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Government Bonds Taken to an
Embarrassing Extent.
SIX TEE3 $100,000,000 WANTED.
Ilifl o Nonifrio That There Will Ifa
Marti Work to Pick not theltMt Tm
ry ln,lB IllsliljrOrntlfl'il Vnl Makr
Caaitic Attack oa firrretary Morton,
ICanklng with Tillman' Krernt 1'hllippie
UnM AoU-l-rlie l ight Kill PaweiL
Wasiiisgto:;, Fob. 6.-Kour thousand
tlx liun lrifl nml forty li!d tot tloS.-'OO,-KV
worth of boul. Such 1 the total of
tho mi'ncriptions oprnrd at tlio treasury
department yrtorJay la accordance with
the tornn of the call MitioJ a month ago
Invitlr prnpuials for tlUO.OOO.OiW of
I'nlffil St:tt.4 4 porccrt. bond to run
f .r thirty year from Frh. 1, 1W-5. Throe
fltm do not Include about IISJ.OOO.OOO of
i r.iuU" Mill, r-Jortcil as bogus. Tho
l.'irw "IT 'rlne iwtoumlrd the experti Tho
!! l.U-rulljr nwampcd tho treasury do
fartmi'tit, li!eh wn to tnfeen by sur
prise Unit by o'clock last n'tflit, although
rxtracli'rk had Ixwn hurriedly drafted,
tlio work f tulmlntln? the Mil was still
In prnnrrM nnd It wns Impossible to tell
with d. llnilnim how many tld.i and for
what osrjrrtsate lind been received nt fljf.
tin In advance of tho upset prico of 110.
I'.iTT at which a nyndicato cumposctl of J.
I". Merlin & Cul, Harvey, Kick & Co. and
tho IVutMcIio Hank cf Berlin offered to
taUo I lie w hulo loan.
l'nprlar I'eatar a Complete Racer.
The bid ranged from par up to a single
IVJ bid nt lSm I: U iinM-,ll)li) therefore
to .-.y at this timo how the awards) will be
made. Treasury oilidiils repard tho loan
as a complete mrrcM, both ns to the popu
lar ubsoript!on feature and tho prices ob
tained. Illtls camn from several thousand
Individuals and from hundreds of national
banks and other banking institution.
JSVnrly all the leading New York bankers
and bl'' insuranco Luiup.iuir were pro
ir nt cd in tho li.it of 1 Idciers, but with few
eX'eptlons they wero outinnnuiuvrcd by
tho Morgan ryudicate. Oritiff to tho con
fusion cuusvil by tho mngniiuilo of tho of
firing and the consequent delay In classi
fy inn and hedulliitr the bids, any author!
tatlvn statement of tho policy that will bo
pursled cannot bo inadu ut tills time. As
tho pi-cat bulk of the offerings wero below
tho Morgan fluro It Is believed thut tho
syndicate headed by tho (rreut Kow York
bunker will lm accepted for at least toJ,
Ow.ixiO nnd possibly moro.
ntlicate Krt the I net I'rlrr.
In any ev nt no hid In-low tho syndicato
rntuof 110.O77 will lie accepted, as that
rato covers tho entire loan. It is under
stood tlint Mcrr.n will proenro apart cf
the ituM from abroad nul will not need to
Ui pU te tho treasury to furnish any part of
tli.-Jjjulil cdled fr tind'-r his bid. There
Weren v.ift numlMTof bids for figures frac
tionally raising Hi), bnt under the Morgan
figure, and for amounts atri?n5-ntinft suf
fieii nt to take up tho rutin; loan. Among
thetn wero the offers of tho Stewnrt nnd
lilt l ull .ynilicntu. Including tho big In
suninee, banking nnd trust companies of
New York ritr. which stood, ready to tako
bugo blis'ksof iKindtat llurcs in excesi
of prices named a wivk ng as bth mark
for long lot. Secretary Carlisle was
(.rratly pleated at the success of tlia Kind
vlTcrln js.
Welt-Kanarn Dnsnclers I'resrnt.
The Interest manifested In this loan far
rsccc.l' l that of tho preceding ones, nnd
Wiicii the hour for opening tlio bids ar
rived the south corridor of the treasury
I'tnhliiitf In the vi. Inily of Mr. Carlisle's
fll i was crowded with bidders or their
represent it lvi and rexvspim-rc irrespon1
ilents. When nt II Ml tho d mr of tho set
n-lary's oll!e was opened a rush was made
l.ir .n and in it very short time no
nalloMe ; ace remalneil unfiled. rk
giv;it was the crowd tlml to nlTonl easier
rntranee and cut thechor was removed
from lis Idntres. Ami n the last to ar
rivi v.ere J. 1. Mor,ra:i nnd l'liny Kisk. f
ev lork, who fot:n 1 i:i tho cnwuel
roMin all -ml of them number of well-
known tltinnelers.
Much Wrallh Wmt Irnrritvil.
It w.is an Intercstetl crowd that listened
Ut Uimttenili.-r h b-ls a he read tho
names of tho bidders nnd tho amounts
ueM-r;i4 for,1 and It is probable that
mure million worn retirc-wnted in Eckels'
andiem-i than were ever befuro g.iihered
together In th treasury bulldlntf. It
Would l-c In-.piMsililo for nny ordinary tol-
fgraplile r Vl'ovrnililc lacilliles to Rive
a cu pi, -te liii of all bids, and save as a
matter of history no importance attaches
riow to anr 1 1 is naming below llo.tTT,
tm the list of bidders at and above that
f1gnr. the KUcccscful bidders undoubtedly
will come.
The Mloarl Mnluin tNirs Not Approve
of tli Aisricaltnrat twerrtary.
WASHINI.TOX. Feb. ft. The most caustic
Utterances heard in the senate since Till
man's 'U.V.ional sierch was that of Vest,
during a speech en tho great quct-tlon of
freo distribution of seeds, arraigning Sec
retary of Agriculture M-Tton. TL-e keen
aim and ridieulo directed nga!nst the
arorclaxy, and tho allusion to tho presi
dent, made tho speech hardly less notable
than tnat which recently startled the sen
ate. Vent referred derisively to "tho co
lossal intellect dealing with cabbages."
At ono point the senator said: "Tho se
retnry of agriculture charges from his of-
th v, n-mlnding us of what Cicero says of
l .it.olnc's flight from tho senate: wueii
rxiv,sit cvasit eruplt. ILnunhtcr.J When
the M-cretary of agriculture hears of a
silver lunatic' ho I liko tho war norso in
Jol: Ids neck is clollusl with thunder.
'You nitsht go further and say, 'He
saith nnuiTiK the prophets Ha! Hal and
he smelleih tho hattlo afar off; the thun
der of the r.itdntii and the shouting.
Vest sever, lr criticized tho practice of
furuisbln; ostly tlowera from govern
Hunt greenhouses for the receptions at
the riet-iitive mansion and added: "Mr, I
Would rather giv, twice I he amount of
this appropriation to enable some poor
man In a distant count v of the west who
1 fighting the bant liatlle of life I would
rather give him sotuuthimr that would
tneJiU vbevrhss huiuccoiufoirtble ua
bflng light to fug fireside;' I would rather
put one flower in the sick room of a noble
working girl," etc., etc.
Vest referred to tho tllllly.W.lttt, trmn
' the secretary of agriculture against the
congressional extravagance in distribut
ing eeetli "Tho Democratic party has
been moat unfortunate," said the senator
with emphasis, "not only as to its inter
national discords, but also in the fact that
the devil has owed us a grudgo and has
paid it in a secretary of agriculture. The
secretary has put the Democratic party in
entaQjutsm to tho (treat agricultural In
terests of the party, although that party
has always stiwd as tho closo friends of
agriculture. Tho gigantic intellect of this
Secretary of agriculture has daily gone
outside of his legitimate duties, and why
did it not discover so rue of the really
flairrant abuses?"
"This secretary," proceeded the senator,
"assumes to run tho entire government
Ho has been practically tho secretary of
the treasury, flooding this country with
report and pamphlets denouncing thesil-v.-c
lunatics and upholding tho single
gold standard. The trouble is that the
secretary of agriculture is a monomaniac
on tho gold standard. He sees only gold,
gold, red gold, and ho thinks any man
who does not sco as ho sees is a lunatic."
Vest closed with a rcmnrkably sarcastic
nnd bitter peroration. Ho referred to the
"nscli-ss seeds," which it was asserted tho
secretary had properly refused to buy.
Hut there was ono seed not mentioned.
"It wns." ho proceeded, smiling sarcastic
ally, "tho aun-fur feniculum caues roor
toiiui, or. In plnincr words, Morton's
golden dogwecd. This would flourish
while this s-'cretary, swinging his jrolden
censor nt tho execut ivo mansion, shouted
his 'holy, holy, art thou, oh, Grover, king
offings and lonl of lords.' "
House N'!ht Session IH-vclops a Lively Re
vival of War Is? ncs.
WasIIIXCTOX, F;;b. fi. Tho only thing
that kept tho house night session from tho
usual monotony of those sessions was a
rovival of war issues. Pearson (Rep.) of
North Carolina was urging tho silver Re
publicans to stand by their party, ns the
party thi-.t would solve the silver question
in tho interest of tho largest circulation of
silver consistent with the public credit.
Ho spoke of "thoss who wero hoisting tho
red flag of anarchy and tho black flag of
dynamite and those: who in South Caro
lina, under the leadorehipof a tyrant, wero
building their power in class hatred and
rn-.! prejudice."
He urged his silver Republican friends
In North Carolina not to join the Populist
party nt the invitation of South Carolina.
Ve accepted South Carolina's invitation
tu Bccedo once," said ho dramatically,
"nnd got whipped."
"Wo did not get whipped," shouted
Talbert, of South Carolina, whoso iro
had lii;cn aroused. "Wo soc-ded, nnd
would do so again. I'm proud of what
we did."
"I nm sorry for nny ono who still be
lieves In secession," said Pearson.
"I do," Siiid Talbert ungriiy, "and I
want tho gentleman to understand that
wo did not get whipped and never will be
whipped." This . Spartan declaration
caused laughter on tiio floor, but tho gal
leries applauded it vigorously. .
"When hell breaks loose, some ono has
dd. right ly, I guess," was Pearson's part
ing shot, "it will brentc loose in South
Carolina." Laughter.
Y.'ontler How a National Anti-Lynching
Matnte Would Work.
Washington, Feb. 6. Tho house yester
day paMHl the following bill:
"That any person who in nny of tho
territories or tho District of Columbia
shall voluntarilly engage InJ a pugilistic
encounter between man and man, or a
ficbt between a man nnd a bull or nny
fiber unimnl, for money or for other
things of vnlvc, or for any championship,
or upon the result of which any money or
anything of viilue is bet or wagered, or to
sen which any admission fee is c!nrged
either directly or indirectly, shall l-o
deemed guilty of felony, nnd upon con
viction shall bo punished by imprison
ment iu tho penitentiary for not loss than
one year nor more than five years.
"l!y tho term 'pug'.istic encounter.' as
used in this bill Is meant any voluntary
fight by blow by means of fists or other-win-,
whether with or without glove3, b
tween two or moro men for money or
for a prio of nny character, or for nny
other thing of valnc, or for any cham
pionship, or upon tho result of which any
money or auything of value is bet or
wagered, or to see which nny admission
fee is charged cither directly or indi
rectly." Catron, thedelegnto from New Mexico,
declares that if tho bill becomes a law
tho Stuart lights cannot como eff In New
Mexico, and tho governor of the territory
will be obliged to enforce it.
Will Krcngnlze Cnban Hclligereney,
Washington, Feb. 0. Tho sennto
foreign relations committee has agreed
upon nn entirely different resolution re
lating to Cuba from that recently reported
asking Spain to rceoguizo tho belliger
ency of her own rebels. Tho substitute
recognizes tho belligerency of the rebels
oa the part of the United states out-and-out,
nnd declares the United States to
hold strict neutrality between the con
tending parties.
Canada Loyal to the Empire.
OTTAWA, Ont, Feb. 6. A resolution in
troduced by McNeill, Conservative, was
unanimously adopted by the house of
commons yesterday, declaring Canada's
ina'.leuable loyalty to tho British throne
and her willingness in caso of war to
make any sacriiiue for the integrity of the
Get rive Years for Stealing S 20,000.
Colorado Springs, Col., Feb. C
Krout, tho express agent of the Wells
Fargo company, last evening pleaded
guilty to roobing the company of f20,uou
and was sentenced to five years imprison
ment. His father was released. All but
fiij of the money was recovered.
Farmers' Alliance Meeting.
W"ASMS;tos, Feb. Tho supremo
council cf tho National Farmers' Alli
ance elected officers as follows: Mann
Page. Virginia, president; R. A. South
worth, Colorado, secretary and treasurer.
Page is said to be a strong free silver ad-
Mystery of the Woman at Fori
Thomas Seems Solved.
The StupecVd Man Betas Tonos; Medical
Student Arrested at Cincinnati on Or
ders from Grcencastle, Ind, Where He
and His Victim Lived Relieved to Have
Carried the aiiuine Head Around the
Queen City In a Valise.
Cincinnati, Fob. 6. A student at the
dental college here, a resident of Grecn
costle, Ind., has been arrested on tele
grams from detectives at Greencastle on
the chargo of tho murder of Pearl Pryan,
tho Fort Thomas murdered woman, of
At 10:13 last night the following tele
gram came flashing over the wires fi-om
Greencastle, Imi, to Colonel Dietsch, chief
of police here, "Arrest nnd chargo with
tho murder of Pearl Bryan ono Scott
Jackson, student nt tho dental college.
Positive identification of clothing by
family. Arrest if in Cincinnati William
Wood, a friend of Jiickson, and chargo as
Examination of the Suspect.
Accordingly at 10: 15 o'clock Scott Jack
son was in tho mayor's office tinder cx
a lunation by the mayor and chief of po
lice. There was no question cf identity. He
was undoubtedly tho man wanted wheth
er innocent or guilty. Ho was not in
dignant when arrested, but denied his
guilt, admitted that ho knew tho girl, but
denied knowing where 6ho was or had
beon during tho past few weeks. Jackson
said he was in his room at the boarding
house all night. His roommate Lamping
said Jackson was in tho room at 10 p. m.,
but did not know how long ho stayed.
The most suspicious part of Jackson's do
ings was his conduct last Saturday. He
is known to havo carried a valiso nil
over the city, and tho missing head is
supposed to have been iu tho valise. The
accounting for this valiso and why bo
carried it all day and night puzzled him
moro than any thing else. In fact ho
prevaricated and afterward acknowledged
that ho had lied.
Origin of tho Case Summarized.
Last Saturday morning tho body of a
woman, evidently murdered, with thu
head cut off, was found near Fort Thonui,
.ivy., iew mues irom tnis citv. fciuco
then the officers of this city, Newport and
t-ovington, iy., have exhausted every
effort to find the murderer. Every clew
was pursued. They have kept tho body
at the Newport morgue, and have bc-en
unable to lind tho head, although thoi
soldiers of tho fort joined with the citizens
and officers in scouring tho country,
dredging tho Ohio river, nnd tributaries,
and in draining reservoirs. Tho first
clow was struck at Greencastle, Indiana,
developing ono of tlio most brutal mur
ders ou record.
Wm Seen with the Girl.
It transpired last night that Scott Jack
son was seen with Miss Bryan at Davo
Wallinsford's saloon at tho northeast cor
ner of George and Plum streets, this city.
r riuay niglit between 7 and 8 o'clock, and
Jackson borrowed ii from Wallingford.
inis man will bo a most important if net
tho most important witness against Jack
eon. Tho location of Plum and George
streets is in the tenderloin district of this
Clothing of tho Murdered Girl Identified
by Her Parents,
A special to Tho Commercial-Gazette
from Greencastle, Ind., says: The family
of A. S. Bryan, a leading farmer living
less than two miles from this city, have
identified tho clothing brought hero by
detectives from Cincinnati and Newport,
Ky., ns that of their daifghtcr. Pearl Bry
an. J. hey furnish other information ar.d
circumstances which leave no doubt in
tho minds of tho officers thnt the body of
tho woman murdered and beheaded is
that of their daughter. Pearl, aged 23
years, who left homo Jan. SS, ostensibly
to visit her friend, Miss Jane Fisher, on
Central nvenne, Indianapolis.
They havo made every possiblo inouirv
and find that, sho did not visit Miss Fisher
in Indianapolis, but that sho was taken to
Cincinnati by Scott Jackson. Sho took
with her a sn itch of hair which was
brought here by the officers and identified,
as well ns the clothing, and locks of her
own hair. Tho shoes that were brought
here by tho officers wero bought of Louis
& Hayes by Pearl Bryan, Nov. la, 1st 5,
and tho marks wero identified by tho
dealers. As soon us tho tfficcrs inter
viewed Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and other
members of their family they sent word to
Cincinnati to havo 5cott Jackson arrested.
The mother of Scott Jackson lives here
and tho families were intimate and high
ly respected. Tho Bryan family also pave
information that led the officers to order
tho arrest of William Wood, the son cf
Rev. D. 31. Wood, of South Bend, Ind.
Detectives Crutu and McDermott, of Cin
cinnati, and Sheriff Plummer, ef New
port, Ky., left hero last night for Sjuth
B"iul to arrest Wood. Tho families of
Jackson, Wood and Bryan aro all well
known hero and the tragedy has created
tha greatest excitement that wns ever
known in this part cf Indiana.
The clew to the arrest of Jackson and
Wood was jri veil to tiioofficx-as by Will
iam Karl, the Western Union operator
here. Ho saw a letter written by Scott
Jackson to William Wood, in which tho
former told tho latter what to give Pearl
Bryan, nnd outlined treatment for her.
The olUcers bad learned from tho post
mortem a: Newport, Ky.. that the mur
dered woman was about to become a
mother. When Pearl left homo Jan. iS
it is believed that it was for a continua
tion of treatment by ber alleged seducer.
Mirhiean Postmasters Appointed.
Washington, Feb. 6. The president
has sent to the senate tho following nomi
nations of postmasters: Alonza . Hais,
Cass City, and Irving McArthur, Lapeer,
Look out for colds at this season
Keep yourself well awl vstrou;: by
akinj; Hood's Sarssparilli, the gTat
onic and blood purifier- '
New York admirers are going to present
a diamond tiara to Mmi Nordics.
Obituary: At GrinnclL la, Samuel
Wisecarver, 101. At Bowen, Ills., Dr. J.
F. McKowan. At Coldwater. Mich., Will
inm Perch, 66. At Bamboo, Wis , Alfred
Gattlkcr, 7S. At Duluth. Minn.. E. M.
Allen, formerly of Rsckford, Ills. At
Webster City, Ia Judd Bradley. At
Spriagfleld, Ills., Adolf Waiff, 86.
The St. Louis court of appeals has af
firmed tho judgment of fci.SOO awarded
Sarah M. Pierce and James E. Pierce
against A. B. Carpenter, at Clayton, Mo.,
recently, because the latter, kissed Mrs.
Pierc3. ,
Adams, Ind., was the scene of a genuine
duel between rival aspirants for tho uffoc
tions of a young woman. Tho fighters
were a trifle wild in their shooting and
not only succeeded in wounding each
ether, but managed to lodge stray bullets
In tho bodies of two bystanders. John
Lee, one of tho duclisife, will dio.
J. 31. Harris, who was put to sleep at
Milwaukee last week for a seven day's
nap by Professor Gregoroviteh, woke up
Tuesday night apparently none the worse
for his hypnotic trip in tho laud of Nod.
Pierre, S. D., society women drove
street car mules to raiso money for a res
cue homo.
An unidentified man was killed at Wil
low Springs, Ills., by a Chicago and Al
ton train, lie is supposed to have been
a laborer on the drainage canal.
Justice Morris, of tho District of Col
umbia court of appeals, has decided that
while intoxication may bo a disease, yet
if it is voluntary and leads to commis
sion of crime it is a crime in itself.
St. John's Military academy at Delafleld
has been closed as the result of a smallpox
Miss Mary Jaeger, 42 years old, died sud
denly at the German charity bail in Metro
politan Opera house. New Vork.
Governor Altgeld has appointed as stato
fish wardens K. C. Howard, of Fox Lake,
for Lake counfy, and Henry Chnppell, of
Yorkville, for Kendall county.
At the Thurman club, Columbus, O.,
John J. Leutz, a warm friend of Presi
dent Cleveland, delivered an address in
which ho urged tho nomination of Judsan
Harmon by the Democrats for the presi
dency. Mary Teresa O'Brien, a Pittsburg maid
en lady, weight 0S pounds, tried to kick
as high as the gas jet in her room. Sho
did so, but lost her balance and fell, hurt
ing her back. She applied a mustard
plaster and went to bed, and was found
dead next morning as a result of her
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Catarrh oftlie StomacH
A Well-known Man Rrtatra Tils Kiperi
ence and Tells How He Succeeded in
Getting Relief.
From the St. LouU, Mo., Clironiclr.)
"No one knows except mvself flic amo-jnt
of snli'i-ring I endured for upwards cf four
years, from what I was told was catarrh
of the bt miaeh." The speaker was Mr. J.
P. Fox, one of the best known profession:! I
swiaim-ra in St. Louis, nw at I 'rot'. Clark's
NataMrium, 10th mid 1'inc. Prof. Fox's
occupation necessitated bin being in the
water several hours every lav. Ho con
tracted sv severe cold, which ho ni sih-ctcd,
then another aad another and fundi v he
broke down, the effect of these colds seem
ed to d-bilitate and finally disease bis
stamaclt, and be had such symptoms as
stinciug ,:;ins in his hind, en iiiliauiiiuition
of th- tu-.-iuhrcnos of the throat, and air
pascscs. which fiiled with tt Mirrrv mi!
tifanev, V-i appetite failed him, be became
g-umt aart thin and excessively nervous
all of whicii denoted Catarrh of the sti.mach.
An attack of vertigo one dav rendered him
unconscious fr half an hour after whith
he was confined to the finuSc. and reareeiv
able to walk across the room, jle was sleep
less, had violent ains nnd indigestion of
the worjt kind. Mr. Fox seinV to our re
porter: ";len I would be cized with a
r.-elinjof snSbcation. This went on until
ene day a friend insisted that I trv Dr. Wil
liams' Tink Pills for Tale Pcopf;.-, and he
read to nie a paper wherein severai cures of
eases similar to mine were reported. I de
termined to eive then a trial. Mv mo.her
threw thediH-t -r'sincdicineawayand actually
before I had taken halt" of the contents of the
first bix 1 hi-tr.in to feel a marked improve
ment. 1 be;tun to sleep well, with civ re
tiirnin? npiwtite I began to take a better
vh-w of life, the gnawing sensations in niv
stomach disappeared, I ceseed to belch up
gas and bad no feelings, of vornitin-r after
eatins, the soreness in niv throst went nwnv,
and. w.-H, within a month. I ventured nut
ot th house. I kept on with the pills, and
well you see me now. I feci as well as
ever I did and I don't
sounder man physically than myself in the
three and f.,nr times a dav. civir.z swim
ming lessors, and I certa'nlv attribute nr
Pp;"ent,F0'',l health to Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. Von can use mv name if vnii want to,
and T shall lie pleased to tell of the great
benefits I have derived from the uo ef the
pills at anv time."
Dr. Williams' Pint Pil, for Pale Pr-ople
are now manufactured hv the Dr. Williams'
Medicine IVimoany, Sehenectadv, N. Y.,
and are sold in boxes (nevr in l.iose firm by
the drizen or hundred, and the public are rnri
tioned against numerous imitation.? ,,J jn
this shape) at 50 cent a box, or -x boxes f, r
$2.50. and mav he h-i.t .r .11 ,i,., ,.;.,..
direct by mail from Dr. Viilhund' iiediana
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i t Carpet Co.,
824. 326, 32S Brady St,
Old age can be obtained by the proper use of in
vigorating tonics. The Rock Island Brewing Cos
products are all the results of scientific labor and
the most improved apparatus, preserving in the
highest degree the -health giving qualities of the
Rock Island Brewing Go.
Rock Island
Savings Sank.
Five Per Cent Interest PaM on Deposits;
Money Loaned on Personal Collateral or Real Estate Bacmrttj
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Carpenter and Builder,
Chop on Vina street, XLGC3 1ZLMBD
They're Ail Right
Incorporated Under the
State Law.
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Juki Volk.
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