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Stearnes bicycle.
4 for 12.60 at Adam'.
Leaf lard at Gilmore's.
13.50 for 12.50 at Adam'.
New 10-cent mnaic at Taylor's.
Florida oranges at Browner Co's.
Bead Young ft McCombs' special on
this page.
Adams' 2.60 sale lasts only a few
days more.
Celery, lettuce and cauliflower at
Browner & Co's.
Very latest styles in Adams1 $2.50
ladies' welt sale.
Drink Carse A Ohwciler's ginger
ale and be healthy.
New arrivals of spring dresi goods
at Young & McCombs'.
Mandolin, riolin and guitar
strings; lowest prices at Taylor's.
It will pay you to attend Adams'
sale for it will save money.
For this week Dennison's crepe pa
per 17 cents per roll at Taylor's.
For a pure, sweet cigarette try the
latest Sweet Moments. None bet
ter. Special sale of ladies' muslin un
derwear and sheetings at Young &
Miss Catherine Fassnacht has re
turned from a 2-weeks' visit to Dc
Witt, Iowa.
Winnebago Cream" don't cost
any more than lower grade flour.
Fur sale only at Long's.
Miss Mame Roche has gone to Den
nison. Texas, on an extended visit to
her sister, Mrs. P. J. Colligan.
You can't afford to miss the great
muslin underwear sale beginning
Thursday at Mclntyre-Reck Co's.
The stage of water at the Rock
Island bridge this morning was 2
ann stationary; tne temperature 37.
Farmer" Martin Burns threw
Jack Connor after a struggle in a
wrestling match in Chicago last
Put yonr faith in advertising
in The Aunts and you will soon
see the benefits of up-to-date-business
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schlemmer
will leave next Monday for New Or
leans for a month's visit with friends
and relatives.
Tomorrow (Thursday) muslin un
derwear carnival at Mclntyre-Reck
Co'a. Matchless values, unapproach
able low prices.
Jerome Rnby, a well known river
pilot, is lying at the point of death
at the borne or his brother, Capt. ti.
S. Ruby. 1000 First avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Latzer Myers and
daughter left last evening for An
derson, Ind., after attending the' fu
neral oi air. aiycra motner.
W. J. Qulnlao has sold his meat
market at 931 Tenth street to Jacob
Kroeger, who moves from his Fourth
avenue place to the new stand.
' F. A. Leithner, merchant tailor.
229 Seventeenth street, has just re
ceived over six hundred spring sam
ples. Come and look at tbem.
Supervisor J. A. Wilson, of Rural.
left this afternoon for Normal to
make a short visit to his family who
are mere during tne school term.
The Women's Christian Temper
ance union gives a temple tea at the
residence ot W. H. rerguson Satur
day afternoon, to which everyone is
Muslin underwear, in many cases
less than the cost of material, at Mc.
I nty re-Reck Co's. great 10-day sale
beginning J nursday.
Documents deeding the Water-
town sito to the state of Illinois for
the location of the Western Insane
asylum were recorded in the circuit
clerk s office yesterday.
T. D. Eagal will serve an opening
lunch Saturday evening at bis new
saloon, corner Second avenue and
Twentieth street, and would be
pleased to meet all his friends.
L. Froescble, a tin merchant in
Davenport, hung himself in his place
of business this morning. lie was
64 years of age and leaves a family.
No cause is known for the act.
The typographical war is still on
in Davenport without change. The
strikers have commenced the issue
of a daily paper called the Union, to
appear while the strike goes on.
The Home Missionary society of
the lirst M. fc. church win give a
social entertainment at the church
next Monday evening. All who at
tend are promised a good time.
Thursday shoppers get in line
and buy those shoes you need while
they are going the way they are
cheaper than you can buy them later
on. Remember we told you. The
Take my ad out of the want col
umn. I got a good situation in Dav.
en port and i can trace the cause di
rectly to Tut Auacs." So spake
August FLMsien, and August is only
one oi mam.
Dr. E. O. Renner has abandoned
his practice in Rock Island and gone
to Minnea Delia, whanra hit rna ta
Dakota, where he will follow his pro
fjlou and where Mrs. Renner will
join him later on.
General Supt. H. B. Sudlow, ot the
. i. r. road, returned last eten.
lag from Springfield, wnara vaster.
day he appeared before tha att rail
road and warehouse commission in
behalf of the road io tha natulan nf
some of the Sears people who desire
the road to be required to establish
and maintain a station at Seara.
which the company claims would not
be justifiable. The commission will
girt IU decision later.
They Faralah a Flrat Class Farfonuaaaa
Last EvMlas.
Daniel Sully portrays his Irish
characterization in "A Bachelor's
Wives" in the same quaint and nat
ural manner that distinguished his
parts in former productions. His
arge kind looking iace and rich dia
lect and hia singular conception of
dress never attempting to burlesque
nature makes mm an immediate fa
vorite. While his latest venture is
p-to -date, clean, spicv and inter
esting in dialogue and embodies nu
merous ludicrous situations, it could
be executed in a more lively manner
and which no doubt would add con
siderably to the beauty of the produc
tion. But Sully is surrounded with
good company and A Bachelor's
Wives" seen at Harper's theatre last
evening, is made a first-class enter
tainment. Solly is seconded by a
clever actor of the German dialect
in the person of Dan Mason, while
Miss Julia Hanchett makes a oharm-
ing widow. Of Herschell Mayall,
who assumes the role of George Far
well, the villain, it is due him to say
that he is a finished actor and the
right man in the proper place. The
remainder of the cast was well sustained.
Other Attraction.
The management of the Burtis will
present Tim Murphy and company in
Hoyt'a greatest laughing success, "A
Texas Steer," for one night, Friday.
Mr. Murphy is one of the most tal
ented character comedians on the
stage, as his wonderfully clever crea
tion of Maverick Brander fully dem
onstrates; it was he who originate!
the part, and he has played it ever
since with most emphatic success.
A Texas Steer" embodies lloyt s
views of the political question in a
certain quarter of Texas, with a
touch here and there on tne social
life in Washington. Like all his
plays, it sparkles with bright wit
and satire and introduces a collection
of the quaintest characters ever
brought forth for the interpretation j
m i . . , 1 -
oi a comeay. air. aiurpuy ass sur
rounded himself with a first-class
company and will present the piece
with original environment oi hand
some scenery, etc. The engagement
will be a welcome one, as both star
and play are great local favorites.
lhe Widow Jones," in which May
Irwin is starring this season, and
which comes to the Burtis Satnrdav
evening next, is by the author of
A Country Sport" and "A Straight
Tip," John J. Medially, a very popu
lar writer of farce comedies. The
comedy written for Miss Irwin, how
ever, is said to be by all odds its au
thors most entertaining effort, it
has been an enormous success every
where, and in it May Irwin finds op
portunity to be vastly entertaining
for nearly three straight hours. The
attraction is sure ot a cordial greet
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of the
transient nature of the manv cbva-
ical ills which vanish before proper ef
fortsgentle efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed. There is comfort in
the knowledge that so many forms of
sickness are not dne to any actual dis
ease, but simply to a constipated condi
tion of the system, which the pleasant
family laxative. Syrup of Figs, prompt
ly removes. That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families, and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health. Its benehcial
effects are due to the fact, that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness, without debilitating the
organs on which it acts. It is therefore
all important, in order to get its bene
ficial effects, to note when you pur
chase, that you have the genuine article,
wmcn is manufactured by tne Lai norma
Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all rep
utable druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good health,
and the system is regular, then laxa
tives or other remedies are not needed.
If afflicted with any actual disease, one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
then one should have the best, and with
the well-informed everywhere, Syrupof
Figs stands highest and is most largely
teed and gives most general satisfaction.
" Mpaelal for Thursday, Fab. 6.
Trouville tartan plaids, double
fold for waists, tomorrow 14c a vara.
36-inch new spring novelty dress
goods, worth 40c a yard, tomorrow
only 25c.
3b-lnch black imported rrench
serge, worth 40c, tomorrow 25c a
60-inch black rrench serge worth
9sc; tomorrow only 630.
rancy doubie-lold plaids worth Soc
a yard; tomorrow only 19c.
Ladies' muslin underwear 20 per
cent discount, or one-fifth off, just
for a starter. Inspection invited as
regards quality and price.
Our stock of muslins and wide
sheetings is complete, bought before
the rise and we let them go at the
old prices.
tomorrow we sell you our 50c cor
set in white and drab at 39c
Children's black all wool hose, lxl
rib. sixes 6 to 8i, worth 20c. they are
yours tomorrow, lour pairs lor cue.
1725 Second Avenue.
Circuit Court Doing.
A verdict acquitting John Kay,
charged with receiving stolen prop
erty, was returned by the jury to-
Herman Thorns was sentenced to
the Pontiac reformatory today by
Judge Bigelow. The young man
was then arraigned on the other two
charges of burglary against him
He plead not guilty to both, which
means two more trials.
Dr. and Mrs. G. E. Barth enter
tained a large number of their friends
in the first ot two progressive euchre
parties to be given . by tbem, last
Dr. and Mrs. . M. Sala gave a
family party in honor of Mrs. sala s
birthday last evening.
Generally cloudy, unsettled weath
er tonight and Thursday; slightly
colder tonight, variable winds.
Today'a temperature 30.
. j. walz. Observer.
Tax notice.
Taxes are now due for 1895 and
payable at the county treasurer'!
office, court house building. Bring
last year's tax receipt.
vr illiam daikk, collector.
78c r
5c f
8c P
5c a.
Bargain Sale for
Balance of this Week.
Hess Bros.' Queen, guaran
teed as good as any flour
in the city .. ..
Dandy Patent Minneapolis
Diamond Patent Flour.. ..
Standard Tomatoes, a can.
Standard Corn, per can. . .
California prunes, per lb..
Turkish pru nes, per lb....
Choice liaisons. Der lb
Cocoa shells. rer lb. fiau
Choice table peaches, a can 10c W
Choice table pears, per can 10c 9
Canned Peas 7c, 8c and 9c jk
Hess Bros.' Cream Loaf C
Baking Powder, per can. 20e t
2 lb can Baking Powder.. . 23c B
Jap tea, per lb 20c m
ixunpowaer tea, per lb.. .. 20c k.
Young Hyson tea, per lb. . 20c 9
Best Japan tea dust, per lb 9c r
Fresh country butter..;.. 20c m
Strictly fresh eggs 15c k
Remember everything is W
just as represented or money 9
Stoves and
None Better Every
stove sold on a posi
tive guarantee. Call
and examine the
stock of Stoves in
the three cities at
We move
In about
Ten days.
Don't miss this "
Chance of buying '
Shoes at very '
Low Prices.--".."-"'.
Shoe Snaps. '
High Grade Shoes
As well as Cheap
Are included
Shoo Stove.
bltisg vr
aw at TkMwmmMm
at. Paal to aaat Agala.
Loxg BRaSCH, N. J., Feb. S. The
American liner St. Paul, which baa been
ashore off this place for nearly a week,haa
been pulled off and is afloat once more.
The trick was done by pumping water
Into the sand "under her until it was
qtiick-aand and then giving her a long
poll and a strong pull with as many
tugs aa could get a line to bet;
Subscribe lor Tan Amp. ' ,
All tha latrat popular axd elastic! sheet
Hav e rd Marie Books cola at the Low
est Price We carry tee largest and moat
complete aasor.meat of
Come 5.0TB different piece, same aoll
In mnaic aioro general1? at from tts to
M. Catalogue free. Iwn't orgu -the
615-1617 Second Arenne.
Do you ever consider
the quality of the
bread you are eating?
It may be good.. It
might be better,
purer, fresher and
more wholesome. It
will be all right if
you buy it at
Who is the greatest
friend to woman?
Because they sell
Bread and Bakery
goods so cheap that
it saves them the
trouble of making it.
Krell & Hath
1716-1718 Seeend At. rhoullE6.
Do you like Marzi
pan Confection ery ?
We are selling it at
40 cents a pound
former price 80 cents
a pound this week
Mclntyre-Reck ow Goods co.
1709 and 1711 Second Avenue, Rock Island, HI
Taking (he Census
Of stock is over now for results. With spring stuffs
rushing toward us on every train we must close out
many lines in the shortest time possible. For one
more week we make sacrifices greater, cuts deeper
than ever, and the money saving opportunity is before
you in every aisle, on every shelf and counter.
Pick These Patiraa fulck.
Boys1 nice Winter Caps, worth up to 88c, at 5c.
Infants' cashmere lace trimmed Caps, usually 25c,
now 60.
36-inch Dress Goods, Plaids and Fancies, worth up to
80c. at 121c.
Women's black Cashmere Hose, usually 22c, now 10c.
Child's black Ribbed and Fleeced Hose, usually 20c.
now 8 pairs for 25c
Three gross assorted Celluloid Hair Pins, worth c.
Sc. 4c and 5c each, now 6 for 5c.
Half dozen styles of $1 and $1.25 Corsets, this week
only 60c
weeaTSe?4 It Wintr nrwear, worth up to Tic, thb
100 aood Jacket at Be, SOc, e aad $1.
f1" Pattern, ai Mr., fie and We, worth "Be. $1 anfl f 1 75.
TOcTat Se ,Wdsbl 8ta """" wort ttc. t. 60e
$1.75d C"d" of Kld iiiate t Wc. 75c mmi 1. worth $1, f 1 91 aal
vJtnomJ"o'SS.tOC,OM "treduecd Prteea-Ue. c He. Sie. 48c.
Klnslln Underwear
Oa Thursday of this week. Feb. 6. we will begin
the greatest 10-Day Sale of Muslin Underwear Bock
Island has ever seen. Buying tn immense cjuantities
for three large stores enables as to almost dictate the
prices we have to pay for these pood, and we are
careful that Muslin Underwear is handed out to yon
at the lowest possible figures. Oar Muslin Under,
wear sales have become famous, and yon can depend
on it that Mclntyre-Beck Co. are never undersold nay.
This is going to be a great Silk season. Begin to
bay now at these low prices:
Special lots of new 1896 Silks for this week at 29c,
37 J c, 471c G2c, 75c, worth up to $1.25.
Bemnant lots of Silks in lengths np to 5) yards at
25c a yard, values np to 75c.
Remnants, abort lengths suitable for trimming, at
9c, lie and 19c for the remnant.
ling with fewness!
Are the words that express the appearance .of our stores
these days as our immense spring stock continues to arrive.
A grander display of new patterns in Carpets has never been
shown in the three cities than we will lay out for the public's
inspection this spring. In Straw Mattings we will simply out
do all previous efforts, and all we ask is to have you look
them over. A great variety of figures (all new) in extra
sized Room Rugs with borders. In this line our display will
be particularly attractive,' as the patterns are all up to date,
and will be
Quite the Thing This Season
Remember while we are impressing upon you our immense
Carpet, Rug and Matting Display, that the Furniture has
not been forgotten. Our line of Parlor Suits, Bed Room
Sets, Sideboards, etc. is being replenished daily, and the
prices are being put where you can reach them. Book Cases,
Chiffoniers, Rockers, and in fact all kinds of Furniture and
Furnishings in the latest design and finish. Don't forget that
we want you to call at least before you make any purchases.
We can save you big round dollars, and we know it.
Corner Second Avenue and Sixteenth Street
the M. & K.
Children's Suits.
Children's suits reduced to $3.25. Some of worth
Men's Overcoats.
Men's overcoats at $2.98 to $10. About half their
'actual value.
Boys' Suits and Overcoats.
Big reductions in boys' suits and overcoats.
Heavy camel's hair underwear, 19c, worth 35c;
heavy brown ribbed underwear, 25c, the 50c kind.
Stiff Hats.
$2 stiff hats at 99c; $1.37 for stiff hats worth $2.50.
Boots, Shoes and Rubbers.
Felt Boots at 43c Marvel Rubbers, 85c, sold
everywhere at $1.25. Special line of men s $1.50
shoes; $2 for a $3 quality of men s shoes.
It's One off Oar Jcncsrjr Clesrissr Sales. Hope to SeeYco.

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