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a. a.
ConnaQy AcConnaUy,
Alljraojt at Law.
Ml. wW.IBkamTl LnWI
. Mane rtio .
Jackson 6c Hnxat,
Attorneys at Law.
OSes la Soak talaad Macaanal Beak aaulettag.
a. p. itMni.
Sweeney & Walker,
Attorneys and Connection at Law
Oaseehe Bengeuml Black.
Charles J. Searle,
Attorney at Law.
aataata of an kinds aiaamll
a. It
Ma1 ABorney al Bock laanad
Olaa, rmiMn Stack.
McEnlry 6c McEnlry,
Attorneys at Law.
Uaa aiay oa naa aacarnrt aaaa ear
ewe. Bef itian. mltaaeU Lynda, aaaka
Drack As Kenxr,
ArehlUeU and SnpwintandenU.
Room II, Mitchell A l.yrde build lag. Second
Geo. P. Btanduhar,
r art aad Mpertateadaane tar an clan r
be Idtaga. naval HM4 Mitchell Lyd.
bn hUaaj. Take elevator.
Dr. W. H Ludewlg,
' Specialist of Kye, Ear, Kose
and Throat.
fifflc la Trrmana's new belidlng, corner Sav
eateea h elri aud Third avenue. Reck IiIu l
Telephone No 10 a
Dr Utac M. Hobartaiou,
F.ye, Ear, Now and Throat Only.
Omca, Wkitbaar Stock, aoatbwoet eota,:
Third bad Brady streets, oaaaapaai. low.
Koaantl eadu. Boaroi Senile, nut ta p. a
Pr John E Hawth ro
If aw Dental Par Ion, oni Harts S Cueajeyer i
Drag store. Third avenue and Twantlctb atreet.
The latest appointments for i killed dental work .
City Engine '
cmtckau a Lydc- baikting.
Huoslno & Hoofl
lUproiuntiog among other time-tried
and well known Fire Insurance Com
panies the following:
Rochester fenua la- Co. Rocbeeter.N T
Weetcbeeter Fir - New York
Buffalo noraaa " ...Baaan,RT
Poring Gonlo. ....Philadelphia
Wsravtn Fire " Peoria. Ill
New Hampshire " MancbenwN H
Mtiwaakca Mechanics " Milwaukee, WW
security Saw Haven, Odd
Office Corner Eighteenth street
and Second ATonne, aocond floor.
Telephone No. 1047.
!0 AplS,
Representing orer forty Ifillion
vouars 01 uasn Asset.
Bonds of Saretyahip.
OBce eeugstoaa block. Bock Island, It
oaata eat raiaai hacy ana lataraat yon.
lycnera) . . .
Insurance Agent
TkeeM Faw ttd Time cried CWaaaiaa
' ' aTwrfgaresVM
Lezzsi Prcnptl? Pill.
stUtltlt Ktlkfsl
HC Vr 1 aore Tarsal, 1-iasMe. Osri
lit IImI Utn Spota. Ac Ton a
Waif cfcwojaye Biaiaali T
In- Wmb C caraa. ta
Worry wears est yosr
cares tbem.
If job have worried jrour
aelf aide, you can train new
vigor by taking Dr. Hobb'a
S paragus Kidney Pills.
Ahwdoatawill reliara.
A law boxes will car.
All droaaiata. or mailed
postpaid for Sue per box.
WriUfor pmmpUH.
a m
$2,000 G1YEII AffAY
S18 Brady Street.
The Boston Dental Parlors have
ReneronMy presented to the
people of Rock Island 2,000
cards, which, on presentation
at their office, are received as
a credit of $1 on any work or
dered. We hope by this to
reach more people and show
them how cheaply good work
can be done.
And Guarantee all wcrk. Crown
and Bridge work a specialty.
See Our Prices.
Silver Filling. BO cants and op
Goto Killing. ..ai and up
Gold Crowns. gs
Bet of Teeth $5
Beat ret of teeth .....SS
Open 8 a, m. to 8:30 xt. m.
Coma and see na. Wa can ears yoa doqcj.
-pen Dunaajr- ror extracting rratu t tola a. m
ttithoul Plates.
Boston Dental Parlors.
Over Winecke's Tailor shop.
118 Brady street .... DAVENPORT, IA
Ceata!o!c Cottoi Boot lad Pennyroyal
TBI utcr fan w.
Statu 1 Sf sort nilxtK
Frntli maty It U Tarll
Mencin'a French Fa
Bale Pills, bare been
. .. - , miff
yearMnd nsed by Tono
, aanda of Ladiea. wb4
that tbey arp nnexoelled,
aa a apeHOe monthly
wdiciM. for Imaiediata
relief of Painful, aad
Irraanlar Menaea, Fo
iml. Weakneaa ate.
rriro H 00 a box, Witt
fall directions.
Has jio urasxiTni-s cm ppcwots imitation
ygmaiv CBKBICAL COn DCTBorr. Iltcn.
Hold by M. P. Babaren, drncgbL
Restored Manhood.
The areat reme
dy for nervous
proairation and
all nervous dia-
even of the iren-
VrY JcaacbaaNervooa
mt Prostration.
awoaa AJia um raiw. Wsiiim v
Manhond. Impoieney. Nightly Eniiaetocv.Yooth
tnl Error. Menial Worry, excessive one of To
baocoor Opium, which nA toOotwumptlon and
Inaanlly. With every 0S order we five a writ
tea guarantee 10 cure or refund the money.
Sob! at $1.90 per box. S boxes for 9Mh OB.
BUTTS CBUKIL CwaVASI, Cttttisae, Oaav
Sold by T II. Thomas, drucclaU
ft ma.t Or IMITATION V
1 N.Bl Donl take any substitute $
2 with the same name but different
Z spelling on which vourdrinist 0
makes twice as much .....
A.J. WeUs, roartbavc aaetk'd St.. Buck Island.
win do If atea as a wash eceordieg to directions:
revest traaeariarkta of blond eireaiM-a, ekrn dis
aawa, acute and chronic alcets. etr ctare. ran
avst.nv Irl nation of the Bladder. bisaaes of
mmim, jo-ni. ana ainaewe. VDll)letie naanitv.
Searvy, Pcrof ala a May farm. The abeva aad
sbaanrad other forma of dieaee are traeeable
ireetlyarliMllrrctly to Syphl Hie Blood PoHwa
tor which the Dr JacfcorHi EagiM Safety Tab-
R Uler, read, rinji cxwtactoa hardly lue.lbli. kmct
T- .Mailed anywhere, laalrd II; six boxes for $5
A. . Utiu. f oank avo al i,t , Itci '-' a
f I-
A MOUrcb WhO IS Uniaue In L
Many Particulars.
He Deflaa eras Brtteln aa CawM CUva
Kteg Baloanaa Fwiaters am kfatrlaaaav.
A Flna; Hat Is His Cnrwm, mm VsabreTla
His Bayal Scwnter.
Solomon in all his glory was not In It,
either as a married man or a pnissans
potentate, with the king of AshantL Of
all the astonishing kings of Africa or the
south sea islands this dusky monarch
stands pre-eminent. He has not only de
fied fate by marrying 8,833 wives, but he
has defied the British government and
hurled back her ultimatum in her face.
He is now awaiting the approach of the
English army and will try conclusions with
John Bull, as did his predecessor, King
Koffi Kalkirra, In 1874. The result, of
Bourse, must be the same as It was In that
memorable conflict, but the Ashantees are'
Borne lighters, well armed, and It la -no
light task that Lord Salisbury has under
taken. Prembi, the king of Asbantl, is the
absolute monarch of about 8,000,000 sub
jects. They live in the heart of the Afri
can forest, a few hundred miles Itnck from
the (Sold Count. . The king; wears a gir
dle of dried grass around his hips and a
"plug" hat. He owns no crown, but In
some way has become possessed of a silk
hat, which now does duty as an emblem
of sovereignty.
Another remarkable fact about this bar
barous king is that he has no throne. He
has, however, a solid gold stool, which
does service a a throne. It takes four
able bod led slaves to tug this heavy stool
around. . ..
But the greatest official emblem of royal
authority is an nmhrcUa. This curiosity
has a big bamboo handle and spokes of
embossed gold. On the end of each spoke
is a human skull. Nobody, not even the
king himself, knows the significance of
this strange scepter of majesty, but It has
descended to him from a long line of an
oostry. ......
King Prembi, among other things, has
exactly 3,833 wives allowed him by law.
Why this liberal figure was decided upon
his majosty docs not know. Like the um
brella they came to him by inheritance.
These helpmeets the king keeps in a vast
harem which Is guarded by several hun
dred eunuchs. A large proportion of his
wives serve In menial capacities about the
palace. The women folk of the common
people, however, are surrounded by no
such restrictions.
If any man looks at one of Prembl's
8,333 wives, that man's name Is Donnis.
Some of these numerous wives of the king
of Ashantl are not worth looking at, it Is
true, but the owner of any profane eyes
that even by accident happened to rest
upon them would be conducted to a shady
grove in the neighborhood of the town and
rail to return.
IUa mnjiiKty lives In a bis stone and na
five brick palace, the only structure of the
kind in the kingdom. His royal highness
sleeps on tho floor.
The king is several times a millionaire,
ana it 1 neiiovea that he has several bar
rels of gold dust and nuggets. Ashanti
Is rich in (fold.
Prembi Is a bloodthirsty monarch, and
no is in tne namt of making human sacrt
Ones on a wholesale scale. Whenever It
pleases him to do so, he orders a few hnn-
flml subjects to lie beheaded. Besides this.
during certain religious ceremonies it is
customary to kill subjects. It is this prac
tice which England wants the king to
stop. And it is to put an end to these hu
man sacrifices that tho British troops will
make war on the king.
When one king dies, 2,000 people are
killed as a guard of honor to accompany
him to the other world. As many as 10,
000 are reported to have been killed on
one occasion In a sinele day. .
Upon every national festival it Is also
the custom for the king of .Ashanti to
oner Million siicntloes. People are believed
to no killed almost every day at Kumassi,
toe capital, ana tnis Kind ol official mur
der is a regular thins.
The one thing which has always excited
uie horror and amazement of travclrf who
have penetrated this country Is the'tirove
of Skulls, where in countless numbers the
bones of victims of the king lie upon the
ground with the festering remains of those
wno bavo recently been dispatched.
Here, where vultures Koroed with Tin
man flesh perch upon the trees waiting for
the new victims which many years have
taught tliem to look for with certainty, is
a spectacle presented the Uke of which is
to ne seen nowhere else upon earth. .
This spot, where executions have taken
place from time immemorial, is in a small
grove back of the large market place at
Kumassi. The victims are brought to
this place with their hands securely tied,
and they are made dumb by two knives
thrust crosswise through their cheeks. '
The poor wretches are for a time tor
tured by being pinched, pricked with
swords and fired upon at short range with
blank cartridges. Tho powder front thre
cartridges enters the flesh, causing excru
ciating agony.
Then the executioners, who are fantas
tically dressed, seise their hnge swords,
and flourishing them in the air lop off the
beads of the victims one after another.
Then they retire from the scene drenched
with blood from head to foot and leaving
the bodies lying whore they fall.
As soon as the executioners retire the
vulturea swoop down from the trees above.
and. the ground is soon black with them. I '
At nlsht tho nantbera mm aiui .link I
away satiated before the dawn. The path-
"way reading to this grove hatr been wm u
broad and deep throrgh yfars oi nzz, asi
u -6 ct-srs sipcry wi j UOOO.
Barrla Labors Ci
task, Bwt Oats ta rn..n Jm tbm
O30 of the roost remarkable oonnterfelt-
evT oontrlcted in this country was era
fenced: a short time aoo by the United
States court in session at Blmilnchnm.'
Ala., to hard labor for a year and a day in
tie penitentiary. T h 14 Nestor of " makers of
ue queer - is wiuiani Norrls and heoomea
from far up In the mountains of Oe Kalb
county, Ala., near the little country vil
lage of Tucker. He Is within three
months of being 100 years old and has B
number of grt-iriwt arandchlldren be
sides greatgrandchildren and grandetiil-
unni uy uie nunareos.
He has been for years one of the most
snoeessful eounterfeiters with whom the
secret service officers in Alabama have ever
bed to deal. v
Grandpop Xorris, as his fellow prisoners
eali him, is a mechanical genius. His eye
sight Is practically gone. In fact, be Is
entirely blind In one eye. Yet by means of
his sense of touch be can, with the rough
est sort of tools, fashion the most delicate
of Instruments. The coin molds which he
was convicted of having made are marvels
of skill and accuracy. Up in his mountain
home he has operated a distillery surrepti
tiously, of course, but in a way the reve
nue officers found hard to detect. He
utilized a washtub for a still. Its capacity
was not as great as the old style affair,
but it was vastly safer and more conven
ient to handle. When the revenue men
came around, the fire was extinguished
and the washtub still inverted in the front
yard. . The officers supposed that the
women of the house had been washing
clothes and passed on.
' Old man Norris has been a minister of
the gospel. Why he should have settled
and passed the last 35 years of his life in
the wilds of the mountains of Do Kalb no
one has ever heard him tell. He was born
In tho Greenville district of South Carolina
and was the eon of William Norris, who
was killed at sea in the war of 1813. - He
was married early In life and moved to tha
Lawrence district, S. C, where he and his
wife lived for 13 years, and where five
children two girls and three boys were
born to them. His business at that time
was clock and lock making and repairing.
After 13 years bis wife died. His grief
was very great, and In his sorrow he turn
ed toward the religion of his father and
became an evangelical preacher. Incident
ally he worked at. life trade. Later, in Do
Kalb county, Ga., he married Miss Ar
mando Notions. She lived but ten months,
and then, having returned to his trade, he
again forsook it and resumed his labors as
an evangelist. He was' M -ff Tears old.
Ho journeyed westward and traveled over
the entire west. He remained in the west
for about 30 years, experiencing all sorts
of adventures and seeing western life In
all of Its exciting phases. Since then he
has given up all notion of preaching.
In 1861) ho came to Alabama, settled in
Cherokee eo natty and married Miss Pitts.
Although over 70 yeats old at the time, he
became by his last wlfo the father of five
more children, all of whom are living at
his home in the mountains.
The old nmn lives comfortably and has
good proiM-rty. It is said that he made
counterfeit money for the lienefit,of his
friends and ncichbors rather thnnfor his
own prollt. Molds metal and some of the
spurious coins were fouud by the officers
in his possession, but the neighborhood
belief is that h mndo the goods not only
as a favor to his friends, but also for the
love of accomplishing a difficult moohan-
leal task.
A Snlclde'a Faatastle Excaae.
' Many are tho motives of suicide, bnt no
man ever gave a more fantastic excuse for
taking his own life than the late Arlolplii
Keeeste, who killed himself because the
anarchists declined to blow him up. . The
singular ambition of his wayward career
was to die of a. bomb, and as no bomb
wonld explode in his neighborhood naught
remained nut to mow out his brains with
a common pistol. Nor did Adulphe Re
eeste fall for lack of Industry. He did
What he could to arouse tho anarchist. Ho
wrote insulting letters to all those com
panions whoso addresses he could procure
ana uraveiy coniessoa mat ho was a ren
tier. But the companions left his letters
unanswered, and the poor nian grew daily
more disconsolate. His last thought was
for the comuiissalre, to whom he had given
A pledge against suicide. "Sir," ho wrote
in his last melancholy letter, "I have bro
ken my word. You will excuse me. - But
my boredom ever increases. I find nothlnir
original in life. I have sought in vain for
new sensations, rare experiences, and the
result is notning."
Scientlfto Geatloaaea Hanged.
Three scientific black gentlemen of Sier
ra Lone, one of them a Sunday school
teacher, were hanged recently by the Brit
ish authorities for cannibalism. They lau
longed to a "Human Leopard society, '"' tho
memliers of which hid in the bush in the
neighborhoTM of villages Clad In leopard
skins and killed the villagers who came in
their way. These the society subsequently
ate. In (heir defense they explained that
the murders were committed In order to
ontaln certain parts of the body the hand,
leg and heart with which to make medi
cine called "Ju ju."
Haa 8e.nlcnei.dl 1S1 kf
It is thought that the jodoeof Mm. r-trtt
ed States court, at Fort Smith. Ark., who
nas sentenced 161 murderers, lias tbetiieh
est record ever made in tho United States,
m icast to 1 ins generation.
Thlewrty Berlin Beer.
The Berlin police have ascertained that
during the last two years 28.00O laml.
I valued at $40,000, have been stolen from
I IV cerun breweries.
A South Carolina widow became bee
j jwp mother-in-law recently tlmt Is to
T sec IT Tlw liiT V-t.;.- r? -fytg
J uaer.
rSs your mm mi
Div Charcot's Kola Nervine' Tab
lets Will Restore Nerves, Brain
1, .DIood and Muscles to Health
and Vigor.'
It Will Cost Yon bnt Three Cents a
Day to Sharo in the Benefits
Thousands are Rc
" ceiving. - -
The Kola nut has been used for
centuries by Africans as a renower
ot the tissues and a preventer of
lr. Jean Martin Charcot, the emi
nent authority on nervous diseases,
prepared a prescription from Kola
wbicb be vouched for as a true specific
in all nervous diseases and a sure
invigorator for the blood.
Dr. Charcot's Kola Nervine Tablets
are prepared from the above men
tioned prescription from the fresh
nuts especially imported from West.
era Africa.
Koia is not a cnre-all. It is a food
fur nerves, brain and muscles and a
tonic for the blood.
Kola Nervine Tablets are abso
lutely certain and speedy in their
effects. They cure all nervous dis
eases, prevent fatigue, renew failing
vigor, give tone to the whole system.
Jhoia .Nervine 1 ablets cure sleep.
lcssncss and the nervous troubles
from which sleeplessness comes.
They are specific in cases of nervous
Ine druggists say the demand for
the tablets is astonishing. Kola is
what the debilitated want.
Thousands of packages have been
sold. . Good effects were felt at once.
Hundreds of letters say: One
package of the tablets, costing!,
has done for me what phveicians.
who cost me flOU, failed to do."
Can you, in justice to yourself, re
fuse to pay 3 cents a day for sure
relief frotn. neuralgia, bloo'ilcssness,
uraia fatigue, sleenlessne-s. nervous
dyspepsia, loss of vigor, melancholia,
and all the evils resulting from a
nervous condition? Ask yourself
the question in all seriousness.
Dr. Brewer, Chaniplain building.
Chicago, writes:
Dear Sir: I have tried the Char
cot's Kola Nervine Tablet on patients
ana nna it a wonderful stimulant
and so far as I have used it perfectly
Hobatio S. Bkewer. M. D.
The proprietors absolutely guar
antee infallible results from one box
of Tablets.
$1 per package (one month's treat
ment). See Dr. Charcot's name on
package. All druggists, or sent di
rect. Kola booklet free. Eureka
Chemical & Manufacturing Co., La
Crosse, nis.
- Dashed Hia Economy.
This" is a story about a man over in
Alexandria who has a great doal of
money, to which ho is deeply attached.
He is, in fact, so attached to it that be
bates to be separated from a dollar of
it. He lias a Rilk hat, too a well pre
served silk liat of great age and un
doubted respectability. He is fond of
his hat, and lie d like to wear it every
day, but silk hats, yon know, are ex
pensive, so he lias been wearing his for
these many years just on Sunday. ' On
week days lie wears a shot-king bad hat
wliieh does not concern this story. The
last time the storks visited the Alexan
dria man's hnnse tbey were generous.
They hronght twins, a boy and a girL
Tho father was sitting in the parlor
when somebody entered to bring the
-"Well, you re a father now," said
the somebody.
"Buy or girl?" asked the Alexandria
"Both twins."
"(ireat Scott," cried the father.
springing to his leet. "tiive me my
silk hat ! I might as well wear it every
day now. What's the nse of trying to
be economical, anyway J" Washington
Dr. Kay's Renovator is certain to
debase and invigorate the whole
system. Sold by T. It. Thomas.
Almost everybody takes some laxative
medicine to cleanse the system and keep the
blood pure. Those who take SIMMONS
" rtetjuLAiuK (liquid or powder)
get ail the benefits of a mild and pleasant
laxative and tonic that purifies the blood
and strengthens the whole svstem. And
more than this: SIMMONS LlVER REGU
LATOR regulates the Liver, keeps it active
j.iu ucjiiny, ana wnen uie Liver is in
good condition you find yourself free from
Malaria. Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick
Headache and Constipation, and rid of
inai worn out and debilitated feeling.
These are all caused by a sluggish Liver.
(-ood digestion and freedom from atnm.rh
troubles will only be had when the liver
ts properly at work. If troubled with any
"-; t-wupuums, try siJVijfiUTiS LIVER
"culaiuk. ine sung of Liver Medi
-vies, and Better than Pills.
Oaa the Z Stamp tn reel on wrapper.
Baking her brains.
" - a Y ' t
' JwikxtTW not votkei ova ba oo6ttovt
until her face has become aflame, her head over-heated
and hfr entire bodily strength exhausted? Here comes
one of the superb features or tbe
It cooks and bakes with a minimum of fuel by reason
of its scientific construction. Its' asbestos linings pre-
vent the radiation of heat, keeping it inside to do the
work. One can open tbe oven door bare-handed
when baking.
Majestic women are cool
headed women; a coot head
means a healthy body.
n SIEHOIT & CO?, Acnta.
1515 Second Avenu-, - ' - - ROCK ISLAND. ILU
AdanlaUtrmtor'a Matflea.
. Batata of I homaa Farley,
The undenbmed bavne brea appointed admln-
irtratris of loetetatr of Tnonws rarley, late of
the eonnty of Koe ' I -land, rtate of Illinois, de-
oaae, hereby clvcenoiice that she will ap
pear before tne cauiy coon 01 rtoca 1.1
and county, at the office of the cerk f said a wrt,
in the lily of R- cklsl ad, at t eJannar term, on
the drat Monday in Jaaaary next, at wh'ch time
an perona navng claims araiaM vat a aai
notified and reqaert' d 10 tUeud, fur the
of havinc tbe amine ariinteri.
All pen-one inoeb ed t raid aetata are ra
quea ed to make immed ate payment to Ike an-
Datxl thta 8th day of Nov. A. D.. 1AH.
Mast L. Folby, Administratrix.
Pobllcatloa Battle. 1
Rock Isuaii i'oi stt. f
la the eircait emrt, Janaary term, 18VS
Jo:e BciMDald va. A-thur McDonald, in chac-
Affidavit of nrnreaideaee of Arthar McDon
ald tha above dYfena nt having been I led in
cient omen or tne circuit court or aaia county,
1 tt-e Is therefore hereby irtven the eaid tion
residoot deiendsat that ilie comulalnant ed her
bill of complaint ia a id court, oa aha rhncery
aide thereof, en the 2Sd day of Moember4l86, and
that there poa a anmmona leaned oat of eaid
court, wherein raid ao 1 1 - now p. n las roinma
uie on tne am anuoay ia tne menu vr dea
nery aext, aa i- by law required Nuw,anl-e yoa,
tbo said non-resident defendant above named,
rthur McDonald, aha 11 personally be and ap
pear before the eaid circuit court on the Srat a
of tbe next t-rm tnere r, to be holoea at Nock
inland in ad lor the eaid cooaty on the Stk
nay of January next, and nler. annrer or de
mur to the aald compialnaat'e bill of cmtilaint,
'ha aame and the m titers asd tblnaa therein
charged and t tiled will be taken aa confereed.
mi m accr m cn'rrra against yoa according; to
the prarer of eaid bill.
uiukui w. OaBBLI, Clerk.
Roek I aland. III.. Nor. St. lsV
Cast Kuni. Conilainant aolicibar
Notice ol Fabllratloa.
ttoea lst,.n Cotrsnr (
In the Orrtllt couit Jannmrv rj-rai. IfUtt.
Rock la and -anepa Bank, a oon oration, v VlntA
jb. Bianoing. anni h. niaviiiac. rratiK Hailer
a lid Heaiy Lempfitt. In chance rj. General
No !M.
Affidavit of the non-rea!denw of the above
named nefeneant. F an HaM-r Impleaded with
the a-ove defendant. Virtil M. Planaing. Ann a
r. rjinnumi;iia iienrt m niiier,navin9 oeennio"
in tire clerk V r.rrh nt the ci-ruit court ofaaid
county, notice isthete. ore hea-by g ven to tbe aatd
non-reaiotct ivirnoaat mat ttie oompltinaat a ed
lie bill of comulalnt tn eaid court, on the ehan.
eery .We thereof, oa the tath day of No vein he,.
iw-imun tnercapoa n auminoaa leaned out
of eaid court, wherein anit le now readme, re-
returnable on the nn-t Monday in the month of
January next, an by law f quired. Vow, nn-
lers you. tne a hi nuu-'raiaaui oeienaani auova
nam d. Frank Ha'.ler. shall nenonaliy be 1
appear befote the eaid circuit court on the firrt
aay or tne next terra thereof, to lie holden at
Kock lrland in a d for -he said county, on tbe
first Monday in January aext, and ph ad. answer
or demur to . the eaid bill of eomDlalnt.
he facie and tbe matters aad thine
there n charged and staled will ha taken as ca
f-rrcd, and a derre eot red against you accord
ing 10 the prayer of eaid bill.
vBuntaK w. uaatBLjc, cicrk.
Buck leland, Illinoia. Nov. 3S, A. n. 1H9J.
Jackhod Jt Ditiibt. UomplainaoU' Bollcitorn.
Notice of PebUcatloa.
RucKlLADOotnrrv. I
Clrca't t.'nurt of Kock Ialand county. January
term, A. I , lrim. in Chancery General Ho. SMI.
Kock leland marine, rank, a corporation, va
Virgil M. Biandiue. Annie K. Blandinc anu
Frank Bullcr.
Allldavltof non-reeldenre or tbe above named
dc'endarl. Prank Haller. Imnle ded with tbe
above defendant, Virgil M. Blending and Annie
B. Blending having been tied In tbeekrkv
office of tbe circuit coart of raid county, ice
is therefn a hereby givea ta the ead non reel
dent defeneante tnat tbecompl.ioaut Sled ita bill
of complaint In aa d cur, on lb- chancery ride
thereof, on tbe tftth nay of November, 189b,
aad that lbereuHrn a nmuwu leaned out of ail t
court, wherein raid suit Is now pending, r luru
abe on the flrat Mtnday la the mor.th of
January next, aa 1 by law rrqatred.
Now. unleaa yon. the raid non-reeident oefen i
ant above named. Frank Hall r. .hall perroiiallv
be and annear lielore aaidtircnitenurt-oa iu
firrt day of the next term t hereof, to-be
holden at Roek Irland tn and for the eaid conu'y.
uoiKiri hui.,j 1 n ..uuirj near, no pieau,
answer or demur to the eal I complainant'- Dill of
complaint, the rante and the matter aid thing,
therein charge! and tated will be taken aao.a
fes-eC'i. and a deerita entered ajalnst yoa accord
ins to the pia er of raid bill.
Fork Irian. PL. N.-v 1. 1-Si.
JacKsoa At Bobst, CompUlnants Solicitor.
PaMlcattoai MoUea.
Boca Iblabs Cotnrrr. f
In the circnil Cuen, to the Jsntary tc:m, A. I)..
Peoole'a National bank s CWloUw anrf 1.
bella V Manrlie d, widow of Be- ry Manrlleid,
deeeared ; Henry If anrfield. Jr , now Henry
raanrneia; iain.niei n m.naae'o. Kttsa M
Mansfield, Margate Xaarfte d. now Manraret
Man.S-1 . lireen . Sadie Msnrfie'd. now aa-ab
Man-S-ld Newton, Bleu or Manna, d. now
Eleanor Manefield Koe. Isabelle F Newton,
rannie Diaueaiee ana i.ouia. r aiosbrr. only
bet r. a'-law of Hcnty Man field, deer aatd
Attdayit of the noti-reridenee of above named
defendant. C W Moaner and Lontea F Moaner,
impleaded with above acfend-nts, lea bella p
MansflM, widow of fleary Man-fietd. eeeed
Renry Manafleld, Jr . now Henry Mansfield: N
thnniel S Maafield. Ella H Maosfi M. Margaret
Mansfield, bow Margaret Man. Held Green : nadie
Maa-aeld. ncrw ear ,u Man field Newma; Bleaaor
Manrtleld, now Kleanor Man fieid Ho -a. Irabelm
f Newton and Fannie B'akc-lee, btviag been
fed ia tha clerk's oftVa of Uie circuit
rr'arr of raid county, notice f. therefore here
by given to the est --B-rertdet.t efendaata.
taaT lb. compiaifiant filed hi Mil of com
plaint t the a -id court oa lh; chancery ele
IherrofonUiellatd y .f Al;i 1. A- D. tV4,
aad that aa aHa rammoaa ha. been leaned out mt
aald aurt, wh rein said suit ia now pawning,
returnable on Ike dm Uondsy la tha atoatk uf
Ja- oary next.
Now, anleas yoo. tbe said n-n-raaiaeat de
fendant' above named, C W Moaber and 1 ou'ss
P Moaber. shall personally be and appear before
the aaM drcett coart on ha Srat day of the
next tent teener, to be holden at Mock Iaaaad.
ia aad for eaid csuxty. en tbe firn Mday ia
January nex'. tsa. and plead, aaasw r or fiamat
ta ta eaVi eosnpUlnant'e arn . f e aaplarM, raw
aware aad tbe mattera taenia charged aad at tad
nil be taken a confessed an I a decree entlred
atfatcst too aucwrlie; to lb- prayer of -eaM Mil.
tiCuKOB. V.0AMBLB.Ckrk.
w. m w pgr.. lYvmpiaiaann p.. x. r..-
AdnalnleUnleaw KoUcw.
Batata of Margaret Oreehy, deeaaaed.
The anderabrned havma bean appuujied ad-
mliilaliaan rk. - a......,., - -
! lata of the eosaty of Bock leuad, etmo of
Illinois, deeaaaed, hereby gtea notice that b
will appear before the county court of Bock Inland
count), at ti oflce of u clerk of eaid eoart, la
tha city of Bock 1 aland, at the January srrm on
all persons having clataaa aa net eaid aetata are
aodM aad requested to ettead, for the parpoae
of baying tha aame adpMad.
All persona feaebted to eaid estate are tnaaeet-
1 to anak. tereMoiat -, a. --
Dated this tih day of iroTember. A. D. UBS,
JOHN GREEBT, Administrator.
Nottco at rabUcaUoei.
Boca Islasii c cxtt. I "
In the Circuit coart ia chancery, January
John M. Albrerht va Patrick Beates, Mary
Maria Bealea and Ana Maria Marry.
A ft lent of Bon-raeidecca of the defendants,
Pat.ick Brstwa. Mary Ma-la Bemtee aad Aan
"arla Mu-ry, the ehnv. defendant, havnu beea
filed in the clerk's offlre of t circuit coart of
eaM county, noiee l thTrfore ke-eby given
to tbe eaid aoo real dent nefeodaate that
tha complainant filed hi. bill of coanlaint
in aald conr , on tha chancery ede therra-r,
on the :nst day of Ornyher, ISRS. and that
thvanpoa aeummaaa iaaued f ut of raid eoart.
wherrla eaid suit la now pend'na returnable on
tbe first Monday fa the month of January next,
aa 1. by lew reunited. Now, en Wee so the mid
a -n-rarldent defendaaU above n Bxd, Patrick
Beate. ary ar a Heaie aad Ann Mar a Murrv.
ball nrreonally be a d appear hefnre said clrca't
court, a tbe (rat day of the next term hereof,
to be boldea at Bock lela-td la aad for tha eaid
roanty. o the firrt Voaday a Ja- aa-y n XL art'l
PI -ad, aa-wvr or dema - la the eaid complainant's
111 of complaint, the aame axd the matters and
thburst ereln charged and a ated will be lakew
aacoafeaeed. ane a decree ottered against yoa
according to the prayer of id bilL
Bock Ialand, ilL, Nov. 1. lnaS.
Caul Herat, Complainant's Solicltor
laetacw Bala.
Bora IeLAno Ortrarr, t
Ia the circuit court of Bock Island coanty, llli -noia.
in chanoery. lilll for parUUou, etc.
Mar Fits Gibbon v. Michael OTtoorU. AHca
o'OonncIL Jaanra O'noanell, William O Don
Dell, Mary O'l omell. Mangle O'Donnell. Maa
rice u irooneii. noea u uonneii. John w l'lmn
neil. Margeret DonnelL atlanle ontonao',
Mary Acne ti'Doaaell. Marg- r-1 O'lkpanell.
Andrew O'OonneiL alary u'liouuell Klira
O'lHinnvll, Jr., E Ira O bonncll, r , J. .
Johnrton, MoUrecory and X age no
PabMc aotice fat hereby given that tn parraaaca
f a decree mde and entered by aald eoart la the
above entitled r-aue on the Itth day of Octobc-,
. 0. 18M6. 1. El win B. Parmeuiar, aa axa-ler ia
chancery of Ibe aald court, as r. quired and di
reeled by aald court In aald decree, will oa Mon
lay th-ad day of Oec mher, A I) ItflC. nt the
boar and place berernaftnr awaUined and set
forth, sell I public m at to the hichest ad
bet bidder sli and rinvnlar tbe following de
scribed pramlea and real estate tn aald ueorte
mcntjonrd, situate In tbeanaaly of Uock 11 md
In the state of 11 1 aula, lu-wit:
The east h.lf af tbe ao-thwet qoarlur, aad the
east half of the eout'iereat qaait-r of ee-tiva
number I wontym 4zl). In township aumb-r
nineteen 1vi nonh. In range nun-ner thrro 411
eeetof the Fourth 4thl prioctpal aac-rllaa a ee
tablisbed by ine surveyor general of tbe Hatted
Mate eubj et to the right of way of .he
Che ago. Burlington uiney Ri'road
comoeny; also a certain tract er pare I
of land in the rorthwert quarter of itos
BOithwe-t quvterof retn twenty-eaght W m
town-hip number nineteen (IB) north, ra
three i east of tbe f-mrtb 4 h) prlnctp I naartd.
Ian aad dcecribed aa follows, U wit: Be(innmg
t-o bundred and twenty and elaht tentha
43M 8-101 feet east of the corner of eeetloee
twenty (1), twent-one (-JI). twenty rigit 2S
and twenty-nine SV) tn raid township thence
aoutboae bundled aad sleety-eight 1!H) frtt,
thence north eighty-aix aad thrre-fourtha de
gree ea-t one hundred end slxty-clcht
ltvt) feet, th-nce north twenty-nine and one
onrth dearere S9t4 1, wet two hnndrrd and rlx
teea iZISI feet to 'be section line. theKe weH on
thcctmo lire fiity-uae and ooe-t'ird (Mm
feet to ,hn place of beginning: aiao, the tract re
parrel of land bericnlng oa th line bet wore
eeertoaa number trenty-ne (Zl) enl Iwentv
e ght SXI la loarnenip aamber aioetean (W)
north, range one her three (XI east of the fourth
prtt dpal me r dan oee chain aad Sl linka
( 1 SSv-ianO) east of the atone et at tbe eonthweat
comer of aald aeeti-m aumber twraty-oae (SI),
raid point of beginning a leg at the e-atheait
earner f n school M ; tnencern r i-w e.sl nhsng
said seetioa Hae eight ea aad 4 ta-like eaaraa
(1H 48S-K) ch) tea atone t at the aoatbaaat
earner of tbe soatbweet qasrter () t f tbe auatb
wratq aartrr ('' of aaid -ectlua aamber tveea
ty one (til; theace a-anb twenty ebains (SQcha)
to Ibe center of ihe aouthwuat gaarVrrr Jt)of
sect Urn number twerty-one (XI) a force aid:
bene, treat Bead 74 100 caati a f M HU h
In the Intrrs-ct in. of tbe eoajth. ra Him-of tan
right of way af use Chicago, Banington A Oaiacy
ha Iroad company; tneuea la a eoathwesteriy
direction aloof in 11 a of I He railroad curving
the left p-rallel wi'h the mtadlo line of the
ra Iroad and SO feet re ft) tbart fansa, leeen aad
THOU ra a (II 70-W0chs) Vi tha east sine ot a
croeringfnr wegoca aryrr aald railroad: tnenc.
sooth -ixy-tbree linka (OS) to a point which
le eignty feet 18S feat) at r gat angle f nam tie
n-tddie Una of the railroad, thence la a aoaia-wee-era
dlrectlea enrvtrw to the loft -a a .in.
para'lel with tbe sajddle line of the railroad and
ehrhty feet (88 feet) then f ram, el . bt aid 3-le
chakos (. rhltnai a the iaterpcctioa of tha
weet Uaa of aaid rocxton nnmber twentv-oae (SI ).
thence south twe and aT-lot chains (x.Tchainr)
to tbe the aorhweat earner of arhool h-t; thertri
eat otw nad SM-IUBv chaia (I CM rh.iari to tbe
aortbeast eomal of tie eaaae; twaoc soatk thrsa
aad a-eN chmha (X fit chauaai to the Hacoafbe
graotag. expatataiaa Umy one aad t8nU-loiJ0
ace) fit japMSarra) more ur hnrr: a I said traiM
of Uaa ait aaied . the county of Koca lalard in
ha Mate of funnel. That eaid ir u or parcels
of real pi i my end be sold at tee front toor of
the Boatoface IB tbe Iowa or nliaee of Hlltadale,
fat aatd coanty nad etata oa ra d Monday, the ear.
and day af rMoember. A o. !, at tae hour of
t o'clock la tbe af ta boob of ra d day for one -a If
f) cask aad tha balance ta ewe (1) yar from
the date ef eaid aale with Interest nm aakd belaacs
at aix (S) nor e M peraoaaej, eecartd by M l
gaga npaa tbe bract er tracta of aald rani property
so sold or tbe satire sum of tae parr baas money
amy be paid fa cash n the awwhaiar or pur
rhmri bo ale-t,
Dated at Book leUad. IUiDofa, Oct. St, llts.
U&Ur ha tWm itfy d IU tUajltfcftitlta'aeJt

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