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Clearing sale tt Goldsmith's.
Treft trimmings at Trefa A Co's.
Bed Star baa do equal aa a polish.
Bargains In suits at Goldsmith's.
Christmas candies at Trefa 6 Co's.
Beautiful Christmas treea at Trefa
& Co's.
Toys going fast at Trefa A Co's.
Prices that talk.
Boys' suits and orercoats half
price at Goldsmith's.
Tojs of every description at mast,
go prices at Eckhart's.
Big discount removal sale at Flem
ing's, Twentieth street.
Those men's slippers are going fast
at 43 cents. Dolly Bros.
See Young & McCombs' slash in
prices in another column.
Bargains in Mclntyre-Reck Co's.
fancy goods department.
Christmas things going with a
rnsh at Mclotyre-teck Co's.
Special kid glove offerings at Mc-Intyre-Back
Co's. for Christmas.
Winter soits and overcoats will be
sold regardless of cost at Goldsmith's.
The best bread in the city 325
Twentieth street the Home Bakery.
Infant's patent leather shoes S3
cents while tiiey last at Dolly Bros'.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hamaker
have gone to Chicago tor a week's
Give E. B. McKown yonr next or
der for bard coal, soft coal and hard
Men's fine all wool winter suits,
worth f 15. will be sold for $3.75 at
George Sudlow arrived home from
Andover this morning for the Christ
mas vacation.
A lot of nice fat dressed turkeys,
geese and chickens at Beecher'a com
mission house.
Get the baby a pair of patent
leather shoes for Christmas. Only
33 cents at Dolly's.
Baskets, work and fancy, at very
low prices at Mclntyre-Keck Co's.
rery nice for gifts.
The Knights of Pythias hall at
Aledo was dedicated with fitting ex
ercises last evening. x
Miss Kathrrine Mabie, of Chicago,
is visiting Miss Anna Kirkpatrick
ana miss juaua aiaote, in mis city.
This evening, while tbey last,
Puck's elegant 50 cent picture p tint
ing books 10 cents apiece at McCabe
Home-made pure fresh candies
every nirrnitig at MrCata Bros', and
fin other's reltbrated Chicago candy
twice a week. '
Will Sweenv has come home from
chool at the Northwestern univer
sity at t'.vanston to spend the Christ
mas vacation.
Dress goods all in patterns and
ready for presents at the lowest
prices at Mclotyri-lteck
ujxen of special low prices.
rroro now until Christmas I will
be open evenings, and furniture will
b sold at a great reduction. H. F
Coriies, 1H02 Second avenue.
Toys, dolls, games and books all
must go at some price at Mc In ty re
use k co s. !neciai reduced prices in
the hook and game department.
City Attorney J. L. Haas and wife
left today for Michigan Cilv. Ind., to
spend Christmas week with Mr. Haas1
sister, Mrs. Louisa Brittingham.
No 1:kI v ever has too many ktl
gloves. Until Christmas McCabe
Bros, will give a handsome glove
buttoner with each pair of kid gloves.
Koyal umbrella values at Mcln-tvre-Keck
Co's., beginning with En
gli-h glorias at 62 rents. Fine 9J.50
umbrellas f I 62; 3 umbrellas now
1 1.9.
Travel over the Hock Island bridge
yesterday amounted to: root, north.
3G; south, 834; total, 1,670;
street cars, north, 72; south, 72;
total. 141.
Miss Ella Col mere has returned
from a visit to Mactawac Park. Ot
tawa Bench, Jennescn Park, Black
Lake, Sunnyside and .Holland, Mich
bhe is much improved in health
The Y. M. C. A. meeting tomorrow
at 3:30 p. m. will be addressed bv
six business men on the subject
What Christmas Means to Me.
Singing led by cornet. All men are
Another lot of books. "Autocrat
it the Breakfast Table," only 16
cents; King Solomon's mines, 1 cent
per cony; 12mo cloth bound fiction.
poetry, travels, history, etc
each at McCabe bros'.
1 housands of children will have
csndy this year who have gone with
out heretofore. Candies of guaran
tetd purity can be had at McCabe
Bros', at 6 cents, 6 cents, 8 cents, 9
cents and 10 cents per pound.
Bur only pore and fresh candy.
McCabe Bros, will aell no other.
The great crowds aronnd their candy
counters proves conclusively that
the publie fully appreciate this fact.
The low prices on the best goods tells
the rest or the story.
Dr. J. De Silva and wife have ar
rived from Chicago to make Rock
Island their future residence, the
doctor having arranged for office
room with Dr. S. C Plummer in the
Kingston block, in which he will fol
lo bis professional practice.
lion. lien I. Uawe and family are
xpe t i home the first of next week.
Mr. cable has been detained in Jew
York by an attack of quinsy, bnt is
in Chicago todav attending the meet
log of Illinois democrats there with
view to securing the democratic
rational convention for that city,
V D. YYlman, of Moline, is in re
ceipt of the glad news of the libera-
tl n of hla father, Erastus . Wiman,
of Mew York, tried and convicted of
f Tetrr in the lower courts a year
and a half ago, the court of appeals
having reversed the decision of the
lower court, as told by the press dis
There was a delicate operation per
formed on Mrs. Shoo p. of Hillsdale,
at St. Anthony's hospital this morn
ing, the patient having 20 gall stones
taken from her. The operation was
in charge of Dr. J. R. Hollow bash,
who was aassisted by Drs. C. Bern
hardt, G. G. Craig, G. L. Eyster, J.
P. Comegvs and G. E. Barth.
Among the window displays at
tracting attention from the passing
public are those of Eckbart,
Hartz & Ullemever and Dolly
Bros, on Twentieth street. Blakes-
ley A McDonald on Fifth ave
nue and Allen. Myers & Co., J. Ram
ser & Son, Adams' shoe store and
Long's grocery on Second avenue.
Standard illustrated editions of
Hawthorne, Emmerson, Lowell,
Whittier, Longfellow and O. W.
Holmes' complete works. For par
ticulars send postal to Frank Lasher,
(general delivery)who will call and
show samples of 'same. Sold only by
subscription. Time or cash. Any of
the above a beautiful holiday gift.
Interesting dosing exercises were
held in most of the public school
buildings yesterday preparatory to
the holiday season. At No. 6 in
particular, where Miss Annie Kirk
patrick is principal, there were 236
visitors, the exercises were interest
ing and Santa Clans appeared. At
No. 4 the observances in Miqs
Muse's room constituted a feature.
Santa Clans appeared and delighted
each of the little ones with an ap
propriate gift. Miss Muse herself
was surprised, too, by receiving
many handsome remembrances of
love from the little people.
to I
Citlaaa. of Bock Island to Gather
Approva tha Monro Doctrlofi.
The called mass meeting at the
court house to express support of
the Monroe doctrine and to approve
of the president's firm stand in up
holding tt in the existing Venezue
lan boundary dispute occurs to
The substance of the call, together
with the object of the same, has been
published and the public is too
familiar with all the details of the
threatened unfriendly diplomatic re
lations between this country and
England to reqnira repetition here.
lbat every citizen of the republic
is ready by word or act to uphold
the government against all the
world and under all possible circum
stances, it is equally unnecessary to
say, and tonight's meeting is in
tended to give expression to the in
born determination of every loyal
citizen that America shall be for all
the Americas.
Brings common and improvement and
lends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy lite more, wnn
lets exDenditure. by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy. Svruo of Fitrs-
Its excellence is due to its presenting
la the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met witii me aoDrovai oi me meuicai
profession, because it acts on the Eid
nevs. Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
fcvruo or ics is tor saie Dy aii aruz-
rists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man-
manured oy tne caniomia r lg oyrup
Uo. only, whose name is printed on every
nack&ze. also the name. Syrup of Figs,
and being: well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
.Barney & Berry's
Complete Line
Of Skates
All Styles
All Sizes.
r -- t
1615-1617 Second Avenue.
9 cents
Vouok McCnmb. Catting Deeper The
Uoods Matt Uo.
10 use denying the tact we are
stuck with a big stock and must un.
load. The rain coming on as it did
is our loss and your gain. Toys and
holiday goods must go, and prices
have been made accordingly. This
is the way we are slashing prices:
Doll buggies 19 cents; doll buggieB
so cents; doll buggies 49 cents.
Children white bedroom dresser
worth $3.53. stuck price" $2.25.
Handkerchiefs 1 cent, 2 cents, 3
cents and up, worth double and
ttiple the price,asked.
Ladies1 ice wool shawls, stu k
price" 39 cents t big bargain.
Gent neck scarfs many of them
beauties going at 121, 19 and 25
Mafia 39 cents, worth $1 and up
Other goods are going at a like
sacrifice. It's your own fault if you
don't get get in on it.
lOPNO & McCombs.
ratrl rtta Production.
Home talent eave an admirable
production of ' The American Jubi
lee" at Harper's theatre last even
ing. It was given nnder the direc
tion of Mrs. J. C.Jacobs, for
the benefit of the Bowers Liter
ary society. I he piece was of
a purely patriotic nature and in its
rendition evinced creditable training
and natural dramatic and elocution
ary abilities of the young people as
snmtng the various characters.
There was somo nice sinzinz aol
several beautiful drilis, the costumes
being very handsome. There were
about forty in the cast.
Nolle to the fablle.
The undersigned wish to inform
the public that tbey have bought the
baking department of the Eagle bak
ery of William beidel, br., and will
carry on the wholesale branch of the
business, William Seidel. Sr., retir
ing. The best in their line will con.
stantly be found and tbey respect
fully solicit yonr patronage
William Seidel, Jr.
I Eye and
I Palate
V 23 lbs granulated sugar.
every sack guaranteed .
Tin a a tlatnal "lnsiAa Am W
t every sack cruaranteed . . 89c w
m Dandy ratent - so
S Canned tomatoes 7c
CCanned corn v 6c
M All dry yeast, per package 3c
4 U tl 1 f)Q.
Ji EIJV J1UUI, pVi BOVK. ...... OU
Rva meal, rwr andr 97
3 Corn meal, per sack 10c
Best rolled oats. 10 lbs. . 25c
California prunes per lb.. 5c
Turkish nrnnes Sc
Parlor matches, per p'k'ee 10c 9
M New York buckwheat, 1 lb Sc K
The Confectioner mast etndy to gratify
both. His Candies should be jrocd tast
ing, neat and pore. Onr ever-present
tbouaht and constant endeavor ia to pro
duce the mot tasteful and aitisticas well
as the moat anbstuitisl and nnadnlterible
Ciadr mads
Canned peas,
per can.,
7, 8 and 9c
MrJntyre-IUecfr Dry Goods Co.
1709 and 1711 Second Avenue, Rock Island. HI.
And holiday economy both are here. The store is re
splendent with Christmas suggestions crowding both
floors. Goods of all kinds to meet the holiday
thought; prices the lowest to help 70a oat in the
thinking. Don't do yourself the injustice of purchas
ing before looking here. You'll find there's a lot of
economy in onr prices. ...
Never before has the tendency been so strong to bay
nseful Christmas gifts, and the Dress Goods counters
are busy places. This week we make oar strongest
effort and will place most wantable and acceptable
Dress Goods within the reach of anybody's purse.
Bead with care:
Fall 8-yard Dress Patterns, a variety of
weaves, per pattern, $1.45.
A dozen or more novelty Dress Goods styles, per
pattern, $1.98.
Dress Goods you've paid up to 50c for, per pattern,
Splendid assortment of novelties in value op to 68c,
per pattern, $3.48.
Figure out yonr saving. How differently a Dress
Pattern looks when put in a neat box. It then be
comes a gift made for yon. We will this week box
free of charge any Dress Pattern at $2.50 or over.
a variety of pretty
Would von know how to bny the best at the lowest
prices? Then come here. Big exhibit on second
floor. Thousands of amusing and interesting things.
Hundreds of dainty things in China for holiday gifts.
Seasons come and seasons go, bat the Handkerchief
has nil seasons for its own especially Christmas, it
is a satisfaction to find one gift on which yon can't go
wrong. Everybody wants more Handkerchiefs. Sel
dom has a Handkerchief offering drawn more atten.
tion than onr now famous 25c lot. Beautif ally em.
broidered values at 85c. S8c. 42c and 50c. sprinkled in
with a liberal hand it is truly a reward for the look
ing. This week we will sell 6.1 dozen (720) of the na
sal 25c embroidered Handkerchiefs at 15c and 18c.
You'll be well paid for com in?. The fast color Ham.
burg Handkerchiefs, printed with Christmas scenes,
are a marvel of cheapness and beauty at 4c; half the
usual asked prices. Thousands of Handkerchiefs
from lc to So each. Handkerchiefs in lots of half
dozens or more at 25c and up will be neatly boxed free
of charge. Handkerchiefs at 50c and np will be boxed
in lots of one-fourth dozens.
Don't fail to bring the children to see Santtv' Claus
in his workshop in the big east window. -V
Some Suggestions
Clemann & Salzmann are always awake to the requirements
of the hour and the year. They are making a special effort
on Holiday presents-giving the public the best that can be
had for the least money. Here are a few suggestions for
you in selecting
Tailor Made
20th Century Shoe
For the New Woman,
Or the old if she wants
To be ttrictly in it.
Krell & Math
Say your choice
la almost unlimited in Confectionery.
especially daring Holi lay time, for we
are not only abreast of otber confection
er, bat ahead of tbem. All aorta of Cm
die and Chocalates for Christmas infancy
1 boxes, baskets, backets and barrels. In
the manufacture of oar Csndiea we stda
kmaly avoid the poisonous coloring that
to often revolts In the disasters we fre
quently read about. Our Candies are al
ways freth and made daily. They are
healthy and pare, and yon need not to be
. a'raid to let your children tat to their
heart's content of the candles made and
old by
Krell & Math.
Casiies anl Bakery (Joo&s.
Phone 1156. 1716-1718 Second At.
Trees and Trimmings for Trees
an endless varietv.
A Rug, A Side board,
Couch, Parlor suit,
Carpet, Fancy chair,
Book case, Center table,
Music cabinet, Dining table,
China cabinet, Set of chairs,
Dressing table, Library table,
Carpet sweeper, Writing table,
Fancy rocking chair. Or a bed room set.
Don't forget that we have many other handsome and orna
mental as well as useful articles that would be very
acceptable. Largest assortment in the three cities, and
most convenient
Corner Second Avenue and Sixteenth Street
; Very Latest
Continued cloudy ' weather and
very little change in temperature to
day and tonight; partly clondy Snn-
any; sugntiy colder oy Sanaa j.
Hood's Sarsaparilla taken at tb"s
season will make yon feel strong and
vigorous, ana keep yon from sickness
later on. .
All widths,
1 ne price $3.50 a pair
Shoo Store.
Santa Claus
Made arrangements a long
time ago to be
At Taylor's Again!
Here's an Opportunity
To set what yon want at Jiist-what-you-want-to-pay-prlcc.
Men's Suits. Children's Suits.
Men's all wool Suits $7.50, $10 and $ 12.5a Children's Suits at 99c, $1.50 and $2.48.
Men's Overcoats. Boys' Overcoats.
$ Men's Fine Beaver Overcoats $7.38. dandies at at $ and $$
Swell Hats. Ribbed Underwear.
Tour purse will open quickly when yon gase upon those Swell 85c is onr price for that Ribbed Underwear, identically ths
- Hats; worth $2.50 of anybody's money, at 1.S7. same as others charge 59c for, at 33c.
As he has for several seasons
past. Yon know what that
means that everything will
be there to make the little
ones happy.
They are plentiful everywhere, bnt jnst think of the price you have to pay at ezclnsive shoe stores,
and yon will readily understand why we are having such a big run in onr shoe department.
Ton have the money we have the goods. We want the money because we have a fair equivalent to offer for it. Ton want onr goods
too, they are the kiad always in demand. Youll find an advantage in trading with as, for we are not only determined to please, bnt to excel.
Compare them with the M. & K.
m . i
ur. r. k iMsnop, oi Airnew, Alien.. 1 mm mitrnm fm
-Vi. " hJ n8ed Vole' UoneT Y UJK. IKI COT.
pneumonia the past month, with
rwu.w. ror sue si m. i. 1719 SECOND AVENUE-
Largest and Finest Clothing Store in the county.
Until further notice our store will be open evenings till 9pm
1729 Second Avenue 116 to 124 Eighteenth Street
awiwawa urug nun.

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