union
Telephone company at Milan from
Auaaiusia ana sucn otner points as
are now not in telephonic common!
cation with the three cities.
GlrU aad Wbm for Clark.
I don't want any in my- office
can't depend on them; they are al
wave giving out when most needed.
said a business man. Zoa-Phora
(Woman a Friend) enres sick and
nervous headaehe and periodical trou
bles, making women strong and re
liable, boia by .x. a. Thomas and
Marshall & Fisher.
Fair weather today and Wednes
day; increasing cloudiness Wednes
day afternoon; warmer. East to
southerly winds. Today's tempera
tare . r. j. Yi alt, Observer.
Databases Salaetad,
The democratic county committee
met at 1 o'clock this afternoon at
the office of Secretary McEniry par.
suant to call to select delegates to
the judicial convention of the Sixth
district to be held at Rockfoad at 1
p. m. Thursday.
John .Ohlweiler presided in theab
sence of Chairman Silvis. William
McEniry serving in his usual capaci
ty as secretary. Delegates were se
lected as follows: William McEniry,
C. B. Marshall. John Schafer, Jr..
Thouas Lees, A. F. Vinton. M. J.
The Tri-City Florist club has ex
celled itself in the arrangement of
flowers at Library hall, Davenport.
The entire building is a bower of
beauty. It will be open for visitors
from Tuesday, Nov. 12, at 10 a. m.,
until Friday at 10 p. m. Admission
only zo cents.
Dr. Kay's Renovator ia certain to
cleanse and invigorate the whole
system. Sold by T. H. Thomas,
won't do for
no medicine
Sold bv T. H. Thomas
and Mar-
hall & Fisher, druggists.
Arriu sements.
arper's Theatre,
Sunday Evening, Nov. 10.
Marie Wellesley's Players,
la a reportoire of standard dramas.
A Biff Company. Houm r.rkfd Every
where. ToLig-tat a ereat Comedy
Drama, entitled, the
Great Specialties, etc. Change or bill
night I jr Remember only one price of ad
ninioi 111 cent for beet (eat. He
served seat on ale at Blener Era' jewel
ry store. Kemi-mbcr no advance In price.
10 Cents fob reserved seats.
Men's Calf Shoes. New Toes.
Great wearers. Guaranteed.
Eqnal to other dealer's 13.00
shoes. Seeing is believing.
Ladies' Dongola ana Calf
New lasts and styles. B to E
widths. Greatest values ever
offered at the price $2.48.
Needle and narrow square toe.
Shoo. Storo.
Just Received
For Piano, Organ, Violin,
Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo,
and Vocal. To advertise
it will give away hand
some Music Rack. Call
in and get a copy.
C. TJayldr.
Burn Hard Coal, Soft
Coal, Coke or Wood, and
keeps fire for 24 hours.
are the finest - Baking
Stoves on the market.
Everyone sold on a pos
itive guarantee.
Call and Examine Them.
1615-1617 Second Avenue.
Is written all over the Bakery
Goods we make. They are the
best in everything purity, qual
ity, neatness, healthiuiness and
general goodness.
Tte. Crown oi tne Feast
whether it be a wedding feast or
anniversary. Thanksgiving din
ner or any other occasion of jol
lity and merry-making, is the
Better have it good that is.
better have it made by Krell ft
Math, who are prepared to make
anything good in the Bakery or
Party line. We want to make -vour"
Wedding Cake for you.
We will guarantee it will please
you, and as for Decorating we
cannot be equalled. Ik will be
so nice and good that Capid will
want to fly away with it.
kueli, & Math'8
rariy ouppjj nouse,
Phone 1156. 1716-1718 Second A v.
Quality Beauty -
No Shams.
No False '
Everything as
New. fall' and winter styles of
To which we point with special pride, as they never were more elegant and never represented
S3 much value for so little money. It has always paid us to deal squarely,
and it will pay you to deal with a square firm.
lav t dF tan St ' fit tv , M . . fa, K.
Largest and Finest Clothing Store in the county. i7oqc-a ,TT7 m r . 4 4. c a
.. . - .... . 1729 Second Avenue 1 16 to 124 Eighteenth Street
Until further notice our store will be open evenings till 9 p m '
Mclntyre-Reck Dry Goods
1709 and
A Few Hints.
Winter comes on apace, so do the Holdava. It be
hooves you to prepare for both, and to aid yon we
throw out a few Sints here. Plenty more in the store.
French Seal Capes $16.50.
A royal opportunity threw in onr way SO Far
Capes of extra French Seal. London Dve. fall SI
inches long and 100 sweep, big Marten Collar. Marten
edges, handsomely satin lined, made to tell at S25.
They are priced here at 116.50, one to a customer.
Other Fur Capes.
Capea of fine far, beautifully made of prime skins.
SO inches long, 15 sweep. Marten Collar and Ed ires,
you -hare paid 22 for no better, here $16.
Capes of good black for, SO inches long and 90
sweep, well silk lined, $12.80.
Good Fnr Capes at $4.89 to $12.50.
. Dress Goods Specials.
Vew PlaM. lost rn Sataroa. at We aadW.
eaa-in-a Drat Good ra cheeks, rlatam. atrlnaa. Imlmaa
ete , haodaoma eSTeet. of this fall'wcaTtafoi aakT uTlTSsrt Uttt
HY beca priced at Mc. 57c aod Sic an.Jtc
Hosiery and Underwear.
., 7??t?t wo1' Mw before bare such valaas
at sach low arieu as ws bar Mglil bow aa oar h.va aid
Calling the TURN
When the leaves begin to turn we always endeavor to
turn our Furniture into money. It is your turn to buy
t of us, and before you turn in tonight make up your mind
to that effect Come at once and get a good re-turn
for your money. Do not be taci-turn until the bargains
are gone, for then we shall have to turn you down.
Turn over in your mind the following:
That we Want Your Trade.
That we will make it worth your while. That what you
buy will be reliable. That we make no false promises.
Handsome Chamber Suits, for
merly sold for $5"0, now $35
Exquisite Parlor Suites, worth
doub e the money, $25
and up.
Are the High Excellencies of the
M. & K.
171 1 Second Avenue, Rock
Second Avenue and Sixteenth Street
Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes.
Island. IlL
Extra Low Prices. f
Very heavy, long nap Canton Flannel, 12 wards for $1.
Plump Shaker Flannel, worth 60 a vard. at S yards
for 25c. '
Boyal Unbleached Canton Flannel. 10 yards for 49c
Good 9-4 Brown Sheeting, per yard. lSJc 10 yards
to a customer.
Very heavy extra finish 4 4 Brown Muslin. IS yards
for $1. ,
FIat tajportaS Saxony. an colore, at half trie. Sc.
aiUL K" aawtas Tara. all cotsrs anapt alack, at Me,
SWet Spaalsb Y. all color aa bck. lie faalttr. ISc.
Bed Coverings.
B4 Comforts tbl wee at the followiac rMClallr tciaeri awkaa
2Se,SS sic S7c tl It, Si St. ft at, pawr reaaora prssas.
Hood tlrajr and While blanket, per aarr. 4Sc
Iztra arsvy and tne Ootloa Blanket., at Tie
Full alas IS-4 hesry, half wool Urm? nanh4s at St SS
hearfet Blaakela. rr thread wool, per pair. Si V
Fit aa. soft S-S ana BlaabeU prettr borders SI
TbeSoeet. all wool Whl a Blaakelsaf pure California finer walae
tt aadSlO, aits SO aad BASS. ' "' w.
Fancy Goods. , .
The Faary eojd DeaarraMat ha atari asafal and crectw umiu
far th Uoli&r. Wb r-oo-e will bar. toZ V,TwbE
tba a-nrtvnt of the newer tblnc are to be bad anbrjkea. Tba
aew tad Liaea, lertudiaf Trilby, bow la wee.. . ..
Dry Goods Co. Y
SIDEBOARDS the most ex
tensive line ever shown in the
three cities, at $10
and up.
Right Goods
That are Made Right,
Fit Right.
Wear Right,
And at the Right Price.

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