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t Portraits Free. !
THE circulation of Tub Argot is now larger than it has ever been
before In the paper's history, and every month sets a mi high
water mark. Not satisiid with this, however, the determination
has been made to path it even farther, and at the same time give its pa
tou the benefit of iu enterprise. Willi this end in view it has made
arranKemenU to absolutely give away a life size crayon, India ink, or
wpta portrait to every person who will hare their name added to
the subscription rolls paying 81 for 10-weeks' subscription In advance.
There is no string attached to the proposition whatever t
No Requirement to Buy a Frame
Or an thin if the rrt. Vim pay your subscription, get your order
for a portrait, ami grt ymir fraiue when and where you please. The
portrait are n-hable and are the same as sold by dealers with a frame
for from 94 to (10.
The Argus Wants More Subscribers
Rut it In wlllins to be enti-rprittliur, fo get them. Its offer is made in
good faith to Induce saw Mibncriptiom, and in order to protect itself, no
prrwa who divontinnc after the publication of this notice (April 7)
will be allowed a portrait to renew his subscription.
To Give All Patrons an Equal Chance.
In order, however, to give old patrons an equal chance, auy paid np su 0
stIIht will be given a portrait by. paying a premium of ON'LY 5
Portraits will not be fumUlied to non-subscribers at any price.
Samples of the work can be seen at The Abcjls business office
when yon call.
Itiotiicrraph m ill not be lost or destroyed, but returned to yon with
portrait when linishrd.
A tlii offer li inaile purely to cet Tiik Aiuii' inlo new homes
K mily Kin portrait will im fiirul-liol to each household no mole than
A, that ill lie nude at any price.
Costs You Absolutely Nothing.
j. The portrait if pnrrlia-wd alone (without a frame) would cost at least
W Si, but in this way it will cost you absolutely nothing.
Lmnining cnange
Will be produced, gentlemen, in the
appearance of your feet after ou put
on a pair of these handsome tans we
are showing
In Three Shades.
Look at them before buying elsewhere.
1704 Second Ave.
Of the shoe business in Rock Island
has been shown such a large assort
ment of up-to-date footwear as Adams
is showing this season. The very
latest productions, and still
At Prices that
Are In the Reach of All . . .
Our Ladies' SJ and $4 goods are
beauties in themselves; ani our Men's
S2 JO, $J and S4 grades are unequalled
at the price. Our goods are open for
inspection, and a call will convince you
of the fact that
p am e
v t '. -
The Thomas Faction Organizes
the City Delegation.
Ge.t (iocs Dowm Kicking- to tba Last Fosa
TUs Wkat Wcnld tiara Biptnad Uad
Soma Thine Ban Known Th Tast of
Btrcnt-tb. SatardaT Night's Caaca..
The Thomas ring completed its
victory in Kock Island Saturday
niirht by organizing the republican
citv delegation to tomorrow's county
convention to suit itself. There was
a protest against the action, bnt it
was unavailing. r.x-uongressman
V. II. Gest, who hates the drug store
as deeply as mortal man can detest
an) thing, kicked with all the energv
and vehemence he possesses against
the inevitable. Aid. boss told what
would have happened had it been
known a few days before what was
going on. There were cries of
treachery," "snap politics," etc..
but the crowd merely grinned and
went on with the slaughter. It was
Thomas1 time to win, and as "Big
Bill" Edwards said, as he stood np
and rolled his eyes and lopked wise.
every man has his time; now, you
who do not believe this keep still.
and we'll show yon a trick or two."
The caucus was held in the super
visors' room at the court house, and
there were no absentees among the
delegates who had the credentials of
admittance to the significant assem
u.ginoiozor tun Fan.
When the several delegations got
seated in the little room. Chairman
S. A. Donaldson monnted the ros
trum and told them to be easy.
Someone proposed Henry Carre for
chairman and he was unanimously
elected. So was C. F. Lvndc for sec
retary. Then the chairman an
nounced that the first business the
meeting would have to transact was
to select a delegate at large.
William Edwards proposed the
name ot Dr. C. Bern bar Ji, and Y. C.
Hemenway, J. L. Haas. It was sug
gested by Hon. V. II. Gest that in
order to expedite matters the ballot
Idea be dispensed with and the vote
be taken by roll call, the delegates
being expected to vote for none other
than those placed la nomination.
That was a pretty good scheme and
the meeting agreed to give it a trial.
The ballot was a formal one and
elected Dr. Bernhardi bv a vote of 51
to 16 for Haas.
Daring the voting C. W. Foss was
caught in one ot his wholesale steer
ing acts, very much to the gratihca-
tion of the lhomas faction, which by
this time had shown that the other
side was very much in the minority,
The Filth and Sixth wards voted
solid for Iiornkarili. When it came
to the Seventh Foss, tho self-asserted
head and front of the delegation, an
nonnccd that it would cast a dozen
votes straight for Haas. J. K. Scott,
who was a member of the delegation.
protested against one man casting
the entire vote without first ascer
taining whether all of the delegates
were agreeable. So the chairman
was asked to call each name separ
ately. The consequence was that
Mr. bcoit ana lour others supported
Dr. Bernhardi. That he should fall
so early in the game angered Foss
very much. He was noticeably con
fused. But he didn't let up.
Battle for Committeemen.
Then came the battle for township
committeemen. William Edwards
nominated T. H. Thomas and Wil
liam Baker and W. II. Gest named S
J. Collins and C. W. Foss.
The roll call scheme was again
followed in voting and the for mil
ballot resulted in the election of the
Thomas candidates bv this vote:
Thomae, 4S; Baker, 1; Foss, 18;
Collins, 15. - . '
The Collins faction had become
pretty warm under the collar by this
time and when tho nomination of
delegates to serve on the various
committees in the county convention
came, the boiling sentiment which
bad been smothered about as long as
possible in the bosoms of the Collins
faction leaders bnrst forth and there
was a wrangle which only had an
equal in some of the caucus meetings
which toe republicans have been
holding of late. Aid. Fred Gall
moved that the delegates be named
by the chairman. W, H. Gest was
opposed to this. He was interrupted
during his talk by other delegates
with ideas of their own. The ex-con
gressman was about ready to explode
anynow, ana so he started:
"I shall to long as I live insist on
the rights ot the minority. We hare
a right to express our views here and
1 demand that we be beard. I un
derstand there is an agreement
among the men on the other side to
vote down everything we propose,
I know that to be a fact. 1 have
been long enough in politics to un
derstand these little games. Bnt
gentlemen, it is not fair; it is not
Mr. Gest's amendment to Mr,
Gall's motion that the convention
delegates be ehosen by roll call was
then voted down. Then Ma) J. M
Beardslev begged leave to be heard,
and walking out into the middle of
the floor said in reply to Mr. Gest
MaJ. Bosrasles-'a Answer.
I never consider myself in the
minority, but whenever my feelings
lean in that direction I have sense
enongh to tall in with the majority.
I have also heard ot other meetings
and of schemes that were beinr con
cocted. Yes, indeed, and when the
squeeze comes, don't squeal."
C. W. Foss was on his feet in an
instant, bnt simply said: "If it was
known yesterday what was really
going to be carriel oat here this
caucus would have a different com
men me original motion was
called for and carried and Chairman
Carse made these appointments:
J. K. Scott and James McGarvev.
to choose state delegates; C. F.
Lynde and William Jackson, to
choose legislative delegates; Walter
Johnson and Maj. J. M. Beardslev,
on resolutions.
Mr. Gest was named as one of the
latter committeemen, but declined.
and Maj. J. M. Beards ley was substi
tuted. Mr. Carse was then elected to act
as chairman of the Rock Island del
egation in the convention and the
caucus adjourned
In Moltnr.
The Moline delegation will this
evening elect a delegate at large and
may decide to come down as a unit for
W. F. Eastman for chairman of
the county committee, and this will
add new perplexities to the situation,
as it may aid' the Collins crowd,
which is still vindictively exerting
itself to sidetrack the push in accom
plishing its desire. Indeed, inas
much as it has been the custom of the
Collins influence this spring to force
upon the party nominees repudiated
by their own localities, as shown in
the two candidates tor assistant su
pervisors, the same course may be
followed in this instance when the
country districts are to be heard
from. .
The Thomas push declares, how
ever, that its original purpose was
merely to assert its strength in Rock
Island and that it has doii9 this bnt
that if it wants ant thing else it will
go after it. The Collins crowd says
that it will see that nothing more
conies the Thomas way.
Tommorrow the battle roval will
occur, beginning at 11 o'clock in the
morning at Harper's theatre.
Town Hoard Cannwi Returns of tbn
Late Election.
Votes cast at the recent election
were officially counted by the town
board Saturday afternoon at Citv
Cicrk HuesingV office. Members of
the board present beside the clerk
were Supervisor William Rinck. As
sessor J. L. Freeman and Collector
William Baker. The vote as can
vassed shows:
Kuschmann. d 142
Kinek. r i;i:
Tiiiesen, p li
Kinner. d itZA
KoseoHi'ld. d 1-W.1
(iuiiuL'en, r 1 ITS
Quayle. r IWX
liivw. n j. 1 im
ivarr, p n
Schlemmer. d 1 w
f reeman, r Ifc!l
Kerr, p
Dntiens.d i:rrt
Kroeirer, r im
The official count places Kinck's
plurality at 271. while Kinner runs
ahead of both the republican candi
dates lor assistant supervisors, beat
ing Uahagen by 183 and Uuavle by
60, while Rosenlield, democrat, dis
counted Gahagen by 18 votes. Free
man's plurality is 129 and Kroeger's
Hlrnw Utnl.r.
The boats up and down were tho
Prescotte and Verne Swain.
T h ft E F'- Riit.lpHrro name rtnnrn ar'tfi
the first raft of the season yesterday.
Tho George M. Waters" will be
wunurawn as a packet in the snort
iraue oe i wee n mis city and Clinton
The Kt litre nf wnlr.r at Ihn l?,wlr Tot
and bridge at noon was 1.39 and
rising; me temperature 72.
The new ferry, the J.' P. Gage, is
contained bv the nM-timn SLinnnr
Henderson with Sheldon Rubv ns
pilot and Bob Solomon ns eno-ineer
Of the Augusta, B. F. Robinson is
i-apiiuu, a. ieuiaire pilot, and
George Haikes engineer.
None of the Diamond Jo packctt
have Ventured further than Kurlincr
ton this season owiDg to the low
stage oi tue water, ihe i'ittsbnrgh
COmeS tO that nnint nnA a. araelr and
connects with the W. J. Toung for
Y - 1 .
oi. Liouia uusiness.
Capt. John McCaffrey, of Daven
DOr. has Purchased th ManMnrlnn
formerly owned bv the Diamond Jo
company. The old packet is now at
tsairo in ine lower part of the state
and Capt. McCaffrey has gene thith.
er to bring her north. The Morton
is a large boat and will be put in thi
excursion business this season.
The new steamer. R. II. Ken
dall. was launched Saturday at Whit
ney's boat yards with fitting ceremo
ny. About one hundred citizens of
Kock Island and Daven nnrt charier.
oned by Purser E. W. Baker, went
down to witness the launching, the
steamer Belcher and bara Venez
uela, Capt. W. B. Gilletteand Pilot
t ' T 1 . . . .. ,
vieorgn oeuener Deing at the disposal
Of the citizens. ThA vrnrion
proved a pleasant one and the trip
was enlivened by mandolin and vocal
Horn am fcare' Exennlona.
April 21 and May 5 the Mis
souri. Kansas St, Texas Railway com
pany Will sell tifbeta at nrt low
rates to points in Missouri, Kansas
ana Aexas. tor particulars address
TI .
816 Marquette Bldg., Chicago.
tAra Yon Had tbn GrtpT
If Ton hart rnn mmKbVIv nopil
reliable medicine like Foley"'s Honey
and Tar to heal yonr lungs and stop
the Tackin? canch infiHntil to thin
disease. For sale at M. F. Bahnsen'a
drug store.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
Improve the levee. ' "
Lent lard at GUmpre's.
Boy a home ot Reldy Bros.
McCabe's spring opening sale.
Plenty of plants and cat flowers at
Paul Kirsch returned today from a
trip to St. Louis.
New and" stylish capes Terr cheap
at Mclntyre-beck Co'.
The Y. M. C. A. will have Its an
nual election Tuesday evening.
For a pure, sweet cigarette, try the
latest Sweet Moments. None bet
Gilpin Moore and wife have re
turned from their California wedding
Tha Marie Welleslev company con-
eluded an 8-night engagement at
Harper's theatre last evening.
Young & McCombs' fancy dress
gingham, worth 9 rents and 10 cents,
while they last 5 cents and 6 cents.
Davenport is to hold a mass meet
ing to adopt measures looking to the
relief of the religiously persecuted
The delightful musical comedy.
A Turkish Bath," will bo presented
at Harper's theatre Thursday. Friday
ana Saturday evenrngs of this week.
Kev. Jesse Woods, of Peoria, state
president of the Afro-American Pro
tective league, lectures at the Ma
sonic temple Wednesday evening.
Owing to the large demand for
tickets the entertainment and dance
to be given by May Flower camp,
R. N. A., wiil'be held in Armory "ball
Tuesday evening, instead of Work
men hall.
Fifteen dollars cash riven awav
. rt
That s what you do when you put
fiwj into any wneei wun me Majes
tic at $85. Sold by Charles Wolff.
i-.ignieentn street. Kepairing and
bioycle sundries.
C. E. Biddison arrived yesterday
to attend the funeral of his little
daughter. Grace, whioh occurred
this afternoon from the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Lonis Schaab on Third
avenue. Rev. Ira W. Allen, of the
Central Presbyterian church, offici
ated. The remains were laid to rest
in Riverside cemetery, in Moline,
beside those of the child's mother.
In 1870, says the Bushnell Record,
Bushnell township bonded itself for
$50,000 to aid in securing the K., R.
I. & St. Louis division of the C, B.
& Q. Since that time there has been
paid In interest alone the sum of
$9G,300 and 141,000 of the original
debt is still unpaid. Five thousand
dollars of the bonds have been paid,
and the money is ready to pay $4,000
more. In pri'neipal and interest the
township is likely to pay something
like $175,000 for the rare privilege
of being bisected by a railroad which
was eventually swallowed np by its
greatest rival.
Eczema From Cnllohood.
Bradford. 111.. March 13. 189G
I have been afflicted with eczema
ever since I can remember. A vear
ago last December I began taking
Hood 8 Sarsaparilla, and I have taken
15 bottles and am a m-eat deal hot
ter. I recommend Hood's Sarsapa-
ruia as an excellent medicine. ftl
L. Peck.
Hood's pills cure all liver ills.
A False Dlacnnsla.
La grippe is confounded by many
persons with a severe attack of ca
tarrh, which in some respects resent
bles the former. These individuals
suffer severely with pain about the
forehead, eyes and ear, with sore
ness in the throat and stoppage of
the nasal passages, and in fact, are
incapacitated for work of any kind
for days at a time. These are ca
tarrhal sufferers. Ely's Cream Balm
has been used with the best results
in such cases. The remedy will give
instant re.iei.
Ministers Should Use
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure.
labors so severely tax the nervous sya.
tcm, as th.-.t of the ministry. The de
rangement of the nerve centers of the brair
by over work, frequently brings on attacks
ot heart trouble, and nervous prostration.
Kev. J. P. K ester, M. I., Pagtor C. B.
Church, London Mills. 11U himself a physi
cian, writes Feb. 2S, "Heart affection
and nervous prostration had become so
serious last fall that a little over work in
the pal pit would so completely prostrate me
Tr MilfS,' Umt 1 seemed certain I
"l relinqnUh tbe work
Heait CUre of the ministry entirely.
Heart palpitation became
JKeSlOreS so bad that my auditors
flanUU would ask me if I did not
CsUU!hhi hare heart disease. Las
Soreniber I commenced taking Dr. Mines'
Hew Heart Core alternately witb Ir. Miles
Service and derived the ceseat possible
benefit. X hare Just closed revival work of
10 weclu. Tirea.-hi!:g Dearlj every nlcbt and
twice on tbe fiabbat h. I can speak for hours
without suffering as 1 formerly did. Hard
working ministers should keep Dr. Mikes'
grand remedies on band."
Dr. Mites Heart Cure is aoid on rnarantaa,
ana name win oenent or money
c frier
io ILL
C - ttr -
. otfered for a limited time, so order
to-day. Yours very truly,
11 V ny aiflicHKy in pro-aTn?yr A...
soap, cat out this natice and arad it miltt '
yonr order ( yonr wbulrssl. dratcr.
Remodeling Sale.
To make room for the carpenter
already low prices are lower
Shoes, Slippers and Oxfords
307 Twentieth Street.
Base Ball Boxing Gloves
Gloves Made To Order.
Orders Promptly Filled.)
Wo nave thnmnrtilv
ftlM flfld It KUIIrtrfir loan,
. --"mh mivuHmiwi uien
m w
l lIKSIX.iKR Mt-Nt'l'ArTl-BlSnO.MI'AMr. Ikilinrir Hewtwi MAf-niXKCO.
WiicKusa A W iuhs Mi'r'uiwii. U'hiiiim m hi .:
T u jc la r a .s ia a u k w i o M ac u i x s Co.
Aslc the dealer for it, or send' 24
any color or number, together with
wuuuu, uuu u interesting dooic on turcaa and sewing, tree.
WILUM ANTIC THREAD CO., Willimantlo, Conn.
llson Scorcher
1 1 son Roadster
llson Special
Nothing better, prices right, have a look
at them. Western distributing agents for
the Temple and Royal Bicycles. .
Dear Sir:
Yam am mmtUljt ,
' -.ubwu .v tuirs
r - fm i . .
BlackwelTs Genuine
Durham Smoking
TobSCCO you buy. One bar
o soap Free with each pound,
whether 16 oz.t 8 cz., 4 oz., or
a oz., packages.
We have notified every whole
sale dealer In the United States
that we wlfl supply them with soap
to jrive yo PR EE. Order a jrood
nee, and insist on getting your
soap. One bar of Soap FREE with
exch nan nil vm fn,v 1.
sale prices of our Ladies' Tan
Shoes at
This is
The Thread
thnt received the hinliest award at Ihe
World a Fair; that all leading sewing
machine m.inufnrtnrcrs use and re
commend. Kcad what they say about
Star Thread.
fwrtml h. Wllllm.nili. u.mnl Mmw.i rv,m 1
flthr In th m.rfet .n.1 nmiiiiwiul k bi
w auarariiiif luarnintK.
eta. and receive six spools of thread, 1
four bobbins for your machine, ready j
at cut

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