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VOL. XL1V. HO 55.
Regarding the Desired Legisla
tion on Finances.
Ontllnr ml a Hill That Will Probably Da
Hrmt la Ina Heaata aad tha Kaeaptlaa It
I Llkrly tm Hurt Thara Apparent Ma
jority la That Uody la Savor mt Kadlcal
Hir Eaaetawats Bad Opposed ta Bands
af Amy Sort HoaM Coomlttaoa.
Washixgtox, Dec. XX This promises
ta I an eventful wck In tha house
Ikfurs adjourn mont Is readied next
Saturday Uia Kupublican leaders of the
house Intend that a bill shall have boea
nut to thn senato la response to the de
mand of tlio president's message for soma
tnenns of relieving tha treasury situation
and protecting the gold reserve. Tha Re
publican leaders determined to act
promptly as soon as tho message was
tit In, and all Idea of taking a recess for
tho holidays was abandoned In the face
of the situation presented. The ways and
means committee has been organized and
hnturday night the Republican members
held a swrrt meeting at the Capitol, at
whia-h Speaker Kced was present, to dls
(Uffl the dt'tnils of a bill which. In their
opinion, would furnish the desired relief.
As u preliminary It was decided that while
tho situation in the senate as to the fate
there of any measure passed by the house
should be kept In mind tho house must act
Inui'iM-ndcntly of the result In the upper
branch of congress.
Points of Ida Republican rroposaL
Tlio gi-nerul out lino of a measure was
agreed upon, but the details have not been
completed. The sentiment was unani
mous that no gold bonds should be author
ized, but that a bill on the lines of Read's
amendment of Inst year should be drawn
up, and with that should be coupled some
tariff changes for tho purposes of raising
additional revenue. Last winter the Re
publicans took the stand that the menace
to tho gold reserve was caused
primarily by tho lack of reve
nue to meet the expenses of the gov
ernment, and that is still tholr posi
tion. Heed's (Mind proposition, which tha
committee will adopt, provides for the re
duction of tho rate of Interest on bonds to
bo Ixaucd under the acts of 170 and 1875
for tho purpose of resuming specio pay
ment nml protecting tho specio reserve
from 4 to 3 p-r cent., mid for a low rate,
low denomination bond which would
practical ly bn a debt certificate to bo usjd
to supply dcflclrncltis In the revenues.
I nnnlmuns far Only on Wool.
By thu terms of tho bill It Is probaMo
that provisions will bn inserted to provldo
that the proceeds of any bonds issued
tinder tho nets of 1870 and 173 as amended
hnll go to the reserve, and of the latter
lionds to pay current expense. In this
way a separate account can bo kept and
the pronceds of bonds sold to iniilntuin the
reserve cannot l used to pay current ex
pense. The details of tho tariff changes
will furnMi tlio mot dlflicult tatk in
framing the bill. Thi ro Is practical unan
imity of -ntlnicnt so fur as can bn lenrned
among tho Uopublicnn members of tho
committee for a duty on wool and com
pensating duties on Woolens. Tho western
liicmlH-rs want the duty on wool to be at
lcnt 8 cunts per pound, but the lndica
tinos am that It will not exceed 5 cents.
Mailt ta Catch All Morts of People.
There Is some discussion of a proposition
to make a horizontal increaso on ail tho
schedules except sugar of from 15 to M per
O'nt , but this Is opposed In curtain quar
ters as being not on protection lines. It
seems probable, therefore, that wool and
woolens, lumber, and various other arti
cles will bo selected. While there is some
differvncv of opinlou on this point It seems
certain that there will bo a time limlto
tlon of two years or thirty months on the
life of the tariff propositions of the bill.
Tho point will bo made that It Is an emer
gency measure for raising revenue, and
therefore could meet the approval of all
who believe that tho treasury needs addi
tional revenue, no matter what tho Indi
vidual opinions mny be regnrjlng protec
tive duties. Republicans on the ways and
means committee will go to work at once
to perfect the details of the bill.
Srnat. Holds tits Key of tho Mloatioa, How.
over, oa I'laaaers.
It Is hoped that It can lie ready by Tues
day and If so It will probably be passed
under a special order of tho committee on
rules, cr possibly tinder suspension of the
rules. Speaker Reed and his lieutenants
are not disposed to brook delay. They be
I lure the bouse should do Its work prompt
ly. After the bill has been sent to the
svnaro tho question of whether congress
shall remain In session for the re
mainder of the holidays will rest with
thut body. If the senato will proceed to the
consideration of the bill the house will
remain In session and probably adjourn
ftwjii d.iy to day.
Hut If the senate should, after the pass
age by the house of the bill, show that It
did not prixKe to go ahead with It, and
should deliberately pass a resolution for a
Jtollday recess, it Is probable that the
pwiwe would agree to it. As to tho atti
! tf the IVuiocrata towards the bill. It
k mmm ibi"i nun it will oe opposcu uy
BHK If nut all of them. The sliver Demo
crats 4.T disposed to vote for any bond
proposiu'n, breauso they believe .there Is
another r. "dy In the bands of the execa
tlvo the rv'icmptlon of notes In silver.
They might y" ' "coin" bonds to bor
row money, (t tho executive sold that
money was needea to meet current ex
penses. Rut as the demand tat authority to Issue
bonds Is nut based on that ground which
In fact Is distinctly dlTowdthelr oppo
sition to the bond feature of tea bill Is
ortain. They would probably ale resist
tho measure on account of the Increase la
too tariff schedule. The administration
and "sound money" Democrats who might
twdlKpxst-dtovule for a bond authorUa
r n will probably to deterred from voting
t w the measure because of Its tariff propo
auloa. rk that the solid, opposition of
tiie iVftusrr.ils is looked for. The over
helmlt.g JiopubUcau majority UHures
(U paiaaao, however, beyond sMstioa
riiriigU the boas.
U la in U a whrt tha bill will
. i i.i . .4... . . . . . i
nave a rough read, if all signs ao not fall.
With Reed, Dingley and others of that
school of politics shapiug the financial
legislation it goes without saying that
there will be no free silver coinage ideas
in the bill; the bonds will be redeemable
In gold or its equivalent and recognition of
the silver dollar as such equivalent in the
sense desired by the silver men will not
be in tho bill as It comes from the house.
The resolutions offered by Vest and But
ler Saturday, both of which are radically
free silver and would, according to the
"sound money" Idea, put us on a silver
basis, indicate the sentiments of the srlver
men in the senate.
And they eonfldently claim that if they
ean get either of those propositions to a
vote they can carry lr, a claim that at
this writing cannot bo controverted. A
partial canvass of the silver men in the
senate mode among Republicans, Demo
crats and Populists alike, reveals a de
cided disposition to couplo silver legisla
tion with any measure for the relief of tbe
treasury that mny lw offered. Cockrell,
Teller, Dubois. Pritchard, Pettlgrcw,
Rakerand Butler all said that the secre
tary of the treasury had the means for
ineetinji the emergency in his own hands,
which was in paying out silver and coin
ing the silver in the treasury. They were
liLt-wlM! agreed upon thu proposition that
they would net consent to give further
authority for tho issuance of more inter
est touring bonds.
There is another thing that mny cause
trouble in the senate. That body is un
questionably in fnvor of a holiday recess,
and the probabilities point strongly to tho
absence of a quorum. Then there is the
oiening for intcrmiiinbio specchmaking
that is a characteristic of financial sub
jects in the senate, and which it is almost
sure would be taken advantage of by
either sklo, according to tho development
of the majority on the proposed legisla
tion. If the silver men are in the majority
the anti-silver men can talk as long as
they please, and vice versa.
Dingley Honored with the Rlggest Chain
maashlp la tha Ranch.
Washington-, Die. 23. The much
talked -over list of house committees has
been read, and all the members know
where "they are at" in tho matter of com
mittee honors. There may be a feeling of
discontent probably Is in some quarters
among the members, but If there U no
body is advertising it. Maine gets the
biggest chairmanship, as had been ex
pected, Dingley going to the ways and
means as Its chairman. He is considered
a good appointment. The ways and
means is ono of the four great committees
of the house.
During the times of pcaco it is the first
In Importance; during times when a day
may bring war its importance is immense
ly increased. This with the appropria
tions, foreign affairs and banking and
currency will practically control all the
Important legislation this session. Its
makeup is decidedly protection; its chair
man would re-enact the McKlnley sched
ules. It is composed as follows: Repub
licans Dingley of Maine, chairman;
Payne of New York, D.iIzjII of Pennsyl
vania, Hopkins of Illinois, Grosvenor of
Ohio, Russell of Connecticut, Dollivcrof
Iowa, Steele of Indiana, Johnson of North
Dakota, Evans of Kentucky, Tawney of
Minnesota. Democrats Crisp of Georgia,
McMillin of Tennessee. Turner of Georgia,
Tarsney of Missouri, Wheeler of Alabama,
Mclaurin of South Carolina.
The other chairmanships of any general
Importance aro as follows: Foreign af
fairs, lllttof Illinois; approprlations.Can
non of Illinois; banking, Wn'.kerof Mass
achusetts; Immigration, Bnrtholdtof Mis
souri; public buildings, Milliken of Maine;
rivers and harliors. Hooker of New York;
nnvnl affairs, Boutcllo of Maine; military
affairs, Hull of Iowa; interstate com
merce. Hepburn of Iowa; judiciary, Hen
derson of Iowa; Pacific railroads. Powers
of Vermont; pensions. Loudenslnger of
New Jersey; militia. Marsh of Illinois;
rules. Reed; coinage weights and meas
ures, tono of Pennsylvania; elections,
Daniel of New York; postoflice. Land of
California; public lands, Lacey of Iowa;
labor. Phillips of Pennsylvania; agricul
ture. Wads worth of New York; irrigation,
Hermann of Uregun; alcoholic liquor
trallic, Morse of Massachusetts.
How the Senate Responded to the Irei
deal's Latest Message.
Washington, Doc. 23. The only re
sponse to tbe president's financial mes
sage in tho senato was two radical silver
resolutions one by Vest directing the
secretary of the treasury to coin tho silver
bullion and redeem and cancel tho treas
ury notes issued to purchase that bullion
with the standard dollars :a coined and
also to redeem tbe greenbacks in silver
dollars As well as gold whichever Is most
eonviencnt. The other was by Butler of
North Carolina (Pop.) to pay all govern
ment obligations In silver except when
silver and gold are at a parity of 16 to 1.
Piatt objected to both. Stewart made a
speech advocating the announcement that
I'nltcd states obligations would be paid
in silver, to stop "raids on the treasury."
Dubois attacked tbe messaga and said tha
president must know that his recom
mendations would not be accepted and
that the senate would as soon as it got a
chance adopt Vest's resolution. Adjourned
to Tuesday.
The house responded to the president's
message by pigeon-holing the resolution
for a holiday recess and preparing to go
to work to provide some means for the re-'
lief of the treasury. The speaker an
nounced the committees and tbe message
was referred to the ways and means com
mittee. The house then adjourned.
EaabUag Act for the Katahdla,
WASBISQTOX, Dec S3. Tho president
has decided after considering the matter
for some time that the government can
not accept the Ammen ram Katabdin be
cause of ber failure to attain the seventeen
knots speed required by the contract. Sen
ator Hale has accordingly introduced a
bill In the senato authorizing tbe accept
ance of the vessel.
aigao4 as a If attar of Coarse.
Washisotox, Dec. S3. Simply as a
matter of record it should be stated that
the Venezuelan commission bill is now a
law, tbe president, as was necessarily to
be tbe ease, having signed it as soon as he
had read It. The quidnuncs are now busily
engaged In making up the commission for
the president.
Peacemaker in the Quaker City
Strike Repudiated.
And toe Latter Kicks tho Fat Into tha Fire
Agala Will Not Discharge tho New Moo
EmployoA to Take the Plaees of tha
Strikers TLe Farmers, It Is Alleged, Are
Practical Prisoners Situatioa Is Vor
Critical Jast Xow.
Philadelphia, Dec 23. The strike is
"on" again as bad as ever. The men bad
accepted tho proposition cent out Friday
night that they go to work pending a con
ference about the trouble, but it seems
that Director Dolon in arranging that
truce hod builded unknown to President
Welsh counted without the host, as It
were. When Welsh heard of it he put his
foot down hard, called on the mayor and
stated that he could not agree to the com
promise because he hod hired 1,000 men to
tako the place, of the strikers and they
could not be displaced. Welsh was most
positivo in his declaration and declined to
recede from his position. Dolan was en
tirely ignorant of the fact that 1,000 men
had been hired and would be retained by
the company, and that when he brought
tho agreement to the mayor's office he was
unconsciously working at cross-purposes
with Welsh.
Rioting Began as Bad as Ever.
As soon as these facts became known
rioting began, end there was more of it
than at any time since the strike began.
Tho men and their sympathizers were
very angry, and there were outbreaks of
mub violence in at least twenty places, all
accompanied by the throwing of bricks
and other missiles. Many people were
hurt, but none seriously. -The police au
thorities were constantly on the alert, and
promptly dispersed all mobs. The latest
order put up at tho street railway stations
is one that all employes of the company
Dec 10 inst. who will apply for work in
dividually will be received today before Li
Says Lawlessness Most Subside.
At a late hour last night the strike situ
ation was apparently unchanged. No at
tempt was made to run cars, the author
ities fearing violence. The strikers had
uniformed men in all parts of the city so
liciting subscriptions from door to door,
and it is said that the aggregate collec
tions run into high figures. Mayor War
wick last night issued the following state
ment: "As matters stand my duty as the
chief executive officer is to preserve the
pcaco and order of the city, and I will,
with all the force at my command, do
this. - And if necessary I will bring to my
assistance all the force that under the law
can be brought into requisition, be it state
or national. Lawlessness is anarchy, and
that will not be permitted under any cir
cumstances." Army of New Men Coder Dares. . ''
At the West Philadelphia station of the
Market street lino a small army of new
men are confined. They were brought
here from Boston and other New England
cities to tako tho places of the strikers.
Soon after their arrival ono man became
dissatisfied and left. To the strikers he
said that all the men would leave, but
that they were practically prisoners. The
Boston man declared that he had to fight
his way through a crowd of traction em
ployes to reach the door. The strikers
aver that they will tako legal action to se
cubs the men's release.
Striken Say It Involves 200.000 People
Welsh as Determined as Ever.
The strike leaders asserted last night
that fully 300,000 people had promised not
to ride on the cars of the company, and hod
contributed to the fund solicited yester
day between (7.000 and $3,000 up to mid
n ght, and contributions were slill coming
in. A conference with General Manager
Beetem lasted four hours. Then tho com
miltoo of employes returned to headquar
ersand went into session with theexecutive
com.nittee of the Amalgamated associa
tion r.n I President. Mnhnn.
John Lowber Welsh, president of tho
company, has issued a lengthy statement
t J the public. Ic reiterates the company's
determin ition to ignora any outside or
ganlzitioi. Then Welsh rehearses the
events of the past few days, deploring the
violence, and explaining the inability of
tho company to discharge the 1,000 new
'men tiicy have taken on since the strike
began. John Wanamaker called on the
mayor last night and was in conference
with him for a longtime.
Many of the most prominent clergymen
or tho city discussed the strike from the
pulpit, and while deploring violence were
almost unanimous in upholding the de
mands of the men and condemning the
action of tbe company. Henry F. Gra
ham, of Brooklyn, who was brought here
to work, has made an affidavit stating
that the company is offering the new men
3.'J per day, while they refuse the old
ones ti.
Tailors' Strike at 'ew Tork.
New Youk. Dec. 23. Whatever hope
may have existed on Saturday for speedy
and satisfactory settlement of the tailors'
strike has been dispelled by tlie action of
tho Clothing Contractors Mutual Pro
tective association. The contractors vir
tually decided to make tbe present trouble
the decisive struggle between themselves
and their employes, and bade defiance to
tractors held an fternoon and evening
meeting which was attended by 300 con
tractors, and all declared themselves de-
, tcrminod to fight to the end and adopted
. the rules and regulations for shops which
( were printed in theso dispatches last
I week.
Death of Hon. J. W. Lake.
Hampton, la.. Dec 23. Hon. John W.
Luke, chairman of the Iowa railway com
mission, died at his home In this city after
an illness of only five days. Captain Luke
was a native of the state of New York, but
removed to Illinois at an early age, served
'three years in the Fifteenth Illinois in
fantry, being severely wounded at chiloh,
and was mustered out as captain of his
company. After the war he served the
state in various capacities from sheriff to
i legislator, and finally railway cominis-Isioner.
The New Tork Market Show In proved
ConoiiloBS Other Lata News. -
New York, Dec. 23. Tho market
opened in good tone and the specu
lation in the opening dealings
was brilliant. There was good
buying in the- leading shares,
in which some foreign houses
were prominent. Nearlv all the
active list made rapid 'advances.
During the first 15 minntes there
was some realizing Sales which closed
with a retrogarde movement, al
though fairly steady and there were
no indications of a panicky condi
tion. The New Financial BUU
Washington. Dec---23 Dingly,
chairman of the ways and means
committee, announced in the house
today that the new- iinancial bill
would be ready Thursday.
A Motor Over a Tressel.
Chicago. Ill , Dec. 23. A motor
car on the Metropolitan L" went off
the tres?cl this morning, injuring
the conductor, motorman and one
passenger. It is thought the motor
man may die.
Missouri State Judge. Talks oT Strong Meth
ods to 8a va Ills Sob,
St. Ijovis. Dec Si. A bitter feeling,
that at any time may result in a personal
encounter, has grown out of the deter
mined effort which the officers of the state
are making to brins; Charles A. Wear to
trial for the killing of Charles Teal, at
Poplar Bluffs, M on April 8, 183i On
ono side of the controversy is Governor
Stone nnd Assistant Attorney General
Jourdan; on the other is Judge John 6.
Wear, of the Twentieth judicial district,
father of- the accused. .-Judge Wear has
mode threats of personal violence against
Governor Stone and Jourdan.
Young Wear w.u arrested at Memphis
and brought hero several days ago. His
father filed an application before Judge
Murphy, of tho court of criminal correc
tion, asking for a writ of habeas corpus,
and while tho matter was bein j argued a
telegram was received from the state su
preme court announcing the issue by that
court of an alternative writ of prohibition,
estopping JuJgo Murphy from interfering
in the cose.
Letter Found In an ITnclaiincd Box of
Green Goods Circulars.
New Yokk, Dec a Among the lots
offere:l at a recent nuct ion sale of un
claimed go-xls in tho Abingdon storago
warehouse) were two largo packing cases,
tho contents of whidb were It was dis
covered when the purchasers opened it ;
"green goods" circulars many of them
addressed and one by tho way to Sccre
tary Lainont. There wero also some let
ters received from would-be customers.
Among these was ono from Kobert
Henry, of Sault Ste. Marie. The writer
lamented that so many mistakes had been
made la the bu-lncss. Ho said ho hod
borrowel $ K) with which to buy counter
felt money, and he had bought a farm, in
tending to pay fnr it with the green goods.
Funeral or Captain Ramett.
Washington, Dec. S3. Tho funeral
services over the remains of tho late Cap
tain Bussett, tho venerable assistant door
keeper of the senate, were held at the First
Presbyterian church yesterday and Dr.
Sunderland, the president's pastor, offici
ated. A committee of the senate was
n unhands or Sickly Wives
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cape from doctor bills. Zoa-Phora,
woman's friend, has brought health
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many families, when other remedies
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