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Mir en WmUf at MM
Ml. Porrxa
BsUasal at
r 1 MB
wUala tn he artated
Pari jilmiiiBiliiH
It Eoaa lslaaa tiy.
Now that a 13.000.000 glaoote
"oapaay ku bMB organized to fight
glBOOBO UUit B IWHt Old Uffll
Tit BSCOBd bbbbbI meeting of the
itDoonut Editorial Associsuoo of
tillaols will be bald at the Tramoat
oase, Chicago. Friday and Satur
Jay, Oct. 92 and it.
Tmibb ara ioma good things about
' aa waaiaor oaoa ib a wnua. la ooa.
aqaanoa of tba unnatural heat 1b
Chloago yesterday aa organ grlader
waa overoomo wnua gnaaiag oat nil
Tbi Mow York 8aa baa formally
.aaoanoed lta change from damo.
racy to repablloaalam. Aad yat
aat versatile lumiaary wlu ooa.
tlana to carry tba aotioe "If too aea
It la tba 8aa it'a ao.N
,' Ta Chicago Cbroalola doesa't be
lieve tbat Laetgert is guilty, advaao
.ag tbaaa eoataatloaa: first, tbat
taere it bo proof tbat Mrs. Laetgert
it daad; aaooad. tbat If tba it dead.
tbat doea not prove that aha waa
Bordered; third, that if the It dead,
tad marderod, that doean't prove
' hat Laetgert committed the mar
Jer; fourth, that "the outrageoua
police aad political effort! to oonviot
i.aetgert mark the oate aa aa etro-
ciout ooaspiraey, without precedent
ia tale or any other country la ie use
ful timet nader the supremacy of
moiew." it ia a nappy inougnt in
leed that the Chicago papert are be
ginning to realize the unscrupulous.
reckleaa ooadaot of the police la that
out. ana tnit witnout entering into
adlsoosslon of the meritt of the
Luetgert proteoatioo. A jury will
determine that. Oa general prinoi
plot the Chicago polioe, however, de-
terra to bo controlled about at much
aa aay ageaoy for evil that we kaow
ox ib tail oountry.
Specials from Washington to the
Chicago papert tay that Senator!
uouom ana atason bare fadoreed
aaadldatet for the federal offioee la
Cbloafo, aad they will be eppolated
without aay protest, aad that the ap
pointments wui oe at iohowi:
Collector of the Port William
Peaa Niton, Chicago.
Ualied States Marshal Jamet
Ames, Streator.
Dlttriet Attorneya-Sol. H. Bethea.
SoDtrsssorsr L. T. Hoy, Wood.
Appraiser U. H. Thorn ta, Chi
Psnsion Agent Johnsthsa Mar
rlam. Atlanta.
Qea. C. W. Pavey, of Mt. Varaoa,
ex-state auditor, who wanted to be
pentioa ageat, will be offered, the
eame eathoritlsi tay, the oontulaU
noiio, uaiaa, jest reiasea ay
K. W. Wye, of Danville.
Fever the Verelga Bayer.
The tariff tax oa iteel rallt ia 17.84
par toa. Aad wltbia a comparative-
. laet aad all the time Hood'i Baiaepartlla
baa beaa advertiaed aa a blood puriser.
The greet ewee by Hood's Banaparilla
have beaa accompli had through purified
Mood. Scrofula, aalt rhamm. araame.
raeaunatlam, neuralgia,' yield to Hood'a
epanua, Decease it eradicetee the
Vestige of those imparities which have
base developing, perhaps lor yean, la
the blood. Hood's BarsaparlUe eana
awtvouaaeaa by feeding the nerves upoa
(pare, rich blood. It abaolately aad per
i an
i Hood. BanapariUa
'Strikes at the root of the disease, which
ia la the blood. Thousands testify that
they have been absolutely eared of blood
diseases by Hood's Banaparilla, although
. they had baeone dleeounged by the mil
I ere ot other aadlelaes to give any reUef.
' Ko other atari Wrtno has each a reoord of
i aa Hood's BanapariUa,
Hood's Pills vW
Taaee DaDy, Want far mk. Weekly.
2H "t ! Sliaan ILtO.
xnAMMR, aoUaaal at MUgiM,aMl Kara
allaitid tar tilM Be each
ly short time we have aeaa oar msa
ufacturera filling eoatraeta o'a tba
other aide of the world at fSl per
ton, while charging 128 par toa to
purchasers la the United States. It
it aot appareat that tba oaly effect
of the tariff rates la to Impose a
necdleae tax upon oar own people.
aot for revoaoe, but tor tba profit of
. a a .
a tavorea lewr
boo rat heibhts Hmrnnt.
South Heights, Sept. IS. Mabel
v utoa. oi Daarrara, spent the week
hero with her Bitter.
Hiss Agaet 8waaeoa le visiting
um omumj ior a io w aay a.
Mr. aad Mrs. George Wood are vis
iting their daughter in the eonatry
for a few daya.
Mra. Kuehl and daughter of Hilla-
aaie are vistung at the borne of Mr.
aad Mra. Joha Berteleea.
Kdward Hunt, who went awav
from here aeven years ago, waa call.
tog oa oia mends laat Saturday.
Mr. aad Mra. Sooth aad baby are
j . ...
aproning a raw oaya wttB Mra.
Sonth'a alitor, Mrt. C. a Klrtoh.
Mrs. C. O. Deck, entertained the
bedieo' Aid eooiety of the Belief
torpe irom town Tuesday after
Boon. Mr. aad Mrt. William Luoaa have
bought the Weill property ia South
Bock Island aad are moving thle
It fe a matter ot rejoicing that the
eohoola eaa have water agaia with
oat carrying It to far. The direc
tor! bad a new pump put la thle
Mrt. Chariot Stevens, of Green
Biver, who ie visiting her parents,
Mr. aad Mra. B. S. Silvia thfa week,
waa agreeably turpriaed Tbnreday
afternoon, when a number of her old
neighbor! called on ber. A very
pleaaaat timo waa epent by the la.
dlaa. aad a delioioua aupper waa
tarred, to which all did jattioo.
Oot. 14 Fannie Monattte and
Laura Gordon to Byron Gordon, and.
i put lot 7. frl nwt 31. 18, lw. tract
by metes and bounda frlnw 81. 18.
lw, 110.000.
Byron Gordon and Laura Gordoo
to Fannie Gordon, nod J part lot 7.
frlnwj 81. 18. lw, traot by metes aad
bonndi frlnw 81. 18. lw, 910.000.
Fannie Monnette aad Byron Gor
don to Laura Gordon, and 1 part lot
7, frlnwj 31. 18. lw. traot by motet
aad bound! frlawj 81, 18, lw, f 10,
000. ,
Oat. 15 Gui Segar et al by mat.
tor to Peter Dooae, loti 3. 4, 6 and 6,
blook 4, Beloher & Sigtworth't add..
Port Byron. 80.
Martha Murray to Isabella Soho
ley, traot by metea aad bounda, nel
8. 17, lw, 8800.
oie pmbi.
Old people who require medioine
w ivgu.nMi uo uowaia ana Eianeyi
will find the true remedv In Electria
Bitten. Thla medioine doea not
cumulate, and eontaina no whisky,
nor other lntoxloant, but aota at a
toolo aad alterative. It aote mildly
oa the etomach aad bowels, adding
ttrength and giving tone to the or
gaat, thereby aiding nature in the
performance of the f unotiona. Eleo
trie bitten It an excellent appetizer
and aidt digestion. Old people find
it jus. extotly what they need. Price
60 cents and 81 per bottle at Harta A
UUemeyer't drag ttore.
One eite tmaller after using Allen's
Foot-Eaee. a powder to bo ehakea
into the ahoet. It maket tight or
newthoet feel eaty; givea instant
relief to cornt and bnnlont. It't the
ftreateat comfort dlaeovarv of tha at
Curee aad prevente twoilon feet.
oiiiteri, caiiout and tore tpott.
Allen't Foot-Ease la a oar tain nnra
for aweating, hot aching feet. At
u uibum ana snoe ttoret, 20
oentt. Trial paoktge free by mail.
Address. Allen S. Olmstat). l- Rn.
N T. "
Wotkltt Wiani
81 S. Peoria Bt., Chloago. 111..
Jan. 11, 1896.
Our Working Woman 't Homo At
tooiatloa used Foleva Homt and
Tar tlx yeara ago, aad ara using It
today. It hat always been a favor
ite, for whUe ite taste it not at all
unpleasant lta effeott ara very bene
ficial. It hat never yet disappointed
US. Wiahlnc VOn all nnaalhla an a.
cess, atnoerely your.
laoba u. Know. Mgr.
For tale by T. H. Thomaa.
hesslsaa Cotaal ta Day.
Mvatla Can" tar -t..-...:
j - . wiMaiiMiu.
Bad aenralffia ndloailw rn, in
to throe daya. Ite action upon the
eyatem it remarkable aad myeterioua.
It ramOTaa at onia Iha mu l.
ditaaaa immediately dltappeara. The
" uwa Kraiuj ooDenta. io centa.
Sold by Otto Grotian, 1601 Second
avenue, drne-eiat. Rmbt faiamt. n-..
Sahlegel A Soa, Watt Seoood ttreet.
isa van pun.
Ckaxeh CaaveaHua a yaeUisa.-.
IndieaaooHa. Oct a...no(
tha KaUooal tSmatJaa ocmntlor a the
Caottal OirlatUa oharob waa i.vryed
to tiMdsnartaient ot the Chrlatl. - Wo
man's 'Board of IClaBona, Ttv . no
tary's report showed l.aaeatatlaV r rs tc
the United Btateai with aa agrresate
membership of tCStf and ontriU.Uona
last year ot tSSwita. The tMaanrt. a te
port ah owed total reoelpte tor the yaaa.
lncladlng a balance ot UAt at tba be-Klnnlna-
of It. of tUTza. and dlauree.
mente ot t6J,T2S. leavtaa; bal&nca ot
tS.ML The report t the Corelan mhv
stoBawrsooietrorthe chnrohtobe nadeto
the oocrentloa win show that the eo
dety rapraaeoU ovee J.OOO.ece com-
hi at
sk:e s::c3TSTcr:iEs.
A young Book Island gentleman
whoembarked on tha aea of matri
mony not long aince bad '
rather embarrattiag experienoa
jait before the hoax on which the
ceremony waa to bo solemnised. Hit
family with tha axoeptloa ofhia
younger brother had gone to the
home of the bride. They remained
until the groom-to-be arranged bit
The laat ear which would eoavey
the happy young maa to the homo of
hla intended waa due to arrive ia a
few moments. He bad bit collar aad
necktie on.
Now where't my vest?" ha asked
bit little brother. , ,
Darned if I kaow."
Why don't yon know? What ara
you good for, anyway?"
"Hold your noodle, now, old man,
aad we'll find It."
"You're tha worst dummy I over
taw. Pick that vest up. iSre got to
get that ear and it will be here la a
They rumaged the room. But tha
vest could not be found.
"Vest or no vest, I'm going oa
that car," declared the groom-to-be.
So buttoning up hit coat ha itarted
And he wae married veetleaa.
The next day when ha visited bit
home he wae amaaed to Had the muoa
looked for garment on tha floor pear
the dresser.
The vest had been nearly rained
from being tramped oa by the excit
ed yoong man and hla little brother.
I'll tell you," bo tayt, "a maa
that'a going to be married aeeda a
guardian for the few daya preceding
the event."
Let me give you a tip." taid the
well posted polioeman. "Half tbeaa
reported robberiee ara faker, I
know what I am talking about. I
nave maae it my ouiineti to per
sonally investigate a few ot those
bold borlariaa' and I hava fnnnit
that they mere 'pipe dreamt', at tha
leuowa aaj.
I'll give you aa illustration. No
names, though. Ton recollect that
a house waa reported robbed oae
night in a orominent neiphhorhnnd.
Some money, a gold watch and other
valuable jewelry were takes. Tha
robbers entered an upper window,
and ranaacked the room in whioh the
man and hia wife ilept, bat did not
disturb their clumbers. It was
thought by the bead of tha house
that the bold deed waa eommlttal
shortly after midnight.
-a no pouce went to work on the
oate, and they worked hard, too,
strange at It may teem, bat they
never got a clua to tha robbert or
the stolen property. A month or bo
after the occurrence part of the prop
yl j waa loiumeu.
The truth of tba matter was the
man bad been oat with the boys, and
bad hia monev and iewelr atnian
To square himself with his wife he
!! . L. 1. v . . . .
aiu un uuuw naa oeen rooDeo. He
eventually recovered the goods. I
know how that watdone. too. but no
A patty of young men celebrating
the marriage of one of thai
uooiuou to serenade the cou
ple alter they had arrived at the
coav little home whtah tha
had fittedVp. It waa about mid-
Aa orcheatra waa enmirail- Tha
boys had had several and wara f ni-
'K py giaay. it waa agreed
that when they arrived at tha house
that the orchestra ahonld nia r.H
they would vooaliae.
vuttney could not warble vary
well without having something to
wet their whiatlea. Tha
where refreahmanta nnnlrf k ...
cured had all been closed. On nf
the party said he would go home
aaiu - awipo a lew DOtUeS OI W1M
from the cellar.
A capital idea. Ha waa uMmm.
nled by a couple of hie companions.
Thev i4ined tha
m g" -J arewWH!..
They were beaming with amilet.
juu varrwu a lew DO Ilea. . . . ,
The bottlet were labeled that:
Sweet Catawha" . an Mtvt
about tha bearera of tha beverage,
anxious to get the first "drag." It
waa agreed that tha nna whn nui. i.
poaaibia to have tha treat be given
i.u ma. anus. n nncorxea a now
tie. and lifted It to hia month, r.
drained it of about half ite eontaata.
Taking tha bottle from hit month,
ha smacked hla line. Than a daathi
palor eime over hit countenance.
hi po aanea:- ne snouted; "for
heaven't Sake nl a dnntnr " nia
oompanioaa hastened to hlaatalit
aace Water waa procured and bit
faoa waa bathed. Finally he recov
ered, aad amiliag. he aaid:
"L knew wkat'a tba matter, fel
lows I trot bold of aoma nadlnina
Toa kaow ana of nnr nalahhnva (a
not in very goad health. She ia tak
ingsome kiadof confounded medi
cine and tha keepe It la oar cellar.
That's what I got hold of."
ins oerenaae eame off in at tha
same. Bnt thai vara tarn mu
tick men la town tha aext day, an
other of tha party having taken a
twig oot et the medicine.
Ta Oara a CMd ta Oaa Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Qalaa Tablets.
All dtuggiite refund the moaey if u
fails to cure. toe.
Pore blood It the secret of health.
Burdock Blood Bitten insures pure
blood. For tale by Marshall A
Jest try a 10 east box of
ttelaaatttrvar aad bevel
IS la Bary ta Of a
It't the easiest matter ta the world
to dye with Diamoad Dyea, at thous-
anaa oi women xaow Dy praetteal
experience. By using these almple
aomauyaa, oaa can maxe old cloth
lag look like new and aave a great
aauj aouare ia ne course or a year.
Do not accept imitationa of the
original Diamond Dyea from any
dealer, no matter - how strongly be
may recommend them, for while be
caa make a larger crotit oa them.
they do not dye at much aa the Dia
mond, aor equal them ia fastaeaa of
ooiors. when poor dyes are ned.
coin your money and labor are
thrown away aad the goods are
spoiled forever. Use the Diamond
Dyes only aad get results that are
equal to those of the professional
Charles A. Gardner, Karl," the
versatile German dialect comedian.
who is familiarly known the country
over as the eweet einger. will appear
la hia beautiful comedy, "Karl the
Peddler." at Harper'e theatre to
morrow alght. It ia pronounced by
competent critloa to be Mr. Gardners
most successful venture, and 'jadg
lag from press oplaioas aad the re-
oepuoa accorded the pieoe elsewhere.
there ie a rare treat ia store for
our amusement seekers. The char
acters of the play are all atrong. aad
the eituatione are natural possibil
ities and intensely interesting, aad
in several iaitanees itartling. while
the comedy running through the
work it sufficiently strong to affect
me patneuo tcenet and keep the
peetatora thoroughly amused.
. A miraola of eoenio beauty, re.
spienoeni witn gorgeoas eoetumes,
shapely young girls and daaaliag
paraphernalia and appointments, is
Charles H. Tale's "The Twelve
Temptations." that spectacle of speo-
uciee wnion oomes to Harper's thea
tre Monday evening. 'With every'
thing new, everything costlv aad ev
ery thing deoldedly superior, it is not
bio be wondered at that this won.
drous show piece has proved the
greatest suooess and biggest money
winner of the season. It alwaya
paokt the house from stage to doors
ana never iaus to delight all behold
ers. Mr. Tela devoted all last sum
mer to evolve the delicate fairv olot
and making the myriad preparations
ior tnia graaa production and It ia
not too much to say it is a master
work ia every thing the name im
plies. There is enchantment, there
is arctio adventure, there is true
love, there is villainy; perheps, bet
ter suu, were is a tremendous
amount of genuine spontaneous fun
which sets the spectators laughing
heartily and keeps them at it. Of
course the ballet ie called into
frequent requisition, and there
are three first-class,- high-salaried
premieres. Including Signoritas Fer
reroand Basseggio. who. assisted bv
an immense corps of secundas. cory
phees and figurantes, exeoute the
latest European dance, brought
aorossthe Atlantio by Mr. Tale's
maitre de ballet, Bignoi Aurelio Coc
oia, together with new and taking
terpsiehorean inventions from the
fertile brain of Manager Tale. "The
Four Seasons." "The Beiraine- Fa-
male Fads." "The Coming Women"
ana "The Uoing Men." (with ong
and parody thereon), "The National
Trio Issues." "Biding on Grandpa's
onouiaers" ana "i.ne Irenoh Maid
aad Her Charge," are aoma of the
danoing features, while Mr. Tala'a
improved "Shaft of Light" will also
uiBim attenuoa.
imDi Dtneaaary af Wheat abroad.
ataatnaa aa Bapply Ma Warlx.
Lata advices from Wat lo (ton, baaed en re-
pona or goaaroaMBt experto, report tbat tba
enonace m tba world'a wbaat atop will reach
ue atarranoa Score ot 112.000.0SO boabala. Aat
lea ia relied apoa to aaoplr tbe defldeocy oat of
oar grand pradaet of 480.000,030. Thla deSeiaaeT
oaa, with the aid of tba rye and oora orop, be
aiada ap, but who cooM tapply to tha sick aad
aeDiutataaeeaflclencr of Hoatattara Stoauch
Blttars. Taara to happily alwaia a sapply of
iaas promptly neiprBi BMdlciBa adequate to the
relief af tha dyapepUe, the constipated, the ba
tons and tha rbeomane. It wUl, wlthoat iater-
rapooa. eontlnoe to Bulla ap tba weak, to n
tact tba seal aeaa of aralarlal eeoargee loeaUHea
froa etillla and rarer and kindred eieorder. aad
to counteract B teedeacy to torpidity of tha kla-
aeya aad bladder, wblcb, tf dlcrecarded. la
apcadily sabvaralTO of their orgaalc health. Sot
oaiy aoea tt renew dlresuon, bat alao appetna
mmn eieep.
It VOU VBBt ta onlft tnhamM
eaaliy and forever, be made waif
BtrOBaT. aaaVBatla. fall n a ll j.
vigor, take Ho-To-Bae, the woadev
O- r . - W ma Ml
woraer taat maxea weak mea atroac.
Maay gala tea oouada la aa da
Over 400,000 cured. Bay Bo-To-Beo
from your owa druggist, who will
guaraatee a oore. Booklet! aad aaav
plot mailed free. Addrea Sterling
Betaedy oompaay, Chloago or New
1 Biev aaew tea
A dose or two of Foley's Hoaey
and Tar will prevent an attack of
pneumonia, grip or severe eold If
takes la time. Curee eooghe, eolda,
eroap, LaGrippe, hoarsenees. diffi
cult breathing, whooping oough. in
cipient ooasumptloB, asthma or
broachitis. Gives positive relief la
advaaeed . itagee ot eoaaamptloa,
asthma or bronchitis. Guaraateed.
For aale by T. H. Thomaa.
Even eatarrb, that breeder of con
sumption, suocambs to the haaliag
iallueaeea of Thomas' Eeleetrie Oil.
For sale by Marshall A Fisher.
' There will be aervloes ia tbe vari
ous churches tomorrow as follows:
Trtatty Ibtaoapal. eorner of Ptxtk bt
Bue and Nineteenth street. Iter. R. F
Sweet, S. T. D., raetor. Baaday aehool at
t:l5a. m.: matlaa aad aelebratioa at T a. aa.:
litany at 10:S a. m ; erea acmg at 7 JO p. m.
Trinity Episoopal. corner of Foortb
aveaue aad SoTeatb atraet. Her. R F.N Sweet,
S. T. D.. rector. Erea sons' aad Sunday aoaool
at t'.to p. m.
St. Joeeph'a Roman Catholie, eorner
of Second avenue and Fourteenth atreet. Rer.
Thomaa MaeUn. dean and paator; John H
Cannon, aaalatant. ItasaatS a. a. aad 10-m
a- m. Veapera at I p. ax Sunday Bcbool at t
p. m.
St. Mary's German Cathode, eorner
of Fonrth arenne aad TwentT-eeoond atreet,
Rer. Bernard Baak, paator. Haaa at S a. m.
aad 10:10 p. m. Veapera at I p. m. Buaday
aehool at 2: p. m. Daoaay
German Lutheran, eorner of Twen
tieth atreet and Fifth avenue. Rev. O. A.
liennlcke paator. Serrleee at HMN) a. aa.
and T:B pm. Sunday aehool at ):,. at.
Grace Eajtllah Latheraa. eoraer or
FortT-fonrth atreet and Seventh avenue. Rev.
Joaepb L. Murphy pastor. Servtees at ICt a.
nd p.- m. Sunday aehool at It a. m.
First Swedish Kvaneelleal, eorner of
Fourteenth atreet and Fourth avenne. Rev
Cart E. Slatt, paator. Serrioea at 10:) a. a.
and 7:S0 p. m. Sunday aehool at I p. m
Zioa Swedish Lutheran. bs Seventh
avenue. Servlcea at I0:t a. m. aad 8.-0D a m
Sundsy school at H S0 a. m.
OermuEvanKeUoal. Ninth atreet batwaea
Fifth and Sixth avenues, Kev. Theo. F. Kruav
er. pastor: services at 10 a. m. aad tM a. bl
unday aehool at p. aa.
First Baptist, eorner of Third avenue and
Fifteenth street. Rev. Carl toa S. Taylor. Ph.
O.. paator; aervlcea at 10-46 a. m.. aad T 46 o
aa. Moralna aubjeot. -The Supreme CAiftT"
Sunday School at t:S0 a. bl, s. J. Wood in
superintendent. B. Y. P. V. at : p. m. Bev'
C. E. Taylor, leader. Topic "Where to Our
Alleelanoe?" Junior union at I JO p m.
Free Swedish mlsaioa, oomer of Eleventh
atreet aad Fifth avenue. Sunday aehool at t
p. m. Servlcea at (JO p. an. Prayer Biaeilna
Thursday at 8 p. m.
Emaauel Baptist, 447 Forty-fourth atreet.
Servlcea at 10-.W a. m. and 7:46 a. m.. bv Rev
CharleaR. O. Poole. Sunday aehool at I p.m.
O 17. At o p. in.
Second Baptist, en Sixth aveaue. Rev.
WashinKtea, pator aervioea at 11 a. at.
and B OO p. m. Sunday ecbooi at IS m.
Swedish Baptist, eorner of Twanty4rat
atreet and Flf th aveaue. Rev. Lacerqulat. ana
tor: aervioea at 10: a. m. and iSSmm
Sunday school at 9:90 a. m. '
Fwst Methodist, eorner of Fifth avenne and
Nineteenth atreet. Bv. n n afrs.itv
Ciator. Servioaa at 10:45 a. BL and 7 JO p aj.
ornlac subject, Cbrtallaa CtttronaolD''
at : a. tn. junior leacue at tM n. bl Ed
wortbleacue SSOp. bl
German Methodist, oomer of Sixth aveaue
aad Fourteenth atreet. Rev. F. 11. UoUmana.
paator; services at 10:4a a. m. and 7:S p. at
Sundav acluxil at ft-1 fc a m i..
at 7 p. m.
Ninth Btreet Methodist. Ninth atreet. be-
and SUth avenues: aervioea at
lh a. m. and 7 JO p. aa. Sunday aohool at
i:ti a. tn.
Afriean Methodist. Fourteenth street and
Fourth avenue. Rev. O. 11 Thomaa. paator
Servlcea at 10:30 a. m. and 7J0 p. m. Sun
day school at 12:30 p. m.
HjVamJ resbyterlan, eorner of Twenty
third atreet aad Seventh aveaue. Bev. W s
Marquis, pastor. Servlcea at 10:4S a. tn.'
and :30 p. m. MornlaK aubjeet, "The
Tilnlty of Christian Love:" evening. ' Power
in the Bands of Youth." Sunday school at
8:16 a. m. Young people 'a meeting at 110
p. m.
Central Presbyterian, Seeend avenue, be
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. Rev.
a. m. .and 7: p. m. Sunday aohnol at S:l
TJafted Presbyterian, Third avenua and
rourtcenin atreet. services at 10:46 a. m.
and 7:90 p. bl Preaehina- bv Bow J ar at,.-.
ter.of New Athena, Ohio Sunday aehool at
- xuiuis pcvpiea meeting at o:4S
Aiken Street ChaneL PmhtuHu a.,i.
Rock Island. Rev. 1. W. AUen. Jr., pastor: Sun-
-j mm m s. . nnstian iscaeavor
r. t.iTZ Z. every ineeaey
South Part : Chapel, Presbyterian, Bo -treat
...nuvu .inin, xvc.. w. B. Marquis,
Paaior: Sunday aohool at Z: p. m.; aarvloea
Memorial Christian. Rev. T. W. Oraftnn
- ' .. ivu . m. ana t. v tu.
Preaeblng in the meralng by J. P. Ballev ia
the evening by J. K. Johnson. Sunday aohool
at B:l a. m. W. p. s. C E. at :46 p. m
t..ui-niuw street vcapei, vnrtauan. SeT
anth avenue and Twenty fifth atreet. Rev. T.
Alfred Bowen, auperintendent. Miaa Jeaaa
Salvation Army' Barracks. BurraDw hbinb
Second avenue. aervinM aa AnA..
Knee drill at 7 a. m., hoUneaa meeting at
loraiiii at a p. m.. aaiva-
u .rr!2. i L K- mm. vit. ana Btre.
VUUMU III cuinjo.
VSral rhnmh f n.wXmt' a 1 .... mm
nurd atreet between Seventh and Ninth ave
nue. Services at 10.46 a.m. Subject. "Pauls
aehool follows this aervlee. TMtinwiai
wtoiibi7 rvraay evening at t:X9. Ronaai
ppea every afternoon except Sunday, from
a an a aim i. i . v . .
- -.-.. wi ucr oi i mxm aveaaa
and Nineteenth atreet. Servloa at (JO p. m.
v ar n a u..ni . mm...
Aa lineal leal AeUtlaa
to the list of the world's most valua
ble medicines is Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-
Uonev. Uarmlaaa in its aatnra t
almoat infallibla in ita aetina. It la
andonbtedly the most efficsciont
aiwaua buwwb aouaj ior oaring
coneht. eolda and kindred Ataaaaaa.
Good drn(rgiatt tell it at So oentt oa
Aeleawttaaal Uae a aa.
TJat or mf1rm n.Mll ffM . . .h. . -
mwm nvww I .l.liu 1, I "WI .
Arlington. Hobert Keeler, Ela
Brown, Mary MeOana, Kdward
Burr A. Myrlok. Oeorge
Coiville, Joba Morton, Cleave '
Davis. J. W. Paraoaa. Thomas H.
Duanlag, Ella Peaooofe. Frank E.
Freeman, Floyd Slmooa. Carrta -
Fuller, L. Urbora, U.
Olafaoa, Joha August Edward
T. H. Taoaua,
For pia worms, eosema. hives, la
fact, any of the varions tortariot?.
itchy diseases ot the tkia. Doaa't
ointment it aa instant aad positive
-A are-. m m a
remtay. ues is irom yoor aeeier.
For sale by Marshall Fisher.
at the OJaba far
tiUBAZaii. .-j jjt m . . . 7
sad praparat aaaar the aweaZla ,
CL C'CHTrir9
carl. .....i.. -1,1.
Trade J
. - ' I
I li fTfmkVmui. On Blaaiaaaa. I
tUiaCdUtrt-Sal nmtiTmTir
ltm -BtTtai, I7CS Beenaeave.
X. tl taaSII au areoaaTve.
- aa. faettstaa
Physical Culture Lecturer Endorses
Paine's Celery Compound.
- daaillft
Mitt Lacy H. Hltchcook. lecturer,
denartment of nhwaimtl .nH...
Womaa'a Chrittian Temperance
anion, Vermont, wrote oa May 16,
last: 3
It affords me pleat ore to add my
testimony with others regarding the
healing effects ot Faiae's celery oom
ponad apoa an eshaasted aervoas
Ang. IS, 1897, she wrote: "As a
rale I do not eadoree medicines, bat
I believe Paine's celery eompoaad to
boot a different order(from the ord le
ery medicines. Fasts oanaot be dis
puted. I have derived so mach
benefit from tbe eompoaad that I am
glad to heartily recommend it, hop
ing others similarity a 111 o ted may be
relieved. Aay medicine that will re
leive suffering hamaaity Is a blessing
to the world."
A blessing to the world!
Fsine's celery compound has been
proven to be the one great remedy
that reallv makaa nannla avail Thla
estimable woman, whose ohristiaa
worsts earaestly directed toward
the betterment of others, and whoaa
emiaeaoe ia the W. C T. U. makes
aer advice of great valoe, plainly
indoree Paine's oelery compound.
The amonnt Of mar haalth na awaew
band Is Bomethlng shooting to every.
ubb wbo atops to iniaa. uandreds
of mea aad womea la every neigh
borhood are tod By carrying about
with them a seedless losd of ailments
that a thorough refreshing of their
nerves, e purifying of their blood,
more sleep aad more regularity la
the bodily fuaotions would com-
Dletelv do awav with. Paina'a M.
ery eompoaad will do all this for
bics bu aumg mea ana women.
A "hear BAn renatatlna anew An
for other remedies; Paine's oelery
M Paper
TweaUeth Street aad Foarth Aveaaa.
Vhen You Put
Youll want a new part, a grate, lining, leg or lid,
perhaps. Bring us the old casting and we'll make a
new one at about half the enst In rhtra n nr 1esarfiara
Isavkara of Flat tight Gray Iroa Castings, Patteras. Medals, eta.
3VEH3 &
compound la best kaowa from tbe
mouths of men aad womea whom It
bat made well they are la every
city, towo aad village la the eoaa
try. No one eaa past the newspaper
bulletins witboat being reminded by
bow slight a thread the best of mea
hold oa to lifa. Tbe alight ape aad
dowasla health from whioh people
recover make them forgot tbat there
Is a limit to the body's elasticity aad
endurance. The habitually aa
kauiled aervout system at last losee
its power of reoovery aad offers ao
resistance to disease.
Prevent disease," It the watch
word of the beet mediae! thoeght ot
today. Careful mea and womea do
aot wait until tbey are flat oa their
becks as people oace did. The more
iatelligeet part of every eommaatty
bee found out tbe inestimable benefit
to be derived from Faiae's oelery
compound, whea oaa is wora-oat,
nerve-tired aad oat-of -sorts."
The little ills, the begiaalagof
aeura!gta aad rheamatlsm. the all
gone" aad tired feelings show the
immediate aeed of perifyiag the
blood and refreehlag the aervee.
Tbe direct aad enaro-atia araw Pal ma 'a
oelery eompoaad overcomes sick aad
nervous aoBaaoaee, ayspepsia aad
heart troubles, as it doee oil ether
nervoae disorders, has compelled
the admirattoa of tbe medical world
front the start.
Headachaa. rhaamaUam. aaaralala
lifeless feelings aad debility eaaaot
pervlst whea Intelligently met aad
corrected by thle greatest of avert a
aad braia etrengtheners. He rem
edy ever kept the eoatdeaee ot
so large a body of laqalrlag ataa aad
womea. Try It.
Slaughter Sale
Up That Stovo

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