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Sol.l y Weary Dart' Sina. Wholesale Growers. Rock Ioland
Hallway Tlrketaran he perrhaaiil or rti?
gsre rlwrlcr.l t H 1 A P Twmtletoelrertdf'iMit
C K I A r da; Con rr r'lfta avnile ud
nitty rii street .."far k M. riammur. Art-nU
fl. li mTnT7l altiu.s
Pi. Worth, Otavcr A S..C,
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Osaka A Ir. More.
' Wnfn A Winneapotls....
Omaha A f tij;K.r Kl.
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45 par.
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Denver, I it.ri.iit 4 imba...
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nr. r aul & winbeM'a
I..vr, PL Worth A
ihan.aa nty A 1. Joseph .
K-K- laUnit W aahmua
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tor); f-laudrnat Aeenra.,
kucklUiitJblrnni&!jrn Ac..
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Armil tDep.nars. tniry.axsaptiundav.
All utir !'! Tsiepliona lufti.
BCi'.l.iNvrw Rnt:T-c. b. g ha.'i.
way D'-pwt first man anal hiitoentli
HM'. X. J. r vg. neat.
THMN1. fare.
t,iaa.s ai.f. " 1 w.v j: :
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hi. Phi-I Ki 4.411 vtr. : n an
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Pmpti Toontt.'tK t""-t. h: wra First aiH)
hrrfiiMl avrhuep, L II. (irrrr, Affrnt.
T 'A'lH.
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FrvtKt n I Ari-nmimnlat'n.
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Pally rjrrpt Siinilay.
Dock Iji.ano IYokia Kaiiwat-
x 1TI Kirt AttitM and Tku&UkiIi itfaci
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THAI Nit, ;
Ribii-ra Ex. Th Trllh.".
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f'alilw ArriMnmi.at'im j
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t'ahl AororonwMUiion .... I
l'aanKi'r Iralra Irara f.. IC. I. P. ).tnin
aTrniir) ! il Cvr S) tnlnntra tarlivr than time
(Civn. Tr w i n.ark.a dally, all other train
laily rlrc.it Hot day.
UlKI.ISilTO. Cluak Uapius a
llrhlra hallway, drpot t:r of Hra-I)
ftritt, t.vraiiuTt. Jaa. alortou, Wca. Ta't 4)
i'ana. Atrt'iiL
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1'wrport Tatr. LaT I Anmva
tMHUmt 14'sa i.n Cu:6 am
y'aV'l" Ii7 ii m b! i.m
- r' M"tt- n- " t'lifm ;-.g a
I'aaii'.'nKat "7-"m hiii::;.-"
tlfl&linn aFCl.n
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Frht hS 40 cm Ihll :!. 1.
-i9'4yrn ' WttX'atr
luainit nimiD M.n rait. no. ;
iniar liaplda and Wert Llhcity.
To the East via the
R. I. & P.
L Kit I laltml
t: It I f P. ;
l.r Kil inland
Tw.-ftria H I.0
Ar IVtiria
Ar niiNMiiitiiuMi.......
At ImliartnLNiiia
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Ar t'lrrlnaatl
Ar linrl.m.
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Arm Lil"
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ft IKfaiur
Ar MVhain
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47 am! StkJara
1 45 pm
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7 11m
Train leaving Rm-k Island nt 8:00
. m. carrlra through roach to St.
Inni. pt.in through IV kin, Ht
na. Sprinplifl.I ami Litchlielit.
Llnra onat of I'uoria carrj through
co4ihei and !tf jiinj; car on night
train to principle cities.
Gen. Ticket Agent.
Who docs not want her
waahinu done in the
hortet time and neat
est war U bard to find.
Thoae who use
Get the best results, bo
cause it is made from
auch materials that it
cannot injure the moat
delicate fabric and will
save time and labor.
Follow them and jou
will rind that too hve
struck a good thinj.
Softens the skin, heals
chapped hands and ru
mor grease, paint, etc
Warnock & Ralston
Soap Makers, Bock Island. '
Morse Bros. Prop3.CmIon.Mass,USA.
Prepare for war; in business
hours or when you will select
ami have niailc your ilrc.ts suit,
whether it be for evening wear
or for ordinary occasions. We
MUinmlcc material, style and lit.
We are making a suit to order
for $.ro. It's worth more.
The Tailor.
oan bc scan at
e. p. ixm.v,
The New Merchant Tailor.
Harper Hou3 Block
Twenty-First Street Addition
Fine Residence Lots in this
addition For Sale on
Easy Terms.
This addition is located be
tween Twentieth and Twenty-second
streets and Tenth
and Twelfth avenues, and
nearly every lot ia it has
upon it a tine walnut, elm,
hnckberry, or other large
tree, and ia already provid
ed with abundant shade.
These lots arc in the very
best part of the city, and
the most desirable for resi
dence purpose of any lots in
the city. ' Apply to
fioom 2X, Idtohell & Lynd Sloct
w -
He Plays ,with the Powers Re
garding That Firman,
No Anthorltr Yet Given by- the Porta for
Thnaa Extra tiuubmUa to Co to the Boa
phoraa Forc!blo Kntry of the Dardan
ellea A fa In Imminent Forta on the
Mralta Resily for War Report That
l.OOO Were ltntchered at Mnraah.
JJoSTOJf, Xov. S9. Rev. Judson Smith,
I). I)., secretary of the foreign department
of the American Board of Missions, has
received the following cablegram from one
of the representatives of the board at Con
stantinople, via Pliillipopolis: "Indurethe
Ki'd Cross society to enter relief work as
in war time. Urgency is extreme for ac
tion by the organization under interna
tional protection. Four hundred thousand
people are destitute."
Constantinople, via Sofia, Bulgaria,
Nov. SO. In spite of the assurances which
the Turkish minister for foreign affairs,
Tewflk Pasha, gave tho ambassadors of
Great Britain, Kussia, Austria and Italy
Wednesday that the firmans allowing
the passage through tho Dardcnelles of
four extra guardships for the use of their
embassies would be immediately issued by
the porte, tho necessary documents have
not been forthcoming. Consequently a
tserious condition of affairs which was
looked upon as having been definitely
cleared up is now again perplexing tho
ambassadors and threatening to cause tho
adoption of strong measures uponlic part
of the powers. Knijuent conferences be
tween the ambassadors have taken place
on the snbj!ct during tho past twenty
four Imurri and there have Ixt'ii many con
sultations between the Turkish ministers
and the sultan at the palace regarding the
same matter.
Actinn by the Powers Is Imminent.
The answer of the powers to tho request
of tho porto that they refrain from pressing
their demand for the extra guardships
was that they could see no reason not to
support the demands of their ambassadors
for more effective means of protecting tho
foreign residents of Constantinople in an
emergency, and in tho presence of this
unanimous reply it is considered in foreign
oUicinl circles that the sultan has no alter
native but to yield, especially in view of
the probability that tho powers will liavo
tho extra gunboats conveyed through tho
Dardanelles by battleships if tho sultan
persists in his dilatory tactics. Indeed, it
seems highly probable that the ambassa
dors have already determined not to wait
bevond a certain time for the firmans.
and, therefore, it may soon be announced
that the gunboats are coming.
Guna May Yet Itooin in the Straits.
That tho porte anticipates trouble is
evident from tho fact that all tho forts
about tho straits are now fully armed and
supplied with nmnunition and have been
placed in tho highest state of ellicieucy
comjMitible with tho circumstances.
Searchlights nrc kept in good order and
are worked nigiitly over the waters. Vur
over a month past, the work of strengthen
ing tho forttcutious in this vicinity and
particularly about the Dardanelles has
been in progress, and it is understood that
tho system of submarine mines and tor
pedoes has been practically completed so
far as tho resources of the government
will allow it.
Not Worried About Torpedoes.
As to tho system of mines and torpedoes
about the Dardanelles they do not caue
much apprehension among foreign ofll'
cers here. They believe that a few torpe-do-cat(
hers could cut tho shore-connect
ing wires in short order and that a little
countermining would do the rest.
Report at London That 1,000 Christians
Were ltntchered by the Turk.
Loxnox, Xov. 29. The Constantinople
correspondent of :he Dally News telegraphs
to his paper that the embassies there have
learned that in the massucro at Marash
on Xov. 18 1,000 persons were killed. Tho
Christian quarters of the town were
burned from three points. A letter re
ceived here describing previous massacres
says that liefurj it commenced the town
crier ordered the Christian shops to be
opened under a penalty for refusal. It
was then that tho pillage and murder
ixgau. Tho writer of this letter, who had
been a great philo-Turk, adds that there
was no sign of any rising or resistance on
the part of the Christians.
Tho Xews correspondent also savs that
the embassies hear from their consuls that
all possibility of rendering assistance to
tho Sassoumtes who were the victims of
the outrago nt that point has been ended
and that the Kurds are wiping them out
ol exlsteuco and iiave destroyed all tho
buildings which have been erected by the
expenditure of the English relief fund.
A similar story comes from the an coun
try, where the disturbances continue as
badly as ever.
It is understood that all the American
missionaries at Marash, five in number,
are sale; out wnetner they left Marash bo
lore me uisiuroanocs uroKo out or arc
under the protection of tho Turkhish au
thorities is not known, as Minister Terrell
has not yet been able to obtain any news
Irom .Marasn. in fact he has not received
any confirmation of the news that a massa
cre has occurred at Marash, although
from the time the first rumor of trouble
reached here he has been doing his utmost
to communicate with the American mis
sionaries. Tho .authorities insist that his
telegrams are not delayed and that he re-
cieves all the mail and dispatches ad
dressed to him.
A dispatch to The Doily news from Bey
rout says: The troops arriving here bear
tho significant green flag of the prophet
instead of the Turkish flag. Jerusalem Is
crowded with soldiers, and troops are be
ing stationed in the Tower of David, Pi
late s palace, and in tho wilderness out
side the Damascus gate. The ostensible
purpose of the troops is to subdue the
The porte has made another report to
tho ambassadors on the situation, an
nouncing that the work of restoring order
In the disturbed districts was progressing
satisfactorily and that the reforms insist
ed upon by the powers were being effected
as promptly as possible under the circum
stances. Geav Harriaon Starta for Home.
Xiw York, Xov. 29. Ex-President Ben
jamin Harrison left this city yesterday
afternoon for his horns la Indianapolis.
CepriTea a Large CrowJ of Children of 1
Thanksgiving tiood Things.
Chicago, Xov. 29. Thanksgiving day
was generally observed in this city. The
customary dinner with turkey was given
at all the public institutions hospitals,
orphan asylums, etc Only one instance of
the commercial spirit interfering with the
programme is known. ThU was in the
ease of the Women's Suburban club, which
had arranged to give a dinner to tho cash
girls. A large number of thoiu gathered
in I ront ot the buildtnjr where the club has
rooms, whilo tho members were upstairs
getting everything in readiness. The agent
of the building, William IL Hoops, how
ever, had received instructions from the
landlord not to run the elevators.
As the children could not walk up seven
or eight flights of stain they had to be
sent away without anything to eat. It
seems that the landlord had a claim of
rl.5'J for back rent, and this may havj in
fluenced him in declining to incur the ad
ditional expense of 75 cents for running
the ekivator for the accommodation of the
club's guests. It is understood that the
landlord lives somewhere in the cast.
The day was very eunerally celebrated
in tho good old way, although at Xcw
York it was quieter than usual owing to
tho absence of tho college foot ball game
that generally takis piece thero. Fifteen
hundred newsboys were fed with turkey,
etc, by William Waldorf Aastor, pro
prietor of The Pall Mall Gazstto, London,
as a memorial of his wife who died in
England, and it is said asked for this of
her husband as a dying request.
The Great Agnoaticlhe Subject of Petitions
to the Almighty.
Cleveland. Xov. 29. Manv fervent
prayers were doulrtlcss offered inthis city
yesterday for tho conversion of Colonel
Robert G. Ingcrsoll, tho noted agnostic.
Last week at the quarterly meeting of the
Christian Endeavor unions of Cleveland
it was suggested that such prayers be of
fered, and the prcsidentcd appointed noon
as the time and request that tlie 3,000
members of tho society hero engage in
prayer at that time. The president of the
r.pworth League, who was present, said
he would mako a similar request to the
members of his organization. The prayers
were to bo delivered in private, and how
many persons complied with the request
will probably never bo known.
Public prayers for Colonel InsersoU
were offered at u mass-meeting of tho S;d
vation Army and at Olivet Congrega
tional church by the pastor.
Falls Into a Sewer Manhole Rescued Tvro
lliocks Away.
Madison, Wis., Xov. 29. Littlo Harry
Faruuin, the 5-year-old son of Conductor
Farnum, of the Illinois Central road, in
crossing a street fell through tho man
hole of a new sewer. When friends went
to his rescue they could find no trace of
him, nut soon cries wcro heard from an
other manhole 483 feet farther down tho
street, which was also open. Hushing to
the place the friends of the boy found him
there and he was quickly lifted out. When
the child fell into tho manholo he was so
dazed he did not know what- to do, and
thinking to find an exit through the sew
er, which is three feet in diameter, he
crawled on until he saw the light of the
second manhole. Outside of some severe
bruises the boy was but slightly hurt.
Collego Foot Ball Games.
Chicago, Xov. 2'J. Following are
Thanksgiving day games of foot ball be
tween college elevens: At Philadelphia,
Cornell 2, Pennsylvania 4G; at Onjaha
Iowa 0, Xcbroska b; at Cleveland
Pennsylvania State 8, Adelbort 8; at In
dianapolis Light Artillery 23, Butler 0;
at Chicago Michigan 12, Chicago 0; at
Lafayette, Ind. Champaign (Ills.) 2, Pur
due U; nt Chicago (athletic clubs) Bos
ton 4, Chicago 4; at Ban r rancisco Stan
ford 0, California C; at Louisville De-
Pauw 10, Louisville Athletic 12: at Kan
sas City Missouri 10, Kansas C; at Evans-
vill. Ind. Kos3 VoW technic 2. Evans-
vino 12.
American Society in London Celebcatea.
London, Xov. 9. Tho American Soci
ety of London, which was organized sev
eral months ago on much the same lines
as the Ohio Society of Xew York, cele
brated Thunksgiving day by a banquet
List night ut tho Holborn restaurant.
James K. Roosevelt, first secretary of tho
American embassy, presided. It was
found on sitting down to dinner that 450
guests were present. Regrets wcro read
from United States Ambassador Bayard,
who had been expected to preside at the
dinner, but was unavoidably absent.
Wonderful Case of Voice-Recovery,
Xewpoiit,- Ky., Xov. 29. Miss Carrie
Roth was until a few months ago a popu
lar vocalist who sang in the bast concerts
in Cincinnati. Three months ago she lost
her voice and nothing could be dono to
remedy the defect. The parents of Miss
Roth and her lover, to whom she was
married Wednesday night, disagreed
about tho minister. In the excitement
Miss Roth's voice came back: so did
peace, and the wedding occurred as
Probable Officers of the Next House.
Washington, Xov. 29. The contest for
house offices has practically ended. Tho
Ohio and Indiana delegations have held
caucuses and decided to support tho
"combine" ticket. The next hou-e officers
will be clerk, Alexander McDowell, of
Pennsylvania; sergeant-at-arms, Benja
min HusselL of Missouri ; doorkeeper. ill-
tain J. Glenn, of Xcw York; postmaster,
Major r. MeElroy, rf-thlo; chaplain,
xt2V. 11. L. t isnor, ol iansas.
Convicted of Train Wrecking.
Lincoln, Xeb., Xov. 2a. The jury in
the George Washington Davis murder
case returned a verdict of guilty of mur
der in the second degree. The crime for
which" Davis has been convicted on his
third trial was wrecking the Rock Island
passenger train near Lincoln on the night
of Aug. 20, 1S9L Eleven pcoplo were
tilled. .
Pension Pmnd OS Years Old Convicted.
Font Smith, Ark., Xov. 29. John J.
Overton, claiming to be SB years of ago.
was convicted in the United States court
of forgery. His offense was the forgery of
two affidavits in support of his application
lor an increase ot pension, filed in 1892.
Ties President at Washington.
Washington, Xov. a9 Vice President
Stevenson, accompanied by his wife and
daughters, has arrived In Washington for
the congressional season. They are quar-
asraxa as me jiorrnannie.
The grand jury at Chicago has Indicted
William J. Dlx, of the Berry detective
force, for tho murder of F. W. White,
whom the detective seems to have mis
taken for White's brother, a Chicago
tough and burglar. Seven others ot the
agency were .held as accessories and for
conspiracy to murder, including the sup
In a quarrel over religion in a saloon
at Crcston, la., between Frank Wilson, a
one-armed A. P. A., and Patrick Martin,
a Roman Catholic Martin knocked
Wilson down and kicked him until res
cued by bystanders. Wilson's injuries
are serious and pcrhips fatal.
Henry Minor, a tramp tailor, was seri
ously if not fatally injured while trying
to uliglit from a moving train between
East Fowler and t-waningtou, Ind.
John Peronsky was killed -and Frank
Schmidt injured by a full of earth in a
street sewer tunnel at Milwaukee.
S. C. Martin, ossified man, at Bryan,
Tex., who had tain on his back for seve.t
years unable to move a joint, is dead.
W. H. Odenheimer, who had worked on
Chicago and Baltimore papers, committed
suicide ut Birmingham, Ala., by taking
Mrs. Lizzie WiUiams, of Stonington,
His., was strtiuk by a Wabash train whilo
crossing the tracks uuu killed.
Miss Ola Brown, 15 years of age, has be
gun suit at Decatur, Ind., against G. F.
Ginimel, a millionaire, for $25,033 for
breach of promise.
Marshalltown, la., escaped the storm
which swept tho balance of tho western
country. Thero has been no snow at that
point, and tho weather is balmy.
John A. Soating, who makes a special
ty of swindling real estate men, has been
arrested in Pittsburg.
Joseph Horn, a farmer living near Hum-
bnldc, Ills., w.n kicked by a horso. His re
covery from his injuries is doubtful.
The distribution of annuities, clothing
and other goods among tho Sioux ageueios
iu South Dakoa is now in progress.
The daughter of Berry Wilson, a farmer
near Cassopolis, Mich., was burned to
dentli, her clothing catching flro from an
explosion of gasoline.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Love, of iEtnn.
Ills., celebrated Jtheir golden wedding,
many distinguished persons attending.
The 5-year-old daughter of Mrs. Elijah
Jones, of Puna, Ills., was burned to death.
Her clothes caught fire at an open grate.
Bismarck's bedroom contains only three
pieces of furniture a largo washstand, a
small camp bedstead and a bootjack.
Mrs. M. C. Carl, of Tower Hill, Ills.,was
thrown from her buggy in a runaway and
fatally injured. -
Brazilian Cruiser Wrecked.
Eio Janeiro, Xov. 23. Tho Brazilian
cruiser Uranus has been wrecked, tho
commander aud live of the crew being
The Local Marker.
eaj, arc.
Corn New, SS
Oa New. lficQ'Jne.
HaT Timothy. tVlfft.tU- nnland.fll; ail.l 7
OJ1U; slough, 7o$M; bale 1, (11.
Potatoes -20c.
Butter Fair to Choice. IH-I froah cream.
ery, 23c.
Kegs Frer-a, is.
Foil Itry 'hicUDa. 5c
Turkey a-6 -.
Ducks 7c
Cattle Butchcra tiav for rorn 1A atwra
8c4c; rows and heifers, 3!ac.S'4c; calve".
lion SHEW'!.
Sheej a3HC
bpring lamb, 4c a pound.
Coal Soft, 10c.
The cream of
purest Norwegian
codliver oil, with
adapted to the
weakest digestion.
Almost as
palatable as milk.
Two Sizes 50 cents and $1.00
Real Estate. Insurance, Loans
Office 1612 Second Are., Rock Island.
earytrrrs; jnat oateida the city limiL; rood
water; low taxes, and cheap Insurance. Ten Iota
on Thirty-eighth street rnd fifteenth avenue.
nuuuiw.wi ,Hltl wi liPCI 1 tu w, ciiy iur
ale and rent.
John C. Hsyaes ft Caw
Boa torn, Kaaalactarera.)
are equalled by no ether Amerl
eauinstnunrnta. Lowest m ince
vtf-.iy strlcUr lugb-graae Instru
ments. 2S Awaiua. sen for
Catalogue, raraalaby
9 men
vbo u rrtuoa to vyitu
ftbosea T-fairh bao left ittem Srrv
mu. Irritable Vcftt from Nightly
losj.itLi k3.tlllemurj JBcepm
ics-, Vartcxcl3, Atrophy, Pare l,
etc- notijlur t?xllij cfiert a
An &Dd r-t -lr-t tbas is -i-i-nial in
yocny cr old its tha TV osderf u : Rosun lttDC(ly ptttf
fttne (nrre l?f o ) RoVi vt t.OO a p4Hrj4?v, oriulof
i&oc with m xrrHtM nuttr rut r vaamej
CTIEKMCAI. Cu. AzeatM lor I. 3.,:hkffo. or u
Sm fcujj tt uf tfcv drasKist -.Mad below.
n I at I
S I C3
-m gig
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless MiLstituto
for Paregoric, Irops, Soothing; Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
fevcrisbness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and ilatulcney.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates tho sfcmacu
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cass
toria is tho Children's Panacea tho Mother's ITricnd.
" Caatorta Is an excellent medicine for chil
dren. Mothers havo repeatedly told me of its
good effect upon their chi Idren.
Da. O. C. Osooon,
x Lo-veU, Maxs.
Castoria Is the best remedy for children of
which 1 ara acquainted. 1 ko;tc l'ic day is not
far distant when mothers willconsiiler the real
interest of their chflilrcn, and use Cnsturia in
stead of the varimisqnack nostrums wlik-h ara
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing ryrup and other hurtful
agents down their tiiroaJc, thereby sending
them to prematura graves."
hit. 3. T. KnCCBaXOB,
Conway, Ark.
The, Centaur Company, TT M
Drs.Walsli & Walsh, Specialists
Permanently located
.4 iBvr m
Pnrmcrly Clinical Proriwor In two of Chicago's
leading medical colleges.
cwr - c w.f tv -Si
Arknowleded by the Medical Profeaalon. Acknowledged by the Preas. Aeknowlede-od by
all as tne World a re'e.t and On.y Bucceasfal epedalisU in Chronic Nenona, I'rlraU! and
surgical I)iseares of nolo sezea.
WEAK MEN. Yoa that are troub
led with Nervous OcV.Hty, Lost Manhood, E
banstlvs rrana, Mght lowca. Defective Hemory,
Threatened Inaanity, Los of Will I'ovrer, Mental
deluatnnr., letpleFrne'r. or any otbnr aymptnm of
nervous exhauatiotis. Von rhonlu consolt n be
fore it Is too lata. Delay is fatal.
SURGICAL operations performed
at your borne when desired. Abdominal and
brain surgery a soL-cial!;.
The profs? we have rneeired for our remarkable skill In curing ease riven op as houal
baa ronipelled us to ns means In order to give the people aa well aa tin meXcal rof
btnt-nt of our knowledee cf medicine and our Intmital.le7kill in the art of rurrrry. Keo. t
family j.hysician Is alwa.vs welcome to aee . er.te: We are wf
and snow our si ill and e feel justly proud of ,be JSliS.
cal profession for the advanced medical and surgical literature we Have written.
dreasncuIyma!.e take,, Bet ' rcference" tJli crcdenUal. If yoa cannot call, write. Hon-
CMcago Medical Institute.
Office, 124 West Third Street.
Hock Island
Savings Bank.
Fiw per cent Interest Paid on Deposits.
Money Loaned on Personal Collateral or Real Estate Security.
I If Bi.Tnnn. President.
Jons Cars a nan. Vice President.
P Gusawai.T, Cannier,
Began business July 11, inao, and ocenpy the
8. B. cor. Mitcb.ll A) Lynde'a new building.
.. V- V.ript. H rlocTat whi
aUttltlit In 4 WCCJtS. fe m fwH-T w pt
rKAL. MiiDICINt CO UttctaB J. Ob.
For pale Harper House PhArmaCj. Kock Island, 111.
All kind of earpentsv
work dobs
Office and Shop 721 Twelfth street
c. innsgrt
SPAB.SN rT.itTaUftT.
li i ita. Lrrti. ol touiiar aAal
r U fcKKaJ.. arri.,ea
vv.hjii;,ou, ai
v'nun u'Kawe, iiuit.ii
tr. K4flrin4cc BtaiaLaa.
bock ttw aalfkk Ct t
P1 -nt. If m.l. ft. 0
For sale bj Harti A UUemejer, 801
atasaBs( tmatsaaaa.
" Cartoria Is so well adapted to clir.Jren that
I recoinmentl it ajisu per Uir to any prescription
known to me."
IT. A. Ancnsit, X. P..
Ill So. Oxford St., L'rooklyn, K. Y.
Oiir physicians in tho rliiklma'a depart
ment have apoLea hiiiLly t-f tu-.-ir eiNti
enco in their outside prai-tieo with tai4U,
and although wo only have anion; i.r
medical supplies what is known aa r-tilr
products, yet we are free u ronfesa tliat to
merits of Caiooria baa won us to look wtUt
favor upon it."
Us it Eu Mosrmt. nd IhRrcsunv,
1 tost on, lias
Aura C. Surra, Tres.,
array Street, New York City.
in Davenport, Iowa.
Late off f7hlearn. fnrnuirl. t.mMi.lirai.f a
Ct ,.(LiHirin.j..i
YOU CANT afford to delay if vo
are suffering with Catarrh, Bmnrhitla, Asthma
Early Consumption. Klienmnt am.Neuralina. ly
pcia, Scrofula, f vi.hill-. blond, liver. kidi..r dis.
easca, rnpture. plies or hdme-l. ur knir hos
pital eziieneuc enOiles na to save a life n nea
others fail.
WE CAN positively puarantee a
radical rare of Varianeeia In seven dava liyour
painlesa methiid. Women snflerir-g from atcrine
or overtsin troublea of any nature come and sat
an opinion on your ease free of charge.
hopaless hy all
roresmoa tne
WcCnlloogn Building,
Boors Ota 10,
S IO t. Bxd
t to 8
Incorporated Under the
State Law.
C T Lynda,
John Crooaogh
H P Hull.
B W Rurat,
John Vol k
Wm Wllaiertoa,
Phil Mitchell,
L S-nxm.
Jacssoa A ilcaar. Solicitors.
Ui trv N' tow f tliry. tnt. 4 SmriS Tnwtrt Ira elfW
. nwzm
tCl . i..HKKU V. Airof-eiy. n r ir n s-nrr ratnttvt, Uasfal BSiy CM?, ar
bcst.it Pills. IXa-ts th- ke i ti1 tiA tpwkiy vctlorrd. If J t -wk
r" m uu car rcftitkd the saaSacy. AihSfcM
and aaUstatcUun gnaisntio
a Tuc . ...unaaa
all at.
C.VVaT.Vf . r LliS I UklAiitiii
a-o. '!
riskfia ;.. w. .. T. a.fm arT.wsi Vo:
or on Jev t,f , : orrtitc wrnkn-, l-U lt. Hir'-f
- aabOlKT. aUUfttlwT tlsaF drsUlM US uOwtT an tansr f ss -
trrv .rmlaav Vsm-v i on i y rr bt aunmrMu
ml .far. Law cjm! rrriifb.- IIU'L VtT VOlTM U
r r Ux i.r 1 l7T sA h r1t-a Mnlr ! arsBr
i99,mw raf
Twentieth street.

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