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Baking Powder is itself a Nutritious Food.
No other powder has this quality.
It invigorates and renovates the whole system and
purifies and enriches the blood. It is the best Nerve
Tonic known. 1
It Pliro. flv.rvl.rit.lA- tlvi.r anil Ltilnov (llJkAOA mtiaf ir.ofinn Ixxwlotlio ttiltfina-
(A n, boils. bluti-lit, debility. tlewpomlitH-y, (liz.ineMs, fptiuile diMMis, f lanilular '
TJa tihuicrmrnK waitiim of the body, lienrtlnmi, impure blond, insomnia, jatiQilirp, ,
inillKi-Mtiiin, lawittiilr, miliaria, mental tirMr, rheiiiiinliniii, lit ur.iliji.1, nervous '
l,r"s,ru''''"' paralysis pimpli-s nalt rlninii, Mm'tila, i-lc. (
( It strikes at the root of the
fi moving tne cause.
A It ban a lunrvi-luiis effect on the .stomai. -
to ii Rill a r k a iiijK citrus. to
Wr. II. ' Ajrr. of Klrhf.inl. VI .
write: "After bavins estarrbnl t verm
Mitrrh. I wa, left vrrr mnch dcolllrated
nl bvt dv.orpfla to had 1 oul't Mr.re-Ijr
wet ai.ytllnff. A Mn.ll iniHini of fcoi
wonlti emu blnaitnvani a hurnlnt: Dfi
patina In tli. pit of tbe stomach, with .ain
ard mil' b tor.-r.esi In my tide, and a zrmt
Urr I of lil-nl.rl.e. My pti)tcltt: moil
ui.hlr to h. Ip me an'i I rontimirrf In t hi
1 1 nil it i hntil I li'0 Irr. Iviy's rtenovator.
wntcti enmiitiy cured n.e. Too nitirti
runrol he toll in li. P' .. My.tner wat
Hi n tri.uhlrd ""f had ii,i Miming pun
In .'ninarn, whicti bail troubled hereon
.tanl' y tor lotnit ''in'. oii4ini her a
great m-nil of puff.rtii? ana kept her
pe.r end iiehlliutM anO tawed bnr lo I
ery waker.l an. ic, lias taken Dr.
Kr' Kemivator anil -aaei.tinl cii'td f
tb. burning: iHWiiun in Ilia .lumirf-b and
ran now em the .am a. before brr .tck
nr.. Mia :ra aell aud If f alnitit( In
fl ih "
It it pift.nnar and onny to takr,
' With the .tonianh. It 1m In tartlMt fnim
ftrara. Tatrt are from two to four
.Ta iKl'.ua rcmeaiesitiung lor seme pr.ee
M.K'1 trtllf flililr... Utd XamanrikU m mttm ...I w.altl ..tul ...n T- . 1..J
Bonk ol .u.bu Kneipt. and a Treatiee on Ditta?.." r. ia aaid by a me to be worth $'
W' . 7 ilrniT.-. Prira. 25c, aid $1.
T" ilre. fur ojr booklet to oer Wcatvrn Ofllcc
g Dr. 13. J. Kay Medical Co., 620 S. 16th St., Omaha, Neb. g
&S$$3SS$9H sold by SSSSSSS
Home Industry
On Tap everywhere.
Only Union labor employed.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery, I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best. Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
Herman Detjens
Real Estate
And Insurance,
Desire to list property for sale,
and will look after and person
ally aaperTise renting, etc., for
outside residents.
Xaoana a Specialty
RepttMnU a reliable line ot
nigh class insurance companies.
Room a, Buford Block.
SefeateeaU St. and Seoead Areaae
matter and cures by re- to
h, liver ami bowels.
OallA. Neb , Hepu 13lh, IK!n.
Ir. It.J. Ky Mediral Co. lienu: ttc
filylns to oar loqurjf ':ng what re'oil.
I bail with onr i-r. Ka' fuiiovatcr.
W' uld .av tbat 1 obtained great relli r and
am now well. In Ihi neat il-ce I bd .
(iitppe, and it h a on ttrre before It
reemrd to leave me, then it turned Itl'o
Hl.lnria ud I have taken quinine nrgii
to ki'i a ni-ra n. b t g t no relief until I
c immincid U'ln; your Dr. Kty't Kino
ritor. I tat i-iatffta.ton. a iMivero heiu!
acr and blind and dizzy epe 1. .tin it
wnuid t ni like tberc Were ttircal. of fire
a nil I tile M r before my 1 ye.. I am
a-. ad to say tnat afie luk'ne one b x of
jo ir IlenovatiT I exp'itenetd rci.t relttf .
and before the eecond box gone I
wm will and have h.d nrt return of
thoM oi.trer. .p He; thanks to your llen-ovat.i-
I ran'l hil, but reiommenl it
t.s. ffeiiue bumau) y
r-ixlb and Mirtha auceU.
. f&
perfcly sure and never disagrees f.
nnrl i madt. from nnnfttitri.ii nr
times as many doses as found int
Call on aficMa, atldie betow or tend ad- (
Call for Rock Island
Rrewlnfr Co. Befr.
Oiall lun down? Then try
ti e peat household remedy
"5 DiioiV Is the name and
the dose. To introduce it rr
send a iTte sample riu-.K to
ecders of this paper on re
eciit of 10c to pay postage
Tturt aiaa. and parking; Cures pain in
stantly. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cures
atMoltitcly Klteutiiatisin, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago, Latlrippe. Asthma, Dysepsia.
backache. Catarrh, Sleeplessness. Nervous
ness. Nervous and Neuralgic Headaches,
llearta-eakncss. Sold only by us and our
aeetita. Write fur circulars today. Iligh
rt retercnaes.
167 Dearborn street - - Clilcao.
Alio owaera i f the
$1,(00,003 KBKCJUTIC CCKE."
Freedom la Woman'. Drees Tta H
Riding Arcbdorheia Cnlteca Settle
ments Miu Rtni-.ley's Travels Aeaert
caw Girl. Ia English Eye.
On Oct. SO Grandma Maria Allen cf
Elyria, O., who enjoys the distinction
of being the oldest member of the Wom
en's Relief corps, department of Ohio,
and probably the oldest member in the
United Stutt-s. celebrated her ninety
fourth birthday.
Air. Allen was the first charter niem
Ler of Richard Allen Women's Relief
corps, No. 10S, of Klyria, which was
named after her gallant eon, Captaiu
Richard Alien, who organized the sec
ond cumjiauy of volunteers in that ri
"inity and was one of the first to enlist
during the Lite war. The charter mem
bership of thin corps was 60, and it en
joys the distinction of being originally
the largest Woman's Relief corps ever
The old lady is remarkably well and
maintains all her faculties to a surpris
ing degree. To tee her ia ber favorite
chair one can hardly realize the number
of her years. Her face is radiant and
cheerful, indicating a well poised and
contented spirit. In speaking of her his
tory Mr?. Allen said :
"ily maiden name was Lowndes, and
I was born in Pompton township, Ber
gen county, X. J., on Oct. 20, 1801.
The ancestors on my mother's side had
he t tied in New Jersey and those on my
father in New York city. Thomas J.
Allen was a blacksmith, who was born
aud raised in Pompton township. We
were married Oct. 20, 1823, my birth
day, and came to Ohio nine years later.
Vi e made tho journey m a lumber wagon,
talking our live children with us. The
youngest was only Vi weeks old. We
wero three weeks aud three days in
making the trip to Bucyrus, Crawford
county, and had a pretty hard trip of it.
It almost Li 1 led me to mako that trip. "
The old lailv's son-in-law, Mr. Josh
Boyutou, hero interrupted by saviug.
4randma often suvs if it bad not been
for that jauut clic might have lived to a
good old age. Mrs. Allen smiled at
this pleasantry.
"My health bad been very good up to
a year and a half ago, since which time
I have been troubled with neuralgia.
During the early years of my lifo in
Ohio I wtts attacked with fevers. My
eyesight and hearing were both very
good bcorc this neuralgia came on."
"I suppose yon want to live to reach
the century maik," said the reporter.
"I Lope not," instantly answered the
old lady. "There is such a thing as liv
ing too long. I have enjoyed life and
have no fault to find. What marvelous
changes I have seen in my time! People
live better now than they Ucd to in tho
alleged grad old times and have vastly
more comforts.
"In the old days we beard nothing
but work, work; the people made
slaves of themselves."
Two weeks ago the old lady attended
an inspection of Richard Allen w. R.
i. held by Mrs. Elizabeth Williams of
Mochauicsburg, ttate inspector. In the
cveuiug a reception was given by Mrs.
A Hon, and everybody was surprised by
her marvelomisprightliuess. There is no
question abriut her claim of being the
oldest member cf the W. R. C. iu Ohio.
The members of Richard Allen post, G.
A. R., as well as tho W. R. C. called on
her iu a body on her birthday and pre
seuted ber with a large easy chair and
94 roses. Buffalo Express.
Freedom la Womaa's Drees.
The question of woman's dress inci
dentally crept into the conference cf
workers in the purity and physical cul
ture department -of the National Wom
an s Christian Temperance union which
was held in Baltimore preliminary to
tne general convention of tne nnion.
Several of the speakers referred to the
ill cSects of corsets aud other tight por
tions of woman's dress in antagonizing
physical culture development. These
references .brought to her feet Miss
Helen Potter of Boston, who said :
"Skirts bother me more than corsets.
What shall we do with these trailing
things which aie forever tnppiug ns
we go up stairs; Look at a woman with
a baby in one arm aud a cup of milk in
the other band trying to walk up stairs.
tveu with divided skirts, "and ber she
gracefully picted up a black divided
skirt ia which sho was attired, "one
comer is sure to get under our feet un
less held out of the way. With tho nevr
bkirt of eight yards around the problem
is, more perplexing.
'.'I dream at nights of an emancipa
tion ensuing lor us as a result cf bicycle
riding," continued Miss Potter. "When
I see girls riding with Turkish trousers
and who were formerly afraid to dis
mount when they wished to enter a store
or public place now getting down and I
walking about with perfect freedom I j
thiuk the time of our emancipation is I
ccmiug. When the ftate is reached ihui .
tcr'a tittire will not receive a backward I
glance of a boy or yooug uiuc, tho prob
lem will have keen partially solved.
Toe public ouiv needs to get trtKluallj i
seed ta the change net to pay tsprcil
attei.tioB to the WcAiera of the impicved
"Go about the house in the freedom
of no skirts, but Lave your gown ready
tbat may be fastened on with one stick
pin. Have this hanging convenient to
reach, and when the doorbell rings slip
cm ynnr Rrrwn aud yen urn ready to te
ceive your taller. When the caller h;is
gano, dmp oil the gown, carry it on yenr
arm aud go up titans in freedom This I
have practiced with mnch comfort" -
The Hone Elding- Arcbdcehcts.
In the early days cf her married lifo
the Archduchess Maria Theresa is raid
lo have found the atmosphere of Vienna
somewhat btifliug. Shu resented being
tied hand aud fcot by the traditious of
dead and gouo Ilapsburgs. It was at
this time thut the used to work on her
superfluous energy by those rides that
made the ha:r of her court ladies stand
on end. According to Count Vasili, she
oik rode from Rit eheuau to Guns and
back, a distance of between 00 and St)0
kilometer.-, without stopping. Mere
physical excitement, however, did not
content her for long. She is a woman of
keen intelligence and wide sympathy,
and she soon began to interest herself in
her husband's social and philanthropic
work. Then, as the hof burg was not at
all to her taste, she determined to or
gacize a court of her own. She has a
rerfect gsnius for entertaining. What
ever were ber rank in lifo she would
liuvo her salon, though she held it in a
kitchen, aud under her rule the arch
ducal palaco soon became renowned for
its splendid hcstiit ulity. For years now
it has been the center of trie lifo and
gayety of the capital, tho meeting place
of all who are distinguished, whether
by rau:; or genius.
The Austrian, esprcially the Vien
nese, are a splendor loving race, and
they would idolize Iho archduchess if it
wero for nothing but tho royal t tate in
erhich she live.i among them. ho is
vheir ideal of what a sovereign should
be, their own sovereign above all, and
they openly mourn over the fact that
Sjio cannot change places with tho em-
prefs. It is a favorite theory of theirs
that, if Maria Theresa ruled iu the liof-
burg, Vienna would at ouce cast off its
gloom and be, as It used to bo, the gay
est capital in Europe. Then trsde would
revive, they are sure, aud tho good old
days when men lived iu peace with each
other would cojiio back again. Many cf
these who regard with scant favor the
prospect of Karl Ludwig being their
emperor would gladly hail his wifo as
empress. Temple Bar.
College Settlements.
Two cf tho latest leaders in what is
known as the college settlement system
are Miss Jauey Ccuard of Pittsburg and
Miss Corella E. Bond of Cincinnati.
Both are college women of broad cul
ture, aud both have adopted literature as
a profession. The held is a new one.
and snggestious by such bright intellects
as rhae are always, of value. Miss
Conard, in speaking cf the subject,
says: "It bas alreadv proved a benefit
in every place where it has been tried.
and its usefulness to a critical student
teems to have no limits. One phase
which has been partly developed in
England, but has been rather neglected
in our own country, is teaching the very
poor how to amuse and enjoy them
selves. In the terrible pressure cf life
they lose a small part of the power to
enjoy aud a large part of the power to
seenre material for enjoyment. Teach
ing the children littlo games and pretty
dances, the old folks such recreations ns
checkers, Morris backgammon, dom
iuos, fox nud geese, simple arithmet
ical puzzles, teaching both young aud
old how to come together and form lit
tlo clubs where one contributes a song,
another a recitation and a third" some
other speciality these acts do an
amount of good which the well to do
can scarcely imagine. I have no donLt
that tL is matter could be systematized
and a regular method formulated which
would apply to any and all kinds of
Miss Bond speaks highly of the desire
for information which exists in every
bumau being and seems to survive even
the hardest condition cf life. She says :
"I have known cases in which poor
workiugmen would forego little pleas
ures for mouths at a time in order to
accumulate enough money to make a
flying trip to some place of which they
had read or beard a great deal. You can
always gather a crowd by giving them
an interesting lecture upon foreign
lands, queer peoples or anything eccen
tric or extraordinary. ' ' Margherita Ar
lina Hamm.
Marfherita Arlina Hamm.
Margherita Arlina Hamm, one of the
youngest leaders in the woman's suffrage
cause, says she believes that for cen
turies women have held the balance of
power without recognition. They are
the bomeinaktfrs, through their thrift
and economy they make it possible for
men to live so that they do not become
a care upon tho state, and that as all
other industries are recognized and pro-
tecten ny tno government, the great
army of home makers, the women cf
our nation, should be recognized by the
powers tbat be, aud only tbe right of
rrauchise.thinksAiissHamm, will bring
this condition of things about. Women
ehould never rest uutil they are allowed
to vote aud become a recognized element
in politics.
During a recent visit to Loudon Miss
Ha:am was made honorary vice presi
dent ot th Writers' club, of which Mm.
Humphry W.;rd, Lady Colin Campbell.
Lady Violet Greville and Marie Corelli
are members. She was also made a
member of the Royal Geographical so
ciety, of which Mm. French Sheldon
and the late Amelia Edwards were mem
bers. Mies Kinrrnlej-. Travels.
The London Standard gives somo par
ticulars of tbe travels in Africa of Miss
Kiugsley, a daughter of the late Charles
Ivicgsley. She applied to the German
authorities for carriers to take her over
the Cweroona mcuutains. This great
chaia has an ahiturla of 1.1.37 feet,
and probably lias never betu explored
thoroughly lkifore. Tbe governor was
compelled to refuse her request, as he
could not get carriers to ascend ths
teonntain?, and, moreover, he warned
her that tbe natives were in an excited
state and would probably molest, if not
kill, any one entering their territory.
She then proceeded on the Niger to Vic
toria, where she was landed on the 10th
of September.
The German governor cf the place
gave her all assistance, and before the
steamer left a number of carriers bad
been engaged to take her up the Cam
eroons mountains. She iuteuded to go
overland to Rio del Rey, to the English
factory of the Ainbas Bay Trading com
pany. She is unattended by any white
companions. Besides her writings con
cerning tbe country aud its people she
has a valuable botanical and piscatorial
collection. A large box of rare specimens
of fish was brought to Sierra .Leone by
the Niger. Although she had undergone
some exciting adventures, Miss Kiugsley
was in good health and hoped to be suc
cessful in her explorations of the Cam
croons mountains.
American Girls la English Eyes.
Yet another American yonng lady has
become a duchess. Millions of course
jonnt for something, yet what is the at
traction that drives so many young men
to take a bride in America? I think one
cf the reasons is the individuality of the
American girl. Treated by men with a
courtesy and a consideration unknown
here from her earliest youth, accustom
ed to have an opiniou and an existence
cf her own, independent in money mut
ters for tho American father gives tbe
greater part of his fortune to his girls
rather than to his sons she has learned
to think and act for herself. It is this in
de'reiidence that gives a charm to her
conversation, a zest to her society. She
is not crude, brainless end foolish like
an emauci -tited English girl, or stiff
aud shy like a bread and butter miss.
She is a weman even in the nursery, aud
c--,res!es her views, her ideas and her
wishes while still a child at her moth
er's knee. Bat as Mr. Bourgct remarks
in his bock on America, this stato of
things has its drawbacks. When she
marries, the future contains few possi
bilities, her fulewill be colorless and
iuflipid, "wifehood is not, aa with us,
an event it is quite tho other thing; it
is resignation." Let English girls who
are dissatisfied with their position, who
are restless, longing for novelty, eager
for revolt, rebellions and morbid, ponder
this important fact. London Graphic.
InTentive Women.
Some clever genius increased the du
rability cf dresses and of trousers by
binding along the lower edgo a thin
pieco of leather cr a stout piece of cloth.
This simplo device hue prolonged the
wear and tear of those useful articles by
at least 50 per cent. Miss E. S. Hutch
ins of Big Rapids, Mich., has applied
this principle with considerable success
to the pneumatic tires of bicycles. In
tbe center cf the tire she constructs a
groove, which bho fills with a band, or
smaller tire, cf leather. Tho latter does
not interfere with tho elasticity of the
rubber air cushion and greatly increases
its durability. The same idea was sug
gested by Mrs. Ida W. Row of this city,
who recommended that the band of
leather, two inches in width, be ce
mented to the exterior of the tire. This
would protect the tiro from wear and
also from tiie carpet tacks which mali
cious miscreants use to ruin bicycles.
jncw loriz Mail and Express.
A Chnflnc Dish rariy.
A pleasant aud new d-'version for an
tniuu evenings is a chafing dish candy
party. Each maid aud man is provided
with a dish set upon a large table, and
makes tbe kind of sweetmeats that he or
she likes best or has most skill in mak
ing. Each guest may be requested lo
bring his own dish, and the hostess pro
vides the material. Some cf the candies
that can bo successfully made in a chaf
ing dish are butter scotch, caramels and
maple caramels, taffy and all kiuds cf
nuts and fruit candies that are made of
sugar or butter and sugar or of sugar and
molasses. Almonds, peanuts, pecans and
raisins and figs may be used in these
Heliotrope, Cray and Black the V oejae.
The vogue given to heliotrope, silver
gray and black is attributed to tho fact
that so many of the royalties are laying
aside mourning and assuming these
shades. A silver gray get up that is es
pecially smart is a skirt cf silver gray
bengalinc and has no trimming what
ever. The bodice is of the same material
and has square jacket fronts cf silver
gray velvet outlined with a piping cf
steel passementerie. Just in front is a
loose gilet of roce colored chiffon. The
sleeves have puffs of tbe velvet and cuffs
of the silk, with a narrow frill of chif
cn. Tho bonnet is made of cut steel and
piuk velvet. Ladies' Home Journal.
Radcliffe students have bit upon a
bright plan for preventing the over
crowding of the open lcccptions. But
half cf the girls have the privilege of
inviting guests at one time, the other
half patiently waiting their turn.
One of the most iuteicstiug aud suc
cessful canvases executed by Miss Jane
Eridghuni Curtis while at Gloucester
during the past summer was a life tired
bust portrait cf Llizabetb Stuart Pbelpa
Shale lha J area
among remedies for complaints pecu
liar to women. Nothing equals Zoa
Pbora. Sold by T. II. Thomas and
Marshall c Fisher.
for Kidney Troables
there is nothing better than Clinic
Kidney Cure. Everyone who tries
it will agree to thi-. For sale at M.
K. IlahnseD'e drug store.
Children C17 for
Pitcher's Castorla.
.law IS&m h mail -
The Largest Piece
of Go'ob TOBACCO
Baths of all kinds, including
Turkish, pUia, hhsmp-io, elec
tric, electro-thermal, etc., may
b obtained at Ibe Sanitarium
Btth I'.oonis, on the first floor of
the Harper Uouso.
For Ladles From 9 a. m. to
12 m. 00 wek days For Gen.
tlemeu From 2 p. ua. to 10 p.m.
on week dnyt tin Sundays the
rooms will he open from f a. m.
to 11 a. m. for Gentlemen only.
Electric- and Electro-thermal
bnths may be obtained at an
time during business hours.
Gym nasi am connected with btlL
rwaae a wen
eiwn j, cti., cLi -K-ti by jKiyi, uliii'n.qives'rlror and im
to flhrnnii-i orir.na. jnd qm-fc.y but surely r -store
Let Mtwhood Vtrjd or 30:1114. fcn'ilyrurri-! invert
po"rt. Ji ji!.Mariu-lMi,ft. blsloru.Muhba
whir cs ,-1 -tirt or - rtH W-1.
feuyait t'-Nfttf !o., tout in -art on iewvliig .NlAIt If
eWfeUU M4lVr.. Chl-attf 1, lii., mrmiftSaL
SOLD Ct the Harper Iiou Dru Pharmacy
ROCK ISLAND. ILL.; by Wm. ClciidcmiA
MOL'.Nt, ILL., aad other leading druggists.
I rx-cUent for a'l throat toflammitlonfl and for
ammm. f otimitnp
ttvenwill lnvris;f
derive be:H-fil from
li tia . e It avicl'm
btr the cnoirh,
rtrtt-r txTK-ct'-r--
I til Aaetiatf Itnav
- , , -'
ottnra in rc-to ini;
wasted t.uea.
There it a Iftiye per
rtnftO fifftiW ee, lift
1 ni ote th-rlr cvmi
ne ronftampTtofj
who a-e olIt flVr-
litar frnm si fhtntnl
M-tv ru r.sr tBi-n nr jtiy t ream Kiln. Both
vni-d.4 Tk picaaant lo a. Cream Balm 5fc per
. IVvi ! 1'Ins la I... a . Ik .. . i
tIMet rf it so w.'l de:Ttr lYO-Tut of amount.
KLY BUQI UERa, f Warreo St.. New York.
The only safe, sure and
reliable Female Pill ever
offered to Ladies. Espe
cially recommended to
married Ladies. Ask for
Li rt- I I lllllll
and take no other. Se nd for cracxxAn.
Irice $1.00 per box, boxes for 85.00.
BR. HOns CHEMICAL CO. Clanlnd, Ohio.
oM by T. H Tbocnaa. druonst.
w PIW WuWfCT rm PAltt,
1 v frv-w Lcsrwcti-r Tjrpatatn'mi4
A-1 MnaLna. Iraoaar USBal atr aM.a
UPi. i.fr bdawor uiUuitU Scnl
a3 ia lUaia trrkpf-aT. aea4 e ts
t-n"p f tt pevrt!n.lswf . n14 v Isarji
wtmwmmm 1 .lists iffl MMm
1 H3 feA
1 AGLf Kfrrs. Man
CU1S lilXL ii'
1 a ifTsr"a
Sold by Bru t ruemajer ami T B Tboaua
i t'll V k.
Florida winter resorts
Make up yonr mind to go
via the
a Louis & Cairo
Short Line
The "Uolly Springs Route" from St.
Louis. Fast Time, Low Kates. Lib
eral Limits. Through Pullman Sleep
ers. Geo. E. Lary, Gen'l Pass. Agt.
St. Louis, Mo.
ftaaDya Qolckly and leraaneotly KesttwaX
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