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THtt akgijb, Saturday. September 26, lesa
CHAPTKK I Unyle Karrar dig
frracet himself at West Point, de
serts the school and leads a wander
log life, sinking lower and lower,
marries his employer's daughter,
and then commits a forgery. II
Colonel Karrar. lather of Koyle, is
rilled in a battle with the Indiana.
Ill Koal rarrar'n younger brother
Wilt graduates at West Point and
fail in love with Kitty Urroaby.
whose brother Jack Is in love with
Will's sister Kllis. IV Will la made
lieutenant. They all return to Fort
Krajne, accompanied by a certain
Mrs. Paunton. V-It has been re-
Imrtrd that Koyle Farrar is dead, but
e turns op at the fort in the guise
vt a common soldier under the name
if (iraice. Kllis Farrar and Jack
Ornish" tjarrcl over Helen Daunton.
VI Helen Daunton has an interview
with Jack Ormsby, in whish it trans
pires that she is Uovlo Karrar's tuuch
ahured wifx, whom "Ornish h Ins
fore befriended. VII Helen Farrar
discovers her husband. VIII Kllis
Farrer witnesses another interview
between Helm Daunton and Jack
Ormsby. IX Trouble arise t b
twiai the cowbova and Indians.
Jnst am first call for lattno vu sound
inffOiotine huvitig thoupht to trll the
orderly trnmpeter that, both on account
of the holiday and the unexpected duty
for the) garrison, "the rule were sum-Inl-1"
) a long rtilnuin of cavalry
wound away through the shimmer (
tlui suowy miwDligbt and tlianpean,il
from Klwht along the flats talow the
Hist. Kenton ami Wayne, with four of
the sis troops, had ridden down stream
for a ten mile luiirfh. Ilia object wa to
bring Itig Kn.nl. with his lit t It village,
warriors, women, rhiltln-u, pouiu. tiotrs.
dirt and all. within tlio lines of the
reservation it Fort Fraynn. Ouce there
even rowlsiy dure not niclest tin m and
no self appointed sheriff rould impose
In mithoritr. With all Thorpe' bins,
ti r Fruton frit rcawouubly assured that
even in so turbulent corner of Wy
oming I lie hustlers could not master in
form sufiirieut to wariaut an at tuck
tlisit niitlit.
ftiK Koad's braves were few in nuni
Ih r, I. at they wern fighters to man.
Their sius, like those: of all their tribe
ami kimlreil tribes, had long since been
forgiven tlieiu by Uni'lo ani, and it
was not for hi Vassal to keep up the
feud. Hare, haloed, ant the cases when
tlie soldier has long cherished a Rrnrige
a.iint the Indian. The Twelfth Imd
fought like devil after the murder,
they could but regard it, of their beloved
colonel, but when the opposing bund hud
Anally surrendered and uaeepted the sit
uation all rancor speedily died away.
It s-elueil to the regiment, then-fore,
a perfeetly natural uud ohvitma thing
that it should bastt-n forth to pmtnrt
this little miiiiuht from the revenue of
the whiles. LaratiCe Pete, with all his
fault -4. wus a frontier hero whoso popu
larity was second only to that of Xhotpe,
and at th latter s call, from far and
neur, cowboy, ranchman, miner and)
pnmiiector would hasten to join forces:
uuder hi lendernlup, and in 24 honrs or'
less In- timid cotint on 600 detenu i lied I
followers, fearless a they were reckless, I
and ilrfimt of nny law that was not of
their own devising.
In the selection of his troop FeuUtn
had b-vH govt rind by the time honored!
tenet of the iweirtli. lale'a men,
having returned hut a month licfore
from a tour of detached service, escort
ing a government survey through the
lauds of the Miosliniu s far to the west.
Were therefore tin rne designated to
teuiaiu in charge of the pr,f, being sup
ported by what wa left of the so called
Indian troop Crow Knife'Ncompany, n
band of swarthy cavalrymen that t"i.k
1'iM-le .m clothing, pay and rations
with avidity, und even to his drill ami
discipline, so long as it wn a new tov,
but little l-y little the innate sloth und
restlessness of the savage nature pre-
vailed, anil, one alter uiu tler. noiK-om-naissioned
ofMnT and private, the Sioux
soldiery had been dn-hrged uutil m-arly
all Were gone. Of tl.e dozen that re
tnainnl. however, were some of the
noblest specimen cf the rai-e, men,
Whi like Cmw Kmf-, ns-uurl d- tei
mini! to riao above the apathy of the
past Into some ptaithmof power ami iu-flaeiH-e
for their people in the lutrre,
and it was almost nniraklle gri. f to
the that they should be told that they
could H"t go with the command.
irt rentvn s decision was a wise one.
V.. .. m. n !- ..,-..,
, m
White Wolf and Pretty Hear) dashed
into the garrison at o'clock. rUiming
the intercession of the Great Father ,
soldier, the excitement among the rem -
aant of the Indian trrop was furious.
For a moment it looked as though they
anight cast off their uniforms and, turn
ing oat in brrechclout and paint aud
feathers, indulge in a genuine old fash
ioned war dance on the parade. They
were wild to vt their arms and horses
and to gallop to the succor of their kins
man down the valley, but the lieutenant
commanding was a cool hand, and, aided
by the persuasive talk of one or two
older warrior, measurably quirted the
disturbance. Then, as most ot the men
on guard begged to be allowed to go
with their axuurade, seven of the In
diana were distributed among the three
reliefs, and Lraht'a men filled all the
ether gaps. It was about 8 0, as has
been said, when the eoiv.iiiii nii:r-liet
uway. It might bi; bark before Christ
inu uight. It wight not be back for a
week. No one at the moment could say
because, even now. Big Road conld have
brokeu camp and started with his whole
village- on a night march for the fast
nesses of the mountains, uncertain what
fate might be in store for them if he ie
laaitied. With the column went White
Wolf and Hear, the former generally
believed to be one of the four Indian?
engaged in the- tiai-as thut wound up the
earthly cunt r cl Laramie Pete. Ahead
of tin column, full gallop, with only a
aingle orderly, but with instruct ions to
tell ISig Kuud and hU people to Ktay just
where they were, u the ireat Father
meant to c-orne to their pro:ection, won
Liiuteiiiint Warren, at::! thi niudd. -t
"iniM-rabh st" man in aM the gurrison
was Li"titii:i:it Will Fanar.
When a yonng ullow is fall of sd
(lit rly umhitioii. lieu he knows lie i
minor ui ii im v. oik una is euger lor h:i
opliortuuitr to prove ir, when evcrybody
ha. li.s-n tn aiing him a a boy anil In
Knows no i:a all the ability c-t u man.
when In sweetheart, ivrn, hnu betii
te:isiiig ami twitting liim upon his ap
p:irent lark of coim iu n e in the eyes
of the gurrist.i!, and he is thei-efore nil
the itif.ro mail to prove ut any hazard
i hut it c lit a iii no nioie daring and
spirited a:i olTii er, Mit-h an opportunity
a-i Wiw lu-re uRxnlerl .Mr. I arrar was tit
to l.e Wt. lie imd ini,(ii (1 I'sOcurl
1-enlou to let hiui N the l.e;.n r of tin
message and was L-niken heurleil at :bi
Kinit iitit nini in usui. 'XI.e Imhaii 1-
peruliar. Will." said the old soldie:
gi-ntlr. "lie never forgets orfo:'vivs.
ii ins iuuitr Hint bii-ii killiil as Ycai
was he wonld hold it somethiiig to It
avenged, although n-scutuiciit had to U
coiinahd. r rhap for years. Tlify know
y-u are Ins son They know that th
while lain uiv leaguing now to avenge
the death ol Pete, 'lhey cuiinot ut.der
ntsiud stieh a thing as white soldiers,
from shs r sen- of duty ami justice, in
trrptMtiig ugaiu.-t their owu kn:d to savr
the red mini. In your oii;iuj: they
would read i.uly treaehevv and would
argae that yen rame to urge tl:t ir re
maining so thut we might join uu
wlnli- brothr; u i:i snrroniiilinir ai'd win
mg tlieni nut t t xi.s:i-uee. Whatever
yon urged, ivn in tny m.itie, the
woiinl he s ire ii- t to do. Ni., I must
send Warr.vi They know him well ami
Iro-t hi:-:." Ut.t IVi.tou was thankful
lie li.ul sii gixxt :i:n xcu-s-, fi I ev ,i wi
out it he cor.id net have t.iongiit hiir.selt
lo s. ml Marjeri:- Fanar's only remain
ing son riMiii amission that might prove
pel Ji -us that would certaiulv seem
ptriloas in her eyes.
Hastening to lie- rhanluiu s us soon
as Thi ll- maile his nieli orur.iatir ( it,
Ormsby wax met at th.-dcx rby the good
old dominie himself and l-cggcd hiin tfl
say to Mrs. Farrar that 'there wus no
cause for alarm. Thcie had Lieu a tight
between Indians uud row hoys seviral
miles away, and Colonel Fenton had de
cided to si ud a forco out to ki-p the
peace. She heard hi voice, and faintly
but eagerly asked that he should co:ue
in. It was Helen, not Ellis, who bore
her message Helen, who noted with
Comfort, uud Kllis, with mixed emo
tion, that the mother had learned to
lean upon this stanch and devoted
friend. Mr. Farrar took his hand and
looked uirs-alingly up into his face us
hn briefly told her what had happened
and what tl;e colonel had dccid d t d:i
, "Will Willy have to go?" was her
" 'luestion, and. ignorant a.s yet that
Li ale's troop would In-designated to 1
main, Ormsby grsively nnswi-ivd that lie
prcsumeil the tutiiv ci n.m.iud was or
dered out. "Bat," he udded reassur
ingly, "that fact itself is the ?-Ws.st
guaraut e i.f peace. Thete tan bo 1:0
further dL-order in lace of so strong a
for.-e. "
For aus-.vi r sin- lovc.l Iier head atid
hid it i:i her slender whit-. h..mls. No
wonder it sicned as thorgii Chrisf
ma evi r bti-ught it tragedy to her ut
old Fi n Frayne.
Ami tin 11 rami' diver.-ini that was
iiifieit! 1. Thi re wa u rusii of lijU
fi.lt is, u flutter of silken skirts on
the port h without, a bang at the door
ami in eume Kitly. flushed, disheveled,
tearful, indignant.
"What thi,, nls.ut Wil'v's goiugr'
sne dem.uiiled. -Where i he? What
l.a..n-S.s I.,, he Why. he cannot go,
Mrs. r.iri.n-. engaged to meter
the germaii tomorrow night."
Tlktewa Mnueihing so comical in
lier utter luabihty to nuderstund the
gravitjr of the situation, to realize that
u soldier s (iutv far
ontrllkeH Ki'fti cs
solemn a connuiet m .,. .
., .', "wmrai iu
; naiicT vuii ins sweetheart thut mrm
j Mix Farrar forgot her grief um Lnre"
h- nsi.-ii for the moment and opened her
at n.s to the imperious little lady and
1 tirew In r to her heart. '
"Ah, Kittv. vou have the w.-
to learn that I hud long ymrsago," she
cried n she sought to soothe and con
sole the child, Imt Miss Ormsby wo in
no mood for petting. she wa up in
arm. Sho Was lieing defrauded. Uncle
" no dusiucbs Whatever to
senn winy away on such a quest at
such a time. It was worse than iucon-
siueruie. it was outrageous, and then
Mrs. Farrar's face went white again as
she asked what Kitty meant, and then
Kitty's nerve gave way. and she buried
ner benny race on that motherly shoul
der and burst into tears.
"I tbooght you'd heard." she aohhwl
They have only just told me. Captain
Farw,ell came home to change his dress.
anu I asi-.d Iilm wV re was, and
he said he loft him offering his services
to Uncle Fenton to ride ahead to the
Indians, and be wonted to know if I
didn't think Will was a trump. I
don't I didn't I think it's siuiDlv
h-h-heartless in him!"
And then Mrs. Farrar rais?d h.T eves
appealingly to Ormsby, and he went
without a word. He knew wh-it she
ln-oded and hastened in search of WilL
He found him at Fenton's, whither he
had accompanied the colonel, and where
he was still pleading and togging at
his tiuy mustache and tramping up and
down and biting his nails, while Fen
ton. in the adjoining room, was calmly
getting out of his dress clothes and into
witter held garb.
"Would you mind dropping this and
going down to the chaplain's and com
forting your mother and my sister?"
said Orrusby as soon as he could get in
word edgewise.
"Yes. Go. Will." said Fenton. "and
tell her that there is nothing whatever
in this affair to worry about. We're
merely going to bring old Big Road up
here to take Christmas dinner at the
fort. There's no chance for a fight or
you should go along. Mo. it's useless
arguing, my boy. I'd do anything for
you that's right, but this is absolutely
unreasonable on your part. Now go and
tell those two blessed women that you're
to remain on guard over them, and
they'll rise up and call me blessed at
least they ought to.
And so, finally, Ormsby got the pep
pery young fellow out of the house ami
fairly started, Ormsby keeping pace with
him as he strode excitedly from the
"I want you to do something for me.
Will," said he in a low tone as tln-y
hastened along. "I'm going with the
command, and I haven't moment to
spare. Give this note to Mrs. Dauuton
for me as soon as possible after you
reach the house. May I rely upon yon:"
And as he spoke he held forth an en-
veloiie, evidently snugly rilled, and Far
rar took it mechanically and without
reply. The boy wus thinking only of his
owu disapiMiintmeut. "Do you under
stand. Will':" persisted Ormsby. '"It is
of great importance that she- should
have it before 10 o'clock. V'on won
forget?" Aud wondering now, Farrar
promised, and Ormsby turned abruptly
I wish to the Lord I were in your
place." was poor Will's parting shout
us the guardsman hurried buck to dress
for the night ride. Already the four
troops had marched to stables and were
saddling. Already there were sounds of
excitement over across the river and
much scurrying through the straggling
street of the cattle town of well mount
ed ranchmen and "cow punchers.
Thorpe was as good as his woid. Ho
was rousing the county with a venge
uucp., hoping to ride down the valley
in strong force within the honr mid
wiud up the whole business" before
the cavalry could come to the rescue of
theoffending baud. Will could hear the
occasional whoop and yell that came
ringing over on the still night air, and
he was hi a pi.-tr.laut mood 1 ordering on
exasperation when admitted at the chap
lain s and ushered into the parlor,
where Kitty still lay clasped in the
mother's arms.
She scrambled to her feet tho instant
he entered and began an energetic out
burst, but the sight of his woebegone
race cucckcu ner suddenir. Mrs. i- arrar
read instantly the cause. of his gloom
and her eyes brightened with rejoicing.
"Willy, my boy, then you don't have
to go:
"Don't have to go!" was the wrath
iui answer, "uon t nave to got I've
been oil my knees to that stony hearted
old rip for the last ten minutes, and he
won t let me go.
"God bless him!" were tho mother's
fervent words. "He knew he well
knew what it would cost me to have
my only boy torn from me at this
time," was the thought that flashed
through her mind, and her eves welled
with grateful tears, though she could say
no more. It was Kitty who restored the
social equilibrium. "I won't have you
steak ot Lncle teuton m that disgrace
fnl way, Mr. Farrar. Von ought to be
thankful yon don't have to go, as yon
put it. Have yon totally forgot ten our
engagement, for tomorrow night?"
"Oh, for heaven's sake, Kittv! What
is tiiat at such a time as this? There
won't be a sign of a dance unless they
all get back in time, and I'd rather be
dead than left here the first scout the
regmient lias after my joining it. " He
threw himself disgustedly into a chair,
refusing to see his mother's outstretched
baud aud for the time being absolutely
indifferent to Kitty's reproaches. It was
the discovery of this fact thut taught
r- s K
"TTHli, ni boy, Vien you don't have to
her how thoroughly in earnest he was,
tanght her that there was something
alive in his heart of which she might
well be jealous, and for the tint time
in ber life the girl stood a little in awe
of him, and, relinquishing her purpose
sf upbraiding, she turned back. bafHcd
and defeated, and took refuge by the
mother's chair.
"Tell Q8 vho are to go, Willy." said
Mrs. Farrar enrreatingly. .
Everybody but me and Leale
', HreT'll be off in ten minutes too. Even
Jaci OrrcsSy goes, anu Vm ortlrret:
absolutely ordered to stay here, as if I
were some some taby in arms, nnfit
to do duty with my fellows. I'll never
forgive Fenton as long as I live. "
'And I'll never forget it," murmured
the mother as she gently checked Kitty,
once more about to burst into impetnons
sp?echl "I'm snr Colonel Fenton bad
grave and good reasons for keeping yon
here, hit son, and if so tried aud bravo
a soldier as Captain Leale can remain
without reproach surely yon can."
There s just the difference." an
swered Will miserably. "Leale has
been under fire und on trying duty time
and again. His reputation was assured
Jong years ago, I'm treated as a boy by
by everybody in this garrison, high
or low, nod forbidden a chance to do a
thing. If you folks want to see that
command off, the sooner you get out to
the bluff the better."
But vou are going to take us, Willy, "
said his sister sympathetically. "Kitty
and I, at least, wish to see the regimeut.
Do you care to go, mother, dear?" she
asked anxiously, and then crossing
over to her mother sine ocnt aown
and kissed her, bat the question was no
eoouer askt'd than she would gladly
have recalled it "or will you come
home now with me?" she hastened to
I'll take mother home," said Will.
"Go on if yen want to see them start.
I don't. That's more than I could pos
sibly stand. The chapluiu will take yon
gladly enough. "
Aud so at last did Miss Ormsby begin
to realize that even iu tho eyes of the
man she had captivated she was for the
time liriug of no account.
It was one ot Fen ton 'a fads to have
out the bund when the regiment or any
considerable detachment cf it marched
away, and now, even ut night, he did
not depart from his practice. The chap
lain hail opened the door to note the
progress of tho preparations across the
parado. Orderlies with the horses of the
officers were trott ing past. The noncom
missioned stuff were already moniitiug
at the adjutant's cfiice, and over at the
bund barracks the gray chargers, the
music stools of the musicians, were be
ing led into the line.
A mounted bund was something that
Kirty had never seen, uud curiosity and
coquetry combined led her to lend her
ear to the chaplain's suggestion that she
should come out and see the column
ride away and wave a goodby to her
admirers among the subalterns. If Will
persisted iu his ill temper, there was no
sense in staying then-, uud perhaps the
quickest wty to bring him to terms was
to manifest interest iu his fellows. So.
leaving him to the ministrations cf his '
mother, she danced away to the front
door, tllis promptly following. The
night was still and beautiful, softly
hazy and not very cold, and the scene
across tho snow covered parade was full
of life and animuticu. Lights were
dancing to and fro among the company
quarters. Two of the designated troops
had already marched np from the
stables, formed line in front of their
barracks and, dit:;njuutiiij.', were await
ing the sounding of adjutant's call and
the' formation of the squadron. Officers
were mounting, every moment along the
row uud trotting out to join their com
mands, aud pn-sently, from the colo
nel's big house on tho edge of the blnff,
came three horsemen clad in heavy win
ter field garb, nud even in the dim light
there was no difficulty iu recoguizing
Fen ton's soldierly form. These were
joined by the adjutant as they rode out
upon the parade, aud then ono of the
group came jopging over toward the
chaplain, followed by uu attendant or
deily. It was Jack Ormsby, uud Kitty
fluttered down to the gate to meet him.
"Yon aud Acut Lucrctia will have to
keep house by yourselves tonight, little
sister." said he laughingly as he bent
to kiss her goodby. "Corporal Rorkc
is to sleep at the house, so that you will
not lack for guards. Where's Will?"
"He's with his mother iu the parlor
and just too miserable for anything,"
said Kitty, who, now that she conld see
for herself the preparation for a march,
began to feel fur more sympathy for her
lover, if not actually to wish that she
were a man and could go too. Ellis,
quick to notice Ormsby "s coming, had
slipped back within the hall and par
tially closed the door. Glancing over
her shoulder, she could sec that her
mother had left her reclining chair and
was lauding fondly over Will, smooth
ing his tumbled hair and striving to
soothe and comfort him. but it was evi
dent that Will was sorely hurt, for he
turned away in irrepressible chagrin
aud distress and covered his face with
his hiuyls. Helen Daunton, forgetful
for the moment of her own bitter trou
ble, had sought to aid her frieutl in eon-soli-ug
the boy, tut it was her first expe
rience iu such a ia.se. She had never
realized what it meant to a proud and
ambitious young soldier to be held in
garrison wheu his comrades were being
sent to the field, and, finding presently
that she could be of little aid, she diew
away toward the window to join the
chaplain and his wife, who were ga
ing out upon the parade, when the stir
ring notes of adjutant's call came trill
ing through the hazy moonlight, and,
with a groan that seemed .to rise from
the depths of bis heart, poor Will threw
himself face downward upon tho sofa,
utterly refusing to be comforted.
"Come," said the chaplain iu a low
tone, "they will be better Mt t th...
selves. Let us go out and see the troops I
"u". iiusuiy quitting the
parlor, they came suddenly upon Ellis
lingering ut the outer door.
"Mr. Ormsby was saying goodby to
Kitty." she nervously explained, "and
I remained here for a moment. He is
Mill there." '
Ves, still there, although ho had said
adieu to his little sister, and the squad
ron was rapidly forming on the parade.
Still there and looking now and then
beyond Kitty's pretty, pathetic little
face, clouded with a trouble altogether
nnv to it. Still there, and longing far
a sight of the face he loved as be did no
other despite all its coldness and aver
sion. Theu they came barrrinc forth
the oIC uominie and iiis faithici iielp
meet, the two young and beautiful
women and at sight of them Ormsby
suddenly dismounted and passing the
reins to his orderly ran nimbly cp the
steps and extended his hand. "Good
night, chaplain good' night. Mrs.
Ransom. We count on eating our
Christmas dinner here despite the night
marcn. uoca night, Miss Farrar. " ho
added gravely, gently. "We still llOllA
to lie bore to wish you merry Christmas.
Pleas" extend my svmnathies to Will. I
know how hard it is for him to star.
Good night, Mrs. F Mrs. Daun
ton, " he stumbled on, and extended to
her the hand which lie had withheld
from Ellis. "Oh, pardou me! Did Fur
rar give yon a note I intrusted to him
for you?"
"Not yet, Mr. Ormsby. He ha hanl
ly thought of anything but his grief at
being retained here,"
rtell, ask him for it before 10
o'clock. It" aud he was halting pain
fully now, for Ellis, withdrawing a
pace from the group, was gazing straight
into his face "it it explain itself.
You'll understand it. Good uight; good
night, ail. I must hurry." Aud with
that he ran down the steps and out of
the gute, mounted quickly, aud without
a uacKwnra glance rotte quickly awav
to take his place by the colonel's side.
Another moment and the adjutant, gal
loping out in front cf the long line of
horses, had presented the squadron to
Major Wayne, and that distinguished
officer, cncxpectedlv awake and livelv,
lost no time in pielimiiiaries, but broke
his command at once into column of
lours, ana with tiie nana plaving its
joyous march iuusic, and with old Feu
ton himself in the lead, away thoy went
down the winding road to the flats to
tho east.
Once out of the garrison the band
wheeled out of column and played the
troopers by, then trotted back to uusad
ulo for the night. Men, women and
children, the populace of Fort Frayne,
gathered along the eastern edge of the
plateau and silently, and in not a few
cases tearfully, watched the column out
of sight iu the dim, ghostly light, and
men little irumpcter Meinecke cams
out from the guardhouse aud trilled the
martial curfew that sent them shiver
ing homeward un ominous Christmas
evo tattoo.
To be Continued.
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you have loss of appetite, constipa
tion, headache, fainting spells or are
nervous, sleepless, excitable, met an
choly or troubled with dizzy spells.
Electric Hitters is the medicine yon
ueca. Health ana .strength are guar
anteed by its use. Large bottles
oniy 50e at Harts & Ullemeyer's
i!rti store.
Rheamatlsaa Oarer a a Day.
"Mystic Cure" for rheumatism
and neuralgia cares in 1 to 3 days.
Its action upon the system is re
markable and mysterious. It re
moves at once the cause, and the
disease immediately disappears. The
first dose greatly relieves, 75 cents.
Sold by Otio Urotjan, druggist. Rock
Island, and Gust Scblegel & Son, 220
West Second street, Davenport.
-ir. Mmmhimi Will lr-ttt.
Vice President St-vettSfin has ln
forme'i Secretary Oardner of the Asso
ciation if l'.ryan liuhs that he wil ac
ceit tlit- association's invitation to pie
Fide at the eluli eon vent ion ut St. Louis
on et. The eluli otlieials now- count
HI Kin an attendance of 10.U00 delegates.
A N.-w .lol,.
Visitor 'Where is your living skele
ton nowadays?
Museum Manager Out working for
McKinh-y. lie Kits on the platform at
Ifcpublican speakings as a Mexican la
Subscribe for Thb A bop.
Last and all the time Hood's Sarsaparilla
has been advertised as a blood purifier.
The great cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla
have been accomplished through purified
blood. Scrofula, salt rheum, eczema,
rheumatism, neuralgia, yield to Hood's
Sarsaparilla, because it eradicates the
Vestige of those impurities which have
been developing, perhaps for years, in
the blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures
nervousness by feeding the nerves upon
pure, rich blood. It absolutely and per
manently cures when all other medicines
fail, because Hood's 8arsaparUa
Strikes at the root of the disease, which
is in the blood. Thousands testify that
they have been absolutely cored of blood
diseases by Hood's Saru par ilia, although
they had become discouraged by the fail
ure of other medicines to give any relief.
No other medicine has such a record of
cores as Hood's Sarsaparilla, because
' Sarsaparilla
Is tka heat la Urt tha Oaa Tnw Bloat PariSac
' Hwvrl'o DIf f a tb on,T take i
noou a trills it nuua nmia i
Remarkable Cure
who was Afflicted with Salt
Rheum and Rheumatism.
Item tSt Urrald.
Thnse who hare hi the misfortune to be
afflicted lth suli-ruruui, more Kt-ialry
bra it has come in raity ctiUJIiood. can
appreciate what it is to "i.K.-tor " tor this al-no-it
iucurable trouble. Tin y almost all lev
tify that they have -Jjitored" for years,
and often ith suuie of the It-aJiug; physi
cians, HK-uiiinif luru'r sums of luuuey without
Uaiala, relict XVlien this U cuipli.-atcd
with ea attack of rlieumatiMii, especially la
the case of a man whose avocation is one
that expo hiin to it, the wrious nature I
........ , . , . .
his physical ills may be jmagined, and elo
the potent efficacy of such a rcjmily as lr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale 1'coplc, which
has proved able to conquer smh a .uncenMi.
of bodily problems, and to put the man into
a conditiou of vij;or as a substitute for one
of a most difchoarteiiing outlook.
In view of the circumstances it s not sur-
prising that many in lloston, especially those
of the railroad men, who have been familiar!
both with the imlivMiuil sd the
circumstances, should make so much com -
mcut on the cure wrought intliecaseot Mr.
James Freeman, for a numlicr of years pa-st ;
employed as a brakenmn on the Old Colony
Division ot the ic loru, Jrw Haven and
Hartford Railroad. This Reiitlemnn had
been afflicted with salt-rl.cnin from Infancy
an! his Mood hud a ilwiditl t.-ndeney to
humors, in addition to winch the eximsed
rhsraeti-r of his occupation promoted an ae-
gravated attui-c ot muscular rnt-uinuliMU
whii-ti tlir.-a-cned to destroy Iiis iisciiiliiem
and deprive hint of this means ot'livelthood.
inn learning ot me reiuarKaoie testimony
wineii nail oeen Ifiven Il I Me i-uii-uej in i.r.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale r.-ople when
ever tried for these and kiudr.il ditticuhiea,
particularly such as arise Inmi an imnver-
UlicU oruiynnleml conililion ol tlie lil'ssl, lie
was UKiucoi in iry mem, nun me resiiu nas
ott-n so irraiiiyinir iua
he has liei-auie
pioneer in reroniiiiriiding them lo his fellow
workmen, who tlirou'-'ll his wonla and the
manit'est results of his example have fchown
a constantly increasing use at the pills.
In view of the drirree of attention which
the case attracted, partienhii'y in its effect of
promoting the use ot tne pills among men
who are not in the habit of taking medicine,
the circumstances were dcrined worthy of
personal investigation, and accordingly a re-
?ortcr made a call at l lie rosy home id Mr.
rceiuaii. at 213 Shanmout Avenue, lloston,
Mass., where he und his wife wi-re funml to
be tlioroughlv free and unreserved in statin;
the f icts, and most cordial in appreciation of
the Fink Pills.
'" Yes, it is trne," he said in rmpnnse to
Inquiry, "I have the great -st sat:--faeti.,n in
riving my word as to what I'r. Williams'
I'ink Pills have done t ir m-. I have no per
sonal interest in spenki.cr shout the matter
except tiiat. I feel trraiefiil for the cure they
nave eauseo, ami i tinnk it la ouly ntrnt that
I should
Id try and let others have the name
opportunity for benefit as myself." In re. , new lite and rii hucss to the blond and rotor,
gard to the origin of bis use of the Pink Pills thattered rorvca. Tin y are an unfailina s
he remarked: I citic h snch disease as la-nMitsr alalia.
"1 was tint led to try them on account of , partial paralvsis. St. Vims' dam-e sriati.-a.
a certificate from a Montreal man winch was ' n.-tiraltria. rheumatism, nervous hada he til.
puhhsiicl in the papers, und 1 tlmuclit the j anereft.si a grippe, palpilntionot the h.'-art
same thing that had done so much for him .pale and willow omplcxion. all f.m:s .,
would help me. ...,. , t I weakness Htlier in maleiar female. Pink pill.
"I needed to take the Pink Pills for the: are sold hv all dealers, or will be sent irt
Condition of the blood and for rheumatism. ! id on ns-cipt id prnss, 50 rents a b..i or
The fact is that my blood has lieen of a very six Ihixi-s for t-'. Vi uli. y are neur hild' in
hnmory nature and I have becu troubled bulk or hv the Ui), by a.ldressinc lr Wil
With salt-rhcum froui infancy. My head , hams' Medicine Cooiiiau.tichenecudr N V.
Colona Sand
Stone Quarries
Sawed building stone,
Ashlar and -trimmings
a specialty.
For cheapness, durabilitj and
beauty exoelled by none. This
stone does not wash or color the
wall with alkali, etc Plans sent
ns for estimates will receive
caret al attention and be returned
promptly at oar expense.
Quarries 12 miles from Rock
Island on the C. B. 4Q.B. K.
Trains Nos. 6 and 10 will atop
and let visitors off and on.
Bridge stone, corn crib
blocks and foondatlon
stone any size desired.
Samples of Stone and Photos of
Bandings can be seen at Boom
No. 13, Mitchell 4 Lynda's build
ing. Address:
Arthur Burrall, manager.
Rock Island or Colona, 111.
The only safe, sure and
reliable Female Pill ever
offered to Ladies. Espe
cially recommended to
married Ladies. Ask for
and take no other. Sera roa cracrxan.
Priest at in ner bar hrixra tar IS 00.
of a Boston Man
Baton. Jftiss
was covered with It and a eoaA te1 f nr
hair caine vd 1 i -n uuitnil.tt.
and niNliiae that I could do et uud l..t uie tt.
"I lira ranir uir rtiicmatli- Uuut.lt- dur
inc thrr uiuo(ti ot In-t an.ler. I tlili.k it
iur Ir ro eviMwur in thr railroad vaid dur
ing !.' weaiht-r It wau uium ular rhrunia
Usui auJ a located (iriiH-ii-j.'iv in mr tu-tit
arm o.lhat I could tr.ilv hii it Ilia! hi.:!.."
tic-re Mr. .r'rrriuaa rained ulMitiieJ
; "h'rJ Tra rip!:;" id'.'.
of ,u, dirticuhv and disinx wlii. h ai-.tni-
: rained that cdjrt brtoce takiug tl- l iuk
i '''' . . . .
I 1 hetran to receive ncnofit fretn (be fir
, (1,,k ,r jlu , , u,xru,.vrr
I known tin-in to fail ot rWie rood. Tb.
trouble with a pmi nnmr people Hut they
" J. T " "TT
ue , ,),,. W1B ar. 'tivtit-.! with that tied
i ol fani'iui. aud wl-n I in came naii.-tiid.
j ,,0I,,A,!,r-T w,rV !',r "'i1'! ''r" J0', 1
; -.urMi s,.u: 25 Ih.ac. I tx.utl.t them
i ninmly from J Hues' Apolhocnrv More on
Washington Stro.. tine ot the timt cowl
1 hocfime purer and Utter, and the rfi.i-ta i f
Hie niiwnlar rie-nttmiisni n.r.ully disuptnai-
iiisiii n.Tiitll
i-d. As I tMU no oilier im-iiicitie tin whole
, .hlk pillg j . , p,.;,,;,...! 'will, t'li.ir
died that I iiiu-t have U egiit al,i$ethtr
; i-l-o'it ehly liox.n.
V ' ' "
Srlnch vou know rconiros a iTMtv r.-
; v:n iiL-li in the ami, and I lounii mi'm n..r.
' al health and sj-iriis toned up.
- In the earlv periods- ol inkinr thr pilla I
' took otic as a dose, and latter v I inc-nuMd to
tu am ihen three, the toning cfl.i-t bring
, all the ktroliirer without any disagreeable
"I was so ph-ifcd with the result of tb
Pink I'ills in my case that I r-conmit-ud-J
them to all the railroad men and oihim with-
1 m uiv kuoalrilce that I Lih-w r.ould umL
their ImihIiI. Asa eonsi-iieiii-e ouil.- a num.
her la-can tlH-ir Uae. and from all that I hear
their eltects were very eaiisf:ietory. so that I
diuht not tliey would lr willio? to rrinfurc.
my ci-rtiticalc with their owu ti-?liiiionv.r
Mr. Krerman's miiarks were rorrolss-ated
at intervals ly his wife. wb. was a partici
pant in the conversation and manifestly
shartst his genuine enthusiasm fur therura- '
tivri-Hertaot which she had been a witiresa,
and tor whieh the ne me of In-. Wiiliamr
Pink Pills has lieeome synonymous.
He certainly looki-d well arid no one conld
imainue l.y his apM-arancr and inatiifeidaiiun
of rnrrey the douldc ixe ut rlieumal ism
and null -r licum from which the Pink Pills
has nwncd him.
" I am so satisfied." be said, "as to the true
results vinrii the Pink Pilla have hrourl.t
nie that I ran n-lily fcive mi aff:uuvit Is fore
a Notary to that rfl'ect. All who know me
and the cirrumstiineea of my case will, how
ever, leel convinced wii'oout the need sT
Ir. Williams' Pink Pflls contain In a eon-
densed liirm. all the elements ncrrasarv ln,.
ttataaW aS
A T Donianns i tnct rr.
fcamrft Iadfm, anxi'nf. fr the wrhun 'f
Athsrir acx. mrc giring adirkc limilartuthi a
W T aJBtt4 Us. MS). fM dsd.,' teJ S
f)ickr for WiM Oiiv mjnf Tacr ltsf
m araaU M frM list wgs ej Ua)iti tl4 H4f M
I mm wit smd hrtf
A KU A-M UUJ, sWlffTw., W. T A
irregularities, ittsplaermrnts, of rrery na f
ilurrran tie posilirrlr curc-d at brmir lr. a
Wild Olive-.i.lH-d liaailT und Mrnkf
.Tttnio taken to srive atnuirth and wiK'rf--a
f I 'rice $1 each.
aAll commrmitK-s h!d thoe r.-tio hUttM
Jdooed hop- and lrl lite iijmiK s.J
Soh a one s Mrs. Onrru. Sm h
a)liccn thousands thut thrsc rrronliri aan
'restored. Little rsis-ose. yukk rrsalta.r
M Permanent rrln f. S
iC A MDI EC ,.f the remrdirs. and a -fjAFlrLEJ
trratisr. that errr lady f
Mm. M. J. Saaaasn, Agent,
ltU TMrtF-assasBtt
I Stronji Again!
Ne Ufa. new aimijrth. ne rtfac.
Z r ""C " ysaariostpo.il, ma ata
Z JiSTA? "it'li " asal.hr t'-m. T
Z I, - "cle. rurnt
.treiirsteyeaa.cb, Z
f . w-QOFstsfcx. Boxes $toa, T
For asi. trA.J. Arm.
liata, hock Islasst
A Hmdttom Cornplexion
U swaasst Ik. rraateat charaa. a sronmsi rmm
Vsess siipTlird.
-ei-errwhrre. oramt ilirrrt. f tHIf a
r ViaOR MEDICAL ASS'M 0 mce 9
0 KotTH Bnxr. Isn. s mil 0

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