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Oivb Bxmvn
I"h th ;ti. th.-l aryT imntf 4 !m
Ry r 'ip of Fijp b taken ; it it pksaaaat
ami reffshirHr; toth taste. inl art
Ently yet lr.mptlv nn th. Ki.lnrya,
vr ami Itnwrla, cUirif-. thf ay,
tern rffwtnally, i, -.. I ..,, bead
aches m-1 fevi r an.) run..- h-.hitnsl
aoostirnttion. Syrup of Fir i- tho
ealy remedy of it kin ever pro
du' ixl. pleading to the taste and ac
ceptable tn tha stomach, pTvwr.pt in
iU aetion and truly le-nefu i I in it
effects, prepared "tily from the-moat
healthy ami a-Tve eantr sunt vnce, its
manycxrwllent epralitie mrnmrnd it
to ail anil have made it the moat
popular remedy known.
tynip of Fijr in for rile in 50
eent twttlea by all leading drug
gut. Any reliable dmtrgi.it who
m not have it on hand will pro
ear it promptly for any one who
wifthoa to try it. rnt ac ptany
amtvui. a. mm rear, it.
Treating Your
Friends Coldly
(SN" r always a food plan.
hnl treating them to
P'.r;.'4 Bad delicious ICF
At Your Party or Reception
! at all tlmaa wall aad
gratefully received. Try a
' 'I'mrt briek for yonr aaxt
llanar or tea aad tea kow
well yoar rompaay will be
pleeaetl. Ton reeaot taree
aay lesvrt that will take aa
well aa lea Cream, especial
ly if it from
itm m
W serve lee Crtam aal
rait wee In our I'arl r at
ny time. alo Hut Coffee,
lea or Chocolate. Bring
your fr leads la and treat
lid you know that
we arc the Head
quarters for Chil
dren's Shoes'
Ws. our Spring Shoes?
are now in; call and
see them. All widths
from A to EE.
Tka Ittrfala (Mvera
07 aou St Rock Island
TH K ABgUB, THUr8DAY, MAitCH 17, 1898,
Maml Mawfjam
The Km-!: I. land lit-hall assocla-
tloa ha r-iv.
id contracts' P
frcm sevei; of tie p.,trs who areltimlew yenerday afternoon. Here
M-Tn ln, l...n- .-n r.U lp . .. rltlo i In 1h- S, Whtr '! llF'r nl
TtrT-T-. !.:. Nteh. l t Nla atoff Hroncbt.
The raamklteaaa held their wardj The jnry m the ease of John W .
" ' "n'ljr pricisrv elec-1 Siinelofl find o:hr.i wihttt ltl
rMx.ktd frr atrvi iu iu .teal team
the rofciar eeaeoa. They aro from
Lkirlcs kliti aala, c.tehtr. Ctic?o;
J'Stmu. rtkt G !. Jtektonsille;
J Wrhi. i.ti a-J. Milwaukee;
William Dikcr. catohr. Totonu,
Canada, aad BM A. jn. pstcLer.
Adtnc a ney wm f .rwardei yei.
terday to George K. Uabt'.t. whi la
tTB to bold dewo the short laid,
ilis home is la Tac x W. ;0
rote acd siid kv enl1 save the
T.aacanent here ah ut f .'i in rail,
r -ml fr if ho w. u..l cum oo now.
asd tsk ad.nntagr 1 the reduced
' With thi t 'r-r tc.n who
plated la ftcfcfort last ;aon thn
il team la n-. aomalatmt. Tka
player will report at QhMfaJfi
April Tkoy hare a twi.woeks' rn
ifsg'maeit there with th unicrlty
rleo. and will e?mo home the 16th
and mm the i' .,r. Um In two
(wrgc Icowa, pit' aay, acd Jtmcs
Driseoll, rfnd bvu-nien, hbtu bttu
signed by Huhuqne.
Utjm cUims lo have Warren
Berkwith. Ko'eit T. Mocln's son-in-law.
tgr(... n .twiihe'.nndin' tho
report pawl ont from Dulit-rj jo that
tka elob there bad him rirched.
The Ik Moims b&li '.i-nm will go to
'Jilney. Kri. . the owntr. having
ttrelihnhc l.i tinaliy c included
to Bake tho rraogc. The players
i l teo;t in (J ilncy k. ut April 1.
Sur4l In 0v it .
Mrs. At.u For'jth". tov) hus
band ha-. . rn ml.':T from tho
M rmn I. !-. ( .!.' ., fin", i n -1
Wtdneily. r. hKn d a letter from
him yetterday. h;h was m uld at
Davaamarti reameatlaf tht money
with whl' h h return to Ci ics-o he
ent him. Tues?nv s teigrnm pur
porting to Irf. from KireythH uu re.
caisrd by hi j wi.V from l'avonport.
asking her la "levsnh f.Vi ht once.
thinking that 111' rii-4a: might it .
the wrrk m n iu'p o -. Mcf. Knr-
ythcs'nt no mon-'j. Tne let-.cr.
aowavar. is la toe handwriting 'if
the misirj man. 1 he faot tha. Kjr
4jthr hi.: f", .i with him at the time
.I his ili-ft.( ..arancn from UM holal
i ni r 'd ' 'it rjon
u 'c iu tit th'j iwaMsta f r
tan' s, i he Parajlbas n.nrl d
rsrrntiT.n . li k nMb MlaOsbkoab
1 1.
are i t aldennasic candidate:
rirt Want
I. V. ..:, ..
T:...-J Ward
Iurtb Want
Mn Waal
Suth Want
neeeadi ward....
I M. Oaabsr sy. Ht Hi' No- Candtdatn
t the neaeajlaaa eabaaae.
Aid. Valentine Danbat wishes it
uncerstend that he is still a demo
eXeN wv v. m .
u. a. j n:..- x tart
Mibelle Hrucer to break the will of i crat, and that tho placinj? of hia
the late Nicholas K SllDgloff ended ' name before tho Fourth ward rennb.
veiterdsy at Bennington ia the lican primary for tho aldermanie
Xi Ml A I TCD DAIED t. law
tindinf; for the defendant.
-J1UKA.AMTOV.S Mr. Siin rirff. rho was aged HG.
....v. illiam KENNEDY ajajao Rav. trank Gruuer. afor-
mc- laanaat of this eiu:.ty, hut who
nw lives in Chicago. A few mouths
bjtj .'ir. a.nion ..iea. riiss ornner
I wan with him a cre- t deal durin"
kla lai day p. er.U tho sci: wsf baaed
jii iud iei-.-ri...ja i! ewe ut.ouiv!
I . . . ... w
ii.iiaincea mm '.o bobu tao propirv
The property involved i. valued r.t
nekaaean .it Kii.ti-r. af t. BMUaaees.
Ilm n H rlna. A'-cto-t.
Brhkeinsn Victor L klcKibbaa, of
the Chicago, Baxliofijton & (jjiucv
re.ilway, w .scaugas between two car-
.vhiio -witching in the Molina yards nta
mu n.-rn ng, nnc nnooaly I elaotkmu
injure . iir. meuoMB, who raaidea
M. V. Coactnnoa, who r-.-oentiy
II Ipawd j the republican side of the
fti-e. aftt-r tan.'ig been elected to ih.
c mot i! by the demorra's t-vjye&rj
apo f.-on. t he First ward, found tuat
ho did n : have t-uch a large, leaf
drsg amr.ng hi new party fnei d aa
he tficught ho had, and the result
a L as laraad down in hii aidor
mni. hxpiratioae. Ba waa drfaamd
by Frank Westbay, 72 to Hi. Jiien:
w. re two dt legate tiokeu, the oco
favoring C H McK wn for e.:iect-ir
b;og alealad, K3 to 47: Edward
JUuhr, J hn Arkorr.---, Vt illiim Wii
kins, K Oturman. .1 K Beanaaa,
Kre.i Bkaaal, a. Uadatroaa. A toiph
Carlton, W. J. dihagen. V. B. Mc
Rawn, Herman rtrfrtltaatat. Dvid
Shut p. John KollcfT.
"lloney" Jnhcson wai rcnomi.
aaaai in iba Baaaad. He hud n: op-
pition He was the thoic-. of the
pre'.imintry i-aaeus. wh-ci wis held
du-wn ther. some fev ataalega no,
when a lis: of delegates vta a:so
Hlaeted U Vole t u ut the prinisrj-.
But the un.on labor men did not like
UM make up of the tleleation, a.jd
put up n t.unch cf ti.eir owa. The
laSor delegare wore elected 8 ) to 71 .
Thayer : R.H.NeUoa.8 M anor, ML
Scu'er, A. W. Johnson, W. Swallow,
U. Ralae. Thomaa Cox. H. Krm.
back A. Lladbloaa, ,J. llunge, A. t)..
awM. A. Tabor, J. !'. it?., a Lam-
'-rt. II. BLtris and J. Qatawaller.l Woodmen Moiu
L-.uts Kokharr, Jr. war chosaa Head Consul w. A. Morthoott re
ward committ.i:!.ian. I turned bomo t; QnenviUe las; night
I rank A. Andrews and Al Roaeial "C.n. C A. Atkinson, itssista.il at
- - ' , : ) , . " . 1 . . , ... . ..
ii H4 nwiwiwi !j tnu intra, i KTBvsi oi we uoiteo .'!ic3
mtj .'-rnier won our Df a v. ti- of JOG who is re;iresontin'r tue go v.jrnment.
to 10. W. H. C!i. ; Mdp' on S. I in H'-i.ct pia canal condemnation
nau, aapatj eciiiT and biiin:, tad I proaaodlngrs, esme doA-u fromSter
the mam tq.io. z: ,n t ie Iloek I. land llln last B'Rht to piv a short vUi'L to
ll.k ...! . I .1. j . . . T ...
in i tun: i.;crey, were tae ppon-lk';,, turcciora oi ine vi oouiuvn, ol
eots lor vard rommitteeman. (which order In is a pr.mirert. m--m-:ph.c
fOt eeead moaey, Clino de-1 ucr- Mr- Atkinson's fa w i- in Un
f '.in ' htm by a boom ot 8 ) to 61. 1 coin. Nun., ard ho is (tn intimate
HcKown delegates were eh )-en w th- i Wand of 1) rector A. li Tatbst, who
fut - pp..si!v;n: Joba O. Kreed, p. J alao lleea thara.
R Schro-.dcr, John Hammerstrom, j Mrs. B. 15 Watt, ol Omaha, su
K. !1. 6t 'jr.rtttj'i. Aarn And. srnnn. ! prciae oracle, 'ind "-.. tVinoie b'lidd-
nomination yesterday afternoon was
dene without his knowledge or con
nect. He says ho is cot trotticg in
that sort cf compnv.
"Xhe tirst I keew'that ray name
. - . .
was being used, was when a friensl
e?.me to me." said Aid. Dauber to an
A kg its representative. I took it as
a joke at tirst, but when I found out
to my own satisfaction that tickets
with my flaaii c n were b"ing handed
cut. I began to thiak it was a serious
matter, as it might load some of niv
prty friends to believo that I had been
I party to snch a deal. But 1 am
c: lire. y innocent. I know nothing
about who had the tickets printed,
Of who started the boom for me. I
I am a deraoorat and a good true one.
j t o, and my party friends can de-
pend on it that I will have my coat
wuring ior tne election oi every
on the tioket at tho c-imimr
far supporting Oeorpc
W. Aster for alderman with the same
in t V. ; n . . . I r .,
... u., ii iiiwiier oi tr.e nsrnettiia IK, !, ju
---- - irweemaBna su.ib lit. liv;n iUI .'IW,
crew, end waht all my friends to do the
moonlight" freight train
wlch runs from here to l);.r,rork
The train was comipj' this way whea
the aooid'Bt oooarrad. Mr. au k l-
ren was riding on the sloe oi o W.
Bia body lalliag to clear a car staad
ing on a side track he was crushed
between them.
Ho was taken to St. Anthony's hos
pi Dr. J. OaSUaa, the attend
iig pliysioian. ssys two bones of Mr
MeKibben'a left 'forearm are frae-
One of tho republican leaders says
the plaeiBg of Aid. Daabar'a name
in the field wm a Bsbema conceived
by a number of the Fourth ward re
publicans fcr the pnrpoea of forcing
out n party carilii-'ate, as no one
emoitg the fp.ithfol bad consented to
enter the race up to 2 o'clock,
whea I). K Koftaker. rather than
C n 1 ! 1 ! . ,,T ..I .11 . . . . I
to red. nd ho i- hi.rf it.ra.II. l,f . , J uwu
now arJoaaiy eiunot yei be dtiT
me a candidate. So
scheme bad the deaind effect.
I. n- I i . -,. .i.aiio.
Laa. Immi Ir. r.rt aathw.tr on
akai rai ft. . in, n : i-r ,1 ft n tral
I rt:r. ' - . .. .,.m;.' i 'f
tea la IkaBjaj niia'ae), awmw4 Ml bW t'onw
Itl -to iK 4x.li i r th" Itr lat m in
taA a nim ml . rt.iar-ni- iik..
mm ash- ir at inm:nii . r in in mr I ,JI p. i'i-rv witn u
i. - .- . .ir.t i ' at i . . .. ,.,;. r' m
j.m-t laamhe -At Inei aao'hrr. X alaewbere l he fact, however, that
ir . r. ,. ..
i . n. urcornn, i. r. tiemi-owav,
Harry Petta, S. R Wright, W. L
UMelahi J in Kir.- .. H. Lewj,
9 ree Raker, RTUUaw tiali.
La the Fourth ward David B Rofta.
kai Boaainated with ut oppr.-i.
iioii. re eving t vciei . 1 U,t .
DaubeT, whoa.: name s ia 1
od be.
i BOB.
la- tu . .) L .. ., j. . r I ai.ib . t
aa rat 4t, t r ii.ii a i Wale or od'nir.
hat ;t hM h-' i ntr nfr f f a r'r aVI
atatj thatlh- .-! BdUMl rrrr.-n'lv 1
aaeWi at (j varoa raraw .f n-.lirl U II
wtaft etw4ca lk .. tnrri aataehi
MMlM'f k'IW xtl t thrlr tpi-r btt'.oa
itnuitaatfi'lo-i, hat laaaLin.J for
rh-aaa fa.htayal !.-r :
ae'. 4aea aast aOBaahaalaa, It Upmri
kaW tea-1 tr aa4 Stop, a i a WaM li-t-1
i f t
ura ixt Kk- Baaaf nt i
Re nr- toe baka into your hoca
AiUn's v..vt-i:i. apo.',.r tor the
feel. .1 Vnj,- j .ur !e t e l and
comfortable, prt-rrnta rweatiog feet,
and makes tnr odi:raacs ten-fold
frcetar. titer lu) t si wheel j bo
people ar ujlnj Alien's fonl Raan
lhy all pralae it. Ladies, inalst un
karing it It give rest and comfort
aad praveLta smarting, hot. aw.ilen,
aehit.g ftei. At ail druggi.'. and
bnc res .Scents Sample free
by rovtl. Address. Alien S Olm-t- 1.
UU y. N. T.
olreona, taprema recorder, of
Hoyal Neighbors, are h&rn tc'.ir
attending a meeting t.f the benefi.
Cisry board, wuicii is c.ouip.-scd ol
M-ij. C. W. Ilawes, J. G. Johnaoa and
J. .''. White.
The direokors decided the oonteat
between R kford oamn o. bl
jan i K-.nsaa City ramp NV '2,002, over
tho oa aucr tvlu a i a v.-.'.;, : .r.-.:..
illy to i the camp haeing the lareatt
B rahlp !. 81 , o! ea:h yar.
Tr j banner was Iran to trc lv tns
Chv eeajp, winch afaowed l i.ij
mer. hers to 1.117 for the ickford
amp. which baa held the il rr for the
pist two yra-a
Kacll. .'. Arulrn SIre.
Tho bust salve in the world
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers.
rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped
hands, chilblains, corn and all skin
eruptions, and positively euros plica,
or no pay required. It ia guaran-
teed to gfea perfeet satisfaction or
money refunded. Trice i5 cents per
j tex. For sa c by Ham & Ulle-
Tr.a Collector a Notice.
The taxes for 1M7 aro now due
and payable at the oliica of county
superintendent of schools, court
bouse, bat door Bear eorth entrance.
Towaehip Collectcr.
! Brine last year's tax receipts
j avoid delay in eearching for (ictc
';' t n ar on it u
I the Woodmen buiidine. is in town
boilding on iratlon will
N.,tH) i . eu.trt Ihaaaasaaa,
The Dai ted Statea c:reuit courl ol
p all nir. hai.dcd down an epiatoa
c irming the court below in find
log for the defendant! in the f 100,
000 rait ot Martin Rlsgmai agaioat
tha Molina, ..;.: hum soddarc! c m-
paay. K-.Tgrnitn. in 1862, inugh out
uioiino, Milbara Sio.idar.l o ra-
Arn. '"t Brome r ry cures h '.
ehrs, 10. li and 50 onta. Reiss'
Urn at aaj
-i .!.. t r IT .K I .
Mm ":';-;- J ,;;.
' 1h an n,l
rl i t" .: ?!:;) n
-1 . , ..i r i j ani
pny at Oaiaha. and cr-atoiidntcd it
with his other boainesa. He olaimed
that alter Le had made tha Dare
found that the
debts '.f the
to bo p-ac'.ii-ally
' h I i. ' ;
'it rattn-4 . V liim mn)
. u uniifiuai
f',fp f1 n . or trf ,' to
Wo' aa 'i - l-'aal m Jobs Baatria
4rt r . arc,-. .
aawr f aaiir
Or rmr Hom4 . . BBM li faaM.
Reldy Bros.
Peal Estate,
InMiraiKc uiid Loir.i
tr-em 4 MiteheL A LyaL
" lapt.tt lvOJ.
iifiet o.-arir;- ti'sn:.::.1 were rrmted
t ite i'cion r fflce, cause 1 'ni2 to
ibiok that Lis candHac, was boti'i
i e, : oid tl o ins'i.n-e s iv.'d to give
CaudidV.O N .ttsker rja;t- a 'i..t,,
r t ing the laorauioa th t Daub r
was not rati1-!!, d in bec.tTT him Ht
Iha n.."!a .or rears ago, but wae i i-
radlaa' his partv to beat hiui at h -' "e SflV3 l)l
own caocas. Frtnk Brough was be PU3hcd aha td aa rapidly as pos
ekratad ward Bommineemaa. These Wo.
d-..v-atjs, wh i ute f .r M.-Xoa n, wero
I l ovr n U y.!-ra iford ticket,
7J to Mi J. T. NoltHker. William
Amison. Dr. Saia. C harles Willia, '.
W. Stewart, a H Wirt, Fred W.
Btaefc, 1'hn Miller, (ieorge K. Bailey,
Sam Armlt. Frauk BtfUa. John In
gram. Cnarlta Spencer. A. H. Head.
i orge Schni idr wr.s alone in tao
Fifth ward raoe. and nf ooar e ho -
ee.v . d the nemmation. H A. Weld
a- 1 !'. II. I, wei o -.I.e. w i. o-ioi-mitteemaa.
We.d won U :o 15. Me
ho'.n delegates ware th sen without
oppoeltioh: Frank Bobinon, L.
Kini. Charles Oswald. D. J Browa,
i'r. Hollowburh. Frank Ciliiaa, Sam
U i s. 11 A. Weld, M. V. Areher.
Charles Jenen. B. F. Kncx. M. C 1
line and William Stewart.
la the Sixth ward William Ken-
aeay had a wath-awiy. Hooae else
w.,iitid to run for tho job, so he waj
nominated unanimously. J. B
Mve-r-ei was i fieri wi.rd e- Btnut
teeman. The delegates, who are for
Lteyd, are: William Knhneinan, W.
H. hebiilinger. J. B Schoessol. W.
BUdel. B. Horn. L. Frir.. k, A. lan-
ner, I homas Dolly. J.hn Mai r.
Charles Krabbenhovft. Eli Rush.
i rank Friestedt, (iorrge Rwhola.
A. K. Nelson wa? renominated in the
S -tenth, receiving 115 votes to 67 f r
r rank Mauekrr. J. tiimble was
rhneeu ward commitfeman. Tne
dclegn'e aro for Readfrd Thev
arc: V. o. Peteraoa. C. A. Lofarea.
K. F. tiod're'-. (ieorge Areher. ft. M
Siaaet, W . Son:. Olo.T Atkinson.
Henry Bmpke, A. Fetcrsoa. Prank
Helsoa, A. R. llineke. Ji hn Leaf, R
H. Barry, L A. Baatberaj, dames
MaBride, T. B Goddard.d. A Raith-
cl. K'ank Tornholm. H H. Uoiiand
Uaa j Kuora-y.
Mv M.od wrs impu;e. both broke
out and 1 had ; aat titel f ling. In
short, I was r.ii run dowa ani did not
have taj cre-cy. After t king a lew
i.ltlo.i cl II ad's Sar.- iparil.a I felt
much batter and I recommend tall
rae-di.-iue for purifying the Mood and
building the system " Jtmej Bea
dcrs'jn, 11 cdvi , lliiucis.
Hnod'a Fills are eisy to tak. av
to operate. Core indigestion, beeo
Women love a ciear. h-ahby r-ra
ajtsjaa. Pure M.o.1 mekca it. Bor-d-ck
Itlrol Br.ttr makes pore baOCd
Sold by Marh'l! & Fiiier
trm, rcp-eseiit"d
nothing, amounted r 190,000. He
however, continued in the conduct
of the business. The court below,
and the court of appeal! now, hold
that Kingman thoald have demanded
a cancellation of the deV. at tho time
of the discovery of the indebtedness
in order to have a right to damage.
&OMthl!.g llnow.
T: may be worth something K
knov.- that the very best medicine for
restoring the tired out nervous sys
tiu 'o a healthy vigor is Rleotrtc
iU'.tcrs. This BBedicine is purely
rentable, acts by giving tone to the
u rvc center, in the stomach, gently
stiranlates tho Liver and Kidneys,
Bed ni.ts these organs in throwing oil
ir..nuiities in the blood. K'.tctr.c
Bitten improvca the appctiti!, ai 's
Uaatiemj ami is proaoaaced bv
thjoae who have tried it a.- the ve.-y
best Blood puritier or,d nerve tonic.
Fry it. Sold for 5'J cent? or tl pet
bottle at Hartam Ulkmever's draj
r.irr tne BhaMeaai a I'rlsV
Calll I Qraia-0 It is r. delicious, ap
petising, BoariahtBt food drink to
take toe pi -cm oi oofee. Soli by r.:l
.: rrs a-d liked by all who Lave
need it kfiet naa when prnpsriy pre
pa-ed it tatea llko the riaust coffee,
hut is tree f'oru all its injurious prop
erties tirain-0 aids digestion a::i
strength! aa the nerves, it is not a
stimulant, bat a health builder, ar.d
ebiltireo, a we 1 as adults, can drink
it wtih great benefit. Costs about
o-.e-f ourta as much as coffee. 15
ar.d See.
Ueaeaea i.j wo.
Thonuis Johnston
lalaa Beaate Morrison
lames I.. Ledford
Elta at. ..rlle
. Ken nedSa
, UeieoMbj
...liun Hag
Tr. beta CVtieIi
Or. Boll's Pine-Tar-Hjcey cuts the
mucus, bealh the laageand bronchii.1
tubes ejalckly. Cares grip cough in
ono nigh:. 26 c els, do euro no f .y,
la the way grod droggtata sell it. Get
tho genuine.
Ouing Deara II II.
People fullering from kidney dis
eases fool a gradual beteteadv loss oi
strength and vitality. Tbi
lose uo time in Irving Y ill
ney cure, a naranteed preparation.
Per sale by T. H. Thnmss.
I Kid
is"sr wvwwwr va
ARE tho leadera 'or fine
" frcih Candies
and Bickory Nat
are wood erf al taker-;. Tat
lies u!;d N'ut Cand y's fresh
every morning. ()ur Cera
melb are perfect, and tbos-e
delieaboa Popcorn Fritters
lead them all.
Italian Creams
Will sun ly unit 3011. and
ourelegaar bill of Cream
and Chocolateth are the best
in the three cities. Try a
T, Ice Cream
While Pa-sci of Sw&8ts
Ttlephcce 2 on 134o.
Itehiatn M the skin, horii'de
plague. Meat everybody afflctei in
one way cr another" Only one aaie,
heear failing core D:sn"s (Lr.tment.
At any drug tore b'j cents. Sold by
Marsha"! 4 Fiehar.
! tiit -
1 Mumbiajf,
Gas Hiting,
Sewer Pipe.
All Wr rk Guaranteed-
!, u j tt 09 aeiawaj
" Has :trc.'. the test of more t'.i4n :oo yrs' use among all
clissrs, sd ijrrri-y jd basest woxth is uaaquMled."
ill ......Itau SurytcaiJuBsnc!.
Costs less tl-.an O-ME CENT a Cup.
Trade-Mark on Every Pacltege.
f t--
mesMBM EGtaUiiLhetl I73C. DO It CHESTER, MASS,
Sporting Goods.
Bass Ball Gloves Made to Order.
JL. ,Yim
CTTND ONE which is enough to make tho righteous pro
J f 1Ee :nl be forgiven, is an old stove that won't drew
when one is in a hurry for their breakfast. When
you can buy a superior atove or range that is handsome and
nscfnl, a good baker, and cf tho very beat manufacture,
that we sell at euch low pricas why bother with a nae-li-ss
old hulk.
Cor. Nineteenth street
and Second Avenue.
43 Hours to
Jacksonville, Fla.
Lv Rock Is" int..
Ar '.'inclacaUi
Lv C'incUnattl
Ar TackgODvllle.
K I P.
B:g Four..
eti a c...
F C 4 V.
1 ISpi
7 10 a m
8 SO a m
8 40 a m
But two () ohangea enrcute,
both in Union Depots. Sleeper
Feoria to Cincinnatti. Solid Vea
tibnle Train, consisting of Pull
man Drawing Boom Buffet, and
Parlor Cufo acd Observation
Car Cincinnatti to Jacksonville.
Reservation itde through to
R I & P Ry.
R. STOCKHOUSF. Con'l Ticket Agt.
j Depot 20th str. , Rock Island.
aoon repented ot his rash act,
when he found that it waa loaded
with Hill Bros', anion mined
Cable coal. A stove or oven
heated with that coal carries
auch an intense heat that yoa
can't hamper with it with Im
punity. Try it for heating or
cooking, and yon will never use
any other. For sale by
1909 Second Are. Telephone list.

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