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VOL.ZLIV. HO. 279.
Greeted by 12,000 at Kansas
Answers McKinley's Mill and
Mint Utterances.
Otlirr Late News of the Day
Dy Wire.
KaaCitt, Spt. 12. llrjao ar
rival at fi:.T). To the thousands of
working men from the shops and
jiarkin houa h woke blui he
poke lirlHtjr. Itrfsrrinfc to McKin
lnj's fatuous remark about tlesirinj;
tlie oxnln;r of the wills to labor
rather than the mint to free coin
age, he ik-i'tarnl li h.il pnt the
rart lefnr- tbf hor?. There i
no nte Piniop mills unit
we have ninnjr.
Nntwithttanitinjt the arljr hour,
he wu ncheliilt to ilaliver an opon
air aiMrcM. Twelve thou-an-l peo
ple avertible I at Eleventh and Grand
street, and Hrjan was driven from
the ilep )t to the place of the meet,
in In a tailj bo, from which he ad
dregiid the people on the currency
iiatlon. lie raid in ptrt: "If the
minor owner has the right to use
the ballot to ra'se the value of the
money he owns, why haven't all the
rent of the people the right to use
the ballot to ki-rp the ghouls from
ilontroyinj the property they own?
Our nppoacnti talk about a i0 cent
dollar. They refuse to recojjnizo
the Net that when the mints of the
t'nited .State 1 are opened to the free
roinnj-e of silver 70,0O0,l) f pco
pip ean go out and secure silver,
t.tke it to the mint and convert it
Into money and ue that money to
I :iy tie, debt and purchane prop
erty. Money l. a creature r.f law.
Tlntreran bo no money until the gov.
rrnment provide for that money,
and if yon want more of any of the
prod ih'U of labor you ran go oat
nnd bring them into existence.
if yon waat more mony
cannot go out and ere
more money berauso the
prohibit it. Therefore the
only wny to bring money into exist
ence I to open the mint to pet mit
the coinage of new money for poof lo
In do biKincs with."
At the conclusion of the neb! reus
Krnn started for the train but the
crowd wu very Urge and prngres
slow. It mix a sort of triumphal
procession. The throng at the depot
was so dense that the police hsd
difliculty in forcing a way through
it for the eaudidate. He lft for M.
l.oui at IMS.
Th rnltttrolSllakllnn In Cxlnraitn.
Iisstru. Sapt. 12. KfTorH trtcin
solblale the four silver partie of
('.Mors. to to support the stale ticket
proved futile. The democrats and
silver republicans fucd on the ticket
headed by Alva Adams, democrat.
fr govenor. The populists fused
with the silver party on the ticlet
heroic. I by Jndgo M. S. ll.ii!er, popw-
AH lour parties, however, unit
ed in support t llrjart ami SewaM
electoral ticket. Mi Kinley rrpubli
ran have not held a state ronven
tion v'..
Mar.l.r.u AcmhII.
Kavas Citv. Sept. 12 A. J
iV.irborn, state preident of the A.
P. A., was foand tying in the street
near his home this morning uncou
scious from wounds. He was badlv
battered aboat the head and stabbed
The assailant and caue is unknown
At 9 o'clock Dearborn regained cou
ciousness. and said he was assaulted
at 11 by a man who struck him with
a blunt instrument, stabbed bitu
three times and threw him over
fence into the vard whe:e he
was found six hour later, llav
ing said this much he relapsed int
Th Titm Tare.
CoKsTaariMuiLr, Sept. 12. Tt
greatest anxiety in all circles pre.
vails. There is no doubt a crisis of
extreme gravity Las been reached,
and th piwcrs are discussing the
deposition rf the sultan ts the only
means of restoring quiet in the
Turkish empire. A British fleet is
w.thia esy strikiaj distance. Should
an emrrtn-y arise it is believed
(irat Britain would not hesitate to
act alone it the other powers delay
too lofl(f.
Jim an rus Msirknl.
Skw Yokk Sept. IJ Cotbett and
ittslmtaons met this afttrnocn nnd
agreed to fiht for ItO.Ooo a side and
tue bert purse obtaiaabU.
Show lllnM-ir a TrlH Off Form at Jfar
raaanett Park.
Providence. Sept. 12. For the third
time in th history of the' long time
thamj.lon, Hubert J. was beaten by the
New England pacer, Frank A Ran. It
was it Narrasansett park yesterday
and people saw the great bat
tle U-twen the pacers. The horse that
has lw-en as fat as any horse in the
world, and up to Thursday faster than
any. went th? two first heats of the
rare and thn commenced to prlve evi
d. iic ft leins Just a trifle oft furm. It
was t'i:t a tiillc. and yet sufficient to
lose fur liim the bet race ever paced
i N". w IIi.Iuii'l.
The thinl heat was the d'.iMve one.
After having waited until well Into
he trtth the other heats McCarthy
inni"nced nt the last turn to make
i drive with ?an. with the result
li.it IiU-it J. was carried oft his feet
Kht Li'f'ire the wire. After that, in-
t- ad of il..ins the chasing. Agan was
lie kU'liT from wire to wire. Frank
Asnn M. Carthy) won the third.
tirtn sr.il fifth h'-ats. Tim 2:nr,i.i;
': ':;. l:otert J. Reors)von first
nd sei-ond heats. Time, 2:03',4: 2:0j.
The powers nro said to lie discussing a
tclit'itm to ilenso the sultan o( Turkey.
Iiht cnrth'iu.ike shocks were felt nt
kluti and VI una. Ills., and l'udueah,
Vyreir-nlil child nt Portsmouth. O., Is
he lnt-t addition to the list of attempted
1 he eltlznns of Rmzil. Ind., declare thiar
will lyni h Urief Hill, the murderer of At
torney Koliert I!. Taylor, if the assassin Is
.leweler Srhrtlt, of Grand Island, Xeb.,
w:is found dead in his store The safe had
oivn opened und it is thought I'k.halt died
from fright.
Alil.riuun William Kent will occupy
the pulpit of All Soul's church, Chlcairo,
iiliorrow tie mini nnd t lie city council
ii. Iieeii invited to attend in n body.
The tnlilo of values completed by the
state tax iouimi;incr shows that last
rmr the nssesseU valuu of real estate iu
Nov York state increased ('T.tiTft.tUU.
Kr.ders' toliac-o factory, nt Richmond.
Vu., ulil. li during t ho war was used to
ni-comtii unto thu overllow oi prisoners
Ironi l.ililir pnon, was dest roved by lire.
Mrs. John fnyer, f M.iywiMid. a Chi-
cairo Kiihurb, (lieu from tho ellects of
ilrinktnir lee-cold soiln water woen her
ytem was overheated from bieyclo r.d-
The I'nited TyiMithetm has ilectsl tho?o
Mirers: I'rexidi nt. James II. ltruiv, of
Naliville. Tcnn ; secretary. Thomas
Kiinip, i f Clin .''; treasurer, V. D. Car-
lietil. r, of Ciiu iiiuuti.
Kx iveriii.r John Vouns? lirown. silver
noiuini-o for conirrcs, was seriously hi
junst at Louiville, Ky. !u fell while at
tempting to board an electric car nnd
liroke his collar (Mine, left lea and left arm
Mrs. Henry Wurd IJi-eeher, widow of tho
nut.il pmichcr. Is sick at her homo in
llrooklyn with whoopim; coujeh, which
lie contracted while wu n recent visit to
her Krandchildrcii in Connecticut. Mrs.
lowlier Is M years old.
While Mr. nnd Mrs. Alzamnn Brewster
and the lhy were taking a spin on their
wliivlsnt Cliieiirn lmrnliirs took a turn nt
tliu Im; the f.imilv jewelry. Mrs. Brews.
er sweildiiiK rm nnd other jewels vul
ued at f were stolen.
Nine men nnd six women students from
he l'uiret Sound unlversitr, of Taeonia,
Wash . visited Chic-ipo Thursday. They
Huprise the Pucet Sound Traveling nso
elation, the purtHiso of which is to see tho
world In a co-oiierattvo way.
When Offlrers Talk This Way .fudge
I.Tnrli Clrlns.
Chleaso, Sept. 12. 'Common, every
lnv law ehould have nothiim to do
riith the dliHsition of the case against
James Walters, l.yneh law Is the only
kind which tits his case." This state
ment was made by Captain Ilanslicrry,
of the Austin police station during
Walters' trial, and although the words
were unexpected nnd caused " quite
rtuiry of excitement In the little court
rMtii it .is evident that they voice.
the sentiments of more than om; u
the crowd of sp.i tator.s.
Wulteta is t harmed with cruelty to
his i lilldreu. and serious charges have
n!s Ikiii n.ade naintit him ill coo
mi 1 1. n with the death of his wife am
eldest s.m. Wlteit the captain !p'ki
Walt Ts lowered his snlh-n face und
listened to the officer's speech with. alt
a wtiril. He diil not l'"'k up until Jti:;-
ti.e Anierson lied impesd a line f
!". ind eld. -red him taken back to
his Cell.
Mrnrrson llir lull Field.
'hi. aso. Sept. 12. 1-caKue base ball
arcresatiwis report the followinn
s. "f v; At Washington Philadelphia
6. Whinpton 5: at ll.ilUmoie l'.rook
lyti 1". l;ultlniore r: at Lieiisville Cin-
imiati 2t louisville a- at Pittsburg
'hl.aa. 4. l'lttsbiu-g 2.
Western Uanue: At Indianapolis
Milwaukee T, Indianapolis IS; (second
Riim Milwaukee 4. Indianapolis 9: at
Clunibus KansHs city ;. Columbus
II: ut lH-troit St. Paul 11. Detroit 4:
tsec.nil Kanie) St. Paul 1. Detroit 3; at
Sran.l Kupids Minneapolis 3, Grand
Kapi.l 4.
l i-Viutnr I'aynv 1-ft .o WHL
Clevehiml. Sept. li. It 4 understood
that ex-St ii:itor Henry B l'ayne died in
t.tate. All his property will be divided
l-teen the two surviving children
Colonel Oliver H. Payne, of New York;
Mrs t hnrle W. Hiiinham. of Cleveland
and the heirs nf the late Mrs. William C
Whitney, of New York. TheapproxiiuatJ
value of too estate Is about f .'"JU.uoj.
ixt Nl,it of t.rntry nd Palntrr.
G'.ens I-ails. X. V.. S-pt. li. The next
in ret tn it oi jonn It. Vjcntry ana star
Pointer will tie at Boston on Tuesday
Sept. !. rurth r dates have not been
agreed nrsm.
The first lore aud the first shave are
two thiutrs that only happen, ouce in a
Ui:iu s life time.
It Is actnal merit that has
. Ho0li-, fiarMp.riUe the first pi
montr medicines. It is the One Ti
Blood Purifier and nerve tonic.
As to One of the Issues of the
Political Fight.
Both Hold That the Question of the Vovrrr
of TJnlted States Courts Dominates All
the Rest Statement Made by the Na
tional Attorney General In Reply to
Numerous Inquiries as to the Question
Raised by AHseld aud Debs.
Washington, Sept. 12. Attorney Cen
tral Harmon lias furnished the following
for publication: I have concluded to give
public answer to the many inquiries
tuado of me upon a subject of great mo
ment to which general attention is now
directed. Mr. lirvan, iu his letter oecept-
ng 'he nomination for president by the
zonventiou at Chicajo, amplifies tho pro
test which that convention made iu its
platform against federal interference in
lK-nl affairs, which strangely enough is
not found in the platforms of theother two
conventions which have also nominated
him. As nothing else has been done or
proposed to which they can possibly ap
ply these protests were intended aud are
understood to bs directed against the re
cent action of the president in forcibly
suppressing; riotous disorders which had
stopped the carriage of the mails and in
terstate commerce and were defying the
civil ollicers of tho I'nited states
Thinks it the l'araiuount Issue.
The president took this action not
only without the request, but in some
instances against the protest of the au
thorities of the states in which the
riots occurred and Mr. Pryan, taking
section four of article IV of the consti
tution to be the law upon the subject,
pledges himself against any repetition of
the violation thereof, which his letter
necessarily charges. This,
in my judgment, is a far more serious
matter than the money question or
any of the other questions now before
the people grave a they all are.
Our form of government may survive
a wrong decision of those questions.
and the people may endure for a time
the evils wliich result from false sys
tems of finance and taxation, but if the
president has deliberately disregarded
the instrument upon which the I'nion
is founded by supplanting the author
ity of a sovereign state by armed force.
a precedent has been made wliich
threatens our form of government.
The Section That Cover the Case.
While, if a candidate for president
pledge himself in advance as Mr. Bry-
nn has done to do nothing to protect
the property, maintain the authority
aisd enforce the laws of the United
Ftatcs unless and until the oflieers of
another government request or con
sent, then we really have no federal
government;, for a government which
is not entirely free to us'.- force to pro
tect and maintain its own proper func
Hons is no government at all.
Tho section of tho constitution to
which Mr. Bryan refers is as follows:
"The Uifited States shall guarantee to
every state in this Union a republican
form of government, and shall protect
each of them against invasion: and.
on application ot the legislature, or
of the executive (when the legislature
cannot be convend). against domestic
lion- ifarmnn Interprets It.
this section plainly refers merely to
the protection of the stales against in
terference with their authority, laws.
or property by domestic violence, laws,
they are wisely made the sole judges
whether and when they need such pro
ict-iion. - - - jiiu i.y tne express
terms of the constituion a state has
nothing to do with the maintenance
of flic authority or the execution of the
laws of the United States within the
territory of the state. The prevention
and punishment of offenses; connected
wun me mans, vim interstate com
merce, and with the administration of
justice in the federal courts, are com
mitted to the general government, and
to It alone. '
state tiovernincnt Not Menaced.
such offenses In nowise menace the
government of the state in which they
are committed. Therefore the state
cannot require protection against
them. The state has no duties to dis
charge in these matters. Therefore i
i an icrjuire no "federal assistance'
uith respect to them. Of course do
stlc violence often, as in recent
ts. Is Hirecfd against both state
and federal authority indiscriminately
o that either or both' may suppress it
And in such cases tha action of-each
n maintaining its own authority over
the subjects committed to it tends to
aid the other. But in such cases each
is acting in its own independent right
as a sovereign government, and on its
own behalf.
Consent of a State Not NeeesMrjr for ITncle
Sain to Act.
It would be as absurd to claim that the
United States must neglect its own inter
ests because in protecting them those of a
state may be incidentally protected as to
claim that a state must let riot run free
because it happens to be directed against
federal rights or ollicers as well as iu own,
This would liu.it and belittle tho soy
ereiguty of both governments. Imperium
in iinperio would Delate. According to
Mr. Bryan there ts somewhere implied in
he constitution for u is nowhere ex
pressed a prohibition of the use of force
by the l mted Slates against persons who
within the limits of astute maybe suc
cessfully resisting Its ollicers and com
l letelv paralyzing all Us operations as
government, unless the local authorities
hall first make request or give consent.
This is contrary to the settled prin
ciple th3t w hile the federal government
is one whose operation is confined to
certain subjects, it has as to those
subjects all the attributes of sover
eignty, and one of tie ee is always an
everywhere, within the territory of
the states which compose it, to sup
press and punish those who in an
wise interfere with the eiercise of its
lawful rawers. The fact that there
ire within that territory other govern
tnents exercising sovereignty over all
matters not so committed to It can
make no difference under our double
form of government, the essential prin
ciple of which is a partition of powers
to be exercised independently over the
same territory.
This sovereign right of the United
States necessarily follows its onicers
and agents everywhere tney go. pro
tecting and maintaining them in the
discharge of their duties. Congress
has accordingly, by section 5297 of the
revised statutes, authorized the presi
dent to use the armed forces of the
government In aid of state authorities
when requested by them, as provided,
in the constitution, and has also by the
following section (32SS) authorized him
o employ such forces, upon his own
Judgment alone, against "unlawful ob-
tructlons, combinations or assemblages
persons iu whatever state or terri-
ory thereof the laws of the L nited
States may be forcibly opposed or the
exec ution thereof forcibly obstructed."
It was under the power conferred by
the section last named that the late re
bellion was suppressed. Mr. Bryan's
ictrine that thlss law unConstuu-
iotial is more dangerous than that of
secession. The latter at least leit tne
government some power and authority
in th territory of the states which
hold choose to remain: Mr. Bryan s
would reduce it to the idle mimicry of
the stage. It was no more Intended to
take the general government depend
ent upon the states with respect to the
matters committed to it than to make
the states subject to the general gov
ernment with respect to the rights re
served to them.
.s the general government is author
ized to maintain a regular army and
navy, which the states cannot do. and
s the militia of all thi-states is subject
to the direct call of the president, it
was natural that the states should be
made to call on it for aid against vio
lence, but there was no reason why it
hould call or wait on thcMU for protec
ion to itself.
What I have said is well-known to
lawyers and students of the constitu
tion. It is chiefly intended for the pkeo
pte at large before whom the subjet
has now been brought. It must
be tiiat Mr. Bryan amid the many de
mands on his time and attention, has
fallen into an inadvertence. I cannot
believe that he really thinks the pres
ident has no power under the consti-
ulion and laws to maintain the gov
ernment entrusted to bis chai w.
Nor can I believe that Mr. Bryan
means to promise or -to permit others
o think lie has promised not to in
terfere if he should be elected and the
situation of the riots of 1SU4 should
arise during his term. 1 will not light
ly question either his knowledge as a
lawyer or -his sincerity as a public
man. Certainly his letter is generally
misundc rstcd unless it means either
hat Mr. Bryan thinks the president
has no power or thn.t he would himself
rot use it if elected.
Dun & Co. Say So as to the Situation in the
l.nsiness World.
New Tork. Sept. 12. K. CI. Dun &
Co.'s weekly review of trade says:
Better prospects and relief from mon
etary anxiety do not yet bring larger
demands for finished products, though
large buying of pig iron, wool; leather.
hides, cotton and other materials con
itiues to show a growing business that
a general nisvement upward in prices
will come with the replenishment of
aters stocKs this tall. Most prices
are extremely low, so that anything
more than ordinary demand would ad
a nee them.
But bank failures at New Orleans
cause temporary hesitation, crop re
turns indicate disappointment in some
cotton and some spring wheat states,
prices of corn and oats make it un
profitable to sell at present, the miin
her or manufacturing works and mines
in operation does not gain, but rather
decreases, reduction .f wages are
somewhat numerous, occasionally re
sisted by strikes, and nil those condi
tions diminish for a time the buying
power of the people. While many think
general improvement cannot come tin
til tho election has remowd political
uncertainties, others expect soon to see
the result anticipated.
Wheat declined a cent, but then ad
vanced, dosing a cent ui for the
week. Accounts of disapjiointing re
turns in spring wheal states are nu
merous, but it is lithcult to reconcile
short estimates with h.-avy marketing
at low- prices. Corn is almost wholly
out of danger. ::nd the yield is gen
erally expected to be ia- largott. as the
price here is the lowest, over known.
Failures for the week have been .tlS
in the United States, against 1T last
year, and 47 in Canada against 31 last
To Cure a Cold in tine Day
Take laxative Iiromo Quinine Tab
lets All drujrfiUu refund the
money if it fails to cure. 25 cents.
Boshei.1i. III., An.'. 11. 1S95.
"I am subject to cramps and colic.
and have used many remedies, but
hndiolevs Colic cure baats them
all. V. L Yeats."
Sold by M. F. Bahnsen.
.Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest
of all in leavening strength Lotsat Cnltjd
States Government Food HtyorL
Borax, Bastm Fowon Co, Vwm Tom Cm
Is now
You get the
We Bell the Best Lines
on Earth.
We make the Lowest
Prices in the three cities.
It's a pleasure to trade
with ns."
It's profitable to trade
with as.
& Carpet Co.,
S24, S26, 828 Brady St.,
ready to show
best made goods for the least
money here.
Old age can be attained by the proper use of la
rigorating tonics. The Rock Island Brewing Co's
products are all the results of scientific labor and
the most improved apparatus, preserving in the
Ighest degree the health giving qualities of the
loci: Iskuid
Savings Bank.
rtn Par Oat Inter Paid en Daposlte:
Mom? Loaned oa Paraoaal Collateral or Baal Estate laowlhy
J M BvffNS, PYaft&snl.
Jon cauBAtMa, via rraaMani
r SaamaAWAi., Caaalar,
nb.rn Jajys. teti, aa
esp: Ik
. bjuci an t.raaa-a arw
you the
Bock Island Sroriing do.
'PHONE torn.
Incorporated Uadtr tka
State Law.
Jam crml
UP Hall.
W Bant,
ma vois.
Ms)Mas. M n

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