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Pnbnaad'Daii)Jaad Weokiy at ISM
m, mtt WMd, m. (Satmd u tte ton
us) M MCO&J-Cltfl nil'.tol.J
TBBatS-DaUy, W cena pM wot. Weekly,
VM pa aaaaa; In Uium Si JO.
AH cammaaioauon of po tieai or artaaenta
Ut OuMir, political or rsllslnaa, mot Te
real sam attached for pabUcaUon. Bo tseo
article will ba'prlated ow flerattoas alcnatar.
OonDauiaa aoiieiud from every towaahlp
la Bock laland comity.
Fbidat, Acgcst 27, 1897.
Tlma for Martial Law.
When the courts are deliber
ately defied bj aa officer ct the
courts, when men gs dally armed
without the authority of the state to
which they owe allegiance, it they do
not acknowledge it; when the armed
citizenship, to say nothing of the
soldiers of another state, ia permit
ted to invado without restraint; when
personal liberties are denied the rep
resentatives and employes of a great
order and they are held prisoners;
when the authorities of a municipal
corporation in which all these things
occur are in league with the mob
which is responsible for this state of
affairs, it is time for the governor of
the state to interfere. The hour bas
arrived low when the courts beiag
powerless to rule the mob element,
tho governor of the state should feel
it a duty to take possession of Ful
ton and declare martial law in that
section of Whiteside county.
There Is to political consideration
that ran be placed upon such an ap
peal as this. It is made in behalf it
those already shocked by the negli
gence that has been shown so far.
and with the hope that tho cxccuti;e
of Illinois, who is sworn to uphold
the peace and dignity of the state,
will become arousoil to the gravitv
of tho situation, and put a check to
the outrageous lawlessness to which
the Fulton people have carried their
reckless determination to thwart
the carrying out of the will of the
Modern Woodmen of America. The
governor is aako-i to assert himself
before blood is shed by the mob,
whose riotoasness has so far had the
countenance of the law upon its
- needs.
Martial law will alone put an end
to the disgrace of Whiteside county,
and protect human life and property.
Common evcry-day household mo
lasses nts ucuim1 tn price since the
passnge oi the UinIey robber tar ill
Iet her go (Jallagher! The pooplo
voted Mckinley in and now they will
uiij to pay lor it.
Tuc fourth master in chancery it
junction is already dissolved. Ac
cording to Juilgo (iesi's interpreta
tion of law it could not be other
wise than consolidated with the oth
er three, and the ruling as to one a p.
pues u an.
John Otis, who used to be known
as the "milkman congressman" is in
Topeka, Ka , In poor health nod
straitened circumstances. Some time
ago ho started a cooperative colony
in Colorado, and put all his money
t : ri" i -1 i
"iiu iii i uo luiuu j iaueu.
It ii time the people of this judi
cial circuit were tiadlnc out who is
the greater, a ludjre or a master in
chancery, and it is duo to the digni
ty of their otlWs that both Judge
Ilamsay and Jadge Higelow assert
themselves as Jude Uest has done
TnK commissioners of the District
of Columbia have refused to allow
horseless carriages to be used on the
streets, of Washington on the grounds
that they frighten horses. That
sounds more like tho beginning than
the end of the 19th century. When
the loc motive engine made its ap
pearance that was one of the reasons
urged against it by the stage coach
and post-cbaiee inleres's. It is evi
dent that there are stables in Wash
ington. The Whiteside master la chancery
is a reminder of a person very anx
ious to be in the fashion, but in ordtr
to do so must assuma that he is
equal to those Who have the oppor
tunity to do sov-' Aping the funciior s
of United States judges in the mat
ter of promiscuous injunctions for-
? N v
ilivinmi rrr
Davenport Health Institute
Specialties: IfcirratwhwrTBrratalorl
) rTOrtu. TTr4i-. IfmfB-M. Hru awfc.
i fct 4. Uw.. ki.li.,. Smm Mmtmm U4 Br&ul
( 4 rat, l i ttmf-r ft mff t lb. " MaCUrJ
Iflii w," uj lrn.Ml .
' V Mt-nUn r(4 .l. Mh tU eav. ta
'7' mmmy. wl'fc ,.r fltw wew.BUah.ri .
!) ailrm a rmiMiM,
2 Dr. Con-n auchton,
, dOStradtSt. Oaraaaafl len.
bidding people from doing every
thing, but think, he is exercising
the brief authority which belongs to
him in Whiteside connty to offset the
ruling of the courts of the entire dis
bbonld tie Democratic
St. Loui. Republic
By all the rules of intelligent po
litical affiliation Illinois ought to be
democratic. To the west and south
of Illinois lies a territory rich in pos.
si bi'i ties cf wealthy development,
and Illinois capital and skill are to
be potent in this development. No
sort of political manipulation and
bribery can turn the growing south
west from the democracy, and Illi
nois rhoold get in line in time to
command and hold her share of the
trade and commerce that will soon
be a controlling element in the af
fairs of the middle west.
Cable, Aug. 26 W. J. and Kobert
E. Lee were in Aledo this week.
Thomas Miller left Taesday for
Godfrey Kodell is home on a visit
from Canada.
C. A. Samuelson shipped five car
loads of corn from here today.
Mrs. Joseph Stevens and daugh
ter. Bell, are visiting in Topeka,
Joe Wild and James Tonkin ar
rived from Idaho Spring, Col., Taes
day. Qiite a number of our people went
to Davenport to see the races this
Mrs. G. F. Haigh and her mother,
Mrs. Keec. went to Coal Valley
Mrs. J. Stafford and family, of
Genepeo, are visiting with her sister,
Mrs. J. M. Pershing.
J. U. Brown and daughter. An
netta, who have beeu visiting in
England the last two months, are ex
pected borne next week.
Our miners are still out and are
very quiet. They are waiting anx
iounly for the strike to be settled
in their favor and we hope it will.
Peterson's and l.illimun's mines
have shut down. They had been
supplying tho farmers with coal, bat
their men quit work at the request
of the strikers.
A game of base ball was played
here Sunday between Cable and a
picked nine from Moline. It resulted
in a victory for the home team, the
score being 16 to 8.
Thore was a surprise party given
at the opera bouse last evening in
honor of Miss Nellie Shephard.
There was a large attendance and
all had a very pleasant tlm3.
Messrs. Wild and Tonkin report
that the Banty mine at Idaho
Springs, Col , has beon shut down
until a lot of new machinery is pnt
in. Quite a number of our citizens
are Interested iu this mine.
Willis Trego, who lives three miles
northeast of town, had his house
burned down last week. The origin
of tho lire is a mystery, as there had
been no fire in the house since morn
ing, and it was discovered to be on
lire in the afternoon.
The miners at dog town have
quite work. These mines have been
supplying the trade ever since the
strike started, but it was rumored
that some of their patrons were haul
ing to the Bock Island market,
where they sold coal for which they
paid 6 cents for 14 cents per bushel
quite an inducement. So at the
rrquext of the strikers of Gilchrist
and this place the men laid down
their tools.
Tho people of our village were
again aroused from their slumbers
at midnight Sunday by the ring
ing of tut 11. e bell. Some of our
young men who happened to be op
a mile late discovered a hreon Tony
Hill. It proved to be a pile of old
lumber on the premises of Ed Neave,
which had no doubt taken fire from
spontaneous comoustion. it was
found that the lumber had ben piled
on an ash heap, which contained live
Fra FUls.
Send vonr addreaa to H V RnpV
lin St Co., Chicago, and get a free
sampie oox oi ur. &.inp"s xpw i.ir
Pills. A trial will convince you of
their merits. Thesn nllla am poii in
action and are particularly effective
m me care oi constipation ana sick
headache. For malaria and liver
troubles tbev have been nroved in
perfectly free from every deleterioas
uuiwm-o mu iu uu purely vegetaoio.
Thev da not weaken b their antinn
but by giving tone to stomach and
wwcu greaiiy invi:' rate tne sjs-
tflffl. Rpirnlar aim 'j.S ptnti nn Knw
Sold by Harts & Ullemeyer, drug
Tha Moat fatal Olaraaa.
It is not generally known that
more adults die of Mdnev trouble
than any other disease. When the
first symptoms of this disease appear
no time should be lost in taking Fo
ley's Kidney Cure, which is guaran.
teed or money refunded. Sold by
M. F. Bahnsen and T. H. Thomas,
Thousands suffer from Catarrh or
cold in the head and have, never tritd
the popular remedy. There is no
longer any excuse, as a 10 cent trial
Size of EIt's Cream Balm ean be had
of your druggist or we mail it for 10
cents. Fall size 50 cents.
ELY BS03 .
56 Warren street. New York City.
A friend advised me to try Ely'
Cream Balm, and after using' it for
six weeks I believe myself cured of
catarrh. It is a most valuable rem
edy Joseph Stewart, 624 Grand av
enue. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Sabacribi for Tma aVntTi.
two Buy Bound Far Sluki Bttiit Bona
Atttr m Oar'a Xraaal.
Milan, Aug. 26. Trustee H. Wal
ker is erecting a new barn.
John Tindall has commenced
building his new barn.
William Garnett. of Taylor Bldge,
was a Milan caller Wednesday.
Mrs. const tleber and child red, of
Black Hawk, called on Milan friends
Mrs. Liua Boyer and children, of
Rock Island, are visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. William Boyer.
L. 3. Brown and family, of Piatts-
mouth. Neb., are visiting with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Brown.
Mrs. Charles Rojre returned last
Friday from a 7-weeks' viait with
friends and relatives in Central City,
Mrs. H. H. Bhoadarmer and baby,
of Stark, spent a few days last week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. K.
Bev. D. T. Bobertson and family.
of Hamlet, are visiting friends in
Milan for a few days, and are also
taking in campmeeting.
Mrs. Cyrus Dickson and daughter.
Margaretta, of Philadelphia, who
were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. T.
J. Medill, Sr., left Wednesday for
iravis. Mien.
Lawrence Peterson, Jr , of Black
Kawk, while burning a pile of stumps
last Thursday accidentally set fire to
a pie oi sawed wood containing 20
cords, lbe loss is about foO.
Mrs. May Brown and Miss Anna
Young, daughters of F. N. Youog.
formerly a resident of this place.
Bow of Chicago, are vUiting with
relatives and friends in Milan.
Kev. H. W. Beherd, pastor of
tne rresbyterian church, left Mon
day for a 3-wecks' visit at his old
noine in ueneseo, and also for a visit
to friends and relatives in lea.
John P. Miller's men, of Chicago,
have completed the tower tor put
ting down the pipes in the artesian
well, and as souu the ermine is put
in oruer tney will be ready lor busi
Carlos ZeiscUel, Jr., and William
Kaie, Jr., aged respectfully 13 and
15 yoars, who loft their homes in Mi-
Ian last Monday for the Alaskan gold
fields, returned Tuesday afternoon,
and concluded to stay until next
spring. They only got as fi- as
tsutiaio, lowa.
George Griffin, 8r . a former resi
zen of Black Hawk, had the misfor
tune of breaking his leg near the
thigh last week. His recovery is doubt
ful on account of his old age. Mr.
Griffin is stopping at present at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Andy
wer., oi Moline
Tb Evening Scbocl
At Aogustana Business college will
open Wednesday evening, Sept. 1,
instead or sept. 13, as hot an
nounced. Xhe rooms are now in
perfect order, lighted with elt-ctri
city and heated with steam. Instruc
tion will be given in:
Course I Bookkeeping, arithme
tic, penmanemp, letter writing.
Course 11 Shorthand and type
Course III Drawine.
The cost for each course will be
only f5. Remembsr, we furnish
books and all materials free with
each course. No extra fee. Time
unlimited. You pay for the course
complete, nut it will seldom take
more than four months to complete
the course. Those who so desire
may i-tart with the regular business
course, on special terms, with a
view to graduation. Other sublets
may bo arranged for at very moder
ate prices ii classes are arranged
Oolv experienced teachers will be
eniploved. The timi will be ar
ranged to suit the majority of the
class. Apply to Dr. O. Olsson, Pres
ident, lelepaone 1246.
Kbeamatlim Cored la Throe Day.
Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon. Ind.
says: "My wife had inflammatory
rhenmatism in every muscle and
joict, her suffering was terrible, and
ner body and lace were swollen al
most bevond recognition; had been
in bed for six weeks and had eijrht
physicians but received no benefit
until she tried the Mvstic Cure for
rheumatism. It gave immediate re
lief and she was able to wa k about
in three days. I am sure it saved
her life."" Sold by Otto Grotjan,
15'H Seeocd avenue, druggist. Rock
Island; Gust Schlegcl & Son, 220 West
Second street, Davenport.
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easily and forever, be made well,
strong, ciaguelio, full of new life and
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Many gain ten pounds in ten days.
Over 400,000 cured. Buy No-To-Bac
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Remedy company, Chicago or New
A HomichoM Seaaaaity.
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most wonderful medio 1 discovery of
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iousnoss. Please tuv and trv a box
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Sold and guaranteed to cure by all
You ought to knew that when nf
fering from any kidney trouble that
a safe, sure remedy is Foley's Kidney
Cure. Guaranteed or money refunded.
Sold by M. F. Baansea and T. H.
Thomas, dragfctst.
Oh, No; But Say, You Came
Near It It s a Cure
Good for evervthincr mnana trnnA
for nothing.
Knowing one thing thoroughly
means success
That's why Doan's Kidnev Pills are
They know all about the kidneys.
And that is enough to know.
If TOO ever had kidnev comnlaint
you wonld say so.
mint oi a backache 10 years long.
Don't smile that's the oclr an
to measure it.
And to measure the misery thaVs
Thousands have had bae karfca
longer still.
Because they did not know what
it was.
The kidneys new all the time.
And kept aching.
And then somethinor woraa fal
Don't think it takes veara to fol
low, thonirh.
Sometimes only a fe.w weeks or
ud) a.
And urinary troubles set in.
Differing in constitutional kind.
To some it brings diabetes.
To Othera frravAl np biHnav Btnnai
And the last and pravest. Brier ht'a
ji. "
Doan's Kidnfiv Pills inns all thla
It is in their line thev're made
for it.
But their success does not lis in
But knowing it they cure it.
Ask any who has used them.
For auy stage of kidney complaint
From backache to Bright' dis
Through all urinary disorders.
From feicnsn nf nrinn
To scantiness with sediment and
No, not a cure-all; but a cure al
And thousands of testimonials
tell it.
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Milburn company. Buffalo, N. Y ,
Sole B?ent fnr th TTnitari Srataa
Remember the name, Doan's, and
late no substitute.
A Wrongly Spelled Kama.
Through the blunder of soma nn
knovn person, committed years ago, a
glaring piece of inexcusably poor spell
ing is still cn view iu the nuance com
mittPO room iu the city hall and is a
subject of much unfavorable comment
by historical scholars. The portrait uf
the Kev. Henry Augustus Muhlenberg
hens for many years iu Independence
bull as a tribute to the preaeher patriot's
services duriup the Revolution, with his
name beueata it spelled "Henerv Muh-
leubnrg." The Eame egregious errors
aro now visible iu the ciry hall. The
Rev. Houry Augustus Muhlenberg was
one ct trie Lm laithcrau ministers in
this country. On cue occasion lie carried
a guu into lii.-i pulpit at Reaiiing and ut
tiie conclusion of the services invited all
his raaio parishioners to follow him to
Valley Forge, which tliey did. Dr. Muh
lenberg was also the Bret speaker of the
bouso of representatives of tho United
fctates after the constitution was adopt
ed iu 1783, and his name is at leact
worthy of suIBcient romerufcrance to te
spelled correctly. Philadelphia Rec
. Dromedaries That Smoke Cicara.
There is no reason why a dromedary
snouid not be partial to a ened cicar.
most aromeuanes. according to a nieu
agerie proprietor, are particularly fond
of tobacco smoke and can be made to do
almost anything under its influence.
"Travelers iu Egypt," he asserts.
"rely more on tobacco smoke for their
control over these huge beasts than any-
tbing else. When traveling on lone jour
neys, tho dro medaries are in many cases
required to travel night and dav without
rest, and the beasts are kept np to their
tasks by smoking cigars. The driver
carries a triangular piece of wood, which
is pierced at one point like a cigar bold
er. This is inserted in the month of the
beast, the cigar being lit and pressed
into the hole in the same fashion fol
lowed by man.
"The dromedary immediately closes
its eyes and puffs away through its nos
trils until the cigar is burned away."
London Answers.
Just try 10 cent box of Cascareti,
the finest liver and bowel regulator
ever made.
For Znfuta and Children.
It at
Harpers Theatre.
Cats. BLBima, Manager
Pnra Dati
l-Thnislay, Aug. 26
aiUMes avary day at 1 40 C vary
C If tit at 8 :30. Ad others an frauds.
Tne oalf fasolsa pktirr rap radio
ing lbe
At Caraoa. Citr. Vct. March 17. tfcVT.
Sale at arata now vrosretatts at Blen t Bra
lawalr ttore.
Professional Cards.!
Attorneys at-Law.
ttMb talaiak aa.A Ull.. n a m, '
. OffitM AMI sTMtli A M aa. aliu.
; wuiwa; vu amain is,m.
W Attorney! at Law
ta Roe tin MatloaalBaak
! S
Attorney at Law. g
i Abmraeta, OoUaetloa Acener. Of- le
l floo over 17U7 Baaoad aeouo, 5
I '
! Attorney at Law. f
I KeaeytoLosD. General Leral Busl-
oeaa Notary Public 1706 Beoood ava-
I nue. Buford bloca.
I a, d. swamar. a l. wlkbb.
Attorseys and CouneeUora at Law.
Office la Beasaton Bloek.
State's Attorney.
Counoellor at law. Offloe la eoort
I irmiir
j AttoraeyaatLaw.
i TBn mnn smw4 -- i
i oolieouoDs. Reference, Mi vo bell A
, iyaue, DMiiaterm. UIDO0, Mltflheil m
f iiJUMV glAUaAlAaBs
Over KreU A lUtb's, 1716
, BUtt.
i Oeuun.
Offioe, Room K, Whltaker Bloek, '
' norner Third and Brady atresia, Daren- 1
! port. (
I III E. Third St., Davenport.
For palnleaa Ruin with ttaa aatrla
CMaphooe. Palnleaa eitraatlaa. AU 1
1 work at one-half ttia mmul ,h 1
i Architect aad Superintendent.
Room 41, Mltehell ft Lyada boOdlac,
! third floor.
i Areblteeta and Bapartntandenta.
! Skinner Bloek,
ttaeood flooc.
OhlpplaaBoek Nonary.
Cut riowera and Oealgns of (IlKaaV
" rm
a City avore, 1107 Beoood avenaa. Tele- S
are the most fatal of all,
Dr monev refunrJeff. iTnn.
tains remedies recognized
by all eminent physicians
as the best for Kidney and
Bladder troubles.
Price 50c and uom
eaallM.. Bill las
Susius SAi S$mst2ss
Skinner E lock. Opposite Postoffics
Brs iPtki. m-sF Ttt.itsis t si a -u wai. h c i!j;il tlr
ejv.ii y u:. j ni"i aa-l ir.-""!, a -muni-ini. U-n.?--ajhrrrciil
-a -r.O a i-taji-..- in t.n- a y.-. y lb? :n-"-l ill fuU
m i ) ic-iru ti-n a a'l l l.rjti ii.'f tliat tit f .r fiuh a
J.vr- 'V. in :,:!- r el th i'...iily ar - :-- ml;. h .l:v.-.-.
ijuci; ra.ir.v y. r. n-;-ar-l i!i.iuan.! l' y.uu Wr
K.itv if mu:in. et.-. t? i -fip.'y f-mrr l!in at anr
jlij' r MtiuUr m-iitiitioit ia lint- S:te .V'.-oluK- t i-Uu-ti. n
luarsafoJ : u w ana tlt-catit furcilur thrui;h
inl : Watinn r-:it.-al l.ir nitht a.lim.U
tr-zm N-in. iuU-r 1 I'M-aut tul U"iU-l;a,. J ;-ro-'.oitu"
t:--. u or a l lr-
Rock Tglari
Savings Bank.
Five Par Cent Paid on Depoelta.
MonaT Loaawd on Peraoaal OoUateral or iUai:Cetate Bacnnty.
J Baford. PntldAt.
Joha arahanrh, V e naaldaau
reroaaawalt. aalita.
rt -aTBlfl Krsi total mm iana lull . .
S. B. eor. SluM'l A Lyra.a na walUtna
Admi ulntraior's Nutlca.
Xtau of Chrirtloe Buncaer. ilrrmmK.
Tha andeiaiirnad havinf area appoinxt ad
min'.traior of the caala of vhnetlne
nnebrr. late of the county of Bark I. and
ol lllinoln. deceanvd. aiky aivea aouca
that h. wlil appear bvfore the aoaat ncart
tuck Iilso'l cuauty, at the roatty court
r om, l the cut of Kork l.land. at ih p
arab r tein, on thefim wtiMlai ia Keuuaibrr
" , """" " I o.rang cialot
V.maiaeid aalate are notified and moaul ..
for the parpoee of bmvti a the tme ad-
---- w' i. iM,.ua o iBf aa
al(l All .MiMAM .1 . - .
qaortod to au lraadiata payment te tha aa
lervumetf Uated tbla 1 o- J,'T a. O.. laay.
XaTBBa BuKcaaa, Adialblairator.
Rxxftntor'a Notice.
BMataof Bllen Kil-y. aarea. d
The andmawiMHl b-t1i oara appnlnted err era
tnr of the laet will ud aaiam't of KIMi
Kiley, lalf of the county of Burk laland.
Mate of Illlnola, daecawrd. arcbf claa kocice
mat be will apparar before tha concty eoan of
Kock Uan4 cnotr. at the court mow of
aid coon, la toe rity of Kock Ieiand, at the
. inter Urrm, na tb Irat M.day In Oct bar
oext.at which time all pnrxona havlnc eiala.s
alnt Mid aUte ara ootltlrd aod req iatd t
attoad for the purpoae of hanng tbe Mm. ad
)nMd. All taon. Indebted to eaid oatata ar
reqawted to make Imnwdlate paymeat ia tha aa
PM4 tola 13th da of Aumt, 4. D. 18S7.
Bobkkt U. lictecm. Kiecntor.
Administrator's Notice.
BaUU of WiUUm La. riy, deceaaad.
The onoenlirnad aavnc han apptHatod ad-mint-tratiU
vt tbe eriata of William Lf
f tty, lau- of the connty of rto Mat.d
aUte of llilnota. dearaaai, aeretvy n aotk
bai ane will appear before the onoaty cxtt
of Kork laland eoaniy. at tbe ofllce of ta. cierk
f aatd own. Is the clt of Kck Ilai t t
Octo ar tprtn, on the drat Honda ta Opt Hr
next, at which time all pmmt having eietme
rini Mid atatr are anriSed aad rvo.iM.trd to
tUMt, fur tha parpoae of havue tha aama ad
ja.tcd. All peraoca Indebted to aald aetata are ro
quetted to make tinmad iata mraaM to the aa-
laWf 'hla th la of Aatn.t. A . O.. 1WT
ELlzaacra Laprtarr, AdmntaUauii.
Publication Notice.
Book lium OonaTT, f
In the clrcatt conrt. eerteabeT term, A. D .
18VT In chanrar.
fumn-t Knlo c John J. Etta
Afllclaet, of Mrr-re.idene f the arm, named
deft-odant. J, ha J K-in. bavltw aeea fi'ed la pa
clerk'. fB. of ih. nr. an w art of ud r-anty.
none It tb-rxfor. bervhy rlreo to th' aald mm
raident Oof.a a-t that the craiplalnaot Swd
her III of itlant In .ad mart, on lb" chan
cery aide the oof. on ih 41 n d. nf Aegat Iv7,
and that Ihrenpoo a nam. ou board oat of ia
Conrt wbervm win .alt la now p-i.ditx. rrtora.
anl. on tbi- tnird Mondat In the motiib of tieu
tembernex'. a. 1. b U nquirrd Now calfM.
yon, tne .aid dob n-eketii d-feDdant ahora
aarard. abi perooally be and aiip.r tn fore
aaia circuit court, an the Sr-t d of the next
Unn taeraof. to ha holdea at kork la and. la
and for ib mud crantv, na ibe third M..r
In ei.trmbrr 1 est ar.d p'e-d, anewer vr d
II" be .aid rmplainanta bin of noaiuuinu
the ro nd the mailer aae tMnir tbereta
cb.rgMi ana tat.d will be ta-ra aa con aand,
aad a dn rre entered Bff-' JOB accordinc ta toe
prayer of raid bill.
eflOKGK W. ew-Lt.Olerk.
raa taiaad. III. Suf 10. 18117.
Wiuxaa I. Lconu, Complainant' aoUdtor
Pnblloatloa NoUoe.
Boca I.lad L'ocstt, f
J2 eoan, to the September term
18 T In chtner-ry.
A Ice C. Mahan . Cla-k R Hahan
maavit n Mfu-rtmnrce of c'a'k R- Ma
han, the above named defendant, havinc
buen Bled in tha c'-ra' office of the cir
eoli Mn of raid connty, notice l therefor? bare-
uj iittb 10 loo eaii nTi-re.Hient derenoant,
hat the romulainant lied hill -J mm.
Plain' in aald court on th. rkurn ilri.
of on the ln dy of uu,u Mtl, ttC that
threnp m aeammoon bwoed out of etid coart.
wherrln aald eolt ia now prtxllne, -eta ruble
on toe tn'ra Hoonay in the month .f se xrmhr
text, a. i. by law required No., nrUea you, tn.
raid B-n-i.ident oe endant abora named.
nan perwtcaiiy be and arpww b. fore I he aaia
circuit court on the fir-t day of next
term thereof, to be hoMen at Hock laland.
n and for the .aid county , on the third aT'mday ia
fecptemei'r Px', and piead. aneaar ordoniaf
to tua eaid complainant bill "f contplainl. the
aame and the mattera and tblnrttbertda charaad
and st-tad will be taken a con f creed aad a de
cree entered aialnat you according 10 tha Prayer
wi eauu am.
Osnaaa W Aiuu, Clatk.
Rnrk Illand. Til Aago.t 10 IWT
An Ala pLBAaavr. Complslaant't Bolioitor.
Application by Conservator to Sell
Real Estate.
Boon laLaao Ooowt, I "
la tbe coont conn of aald anrk l.l.f amv.
To the eatomher term A. KM7.
1 o iu perroa. cone-rnea :
Public notice Is hereby given that the aader-BlfTi-d
con--tor of Fra er ck Ma-eba. aa
limine aod d!atraed pardon, baa flied ta the
office of the ck r of the count court of Back
Iaiai d eonntf ta ihe arata f Illinoia.s p-UUoa
for an order of aaid conrt aatborUing and er.
poweruic him to eell tno follow tne real raU'e
ai'BU.-d in Ui. aald nnty of Kock I.lar-d aod
belorfng to tha aad Frederics lUnaemoa.
to-wit :
Lota Bomber raven (7) and elrtit fB) ta bloea
anmber on-. l ) ia Weckel Flaea, la the townanlp
ofboota Moiine.
And that aald neti'toa will bapream'ed for at
Vrw.re on ih- drat day of tha pterehr 'arm A
D IBV7, of aald coun to be toraa aud bcld ta the
city of K-k It land ia ad B a I. a d onntyoe
tbe flrat BioBday a- 8 ptembe. A D , lwr. or aa
aooa tbervafter aa cnaei cam be beard, at w.iea
time you can appaar aod -b"W caaae. If any y.m
have, fay said paUtioa .hoi aot be rrotad.
Dated thla lath day of .atfuat, A. D , IStT.
low 1. Boaqra, Owiitnatji ol said Fleam hm
Ioorp orated Uadrr the
Sute Law.
Hl.AVn. f i Lw
B 4 oaata.
Wm vttamt
Pn.l laax
L f tmuo.
i m Buford.
i ana Ynt
H r Ball.
B W Rnfat-
Jnha Walk
'ckaoB m Gaiai. aiwteta.
NotJoa of Final -ttlamant-
Braalaof E harm. Khvrh. amaaad.
Pahlie omtoa ta hetaby rr that te aAar
bracil. Conrad Unci, Brt af
fa 1 t will .a taiam-r. of krtth.
Klrara. Vcieti. wil a lrad be are tha
cwauirenerfof Kock laiaod co-imr at the react
bouae m Kork l-lanri.oa be II h day of Meet a
ber IW fjcxt. for the parpura wi aiaalt Saal
"tkO'tt .f a id a-ta-e at wbtrh time aad
plat te will a.k for mm order of kiuibaiKe.eal
will a-o m aa b. dorhared. Ail exreueo ta-brr-ul
ar. a K't.-d to autjl
Kock laiaad. LU 1 C.
'"" Kibmw. Baecata.
Chancery Notice.
Knra lataao wiarr
D 17 "r'' t cdBtl term, A.
lilt !.! pa tnarasipi f w ,.jBBrtoa.
J0".? ' ''"i-li!'. c da n-at b 1e
B Lvtrrtl. II la J. Il.i'i. iMil E aulll-
vaaaod I. w. Wa k r. cf. n.m.
To tbeabora nam d a-ra r aidr-ut dcf al.ri.
fliarlra B. Kert . llllua I. U Jil. Uaad K
nltuiaadl N. Weda-ar: .
Aaaaril of yanr a w-fv-ldenc fcln beea
ta be offk of h c rrh uf rwid cireat eoort
notice a be ,-by ( e t a and eara of a
bttb-abmren.wd coaip a n-nt ia. aie 1 la
Md court I I. mil . f en p..rt arUM aa tsa
tbe rSaucer d-ar .alt nr ; that a .urarooa.
tnrbanoeiybm bora ttwoa a Ui- ai.t raa-e
aain.t yoa ! raaob- ta h nee terra i aaid
c .an 10 be nrcan and h ld a at t-e court i-on-m
ia 'be d.y fefrrk lalad. I aaid e e.rtf . oa the
bird Monday .4 -ak r. A li tiair. at w it a
tirae and tare you lw aumr aiO aw. an
swer r dvaiar to -aid row y.lot If yoa . c flt.
baled at Ikra I. 'aad, llllnoa. Uu. ID m d.y of
A no at. A. U . IBvr '
OanacB W. Otai.rVa k.
Swbbxbt A w a-Ken. to 4.1alaa.4a Mllcta.
Pubttcaaoa Mottee-
Booa Uuib ttuary
ta tbe ctrcatt coon, bemraber terra, iea;.
Chaac-ry. '
rmaia Jenkins v ecward lenklna.
AfUdaen of oa-re4ia of the aorrre
named iefrdaat h.ro bora flld ta
tbe clerk a offioe of tbe clrrurt coart uf aald
couoiy.aaUcoto'bere 'ore berrbyk ea ta the aaid
rm-reiarfit def.d4 that the omil -loaot
died ber bill of oomuliut la raid coart. oa tbe
chaaorry -bla thereof, era ba ftb uay of J.lr.
Ir7. aod that thereauoa a eamraun. tarand
out of raid eoart. wrn-rt In raid anil I aow nend
lac ratureablr oa tM- Ul' Moa w la UMmuuib
of n;rfc. ba- aa t, a. abrU.MgnM. ow.
uuUxm yoa. Iu aaid aua-.diait oefeadMrt
alano nam.o. ahall r -ona lr be aua ap
prar before tha aaid crroli court, a the Snd
day of the Beat term lorn, ta bv holdea at
Hoc l.land la a d for beawd oaenty, oa the
tMrd Miraday In -ie-er arxt, aua pi. ad. aa
ewer or aemnr to the aaid eoaipL.a i'e bill ut
CumpUint, 'IwMariid tbe ntlUr. .ad 'tilti.
there (a charged and .fated will tabea aa cm
( ..ed, and a dur r ti entRrr-d airaluat yoa aooord
nj to tha prayer of aaid bill.
OaiawB faxtatA. Clerk.
Hoc l.lwd. 1 1 . a.k 11. IHW
JaAke M. Baaruu.at Comidaant' Bolioitor.
Publication Notice.
Mora Ulb Cocirrr ("
I tbe aircuu ..M,ri of aad ovrnty, to tha Sep-
wl" A It Iran, t- chrmoery.
Wlla -a Wuiiam Wlbw.
'ASldani nf a)oa-ra.in a' o iftte aW da
feauaaf, Wll l.ra Hiiaua.aanur bm lied tn
'Aa dork. oOce of be clr-u coart of id
cuaty. maico b tbtefa a brr.hr iea to toe
rq aon itriq an m irnnuu tut Uia oomplaiaj
ant and rwr bill f omuUiat ta ra d Coan, oa
chancrrr aide rheemf. oa u in k
a at. A D. Ii7. nd that therenpua a eaa
mor inaaed out of mti I .oort, wbeeeia eaid
ait la sow peadlnr, r-tnra bla oa ib third
"""J 'Be Biouta of e-ademhar
ncn, ad l by law reoa'rrd. fom nn
lera y a the raid bob maiduct dofea t tit
'"" nrunri anai i perraeally be and appear
before aala circuit emu. u ha "
( V ,'U" ' tbe raid Couo'T. on tbe
ibird Mond.y In eeptembsr Bert ai d plead, an
ewer or dcm'irtn the aald eon.pUii at,t'. bill f
.TTi1' rbrr ' "d .taiad w.U be tako aacou
frai.it, and a decree entered r'rm oa accor
in u tha prayer of eaid bill.
.-.ic'. ai rwi laiaau- li . tb 10 a n.
Cast, A. D. laVZ.
cCkibtA dcCata.
Oomplaloabtlt ooMcttuca.
Gas Fitting,
Sewer Pipe.
All Work OuAfAAldMKL
flosenfleld Bros.,
' (OOV
- d'oadl
cuieaaa. Ill-, tut pra. U

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