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THE AggUB. FK1PAY, AUGUST 28; 189a
Dry Goods
Must lie joIiI During the Next
Thirty Days.
Wc will dose out the above named amount of
Summer Goods
Regardless of Cost.
We are overstocked, and must sell the goods
now while they are in season, to make room
(or new Fall acd Winter Goods.
Everything Marked Away Down.
During this sale we are
Cutting Prices to Pieces
Regardless of cost. Fine quality goods are
reduced to prices on a level with the regular
prices of inferior goods. A visit to our store
will convince anyone that our reductions are
far greater than ever offered before.
217 &nl 27' West Second St., Davenport.
Wright &
Mid-Summer Clearing Sale of
it I Tans and Black Oxfords, it
Must Make Room
1704 Second Ave.
Fcr Ladies' and
Gentlemen's ear.
Prices ringing from
$2 SO to $S a pair.
Always in th? lead for Fath'nable Foot
uvar. Our
Fall Lines are in
1 ',
and inspection is invited. You make no
mistake in buying of
for Our Fall Stock.
It is Shapely.
It is Graceful.
It is -Pretty.
And above ali it Fits
The Camp MmMuk SarTlrM Coatlaiia Tk
Sunday Prog-ram.
1rovb, Aug. L'S. The Voudj Men's
Christian Association of Rock Inland
hatl charge of the camp meeting ser.
vices Thursday. The tabernacle
was nicely decoraud with flowers
and all were well pleased with the
exercises. At 8:30 prayer services
were held, followed by an address on
"Giant Evils" by A. M. Braner. as
sistant state secretary of the Y. M.
C. A. Mr. Bruner's address was
well given and was full of valuable
advice, and hi hearers were all well
pleased. At 3 p. m. a pla'fjrm
meeting was held which attracted a
large congregation. At 6:30 p. m.
A. M. .brur.ir conducted a men's
meeting which was well attended.
The Sunrise quartet.' composed of
Messrs. Lawrence and Headlcy I'etcr-
son and Herman Hansen and Paul
Itainser. gave some delightful selec
tions. Mr. Hansen and Mrs. F. W.
Merrell snug a duet. After the men's
meeting evangelistic services were
held. J. T. l'.ailey. of Kock Island.
general sccretarv of the Y. M. C. A.,
made a splenoid address, and this
ended the services for the dav.
The program for today is un
der the auspices of the Woman's
roreigo Missionary society and was
opened at 8 a. m. with - prajer meet
ing, followed by bible reading at 9:15
a. to; at 10:80 a. m. preaching,
which was followed by a children's
meeting at 1:80 p. m. At '3 p. ru.
the representatives of the missionary
society aanressea tbe congregation.
At 4 p. m. Rev. J. A. Alford gave an
interesting talk on bible study.
wnicn ne illustrated with charts.
Song service will be held this even
ing at 7 o'clock, followed by preach
ing and revival services a'. 7:30 p. ro.
aaturoav s program win tie as fol
" a. tn. IV.iv er meeting.
H;U. a. lu.- Ilfhle reading.
!': a. in. Ireuebllitf.
I::i" p. in. Junior I:uiii
3:Pii p. m.-Ir.:i.-li!n".
. m. Kpworiii lt'aifiii.
:' p. in. Sontf serviee.
7-.: n. ii. lciur-hv itev. II. Wil.lor
H. l.. l.rosid' ut of llie We-Jojaii university of
Scrvlrca for Bandar.
Sunday's program will be a sosoial
one. Ihc ciod will likely be larger
than ever on this occasion if the
weather continues as pleasant as it
has been the past week.
The number of campers on the
grounds this year is larger than ever
Misses Mamie Daniels and Stella
McClang, of Cambridge, are visit
ing at the camp grounds this week.
Misses Til;io and Dora Kinck, of
Rock Island, are visiting with Miss
Kmina McCartney at No. 40.
A Itrlllluit Knral Wedding.
The Reynolds Press gives the fol
lowing extended account of the
Uowes-Gaulcy widdiug near Rey
nolds this week and to which refer
ence has been made heretofore in
Tiik Aitcus:
One of tho most pleasant social
events of tho season was the mar
riage of Miss Margaret Gaulej,
laughter of Mr. and Mrs. James
Gauiey, to John V. Bowes, of Kock
Island, which took place at tbe resi
dence of the bride's parents, north
west oi Keynoids, Wednesday even
ing cf this week. Promptly at 8 p.
in., Mies I'ettit, of Kock Island,
seated herself at the organ and
began playing the wedding march.
The groom, accompanied by his
best man, John Schnied, of
Kock Island, followed by the bride
and bridemaiiMis Minnie Doonan.
marched to the parlor, where Rev. S.
I. Archer, pastor of the Reynolds
Methodist Kpiscopal church, pro
nounced the words which bound
them in the h'dy bonds of matrimony
The bride was dressed in cream
albatross, trimmed in lace and rib
bons, and carried in her hand a bou
quet of ruarschel neil rases. The
bridesmaid was dressed in blue
landidown t-tlk. The groom and best
man wore tho conventional costume
The presents were numerous and
Ara Too. 1 Ira I
.? 4 ra..- .... .
au me timer inis condition is a
sure indication that your - blood is
not rich and nourishing as it ought
to be and it may be if you will take
a few bottles of the great blood puri
lier. Hood's SarsaparilU. Thous
ands write that Hood's Sarsapariila
has enred them of that tired feeling
ny giving mem ricn, red blood.
Hood's Full., act easily and
promptly oa me nvcr and bo we is,
Cures sich headache.
fpwhl Si. 1-aol Sleeper.
An extra Pullman sleeper has been
reserved by tbe C, R. 1. & P. rail
way for tbe exclusive use of its pa
tron traveling1 irnm tbe tn-c.t.ea
to St Paul. This car together with
two palatial hair cars will be at
tached to their limited train, leaving
. . . ..An. - n
Kock isiana at w:z i p m.. aionriar.
Aug. 31. Apply at nearest C. R. I.
& P. ticket olVioe for reservation of
Half Far to InalaBapotta aaf Ilatarn
Via R. I. & P. railway, on account
of national democratic (gold) con
vention. Tickets sold Aug. 30 to 31,
good to return until and including
iopt. 9, l&yo. inree trams dally be
tween kock isiana ana Indianapolis
by this line.
R. Stockhocsk. G. T. A.
Hot Watkr Kimc
la warm weather bowel complain
frequently result from over eating or
over drinking. Foley's Colic Cure
affords perfect protection from all
hotrel derangements and is guaran
teed, , Sold by U. F. Uahnten. .
ft. S7.000 RUM at Thea's hlaochter
Hum. ,
A brilliant-blaze illuminated the
heavens on the Davenport side at 1
o'clock this morning, when Thee's
slaughter house, located on Second
street near Fillmore, went up in
smoke, the flames communicating
almost immediately to Jen's ice
house lease 1 by Heidt & Lerch. Had
there been the faintest breeza from
the west it would have been practic.
ally impossible to have prevented
tie destruction of the Eohrs and
Zoeckler packing houses, which are
scirely separated from, the ice
nouses. To the -west oi tbe ice
houses stands the Koch parking
house, and this caught fire in o&e or
two places, and the Sy-light was
burned off, but the flames there were
promptly extinguished before mater
ial damage was done. In the coarse
of 40 minutes the fire was over as
far as the ice houses . were con
cerned, but for fully twice that
time the slaughter nouses burned
brightly, the flames rising above its
top. and being lavishly fed by the
grease with which such a building
becomes impregnated, and by tbe
contents of the cooling room.
The cattle were led safely awav.
but one, which broke away and did
as animals are prone to do under
such circumstances made straight
for the blazing bnilding and rushed
into the flames, where it burned to
The slaughter house, cording room
and machinery cost abont (7,000, and
were insured for abont haif that
amount. The Iot-s will fall heavily
np-jn Mr. Thee. Upon tbe ice houses
there was $500 insurance, represent
ing perhaps a quarter of their value.
They are understood to have con
tained some ice, but no large quan
Prominent Men In Molina of Pa it TolII leal
AfUllatlOM tVno Are for It.
The silver movement amou-? the
republicans in Moline has aroused
comment throughout the state. The
following is the list of those promi
nently identified with the cause who
navu always been republicans here
D. O. Reid. hardware merchant;
H. A. Karnard and James Atkinson,
large manufacturers; Drs. J. XI. Mor
gan, A. H. Arp and L.' D. Dunn; ex
Ald. Ed. Chaney and Aid. L. P. Nel
son; Thomas Merrimau, justice of
tue peace; W. C. Allen, attorney; E.
L. Eastman, pub:isher of the Repub
lican Journal; Q. E. Gaylord, con
tractor: Edward J. Hestor. tailor:
J. 13. Kerrus. contractor: Charles
Kneberg, merchant; Walter Ellis,
traveling man: Jerome Magill, super
intendent; Hayes Wright. E (J.
Wright; John Crowley, merchant; J.
C. H. Head, real estate; John Ileury
anu josepn lAiug, contractors; John
Cornwall, superintendent; Henry Al
brecht, grocer; CUarles Ackera.
Stephen liuck, Sam Kennedy, John
Gamble, James Sauliburry, Q. P.
Wheclock, Charles Barnard. Frank
Barnard and S. A. Bartlett.
The following prohibitionists in
that city have declared for Bryan:
Rev. J. S. Camming, pastor First M
E. chuich: H. tj. Bullen, J. F. Hardy
Johu G. Perrott.
Br jan anil Mearall.
We have just leceived a copy of
The Life and Speeches of Bryan and
SevaU" from tho publishers, aud we
desire to,ca!l the attention of our
readers, who may be interested, to
this book which is of great value,
and should be in possession of ali who
are anxious tn know of these two
candidates. The price of t'ae book
is 25 cents for paper cover, and f 1
for cloth biuding. The pubashers
aesire an agent to csuvass this city,
and will allow ai,y agent a corumi's-
sion of 60 per. cent. Prospectus
oook ami circulars irivinir full par
ticulsrs will bj sent to any address
for 30 cents. Address J. S. UgUvie
i uuiisnuig company, o7 Kose street
New York.
Low Kate to St. rant.
August 31 and Sept. 1 the C. R.
I. & P. railway will sell rouiid trip
e&cursmu ucseis 10 St; I'aulat $7.35
ach. Aogust Wentz Post G. A.
wi:l take this line, using train 19 on
me .eiiinjf c.i ice 3lit. Ail coraraei
ant friends are invited to join th's
parly. Special chair cars reserved
The Ilotk Island & Albert Lee route
is the only line oncratinsr two
through trains daily in each direc
tum utieeii un trt-cities ana rt
Paul. Quickest time, best service
and no change of cars, either goin
or returning. For full infoimation
and tickets call at ueareet C , R. I.
& P. ticket office or address
1.. M. AlXKN.
Gen. Agt. Divenport.
The secretaries of all military and
civic orgnnizations in Kock Ulan t
county are requested to notify the
undersigned as goon as possible,
whether their organization will be
able to participate in the ceremonies
attendant r n the laying cf the corner
Hone of the Western Hospital for the
Insateat Watertown on the after
noon of Sept. 5. H. L. Wheklak.
Sec. Com. on Arrangements, Rock
neH Aralea baUv
The best Salve In Mia mr.rlA tr.r
oats, bruises, ,. rivn n
rheum, fever aoreo. imu. nh.nui
handb, chilblains, corns and all kin
eruptions, and positively cures
ptls or no pay required- It Is gnar
autaed to give perfuet satisfaction, or
money refunded. Prtoe 25 eenU per
bos. Jfor ! by Harts LlUBtajar.
ThoM of Mr. D. C hMnil aa Ea-
The music uudIU of Mr n f
Marshall gave recital at ; the
home of lie v. and Mrs. If. C Mar
shall, 1113 Second avenue, last even
inir and it nroved a thorough n
lovable and much uiorMlntiui m,.i
The protfram oriened - with . a dnot
frnn. I . . . , , ( i ,
iKiwm - aiuiqu oetis, Dy
Misses Mary Lonir and Mtrr Mat.
thews, followed for Mis Mu&n'a ill..
gretto, from Schubert. Then came
me execution oi xarenteue" from
Heller, by Miss Alice Strayer. and a
unique rendition of Theme" from
tlaltaeder on two pianos, bv Mrs.
Marshall and Mi nihlwru TUr.
was a piano sido.by Miss Bogges
u TOutntiuu oi parr nisi. Aliss
Elizabeth Matthews opened part twu
with Jungmann's Will O" the
Wi-p," and Mrs. Herman Iluyett fol-
iuwuu wnn tne t.arnival oi Venice.
while Miss Florence Battles' "Kara-
rolle 1 from Dalmetarh eam nu,
The mot clever event of the evenino-
was the six-hand nnmlicr, -Oaeron,"
Dy MISS Ulbbern unil Miilm,)j Mm
yett and Marshall. Miss Susie Wood
ruff then played Vienna Galop" from
Ketterer. and Afisn Mm I.nnr
dered "Inmost Soul" from Lanc.
Kallmar Note.
William Dovle. cf the Milwaukee
freight department force, is laid up
wnu iiiuess.
W. D. Hatfield, commercial agent
of tbe T. P. & W. at Peoria, visit- d
local officials today.
Peculiar sights are to' be seen
around thi depot waiting rooms dur-
lnginemunigut houradni the earl v
morning. One individual who fre
(juently appears is the woma.i who
smokes a pipti. She generally lights
up ia the ladies' waitiug room much
to the annoyance of others sitting
about. It lir.ally becomes necessary
for tbe man in the tirket olli".e to re
quest her ti move into the gents de
partment n sue ilesires to continue
luhind the pipe. An old lady was
enjoying a smoko from an antiquated
pipe nt the depot this morning
-eated in the waiting room among
traveling men and others. The cur
ious man toll the agent that thai
wns a rather singular sight to him.
'Oh. that's nothing," replied the
aiTflnt, "almost every day tbe old
woman with th"? pi'pe is araony
the people who travel. It
has not been long since an old and
young lady, whom I afterward fouud
were graud-mother and grand-daughter,
pulled out their pi u s and en
joyed a smoke in the depot. The
young lady, I suppose, was about
nineteen, out sue smoked as uncon
cernedly as aman of 70."
Polllnc Dp 8. alien.
The Weir Plow enmnone 1 a onlit
all its surplus building materials at
1 .. .. . T i : . t ' i . ... .
iui'iiuo tu r.u warns (V WtflHIl tor
use on the insane hospital buildings.
The plow work's structure is being
put under roof and then work will be
abandoned indefinitely. Architect
Traeger has arranged to close his of
fice in the Ea9t Moline Tool & En
gine company's building and will
probably return to Peoria Mon-
ll&V. Thna it onrtpra Iti.t lkA nln
will not be got ready f t the wintr
rush, owing to the controversy with
the East Moiine company. It seems
that the dispute is all about the pay
ment of tft.OOO, the first in-tallcn-nt
on the fftO.l'OO b.inus to bo given t.
the Wier people. Ii i bsrely possi
ble that the matter may yet be ad
justed and the plant tinisl ed in time
to accommud&te tbe spring imple-
m-nt. trail.. tin. .kla ..
- - - ' V L u t ao l 1 1 .(.IT
probable. The apparent indifference
,.( Il.o II'..'.. ..
w vu ncii pi-npiv uu tuis eeiru is
quite as surprising as any other
fua-t ui tuo ttiiuauuu ntoune Republican-Journal.
Meiliraa Kiuiaway lu the Cnuntrjr.
Miss Eva McCnn21. i f Brlii g,
daiiijhtir .f Andrew MeCc nm ll.
badly injurfd Wednesdav evening by
iieinginrown irom a bug;y while returning-from
camp nieetui-' in com
pany with her brother. There weie
lour buggies in a hoe and hA were
going at a pood rate when the first
one stopped, which . piled up tbe
nicer two oenma. in tne TcurtU
bugcy were Clarence and Eva Mv
Connell and Claience tried to avoid
the c.-iliihdoo by turning out, bat his
wheel struck the other buggy. This
frightened the horse into a inn and
the buggy upset. Mr. M.:Conne!i
was thrown cut and Mis-Eva does
not kuow whether she jumped or wa
thrown out. Ed Connelly was in
the third buggy and he" was also
slightly injured. Mr. McConnell wan
badly shaken up. Miss M ;CconeiI
resled well last evening and will
soon be able to get around again.
One Ceut a Mile l' .M. 1'anl.
The Buriinglon route having been
chosen by Graham post, Moline; Uu.
ford p-st. Kock Isliod, and tbe pub
lic generally fr their pilgrimage to
St. Paul, fur the trip eleact chair
cars, seats free, and ihmiigh sleep
ers have been assigned, letvin(r Rock
I-land at 6:5S p. m , Aag. 31. A
through train w;ll also leave at 7:55
p. m , Aug. 31, givintr daylight
ride over the the tccnie river bank
route. Tickets good going Aug. 31
and Sept. 1, acd good returning un
til Sept. 30. Fare for the round
trip 7.35. H. D Mack, D. P. A.
M. J. Yocsg, Agent.
Advartlaed Lhra No. 3.1.
Ust of letter uncalled for at the poatofBce
at Koctt Islund All. -. l-4.
t'raiif. Jimenh . Manning. A. It.
-'oead, Jane Stark, l'rank
imyle p. Wl liam Bcbaefer. i.'harlea
Filler. -car Sc-hnnit. Ilermao
ireenwlt. Iicy Siock. Al
Oraes. Jol.n KtrrMTb. Jt-Iias
Hill. Abruliaai Sturn. A)'-rrt
J. W. PtfTTKK. i'uatraatiter.
Subscribe for Tub Amu.
a wash day necessity an every day
need. The means by which a wo
man can lighten her burden of care.
A dirt destroyer of
n tfm anrl '
tutM aaxviiwy MVU W1U1 LUC frJJ
hichest reoutation. Havr
it? Sold everywhere.
Aere at Home
Liquid Malt Food
THE weli known preJnut of the CHICAGO BREW
ING COMPANY that has become si. justly jmp
nlar in building op the systnu. It is a concentrate d
exractof select Malt and Hops and gives almost
miraculous assistance to convalescents, nursin"
mothers, etc. "
rhe Chicago Brewing Co'ti. BoKKed Ueer
has also made a reputation for itself and can be or
deied from the local branch telephone 1300.
Nineteenth St. and First Ave.
be Miith free cotnaiye
gold hllingsijt $1 up are almost
gill. r
Owing to the high quality of
material we use in our plates
'.vc could not afford t mVr.
then for $6. The price is
Hrids.Tf vrrirlr rt r,!n,
t - - - . ...vv ilVIVU
ti he and modem way vt replacing teeth. We do this work
1 T nnn.k.K I
m 'nv;-n.ji ico. p;.
We extract teeth positively painless with an application
to the gums no gas. ether, chloroform consequently no
For a Kriort tlni.-. i i!!l nrpirnl mr n?.tmr.c mitt, t..l.A ,.f
tooth paste of our own make,
All I. . 1 l ..-
n "ui wuik iMiduiccu tur
Con&ultatioa and examination
New York Dental Parlors,
:, - 1 I i .- ,
DH. L.AXJ2a. Proprietor.
115 East Third street,
OUR AUGUST SPECIAL We whl refund cash
for 20 miles railroad fare on all bili of $5 or over
tor one month. 1
They will tell you at the store.
Adams Wall Paper Co
310, 312 and 314 Twentieth
the highest merit
.-i-f. A.L. J
w i vr M,
only by
Free Silver Gold
Our silver fillings at 50: are
worm more tnan a doiiar will
22k gold crowns at $5, and our
guaranteed absolutely pure.
' i
ten ycd.rs. Lune ana sec us.
Davenport, la

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