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YCL.ZXJV. CO. 153.
Michigan Cold Water People Put
Themselves on Record.
T!aln la lha Yatlng Fir tm Om-Pn
Mlnr liAvwl, mm Tn AatMTnlta
Matnl Maa 9f ada Palat.-Larg
laaallMa In tha Itatftma Tallav Likely
Ta II A Bnltor Xatton.l Caavntlaa
llall-a ! raillleal flalJ Malta.
I.AVnna. April 17. "Broad gaum" Pro
hlultknnLts eontrullnl ths tn-.s convcn
.jo hold term ywtetrtir by a ratio of
rtcnrly lira to ana. Notwithstanding thnt
Kuv. John Huawll and Saranvl Dickie,
(halrmna of tbo national Prohibition
e namlttoe, fought tbt (m .liver plank to
the lust, they were elected tloIegatcs-.it-lit?
to tha nntlunnt convention. Tbt
fithnr d;U-trnTc aro G.-orgro R. Mnlone, of
I.-tnlng, ami Ir. Henry A. Hoynolds, of
1'nntine, former! tha fender of the "red
ribbon" tmpa-unco BinroraaTU. Messrs.
It rk and Kuwll gv notlco that tb7
should not bo b .url by the Instructions,
but would art es the doomed b-st for the
Interests of the party when tlio oonventkun
auinbifd. Tho platform adopted stands
. 1. 1 1.. I W -II 1 . i . P
for prohibition, froe silver, election of
United States senators by tbo peoplo, the
Inlt'ntlva and referendum, woman uS
r.n', IHiernl pensions, government lue
of nil money, and government control of
rallruada ami telegraph lines.
McKlnlay Maa Coma Oat Vary Well la tha
Kentucky Convention.
Lot:isvit.LE, April 17. The Bradley
late wn.t considerably damaged In the
contest for dclrg.ttcs-at-lariro at tho clos
ing session of tho Kt-piibllcan convention.
A. II. Ilornatn, who has bocn a pro
nounced MrKinlry man, wa chosen d"le
RUto by the end highest Voto received
by the miullciiitc fur these, plncc. Tbo
oritur throo delegate t Bradley men.
Tho ffovrrnnr secured tho Indorsement of
Ids prmiib'iiUal euntMdory In tho plat
form, hut his satisfaction at this triumph
nvrrhls opponents within tho party of
this state cannot bo nnaflnyod, for thu In
structions am coupled with tlfo provision
thnt wuiti bis nnme shall bo withdrawn
the voto shall s to tbo Ohio champion of
The McKlnlnv men could hardly havo
askwl mora. 'J'ha liulJOMt flht of the con
vention own mil after Wirou dVleaates had
been chosen, nn tha question of negro r'p-
resentatlim nn tho UJleRnfloo-st large, but
It urns endoil In tho colored brother's favor
L'fm tho voto was half through.
The financial plonk Is as follows: "We
re opposed to tho frun and unlimited
et.ln-iirw of silver, Ixdlovln that tt Would
Invnlve the eountry In financial rijtn. The
bom aoiiar is inn best dollar and less II'
hle to flurtuarlons, and for these reasons
and In order to conform onr standarlto
Hint of ether srseal cotumerelat nation
we favor It as the standard Wner of the
Unltod Mtates and tho malDtnlntng on a
parity with It every othef dollar, whether
of silver or paper."
Mine Workers rractle-lly Revolve la Favel
of NoKlnley.
CntXMMT, April 17. Tho United Mine
n orkers" convention adopted a resolution
whlcti Is praatlcally an Imlorsonient of
Mnjnr McKtnloy. A resolution was In
trixtueod reeommnillnit the nomination
f Kuirene IXiba for president by the Pnnu
Hit national convention at ft. Louis In
July. About two-thkdsof t ho delojrales
wM wraslnir McKluley badtces, and W.
t'. W'ebh, of Kenturky. Said the Idea of
a.loptlnK a resolution favnrine; a Populist
rnndld it with a peek of Mc Klnley badges
In slvht was ludicrous. Ibe fallowing
suhsticute was sdopird:
"That we recommend to the wage earn
ers of tho country the advisability of
nominating a representative waie earner
or well known friend of the Wealth-producers
for the presidency of the VnltaJ
Mates to be btli In a.-x: Novonbor."
Tariff for the ttosed Trip Decided Cp-
mm hf Weatara Boada
('hicaimx April 17. WosUrn roadi
kavu agmnl to make a rate of one fare for
the round trip for the Republican national
convention to bo hell at St. Louis. Tickots
will Ih sold Jmte IS, U 15. II and 17,
irom point within au miles of ft Louis,
good lor return until June el. The samo
rate will be mado for tho Democratic na
tional conviction at Chknm. Tickets
fie? this will bo sold Jnno 4, A, ft, and July
7 and 8. from p.lnt wiUiin am) miles of
t hlcniMk rood for return uattl Jhlv 1A
The Paiihlliitionists will be a-tven the same
mte lor tnelr convention, which Is to be
noltl in May at Pittsburg. TickoU wtll
be told May l, Si and SS, (mm torritorv
common to the central passenger commit
tee. 1 hey will be g xl tor return until
May 3
Taltav Bad MharraSk Say Tlwy Caaaot Ae
crp a Omt Komlnee,
Dksvkh, April 17. A special to The
Times frum Washington aajrs: Senator
Teller and Representative Khafroth havo
d.cldod definitely that they will not be
candidal for electron as delegates to thu
national Kopnbllcan convention. Tbi-y
fsv'l that there Is no bepe that the conven
tion will nominate a candidate or adopt a
platform which tbey can Indorse. Both
sjt they cannot support gold standard
rundidato fir the presidency, no matter
br what party nominated, and they would
only place themselves tn an embarrassing
position by parrclpalnff In m convention
which Is so certain to take position
against silver as they consider the Kepub
liean couvrntlon to be.
F. A, Flu tm Fls;ht McKlptoy.
Fl'Rirtcrikxn, Ills. April 17. Is dovel-
oped here Ut night that there U a well-
organised plan to defeat McKlnley In-
traction In the Rppublleaa state eon-
Tent ion here A prtl SA The circular sent
out hy the advisory committee of the
American IW-ilv. AcUtlotl
onncing MrKlnley was rvsuVIn A. P. A.
lodg-in this.it, la,, night, .od
tloatwer, adopted denonntMcKlnJey.
anl A. f. A. origatcs to the state con I
entlon Instructed for McKinlsy will be
asked to violate their instructions. i
Mew Jersey lUpaMieaas Speak Plainly.
Tkestos, April 17. Tho New Jersey
Republican convention dhl not Instruct
Its delegates to tho national convention,
ccstcnttag ltolf with promising loyal
apport to the nominees of that eoltven
ttoa. The platform plank on money Is
clean cat and declares for the single gold
standard wiifSmt quaUflottions. Of
esiurse protective tariff and reciprocity are
planks also.
Dlaasoads and Other Property raised at
SJTOaOOO Baeesaiad la Lmndoa.
Krw TOBK. April 17. A special to the
World from London says: Two jnen.
whoso reel names the London police say
wllliraa Turner and William Rob
erta Danlop, were arralgnod In the Mhrl-
borough street police court yesterday
afternoon, charged with the illegal pos
session of quantity of Jewelry. The
World correspondent is Infornnd that the
two men are undoubtedly either tho act
ual burglars or aocompllccs of the bur
glars who rot bed L Townsoud Burden's
house la Now York city some months
ago. Tbcy were arrested whilo loitering
before the windows of various jewelry
shops la Bond street, but it appears that
Uie arrest was really arranged beforehand
on Information received by Scotland Yard
f 1IT Vav Vnpt
from New York.
Tho men were searched and twenty
eight unset diamonds, valued at 3,0U0
4tlo,'J0U), were found In their pockets.
They refused to give any explanation.
Tha police knew they lived tn lodgings in
Shepherd's market; near Whitehorse
street, Mayfalr, and not far from Picca
dilly. Thore the police found jawclry to
the value, as tbey say, of 10,000 UJ0O,OG0),
together with the settings of tho diamonds
found upon them whon arrested. Tho
other Jewelry was sewn up In belts and In
the linings of tholr clothos. One gold
plcco with tho name "T. Burden" en
graved upon it was also found.
Tho police say tbo Jowolry corresponds
to the description of that stolen from Mrs.
Burden, and they think all that was miss
ing has been recovered. ' The police are
most reticent about the caso. Tho ar
rested men, while making no resistance
whon overhauled, stfunoi greatly fright
cr.cn. They huvo refused to make any
Or as Good as Itotad, for the Roentgen
Kay Will Kill Them.
CrtlCAGO, Apr.l 17. Professor II. P.
Pratt and Professor Hugh WJghtman
announce to tho world that diph
theria and typhoid aro absolutely
killed by tho Roentgen rny. This
statement Is mado without reserve.
The decision was reached last evening In
tho laboratory whon tho last of gorms
which bad been exposed to tho ray failed
to show signs of llfo uuder tho glass tho
deadly bacilli remaining Id In and hiartlvo
In the nlldet of the best and most tempt
ing Imitation of human tissue.
i'rntussur Wljhtnian has preparod four
new eulan!es-siVaiUcmlo breeders chol
era, tuberculosis, hog cholera and diph
theria. They aro located in tubes with
nutriment. Tho ray wns turned on sixty
two minutes. A critical examination
showed a great chemical chango. It was
evident that force had acted upon the
artificial tissue.
Early Katloiml Amusement Comes to a
Head In SI Cities.
Cmcifio, At!l 1". From yesterday un
til soma tliuo In October next tho bise boll
cranks will rejolcd with great Joy every
day and In tbi cities blesso.1 by grand
stands, bleachers and diamonds with wild
Joy on days when tbcro Is a game on. for
tho fcoason began yesterday in the Na
tional Leaguo which rules the (tamo. Chi
caga woro broad ainilo last evening, fur
Anson bad won the first game,
Following aro tho scurcs: .At Louis
ville Chicago, 4; Louisville.., At Cin
cinnati 1'ltLsburg, II; Cimitnatotl, 1. - At
Philadelphia-!-Boston, 7; Philadelphia, .
At t. Louis Cleveland, 8: ST.Uui. 6.
At Washington Now Y.rk. 3; Washing
ton, a. At iSaltlmoro Brooklyn, tt; Bal
Uinoro, &.
Wives foe Drltlslt Columbians.
VASCOUVEll, April 17. The mayor of
Vancouver has received peculiar lettct
frqm Toronto written In tho Interests of
the young women In Toronto and other
astern cities. Tbo writer states that, ac
cording to statistics, therelt a$ottago in
tho famolo population ra the northwest
territories and British OuIWirrbla amount
ing to about 4 J.ftX and there 4s In eastern
Canada a corresponding overplus of un
married women. In order to equalize
matters It rs proposed to send ypung
women of good health and end moral
character west to he distributed whero the
do maud is greatest.
Tin Plate Will Be Dearer.
Pittsburg, April 17. The tin plate
manufacturers' meeting adjourned last
evening without having formed a pool,
but an organization was effected and an
agreement entered into by which tbs
price of L C. common at New York will
bo regulated by the price of fosrlgn plato.
This win at present advance the price to
13 J8. Kvcry tin plate firm in the country
exwpt two was represented at the meet
ing. Another meeting will ba held next
Dcea Flaying Some of Oar Tricks,
MADKin, April 17. The figures of the
poll at Madrid give more Totes than there
am registered electors. The Marqnls Ca
brlnana was not elected. He only obtained
ll.iXW votos and has Drotcstod. contending
that votes In his favor were given to other
candidate It was the marquis who
brought tho sonsttlnnal charges of fraud
against the mnlc4pl eouncil which re
sulted In a ri.it and considerable legal
line Owners mmm MIm I:La
IsnrMix. Mich., April 17.-A meeting
' "S4agcrs of all the iron mines on the
MarquciUi range will be held here today
"'"u the ore situation. A proposal
"curtail the ore output and materially
rci"' th" number of miners employed
' WjJ " , A, lmlng alone
J J w"fd? 00 lo" -
nltln ,he oW offi before
, .
T TTPlT V TTnl? If A sHTrr.
VAa. A 1 Uil. U1.JXJJ
That Echavaria Was Slow Sizing
Up the Situation.
Or, According to Havana Accounts, the Ca
bas Rebellion Might Have Been Smashed
In Finer del Bio a Few Days Ago
Macao's Attack aa the Alfonso XIII. Bat
talion Declared a Costly One fee tha
Bebels A lericaa Ministers Arrested.
Havana, April 17. Further do tails of
the fighting between the Alfonso XIII
battalion and the Insurgents under Maceo
at San Claudia, near the northern ex
tremity of the military line, across the
province of Pinar del Rio, shows that the
Spanish gunboat Alert, which so oppor
tunely went to the assistance of the troops,
fonnd that the latter hod bocn compelled
to retreat before an overwhelming force
of o 000 insurgents. Although the latter
outnumbered the men of the Alfonso
Xfll battulion by over ten to one, and In
spite of tho fact that fhe soldiers were led
in pursuing the rctrcatiug vanguard of
toe enemy Into tho' position which almost
enabled tho insurgents to surround them
from neighboring heights, the Spanish re
treated in good order, fighting stubbornly
as tbey did so.
Made tha Retreat la Good Order.
Dunn? this retreat tho government
troops inflicted heavy loss upon Macco's
forces and succeeded In maintaining a cor
rect formation nntiL after a seven hours'
fight, tho harbor of San Claudia was
reached and tho troops barricaded them
selves in tho best positions possl'ule and
acterir.incd to ugbt to tho last. During
this long and harassing retreat tho Al
fonso XIII battalion only Rist oao offloer
and four men killed and had only thir
teen men wounded. Tho flro of tho troops
was so well delivered and tho movements
of tho battalion wore so efficiently ordered
and promptly executed that the 6, CO J
Cubans were unablo to achieve any ad
vantage lurthcr than compelling thv
greatly ovcr-matchod body of Spanish ki
fantry to retreat in good order.
Blade the Mistake of the War.
Besides, it is claimed, even this retreat
would not hove been necessary had it not
been for the supinencss of General Ectra--aria,
who was In command of a much
stronger Spanish column operating in
conjunction with tho column qf Colonel
Duvos (the Alfonso XIII battalion), and
m the latter s Immediate neighborhood.
Uenorals Echuvarlo, Sunrez and Ynclan
left Muriel, north df tho lino, with the
Alfonso XlII battalion on Monday by
uiUeront roads In an attempt to engage
Maeeos lorcus. Alio Alfonso XIII bat'
tallon becamo engaged, as already de
tailed, aqd should havo been promptly
supported by the nearest Spanish column.
that of General Echavaria; but, tho latter
not only failed to support Colonel Devos
as proiiMply as he should havo done, but
srcins to have delayed notifying Generals
r'uwfz and Ynclan of the location ef Ma
ceo s forces wtNMTTho latr r had attached
tho Alfonso XIII bntniUon In force;
otherwise a combined flank movement of
the Spanish troops might huvo resulted
in crushing Maceo' s army and possibly
extinguishing rebellion at tbo samo time.
Alerta Arrive la OooU Tima,
- Th'J Alcrta heard tho firing whilo cruis
ing off tho coast and headed for ban
Claudio, whore tho warshkh found tho
Alfonso XlII battalion hastily barricaded
In houses, warehouses, etc. Colonel Devos,
whilo determined to hoM San Claudia to
tho last, wns c.irlng for Its wounded to
tho utmost, and under tho Uro of the
enemv ho sucenrdod in nmlinrklnfr tliA
thirteen Injured soldiers in small boats
from which they wero transferred to
small schooner which was at anchor near
tlu landing placo when tho battalion en.
t-ord tho place. When tho gunboat got
within range of tho insurgents who were
f warming in lnrgo numbers over the hills
in the vicinity of San Claudio a hot fire
from her guns and rilleinon was opened
upon Maceo s forces. A few well directed
shells exploded In tho enemy's ranks, caus
ei much disorder.
Echavaria Called on to Explain.
Then when tho troops under General
xnelan arrived and opened firj on tho in.
sur gents the latter beat a hasty retreat
over tho bills and finally disappeared:
whereas, If the Spanish columns h id acted
well in coircert tho result nfight have
bocn a most disastrous defeat fur Maceo.
General Ech aria has stnqo been relieved
of his command and Is now iu tltis citv
tryihfr to explain his Inaction, to the sails
faction of the captain general. It is uu
d'jrstood that he claims to have acted as
Dromntlv as possible under tho circuin
stances, ami iu view of tho difficulties of
fered by tho countny his column had to
amekicAk preachebs ABBESTED.
Held By the Spaniards on a Charge
Possessing Insurgent Dommenu,
IlAVASA, April 17. The Havana police
have detained tho Protestant "bishop,
Alberto Jesus Diaz, wbo had received a
call, and his brother, Alfredo Vletorianc
Dial. Theso two gcntiomcn are natural
ized Americans. Tho poriee report that
they found in tbeir possession certain in.
snrgent documents.
ATLANTA, April 17. News of the arrest
and Incarceration hj the Spanish officials
of Kev. A. J. Diaz, an American citizen
and superintendent of missions of the
Southern Buptist convention in Cuba, wot
received here (n a telegram from Havana
to Dr. I. T. Ticbenor', the corresponding
secretary of the homenbedon board of tho
Southern Baptist convention. Ho par
ticulars are given, but It Is presumed that
tho arrest is on account ef Dr. Diaz s well
known pro Insurgent proclivities, thongb
1 Is not believed bore that he has been
g ailty of any overt act that shou d have
subjected him to imprisonment.
Dr. Diaz Is a great favorite among the
southern Baptists, and it is probable thai
a concerted movement will be begun
among them to secure his release. He if
native of Cuba, and it is said that be
had to floe from the island during the
foMucr insurrection on account of his al
leged connection with the rebels, he es
caping from a pursuing parry of Spanish
soldiers by swimming out from the shore
ttt a passing TcsscL He went to new
York and subsequently entered the Bap-
tut ministry.
Subscribe for Tax Asa.
Sagar Converter Barstov Tw Men An
Killed and Three Badly Hart.
Peobia, IUs April 17. A converter at
tha lower sugar . works exploded this
morning, filling the immense building
with steam. A man named Barnes was
killed outright. The body of John Hoey
has been removed from tho room. Ha
was killed instantly, as well S3 Barnes,
and was found alongside the converter.
John Dooley and Mat Connolly ore the
men most severely Injured. The converter
was on tho fourth story of the building, In
which about a hundred nion were at work.
There was the wildest exqltcment and
many thrilling escapes occurred. Tho ex
plosion was plainly heard in all parts ef
the city.
John Wilson has been removed from
the ruins. Several ribs aro broken and he
Is Injured Internally, and probably fa
Charged with the Xna Olson M ardor.
SEATTLE, April 17. James E. Allsop,
formerly a - Tocoma and Minneapolis
real estate dealer, was arrestel bero yes
terdav bv Detective Curtnov. of Minnnnn
olls.on a chargo of murdering Lena Olson,
of Duluth, Minn., in tho fall of 18M Xhe
murderer of Miss Olson went by tho name
of A. A. Austin, and Curtncy claims to
have positively identified Allsop as Aus
tin. Allsop denies that ho is Autln.
Given Judgment for S330,O0O.
NEW York, April 17. Dudley Porter
and others, of Haverhill, Mass., In a suit
against J. M. Sigafus for l,OvO,000, se
cured, a verdict yesterday In tho United
motes circuit - court lor km.73. Xhe
plaintiffs charged that tho defendant sold
them a gold inino In Riverside eonnty,
Cat, and misrepresented its character.
Grant strike oT Coal Uaadlei-,
WEST Supemou, Wis., April 17. Tho
blgjest strike that ever took plaee at tho
bead of Lake Superior will bo Inaugurated
on the opening of navigation, when the
coal hoavers will attempt, to enforce a de
mand for 6J cents for unloading coaU
The old rate was 40 cents, and all lines cf
labor and all trades will. If necessary, walk
out to enforce tho demand.
Straits of Mackinaw Open.
Mackinaw City, Mich., April 17. Tha
Straits of Mackinaw aro open and navi
gation in tho lakes has resumed. The
first boat to pass thro? at tho str.-.itsVas
the steamer City of Berlin, bound from
Chicago to Fairport, which passed hero
yesterday afternoon.
Acts Jnst Like a yhlta Man, '
CHA.MBEKLAIX, S. D., April 17. Hand
some Elk. a Lower Brulu Indian, who
shqt two Indian policemen, ono of them
pethons futatl;,bas taken refuge In a
house which hoi been transformed into a
temporary fortress. He is heavily armed
and will resist arrest.
Death of a Sj-rnp-tovlng Baker.
GHi0AGO.ADtfl 17. Charres,Vieth, a
baker, suffocated himself with molasses
yesterday. Ho was very fond of the stuff,
and in order to get onough ho lay flat on
his back on tho floor, so that whan ho
opened the clip on the barrel tho syrnp
would flow Into his mouth. Then he
opened his moHth and tha cftp, and was
literally drowned by syrup.
Fonnd Atwnd tmler a Floor. '
Deadwooij, S. D., March 25. Tho bode?
ot Miss Daisy Louthcr, of Spearflsh, a
daughter of Dr. Louthcr of that place,
was found under the floor of A dancing
pavilion in a prove of trees a few yards
from her father a door. A bullet had been
fired through her head. Sho was disap
printed in a lovo affair.
tsiood in its natural state contaiug a
surprising auiuunt of pure air, amount
ing to nearly edsen -eighths of "its entire
Pure blood is the safeguard of
health. Keep the blood pure '. with
Hood's Sarsaparilla if you would al
ways be well.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest
or all in leavening strength Latest VnUed
SUitc G'o-oernnumt food Report.
Kot-l BAxnta Pownza Co . Siv Toss. Crrr
Cars Toir Bssw ami Ear K Inmnd.
Reldy Bros.
' Real Estate,
Insurance and Loans.
Room 4, Mitchell & Lynd b'ng.
Telephone 1C02.
This Receipt for Five Thousand One Hundred and Eighty-sixJDollars
and Thirty-five Cents ($J.186.J5)
ii -3 va '
Being only one third of the amount purchased of the Chicago9TltIe & Trust
Company, receivers for Kahn, Schoenburn & Co , one of the largest clothing
manufacturers of Chicago who failed some time ago. We bought this lot of
Suits for about 33K cents on the dollar. THIS IS A MIGHTY LUCKY
PURCHASE FOR YOU. as you can buy a FINE SPRING SUIT for less
than the CLOTH IN THE PIECE IS WORTH. K., S. & Co. have al
Think of it fine all Wool Suits 4
worth $12 to $15 for only 4
Hundreds to select from all this season's make no old goods. We gun an
tee every garment to be First Class.
-" i.,-f A-
wait i uu
Solid Oajc Side
boards .
Solid Oak Chif
fonier . . .
Cane Soat Dining
Chairs . . . .
Six Foot Extension Q 7C
Tables .... OslO
Bed Room
Suites ....
Corduroy Conebes,
All Spring Edge
and Tufted . . .
Remember these are Prices
For One Week.
We are making the most ex
tensive eat on Good Furni
ture that has ever been
made. We do this to adver
tise ourselves and to make
room for carloads of goods
now on the way.
Davenport Furniture
& Camet Co.,
824, 226, 328 Eradj St- .
Portraits Free.
THE circulation of The Argus Is now larger than it has ever bren
before iy the paper's history, and veiy month sets a new high f
water mark. Not satisfied with this, however, the determination
has been made to push it even farther, and at the same tiine give its pa
tons the benefit of its enterprise. With this end In view it has made
arrangements to absolutely Kive away a life size crayon, India Ink, or
sepia portrait to every person who will liave their name added to
the subscription rolls paying SI for a 10-weeks' subscription in advance.
There is no string attached to the proposition whatever
H o Requirement to Buy a
Or anything of the sort. You pay your subncrlaUon, get your order
for a portrait, and Ret your frame when and where you please. The
portraits are reliable and are the same as sold by dealers with a frame
for from 54 to 810.
The Argus Wants More Subscribers
But It is willing to be enterprising to get them. Its offer is made In
good faith to induce sew subiEriptioia, and In order to protect Itself, no
person who discontinues after the publication of this notice (April 7)
will be allowed a portrait to renew his subscription.
To Give All Patrons an Equal Chance.
In order, however, to give old patrons an equal chanr, any paid up sub
scriber will be given a portrait br paying a premium of ONLY 60
x Portraits will not be famished to non-subscribers at any price.
Samples of the work can be seen at Tub Abo us business office
when you calL
Photographs will not be lost or destroyed, but returned to you with
portrait when finished.
As this offer Is made purely to get Tub Anors Into new homes
oilr ene portrailjwill be furnished to each household no more than
tiiat win be nuule at any price.
Costs You Absolutely Nothing.
The portrait If purehased alone (without a frame) would cost at least
82, but in this way it will cost you absolutely nothing.
AH Unas of
Offlo and Shop 721 Twelfth strsrt
J- - LS - ' I
Best Made, Best Trimmed,
Best Fitting.

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