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A Uvtng Object Luton for Or. Mik New
HEABT DISEASE la curable. Tor over
forty rears." write Damol Myers of
TwoTarerns. Pa., on Aug. to, UM,
"Isafforad with heart dlwsjw. i'l ret a slight
palpitation, gradually growing worse. Then
bortacM of bruath, sleeplessness, smother
lo sensations and much pain In the region
of toe heart alarmed me and I consulted a
physician. Kecclvlng do benelt I tried
other and a n amber
of remedies, pending
a large amount of
. money, out finally he-
pTfcSSl CiGEtf I came so bad that It m
home. I commenced
TiluO, I 08,118 Dr U'Ic' Hert
MOiMJcara two years ago.
i'or eighteen months I liare been well. Al
though 72 years of age I can go where I wish
and 1 sleep all night and wake op a cheer
ful as a babe and completely rented.'
Dr. Miles Knmedles are sold by all drug
gist under a poNltlre guarantee, 6nt bottle
benefits or money refunded. Book on Heart
and Nerves sent free to all applicants.
DO. aULEd MEDICAL CO- Elkhart, last
We have them la
plenty. More car
lots of goods unload
ed on our floors last
week than was ever
received in this sec
tion in one season.
Marvelous Values
All Through
Bargains such as you
have never before
seen in Bed Room
Suits, Dining Tables,
Chalis, Chiffoniers,
Side Boards, Parlor
Goods, Iron Beds, etc.
Prices made to tell
goods quickly.
Davenport Fornitnre
& Carpet Co.,
894. 826. 8SS Brady t.
Clock: Cleaning He
It her and you will want
that timepiece cleaned and
pat in shape ao that yon can
be more punctual during the
coming year. Our facilities
for handling this work are
the beat. We make a special
effort to do satisfactory work
and we seldom fall.
. CI:sksCall.MfericdCiliT.red
All yon need to do ia drop
ns a postal and yonr clock
will be called for and re
tarn ed to yon in good order.
Wiim, .the Jewels.
1S08 Seoond At
Nrgvoei Flock to KuwIbU Urn Government
lielp-Mnujr IMasppoistted.
Memphis, Tenn., April V-T?leETamS
received from the flooded area br the
Mississippi delta, report the Situation un
changed. A hear rain accompanied by
a strong northwesterly -wind prevailed
all the afternoon, Information from the
Flower Lake crevasse says that the
break Is 1.TC0 feet wide. Every effort I
being made to tie the ends of the levee.
The town of Lulu is entirely shut out
except by telegraph. Yesterday was
ration day for the destitute refugee!
at Rosedale, and a more poverty-stricken
band of negroes than those gathered
at the place of distribution would be
hard to picture. The news had become
current among the negroes that the gov
ernment had sent rations, and many
who were yet able to take care of them
selves were grievously disappointed at
not finding their names on the relief rolL
At Helena the river has fallen two feet
and eleven Inches since the levee gave
away on Sunday. The backwater In
the southern part cf the city Is at a
stand. Many flood refugees are being
taken to Helena, and the number in that
city will now probably reach 3,000. The
relief committee Is doing good work and
no complaints have been made. The
river is falling at all points between
Cairo and Helena.
Word comes from Porto Rico that the
natives of Taaco and Adjuntas have
taken up arms against Spanish rule.
Word comes from Madrid that the fore
going is a lie.
Nelson Mortis, of Chicago, denies that
he Is going Into the sugar beet industry
In Indiana.
Mrs. Henry E. Abbey denies the re
port that she is to wed a wealthy Eng
lishmen. The Iowa supreme court has decided
that "swipe" means to steal.
General Gomes says his plan Is to
make Cuba a desert waste and useless
to Spain.
A mysterious person who has been
robbing students' rooms In the college
at Northampton, Mass., for the past
month has been captured. It Is Caro
line I'elle Nealley, who was graduated
from Smith college last June.
Representative Simpson, of Kansas,
has taken ' to wearing golf stockings.
This doubtless comes from riding the
bicycle which Simpson started some
years ago.
The measure providing for a tax for
a free library building In Su Louis was
lost at the polls.
The president has appointed John T.
Bressler, of Nebraska, a government
director of the Union Pacific railroad.
He succeeds J. Nelson, whose term has
The E. S. Dean brokerage concern,
whose suspension of operations at Ne w
Tork and elsewhere already has gained
general notice, has been formally barred
from the mails.
Treacherous Cape' Cod.
Nobody knows bow many vessels have
been wrecked on Capo Cod since the
bleak December day when the Mayflower
rounded Race point and sought shelter
in what is now the harbor of Province
town. Tho number is very great, how
ever, and the loss of life on this most
dangerous part of the whole New Eng
land coast has been something appalling.
A list, admitted to be incomplete, of
the wrecks since 1873 shows that 161
vessels, including three steamers, have
gone to pieces on the pitiless sands of
the cape, and, had not the waves always
hastened to remove the evidences of
their work, tho shore aU the way from
Chatham, at the elbow of Massachu
setts' elbow, to the crook of her bent
hand would be piled high with the ribs
and planking of shattered vessels. A
large proportion of the cape's victims
are coasting schooners, with only an oc
casional bark or brig. These disasters,
therefore, rarely attract mnch attention,
but they ore tragical none the less, and
almost every storm adds to the number
of dreadful Etories which tho lighthouse
keepers and members of the life saving
service have to tclL New York Times.
Br ran Hart at a Speaking.
Ft. Augustine, Pla., April 9. Hon. W.
J. llrj-an was Injured here yesterday af
ternoon by the caving In of the piazza
from which he was speaking. Nearly
400 men and women were precipitated
about twenty feet to the ground and
many of them were Injured, but none
fatally. Bryan was picked up uncon
scious and removed to a physician's of
fice, where an examination revealed
that he had received no injuries of a
serious character.
Assets Exceed Liabilities.
Quincy, Ills., April . The J. TL Day
ton Tablet company closed yesterday
under chattel mortgages of $25,000 to
Rlcker National bank, of Quincy; $14,000
to Mrs. J. Klbbe, of Springfield, and
1 1.000 to Klmberly and Clark company.
Of Apple ton. Wis. The total liabilities
are $S5,000; assets said to exceed 1100,
000. The company will be reorganized.
Toona Women Christians la Council.
Detroit. April .Many young women
prominent In various lines of Christian
educational work are among the 200 odd
delegates to the sixth biennial conven
tion of the International Association of
Toung Women's Christian Association!
of the United States and Canada, which
began yesterday In the" Woodward Ave
nu Baptist church.
b Hat Flaea.
"Move forward, please," said the
conductor in the crowded cable car.
"Not on your life," replied the gen
tleman addressed, taking a fresh grip
on the strap.
"But there are gentlemen. on the plat
form who wish to get in." continued
the collector of fares.
"Well, they can't have my place.
This lady ia my wife, and I know this
road from start to finish. If anybody is
going to sit in her lap this trip, I'm
that person. I'm on to this road'a
roxrea. " Yonkers Statesman.
Tw mute C Tiaw.
On one occasion, at a party given by
Sir John Hillaia, Lady Halle rose to
play the violin, when to her intense
amusement she heard fawirlswrfTclsim:
"Good gracious I A woman playing the
fiddle!" On the other hand, an old
fashioned nobleman, when he saw a
gentleman sit down to the plana, coo
tomptnonsly remarked, "I lrondjor
Sahnla ralvcae sad Their Airy Relatives
of Town and Country.
A convenient though cot strictly sci
entific classification of fcg types is sea
or coast fog, valley or hill fog and town
or dust fog. The last named has been
given the euphonic designation nebula
pblverea. It is an artificial rather than
a natural condition. The Rev. Clement
Ley, who gave a large portion of his life
to cloud study, says, in his book,
'Cloud and," that in some parts of the
globe nebula pulverea is occasionally so
thick as to obscure almost totally the
sunlight, and in Abyssinia has led to
the tradition that the plague or dark
ness in Egypt was in reality an unusual
dust fog. The amount of moisture varies
so mnch in different fogs that the terms
"dry" and "wet" are used, the scien
tific name of the latter being nebnla
Btillans. In wet fcg the particles are
apt to be larger than in dry fog. A still
further division, due, we believe, to
Robert H. Scott, is anticyclonic fog, or
fcg in Which ncK rain falls, while the
temperature, generally low in the morn
ing, continues to rise during the day,
and cyclonic fog, in which rain does
occur, while the temperature remains
about temporary.
Before leaving these town fogs we
may notice the part played by them in
affecting the health of the communi ty.
Mr. Scott has given figures showing the
mortality from diseases of the respira
tory system for some of the more memo
rable fogs of London. We have room
for but one of the many periods be gives.
From Jan. 26 to Feb. 6, 1880, London
experienced eight days of fog. The aver
age temperature at 8 o'clock in the
morning was 26 degrees F. The total
death rate was 48.1 per 1,000, a rate
nnequaled since the last cholera epi
demic, and there were no less than 1,557
deaths from diseases of tho respiratory
It is not always an eay matter to
trace direct relationship even where the
statistics are carefully gathered, but
there can be little doubt that these town
fogs are unwholesome. Indirectly they
affect the health of the community in a
way few would imagine. A town fog is
an excellent trap for noxious gases, hold
ing them clone to the ground. Dr. R.
Barnes, studying this question, found,
by inspection of pas plants near London,
that in foggy weather the escaping gas
was held in concentrated form in and
near the works. There ore other sources
of contamination in foul emanations
from the ground, sewers, etc. On clear,
bright days, even if no wind is blowing,
the law of diffusion of gases acts more
effectively and helps disperse the gases.
"In proportion as communities be
come more settled and populous, Phil
ip," said Mr. Gratebar, "the great op
portunities that exist in them fly higher
and higher and Leconio more and more
difficult to capture. For this reason men
often seek new fields, where tho shoot
ing is easier. But in this, Philip, as in
everything else, one must exercise judg
ment, lie must find a field in which
game actually docs exist, and one that
is likely to produce such opportunities
as be is able to turn to account. No
snow shoveler, for example, should lo
cate in the tropics. Nor could the best
boat builder that ever lived reasonably
expect to succeed in a desert, even
though it were hundreds of miles in ex
tent and he had a monopoly of the bnsi-
"What I am endeavoring to point out
to yon, Philip, is that not all new fields
are sure to yield a profit As a matter
of fact, many are quite barren, A man
must find the right place, and the dis
cernment that would enable him to do
this would almost certainly qualify him
to stay right here and fight with the
"And that is just what I should ad
vise yon to do, Philip. Here is where
tho big game is to be found. But. as I
have before in substance remarked, yon
must be prepared to meet it. Don't fool
away your time waiting at a bear lick
with a gun loaded for snipe, Philip."
Jaew xork Sun.
Saluting a Cab
There is at least one place in the
world where the cat was until recently
held in high honor and received the at
tention due to one of so high a station
in life. That place is India, where in a
fortress the sentries inavriably used to
present arms to every cat that appeared
on the scene.
The custom is accounted for by this
singular anecdote, which comes from
what appears to be good authority:
Some SO years ago it happened that a
very high English official died in an
Indian fortress, at a place that is one of
the centers of Brahmanic religion, and
at the moment when the news of his
death met the sepoy guard at the main
gate a black cat rushed out of it
The superstitious guard presented
arms to the cat as a salute to tho dying
spmt.oi me powenul Junglishman, and
the coincidence took a firm hold
the locality, that up to a few years ago
neither exhortation nor orders could
prevent a Hindoo sentry at that gate
from presenting arms to any cat that
passed out at night Harper's Bound
A Scotch Child.
I have a small cousin, ascd 8. who
has already contracted the very bad
habit of smoking whenever he gets a
The other evening, after he had been
put to bed, his father went up stairs to
tho room where he was and began to
search the youngster's pockets.
The boy lay watching him for a few
minutes, then suddenly sat up and ex
claimed: "Ob, faithcx, I clean forgot! I bocht
a pennyworth of cigarettes the day for
a present tae ye."
And Just then his father drew four
:igarettea out of cue of the small pock
eta, Needless to say, he ffp" tfrai
Jineteeata Cento? Experiments and Ba
wrvats Wklck Ban Bona Wi nllli
The best that can be said of the archi
tecture of the nineteenth century is that
it has been an architecture of exception
ally learned, ingenious and accomplish
ed individualities. It has been an art of
experiments which have failed' and of
revivals which have been fruitless.
These individualities, with their con
sciousness highly educated and trained.
nave been embarrassed rather than aided
by their knowledge of the great achieve
ments of the past It does not seem to
have occurred to them to appeal to the
sympathies cf the people by uttering
their inspirations in the vulgar tongue,
but they have labored with immense
talent and ingenuity to interpret and
apply dead languages. Their efforts
have been reminiscent, excursive and
experimental The architects have an
alysed, theorized, disputed and argued.
They have farmed schools conserving
classic or romantic traditions schools
which have fallen apart because prog
ress has been found to be impossible on
merely archaeological lines.
Many of the individualities developed
under those conditions have been bril
liant and powerful and have had a great
following of lesser men. As the century
has advanced certain of these individu
alities have been inspired by nobler and
loftier motives. The architecture of the
century, because it has been nourished
in the same soil that produced the elec
tric telegraph, the telephone and all the
other triumphs of industrial art, has
exhibited a certain sporadic vitality, has
occasionally thrown out mighty branches
full of the possibilities of a great frui
tion, but because it has not enjoyed the
advantage of concentrated effort it bas
not flowered as it flowered in tho thir
teenth and sixteenth centuries, still less
as it flowered in the ages of Pericles and
Augustas. Henry Van Brunt in At
lantic. Emlgratlani From Sweden.
Swedish emigration is slowly increas
ing. The total number of emigrants for
the three-quarters of the year is 11,618.
In 1895 the emigration was 10,781, and
in 1894, 7,047, against 80, 000 during the
years 1893, and 1893 respectively. In
connection with the Swedish emigration
to the United States the report of the
Swedish postmaster general, just pub
lished, is interesting. For the year 1895
$1,811,920 was received in money orders
from the United States, while $277,310
was sent from Sweden, leaving a bal
ance in favor of Sweden of $1,034,610.
Probably an equal amount was sent to
Sweden through the banks and emigrant
Globe Savings Bank Failure.
Chicago. April 9. The local trustees
of the state university met yesterday to
consider the situation in which the
failure of the Globe Savings bank had
left the Institution. At the conclusion
of the meeting President P. M. McKey,
of the board, gave out the following
statement: "Spauldings bond is for
6.060, which weare4neorrned is good.He
holds approximately $130,000 in cash
belonging to various funds. He also
holds about $400,000 In bonds belonging
to the endowment fund. The trustees
have no definite information as to the
condition of these funds."
Chicago Grain and Produce.
Chicago, April 8.
Following were the quotations on the
Board of Trade today: Wheat-April,
opened 65c, closed 65 vie; May, opened
6654c closed 66c. Corn April, opened
nominal, close 2354c; May, opened and
closed 23V&c; July, opened 2434c, closed
24c Oats April opend nominal, closed
16Vfcc; May, opened 16&c, closed 16c;
July, opened 17c, closed 174a Pork
May, opened $8.05, closed $S.12H; July,
opened $8.15, closed $8.22. Lard May.
opened and closed $4.07, July, opened
$4.15. closed $4.17.
Produce Butter: Extra creamery,
19c per lb; extra dairy, 17c; fresh
packing stock, 9s 10c. Eggs Fresh
stock. 6ic; per dozen. Live Poultry
Turkeys, 8Q9e per lb; chickens, 7c;
ducks, 9u,10c Potatoes Burbanks, 18e
24 per bu; Hebrons. 1920c Sweet
potatoes Illinois, 50c$1.00 per bbL
Honey White clover, ll12c per lb:
Imperfect, 73c. Apples Common to
fancy, $1.00gl.75 per bbl.
Chicago IJre Mock.
Chicago. April 8.
EEstimated receipts of cattle, 8,500; in
fair demand and steady. Receipts of
hegs, 1S.0CO; roungh and common sold
at J3.60itJ.S0: prime heavy packers and
good mixed, $3.903.95; prime mediums
and butcher weights, $3.974.00; prime
light $3.90?3.9S. Receipts of sheep and
lambs, 12,000; prime native lambs sold
at $5.25$ 5.50. and a few spring lambs at
$9 per 100 lbs.
The Laeal Marks.
Corn-2fW 22a.
Oat l18c
Bay i imotty. IS; will t52$T
Straw $4.
Potatoes 10c.
Bona Fair to choice. ISe; freak iisiaisiy
Kf? Frert. Si.
Cbieken Hc
Tartars 9c
Docks 7c.
Coal Soft, 10c
Cattle Batcaets pay far m fad stasia ' K r.O
4e: con atd aeUtaa, Htc&a--: salves 4
For Infants aad Children.
Tat 1st- - fc
Tie People's Popular
.that is hv
Subscribe for
Advertise in Its
Insurance Agent.
KopreaMittna aasong other Oase
trted and well known Fire insur
ance Ootupaules toe foUowlna;:
Kpcbester Qcmaa Ins Co... ....Hucbeswr. 1
Westchester Ura NewTcrk
Buffalo ernus " .Bnffaio, N t
Sprinf Osrdoa - Philadelphia
QarmaaVtos .. . Peoria, 111
New Hampstim " Manca lar. N ti
alilwaakaa Marhaanca" MUlwankaa, Wis
Sscarity Vtm Baaa.GonT
OfBcti corner aCfflteeath street tot
reiephou 1047.
General .
Lesxs Promptly Paid
aatas as lam as say ratleM:
Boer sauna aula acOcKa
Tkf rmtrklj nad
nrwiy rr iuj;rin
u cr i .m. awsia uu i.
1'rioe.ltalr ImpTuwiv:
mof vi . . . L l
tn. a , V "" las! orVa
.S?ST2 S. riM.XTA Thai km
csamntst effect a can I. ear sasoer rrtaud n
sBoniocrtitarMa. Clraaiarlam tUtirlm
far sal ia Back lalaan ay T. B. Taoma,
THE ARGUS Works and
For All.
i is today the reconnizcd
Ciry newspape.s in point f publication of 'current
ventN home, in the country at large and abroad
U ihe oniv paper in Rock Island and Molme having
th advanuk-eof Vsociated Press mr mbhip, a- d
ifi ih r av - ih"
To provid - its readers with all the news promptly
thoroughly and reliably. Experience, . Enterprise and
En rgy are the guidance motives occupied in the
sathenng. preparation and dissemination of news.
THE A- GUS aims to be First to Serve and to Serve
well. Apart from the pains taken in the matter cf
current happenings, the
It at Ten Cents a Week.
Columns and Watch Results. Try Its
Column--A Special Winner.
rjcz. cohezcxxb g go.
Ask your dealer for WIHCHCSTE nrnk a Own mr
Ammunition mntt take no otnor.
rREEt Our now llluetratod CtttadotBM.
leader of tri-
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logs? It onlj takes a little
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4 nnui sruV IwlHI
av r . w
r5 .
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