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One and a half teaspoonfuls
Baking Powder.
gives &tfr results than two full tea
(' spoonfuls of any other. TRY IT.
8 It invigorates and renovates the whole system and
nttrifioe. try A anr!kaa tla MaaJ f 1 1 1 a. XT
...v.. wjsivum "v- uiwuui at is uic ucai nerve i
Tonic known.
It eurr dystwwia. liver and kidney diseases, consthntiim. Iivailnriio. hii'mn. 'S
now, boibs blotcbms debility. despoiMleiiey, dlgzineim, female diseases ejlairtlulartdt)
eniarrrnwni, wanting or the body, heartburn, Impure blood. Insomnia, Jaundice,
W ImllKwtlon, lamitudc, malaria, nientai torpor, rheumatism, ueuralgia, nervous ti??
Ql pnmtratioo. paralysis, pimples, salt rheum, scrofula, etc
Q It strikes at the root of the matter and cures by re- rt
Q moving the cause.
u nas a marvelous enect on Uie stomach, liver and bowels.
lire. II. n Ayer. of Rlehford. Vt .
wrtlee: "After kavlBf catarrhal f-verln
Marrh. I we left vary mack tUMlit.t.d
enel had r)Tpp.l m hod i eouM ecaierly
anytbla. A .nail amount of food
wonld caa. hlostlnraad a burning een.a
MUoa In Hi. pit of tk. ilumitb. with rain
n murk oritrM In my .Id. and a great
dwl of keadarhe. My phyolcna MeOMd
enable to blu m and I routlnned la Ihla
to flit in antll I took Dr. Key's Menovalor.
which compkUiy cared w. Too mack
canaot be .aid to In ora'M. My slater was
Uo trooblad very r-ed with a bnrolng pain
In stomach, which bad troubled k.rcon
ataatly for a lornr tin, causing bar a
gresl amount of offering aad kept ber
poor aad debilitated and canard her to ha
very wskertl. alt, loo, baa taken Dr.
Kay's Renovator and n entirely enred ef
tb. burning Mnaatioa la tba etomurb and
caa now tat tba hm aa befora ber sick
nee, She sleeps well and la talcing in
Ob-aba. ?fcb, Sept. Uth, 1895.
Dr. B. i, Key Mediral Co. Genta: Ho
ylsg lo oar Inquiry asking what reenlta
I DJul with onr nr. Kav's Btnorator.
WMiid mt i hat 1 obtained treat relkf and
am now well. In th first pl.ee I bad i a
Uilppe, and It waa aloof time btfora it
recmed to leave me, then it tnrnod In'o
Malaria and I bare taken quinine noeh
to kill a nren. but ft no relief until I
commenced taaln yonr Dr. Kay 'a Reno
vator. I bad inaia-eatioo. a severe head
ache and blind and diary spe:ls, and it
would Hen lika there were threads of Are
and liltla aw ra before my eye. I am
triad to aay that after taking one box of
yonr Renovator I expeiteneerl great relief,
and befora the aecond box waa gone I
waa well and have bad no return of
Urate distress spells: Uanka to yoar Ken
ovator I can't kelp but recommend it
t suffering humanl'y.
Sixth anil Martha itreeta.
OJu.1!? Pi"M" and easy to take, perfeotly safe and never disagrees m4
vz with the stomach. It la In tablet form and Is made from concentrated ex- 9
tracts. There are from two to four times as many doses as fonnd in(it
liquid remedies selling for earn, price. Z
nS!"?"!?'1?" ""d ' l"per ,nd win rn J" free -Dr. Kav'e Hand
Book of alnabla Racelpu and a Treatise on Diseases." It la said by eome to be worth 5 P
Dr B- J- Kay Medical Co., 620 S. 16th St., Omaha, Neb. 9
COCSOGSSSO solo by sosoo&i
Room Mouldings. Pictures. Picture
Frames and Window Shades is at the
Adams Wall Paper Company,
310, 312 and 314 Twentieth street.
Rock Island
Savings Bank.
Incorporated Under th
State Law.
It. Per Cent Interest Paid on Deposits.
Money Loaned on Personal Collateral or Real L slate Security.
J M Brvoao. PreeMeat
Joan I'atraAc.a, Vn FrcrlicaU
I UaaaaawaLT. Caaklat.
Becaa bnalMaa July a. (no, aad ocean the
.. an, at latboU e Lyade'a new boikLac.
CT Lynda.
Jobs Craaaaak
H V Ball.
John Volk.
J.cxaon . Btnurt, olldtora
Wat Wirmertoa.
Phil MltUieU.
J at Bute tt.
Offlea and Shop 7S1 Twelfth street
toohtaa ttmm an akoit mtir
and eaflafeietto. gnaraatt
gtmmum aa wcavs. ta.
rN-rna. 'T,'7"' feWMtv. lmi Stwal rwni MSel
taaw anally. HM-i .Ira. tm tlnsfcika. Whk
,T? JTTjr ; cyr w md tu. mr AJJm.
Foraal. at Harper Honaa Pharmacy. Book Ialand, JJL
L . 1 PTiTTNa... - -'.' !'' timers iai.
tot valw lj UarU 6 Ullctucjtr. 3U1 Tweulittli ittxtL
Ban- to PIsjc. a
viae Towradejwwt Wkmt
of Noaebloed aaMl
Ptalinatlanai anal Swrmtaw.
Wanrtaje Iaapew.
to D. la Cawa
She was a very capable little woman
and usually "sized up" to any occasion,
but the care of those children was likely
to prove a little too much for her.
When she married a widower and un
dertook the care of bis five boys she
knew that she would have to face many
unexpected eitnations, and braced her
self to do ber best. She was not pre
pared, however, for what she called the
''breakage" in the family. The constant
risk to life and limb that five active,
sport loving boys were capable of was a
new feature in ber young life, and she
felt that she was in danger of losing her
head unless she prepared herself to meet
the different calls upon her motherly
In ber extremity she appealed to her
friend, the trained nurse.
"Can't yon give me some points," she
said. "Tell me of the proper things to
do before the doctor comes in case of
certain accidents won't yon? Then
there are many little things bruises
and burns and things that I could attend
to myself without sending for a doctor
if I only knew how. Do help me out
Suppose, for instance, ono of the boys
fell and broke his arm, what should I
do before the doctor came?"
''If I were you, I wonld do nothing
but wait, unless the surgeon was delay
ed. In that case I would simply place
the limb in between a folded pillow,
fastening the pillow firmly together,
thus making a sort of splint.
"You will very likely have a sprain
or two to deal with. You can either ap
ply cloths saturated with ice water un
til the swelling disappears, or you may
use very hot water with vinegar in the
same way. After the swelling has dis
appeared you had better bandage the
limb and lot the little patient rest it on
a level until it gets strong."
"But I don't know how to apply a
bandage," was the forlorn reply.
"Then it is about time that you did,"
said the trained nurse. "Give me a
piece of muslin and your bare foot, and
I'll show you how. ' '
Then the nurse took the piece of mus
lin and tore it into strips of S inches in
width. Then saying, "Always begin at
the extremity of a limb and work to
ward the center of tbe body from left to
right," she placed one of the ends of
the strip at the instep and made a turn
around the base of the toe Then she
carried the band diagonally over the
foot, across the point of the heel and
back from the other side, until it coin
cided with the first turn. This was then
covered and carried a second turn around
the heel half an inch higher than the
first. She then continued to make alter
nate turns under the sole and behind
the heel, crossing over the instep until
the entire foot was covered. In finish
ing the bandage she split the last quar
ter of yard of the strip through the mid
dle, wound the ends in opposite direc
tion around the limb and tied them in
a bow.
Then the band was all unwound
again, and the pupil, trying her hand,
was delighted to see what a "firm band
age" she could make after two or three
"In case of dislocation," continued
the nurse, "there is always need of in
stant action. Muscular tension increases
rapidly and its reduction becomes more
difficult with every hour that passes.
"Fingers and thumbs can be set by
pulling in place, but be careful not to use
too much force. A joint is always weak
er after an accident and should be strap
ped in place until strong again.
"Freddie's nose bled awfully the oth
er day and frightened me so because I
eould not stop it. It stopped itself after
aQbile, but what should I have done?"
It is a good thing to press gentry the
facial artery at the base of the Dose and
place cold applications to forehead and
neck. I suppose you had him lean his
head over a basin. Yes; most people
do, and that is just tbe worst attitude
poseibla You should have made him
stand erect, throw his head back and
elevate his arms, while you held a cold,
damp sponge to his nostrils. If you have
an occasion like that again, and the
bleeding continues after what I have
told you to do has been tried, you had
better syringe with salt and ice cold
water or a solution of iron.
"In the case of burns or scalds, if
they are very bad send for your physi
cian, but slight ones you can very well
attend ta Tbe first thing in such cases
is to exclude the air. I find that baking
soda and sweet oil make a soothing,
healing application. If yon can't get
that conveniently, beat up the white of
an egg and apply that with a bandage."
".Will you tell me how to stop tbe
flow of blood in case of cut, and then
I'll let you go?"
"Find the artery that is cut and tie a
handkerchief around the limb just over
where it bleeds. - Tie the handkerchief
tightly; then make, say, three hard
knots. In the last knot insert a piece of
stick with which you must twist the
handkerchief until it is tight enough to
stop the flow. The handkerchief and
stick make as good a tourniquet, as we
call it. as any one would wish. "Phil
adelphia Press. .
For a long time after he bad sacoeed
rd in inserting himself through tbe door,
at 3 a. m., she regarded him in silence.
. At length she spake. .
Also she spake at length. Indianapo
lis Journal.
Judge On what 'grounds does you
client ask for a divot ce?
Lawyer He says his wife eata crack
ers in bed.
Judge Granted! Kext Brooklyn
Eaale. .
Tkeew An Waaaa. AM and Toaoaav Twti
' aad Wrinkled.
An emmet of tbe visit I paid to the
senon4 or herein of a Mohammedan na
wab in a native state may not be with
out interest. -
A carriage and mounted escort cf sol
diers were sent at 8 o'clock one morning
to convey us to the castle. A gate in
the immense walls of the compound led
us into the ill kept gardens. Pasting
from these into the courtyard " and
through long colonnades and untidy pas
sages, we were conducted finally into
the zenana. A large and lofty room,
with walls on three sides and a colon
nade opening on to a courtyard, was the
apartment in which we were received.
Chairs were brought for our accommoda
tion, but with the exception of tbe mat
ting on the floor the place was without
Women, some young and tall, others
old and wrinkled, passed and repassed
while we waited for the begum to ap
pear. They were all dressed in the same
fashion. Trousers of light colored dam
asks or satin clothed them from the
waist. These pantaloons were baggy
above, but so close fitting from the knee
downward that they have to be sewed up
after they are on. They are nnsewed and
removed once a week for the bath. A
short bodice, reaching just below the
breast, is worn, and then round the body
and over the shoulders and head is
wound the sari of muslin or silk, which
falls in graceful folds from the hips and
shoulders. Tho begum kept us waiting,
and we were told the reason was that
she was puttie g on all her jewels to do
us honor.
Presently she came in a small, young
woman, with an oval, immobile face
and smooth, black hair. She wore tight
trousers of a rich green damask and a
sari of cloth of gold. On her bare ankles
were anklets of mien t emeralds and dia
monds, said to bo worth 40,000 rupees.
On her arms were a large nrjmber of
jeweled bangles and armlets, on her fin
gers rings of beautiful rubies and dia
monds.. Round her neck were strings of
fine pearls, and, suspended by studs of
large diamonds in the outer rims of the
ears, she wore across the hair at the
back of tbe head pearls, emeralds and
rubies, prettily set as a kind of collar
ette. The ears were pierced in several
places to allow rings and jewels to be
inserted, and in the nose a small dia
mond was worn. The little jeweled lady
did not speak English, and after we
had admired her jewelry conversation
soon came to an end.
Ber wee baby was brought in dressed
in colored silk, with a gold laced cap on
its little bald head. The nawab joined
us, and there was much lively chat over
the subject of our visit to the state. In
such a zenana the most rigorous seclu
sion of the wives is enforced wives, I
say, for in this zenana the begum was
the chief and the only wife and was
married the day after the death of the
first begum. London Queen. .
One Married mt 100 and the Other Got
the Mitten at 13.
Two remarktible cases cf longevity
were recalled recently by a conversation
between several gentlemen in this city.
Thoy were discussing the death of the
Rev. George McCall, the veteran Bap
tist preacher, when it was authentically
stated that Mr. McCall 's great-grandfather
lived to the ripe old age of 127
years. He was a bachelor at 100 and
took a notion to get married. He car
ried out his idea and was married.
Three sons were born to him, and he
lived to see the oldest son old enough
to vote.
This was considered remarkable, but
a gentleman in the crowd whose char
acter and standing, religiously and so
cially, are above reproach, told an au
thentic account of the life of his great
uncle, who was one of Georgia's pioneer
citizens. This old gentleman lived to
be 180 years old. He lived in a log
cabin, in the northern end of which
waa cut a square hole. The old man
turned the head of his bed to that bole
and elept that way in tbe warmest and
coldest weather.
His wife died when he was about 00
years old, and for many years he lived
as a widower. At the age of 1 1 S he cut
an entirely new set of teeth, and at the
age of 123 one morning he saddled his
own horse, sprang into tbe saddle and
rode 80 miles to address a widow and
to ask her to be his wife. He evidently
was rejected, for he rode back that day
and lived 7 years longer. Atlanta Con
stitution. Amonina; Ruaalnn Lawinit.
An Italian newspaper gives an ac
count of un amusing lawsuit which has
taken place lately in a Russian city in
which German is the prevailing lan
guage. One man sued another to recover
the sum of 60 rabies, tbe debtor having
faithfully promised to return the money
on St Henry's day. But having failed
to do so for a long time tbe lender dis
covered that the Russian Orthodox
church includes no such saint as St.
Henry, and the judge before whom the
case was tried was much puzzled as to
what verdict he should give. Happily
the idea occurred to him that, saint or
no saint. All Saints' day included even
the most doubtful, so he gave judgment
that the 50 rubles should be returned
next All Saint' day.
Uvtac am Owe Turn.
We bold that a well devised dietary
srrtem does not need frequent changes.
All do not require to eat the same in
amount or kind. Uncooked fruits and
nuts suit some; others live almost en
tirely on bread and oatmeal; but when
the correct diet has been found it is not
Moeasary to change. Animals in a state
of nature live on one food throughout
their lives. Vegetarian.
' Did any man ever achieve distinction
Vy lying? San Francisco Post
Yes. BarcB Munchausen, New York
6p. '
All This Half Savage Father Uvea For la
to Kill Walraa.
"Did you ever hear of a strong, able
bodied man going crazy from grief?"
asked Captain Debney of the steamship
City of Pucbla. on tho water front yes
terday. "I don't mean one of your high
ly sensitive creatures," continued he,
"but a man 6 feet 4 inches in his stock
ings, and as strong as an ox Of soch a
man I heard during my last trip to the
sound. He is a Russian Finn and is
sensible on every subject save one. He
has a vendetta against the walrus, and
his cabin in the wilds of Alaska is built
up with their skulls.
"According to the story told me by a
passenger who came down with me
from the sound, this man settled in
Alaska years ago. . He married a native
woman, and she bore him a son. A few
years later the mother died, and all the
affection of the half savage father cen
tered on tbe sou. Nothing was too good
for the lad, and everything in the way
of hunting and fishing lore was taught
"When the boy was old enough, his
father took him out on all his hunting
expeditions and soon the youngster be
gan working on his own account
"One fatal day he attacked an old
bull walrus, but instead of killing it he
himself wan the victim. Whenthefather
saw tho dead body of bis son he was
wild with grief, which finally settled
into a species of madness. Mow all he
lives for is to kill walrus.
"When the mania first seized him he
lived in a dngout. Now bis hut is on
the ground and composed almost entire
ly of walrus skulls.
"He crawls up behind tbe brutes
while they are asleep, and, seizing them
by the tusks, stands them on end by
main force He looks into their eyes as
tbotigh seeking to recognize tbe one that
killed his son, and then his knifo does
the rest. The head is then cut off, and
goes to make one more to the monument
be is raising to the memory of his son. "
San Francisco Call.
Kparrxrwe Served aa Beedbirda.
There are few restaurants in the city
where sparrows are not served up as
reedbirds. It has become a regular busi
dess and may ultimately solve tbe spar
row nuisance. Philadelphia Times.
Prejudice was originally nothing
more than a judgment formed before
hand, the character of such judgments
being best indicated by the present
meaning of the word.
The division of time into months and
weeks is so old that its origin caznot
possibly be ascertained.
Any doctor will tell you
that Professor Hare, of
Jefferson Medical College.
Philadelphia, is one of the
mgnest autnorities in the
world on the action of
drugs. In his last work.
speaking of the treatment
oi scroiuia, he says:
It is hardly necessary to state that cod-liver
ml ik the best remedy of all. The oil should
be Riven in emulsion, ao prepared as to be
He also savs 4hat the
hypophosphites should be
combined with the oil.
Scott's Emulsion of cod
liver oil. with hvooohos
phites, is precisely such a
,000 G1YEII AM
318 Brad Street,
The Boston Dental Parlors have
generously presented to the
people of Bock Island 2,000
cards, which, on presentation
at their office, are received as
a credit of $1 on any work or
dered. We hope by this to
reach more people and show
them how cheaply good work
can be done.
And Guarantee all wcrk. Crown
and Bridge work a specialty.
See Our Prices.
Silver FUlinx. Mcewaiaadnp
GoMfliltag. .Uaadap
Gold Crovnia.......................j
Bet of Teeth. ... a
Beet set of tact ...BS
Open 8 a. m. to 8:30 p. m.
Come and see aa. We caa save yoa arcecy.
Opca Sundays for extrsctirg tram ttolk a. m.
Bcstca Data! Fsrlsrs.
Over Winecke's Tailor shop. .
lie StaJ ainai - . li.VSKiOET. 1A
Three generations have been reading THE
ARGUS. It was good enough for the old
grandfather, and as the yean sped by it was
found equal to the requirements of the son.
Today the grandson finds it has kept pace
with progress, and he too is satisfied. The
old grandfather's taste wasn't very fastidious,
perhaps but the grandson isn't so easily
pleased, and the fact that THE ARGUS
pleases him
sip e
oi lop orapl.
Wide-awake, progressive, and growing every
hour, THE ARGUS is the paper of the
people. All the latest news of the day, both
local and general, presented in attractive form.
Delivered by carrier to any part of the city as
a salad for supper. When the long winter
evjninzi come on it will help you to pass
mi ny an idle hour.
Only 10 Cents
If you aren't already enrolled, send your name
in at once and let people know you are posted
on the events of the day. "
Delivered Promptly Every Even-
ing at Your Door.

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