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TH1? AliGUti, FBI 13 A Y MARCH 27, 1896.
The Finest Cake
In tho World is made with
Use one-third less quantity than other powders re
quire and the Cake will be remarkably light, of fine
texture, and will retain its fresh condition longer
than when any other fowder is used. .
Ecck Island
Savings Bank.
F179 Per Ct-t la-.&rtst 1 t .A 01 Iiep.-. t ..
Money Loanad on Vunona! CollvU;re! Ka! iata Security
P1 in'jei -ta yS. ;9ju, t e-;pr tbe
.A. co kf-.trtu..) A Lynda's nw buliJ.u-
-I. !
A full guarantee
for the best in
bicych: construction.
Ten designs from
$40 to $ico.
Wilson-Moline Buggy;
rrrr I
CI Mi L'Ui Tii! ill CL3T2.SS.
O.ir SCHOOL la i'oci!Jly i
ttio ln-iit p'.sire la thiaicix- ,
uy l li -n tint mtiro art fr
Kronrh Ir Making, l'opilu
nki drps while Liming.
iooil jDili-tin lot rouipvtnnt
T-on. Kt'.l:i( a plate and
circular free.
UIuoJ Rati fur thi next 3)
iiaj ti) lUcia tiklu the f jstem.
Hook M -Mnn Balrit.
will , , 'f -i , , w.h Mxwiltrr t- titf trri
-. v.-l rliroair irr. 'r f tsre. (I.jf
r I I 11 . 1 fcl, frii. T.-'U-r,
(ti titr lll.lit.r. 1HMt-
i . ...... j . ; t. m iw...3rj,"ii. tir itimrt'y
K'ir ) . ! fi n t -ti .:. f.-in. Ihr hn r.d
f.w l k-4 il.r ur Jit Krr'i-B ?f-'jr Th
lt trt-ti'a'lr. nt i a 'f'' flrna
K IMr.-vtiU r-rte -oci v or hf iiTr-.lr.-. b-oev
li-'t. If . K tntvolrrvml
ly. :'! ariiTr, ..h-d ?!; I loe f ( r $S
a.J. atlw.fHiUtn aodwiabt ,lwrtUiJ
Baling Pouder.
Incorporated Under th
State Lb.
island, ill.
C Plj-r.'!,
J'.1.:. ;.-'.bae-t
it r' ,
V H Tr-t,
!-.;; .V;!i-i:!.
t f Ttl !.
I 1 Ualurd.
J : v:J
Jackpos a HritT, ioi'c-ittrti
I!, who ( 1'iiK-mplntn H wintfr',
:ri t j thts binir.bio clirunte will bear
in ruitd the
I the "I'.rst I. Ice" rrorfipT.ic;-.?!;
.r,ii -n !t:.;.t:.i!';v- friiin il poialr
K-i-t, Xorlr. nt. North, Northwest
ui'I NdM trains of luafruili
cnt 1 r Huff..-1 Si. -ping- Crs.
;!airi iv.ilur Ca.r. ci :,.int Coache
.mil DltHi: Curs d.ti'y from New
i'ort, I'.-.st'tn. r.ti.Tul.t, Cleveland
(. lii!i'i'i. Sat. dusk;:, Chicago, St
Louis, Piv ri;i. Indianapolis anil in
ct-rmcdi'itu points to Cincinalti
where direct connection Is made ir
Central I'nion Station, without trans
fer acro.-g tho city, with Throiigi
Trr.ins of Pullman S'.cepirg Cars tt
f . - . .1 t .
ii-j;w.'iivi..v, u un vuieo c "ores
. :r:;t ileut! naJ Louisville & Nash
j v ille Kail vt ay.
1 ri fi:i' pitrtir l i call 00 A;cn'. "Big Foot
j innr.e' or kildrt.i
! 2. 0. ."::-:::;, t. s. insny.
nAlE5S EVDHflillHEfiE
lil J. Bill
Rku1 Kstwte
liuy. Sell and Manage
prcperiy. CclUxt Rents.
The old fire and time
tried conipanys repre
sented. Rates as low
as any reliable company
can a fiord.
OUicd lSiO. Sucond Av. w
Hinar pvirt.
Ca;t, Quickly and Ptrtnacestly RecrauV
t?.. riUr i . r-wl JN
l'iif. , V. '-.'-lr. V. n-l-K.e.
!'r:r.l ti, ! . .' V ( t-.o l-n-Ji. Wen's
V.- r..i -.:.. . 1 fcciaiatt Vtar.-,
lN.T.i. I. l.'.- t V.-..A- 1. :jr, ;'n.trrh r,
- I t r.;r : ina:.i'.y.
i t ,t ...i. i.rr t.l r?rv.;'ttprf.A-Tuy
p nf4 'r ' ir ii r ' i ri'hwrn .Oopaerrcciviu.
SaiJ b 1L if. bauxaa, tuut. Buck Iaiaal
Beprmot a Ship on Shore and Kanncd
by a Crrw la raifotnu
Tlirrn's a Faloon Incited in tho down
torn ilUtrict where you can splice the
mam trace m the most correct nactcal
lansnae. Hore the thirsty are served
by ft ship's cfUcer dressed iu fall naval
cuifoxci. The bariendtr and his crew of
csai.taats api tar iu naval dress, which
mciadcB avarus and other Eido srniE
and cuyaruueut of kgM Lico. The novo!
crer." coojcs on duty every evening. The
dayi:h: crew are garbed like, tao crdi
cary "beer Flicgcrs" of tbst part ol
tuvra. Inside this quaint saloon so ckfe
ly rituiblfs in old time, packet ship's
caliiu l!:;:t on-.' can f tri tcli his iniuuiiia-
tiuii t tho vrnre cf teasickiiws andonut
half tiy. Tlio ntrauce is from ouo of
ti'.e city's Lcyitst urtcrits near Veey
and in iiuvii l; stTerts. ()M lras uan
tieal hsiiiiw, that huvo .ecu lutj of serv
ice, in r.il soits f weather, bans from
tho ceiling hy chains. Several ancieiu
and dilapidated lipuiuheads, which havt
fact"! tho stonu.s cf many years at sea,
staro at the Keened cf revelry from cor
ners. Tho wills are htiug with relics of
many voyages. Pieces of rope, old ma
rine) priLtd, portraits of famous skip
lcrs cf tho long oro, models carved hj
tailor men, old flagr, many of which
floated from historic battleships, and
other bric-a-brac of the brine, decorate
this iKiniieal taprucm, vhostj proprietoi
is attired in the full nnifunn cf a coin
miiiii iv; cf the Cnittd States navy. Her
"crew" crnsi.!s f representative ofU
cers xiDaliy foend a be ard a man-of-war,
properly nnifcina' d, u.-t well as an uva-r-if;n:;l
rail'T ho ::pprs in the triple
blue "ti'.ns'' of Unci;! Ham's nie:i wh
fv in;; their iam;m tks iu the furecastlo.
TIk'h- am no imitation s-v.ilois, fur every
man Juc!: cf thtsa is a veteran of the
cj-can and rolls sibout as if en ship
1m turd. Tho ina:i;io tlchtsicii cxtcuds t.;
the old hhip's chick which hans over
tho bar. It re.-ls o.T tells instead cf
hour.--, f.r here the time is passed i:i
the choieef tseagibbt ri.-h. If yen should
ever Ftcer yonrcraic throtih tho low
diicrwry cf tliis nantical Kilccn, th
changes are that ycn'il clutch at some
thin bifcrc yea ara anyway near hall
seas over.
Cf con ise tho eld caks aj-horo here r.r(
tlio chi: f j .atrons of this old refreshment
roou. The eu-toui of nsii's only nau
tical ti rsis in carrying on tiia ordinary
tr!;:ii( .; cf the place fa.xdnatcs Jack,
and li t'il walk a Inn" wy f r tho bi.ki
cf beiiit; tirved i;i his own lananajie.
Tho cnnnnc.lcre t-lands at one end of the
bar and fhocts his orders to his crew,
as if he were ttalioned on the bridge cf
Er.nie man-cf-var. One hears such orders
as "Ava-1 there !" "fcitand bv to let no!"
"Hard a Lie'." "Keep her off half a
point!" and i;iniii::r expressions that the
f-ailiir knows t:o well. Drinks are ordered
in names which ::ro aliscln'.-.dy nniniel
liiblo t J landlclibers. The evening i
ni'ver a success unless a great many of
tin to orders are fir.-t piven and obeyed.
The favorite nautical term is, "ttaud by
t ) let '!'' This is given when the
p lasses hi.vo all been filled and are teinr.
held in the hands cf a crowd of sailers.
Aitir Jack feels mellow, then tho yarn
FTiiijnin: b""it:s. Xew Ycrk Letter in
l'ittsbuio- Uispate'a.
What I Fatigue?
Tatipno is tho nataml result of labor,
and as nidi is a periodic symptom with
wl.ieh every healthy person is familiar.
It is cue of the laws of organic life
that periods of relaxation shall succeed
periods of activity. The heart itself is
normally iu repose for about one-third
of tliu time consumed by each beat a
fact in which there is s-omethinn par
ticularly snpgestivo and interesting.
since physiologists ajfree that about one
third of the S 1 hoars should be devoted
to sleep.
Life is made op of a scries of vibra
tiens iu which tensiou and rest succeed
each other. The heart vibrates about 70
times a minute; tho vibrations of the
respiratory organs occur about 13 limes
in the same period, while tho vibrations
of the whole organism may be said to
complete their cycle onco iu 21 hoars,
Abuorinul fatifjne, a stato approaching
exhaustion, occurs when ona attempts to
alter nature's rhythm, wheu tho hours
of tension aro made to encroach upon
those w hich should bo devoted to rest,
when muscle and uervo already fatigued
are driven to further exertion, latigue
of a kind known as overtraining ro
suits, in the caso of the athlete, iu heart
weakness and shortness of breath "loss
of wind," as it is called while the Ion;
continued fatigue occasioned by excess
ive at.'idicatiou t-j rofessionul or busi
ness pursuits results in nervous prostra
tiuii or even in paralysis.
While enccssivs fatigue i3 in itself C3'
wise, c.i:o cf tho chief dangers which ro
suits from it is that commonly indicated
by tho terra "catching cold." Tbns the
danger of sitting in a draft or on the
dmp pronnd is many times docbled
after great exertion. The application of
heat to the surface is a more logical pro
cedure after extreme fatigue.
Loss of sleep is one of the first sypm-
toms of abnormal fatigue. Habitual in
somnia from this causo is to be treated
only iu one wav, by absolute rebt.
Youth's Companion.
What a Roy Can Do.
' A recc-M poeia iu the children's pape
ass, "What can a boy do anyhow:
Well, by the proper nso of a t:ck ho cau
make his pa talk in four different lan
guages; by cropping a little ammonia
oa her back he can make the family cat
drill a hole through the woodshed ; by
his free and disingenuous conversation
to his sister's best young man he cau
make that sister cherish pessimistic feel
ings toward tho universe What can't a
boy do? iliuueapolis JoumaL
A Wearuciae Fellow.
"ilajor Elaflton docs a great deal cf
talking about himseit and bi3 experi
ences, fie is a very commonplace man. "
"itill, his stories have the merit of
being trne."
"Yes. They are too true to Lo gcod. "
Waibiagtoa Star.
Ccci-sis InTceatfoiis by Famous Historical
Onn of tho earliest records i;i Iii.;ory
of a prayer liefore battle is that of Cbil-
deric, king of Gaul, a pagan, who before
going into tattle at Znelpieh, some 400
rears after Christ, prayed to tho God of
the Christians to help him to victory.
His f.ie was Attila, king cf tho Hons,
end Childerio vowed if (4od would give
him the victory he would embrace the
Christian faith.
The prayer of a Hungarian officer be
fore one of tho b.ittlrs fought for tho in
dependence of Hungary in 1S-1! was as
follows: "I will not ask th;o. Lord, to
help us, and I know thou wilt not help
the Austrian?, but it thou wilt s;t on
yonder hill thon sbalt not be ashamed
of thy children. " This was the prayer
of tho "Fighting Bishop" Lesli, liefore
cue of tho 1 uttles fonght i:i Ireland: "O
(tod, for cur unworthiness we aro not Ct
to claim thy I'.vdp, but if wo aro bad
our enemies are worse, and if then soest
not meet to help cs we pray th help
them not, hut stand thon neuter on this
day and leave it to the arm of the flesh. "
Tho one ofTered before tho battle of
Edgehill Iv Kir Jacob Astlev was:
Thcu knowest, O Lord, that I shall be
very busy this day, and if I forget thee
forget then not me." cud then the com
mand followed, "'larch on, boys!" As
King Ldward advanced with his col
umns to Bannockbnm ho remarked to
his aids, seeing tho Scotch on their
knees: "See, they kneek Tho rebels are
asking pardon." D'Umphrsvillo was
heard to remark: "Yes, but it is to the
King cf Lira's. These men conquer or
tlio on this fklJ."
Oliver Cr. iiiwell had public prayers
before going to battlo on several occa
sions as, for insane?, previous to the
battlo of Pnv.r.ar. It is a curious fact
that tho Knglinh prayer bo?;!; contains
prayers, or at h ast one prayer, to be said
before going into action sit sea, while
nothing is r.iovidcd for tsc before eu-
ragemcuts t n laud. Isew York Herald.
Fonr Thousand T-rerdcrs a Ycsr la Itr.ly.
Io.;t Violet or CivlliroJ Countrk-a.
A Iiomieido txurs every two hour3 ia
Italy. This was one cf tho many star
tling statements made by Earoa tiaro
fa!o, a distinguished Italian criminol
ogist, in a l'-cturo deliveicd on "Crim
inality ia .Uclaticn to tho Kducaticu c"
tho IVoplo" in the lion-.an college. His
audience included Qavun Jiarght-ritn.
In Italy th.o annual loss of lifo by
homicide (usually by lethal weapons)
numbers about 4,000 souls. Compared
with I'raiice, for instance, sho has 10
hoiniciiics a year for France's 1, and
for Lui.iaik's 1. Tho Latin popu
lations, indeed, in both hemisphere.?
havo a bad pre-eminence over the Teu
ton:;! iu crimo generally, and ci? theso
Latla liopalatiuiui the Italian is tb.3
Baron Garcfalo procwdod to give tha
reasons why. In the first pkico, vendetta,
which iu (irecc o was heroism rnd in
mcniieval Europe a laudable custom,
has lingered l inger in Italy than iu any
other country ; dueling, also, is more
frequent in Italy than elsewhere. To the
religions instruction, given in t-Jreat
Britain and tho United states cf Amer
ica ha attributed the fact that tlieso
countries havo in 40 years diminished
by one-half tho annual proportion of
their deliiioTspiits :itul tiirr.flTe:i?ils: wlnln
in Italy the want of similar instruction
tins resulted in ti'.e po.-itive increase of
deliniiutncy and mendicancy since lb02
When to these considerations wo udd the
increased hardness of living in tho young
kingdom, the strain put niton tho moral
resisting power by a crushing poverty,
tho squalid dwellings, the defective ali
mentation, by which the brain is starved.
when it is net actually poisoned, ly too
stimulants iu which relief from misery
is sought, end the depreciation of life U3
it rsi.it j tinder each conditions, v. e ar
rive at an eu.';cniblo of caast-s which
quite accounts fur these sad statistics.
The Iilind Slave Girls of Canton.
Passing down the streets of Canton at
eight, my attention was called to num
bers of blind girla from 14 to 13 years
ol age dressed in brilliant outer gar
meuts, wita their faces rougod and
their hair ornamented with flowers. A
woman, carrying a musical instrument.
led several of these girls, and It have
since learned that they were owned by
this mistress, who conducted them, by
night, to tno lowest parts of the city,
and by their playing, singing, and in
most disreputable ways, sho secures an
income through them that enables her
to livo in ease and comfort. I havo met
no class of. persons lhat seemed so piti
ahlo as these blind sinain girls. It i:
regarded an affliction for a- girl to be
bora iu a Chinese family, nnd v. hen the
girl is blind, her life is one cf ceaseless
neglect and cruelty, and often, if the
family is poor, she is sold for a-small
amount to one cf these dealers in human
bodies, who plies her nefarious business
until death snatches her victim from
her. Baltimore San.
Sir Jo.eph Faraby.
"Although Sir Joseph Earnby be
longed to the pedantic school," say3
Tho itaturdav Review, "the iron of its
chr-ins never entered into his scul, and
at heart ho seems to have been so:::e
thias cf a Bohemian, fonder of the en
joyabio rather tl;an the raerely correct
belli iu life and in art. He did not com
pose mu'.h, tct ho was the writer of
some songs which had a vogue, cf the
racst pcpalar part song ever written,
and cf son.e church ma.;ic w hi', h touches
the high water ma-.k cf its kind. It ia
hard to see v.Lu v.ill take his place."
The rynapta, a water insect, is pro
vided with aa anchor, the exact shape cf
tho anchor used by ships. Ey means cf
this peculiar device the insect holds it
stlf firmly ia any desired spot.
The hops used iu the manufacture cf
malt liquors are the f owers cf the plant
botanicaliy designated as Hamulus lc
pulua. ,
"Quicn Va?" cries the captain, wita face.
As th palms sins l-tw In the anttimn blast
The w.np ef the dead and crime stained past,
ILe LVptain Nsact, liapirarJ. nnd wild,
fcitnrt j f rum hia seat like a frightened child
" 'Tis tle qbost cf the padre of Santa Fe
Yon robbed and killed on the fifth of May I"
'VVhnso face is that in the vino bowl red
i hnt soils and beckons and shakes his headF
" 'Tis the merchant Gomez of Albuanercrae.
Whose heart was the sheath of the captain's
oirR. '
Wh::t cleams so whito in tho eanvon dees.
Where t he si nxun Hows black and the walls are
steep : '
Tis Sci-jrrant Bias cf the cnardia civil.
Who was shot ia the back at baraqnil."
"And v.lto are you':" cries the cantain. nale.
And tlu: answer comes thruuch the moaninc
'I ci-n.'w to claim mv load of Kin."
And Diablo t, at hi red the captain in.
Comments of One of Their Se Fpoa Their
Dress and ltehavior.
"Pressed like an actress" is the slur
we often hear cast by a woman ou a
badly dressed member of her own sex.
Ilea and women aliko are too apt to
form their opinions of everyone and ev
erything by tho more conspicuous in
stead cf try the better side. If we stop
to lock at the women on our Kew York
stage today, wo shall bo forced to real-
lzo that, as is the case in every other
sphere cf life, there are women who
drcsa well and others who drees badlv.
"The Broadway freak" is the standard
from which outsiders often judge wom
en ct tho stage. This type of "actress
seems to court notoriety by her ridicu
lously exaggerated dress, bleached hair
end rouged face. Outsiders are so igno
rant of slzgo people that they are often
surprised to seo their favorites appear in
a quiet co.-tuine oa the street Again,
actresses are not callous, though Eome
tiiues yenug people seem to think so,
judging by the loud way they make
their comments at seeing a public person
ou tho street. One day, Miss George
Cayvcn, dressed iu her nsnal quiet way,
was silting i-i a comer of a street car.
while some young girls were excitedly
irgu-.ng as to whether or not it was Miss
Cay van. Katnrally annoyod. Miss Cay-
v;.n bit lur lip, and ono of them ex
claimed, "That is Miss Cayvan; that is
just tho way tho bites her lip." Miss
Cayvan is only one cf our many actresses
who dress as a lady should on the street.
itiss Hand Adams appears ou the
ttago ia showy costnmes, while on tho
.street, unless very familiar with her
face, cno would think lier a pretty
schoolgirl, who had beeu carefully taught
refinement of manner and dress. Miss
Viola Allen, in her neat street gowns,
passes by ono so quietly that it is not
easy to recognize tho clever leading lady
at the Umpire. Miss Eessio Tyree al
ways dress, s in rennod taste. Her gowns
Ct her to perfection, and are thoroughly
Mrs. Kendal is about the best dressed
Kngush actress we know here. The "city
of fogs" has yet were to learn from lur
gay si.ster over tho channel. One might
wish that Miss Isabel Irving would be a
little mora fmart in her dress, and that
Miss Katheriuo Florence would put up
that pretty hair. Miss Elsio do Wolfe,
when dressed for a reception, almost
surpasses her own handsumo stago cos
tumes. Mirs Behau looks rather well off
tho stage, even if her chin is a liltlo
high iu tho air. Miss Maxino Elliott and
her pretty gowns tnako a puzzle as to
which is the prettier, tho actress or tho
dress. Who has seen Miss Julia Mar
lowe, Mrs. WliiiTen, Mrs. Walcot or
Miss Gladys V.'c.llis without learning a
lesson in tasto from her appearance?
2sew York Times.
FroncnciuUoa of Deaf.
J. W. asks this question : "Ia the
pronunciation of d-e-a-f as 'def due to
any oilier causo thau Anglomania?
Forty years ago, and even less, the
common pronunciation in this country
was 'deef.' Webster's Dictionary of
ISoo coiifnms this statement, and men
tions that 'del is common in England.
Tho same dictionary refers to tho rhymes
of Chancer and Watts to show that the
early pronunciation was 'deef iu Eng
land also. "
The new English dictionary, edited
by J. A. H. Murray, thus tre:.s of tlio
pronunciation of deaf ("def"): "The
original diphthong remains iu northern
dialects. Iu standard English tho vowel
was long until tho modern period, and
so late as 1 71 -8, it was rhymed with
relief,' by Prior and Watts. Tho pro
nunciation ('dif,' with i' long,) is
still widely diffused dialectically, and
in the United States. Iu many English
dialects the ea is still diphthongal
'decaf.' " Boston Journal.
tie Wattn't Speaking.
Small Man (in a Pullman car, writing
letter to his wii'e) It would afTcrd you
seme amusement, my dear, if yea could
see the freckle faced, long, lean, gamble
shanked, knock kneed, sneaking, imper
tinent, ill bred, half baked specimen of
a backwoods gawky that is looking over
my shoulder as I write this
Large Man (ou seat behind fiercely)
Yon lie, you little scoun
Small Man (turning round) Beg par
don, sir, are you speaking to me?
Large Man (confusedly) Y no! 27ol
I didu t say anything. I wasn't speak
ing." I I
Small man resumes his writing.
Large man goes to the last seat and re
lieves his mind by saying something to
fae flying landscape. Exchange.
Uow lis Was Cored.
A Lewiston man borrowed a neigh
bor's battery for treatment of his rheu
matism. After he had been cured by ap
plication cf the battery he discovered
that he had never turned on the current
once. Ee Lad simply taken hold of the
handles, and faith did the rest Au
gusta (Me. ) Jonrnt.1.
The attar cf roses ia obtained by ab
stracting from rose leaves the volatile
cil they contain and condensing it in
masses of cotton betting.
There are said to bo 41 Roman Catho
lic peers ia the British house of lords.
if you send us gc
eat mar-T-v -d to
C f 50
to J.
You will F.riJ or.; cotipon insid; er:ch 3 c-.-nc: and
w two coupons insid; each 41 ounce bsf cf
: mmi pie mm mm.
m Blackweli a Enrfcaia Tobacco Co., Durham, IT. C.
e, Buy a bag of this Celebrated Smokitvr Tobaoco, nnd read the
fp coupon, which gives a list of othe r premiums and how to got then.
went aiAuisa ficgt yjz D.
t3 3 BlOC'd Pliriner n ng
MrF. g. llaninion,!. 2TiOi rnrtiam St. itm.itin
l'.Ktk !tr. Kav s Kenavt.ipnn.l it lew ,.oi...i
..r? 'jr'nc!r?have nal , tVeV."
r -iS? " rn 'U a" C5"! lt:ul tonk" f"r ' lle '"-'"-es. blomaeli, bowels, liver, etc
g Pr. elay s -Renovator 4
r-..?A!?J?.,nY"ir;3i0tre for ars'fl!l- Ponttipatlon. liver nnd kl.lr.-y diseases and al J
Q,u.??":5,f, ''" sases. b..utf.-he. h.lioii,neSs. t.priwr feter. hoils. blotches."" .'Pi
oiojuy iu uists or btiut by man Intra western office ou receipt of price Sets, or tl. 'f5"'
?At I hiS ThilG Qf YeaP il is inyc as it renovates and in-VB
t -i i. , vig.M-ates tho whole system and pui-i f
(:& ,. ani1 cr'l l !'V3.tlle,,'1 eiving new life and vigor to tho whol body. Z
S -" -"oa.cu, in uii.iet lorm.very ple-tHiit aiiuf CT (TV (n C ItT T r I l
easy t. t-ike and al-.vays agrees with the s-.tnis.-h. I O vj 12(9 OBI'S Sl.-v
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For ta'.e in Uock I.laml, 111., by Haiti & Ullcmecr, drcgg'gts.
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Attoroeya at la-.-.
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Attjineju a Law.
Ctf.ce rii J.-cc .flt,(J National Mt-r.k ba:idlo(t.
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Attorneys at Law.
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Arcllieuts end Scpeiit.tea lents.
Poobi 2!, ItitchvU A Lyi.do buiUlLg. Second
ot t.
Goo. P, Stauduiiar,
K .s r,j f.rT-.--ttfrict!t;a Trt t",atHi or
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lit John E Rsvwthonie,
I.'ew D-i'a! I-srioni, otbi Harta A UllemeTer
Dreg etore, Tb'rt arecne and Twentieth street
The liteet si.pelntmer'j for iklllcd dental work.
Hsnry Gaetje.Prop ,
Cat Flowers and Designs of all
City store, Mtf 8eaoni arcane. Telephone 1610.
Dr. W. II Ludewig.
Spociallat of Eye, Ear, Nora
and Throat.
0?e !a Tres-srir.'. ?it Vaildlcf, corner rV-T
t-rt-vn-ii .'.rvet uml Tuird arerae, hoek Island.
Tvlcpttor-e No. lt-.
Dr. CLa. M. IVbertsoa,
Eye, Ear, Kose and Throat Only.
Gfiee, WfcltUier BVxA, eotniwest eamri
Third esd bivtj atresia. Dafexatort, Iowa
KooaailT aedU. asant wUa.ak.ltoia.ri
Connors, or
Coupons and SO cents.
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crten for eveniV'l
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, , , M. V
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- r dux or b ror v.. itn Mrtll.u rtnrtHti-rt.r.n',
Herman Detjens
Real Estate
And Insurance,
Desires to list property for sale,
and will look after and person
ally supervise renting, etc., for
outside residents.
iLsoans a Specialty
Represents a reliable line cf
high class insurance companies.
Room 2, liufortl Block.
Seventeenth St. and Second Avenue
Eepre3enti2;; nnorj; other time-tried
and well knon Fire Insurance Cora
panlis the follovflrg:
Rocti. r Ori-r.m C-J.
Urtfo K-r-.ita .
Spru irli4t " .
Girrnun Fire
New flmi-h'!- .
al'itTsakeeilouaBju " .
ecar;t. M .
Itoci''.'-r, "1 T
In !'.., H Y
.. i'u'.thatt :lii
Veorl. 1.1
ifarchcMur ! ii
...Vl'.aikce, Vila
.... t!iw bavro, Caua
Office Corner Kichtecnth street
and Second Avenue, second Eoor.
Telephone No. 1047.
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tSl IHCtM.
- W . V
h e a. et
V9 k at e.v rtjxhla tcjiiA.- y tu arord
Vo it PUiff.M is ealicfted.
Restored lantiood.
Th .... r ,
cy tor nervous
prostration at4
all cervotM dlM
ft esje't ol vm ijifi-'
-r . , ratlins- cr
Manhood. Inpnv.ney, KlghtlT F.mtMstooa.Yotirh
lui tiTorn. Mcnui Worry, exontsive uicf To
bacco or Opi urc,. whirh le-wl teOonsomptiou enl
Insanity. Wiih every J ort-r we Five a irnv
ten guarant! to cure or refund the mon-y.
. txpes for SjOU. hi.
UTTt) laUJUCiX tOXFAAI. Clrobad. Okie.
Sold tt T. ILTkomaa, Aragg-at.

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