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MkM DeOj eat Weekly 1M taeeae
MM, MIttal,a HmI at ateBaw-
J. W. Poem
MoaPAT, Mabch 1. IBM.
BfAixapald last year 91.662 In
bounties for seals caught to tb
waters of the ceait of tba state. Tbe
bounty ia for the benefit of the fiih
ermcn. Tnoii ia pretty old Maine
town, bnt it nerer had a clergyman,
lawyer, or a doctor living in ita
limits, and it la the only town in
Maine that ha no poatoffice.
- A HCXTiB in Bracken county, Ky.,
laat week cot down a tree to get a
'possum, and when tbe tree came
down he found it contained four
'possums, two coona, fire young
squirrels, and about n hundred
pounds of honey.
Mew TorkCitt haa adopted an in
genioua plan to keep bicycle out of
her avenues. She ia going to make a
superior bicycle track 10O feet wide
entirely around the immense new
reservoir which she is building above
the city. This attraction will be so
irresistible that every bicyclist will
take the nearest way to it every time
he goea for a ride.
Am KitiM4laary W
The series of bravado bets which have
been so frequent in Paris rracbed ft cli
max when shop assistant, named Alex
ander, laid a wager of 600 franca that
be would swallow a yard of galvanised
Iron stove piping. Tbe bet was accept
ed and witnesses and referee appoint
ed. Alexander and one of tbe witneasos
went to buy the piping, wbioh was
about one-sixteenth of an inch in thick
ness and five inches in diameter. Alex
ander took It to a whitesmith and re
quested him to file it down Into a pow
der in the presence of the witness, who
ubeetraently carried it to a cafe in the
Rue de la Chapelle, where the operation
of swallowing tbo filings was carried
out Quito 100 persons attomlod as spec
tators. Alexander divided the filings
into five purtions, placed tbom in five
glasses of beer and tossed tbero off at
Intervals of ten minutes. He played
cards daring; the process of drinking,
and when tho last glass of beer and ita
tnetallio addition bail been consumed
the bet was declared won and tbe GOO
francs handed over to him. De stated
afterward that be full no inconvenience
whatever from tbe feat Paris Letter.
Ma Veraoa'e reraetaal Pointer.
"That pointer of mine is a nrcat dog.
declared Howard Vernon as ho petted
bis f 1.000 dog Ulenbeicb. "I can al
waya depend on him. When he makes a
point. I know that he has soented a bird.
and I know that bo will not movo a
muscle while I have a chance at it.
"I was hunting nunil up at Point
Beys when I lt Ulenbelgb. I know be
xnust be pointing in tbe brush some
where, bnt I looked everywhare for bia
and could not find bint. Tho neat day
I resumed tbe search, with no better
success, but on tbe third day I found
bim in a dense thicket standing per
fectly rigid, with his tail sticking
straight out behind and one foot up. A
quail bad inn into a hollow tree, and
the dog stood at the opening pointing.
Tbe quail dared not come out, and tbe
dog, true to his training, wouldn't
move. De had been standing in that po
sition, without so ranch as moving a
foot, for 63 hours, and when I ttied to
load him away he could not walk."
Ban Francisco Post
Bnto t Um Party.
- At a card party in the northwest a
few evenings ago a cross eyed man was
posing aa Nie man who knew it all, giv
lag bis positive opinions on every sub'
Ject in a loud voice and otherwise rank
Ing himself a general nuisance. A Bos
ton girl was particularly anuoyed at the
lordly air he assumed and the attacks be
bad made on some ox her pet theories.
Phe made up ber mind to bowl him over
If she ever got a chance.
It came sooner than expected. A fow
minute biter the Boston girl was the
' partner of the cross eyed man, who im
mediately proceeded to give elaborate
Instruction as to bow certain cards
should be played to insure tbom the
game. Be finished by saying. "Now. go
ahead, Alias Back Bay, and remembet
I have my eye on you." She never look
ed up, but in tbe most innocent way
imaginable, said, "Which eye. Mr.
Jones?" It broke up tbe party. Wash
lngtoa Post
Lord Palmerston on one occasion took
tbe chair at a meeting in connection
with University college, London. He
was not so familiar, writes Mrs. & E.
de Morgan in ber reminiaceooes, with
the sort of speech expected in such
puce aa be would have been at West
minster, and meaning to adapt bis rbet
)e to the oocaaioa began very appro
priately. "It has been said that 'a lit
tle) learning fa a dangerous thing,' but
it ia better than hatter than better
than" Her cam a draw atop. Lord
Brougham, who aat braid the speaker,
cam to tbe rescue, speaking with his
peculiar nasal twang. "Better than a
greet deal of ignorance." TaJ of coarse
Jtrajataaowa tbe bouse, and dartae a
TaTO-OaO. M aer weak, .
SJan iliHwiii.lf.
Alt kattea iafrltkal miili
H Hi.ymiart t mBHow, mm few
WjjMMIi gy vMemm. Be MKk
volley of laughter, cheers and Kentish
fire. Lord Palmerston recovered tbe lost
thread of bis speeob. aod finished it With
bia usual ease and fluency.
A friend writes ns from England : We
visited the simple tomb of William
Wordsworth in Orasmere churchyard.
Tbe old church stood near It, among
the anoient trees. The rapid Botha
passed the graves and the grand hills
lifted their green domes in the cloudless
We bad ridden past tbe poet tuned
lakes of Windermere and Grasmere,
with memories of Coleridge, De Quin
cey, Christopher North, Mrs. Hman
and Harriet Martincau, and bad rested
by Bydal Water in tbe shadows of Bv-
dal Mount
"Wordsworth," said one of our par
ty, calling to mind tbe author of tbe
"Excursion," "seems to be tbe soul of
all these scenes. He made himself the
ever prevailing spirit of the English
"Barns was bis teacher," said anoth
"How was thatr we asked.
There, under the grand trees lifting
their solemn tops to the sun, our friend
repeated a single verse from Words
worth's poem on tbe death of Burns:
I mourned with tboumnda, bat as one
If ore deeply priwred, tor be was (one
Whose light I ballad when first it shone
And showed my youth
Bow Terse may build princely throne
Ob hamblo truth.
Youth's Companion.
Bepaw Tiaaa For Lack.
The Rev. T. D. Withenpoon in a ser
mon at Padncah related an amusing
story of his experience while evangelis-
ing in the mountains. One day while
passing a cornfield in Leslie county be
was surprised to see long strings of
papaW bark knotted together and tied
to stumps. He asked bis guide what it
meant and was informed that it was
"to bring luck."
"And does such a foolish superstition
exist all over tbia community?" asked
the minister.
"Ob, no." said the mountaineer;
"tbe old preacher over In tbe settlement
yonder says papaw vines don't do no
"An intelligent man," interrupted
Mr. Withenpoon. "I'm glad to find one
man who ira t lost in ignorance."
"Yassir," tbe native continued, "be
lows that yarn atnnga beats papaw
strings all bollow when it comes to
bringin lock. Fact is, be don't use
nothin but yarn strings. " LOhisville
A Font Child.
Professor Sully, in an article in Tbe
Popular Science Monthly, commenting
on tne jealous regard for ceremony and
tho proprieties of behavior aa seen in the
enforcement of rulee of politeness by
children, cites a delightful instance
that fell under his own observation as
be was walking on Hampstoed heath.
"It was a spring day, and the fat buds
of tbo chestnut were bursting into mag
nificent green plumes. Two well dressed
'misses,' aged.. I should say. about 9
and 11. were Juicing their correct morn
ing walk. TjSe elder called the attention
of the younger to one of the trees, point
ing to it The younger exclaimed in a
highly shocked tone, 'Oh, Maud, you
know you shouldn't point 1 The notion
of perpetrating a rudeness on the chest
nut tree was fnnny enough. But the in
cident ia instructive as illustrating the
childish tendency to stretch and gener
alize rules to the utmost"
Opea Car Wladows.
A correspondent writing of open car
windows and the disagreeable draft
from tbe same suggests that screens
similar to those used in sleeping cars be
provided for coach windows, and that
only trainmen be allowed to place or re
move them. A lady writing to tbe same
paper suggests original tactics by the
person annoyed :
"Simply raise yonr umbrella or para
sol in front of Ton, so that the wind.
cinders, dust and smoke blow from your
umbrella on tbe back of the neck of the
person who sits by the window in front
of you. A very few minutes suffice to
convince this person that the wind is
blowing harder than be thought and
Is very disagreeable and uncomfortable.
So down goes tbe window, and also tbe
umbrella, with a qniet smile of grati
tude and content, with the result of self
protection." Sew York Tribune.
A Saaaye Statu.
Sponge is certainly one of the most
original and. unlikely material in tbe
world for a statue; but, for all that, one
of Germany's great men is modeled in
this unpromising substance.
In the Friedrkhastrasse. Berlin, is a
shop which contains a statue in sponge
ox tu. v iworst He Is represented life
sise, seated in an armchair and holding
dim notes lor a speecn in nis band.
Every one acknowledge that tbe
liken is an excellent one, and tbe
manner in which tbe statesman's frock
coat and gold spectacles are represented
la a subject for universal admiration.
Tbe beat naive la the world for
cute, bruises, sores, ulcers, gait
rheum, fever aoree, tetter, chapped
band, chilblains, corn and all sua
emotions, and BooitivelT cure
pile or no pay reauired. It is gunr-
a&teea to give penect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Prion IS cent par
nos. rot sais ny tiara at uuomeyer.
VaaOea Fifty T
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has
oeen usea tor cnuaren teeming, it
soothea the child, softens the rums.
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is tho best remedy for diarrhoea.
Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Thu Aaoc delivered ovary even
lag at your door at lOo a week. -
Children Cry for
Weatera IlltaaU Paul try aa Fat I
Quite a delegation of chicken fan.
ciers from Bock Island and surround
ing cities assembled at Turner hall
Saturday evening and formed the
western Illinois rouitry ana ret
Stock association ' by electing the
following officers: "'
President F. H. Cooper, Moline.
Vice President John Surmaa,
Bock Island.
Secretary- Charles F. Kammerer.
Bock Island.
Treasurer I). G. White, Bock Isl
Executive Committee F. H. Coop
er, u. B. Cowan, Charles Baiscb.
Moline; D..G. White. Charles F. Kam
merer. Bock Island.
The charter membership embraces
the names of about fifty of the more
prominent bird admirers of Bock
Island connty and a few outside
cities, and it is calculated to increase
this to 100 immediately. Then, the
gentlemen interested represent, will
oe commenced what will eventually
develop into an organization em
bracing all tbe fancy chicken raisers
of western Illinois. The organiza-
idea has been under discussion for a
considerable time, ' and as there is
nothing of the kind in existence in
this section it is believed a popular
move has been made. The intention
is to have annual exhibitions of
fancy birds. The first will be held
in Bock Island next Thanksgiving
Bobert Loot Stevenson Telia of the Data-
aloaa af One of Ula Servaata.
Poor Misi Folo you remember the
tbin boy. do yuu not? had a desperate
attack of influenza, and be was in a
great taking. You would not like to be
very sick in some savago place in the
islands and have only the savages to
doctor you? Well, that was just the
way he felt "It ia all very well," he
thought, "to let these childish white
people doctor a sore foot or a toothache.
but this is serious I might die of this!
For goodness' sake, let me get away in
to a drafty native bouse where I can lie
in cold gravel, eat green bananas and
bave a real grown up, tattooed man to
raise spirits and say charms over me.
A day or two we l:eot him quiet and
got bim much better. Then he said he
must go. He bad had his back broken
in bis own island, ho said. It bad come
broken again, and ho must go away to a
native house and bave it mended. "Con'
found your back, " said we. "Lie down
in your bed." At last one day his fever
was quite gone, and he could give his
mind to tbe broken back entirely. He
lay in the hall. I was in the room
alone. All morning and noon I heard
him roaring like a bnll calf, so that the
floor shook with it It was plainly bum
bug. It bad tbe humbugging sound of
a bad child crying, and about 3 of the
afternoon we were worn out and told him
he might go. Off he set. Ho was in some
kind of a white wraDDins. with a creat
white turban on his bead, as pale ns
clay, and walked leaning on n stick.
Bnt, oh, be was a glad boy to get away
from these foolish, savage, childish
white people and get his broken back
put right by somebody with some sense.
Ho nearly died that night, and little
wonder, but he has now got better
again, and long may it last!
All tbe others were quite good, trust
ed ns wholly, and etaid to be cured
where they were. But then be was quite
right if yon look at it from his point of
view, for, though we may be very cler.
er, we do not set np to cure broken, backs.
If a man has his back broken, we white
people can do nothing at all bnt bury
bim. And was be not wise, since that
was bis complaint, to go to folks who
could do more? Robert Louis Steven
son's "Letters to a Boy" in St Nich
Collector Baker Anaonaea tba Extras
Limit of TIbm for Pay meat of laze.
The time for collecting taxes being
limited dv law to tbe 10th ol March
and the board of supervisors having
oy resolution declared its intention
to comply with the law in regard to
taxes on personal property, I shall
be obliged to levy for all personal
taxes which are not paid by March
10. Taxes on real estate will be re
ceived up to March 85.
Wiixiam Bakkr. Tax Collector.
A BasarkaM Care.
Mrs. H. B. Adams. 1609 Wabash
avenue. Chicago, says: "I had
scrofulous taint of tbe blood from
childhood, which, however, remained
dormant An ulcer began on the
side of the nose. ' having all the ap
pearances of a most malignant can
cer. The agony of mind I suffered
cannot be described as I contem
plated the progress of such a malig
nant uisease. finally I was induced
to try Foley's Sarsaparilla. It ap
peared to neutralize the poison in
the blood. The growth of the ulcer
ceased. The diseased tissues in the
bottom and edges of the sore seemed
to loosen and the natural flesh to
take ita place. No part of the die.
ease remains." For sale at M. F.
Bahasen's dreg store.
I arttra' Aastiary An
The ladies1 auxiliary of Camp 1550.
M. W. A., will meet at Odd Fellow's
hall Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock for permanent organization.
All ladies eligible to membership
and members of sister lodges are in
vited to be present. P. J. Cast,
Chairman Committee.
29 William Vemere. Mis Emma
FiegeL Bock Island. -
March 2 William C Cole. Jr..
Miss Etta E. Maaa. New Windsor.
Subscribe for Tun Amds.
tUg MQITDAr, MARCH 2, 1898.
Words Fail
express the mtltade of aaaaw
aatpsirad f help, bat bar beea corad by
Hood Bmrsapa-
rllla, as In thai
"I cannot tan
tba creat valoa
Hood' Banapa
miahas been to
me. For two
years I have been
In poor health,
taking medicine
all the time with
little benefit. Ia
the winter I bad
a severe attack of
rheumatism and thought I should never
get rid of it I read about Hood' Sarsa
parilla and eoocludod to try it Since
taking five bottle I em like a new per
son. Jt la worth ita weight in cold. It
will convince the moat ekent ical of It.
mexita." atae. Lrxun Shaffek, River
ton, Illinois. Remember,
Hood'o Sarsaparilla
Is the only True Elood Purifier proml-
oently In the public eye today, tl ; aix forfS
Hrwrl'a DIfte we kabitnal
mwwv a 11U
1 aaa. nice aa.
Kxperleace of Betel Clerk la Pealing
With Some of Them.
"I cannot sleep in that room," said a
guest at a hotel in this city last evening
as be walked to tho desk in the office
and threw tbe key upon it
"What is the matter with it?" asked
the clerk.
"There is nothing the matter with it
except that tbe bed is in tbe wrong
place," tbe guest replied. "For more
tban 20 years I have slept in a bed with
the bead toward tbe north,, and it has
become such a habit with me that it
would be actually impossible for me to
sleep with tbe heed in any other direc
"It will be irapoEsiblo for me to give
you a room containing a bed with the
bead in that direction," said tbe cleric
The hotel is well filled tonight and I
bave only two vacant rooms, but I will
have the bed turned for yon. " Calling
a porter, tho clerk instructed him to
turn the bed in the gentleman's room so
that the head would be to the north.
The curst followed the porter up stairs.
and as nothing further was heard from
him it is presumed that be retired and
slept peacefully.
"There is no accounting for tastes,"
said tbe clerk, turning to tbe reporter.
"and tbe fuuuy experiences wo have in
the hotel business wonld fill a volume.
Before tbe night is over wo may bave
calls for beds with their beads turned to
every point of the compass, and of
course we are obliged to accommodate
every one.
"I remember nn instance like this
several years ago. A man slightly ia
cbriated camo into the hotel one night
and producing 'a pocket compass said
that be wished a room where the bead
of the bed should bo placed to the
northeast W e sent two boys with bim,
and they tumod the bed as requested.
The joke was that the compass was
furnished with a little stop, which held
the indicator m a certain position. It
so happened that tbe gontlemau's bedj
which had teen carefully placed north
east according to the compass, was in
reality placed with tbe head to the
south. The man discovered his mistake
the next morning and was cured of the
fad." Philadelphia Bulletin.
"There are 14 varieties of apes in
Venezuela," he said altera long silence.
"And only one variety here," she re
sponded sadly. And again tbe silence
settled upon them. Detroit Free Press.
' The most graceful cf domestic ani
mals is the cat, while the most awkward
bird is the duck, bnt it won't do to use
these facts for a' basis if you want to
can a woman pet names.
The factories of Indiana furnish em
nlonnent to 124.349 Tjersona. thn nnrnnt
oewg vzzu.BZo.u&t
A Collar
The Sun
Can't Hurt.
"Celluloid" collars and cuffs are water
proof and will not wilt with perspira
tion. You can wear them on the hot
test day or in tbe hottest place with
comforting knowledge that they will
look as nice when yon take them off.
a they were when von pat them on.
When they get soiled you can clean
them yourself in a minute, with a
damp clotb or sponge. Get the
and youll haTe the right kind. '
rnr f taiU of uuai. i . bat it yw ww the
CMio iMMnpw tbo. with bOTetaedmrfc.
frMflfTlMlbirw.dgiMtow. Vnllmn
cnu. r&aierataBiiBUilceBid. mate
aua aM elrle wanted.
Ira YmrU.
Want Column.
eixtkavenne. Apply ea tienlaaa.
er v . neater. IfcW t bird eieaae.
and Barnrai at Hit Thiitritfklh ueU.
ITfAIITKn wrtpv r n.v i. mm.
aateiil aewlag. So. 800 Twea-
' nrtaJ Jaenranc. company. SI Schmidt
bunding. Davenport, Iowa.
or pxirr-Hicx flat or tbrbb boohs
in ttnafw4al Habbm tv a. .
ApolT to T. H. Tknu.
n. If arm kita as Wks iu.ik u w
lataed. by George F. notb, M atonic Vemple.
Who hM Bid xnf'nft arith nrmmm
Can furnish ntetettx. Address !. ." A Bans'.
a-'--''"-" a. . r-o, tmw VI T. BlivU tan I S ,
T-Ti. auawuaojaj, AfVIT lOW
For wm- a rotvr-ctA8s tnooTmo
aTaVlerV 111 SNWUl AS! avlrk M ae-Mtwut -IA .
.-uv-Sm.iV cwuoe. ic Kiewuel U1UV11
mftlfMi atin aath M4.a ..U.VU a
...... v-n bjwv mw aui vawvauraj I an r
tnm Raaf.lM knolnn ri , ull .. a a
,"f "-5 " " oewn.0
mum ariakiiu
YtMriflMl . . Mull... t 1.
Call at 811 Tentr-eoond atrert.
new or reierencaa rnr i.iun
W kitchen work, to ma tn Aledo. abont thirty
t i' uu; tpoaptareionen'iar.
CJ at Secocd avenue. Joe SchroedT.
ftlrl eoine to Khoul or elai kln for ber srr
ice m. c tmaAnion tn . l.rlv m .... .
God place for the r"(rbt person Address "CoiJ-
purun, care 01 J hb uacs.
wkwmn vu ii ' hip ui mn arricies or aoe. uooas
stored and sold on eommiseloti. LeaTe toot or-
u a .1 . m .
- - ar-w eam,M.s (Neiv ui AStlHO 'Ul 111 U It'll
Wlline faple exB by ample to defers. Kr-
uuin.rFfww. w rive us. rioieuota
9peclRl-T company, 77 W. Fourth itmL, Clnciiv-
nati sTsritn.
" that OrTNtal marhla Vlrm1sa1 naaiaail I tsar
kettle, also Acme cake bearer and R d 8ur a-iver
i.it-.i, nwiuvi sctDii penraiirniir lormrea n
R1R Twnt.fnnpi mbu Am a i i-
"" w'u-fc- " iruiisn scuie iai
flnrilriB tra.leiat - !... eh
exeiuet, feswaat, uiai, l V 1 ,UU,
French Kall'wa .T.teia at mil Second ave
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sjawm oompiexe, sxa. ars. au a. Lawaon.
hinds who c.n 1 arntah refereneea tA na
Thb Avar- want eolnron. t:!1 at mviwd at
this office daily for dotneat'ra, etc who can Come
well recommended. Try th e column for a situa
tion ana ir yoa are leitatMe yon win at one.
l world's greatest medium, if yon want to
"'iw iiuw iu .mrxra in n'j-inesft, at erniatioii.
InTratment, law. lore, wsrrlare, or ant thine ner-
tsining to the tin man welfnre, the madam will
pisaae yoa. ravate room l.t'i ronrth avenue.
HA.UU cannot teaoh to draw crayon por
trait by oar patent method in three lessons. We
par onr dqdiIs S10 to SI8 ner week ta work for
us at home. eTeninire or spare time, fend for
wore ana psrncuiara. ttermmn Seymour, 18
wuu oiaui auwi, ruuaucipniB. ra.
inform the public of hi i wondetrnl powers
In read mr the palm of tne hand, telling the past,
present and fotam loat. orrtolea property, the
name of your future companion, whcihrr falna
or true. Private consultations, (jail from 9 a.
m. ro a p. au soi i weniy lonrtn street.
Louis Hansseo
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deners and Trackers.
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the best place In this vicin
ity to learn the entire art of
French Dress Making. Pupils
make dresses while learning.
Good positions for competent
persons. Fashion plate and
circular free.
Reduced Rates for tbe next 80
days to tboae taking the ajatem.
' AGE3T.
H sad 54, McBaro BaOac.
, ... ..-., . ........ ,4 . . .
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place' within the reach of the
publie snob authors as Doyle.
Mitchell, Bertha M. Claj and
others of cqnal reputation, at an
extraordinary low price, a bandy
pocket edition, bound ia cloth,
at llo.
During this sale we will make
special prices on sets: Dickens,
Dumas, Eliot, Macaular, Lytton,
Ruskin and others.
Make your selection before
the stock is broken.
Music Store
If You Want a
Warm House,
Warm all over,
Warm all the time.
Not too hot in mild weather.
Use the Capitol Hot Water
Or Hecla Steam Heater.
Thirty Capitol Heaters in use
in Rock Island.
Cost of Materials.
ISO Far Capes for.
20 .
10 -
10.00 fc
G.50 k
A.00 W
Spring and Summer

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