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These days about suits being made to
order from $10 up. Simon & Mosen
felder for the past seasons have had sev- ,
eral of th; best of these
Tailoring Agencies
who make these cheap dothes "to or
der," and we have them still. But do
not for a minute think that you are going
to get anything better than our own make
of goods; not much. These wholesale
tailors want something for their Jabor so
does the agent and the result b that
you pay SI S for a suit to order (and no
better 'fit nor workmanship) for what we
charge you $10. But some people are
always ready to pay for experience.
Yours for Ready-Made or
Simon &
One Trice Clothiers. - Rock Island House Corner.
. '. Branoh U. S. Clothing Co., Monmouth, 111. .
tyeddlng Gifts
H. D. FOLSOM, Jeweler.
1703 Second Avenue.
Pointers and Decorators
830?. 419 StroUrctfc 8U BOCK ISLASS. ILL.
The Jewel Smokeless Gasoline Stove.
a- (uuici uedters vuer
you indhlJualbirrersatsamepiice). And wi-1 give you
3 f- iiiwic mm i3 per cent ie s gasoline than
any other stove. This is an item worth saving.
Allen. Mvers
i8n Second Avenue.
BtUKX A. FlKllMja
The finest Generator Stove
ever placed on the market.
Look at this stove at
0LV $ll.oo
(Without Oven )
1SX25 on top and 27 inches
h;h. It has the ce!ebrated
ATOR cr.u j 1 cr
& Compmy
Opposite Harper House
THE ABQUB. MONDAY, APB1I, 27. 1896. 5
Danger of Misapprehension as
to the Existing Controversy.
Saps. Aaaeat 4Iom to Baqalra It -The le-
stractors Hots Dm Their Part and Ask
Ko More of the Board Aa Iaapraetica
bia Scheaaa.
Whether innocently or not, the
Union persists in lendiner itrelf to a
plan which does not offer the proper
nnle 1,1 I .1 - - . -
fchool controversy. Tha A
who is acknowledged to be back of
. I T 1 - . r . .
mo liiiuu b pusitiou is canning, oat
not so much so bat that his nurbose
can be discerned. The nlan which
Dr. Kinyon proposes does not give.
uiuruco 01 a satisfactory solution
of the difficulty and bence is not
practical, and when the Union says
that any of the teachers opposed to
Mr. Ament are disposed to regard
me proposition ior an examination
according to the plan proposed, with
favor, it misrepresents the facts.
The assertion, too, that "the riht
to be heard is one that the board
Should CheerfullV Concede" U a unrtr
clever piece of artifice and would bd
appreciated 11 me teachers were
seeking any right to be heard. Bat
thev are not. Thev wra dimnnr
aged the only time they asked to
1 1 j 1
ue ucaru, anu nnaing mat they
had been deceived and ig
nored the teachers adonted rninTn.
tions giving to the president of the
ooaru, wnom tney Knew was their
1 ... . .
ineuu, ana tnrougn mm to the pub
lic, a statement of their case. By
10 is statement tney are asking
nothing more of the board. Tbev
are seckine no privilece to ba hni
further. The appeal to ba heard, if
it is to be made, should come from
the fcunerintendent. aa Tun A van
has repeatedly asserted. Let him
ask in the proper way the privilege
of defending himself and the teach
ers will then, if asked to by the
board, emphasize their case, the sub
stance 01 wmcn was set lorth in the
resolutions. The" impression which
the Union as the mnntknippe nf rtr
trs ? .. - r
ivinyon is seeding to convey, that the
teachers are aking anything of the
board is erroneous and nniu.t. The
teachers know what to expect from
me ooara.
What Good Would Com of It.
The plan suppested hv Dr. Kimrnn
and the Union is that the board lir-t
meet and reconsider the. ant inn in
reappointing Supt. Ament and that
i 1 . .
me -teacners between certain
hours' next Saturday file their
charfrcs and that the board th An irrain
act on the question of retaining the
nuperiuteouent. ino status 01 the
matter is simply this, if the board
regards the resolutions of the teach
ers as of sufficient i fnnnrtniA t.n re-
consider its action as regards the
reappointment 01 me superin
tendent, why go any farther
than to reconsider the vote? Does
Dr. Kinvon think that after an In
vestigat'ion if the board should con-
siuer mo ciiar?M inannieient: n
alter its course and should then re
appoint the superintendent, it would
uarw any cucci in removing me pres
ent unfortunate situation, either in
the minds of the teachers or the nnb-
lic? As a matter of fact the teachers
do not expect the present board to
do otherwise than sustain tha innor.
intendent. neither does tha nnhlin
Past appeals on the part of the teaah-
ers aau petitions Irom the, nnblin
.... .. "
have been treated with a l.if nr
lbe board of education knew when
it defiantly reappointed the superin
tendent how the teachers felt. It it
regards the exigencies sufficient to
warrant a reconsideration of the
vote, the very circumstances that
warrant such a course are sufficient
to sustain it. Certainly the board.
if it is disoosed to act with aV.r!ii!e
fairness in the nremiana. inn Hjimaml
no stronger evidence than the reso
lutions 01 on teacners, tfce sentiment
of the public in the community and
th record Of the auorintnnrlnnt in
other p'aces where be has been.
xna r:aa or Dr. Klnroa.
The clan of Dr. Kinvon a'rilrna
Tiik Am: i s as purely an attempt to
wuuuwasu. io actiun on tne part of
the board which does not involve the
reverse of its course at the last meet
ing will suffice to settle the present
controversy. Any move that would
eventuate in the reappointment of
Supt. Ament would bring the situa
tion right back to where it is now:
The dutV of the bnar J ia to trnnira
for a change in the superin. endency;
that is the long and short of it. It
the present board does not, another
board to be comoosed after the .Innn
election will, and nothing short of
such a proceeding will serve. To be
blunt no subterfuges go. Aside
from the indelicacy of Dr. Kinyon's
position, wnen it is consitiorea that
Mrs. Hamilton at the meeting of the
hoard the night Mr. Ament was re.
chosen, stated that h had i
gated the aharges against the super
intendent .and found them dne to a
misapprehension or deliberate false-
uuuuB, i uues not seem rigni to ex
pect the teachers ta individ
ually go before a board whiefc is
aireaay prejudiced against them.
The teachers ask no privilege to be
heard now. Thev have stated their
esse,-but they seek do trial, for they
nave not aone wrong.
t Bforraaac t aopta
are they who are afflicted with pirn,
pies, boils, carbuncles, running
sores, ulcers, scrofula, cancerous or
syphilitic affections, or any other
blood taint whatsoever, and "do not
try a 50 cent bottle of Foley's Sar
saparilla. For sale at U. F. Bahn
sea'a drag store.
TaBa- Maa Christ Ian iaaoclaiiiia Ob-
aarvas Its Birthday.'
Special services were held in the
several protestant churches yester
day in honor of the twelfth anniver.
sary ol the Bock island Ioung Men's
Christian association, which has ac
complished so much in this locality
uunntr ton iew years oi its existence.
mere were addresses by special
speakers in each of the churches.
In the evening there were union
servioes at the Broadway and Central
rresbyterlan churches. I rank Nadler
maae me aaaress at me Broadway
I , 1 ' I - . V . .ma n. - -
aau looK ior nis suoject ine field
Association Work." while H W. Peck.
of Des Moines, gave an entertaining
in at me central on t ne r leld.
its Opportunity and Occupancy."
Both were largely attended.
In the morning E W. Peek spoke
at the Broadway church on "The
Purpose of the Y. M. C. A.:" J. p,
Bailey at the United Presbvterian on
the "Five Sides of Association
Work;" A. B. Bruner at the First
Baptist on vThe Great Evils of To
day;" Frank Nadler, of Davenoorr. at
tho Central on "Association Work
and How It Should be followed;" God
frey Haas, of Galesbarg, at the First
Methodist on "Progress in Christian
Work:" F. S. SheDard. of l)avn-
port, at the Grace Lutheran on "As
sociation VI ork. Its Origin, Extent
and Accomplishments," and - F. H.
Harper at the Caristian on "Dangers
Which Detail the Young; the Rem
Acoording to Secretary Bailey's
report the total membership April 1
was 3b9, while Treasurer Kobinson
says his receipts for the year have
been f J, 316.73 and the expenditures
ndaatrtal Ataoclatloa to tirra a Patriot lo
An entertainment is to be given
the latter part of next month for the
purpose or raising lands to assist in
paying off the debt on the Industrial
llo'ine association building at the
corner of 1 wenty-nrt street and
Third avenue. ,
Saturday evening arrangements
were made with i'rof. Clendenin
for the production of a patriotic
spectacular entitled "Oor Counlry."
the piece has a cast of about two
hundred and will be given two
night's and a matinee. In is said to
be an interesting and attractive play
ana snouia De weu patronized in
view of the deserving cause for
which it Is to be given. The labor
icg people have displayed their
tnrm y erecting a building
which will be an everlasting monu
ment to them and an ornament to
the citv, and now that a little finan
cial assistance is needed the people
soouni not 08 uacKwara about help
ing the cause. A committee com
posed of Patrick Kooney. T. H. Ellis
and J. W. Cavanaugh hss been ap-
iuiubcu uj iuq BBsuuiauuu ta piau
for the event.
May Pack Frrjarca RerawIT ta Protect Bar
Old Sweetheart.
Tomorrow mornin? Mav Peck will
be tried on a charge of periurv in
consequence of her attempt to free
ner oia sweetheart, Teddy Kelly, who
is charged with assaulting? and at
tempting to murder her during a
quarrel in Eagal's saloon at "the
corner of Twentieth street and Soc
ond avenue. Ana todav Kellv was
he.d to the grand jury in t-JOO bond
to answer the crime with which he
is charged. He furnished bail.
At the trial Saturdav afternoon the
woman caused quite a sensation in
denying that Kelly had stabbed her;
and that sbo had made an ante.
mortem statement in the presence of
Stite's Attorney Searle. Dr. E. M.
Sala and Chief Etzjl chareinc ber
old sweetheart with the crime. In
fact, she said Teddy was innocent of'
any connection with tha affair. But
Msty's game didn't go. She was held
for pcrjary and will be tried tomor
row. She is now in jtil and Teddy
is out on bail.
Nomine of Today's LecUlatlva Coavan.
tlua at Caroundgr.
CAUnumnB. Anril27 Thoronnki;.
can legislative convention of the
Thirtv-tnlrd Senatorial i;.tr;o ...
sembled here today. Dr. J. E. Rei-
ter ueing maae cnairmsn and J. E.
Chilbur? secretarv. Will;. p...
of Bock Island, and E. W. Houghton!
ui neury county, were nominated for
the legislature.
lbe senatorial commit tea
of J. R. Hollowbush, J. T. Fisk. J. E.
neiier. t mtch and F. S. Nelson.
Weu rieaaed.
President D. H. Lon riArhaelr nf the
Tri City Railway company, and J. E.
Montrose returned to r:hir. laa't
night, after a few days pleasantly
T"1 iu lusciir. nen seen ves
terday afternoon, Mr. Londerback
was in a particularly happy frame of
mind, not only over his visit, but in
view of having recived advices from
Chicago that darinc the hia
forces had succeeded in getting down
uu past tne Auaiionnm
with the structure for his great ele
vated electric roa& there.
Sim Tranuaa.
Whether on pleasure bent, or busi
ness, take on even trin hnttln nf
Syrnp of Figs, as it acts most pleas-
auuy bdu eneciually on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, preventing fevers,
headaches, and other forms of sick
ness. For sale in 50 cent and ft bot
tles by all leading druggists. Man.
Ofactnred by. tha Talifnrnia Ficr
Syrnp company only.
Fred Kuschmann's Remains
Caraaar Bawea la Chare of tha lovestl-
KaUaD aaaEaaaan to oarrla Baatlaa to
Appear and Testify Rsrelatloaa Ex.
The Bastian case is anin before
me puonc.
The second inquest over the re-
uiaias oi irea nuscnmann, me last
of the victims of the Black Hawk
murderer, was begun this morning
unuer tne direction or Uoroner Da
vid Hawes, whose jury is composed
of Yf. R. Jones. A. D. Cox. J. n.
Guysinger, J. J. Roach. I.. R. Sykes
and G. W. Henry. The jury pro
ceeded at once to the Lutheran ceme
tery where . the remains nf Fred
Kuschmann were disinterred and ex
The bodv was fonnd to ha In an
auvancea staze ol decomDositinn.
and it was with difficulty that an ex
amination could thoroughly be made.
The wounds on the head were in
spected and the lower limbs were
also examined with the view to as
certaining if there were any evidence
of the body having been dragged by
tne leg being caught in a stirrup.
InoalsltloB In Proems.
This afternoon the innaeat nrnner
was opened in the aimer visor' room
.... .
at the court 'house. Denutv Coroner
bcanart reached here late this after
noon with Carrie Bastian, sister of
the late Henry F. Bastian, who is be
lieved to be an imnortant witness
The others who are summoned to ap
pear are: Mrs. H. F. Bastian, Drs.
G. E. Barth and J. R. Hollowbush.
S. Hull. Thomas ramnhell
Charles Heber, Dr. JV. L. Eddy, John
anaerson, Meredith Batman, S. T.
Nelson, R. Kuschmann Jr., Charles
wel?el, John WTeigel and Belle
uaveuport Potlea Arrest a Ma Bap-
posed to Bo tho Cordova Italian.
It was supposed that the much-
desired Tony Sunday was landed in
Davenport baturday afternoon.
But the police over there are good
guessers, for the man claims to bo
Tony's brother. Both are wanted
for cowardly offenses.
lony bundav is the man who was
suspected of having done away with
one Martens, with whose wife he was
living at Cordova last year, until
the latter materialised some time after
with the explanation that he had
been in the north. Sunday is
also charged with having outraged
martens- iz-year- 11 danghter, and
it is for this offense that the Rock
Island county authorities are after
him. He had skipped out in com
pany with Martens' wife. Sandav's
brother is accused of bavin? com
mitted a like offense at Clinton.
Germaa Methodists In Session this Week.
The Rnrlincrrnn riiaHrirtf .n.fn.
-- ! .tsu,17.-
once of the Germaa Methodist Epis
copal cnnrcD, meets in annual ses-
Hinn fit. tha (.arman Hf Vtssl I oh
..w a. uv a x UU1 JUHUUUIOI faUlS-
1 .
uopaicnurcn corner ol f ourteenth
once. auu oixiu avenue, tnis
week. Rev. E. W. Ki na nn nro-
siding elder of tho district, will pre-
c 1 1 1 anil Knn Q M
Iowa and Illinois will atten.t p..
pers on the living issues agitating
the church 'will be read and discussed
and in View nf the reminrr nuniir.il
conference of the church which meets
at Cleveland next week, some of the
discussions will be very interesting.
Beside tha tnntnincr anil afremnnn
sessions of the conference there will
be DreachintT everv eveninrr at. T-A
, n j H
o'clock, and all who understand tue
uerman language are invited to at
tend the evening services as well as
the sessions of the conference, which
are alorava nnen n the miKlfr. Th;.
j - - j . tM "'a
evenings Rev. William Kettlekamp,
ol Dallas City, will preach.
On this space and yon
can. always find some
thing that will add to 1
your dinner list. The
warm spring days makes
one long for something
in green stuffs.
Home Grown Asparagus.
In addition we make a
specialty of Fancy Gro
ceries and any seasona
ble goods can be ordered
from us with the assur
ance that they will be of
the best obtainable.
Prompt and reliable de
livery service.
Strawberries, Oranges, Bananas
Geo. A. McDoiiald,
3304 Fifth Ave. Phone 1196.
Ladies' and Misses' Capes.
We received lata last areelr a Int nf
ladies' Ipring capes and wraps, that
arts a regular gilt.
Quite a lot of fancy trimmed capes
at 96o. different colors hnt nnt all
colors, at $2.12. 2.18. 12.88 and S2.76.
We will give you these four prices.
and all are renresentatinna nf
capes, and in fact there are stores in
wnu gnwug to apiece ior no better.
New Dress Skirts.
A SDlendid lot of ji
wide, well made, full rustle lining,
bonnd with velvet, a regular $3 akirt
for $2.38. This whole lot fcJ.SS. No
mistake $2.S3. A new hit nf the 9nth
century skirts at f2.90, yon would
pay f 4 for them elsewhere.
Again last week we seemed to ret
hopelessly swamped. With all oar
additional help we couldn't trim hats
and bonnets as fast as they were
wanted. Ladies are bound to havo
our millinery and we thank them for
their patience and kindly tolerance
of delays in getting orders trimmed.
Our overworked trimmers are brave
ly struggling to keep op with the
demands. More help will be added.
Toilet Articles.
For hot weather you should have
the choicest of toilet articles, and
when the best are so cheap yon can
not afford to use inferior makes.
We have the following well known
Toilet Soaps: Cuticura. Packers,
Woodburys. Facial, Buttermilk and
Glycerine, Babcskin and a dozen
others at prices much lower than
elsewhere. -
Aiming at You
If you've been hypnotized into paying two
prices for your clothes by the touch of the
tailor's tape. Here's a few awfully broad
claims, but they are true, every word of
No tailor who ever measured you can
cive you a more perfect fit than we can
furnish you from this high-grade, well made
clothing. Your
- .
on 10 our price ana sun not equal ine i
workmanship and genteelness. f
There is no tailor who can produce more I
style than is embodied in these $20 suits, f
Sommers & LaVelle
1804 Second Avenue.
Headquarters for Footwear at Lowest Prices.
( That's how they describe our laundry work. That's how
it feels to the wearer, and that's how it looks, too. Our best
adrertiiernent Is a satisfied patron. There's where we dis
tance our comrietitiirs. We don't want your bundle Just one
time. We try to da it so you will send it again. No laundry
is absolutely perfegt we have bad luck soinetiniea, .but not
often.. Our machinery is first claw, our help skilled and we
do the right Unrig cm lueses or emirs. Delivery Mervioe
Iwiiijit sikI reliable and charges reasonable, fjive us a
chance to show you what we can do. A postal will bring
the wagon to your dour. .
Rock Island Steam Laundry.
Bauersfeld & Sexton. Telephone laot.
Wen Seventeenth street. ,
New Parasols, New Umbrellas
We had a big sale on parasols and
umbrellas last week, and it yon looked
at them yon recognized the great
values we were naming. The lot got
separated in shipping and a part hay
jo st got here. Yon know the rreat
values of last week. This week will
show even lower prices, positively
the choicest gjods made. Gome early
it is natural that the best shoald
go first.
Sewing Machines.
Another car load came in last
week. It is getting to be well known
all over this part of Illinois that we
sell the best sewing machines that
the one we sell for $21 was made to
sell at $55 that the new machines
made to sell at $60 we sell at $24.
Such low prices in addition to the
extra quality of the machines lias en
abled us to sell three carloada with
in a year. And now they are going
faster than ever.
Wo sell only the best, and when
McCabe says the best, that moans
there are none better, no matter
what price others may ask.
. See our quotations, good hard wood
refrigerators, two storage chambers.
$1.75. Medium family size at $6.12.
elsewhere $10. Large family size,
three provision spaces, $3.67," would
expect to find it $16. Very large site
for familvuse, $9.81 instead of $17.60.
Still larger, double doors to ice
chamber, $13.65 instead of $25.
Summer Underwear.
Xowher In anrh Tstletr. and noahera alaa en
cheap at her". This store slaajs naaaesthepneea
that others attempt o follow, oat nerarrsn, nenr
.nch rood valnt a as now, come while the buvalas
are ihu kant.
1720, 1722. 1724, 1726 and 172S
Second avenue.
tailor may tack $20 or $25
. .Ml . - ,
VOU can buy Shoes for a
dollar which would be
dear at 60c; others for $3
which would be cheap at $4.
You will look in vain for tho
former here yon are cer
tain of finding the latter
and plenty of other bargains
of the same proportions.
is to see Shoes and the
place to see Shoes Is right
One Price, a
A A A - . Aaaas.a.lxaa.a.saaa.. ' -
-vJHu"..Ja eVm.IV.fr f M A A A ai A . am A A A 41. 4 a a ' J " ' .'

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