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pbiojs tksjkb onn,
The Blow That Destroyed the Battleship Maine in
Havana Harbor.
Two Blasts Occurred, One of Which Set Off the
Other, the Expressed Belief.
The All Important Document Delivered to the Presi
dent This Morning.
Wh agine. at area J5 Mtrii de-1 c urt of inqoirj Into the loss of the
livared it. rt port of the Maine board j Main. Partial cognliant of affaire
... ..s.r7 wrraiary inf. wao at unanimous. y declare that the Span
I iHMMtJ Ik. ....... .k I f ... wr""
9 40 presented the same to the nreii
WaehlBgton. March IS Om of
the hlfheet official la the service
of the government eaid daaaltalv to.
day that the report of Ue Male
eoart of Inquiry anr the eiploaloa
wae dae to a eiterael eaate. Ii
rapnasii.s 10 gi it m him qj
iarda' report of the ezploaion claims
laternal origin.
Cms lia
a first Ctas War
Vl riW UMBMf.
Londoa, March 25. Commander
Colwell, the L'eited Statea naval
additional ,.,., information, thoesh "l,CB- V"' b3Uhl ,or the Un,led
the impreaain. gntaered that the ' "," 0r,t c w torPedo bl,t
"nj a a . i t.t- i t. i 4 Jg f V I UAMUJ
board bad not 1 cated
It hae been at lated accoiate
aitaly aeortainel that tfm board
the retpjssi.
she ts read? to sail. Tae L'uited
i Statea cruisers San Francisco and
Nee- Orleaoa will probably ieaTe to-
In.iolrv fin. I thai .h, : nrrrcw ror toe t nittd States.
waiea destroyed the Maiae came ,
fro. th. SB ... it do,, . 7, L Jjfg S2 2J -Tbe "fi
tbareeponaibihty for ,h dl.M.r 5" lh ,ilU"i0B,M Wor" tod7
i dcTao. ,pra.. a. op.nlo. " xo JZ " ,M" MDt 00
in enaracier or ine ploive, bnt
the test i tn nr joe to show that it
wae n powerful submarine mine, the
" t character ol which ia aot de
termined by the testimony, though
the belief ie ei pressed that It wae
what ie known as a floating subma
rine mine.
Tm r BJ aeSea.
The hoard flada there were two ei
pioeione. The firet from tae outside,
which set off one of the smaller mag
lone; and Maria remained till th
members of the cabinet appeared,
when the former went into the cabi
net mom. while Marti remaiaed In
the adjoining aper'meat. aubjact to
The report of the board was gonr
or carefully, and the general dit
omeiou of tte leading featurea followed.
Merit was called ia to
We PJ triM K II. la tba Long Breach
I. ng Branch. N J., March 25
la the shoot-off at Kikwood park to
day for the ailver cup emblematic of
the rbampionthip honors in the
Grand Amcri n handicap contest on
Ilea pige n. K. I). Fnlford. of Utica,
N. T., won the truphy with 23
etraight kills.
In the hundred bird match be
tween Capt J. L. Brewar. of New
York, and Frank S. Parmlee. cf Oma
ha, the latter won with 94 birde.
Brewer killed 90.
Flood MttaeMoa
fituburg. March 25. It is be
j tiered the flood loaa in and about
PitUburg and Allegheny will rea?h
j 11.000,000. including tho loss of
answer ware to employe.
Ueetions ind eiplain son. matters i Cincinnati. March 25. The Ooio
M fully oo, mi by the report. The ! river eoatinues rieing an inch an
meetlnp lasted till after 1 p a. At- j hour. It aeem, certain more than
V r adjournment the m mbere de- fiftr-five feet will be reached. The
caret! that no further etaiement food continues at Zinesville, where
would be made until the coateate ..! the Muskingum is still riling two
tlie report were transmitted to con- j laches an hour. Two persona are
greee Moaday. ( reported drowned. The city is with-
The oabiaet reassembled at 3 thia out light or water supply. The loaa
arteraooa. , the ;onnty will reach into mill.
The cruiser t lortnnati haa been ioas. T ?o th ;in t rental r. bIiaI.
traaafarred fr m the South Atlantic
laadroa to the North Atlantie sta
tion, wrere ah,e will join the iyiag
Commodore Schley has been or
dared to the command of the firing
equedron at Hamptoa It ?ad. with
the Rroohlya aa ilagship
ti.. mt it Slaaia.
Waahington. March 25 The house
cloeed the iteaeral dbte oa tte
aaeal approprialioa bill, and begin
coaeideratloa uader the &-mfnute
rule for aaeadmente. A bill was
Introduced giving the president
power aad fun ts to protect the
eoaatry' honor ud prestige in the
eat o war w.th a foreiga nation
deri-g the re hM of coagreee.
Ured in the public halls and market
Raw etava la.
WaMrford. March 25 The Span
ish torpedo boat destroyer Audaz
arrived here with her bow etove In
aad stern twisted completely around
f -om about 10 fret from the atern.
Madrid. Msrchl -The mialeUr
cf marine spent laet eight decipher
ing the deepatch coataiaiag the de
tails of the tl a Mag of il Spanish
lllarkbarn Htrlekaa.
Waahington. March 25 Ex-Senator
J C 3. Blackburo. of Kentucky,
suffered a atroke of paralraia of the
heart here this morning. It ia
feared it may cause death.
The aenator recovered contciour
aese thia afternoon, and his frienda
thought that there was no doubt of
hta recovery. The cause of his ill
nee i Indigent i n.
noon covr nrr m wax lite.
?aaMll! AIm Law tl.AOO.ono la I'rnp.
rtf-,1 Hhr OMa ratal.
ZanwllV. O. Marrhr -Flfteonfaml-1!
arc hnrelr. flve livt-a ha,- tx-tn
toe I and aearlr tl.eW.tW worth of rrrp
h Nn l;ro)..l by the flood.
Mr. Jjimee lir. onan and childand John
I-e. b were trrne1 bjr the verturninsr
af aklffa; Mr. Nance Church was
dm r. ' ,n ! r p .- and Tim Jone
fell fnm a bri-Ja. and ae r1rr"d
pT.enT torn indole two Mueklraum
rh.r I :.,!:. thr- U. klr.R river
twtdew and tnmtjr ssaadaw tmmtf
aetasraav T ih.uanj Asmaca
ra' t lat niM hM ih. ue-rtn. The
rtth rtant hi lr.nr.ri ,.ut ant Bittery
C I doing ' i!ul.
Eat Ur, rr.-ol. o . March tt. Th
water la the trh'" iMcf her I eubeid
In at the rate of r'. inch- j an hour,
after havtna rra. h.J n'.thin u t
t the ataax. f lei Tte lity ,l;rnpr)j
statl-aa ks U brae r red. and all fa. toriea
ir ih city hae b..-n Mpned. Twenty
families tre flooded out ami mad
bomeV, and neirly ID In WellnTflle.
At rteltalre laet nlaht the food reachd
tt hlehet mark, twine at feet : inche '
a- .- Y. I. r.U h..is.
barn and atabUs art floelinar t-ui the
city, and the destruction WT11 be pnor
moua Laet night terrible suffering waa
experienced by people living north and
outh of here. Over 150 house!) in the
city are flooded. Yesterday afternoon
the police ordered all craft to stop run
ning and a havy and strict patrol of
the river banks will be kept up to set
that no robberies or depredations occur.
Columbus, o.. March 25. Laat night
the water In the Scioto river had re
ceded to such an extent that all danger
is past, although some v.ater is still
flowing through the breaks In the levees
over aections of West Colurr.bua. Trains
were running on regular schedule on
acme of the roads.
Brief Statements of the Situation at the
Towas That Are Inundated,
Cleveland, March 23 The following
from the flooded districts In Ohio were
received last nieht:
Stcubenvillt The Ohio river reached
42 feet 9 inche at noon yesterday aal
at 7 p. m. had fallen only two inches.
Fully 500 families living within fifteen
mile up and down tho river and in this
city have been driven from their homes.
All sewer pipe and fire brick plants are
aubmerged and shut down.
Coshocton The flood Jurmed here by
the Walhonding, Tuscarawas and Mus
kingum rivers is two feet higher than
during the flood of 1SS4. All railroad
traffic Is blorked, ar.d no mail has been
received for two days. Two more wash
outs on the Panhandle are reported.
Oallipolls The Ohio river has in
vaded the business streets of the vil
laeos of I'oint Pleasant. Henderson and
Cheshire, mar here. In this city the
Hiking Valley and K. at.d M. tra ks
are submerged and all trains have been
annulled. The river Is rising rapidly
and people at Point Pleasant are vacat
ing their homes.
Mid .: ; wrt The water be fallen ten
feet since Wednesday night. The canal
bridge on Titu:i avenue and two bridges
along the waterway went down yes
terday afternoon. The Cincinnati. Ham
ilton and Iay;on railroad tracks from
the station for a distance of half a mile
are washed away, and the station sub
merged. The Miami and Erie canal
bank rav" way in twenty placei
Wednesday nigM and 100 men are now
at work trying to tyend th breaks.
Indianapoll Railways Sutler No Lives
Lost la the Railway Vt reek.
Indiana po',, March Mt A conserva
tive railroad man estimate that the
loss to the Indianapolis lines alone be
cause of the storm will not be less than
$soo,ooo. Including the loss of business,
damage to tracks, damage to equip
ment and personal injuries. The Cin
cinnati. Hamilton and Dayton railroad
got a train through to Cincinnati
Wtdntsday evening and trains are
again running n gularly. The Iiig Four
got a train to Cincinnati at 'J o'clock
yesterday morning. Trains on that
dtvMOB of the Hlg Four are run from
here to Griffiths, ar.d then over the Bal
timore and Ohio Southwestern into Cin
cinnati. The Peoria and Kast'-rn trains
run us far as Arcanum, O.. on the east
end. The west end is all right. The
Indianapolis division of the Pennsyl
vania is all ric.ht as far aa Itiehmond,
and by today it is hoped to get through
to Columbus.
The official report of the wreck, at
Columbus received by Superintendent
rarilngton. of the Pennsylvania, shows
that the crew belongod to a through
freight that runs between Logansport
and Louisville. The engine was Xo.
3TI. of the I,ouisT.le division, and the
crew was pressed Into service to haul
the work train. The train ran into a
washout, two and a half miles south of
Columbus while on its way to fix a
break In the track. Conductor Frank
lin was taken out of the wreck and
carried to an embankment where he
was left in harge of a braketnan. Fire
man Cowgill was found In a tree several
hundred yards down the stream and
rescued by a boat. Th? report to Dar
lington is that no one wae. killed.
Mighty flood sirenis Imminent.
Cumberland. Md . March An In
cessant rain has been falling here since
Sunday, and a mi-jhty flood seems im
minent. There are numerous washouts
on the Baltimore and Ohio between
here and Wheeiinc. and traffic over the
main line ha been abandoned between
those two points. The Potomac river is
rlsinT raridly. The streams up alon?r
the Oeorges creek are raging torrents,
nnd the bridges on the Cumberland and
Pennsylvania and Georges Greek roads
may I swept away at any hour. The
W. st Virginia Central road Is also lia
ble to suffer, as the rains in the moun
tains above have been heavy.
I'iltsl.nrg Ua a Ilrrathing Spell.
Pittsburg. March 25 At midnlcht the
water had receded to an ordinarily
hfeh water mark (23.5 feet) and no fur
ther damage is looked for. While the
loss will reach many thousands of dol
lars, the rrop rty damage will not b? as
heavy aa at first expected because man
ufacturer and householders had taken
txtra and early percautlon to remove
their maohinerj- and gux?, to safe
ground. Th.- principal loss will be to
workmen who win be deprived of wages
Wause of the shut-down of many milla
and factories. It wiil be several days
before the mill along the Allegheny
will be In shape to resume operationa.
tnr Total Stcrkof Rln.
Springfield. Mass.. March 23 There
are stored In the different arsenals In
this city 102.000 Springfield rifle. Thes-e
are of the !! model. Besides these
there are stored in other arsenals in
the country, ready for Issuance to
troops. 2'"0C of the same model of
rifle. Added to these there are stored
in the arsenals her u.00u Krag-Jorgen-K-n
rifles, mtklng a total available to
day of 3U.O0C stand of arm.
spun IUImw Money at Home.
Madrid. March 2T.. It was announced
yesterday evening that the BanM .f
Spain I to ienii the Sr-anli-h gorn
ment !Oe.oeo,09C pesetas, guaranteed by
the rcw :r-r.sury bonds.
It ia ecoeomv to p-ofit bv the x
perience of otherr Thonaande have
been cured by H jod' Saraaparilla,
wny not your
8pecia1 Diamond Dyes for Cot
ton That Give Fast Colors
on Cotton and Mixed
Dju't Rlik apoiuot; Too.- MatrrlM Wllh
Dea Tnat Claim to C. 1 r Both Cotton
and Wool With tba Suit Dje- D:ffrent
Kind Abtolatt li N.co.i r far Making
Satisfactory Colcr on Cntten and on
nocl-uunjoad Dyea Makf Fast and
Kleh C-dors an Anything From Ribbons
to the Heaviest llatnr.
In these days of shoddy goods.
wren the u;:. .s arc trying to see, not
how good, but how cheap thev can
make their cloths, the woman who
wants to color over her old clothes
h3 to be specially careful in select
ing her dje. Cotton is a vegetable
fibre and wool an animal fibre, and to
get satisfactory colors on cotton or
mixed goods, it ie absolutely neces
sary to have a different dje from that
used t j color woolen goods.
The great success of Diamond Dyes
in coloring cottcn and mixed goods
comes from the fact that they have
rpccial dyes for this kind of work
that can be relied upon to make col
ors that are fast to sunlight. Some
dyes claim to color both cotton and
wool with the eame dje, bnt when
ated on cotton or mixed gocds and
exposed to the light, the result shows
the falseness of their claims, for the
colors coon fade out and become din
gy, while if the Diamond had been
used, thoy would not havs lost their
full, rich, bright shade.
Diamond Dyes cost the manufac
turer and dealer more, but the prion
to the nser is the eame, which is why
some dealers occasionally try to sell
cheap imitations for the sake of a
littla more profit. The result is a
loss to their customers, for the Dia
mond are the only package dyes on
the market that can ba relied upon
to always give fast and beautiful
colors that are true to name. Use
nothing but Diamond Dyes if you
want success and satisfaction.
Tn some part nf Africa slaver, arertill
the basis of financial reckoning'.
Two of the -ight toi$edoes carried by
the Maine have been recovered.
The Marquis of ilsfllslillljl. it is an
nounced, is vry much stronger and In
better balth. and starts fur the Riviera
ttoddlng, Gal., reports the dlfvovery
of a t20,OM pocket in the Washington
mine at French girleh, twenty-two miles
from that plare.
A matinee benefit at Baltimore in r.id
of tho moasnnent fund for the men who
were killed in th" Maine tl?as:er netted
ir.;00 for ho fund.
The executive council of the Ameri
can PataTtTS association has decided
to hold tho next annual convcntii B at
Denver nnr Sept. 1.
The City National bank, New York.
h;is engaged IMOJXM geld, end Heidel
baek, bkleheimer ft Co., same city,
$12.".00fl gold for import.
There have been galis. SHOW, hail and
blizzards throughout Great Britain. At
Birmingham a factory wall was blown
d nn. kilanir four persons.
George T. Nicholson has bren appoint
ed general pas.erger traffic manager of
tho Atchison. Topejot and Santa Fe
railway, to take effect May L
The Guarantors' Finance company.
Philadelphia, has made an assignment
to Clay Kemble and Henry Clay. Lia
bilities. $1,047,500; assets, J582.S67.
James M. Davis, a weal'hy Quaker of
St. I.ouir. has bought Garfield univer
sity at Wichita, Kan., and presented It
to the Society of Frierds for a national
Victoria, B. C., reports the arrival
tr.re of a reliable party from Nlmpkish
river with the news of large finds, both
placer and quart, along the banks of
that stream.
The Pan Francisco officials of Wells,
Fargo & Co. deny statements to the
effect that the Goshen train r bbors se
cured in the neighborhood of J75.00O in
gr M and currency.
The president has appointed Judson
W. LiyottS, of Georgia, to be register of
the treasury. Lyons is a negro citz n.
ar.d the pe.-iticn is the one made vacant
by the death of Blanche K. Bruce.
Monay t u I ,ou
At 6 per cent. Private money.
William L. Ludolph, Buford block,
Bock Island.
35 Years Experience.
Dr. Con-Naughton,
403 Brady St, Davenport, Iowa.
How to get well. How to keep
well. Consultation from : o'clock
a. m. to 5 o'ctaok p. m Sunday
from . a. m. to lp. m. Telephone
No. 400.
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Overcoat Prices, $5.99, 7.50, $10, $12 and $15
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coats and suits pressed and kept in repair for one year.
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all shrewd and econ
omical buyers to the
Big Store
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nnfliiemi watr ran t
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od of filtration is by
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fr'nuntaln' nnrnna
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at oner Loaned oa Pomona! Collateral or Real
J. M. Buford. President,
John Crub&oah, Vine President.
P. Oreenawsit, Casoier.
Began basinets Jal r , 1880, sod oceapy toe 8.
a coat afttcaaU hbbMs new baUdiag.
b a aabss.
HP Sail.
aoaa voia.
ran suauau.

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