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That South Carolina Statesmen
Have Been Solving.
Const It ntinitat Artlcl. TUai Waa Framed to
JiUTranchlM Ignorant Xr(ma Bad Allow
Ignorant Whites to Vol Homo CoMlp
About tha Convention Taa Kapnbllcna
I'ntltlrm of How to Eaablo Kcpabllcaa
Mat, to Nominate PmlriVltt.
CoLlMBlA, 8. C, Not. 20. South C.iro
linu. constitutional convention will ad
journ sine Uiu next Tueiulay. Tba body
ban Imn In Mlon continuously, with the
exception of a ten d.-' tms since the
luth of September. The now constitution
will be different In many repoct from
the one It will iiipmcde, hut the most Itu
tHirtant chnnRo will be in the euffrage ar
ticle. In round nunilMT there are 14.
(' adult mnle nrjrrcir. and l'JOXX) adult
timlo whiti! in South Carolina. Tbe pres
ent constitution of South Carolina was
adopted In H A ami was framed ly a con
vention composed mostly of recently llb
ernted slave dotulr.aU.tl by northerners,
who rnine into the state at the close of the
War. It was patterned after tbo4e of Mas
s.Mjitiwttn ami hia
Matitral .gro Majority of 40,000.
The un iitivit olijection to it was Bfralnut
t)n sutTrnjrn article, which bestowed the
f r.mcliljHi on all male citizens of the age of
SI yars and upwards not laboring under
certain disabilities named. Souio of thj
tnost InU'llltfi nt negro members of the
roUTention of 158 were oiMMed to unl--riTMtl
suffrage aud wanted an educational
Itmliflcatlon ImiKMvd, which would bare
prevented vast majority of the members
of their own nice from voting. Under the
present constitution there is a natural
neitm majority of 4o,oj, wbivh lias ln-en
oviTi'ome liy nn "Ingenious ' r-gistratlon
law and the box-ballot law, which required
euen oiiiuer to iw voted for In a separate
box, the Voter being compelled tosiloct
the pniM-r box. The leaxling men of the
statu have always recognized that there
was a powlliility of one, or the other or
hoth.uf them being overturned in the fed
eral courts.
Hail to Consider the "I'oof Whites."
This possibility Induced them to ndvo-
etto the rnlling of a convention for the
purpose of framing a constitution permit
ting such qualification of the sufTragn as
would insure; the maintenance, of white
supremacy. There are about Irt.OuO 11
leerat white adult males ill this state.
1 hit convention could never have been
v:illed boil not most explicit promises been
given that th'-so men would bo talvun care
of. How to cut down the negro mnjority
ami preserve the vote o thu white men.
and do It in such a way as to run tho gaunt
let of the. fislcral courts, was tho ilitlkcult
problem which engaged the attention of
tlm convention, In which there are only
six tiegroA-s. Senator Tillman, who led tho
light for the calling of the convention, was
lnatlu chairman of tiie suITruge commit
Tbe "Jew Artlele on Suffrage.
The suffrage nrtiul:.- of tho new coustitu
tion provides for nn alternative educa
tional or property nunlitlcntlon for voters.
Any man who can rend or write, or who
pu.vs taxes on (UIU worth of property. hint
tho right to vote. Had the convention
stopped there the Illiterate whl tics would
have been disfranchised. They are pro
vided for In a clause which says thut any
ono who cannot vote under cither a prop
erty cr educational qualification hull be
given the right to voto for life if ho can
understand a section of the constitution
when read to him by the registration of-
Ilivr. This clause Is only to bo operative
for two years. All mules obtaining their
majority after Ift'.H must comply with tho
educational or property qualification In
order to be allowed to vote.
How It Will Work la Practice.
This clause was fought vigorously,
though unsuccessfully, and U regarded
withdlsatlsfartlon by large proportion of
the citltens of the state. Doubt Is ex
pressed as lo whether It will stand the test
review by the federal courts. Tho way It is
Intenditl to work Is this: Tha registra
tion iillieers are left to choose tho clause of
the constitution ! Iw Interpreted by the
"wuld-op voter. In ca.'h case. They will
tfb'j.MH', It Is nnderst.Mtl.sothst white lllit-
.-rates will be given tvwy clauses to oon
st rue, while the negro Illiterates will be
tiiveu hard ones.
Xit:rBEt:!T.iTiox is roxvrxrios.
Matter That WIU Come l lleforo tho
BoBVbllewas National Meet.
Vamiisoto. Nov. At. The Ilepublican
national committee at Its meeting here on
Dec. 10 will ln called upon to decide
very grave question. Last winter Manlcy,
the chairman of the committee, sent cir
culars to wit tuemlvr of that organisa
tion, to nil the Republican senators and
representatives In congress, t governors
and other state officials throughout the
country, to editor of prominent newspa
per, aud to various other persons who
have been conspicuous In the council of
that party In the pat,nr have contributed
liberally to the payment of the expenses of
its campaign. Inviting their views as to
th propositi change in the representation
nf the sevenU states and congressional
districts in tne next national convention
Agitation of this matter was bonnn In
I ssi. tho- object of the agitation being to
throw more strength to the stntcs that
Hive It yuhllctn niajuritie. or strong plu
ralities and weaken In national conven-'
tSn thoso st::-s were the Ufpubliean
v.nflo of no value In the election of a
pn-sldcnt. Tho new basis now under dis
cussion was proposed by Scott, of West
Virginia. Ho propoaed that the call for
the convention of be Usmd upon a I
row basis, giving each state and territory j
and tit ll.str.ct of Columbia two dele-'
g:ttrsvat-larg at the next convention in
Aitend of four, and each cunaresslonsl dls
t ri one, with an additional delegate for
awk ,ViU votes cast for the Republican
ei.-ewr.'ll ticket In IttPU. This scheme, If
adopttvl, will Increase the number of dele-
irttt-s In ih convention from 1WU to 1,1 Si, a
"' i i..,7i;ii
Iiff .r,ncv f 2, and the strong Kepubll-
a,, swies wouM enjoy a decided gain
at ttw exp-nse of the sooth.
J Ills 14, kusfeT, iw oujec woica inn
,lhor of llw plan desire to accomplish,
illmj argus LbM Ua state whUl oootrlb-
ute no votes and no money for the sup-1
tiortof thn nnrtv urn nmv .,, f i r IimI ... n n '
equal share In the selection of the candi
dates, which Is unfuir and illogical. They
do not wUk to deprive tbe few Iiepubli-
cans of the south of a voice in making tho
nominations, but insist that districts in
Georgia which cast no Republican voles
cannot justly be allowed the Mime repre
sentation as thoso in Iowa or Ohio, which
must be dependisl upon to elect the ticket.
and claim that the nominee should repre
sent Republican sentiment. In support
of their arguments they cite cases where
candidates have come into the convcution
supported almost exclusively by delegates
from states that are never represented la
the Republican electoral collegi
The replies to Man ley s circular are nu
merous and hove been briefed for presen
tation to tho committee on IK-c la The
great majority is favorable to the new
plun, and to the authority of the commit
tee to adopt without reference to a con
vention. The minority, which Is from the
states that will suffer, earnestly protests
against any action thut will reduce its rep
resentation. A few conservative men
recommend that the new plan be sub
mitted to the next convention, so that it
mny be adopted with due formality in a
manner that will leave no ground for com
plaint. No attempt has yet been made to
poll the com in it tee on this subject, but if
each member votes In the Interest of his
own state the new plun will be adopted by
large majority.
lneiuat of (leorgla ami South Carolina
Day at Atlanta.
ATLANTA, Nov. 2U. Yesterday was
Georgia and South Carolina Day at the
Cotton States exposition and was marked
by some political talk by the lenders pres
ent. The big cuns were Governors Atkin
son, of (ieorgiu, and Kvans, of South Caro
lina, and Senator Tillman, of South Caro
lina. The sensation of tho day was tho
new depart tiro taken by Kvans and Till
man. I'll to this time all tho s:ieechcs de
livered at the cx)Msition. whether by
northern or southern men. hicl been
pitched upon the keynote of fraternity and
national unity. Coventor Kvans and Sen
ator Tillman struck out on a different
line, however, tho governor declaring in a
dramatic manner that the nouth proposed
tortile this country and Tillman going
out of his way to attack the president and
abuse northern pensioners.
J he attendance was the largest of tho
exposition and Governor Atkiusua, re
ferring to Kvans and lillmuu. said that
the largo audiencu prcsjiit showed that
tho people hud attest s! their higher opin
ion of the worth of the two leaders pres
ent than that of the president of tho
United States. Kvans in bis speech de
clared that without Pharisaism U.rz:n
mid Stuth Carolina couhl thank Cud tha:
they were not os other states, and that bv
the help of God the s ut:i would rulj the
country again, 'i iiliuau maJa theexposi
tion a groundwork for u talk about ieii
sions. lie said the opth had paid not
ess than one-fourth of them MX,X) ,tW)
to her conqucrer..
However, h. was not g-tting up a new
rebellion. He roferretl to the bankers mid
brokers as siaiug in their oiliees "and
every tune old Urover grunts tiiey sny me
too.' " It did his soul good Ui Iw told that
two hobtallcd governors Hko himself and
Kvans had been received with greater en
thusi.-ism mid by nior.i people tlutn tho
president of tho United States.
Thanksgiving Day Allegation of m Cleve
land Jewish Itablil.
Cleveland, Nov. so. Rabbi M. Gries,
of N lllson Avenue lemple, tho most
prominent Jewish synagogue in the city,
preached a remarkable sermun at tho
Church of the Unity yesterday to an audi-
nco composed of Unitarians, Universal
is! and Jews. Rabbi Gries said he ib-
jectetl to the form of observing Thanks
giving day and wosopiiosed to the issuing
of proclamations by the president calling
upon the copln to meet for prayer ami
thanksgiving ticcaiise, he declared, this
was not a Christian nation. While the
majority oi tne people wen- ttinstians a
strong minority were not and that minori
ty was entitled t i consideralion. He K.iid
ho did not desire to detrac t anything from
Christianity, Ix-cause ho realized what it
hod done for the country, but be was in
favor of larger religious freedom and tiio
most of his sermon was devoted to a plun
for such freedom.
Tank t'slls on Four Men.
Iowa Falls, la , Nov. 2i. While work
men were engaged in elevating an Illinois
Central water tank here, and when abaut
thirty fivt from the ground, the tank fell.
fatally Injuring two men and seriously in
juring two others. The injured are: Niek
Gregory, breast criishcJ, will die; Frank
McHugtt. internal injuries, arm and
shoulder crushed: Tim Sullivan, Inter
nally Injured; J. Iv. Quinn, foreman, seri
ously cut about the liLad.
Birmingham llol.ts the Flag.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. .. United
Statesflags Were raised over theclty hall and
all public school buildings here Wednes
day for the first timo iu the history of the
city. Appropriate ceremonies were con
ducted at t-ach place. Addresses wero
made by members of the Grand Army of
tho lb-public and of the United Confeder
ate veterans. "Dixie and "America
were sung. Such scenes were never before
enacted here.
Michigan Penitentiary Itaot.
Jackson, Mich., Nov. 20. Deputy
Warden Northrup. Superintendent Coffey
and Foreman Mueller, the three men as
saulted at the state prison by convicts, are
doing well and all are in fair way to re
covery. Three of tho convict concerned
In the riot, K.lward Huntley, illiatn
Curley and William Archer, were
raigned on the charge of assault within
tent to ruurd They pleaded not guilty.
Pottery Strikers Decide to Give In.
Torvt.iv Vnr The futnitarv not-
tery cmpioves will return to work Mon-
day. They "havo been on strike for eight
weeks, the chief differences with the bosses
being over an alleged excessive hiring of
apprentices. Tho men In a meeting de-
elded to surrender
. ,
Eland Didn't Draw ha Savannah.
Savansah. Nov. 29 -Fjt-Congressmao
. Biand arrived here to lecture Inst night
" ' - - . -
hod boen sold and Blond coiled U.J loc-
Motocycle Appears To Be Ring
ing His Knell.
Rare of Self-Fropelled Vehicles BesnlU In
Victory for tho Uneven, Machine Fifty
four MUss Through Slosh, Snow and Mud
Drne In Tea Honrs ami Twenty-three
Minnies Without "Turning a Halr"oa the
Iron Roadster.
Chicaco, Nov. 23. The Charles E. Dur-
yea gasoline motocycle finished first in
The Times-Herald motocyclo contest for
prizes amounting to K,(wC. The contest
In every respect was most' novel, and tho
performance of tho winning vchiclo the
most remarkable in the history of motor
vehicle contests. 'When tho race started
the streets were twelve inches deep in
now, slush and mud. In the face of these
odds six motocycles mode tho start, ns fol
lows: Tho Duryea, Springfield. Mass.:
Morris & Salem elect robat, Philadelphia;
11. Mueller, inotocyclc. Decatur. Ills.: R.
K. Macy, NewYork; Debt Vergne, New
York, and Sturgls electric motocycle,
Chicago. .Thousands witnessed the fight
of these vehicles against the fifty-four
miles of slush which constituted the course
from Jackson park to Evanstou aud re
turn. Time of the Winning Motocycle.
It was considered impossible that any
motocycle would complete tho course, and
the prediction was freely made that no
one of the contestants would make five
miles. Five of them passed through Lin
coln park, the. Do La Vergne quitting at
Sixteenth street. Duryea started at 8:55
and passed the Auditorium, a distance of
eight miles, an hour later, and finished at
:1S p. m., completing the course in ten
hours and twenty-threa minutes. For
miles on the west side the boulevard was
an almost unbroken field of snow banks
and slush. Tho Morris & Salem clcctrobat
made no attempt to complete tho course,
but made a creditable run of fifteen miles
and returned to the testing headquarters
In perfect condition.
Made the Ran with an Old Machine.
The St urges machine abandoned the un
equal fight after a run of twelve miles.
Hoth these electric motors made a surpris
ing showing under tho circumstances.
ho fight for speed honors was between
the Duryea, Mueller and Macy machines.
Duryea is an American inventor, and his
motor is a radical departure from the
foreign type used on the wagons of his two
competitors. 1 he Duryea carriage which
made the race was manufactured two
years ago. Sine) then Duryea has male
many improvements, but was unable to
complete work on two new vehicles which
be had entered for the contest. Ho r.c-
cordlr:.!.- made the run with tho old
motocycle. Prizes will be awarded on tho
showiug made in tho road race and in
scientillo tests which were made under the
suporv.sion of the best experts in tho
The Ythlcle of the Future.
These tests have been iu progress for ten
days and have been followed with great
interests by hundreds of manufacturers
from all parts of the United States. These
tests have proved of great value. Tho
rurls-liorucuux race is worthless from a
scientific standpoint, but the contest just
closed may result in the establishment of
reliable data concerning whut many con
sider tho vehicle of the future. The 11.
Mueller machine finished at 8:55 o'clock,
taking the second prize. 1 he Macv ma
chine did nut finish, it b:enking down ten
miles frnrn the finishing point, and after
several hours' work it was abandoned.
The machine was in the second pluce when
the accident accident.
Imp Explodes and There Is a Wild Itosb
for the Outside.
Wooste p., o , Nov. 29. During tho pro
gress of a church fa'r Iiltj an imm msj
crowd was picked into the city armory,
when a lamp In one of the b ;ths explod
ed, settinir fln to the draperies and Miss
Myrtle Klzer. an attendant. A rush for
the singie exit followed in which doz mis
of women and children were trampled.
Fully PO persons jumped or were thrown
from windows, many beinj badly cut bv
Mrs Carey Mi-Koe, of Jefferson, was
thrown through a window stist lining iu
jtirl f. which will likely prove fatal. Jen
nie Putnam, a 10-year-old crippl:1, could
not help herself and received internal in
juries which will cans.- her death. Mrs.
Minora .snyder and Mr. Sharp were
trau plcd by the crowd. Many others were
nure or less Injured.
And McDonald Weat His Way.
Lexington, Ky., Nov. S. Colonel
Breckinridge was in tho city on legal
bu-dncss, and Editor McD.inald, cf The
K.iuudabout, u paper which opposed
Breekinridgu s reno:uination because of
the Pollard scandal, met tho silver-
tangued orator on tho public square. Be
ing disiosed to let tho political dead bury
its dead he extended bis hand. Waving
off the proffered courtesy, Colonel Breck
luridge said, sneerinly: "Sir, I do not
wish to have anything to do with you.
McDjnuld went his way.
Hcrt In a Varna of Toot ItalL
Decati'B, Ills.. Nov. 2. In a foot ball
game between Decatur aud Springfield
elevens tho score was nothing to noth
ing. William McCrorrcn, private secre
tary to Stata Treasurer Wulff, one of
Springfield's men was hurt. It It feared
that his skull is fractured. He is in' tho
Cattle Are Ready to Cross.
Eagle Pass. Tex., Nov. 29. The treas
ury department has just telegraphed tbe
collector's uflice at Fgl
I crossing of live stock at 1
e Pass that the
Presidio and Bj-
quollos will be facilitated. Thousands of
bead of cattle are waiting for permission
to crosi.
Zoa-Pnora Woman's friend
Has a grand record as a remedy for
all diseases peculiar to women. Ask
Tour druggist for one of the Zoa-
Phora Medical books for women
CrtM hw T
f "7 '
H. Thomas and Marshall
Sequel to tha Remarkable Conclusion of s
Kansas Jury.
WicniTA, Nov. M. Mrs. Ida DuiJap, of
Kingfisher, O. T., the daughter of Ander
eon Gray, of Summer county, who Is now
In the state penitentiary serving a life sen
tence for the mnrdiT of T. C. Patton, at
Conway Spring., Kan., has secured im
portant affidavits which exonerate her
father. This Is tho famnus hypnotic mur
der case, in which the man who did tho
killing. Thomas McDonald, was acquitted
and Anderson Gray, who was supposed to
have influenced him to do, the deed, by
hypnotic power, was sent up.
Mrs. Duulap has obtained a sworn state
ment from McDonald that his evidence
used for tho conviction of Gray was un
true. Ho claims that ho gave tho testi
mony he did because be was promised a
remuneration and the leniency of the
court by uflicinls. But the officials went
back on their work, lie claims, and prose
cuted him for murder. Now ho wants
Gray released, being troubled by a guilty
conscience. McDonald and his wife wero
arrested nnd tried, and ho concocted tho
hypnotic story which the jury swallowed.
No Clue to the Perpetrators of c Quad
ruple Murder.
Paris, Tex., Nov. 29. United States
Marshal Williams has returned from
Arthur City, whero he wont to bury tho
three men and the boy found murdered
there in a boat on HeU river. A big gravo
was dug on the bluff near tho scene and
tho bodies hoisted with ropes from tho
boat and all buried side by side. No clew
has been discovered, though there are a
thousand theories advanced. Marshal
Williams has offered a reward of $500 for
the arrest and conviction of the murder
ers and will liesides give any assistance in
his power. He says that 1c Is the most
mysterious case ho ever dealt, with In all
of his long experience.
Two Victims of n Gotham Fire,
New Youk, Nov. 2!. Fireman John
Halpin has discovered the bodies of two
men in tho ruins of the fire which occur
red at the old Yolks' building on the
Bowery. They were found nt the extreme
back end ot what was the stugo of the
theatre. They were partly covered by
charred wood and other debris. One of
the bodies was in a sitting posture and
the other was discovered in a reclining
position. Neither body lias been identified
Little Km Over Old Ulory.
TonoNTO, Nov. 2U. There are many
American students attending the Ontario
Veterinary collego and on Thanksgiving
da" they sought to honor tho event by
raising the stars and stripes In one of tho
lecture rooms To this, however, the Can
adiau students objected, and rudely
hauled down the flay, tuousrh they met
with a vigorous rektatance. Then ensued
a free fight, several on both sides being
slightly injured.
Thankfcglviug Day at Berlin.
Bep.lis, Nov. 2'.). Tho Americans In
Berlin celebrated Thanksgiving day by a
dinner at the Kaiserhof, at which United
States Ambassador Kunyon presided. In
proposing a toast to Emperor William,
Ambassador Kunyon dwelt upon tho
amicabio relations existing between Ger
many nnd tho United States. Later, In
proposing a toast to the president of the
United States, he eulogized President
Cleveland nnd the blessing of Individual
liberty m tho L nited States.
The President's Thanksgiving.
Washington. Nov. 2i). President and
Mrs. Cleveland came into town Thanks
giving day and after spending an hour
at the White House nttended services at
thelirst Presbyterian church and list
ened to a sermon by Dr. Talmage. From
church the president and Mrs. Cleveland
drove directly to Woodlcy, where they en
joyed Thanksgiving dinner iu the privacy
oi tne iamiiy.
The body must be well nourished
now, to prevent sickness. If your
appetite is poor, take Hood's Sarsap-
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of?tutar baking powder. El heat ot
I1 tn leavening strength. at VMM State!
wowmnxaf food Report.
Rrr al Pubis rHwn Co.. in Wall Bu N.Y
Ova Your Bom and Bate It Imnrtd.
Reidy Bros.
Real Estate,
Insurance1 and Loans
I Room 4. Mitchell A l.vnd hnr.
Telephone 1002.
,0 ' 1
If you wish an Overcoat made up-to-date
and as well made as your tailor will make
it and at one-half the cost, come to us.
That's the kind we keep.
Blue Front.
We are giving
away a cotton top
mattress with
every Bed Room
Suite soli this
No Raise
IN Price
of suites, simply
a present of the
DaveDpri Mime
& Carjet Co.,
324. 326, 328 Brady St,
For an Overcoat or Ulster
There is No
C '"te
We can show you three times as many as
any house in the city, and prices, you know
Underselling Everybody on Everything
Home Industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery. I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in- the country. The product is the
very best Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
Place Like the
Big Store
Call for Rock Island
Brewing Co. Deer
Breal Reftctlsa sxls
!i rues i ub mum
For one week to reduce
onr immense stock aad
assortment of onr own
manufactured Fan.
This U an adTftDtage
In first-clots (rnarmntood
Furs never before offered.
Furriers nod Ladies1
219-221 W. Second St.

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