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V0L.XLV. HO. 203
Gov. Tanner Selects Illinois
President's Hawaiian Treaty
Miscellaneous Late News of
the .Day.
Springfield, 111., Jane 17 Gov
Tanner today appointed at delegate
to the international gold mining con
vention at Denver July 7, 8 and 8.
John T. Peters. David T.t Littler aad
Rheooe D. Lawrence. Springfield;
Charles B. Farwell. O. X. Crawford,
W. II. Harper, Albert S. Gage, Chi
cago; W. A. Campbell, Alton; George
C. Koss, Benton; Jonathan Merriam,
PrnUnlH Hawaiian If psata.
Waihington, Jane 17 The Ha
waiian treaty, which was received at
the executive session yesterday,
was made public today. The text is
the same as given in the previous re
port. The president's message ac
companying it, after reviewing the
historical incidents of oar relations
with the islands, ssys: "la brief,
from 1820 to '83 tho coarse of the
United States toward the Hawaiian
island's consistently favored their
automomons welfare, wi'h exclusion
of all foreign influences; hence it ii
oar own to extend the upholding ol
eventaa.1 annexation as the neces
sary outcome of that policy.11 The
message closes with the expression
of the hope that congress will, after
the annexation is accomplished, ar
range the administrative details
with the "largest regard for the in
terest of this rich insular domain."
ProeMdlna Dsttar.
Washington, June 17. There was
little delay in proceeding with the
tariff bill, when the senate entered
into the spirits, wines and beverages
paragraphs making good progress.
It completed the wine schedule in a
little over an hoar, and then took np
the cotton schedule.
Dta "Social DtnooMT."
Chicago, June 17. The formation
of K. V. Debs1 new scheme of cooper
ative colonization to succeed the
American Railway Union was prac
tically decided on at a meeting to
day. It was decided to call the new
body the "Social Democracy of
Tha yam at Balmoral.
Windsor, England. June 17.
Queen Victoria arrived from Bal
moral this forenoon. Thousands
lined the rente from the station to
the castle. Her majesty looked the
picture of health, and repeatedly
bowed to the cheering of her subjects.
Stat UnWarsltj's
Champaign, 111., June 17. Early
this morning the natural history
building of the University of Illinois
was struck by lightning, resulting
in damage to the building and con
tents to the amount of 175.000.
rataar Kaalpa Dead.
Munich, June 17. Rev. Father
Kneipp, known throughout the world
for his water cure, who has been Buf
fering some time past, died at Woer
ishoftn. Bvarta Not III.
New York, Juno 17. Friends of
Hon. William 11. Everts contradict
the published report that he is crit.
ically ill.
That lim Hall fas Again.
IrtltannpHis. June 17. J. P. Failcjr.
receiver cf tha Iron Hall, yesterday filed
Ms report rovcrtiur the time from Oct.
SI. 1W., to June. 7. 1S37. At tho time of
the Lift rrport thr was on bnnd 1178,-
Sl. to wMrh has since been artiled I12.
Mi. Of thi! I1IHM47 has been distributed,
leaving a hnlam-a now cn hand cf $64,-
0K. Aenlnut this sunt are simcoutMand-
Ir.R claim dtprtuUrg upon ooun decis
Ions. ni(iig whkh Is Jl3.U0o for htm.
Absolutely Pure.
C.l.rnl far Its peat kavenma stxvnKta
ana kaajtfcfalican. Aararaa th fcoa aistast
alia aa sllorau of adallcntka coanann
MaaBauaw Fa-wDaatw.. VswTaskt
Princeton Make tha Ez-Pmldent mm IX.
I. His Acknowledgment.
Princeton, N. J June 17. The drm
of Ii. D. was conferred unon (T.Pmi.
dent Cleveland by Princeton unkrersity
yesterday. Ex-President Cleveland in
formed President Eliot, of Harvard uni
versity, that he could not accept an hon
orary dearie from that institution. The
only one which he mtrhr iiv. rn.,i k-
from Princeton, his adopted home.
ine conferring of the degree took
place at Princeton's 150th commence
ment, and deafenlr.gr applause greeted
Cleveland when he arose to be pre
sented to President Pattnn am a ..oxi
date therefor. Dr. Patton conferred the
degree and the ex-president spoke a
few words In the acknowledgment of
the honor. He raldr ! n ruf f.-t pKm
the expression of my profound apprecia
tion oi me nonor conferred upon me, and
a conression or my gratitude for the
warm welcohne which errata mv initia
tion Into the brotherhood 'cf Princeton
'When I recall the hlrh h.
rrlnceton nccuDles
sltlea of the land, her proud history, her
brlg-ht trophies won on the field cf higher
education, her vital reiati. h
triotie achievements which have helped
io mBU ine nation. I am nmurt nf ih.
honor whirli I have received at her
hands. As I recall tha ulnpprtlv unit
cordiality which accompanies this honor.
ininn mat anotner tie has been fcrmfd
vhich binds me with closer affections
md deeper feelings to the home where
expect to spend the remainder nf m
aTodgv Shlras Practically lecides That the
Flalntiffs Hare No Standi.
Dubuque, la,, June 17. The hearing
of the extortion cases against the rail
roads ended rather abruptly yesterday.
Alter hearing the argument Judge
Shlras overruled the demurrer of the
plaintiff, holding that the fact that the
schedule of rates complained of had
been established and published under
the provisions of the interstate com
merce law was conclusive as to its rea
sonableness. In actions of this kind, he
said, the schedule must be controllcj.
No offer of proof that it is unreasonable
can be accepted, for it is itself .tho
standard of reasonableness untif such
time as It Is modified by the interstate
commerce commission.
If any shipper considers the schedule
too high his remedy lies, not in a suit
for extortion but in a petition to the
interstate commerce commission for a
modification of the schedule. Judse
Shlras announced that the same order
would be made in some of the remain
Ins cases, in order that all may be taken
to the circuit court of appeals without
delay. This court will hear th matter
at St. Iouis or St. Paul. All the cases
stand on the Fame ground, as it Is not
denied that the rates charged were thus?
established and published..
Agrlraltnral Schedule Disposed of In One
Iay Tea Iuljr Postponed.
Wa?,;lif-,.r"t. June 17. The senate
made rap.a . ork on the tariff bill yes
terday. There were no long speeches
and the debate was of a snappy charac
ter, which et times enlivened, but did
not dulay, the serious work on the bill.
Thirteen pages were disposed of, carry
ing the senate through the agricultural
schedule and up to schedule II. relating
to spirits, wines, etc During the day
the paragraphs on dairy products, fayn
pruuucis, nsn, irun ana nuis. meat
products and miscellaneous agricultural
ptodurts were acted on.
The finance committee proposed many
cheng-v. in the main advancing rates
somewhat over those heretofore re
ported. The committee was sustained
on every vote, although a contest was
mad on almost every paragraph. Mr.
Vest's motion to restore salt to the free
list was rejected yeas, 24: nays, 31.
The Important paragraph proposing a
tax on tea went over at the suggestion
of Allison, who expressed the hope that
this duty on tea might be. dispensed
with. "
Rtrwart l Woodford UiM to Spain.
Washington. June 17. The president
yesterday nominated Stewart I Wood
ford, of New York, to be minister to
Spain, and Julius Goldschmid, of Wis
rorsin, to be consul general at Berlin.
Germany. Woodford has been sum
moned here and will arrive today when
ha will have a talk with the president.
There Is excellent authority for the
statement that he will accept.
Carriage-Load of Women Run Dm One
Killed and Three Hurt, One Fatally.
Logansport, Ind., June 17. A carriage
containing four women was struck by
a train on the Pennsylvania last even
ing. One is dead. Miss Daisy Raymond.
of Valparaiso, and Miss Lillian Moore.
or Larayette, is mortally Injured. Miss
Fern Lambert and Miss Stella Foster.
of this city, were seriously injured. The
women had been in the country on a
picnic and attempted to cross the tracks
In front of a passenger train. Both
horses were killed, ant the carriage
dragged zoo feet, the woman under it.
Collision Near Milwaukee.
Milwaukee. June 17. The steamer
Virginia, of the Goodrich line, with 200
passengers aboard, ran down the schoon
er Eveline, bound from Menominee,
Mich., to Chicago, near this port last
evening. The Eveline's cabin was shifted
forward and her yawl was demolished.
Nobody was hurt or drowned.
i William M. Evarta Srrlonslj 111.
New York, June 17. William M. Ev
arts, who has been ill with grippe at his
home here for some time past, is report
ed to be worse. His physicians were In
attendance during last night.
Free' Bicyclists Beaten.
Ottawa, Ont, June 17. The bill com-
De' nx railways In Canada to carry bi
cycles free was defeated in the railway
committee of the senate. It will be intro
duced again next session.
What Ilood'a Saraaparilla baa done
lor others It will also do for vou
Heod'e Sareaparilla care all. blood
The latest new womanlsm Is "toast-
mistress." She presided at an alumnae
btr.quet at Rockford, Ills.
Nine thousand members of the Junior
Order of American Mechanics paraded
the streets of Pittsburg yesterday as a
festure of the annual meeting of-the
national body. -,. 4,...
Bavaria's representative at Queen Vic
toria's celebration will be Prince Rnp.
recht, eldest son and heir of Archduchesa
Maria Theresa, of Modena-Este, who
according to the Legitimist Kalendar
should by rights be In Victoria's place.
The Illinois supreme court has denied
a rehearing in the case of Kocherspcr-g-r
against the estate of John B. Drake,
in which the court upheld the consti
tutionality of the Inheritance tax law.
Patrons of the Ferris wheel at Chica
go may have an opportunity to drink
beer and wines this season. The Mangier
Catering company has stolen a march
on the local option residents, and unless
something unforeseen happens the city
authorities will grant a license.
If the Connecticut peach growers can
succeed In fighting off the "yellows" it
is said they expect a million-dollar
peach crop this year.
Elijah I.oveJoy, who was shot by a
mob In Alton. Ills., after many va!n
attempts to establish an anti-slavery
paper In 1837, will have 'a monument
erected to his memory In the city in
which he died. The Illinois legislature
voted S-'J.OOO for the purpose, and the
citizens of Alton have raised $3.000 more.
General Iew Wallace, of Indiana, who
was at one time minister to Turkey,
speaking of the report that Osman
Piitha was really an American named
Crawford, said: "I knew both men, and
I am fully prepared to stamp the story
as entirely false."
Alcohol is now being shipped to Japan
under circumstances which promisethat
the American article will be able to
ccme into profitable competition with
the German product.
The New York city police commis
sioners have unanimously decided that
the so-called boxing contests in the
city should be stopped.
The American Bell Telephone com
pany has declared a dividend of $3
regular and $1.50 extra, payable July 15.
Several men who claim to be agents
of the Spanish government are in Ben
ton county. Ark., buying mules to be
used by the Spanish army in Cuba..
Nice Climate, That of Idaho.
rocatello, Ida., June 17. A severe cold
wave swept over southeastern Idaho
yesterday. Three inches of rnow fell at
Scda Springs yesterday morning.
Will Name a Fusion Ticket.
Des Moines. Ia., June 17. The three
conventions which will be held here
June 23 Democratic, Populist and sil
ver Republican will name a fusion
ticket. About 2. COO delegates will take
part in these conventions.
m TT rv
' ' ir
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