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V. " ' . V
V0L.XLIV. NO. 258.
lie Made by Bryan in
New York.
Albany. Syracuse, Buffalo and
Rochester Favored.
Then (ices Over to Erie, V.,
and Returns.
Ui-rr.u IUii Hook. X. Y., Ao?. 19.
Presidential Candidate Brjai has
decided to mulct s pretty thorough
canvass of New York state, and make
ad dr Pises in nesrly every im
portant cifjr. He will vi-it
each Lljf ciy along the New
York Central. Speaking of the
trip, thi morning. Mr. Itrjan said
ha would lesve Upper Hcd Hook
Tuesday the ."ith, and would po nc
reBivelr to Albany, Syracuse K ch
eitter, IlutTal end Krie. Pa. He will
attend a meeting of the demicratic
cluliK, and return to llafltlo the next
iii'irning and attend another meeting
.( dum. cretin club, it would re
main in western New York the reft
of the week.
I'.rjan will prohably speak at Me
dina, H'rne!lville and Jamestown
alxo. Id) will upend Sunday at
Chuu'.aucua. Bryan spent the day
very 0.letly, and is driving thi af
ternoon to Khine ClifT ami through
Kllerelie. the horn of Got. Morton.
The governor and family are in tht
Adrlondack. Saturday the party
will go to the Catikllle.
frmport nf (laid Importation.
Ns.w Yohk. Aug. 1!). The pros
pects are for the Importation of two
million of gold by SiturJny. it is
stated that nicaures will he taken to
nor u re the importation of twenty to
twenty-Ore millions. Coif-'rences
havo been held thfl .frmooa by
hankers on the enSjoct." "
I ntwiali Hi hm Lana alar flat.
Koht Worth, Tes., Aug. 19. The
ueruurrvic stnte convention reeor.-
ened this mornirig. Hon. C L.
Potter, the permanent chairtnao, in
his speech said he believed Pryan
had too much sense for a populist,
but miht have given utterance to a
sentiment Dot democratic. The
committee from the populUt party
aked the chairman of tlio democrat
l'i state executive rommittre to ap
point a similar committee on the
electoral ticket. Ho refused. The
lopuli.ita now threaten to fu.-c with
the republican.
Taa Mlvar I'arir.
WniiTii, Aug. 19. !. M
Mevcns, Vive chrtinnnn of th cil
ver party, is hero in confer nee
wiih the leader of the populists and
ili-tuoiTitir ptrty. The silver party
want to arrange cooperation with
the other two parties to secure com
plete harmony among the supporters
of Mr. Itryan. Tho populist execu
tive committee discussed the ei lun
ation at length at it session today.
Tha lava Campalaa.
Dr.s M-)im, Ijwa. Aug 19 It
has been decided to open the Iowa
campaign Sept. 3 with Allison, then
lltnjtiti Harrison and K bcrt (1.
Collartlac liata.
Cirv or Mi.xtru, Aug. 19 J. M.
Iliwihorne. envoy of the silver party
of the I oiled Mate, is here collect
ing d'vta for use in the campaign.
Aa I partaat Kallac.
Dr Moimm, Iowa, Aug. 19
Judge U mils m l tho federal court
lias renIvrel a lccitin in tin; cac
of Levin v. the city of Xewtoa that
effects nearly city of tho second class
in tlx htate. He hold that perpt
iial (rsn hises granted corporations
br cities iirior to the 3.sn'-! of the
law in l"r which granted this c
press authority are vail J. The New
t in city council tried to revoke a f ran
ehise granted in 1 on the groucd
thvt the old council exceeded it
Tha Amottraa liar A(M:a'lia
SKsr.,. Aug. 19 -There is
lare attendance at the nineteenth
annual meeting of the American Bar
association. When Lord Chief Jus
tlce liscll. Sir Francis Lelsad and
Mints-no I'rackeatborpe. of Ureal
Br tvin. entered the ball they were
heartily applauded. I'reoideat Moo
Field story presided and deliver-d
the annual address, rrvieaiog tit
roost noteworthy change n tie
statute Ur in the state and by iou
grese during the ptstvesr
Saatfca Rnaty l.taa t'n.at.
feurt.v Li Lumj, i) ia c
teiaiace of the frontier dirrut be
twten Bulgaria and Turkey, Bulgaria
h-a nr,(;itiiilTiirL, Ikat nfkUs, th
latter annointa delegates toafron-l
tier commission by a certain date
Bulgarian troops will ba ordered to
drixe Turkish soldiers off the terri
tory which Bulgaria claims.
Had Far Dr. Brown.
Sax FiiAN'Ctsfo, Aug. 19. MaUie
Overman, who figured so conspicu
ously and unenviably with Bev.
Brown in his church scandal, made a
confession admitting perjury and de
claring Dr. Brown to be all that his
enemies represent him.
Poor Mn Crashed to Drath.
TOPF.KA. Ka.. AniT. 19 Si para
of a Ilnclc Isianil atnrlt train wro A.-
railed near here this morning. Foir
men riding in a feed box under one
car were crushed to death.
Catching It Down Month.
Dallas. Tex . Aug. 19. The ther
mometer made a regular score of loti
yesterday. The air doeB not percep
tibly cool off until long after mid.
night. Cotton picking has begun a
month earlier than usual.
May lla tUr Men Vli Have IVni
TrrrfirlrhiK liiiat;o.
Trior, X. Y., An?. !!. Twod:iriiiKrob-
l rs vvi-rn e.iiituretl here vesterdnr after
la-in ehnstil fur two block. Just lwfore
tHKin two titration's entered tho conl of
lii e of .Inlin T. lioiiUins. While ono or-
i-r 1 the lxilvki'.'ii'r to hold no his h.inds
the other went tu tho safe. Diihertv
juiniNtl mi the nuili ne.irest him as huwns
reiii liioir for his bi mk Ui. and there was
lespemte struiiiili'. 1 he other came to
the rescue n lid Iw it I; men succntli d in es-
niiiiK to the street, w hen; a crowd irave
'hiise. When captured they iravc their
n i lues as Jyi:ii Sidiultz, of la-troit, nnd
James Lynn.ot l'ittsburg. Both were well
Lynn is a tall, dimnuiniiml Sehultz is
hurt nnd sick-set, and theiHiliee think
that iii.'ivlie they hare caught the notorious
tall and short men who recently torror-
ied I'hieatfo. Two years atro a tall and a
short man entered Width's coal eilliee hero
ilnriiof the day time, robU-d The safe nr.d
ninnlensl lioo!,ki-i'er Hitehi. They wern
.ever nppreaemltsl nnd iHwsibly n,ay lit;
the men who were e iptnnsl yesterday.
I'nltrtl Slatr H.ilillers storm Tliflr Strong.
hold ami aiJtarr the lUnil.
Tlxs. A. T., An'ie. lit. A courier just
arrived here from (.liivcr camp states that,
tr Kp K, S.'venth i-av.ilry, Lieiitent Unl
lix'k c imiiriiidini;, I nd a flsrht vvllh Ynoni
Indies Monday evening twenty juii.s
soul h of here. The iisht lasted from hall
wsf A until half past H. Tho troops
hat gitl them in their stronghold, killing
thnv and capturing tho entire band of
thirty, among whom were thnv squaws.
Thnv soldiers were wounded, one mor
ally. The Yaijuls wen' armed with AVin
heslers, pistols and knives, and were lief
er armed than the milit.irv. Tht-v will In-
bmiiglit here and turned over to the civil
rariliuied lir !ov. Altgrld Deserts
His Wife for Another Woman.
ClIK Ai.o. Aug. Hi. Oschr Xcclie, the
anarchist who was pardoned for com pi ic
ily In the 11 lyinarkct riots by (inventor
Altge'd. has left his wife nnd eloped with
another woman. Xeelie was a widower at.
I lie time of his conviction, nnd shortlv
ntler his release from the penitentiary
married hi present wife, who Is well-to-
do. The woman with Xeelie is said to be
Mrs. Theresa Mueller, of this city. The
couple had known each other but a few
National Game Score Itepnrts,
Our Alio. Aug. HI. Following nro tho
ores at base hall made by le ague clubs:
At Ilostmi Hrooklyn Hoston 1 live in-
nrngs; rain: nf .New ork K im; at
i'hiladelphiii lialtimorc U, l'hilndcl-
i hi. 'i '.".
Western loigue: At St. I'aul Mil-
waukiv i. St. I'aul :.".; at Minneapolis
Kansas Ciiy v, Minneapolis li; at lirand
l(iiids Coliimbus T. tirand 1 Lipids ti; at
Detroit Indianapolis O. lVtroito; (.second
game) Indianapolis 7, Detroit o.
Anything to Down .lulm Hull.
I'MxiN, Aug. l'.i. The St. James' Ga-
xi lle publishes a column leading nriielo
on Mryaii H chance of ebviion to the presi
dency of the l' nit .si States, concluding
wilh renmrking: "It is inuwissilile to
doulit that thousands of Americans will
ote for Itryan nnd fn-e silver mainly lie
au.' they think It will mean a deaiily
blnw to Knrlish capitalists and financiers.
who are supKed to have sucked the gold
iron the country nnd impoverished its
artivitis and Innners.
IHflVrrnre Mrrrly a llnsatelle.
l'uiLAi'KLrillA. Aug. 1 :.!. A. lIave
of Newark. ( . n-eently circled president
of t'ie iilass li.'ttle lllowers' Association
of Atneric.i, has arriviil in this city and
will rciilc hen iluring his term of oilice.
Imye. s,nking of the tmi'ting N'tween
the mnniifactun'rs nnd workmen at Cns-
son Lit week, said he did not anticipate
any nnmiu. a ne nicii nsiisi ior a a Hr
rent, advance over last year s list, while
the employers seek to reduce the wages 3U
per rem.
The Van lalre nuastrr.
Kr O.AIKF, Wis., Aug. The total
casualties in the building collapse Mon
day are as follows: Three meu killed,
two fatally injured and twelve others bad
ly hurt. The death arc Halvor Oii-.n.
William D.-nnnml Nicholas U vaeh. John
Thorson and James Di an will die.
f n!nn la ft .pert in MWourl.
ST. lol ls. Aug l'.i Kwnts are so shar
ing themselves that a fnst-,n on sate.
electoral and ronoTrssional tickets in Mis
souri may r agreed upon by the Populist
and Den rstl- state committees.
Pieease attacks the weak and de-
MUta'ed. KeepTOurse'l healthy and
strong by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Rebels Seem To Be Making: It
Interesting for Weyler.
Garcia Capturr the City of Holqnin and
the Spaniards snflVr Olber Reverses
Aaother Traia Iera!led Spanish Cot
eminent Havluj More Trouble at Home
The Montenegrin Triucess Humbert's
Son Is to Marry.
Havana. Aug. The ncw9 that General
Uoloff had landed an expedition at La
I'iodras, cen-.tof Moron, and that Garcia
had captured the city of Uolguin is true.
A hundred Spanish soldiers, who were es
corting a convoy from Canto to Cavanas,
Manzanillo, were surrounded by insur
gents, who attacked the Spaniards from
nil sides. Tho troops sustained heavy
losse s. The bodies of the dead were left
on the lield. the troops lieing compelled to
hurriedly retreat to cseape annihilation.
A b'xly of relx-'.s attacked the town of
Uuirade .Muletia. in the southern part of
the province of Havana and captured it,
despite a desperate resisMuce on the part
of the Spanish garrison. No mention is
tundu of losses on cither side.
Military I'aweuger Train Deraileit.
Sunday s military passenger train from
C'onsolaeion d d Sur, in the province of
l'itirtr del ilio, has not yet arrived. All
day Monday the authorities here professed
absolute ignorance of the whereabouts jf
the train. Yesterday txplorinsrpart'ev te
twecn !ar.iiir.:igu:innd Taco Taco reported
that the engine and passenger coaches had
U'eo ileRii'icd. All day Monday heavy lir
ing was h 'ard in t'l vicinity of Hiraunn
jrua. It is iloiiiri.. I hat tho firing was
caused hy a eon11: lv-twisMi troops acting
asaui'scorl Sr tlv. passinger train and
the msurg -Ms A relief tram has been
desjiati'hcil to Ta'o l'a"o.
.iaiiisli l;i piitilieaus llcing Arrpsted,
'M adkim. A or. If. Many Kcpublican ex
ministers and members of the chamber of
deputies have Iwu arrested in ltarceloiiu,
on the charge of conducting n revolution
ary agitation antl the discovery of until
leired pl.i; to prevent the departure of re
iiiforee:ii:'tiis fctr Cuba. According to
HeraMo an .otcinpt was recently made by
anarchists to explode Chateau drimje,
when' the infanta Isnhclla is now resid
ing. It is claimed that this attempt
upon tlie life of the infanta was easily
frustrated, but no ottirial continuation of
the entire story can be obtninc I Accord
ing to dispatches from U.'.rveiona Scnor
llstehaiicz, minister of war tinder tho
Smish K 'public in ItCS, has been plncaj
under arn-st b'.-caiise of political complica
tions. ..
sin: is a imou: rniNCKs.
The One tltr Trinee ff Nr.ples Is ?cheln!ed
to Vlirr.
( Kl itME, Monteiiegr:. Aug. 19. Vit-
toiin Kmaiiucle, prince of Naples, eldest
son and lieir apparent of tile king of Italy,
is betrothed to lri:icess Ilclone of Monto-
negro, third daughter of the reigning
prince of Montenegro. Tho princess, who
was born .Tan. s, 1ST.!, is beautiful, of fins
physique, highly educated, and is not ac
customed to luxury or even to much com
fort. In fact, she hardly knows what it is
to have pin money or a wanlrobe allow-
mice. Mi has been brought up til the.
style of a Highland chieftain's daughter
of the last century, and was at ono t ine
announced as engaged to King Milnu of
The Prince of Naples, it is well known.
has entertained n strong dislike for mar
riage. It has iieon pointed out that ho is
luti blessed with a strong constitution, al
though it is not known that there is nny
t hi ng organically wrong about him. Hut
IH'rhaps his morbid sentiment on the sub
ject can best bo cxpre-scd ill words at
tributed to him when discussing h's
health. He said: T shall never marry."
When pressed for a reason, he replied: 'I
will not give Italy a hunchback king.''
His uncle. I'riinv Oddone, was a hunch
rock nnd otherwise deformed, and this
sec:.iS to have made n serious impression
on the sensitive mind of the young prince.
who otherwise is pronounced to bo a most
amiable and worthy young man. The c b
jeetion of the Prince oi Naples to marriage
has U'en so strong that speculation had it
tl at he would n-sign his succession to the
throne in tavor of King Humbert's
nephew, the Duke of Aosta, who married
list y.vir Princess Helen of Orleans,
daughter of the late Count of Paris.
Murphv. Kx-M. I'., Orrlare the Dublin
Cfiiitrtition a l'rancl.
Dvnuv.AugM'.t. Preliminary meetings
now Is'ing had in the city to the general
con vein ion of Irishmen indicate no cessa
tion in the bitterness existing between the
various factions. At a meeting of the fol
lowers nf T. M. Henly, Murphy, a former
member nf parliament, presided. Murphy
made brief spee;h and during the ad
dress h. dis-lared: "The r.lleged conven
tion cilhil by Dillon is n fmnd. It is
tended merely to ensnare tho American
dclcg ites."
T. M. licaly also made a bitter attack
upon John Dillon. Among other things
Healy said: "The Irish party will never
succeed with John Dillon at its head. The
convention will utterly fail to effect a
union of the Irish nu-e." The scenes on
the streets were exciting, many of the
leaders narrowly escaping personal In-
jury. At the opposing meetings the
speakers wete constant y interrupted by
groaning, hissings anu nootings.
1.1 Hang ( hang on shipboard.
London', Aug. H Li Hang Chang when
he sails from Suit ha nipt on for New York
Sat unlay, m the American line steamship
St. Louis. wilLocoupy a suite of rooms, on
the main promenade deck, amidships, in
order to es. -.ae the motion of the vessel.
Weaver To lie a Manager.
OrrrMWA. ., Aug. 1!. General James
H. Weaver has Iwcn offered a place on the
Ifc'tnocratie national caiupaigu committee
ana ne will accept it.
Iowa Republican ( ampaia-n.
Des Moixes. Aug. ! It was decided
here last nicht to open the Iowa campaign
Stpt. 2 with Allison. Benjamin Harrison
d Bobert G. Cousin-
An Awe-Insplrlna" Story of an Awe-Iusplp.
ing Phenomenon.
Ttcsox, A T., Au-. l'J. Dr. P. M.
Smi:h, of Hagerstown. Md., and a party
of mining men from Ripley report that
a meteoric stons coverins two acres of
ground fell on the. 9ih near Itipley, bury
ing under its red-hot mass a Mexican
herder, his wife anil threo children, his
house, corral and about 1,2) shep. Major
Thomas Hayes, of Louisville, who was
of tho party, was overcome hy the
phenomenon. "It was the most brilliant,
grand and awe-inspiring sight I ever wit
nessed," he said. "It is simply bayond
the- power of t ongue or pen to accurately
de.vribe it."
"The heat from the meteor is so intenso
that it will be several days beforo tho
mound can be examined closer." As de
scribed hy the party the meteor came
down red and smoking. The air for miles
around was filled with sulphurous gas,
and the earth for many miles trerubkd un
der the shock of tho fall. Tho stone seems
to Ixs imbedded hundreds of feet in the
earth. It rises from the earth like a great
mound. The scene of the descent is in the
vi.-iniiy of Hall's ranch, ahout sixty miles
from Tucson and about forty from Glolie.
A Largo number of people havo gone from
here to see the stone.
Ogden. the horso that won the Futurity
Saturday, is an Knglish horso.
Tho Milwaukee health commissionci
condemns the city's water snpply as unlit
to drink.
George Mogle, of Cheney, Kas., while
attempting to ford a river on horseback,
washed olf. seized the horse's tail and was
towed to sh'.re. Then the equine Licked
Mogle in tho forehead, killing hitu iu-st.-.utly.
William Mazick Miles, a well-known
club and society man of Seattl', com
mitted suicide at his rooms in t'ao Hainicr
Two Pol'sh tailors, of Chicago, have
been arrested charged with receiving
stolen goods.
Obituary: At Narrngansctt Pier,
Joshua W. Lippincoit, of Philadelphia. rm.
At Montgomery, Ala., Dr. Jerome Coch
ran, f',5. At Winchester. Ills.. William
Condit, 70. At SlnlbyviMe. Ills., William
Chew. At Wheeler. I. T. Henry Humes,
60. At Humboldt, Ills., Alexander Tineh.
I. At Columbus. Intl., Captain Samuel
Harris. T7. At Palinvra, Wis., Owen
Crawley, si I.
The two Clark women under arrest at
Lincoln, Neb., charged with b.-iug imuli-
a ted in the murder of W. F. Kyster, have
made a partial confcs.si(i:i. cle.irlv estab
lishing t Ic eomplicitv of CliiTonl Hag y.
Captain M. ". .lani ir. in charge of the
Fourteenth infantry at Vancouver bar
racks, was dismiss -1 in disgrace for in
debtedness nnd falsehood.
-Hrc ji v-mi Ztsltwirz.Ti prominent figure
l dcrmai pcl.ti.s. was killed on his
yacht, tile Isolde, at the rega'tn off South-
I. lireat Hi'itain. 'i'he Isolde was run
down hy Kmp-ror William's yacht, Ho
t.' r. an 1 totally .r;i i.vl.
Tlie .l'Hi.ooo palatial homeof Millionnire
Frederick Faulkner, of IJelvidcre, Mass ,
was totally destroyed by lire. It is thought
to Havo bee of ltucndiary origin.
By the granting of an injunction to F.r-
w.n l.r.arle, at r-in 1 r.ineisco. all of P.
1). Armour's cars will bi Ued uti owing to
an intringen-.ent. on a p itent ventilator.
John . McCafierty. of Cincinnati, O.
Kwaiio-.ven a uunioer oi peaenstones on a
wagi'r and is now dv ng.
.iva l.cwis. oi Louisiana. i.lo.. was
killed by a stroke of lightning at Denver,
(tovernor Matthews, of Indiana, spoke
m a rain storm at Hrokville Saturday, and
is a result is now eoutined to his room
with a congestive chill.
Mrs. Ann McCain-, while driving to Chi
cago from her veg.-'able farm at Idiiihurst
was held up and rohb.il of ?;..', ,v a lutie
Bert Uniham, of Downer's gnive. Ills.
was Kiiici wiiiie switching in tho varus at
Jvlgcmout, r. it.
Aiiicr.ran llnr Ass-x-.ation.
Saua i h.A, Aug. i.i The nineteenth an
nuai ltit-i-t.ii; oi li.--.Viiii-r.,;i .,;-;i.s.'0"ia
turn, wliu n Iorm-iiiv began this m:.rning
in the convention hall, will )e the most
largely nuclide I and the most eventful so
far in its history. An interesting feature
is the presence of Lord !lusell. the lord
chief just ice of Kngl i:.d, w it h several other
eminent Hrilish jur;s;s.
Tom ISulUr's Hay at l.rie.
r.niE, i-a., Aug. r.i io:n Uutler won
Inith Rices in which he was entered in the
national i ireuit t'ike meet hen- yesterday,
One was tho m.le i .pun professional, in
which he. beat 15alaiid Kighy in :'Jt 2-5,
and th9 cri'.cr the nu!,. liiiudicap frofe
sional, D.i tiui v jiv.'i
So They ( an "i'.et Together."
MlLWAl KKK, Aug. V.t Tho state con
vention of the American Silver party has
lieen calhil by Sttite Chairman Hublce A.
Cole for Sept. . the s.miedate on which
will lie held th IXsmu. ratic and Populist
iou ouphtto know that when suf-
ferinc from any kidicv trouble that
a safe, cure rented v is Fok-v's kidncv
.uro. Muaranii'i-d or monev ru
. . - . - -
funded. Sold by M F. Uahnsc-n.
Absolutely Puro.
A cteani of tartar baking; powder. Highest
of ail in leavening streacfi Loscet United
MjA Davenport
iMoits ixooeriUMru WkxM Report.
BoTat Baku r nam Co., X Ton Cm
Fo r Suits Worth
$10, $12 and $3-50
Prices, Not Promises, Catch the Public.
Special Sale of
Men's Suits
Special Sale of
Men's Suits
A Glance
All this Season's
Goods. Round cuts.
Square cuts.
We sell
on Earth.
the ltcst Lines
We make the Lowest
Prices in the three cities.
It's a pleasure to trade
wih us.
It's profitable
wi'h us.
to trade
& Carpet Co.,
321. S26, 32 Brady St.,
Special Suit Sale
f Special Sals of Men's Suits
( $5.00 )
V. L ok at These Suits and You'il Buy 'M
in Our Window will Convince You.
Quick or you 9 1
A Bargain.
t ie moil
Old age can be attained by the proper use of In
vigorating tonics. The Rock Island Brewing Co's
products are aU the results of scientific labor and
the most improved apparatus, preserving in the
highest degree the health giving qualities of the
Hock Island
Savings Bank.
Tire Per Cent Interest Paid on PepoelU:
Money Loaned on Personal Collateral or Real Estate Beerlty
i M B"Wan. Pi!4an
ffjmm nant.naii. Vr Ftaaiaaai
F Suni'iti. ( vtt'af .
vUm Zzljt, tan, a vxrtf
8 M. set. HttehaD LnieVe B-mildu
All Broken Lots
at the same price
Special Sale of
Men's Suits
Special Sale of
Men's Suits
For Suits all wool
and a yard wide.
Hock Island Browing Go.
'PIIOSK 1011.
Incorporate. Under the
8tat Lew.
Wi W11
i ' : ! .SaefjS
r Bin.
Uwm a, MM

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