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VDunn i mmt
.A. aSBnBwaaaBW BBa.
0 w o
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The Meeting of the Commis
sion at Galesburg.
The C, B. Q. Officials ta Behalf of
the Knox Coaaty Claim Deliberating
at Sprint-Bald A Decision Anticipated
Best Moadajr.
The Galesburg Repullican-Regis-
ter of last evening said:
"Xbe trustees of the insane asylum
remained over here Sunday and left
this morning for Springfield. In the
conference here Saturday. Mr. Medill
raised tne water and drainage ques
tion against Galetbarg. but his views
.were earnestly combatted and shown
to be erroneous. One of the most
earnest of the speakers was Supt. F.
C. Kice, who showed that the C. B.
& If. uses a very large amount of
water at this place and is able to
supply it. It was shown that the
drainage of the Anthony site is as
nearly perfect as drainage could be.
Galesburg made a good showing.
The commission will probably reach
a conclusion some time this week."
The manner in which Superinten
dent nice 01 the Illinois lines of the
C, B & U. has been identilied with
the movement in behalf of Gales
burg, particularly as shown yester.
day. has had a tendency to confirm
tne impression prevalent from the
discussion of the hospital location
rnat the uurlington system is favor.
able to the city situated on the main
line rather than the one at the
head of the Kock Island and St.
Louis division. Division Agent
uiaca or this city, holds however,
tl a: so far as he knows the C, B. &
Q. has manifested no preference as
to sites. Manifestly Irom a business
standpoint the location at Galesburg
would be preferable to the Burling'
ton to Rick Ulind, he unhesitatingly
admitted, but he contended that he
did not believe his company was
making the slightest effort as in
favor of either place, as such a course
was directly contrary to its policy
in an matters 01 this kind. As far as
Mr. Rice was concerned Mr. Mack
said he miht be acting entirely from
personal motives or home pride, as he
resided at Galesburg and doubtless
felt the same interest in the place
that other citizens did, and reserved
the tame right to protect and ad
vance its interests. However. Mr.
Mack felt that it would not be be.
coming in him to discuss what Mr.
Rice's disposition in the matter is.
"All I know is. Mr. Mack repeated
that if the Burlington is taking an
fK-ttve part in this matter, it is abso
lutely without my knowledge."
I nfalr Utaerlmlnatton.
If the Burlington is participating
in the coutest for the location, as ap
pearances have indicated, its course
cannot be regarded otherwise than as
unfair discrimination against Rock
Island. Wbiie this city is perhaps
not of the importance to the system
that Galesburg is, yet it has proba-
oiy oeen as menuiy as Uale uurn
would have been had it been provided
with the rival commercial facilities
that are common to Rock Island, to
say nothing of the river advantages.
aud certainly the C , B. & O has en
joyed to the fu lest extent the best
degree of friendship that Rock Isl
and could extend since coming here.
This has been due in large part to
tne tact tnat this is an important
snipping point, and in large meas
ure to the fact that the road has al
ways been so courteously repre.
sen ted here, which has been particu
larly true since Mr. Mack became
elevated to a more important posi
tion.in the company's service. All
these fact considered, the apparent
attitude of the comjaiy or its re
sponsible rrpreseititive in the pres
ent instance has occasioned consider
able surprise, which is, if anything.
the more warranted by the fact
that the represesentatives of the
company at this end have not exer
cised the same interest in the matter
that has been shown at Galcsbnrg.
One thing furthermore is certain,
and that is that Galesburg has en
joyed from the first a knowledge of
every move being made here, and it
wa in rcalizatiou of this that The
Arics viewed as absurd the idea
maintained by certain of the super
visors that their act in appropriating
120.000 for the site could be kept
under cover as far as Galesburg was
concerned. The day the board took
this action a number of the super
visors and other county officers came
to the office in a dreadful state of
mind and were much chagrined be
cause Tns Aitots bad published
what they had done. These wise
gentlemen, apparently, did not know
until then, though, that Tns Argus
would under no circumstances and
no matter what the sacrifice in
volved, suppress the proceedings re
lating to the interests of tax-payers
having always contended against
star chamber tactics in a 1 such mat
teis and beyond this that no precau
tion taken by the local press could pre
vent what had bee a done going to
Gilesburg. even before the super
visors had seen the papT that night.
The Argus has exerted everv hon
orable effort in behalf of Rock'leland
county in the strife for the location
of thia institution, taking the posi
tion that always characterize its
course as a champion of local inter
ests, and at the same time it has had
knowledge of matters that some
thought were cleverly concealed
from it.
ArtJ oaraMl mill Monday.
The commissioners met at Spring
field yesterday and for five hoars
were closeted'on the site location sub
ject, delegations being present from
Galesburg, Monmouth and Moline,
thit from the last named city being
C. H. Pope, M. J. McEniry ard Dr.
Myers, each delegation presenting
arguments for its respective locali-t-
- The trustees finally adjourned
until next Monday when the location
is to be hnaily determined upon.
Schemer Attempt a New Game on the
Several Rock Island attorneys who
have been visited by - two strangers
during the past few days have ar
rived at the conclusion now that an
attempt to victimize them was the
object of the men, who related that
they had a good case against a rail
road company. When a lawyer is
singled oat as an easy mark for the
flim-flam game it is difficult to esti
mate the extent of American nerve
These two men were fairly well
dressed and had the appearance of
railroad employes and such they rep
resented inemseives 10 De. inev
said an intimate friend of theirs
while connected with the Rock Island
road in a neighboring city fell from
a hex car down under the wheels,
which passed over both hands nnd
necessitated their amputation. The
accident, they continued, was en
tirely due to the railroad company.
because of a rung on the car ladder
being loose and giving way when
caught hold of. in fact the com
pany so far anticipated a damage
suit as to make overtures for a c m
promise and offered the man $1,500.
But they replied nit believing a
jury would double the amount many
The introductory part of the game
if such it was sounded all richt.
but when the men said they were out
of employment and needed some
nnaaces to bring their friend here
and properly care for him pending-
the close of his suit, the lawyer
dropped the case instantly with the
reply that he only made presents on
Christmas day. Most of the lawyers
were visited by these men, who evi
dently found Rock Island an unsuc
cessful field. Chief Etzel has a de
scription of the men and is on the
look out for them.
Fooled the Women.
Some forty Rock Island ladies who
called at a Davenport hotel vester.
day to participate in a grand prize
drawing promised them by an agent
01 wnom they purchased a lotion to
remove irecicies are no doubt wiser
today. There was no prize drawing;
neither was the agent about. The
agent canvassed Kock Island and ev
identlv fared well in disposing of
the fieklj remover, for which was
charged l per bottle, giving a ticket
to a prize drawing as a special
inducement and by way of introtuc
ing the goods. The' prizes, so it was
represented, amounted to no less
than 50 cen s and as high as $5 0 so
at the most the lotion Would cot but
a half dollar. The ladies bit nicelv.
and hastened over to Davenport to
reap the golden harvest but that
wa- where thev reckoned without the
Passing- Away ..I One of W.atrrn IlllnoU'
Oldrat ttesldenis.
Samuel Sample, one of the oldest
residents of western Illinnin niaioH
away in Moline early this morning
1 .1 . T
"w auvam-eu age oi iwj years ani
9 months. Nearly everyone in thi
section either knew or had heard of
this venerable gentleman, who had
farmed in the neighborhood of Pre-
emDtion since 1843 when ha oama
west from Ohio when the red man
dominated hereabout. Until the death
of bis wife six years ago Mr. Sam.
pie was actively engaged in his farm
ing pursuits. He then retired and
last year moved to Moline to spend
his remaining days. Notwithstand
ing his old age, Mr. Sample
got around as sprightly as in
younger days and continued to
do SO Until repent.lv. nrhsn a atin-ht
cold brought him down to the bed
from which he never arose. Seven
children survive, two daughters and
his wife going before him; Mrs.
Sarah M. Moore, Moline; James and
Levi. Moline; G. W., Rock Island;
William, Preemption; Barton, Coul
terville, Cal.; and Daniel. Binkl
man. Neb. The funeral will occur
from the residence of deceased's
daughter, Mrs. Sarah Moore, 1602
Fifteenth street, Moline, at 2:30 to
morrow afternoon, with interment
at Preemption Thursday morning.
The funeral of Miss Emma J. Owen
was held yesterday afternoon from
the home of her mother, Mrs. Ellen
D. Owen. ?021 Fifth avenue, inter
ment being in Oakdale cemetery,
Funeral services for Edward C.
Sherwood were held at the residence,
1123 Third avenue, at 2 o'clock this
afternoon. Revs. F. W. Merrell and
T. W. Grafton officiating. Inter
ment was made in Chippiannock.
The pallbearers were: George Mar
tin. Charles Hastings. F. W. Rinck,
J. A. Hansen. James Hastings and
James Edgar.
Ton Can Kellevrs
The testimonials published in behalf
of Hood's Sarsaparilla. They are
written by honest people, who have
actually found in their own experi
ence that Hood's Sarsaparilla purifies
the blood, creates an appetite,
strengthens the system and abso
lutely and permanently cures all-diseases
caused by impure or deficient
Hood's PUls
for the liver and
bowels, act
promptly, easily and.
Aldermen Take Up the Sub
ject of Contagion.
Health Coauaiailoner Bala's staad Ka-
qulrlax Fayatclaaa to Report Manabrano
aoa Croup to tu- Department Haatalaed
To ProceeJ on Twelfth Street.
The council took np a new subiect
last nignt, tnat oi sanitation, and im
promptu as was its action gave its
diagnosis oi the effect of two dread
diseases. Membraneous croup and
diphtheria are of like significance ac
cording to the declaration of the
aldermen who made it mandatory
i or pnysicians to report tne pre val
ance oi euner uisease to tne health
department. This important action
was taken on the recommendation
of Health Commissioner E. M. Sala,
who confirmed his personal belief
witn tne opinion being advanced by
the profession all over the country
tiac inese diseases are lite unto one
another. The health commissioner
stated that Davenport had exercised
tne same restrictions where either
disease had existed for the past
coupie oi years, and considering the
iwaiuiuij ui iii 1-piuuuiic in
vasion, snch as numerous surround
ing cities are at present oppressed
witn, ne believed the utmost pre.
cautionary measures should be
adopted, Ihere are several cases
of membraneous croup in Rock Is
land now," said the doctor. 'Thev
are termed such in name only, when
in reality tney are diphtheria in its
mild stasre. Both diseases are in mr
opinion alike, and the- most promi
nent pnysicians declare them aa
such. Hence both should be report
ed to the health department in order
that the city can be properly guarded
from the probab.e visitation of
the epidemic1 An amendment to
the city ordinances in accordance
with the health commissioner's
recommendation was adopted. Hence
neighborhoods where membraneous
croup exists will hereafter be auaran
tined and carded the same as dip-
To Proceed on Twelfth Street.
The proceedings in the Twelf t h
street improvement, as they
now pend in court, were ordered
pushed. This determination was
arrived at only after a protracted
discussion as to the advisability of
attempting the work in the face of
has met the city at every turn made
relative to the prosecution of the im
provement. City Attorney Haas ex
plained that if the council found that
the jury to which the special assess
ment roil must be submitted for
conhrmauon in accordance with the
late state law, burdened it with an un.
reasonable amount of the expense.
further proceedings conld he aban.
doned at least such was his opinion
as based on an intimation made by
tun ouicuj3 uuuri in a similar case.
Aids. Schroeder and Maucker
thought the city should take no
cnauces in being compelled to pav
for improving the property of
other people. Oibers believed in
in carrying out the spirit formerly
manifested to go n with improve
ments. The matter of proceeding
was submitted to a vote, which re-
Ayes Snrman.-Zeis. Johnson. Tin
dall, Schneider, Pender, Kennedy,
Nelson, Gall 9.
Noes Schroeder, Maucker, Diu-
ber loss i.
Lorena Elhl Asks Damages.
Lorcnz Eihl petitioned the coun
cil for an allowance of 13,000 to com
pensate him for total disability bus
tained in an accident while cmoloved
by the city in excavating on Twcntv-
ninio street, near eighth avenue, last
August when an embankment gave
way breaking several of his ribs and
rendering him unconscious. He rep
resents that be has been confined to
h's bed since and will not be able to
again earn a living for himself at
any kind of labor on account of his
advanced years. Mr. Eihl is in very
moderate circumstances and believes
the amount asked for lenient when
the extent of his injuries are consid
ered. The petition was referred to
the claims committee.
We Now
A complete line of both
Foreign and Domestic
Cheese including:
Freih Vegetables
And Fruit.
Fresh Vegetables and
Fruit always on hand.
1 Ri AfcTPl BY Rt MrDnviin
2301 Fifth Ave. Phone 1196.
Dress Goods.
We cannot well ar ton mneh hnni
th: department. Specials for this
60 pieces Pacific Jinmnii
English Cashmeres, all colors, would
ue cneap at zuc; our price 14c.
31 pieces all wool Tricots. Ladies'
Cloth. Fine French Henriettas and
Serges 30 and 40 inches wide, well
worth S5c at 25c.
42 nieces fine aillr finih Ram-i.
ettas, India Twills, Boston Suitings,
rfimflHLOwn nnrR irr nnwnhA.ii amji
west r.nd suitings. Chameleon Nov
elties, 4 enetian Stripes and Checks,
all 36 to 50 inches wide; value up to
50c at 29c.
4C-inch fine silk-finish Henriettas.
blacks only, such as other ask
for. only a few pieces left; will sell
at .9C.
10 nieces more of thoao KO-lneh
fine French Serges, actual value 92c;
our price stui only oue; navy and
15 nieces (renilina Fronnl. rtraaa
Flannels choicest thing for wrap-
wvis. lavatsui ami noiinA nraitAi Th.
Aa . n 1 : . 1 on t
A?ain. thia wootr all nf WIlTI.n. V
Reed's genuine Silk and Wool Lands"-
down. blnelr anil AC - 4
changeable effects again all this
BVAnlr aatV tC. tr a .a a
u5Cijara. ion know their
real value as well as we do.
Crockery Department.
While ttlAW 1aa -! A
dii wo win sen iv uii-
ferent patterns of beautiful decorated
UavilanJ PL! r an
aiuauu vuiunvups ana oaucers, as
a special bargain at 19c each.
Christmas shopping made easy.
of Freeze
Is what you're plating, is it? Going without
an Overcoat such a morning as this! Quit the
game. Come to Sommers A La Velle and open
A $10
Jack Pot
In the shape of an Irish Frieze Ulster extra
long, and the nearest thing to a Polar Bear Skin
this side of Alaska FOR THE PRICE. la there
anything else you need in Winter Clothes?
In Rock island h is heard of our $10 Suits. Hun
dreds of satisfied customers are wearing them.
If you want to take advantage of this sale now
is the time to bnv.
1804 Second Avenue.
Remember it only takes $2 to secure a pair.
Schneider's Central shoe store,
Is not always the right way to aim. Shooting
to hit the mark is better. We are studying con
tinually how to hit the popular idea of quality,
assortment and price, and it is this thoughtful
care that aids us in Giving Satisfaction
Bleuer Bros' Jewelry Store:
Cloaks and Capes.
We nerer tire talking about oar
Cloak stock, especially when we hay
such superlative bargains to oner as
for the past two weeks.
Jar customers don't seem to tire
either, for they are coming thicker
ana raster every day, and the iresn
bargains we are able to show in this
line makes us expect a larger trade
wis week than any time before.
we quote: Black and navy Beaver
Jackets, worth $6. atfS 87; children's
Jackets, from 8 to 18, at from f 2.75
to 4.
Pieced Astrachan Capes, SO inches
long, only 8.79. Full line For Muffs.
Coney, Astrachan. Wool, Seal. Mar
ten. Angora, and others at from low
est price to f5.
Jewelry Opening.
Five thousand dollars1 worth of
loose and mounted Diamonds; a gieat
variety of solid gold and gold filled
Watches; hundreds of set and plain
Rings; the largest line of Sterling
Silver novelties in this part of Illinois.
To farther mark this Jewelry open
ing we offer Wednesday and Thurs
day: Triple plate Silver Knives, per
set. $1.12
Rogers' Triple plate Knives and
Forks, per set. $2.47.
(You know wait other catrge.)
Rogers' Triple plate Tea Spoons,
per set, 88c.
(This time only.)
Solid Silver Coffee Spoons' 41c.
Solid Silver Tea Spoons, - Waver lyy
Solid Silver Jelly Spoons, hand
some pattern, gold bowl. esc.
This department offers yon, in
solid silver or silver mounted arti
cles suitable for Christmas presents,
50 different kinds for gentlemen, and
many more than that for ladies.
& LaVelle
One Piir
Ltdles'clolb top welt, pat. tip. rrf- price. 85 CO
" tout well, ptala, " .tt
" torn - - 4. CO
" welt - " t SO
" " Urn " - s W
" a. on
We are bound to close the
above goods oat, and by offering
them at $2 a pair, every lady
ought to secure a pair before
they are all sold. Convince
yourself by calling on as to ex
amine the goods.

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