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YOL.XLVX 90,136
Trcsident Accompanies the Report by Detailed Statement
to Congress.
Believes That Sense of Duty and Friendly Relations Will
Dictate the Course
The Cabinet Meeting Receives Reassuring Advices From
Minister Woodford.
Washiafrtoa. March 38 Public in-' posed ot officer! well qualified to dis
Wrest over the report of the Heine j charge the duties imposed on them,
floart of inquiry It et white beet o If af aW a
H? daylight crowd begaa to Meem- The conclations of the court are:
b,e et the cepitol. Hoare before "That the lot of tho Msine was not
ooagress set the public gelleriea in any respec: due to feu'.t or nejrli
were crowded end hu dreds were gence of any of the officers or crew,
t imed ewej. Not in e quarter of e "Thet the thip wee destroyed by
cntary have each crowds sorted the eiplosion of a submarine mine
through the corridor, end ej toon which ctmed the partial exploiion
e the preliminaries were eoncladed of two or more of her forward maga
In the hone, the report of tho Maine sine, end thtt m evidence hm been
bard of Inquiry ecc unuenied by obtainable titing the resposibility
n.ev fr t. the president tu pre- for the destruction of the Msino upon
snted end read There wee en out nay person or persons.
hurst of spplnuie when the mssssgr
ws eoneluded. It we referred
wlthont debttt,i th- committee on
foreign elfeirs. The death of Re pre
eentatiee Slmpkiaa wai ennjunccl
ad the hca adjoa r,.-1
' I bare directed thst tho find
leg of the coart of inquiry
end views of this government
thereon be communicated to the
government a her majesty, the
queen, and I do not permit ro w f to
The message review the Incident doubt that the sense of justice of the
from the time when it we deoided Spanish nation will dictate a course
t renew friendly naval visits to Ca- of action suggested by honor at.d the
bn waters at the suggestion of car friendly relations of the two govern-
eoaenlar repreeenUtivae ae a symbol ment. It wa the duty of the eiec-
o' good will and the protection cf uMve to alvlse congress of the result
American interests, vn thoagb the and meantime deliberate contidera-
l umediate aeeit therefor did n t. n I invoked.
etist It says the Maine was seat e
Havana after a eonfarecr ) with tht
Hpanisa n r and the authorities,
a; Madrid. Ilsvaaa was ar tilled and
t ie aanonnroment was rooetved tv
t ie SpaaUa government with apprr
c ation of a friendly character, the;
r turning the conrteey by sending
Spnaish ship to oar port. Mean.
whi' the Maine entered Havana bar
b r the Jth of Jaauary. The ar
rival was marked tiy no special Inci
dents, but theetchange of customary
silutes sad cerenunlel visits.
Ti f ta umi.
The message then reocunte the ef
fect of the etplosi n which wrecked
the entire forward part of the ship by
which two officsrs and 360 of her
crew periebed. either a the result of
the eiploeion or by drowning. It
mentioaa prompt assistance from
s irrnuadiag veeswl. especially th
.Spanish cruiser Alpbco.au XII. the
generous treatment I the wounded
at the i hospital., which were
freely opened, the interment by the
niumoipal government of the earliest
r ecovered bodies, and the tnbutee of
grief and sympathy offered from all
the) official martera on the island.
1 he rat effect in this country wns
i itenee eicitement which In a com
munity less just and self
controlled than ours, night
have led to haty acta of blind
reeentment. This spirit, however.
oa gave way to the calmer pro
ceee of reason and a resolve to in
vestigate the facts and await mate,
rial proof before f irming judgment
as 1 1 th cause and the responsibil
i'y. and If th fct warranted th
fiue.lj'ue 1m. c. ursr necessarily
recommead itself Irom the onteet to
the eiecutive, for only in the liht
rf a dipaloaately ascertained oei.
tsinty could it determine the nnlure
end meaenre It doty fnlly in the
ma'ter The usual procedure fol
1 iwed. aem all caee of eaeaalty or
disaster to national vessels ot any
raaralime tat A naval coart of in
quiry wae at once organised, com-
William McKihlit.
A laaa'a Ttalluiunr.
One of the main points brought
out in the testimony in the Maine
case will correct the impression prc
vniling over the country that the
battleship's p -in n was not changed
from the time she cntertd the b arbor
until blown up.
Among the important testimony
before the Maine court ot Inquiry is
that of Chief of Gunners Mate Olsen,
of the United Slates battleship Iowa.
Ho told bow ho bad been aent to Ha
vana for the purpose rt doing diving
duty on the wreck. He had ascended
our iimes. mating eight or nine
our totnl examination. Olsen told
bow on hie first descent he went over
the forward part ef the ship. To use
bis expression be said: "I found lb,
wreck all blown up. I found n lot
of grate bars down there." The sec
ond time hs went dowa further and
forward, and there located n lot of
l in, h shells. Forward ot these the
platee were bent inboard over them.
The next time ho went down outtidc
the ship and forward of the crane on
the port side. He followed the
bottom nlong and f onnd the ship's
side blown outward and alongside
the crane could be walked on. "At
the part where sho was blown up,"
the witness said, - part of her bot
tom platee were turned np. Then
you follow the bottom from there np
and the plates are blown outboard.
At ths top and underneath the bot
tom they are blown inboard and
bent in."
adjourned ont ot respect to
the late Representative Simpkins.
The report was referred to the com
mittee on foreign relatione without
OewfracewKa Express Tnmslve.
Hall, of Iowa, chairman of the mil
itary affaire committee, said: "There
is no question now that the Maine
was blown up by a Spanish mine;
Mat the sb'p was ancbored over n
m'nt : that the mine was plaoed there
by the Spanish, and control extr
ciscd over the Spanish officers by its
government is ail the control which
any government sould have. I favor
Immediate intervention la Cabn by
tbrs country."
Dolliver, of Iowa, said: "There
port ahows the explosion was the re
sult of a well planned conspiracy. In
olvlng many persons expert in the
use of infernal weapons and having
access to military stores of Havana
government. It was an tcs of barbar
ism. As a whole the case now stands
our doty is to ecd the miser in Cu
ba bywhatever means necessary. It is
plain. I hope there will be no hesi-
tation and little delay."
Hew Spain Vlaw It.
London, March 23 Tne Stand
ard's Madrid special says, Spain,
in replying to the L'oited
States note of the 23d. static?
"contingencies are fast approaching
action in the Cuban matter forahad
owed on the president's message and
diplomatic correspondence," firmly
says Spain cannot admit tho infer
ence in the American note, and dep
recates the sending of c fliclal relief
and warships to Cuba as tending to
retard the pacification of the colony.
Bpala Ha Ifo Tat Aetad.
Madrid, March 28. Sagasta dc-
clares Spun has not sent a noto to
the United States on the subject ot
Cuban relief.
Hblr7 a r Dint; gqaadroa.
Hampton Roads, March 28. Com-m-dore
Schley took command of the
flying squadron today.
7orl-n Newe la Oanaral.
Pekin, March 28 The Chinese
garrisons have been withdrawn from
fort Arthur and Ta Lien Wan. The
Russians are landing and hoisting
the Russian dig at both places.
Lrndon, March 28 Sa isbary has
started for Ueaulieu.
A Just and True Claim.
labia ssaau la Mpaaaal ftaaaton aa K
salve Adataae torn Woodford.
Wasbingtcn, March A special
cabinet meeting ibis morning waa
largely devoted to reading of the
president's message Several minor
changes were made. La'e messages
from Woodford, though not made
public, are known to be reassuring
and give a basis for the belief that
the strain may be satisfactorily re
lieved. It is undoubtedly true that
Spain is willing to go even so far aa
to withdraw her troops from Cuba
on conditions which it not satisfac
tory to this government aro more
liberal and conciliatory than nay
thiag heretofore received, clearly
indicating the purpose to avoid war,
even if ahe is compelled to make sao
rifioee never before considered. Nev-
ortueleaa negotiators have
I passed the danger point.
Be AraUstM
Washington. March 28. Concern
lag the report ot armistice it can be
stated positively that there will be
ao sgrtemeat oa the basis of armis
tice tor sight moathe or aay other
The senate, after a abort session,
daring which tho report of the
Maiae inquiry board and the presi
dent massage wore received.
Diamond Dyes Alone on the Top
Round of Perfection.
The Diamond Dyes for Wool, Silk,
Cotton aad Mixed Gooda are wonder
ful triumphs of science, and embody
new discoveries that are unknown to
the makers of imitation dyes.
Able and expert analytical chemists
have made aevere chemical teats, tak
ing in all known makes of package
dyes, and have established the fact
that Diamond Dyes, being the only
pure make, will dye more goods
with a given quantity of dye than
any other dye in the world. Being
the strongest iu coloring power, the
Diamond Dyes are by far the cheap
est for home use.
If you would dye with ease, pleas
ure and satisfaction, and keep your
temper unruffled, yen must use Dia
mond Dyes. No adulterations to
make bulk; no impurities iu Dia
mond Dyes.
per cent, at the
lafaraal Iknhiuc fiaul to n tUSf Oad by
feMjius '-iK-st QsHsaaV1
Columbia City. Ind , Man h IS. Not
svlthstanrtins t;e fat that the h'imes of
the BaTSSwl councilmen of this city are
b iug guarded night and day, violence
from ciitxer.a beJasj (tared, an infernal
machine was found Saturday morning
on the fcteis of the raaaoawM of Coun
cilman Hiffendaifr. The maehine cun
aisttd cf a Ugir Oox, in which were two
boltl'S 'f i i. through th' rinks if
which extended fusts; a bum h of oll
aaturated cotton an'i acsSMl dynamite
cartridges bawjad in Goal dust. Matches
were so arranced lh.it the hea ls won. !
come in cor.tact with a piece of saml
papev assi thus it- ignited whin lb
BtWat shou'd e oi ened.
An Investigation is BOW in progress.
A few days ago ail of the city aaVtaJa
received notices teaming them tha'
they were to be killed. The notices
v.ere ornamented ivith skulls. etwBB
bones, dnitxers and the like. No atten
tion was 'aid to these letters, as the
ofti ials considered th-m aimp'.y the ef
forts of would-W wits. A tew hours
before these notices were received a
delegation of the women of the city
visit, d the council chaml r ard pre
rented a protest against certain Im
provements whiih had been ordered.
tn heiag received with scant courtesy
by tho officials they Ir. ated them to A
tongue lashing the lik- of which was
never henrd here before. The efhole
tfuMe grows out of the fa;-t that the
city officials are l'-t -rmir.ed toomtrjet
a sanitary an 1 storm fewer in the main
streets and that the taxnay. rs almost
unanimously oppose the move. Pro
tests without number have been ig
nored, and the peojle are det-rmined
t mak" the officials heed them in soma
Datll la Hainan 1mm Oimmlta an Atro
eStf on Hi- Wife.
Itutte. Mont . Marjji 3. Patrl k Mur
phy, a miner, has bwBi arrested f rrr.' t
atrccloos ar.:! flfndish cnlty to his
wife. He had I eat n her, and the wo
man took refuge In the cellar. When
she thought ho r husband had Wt ire
house she tried to come out through a
trap door in the Moor. Murphy, who
was on the watch. Jumped i.n the door
and caught cneof h r arms between the
door ar. l the n . r. 'o re he h Id i rrm
Then he s'-.wly poured a kettle of scald
ing water over ier crm. unhe. ding the
woman's piteous cries and moans for
mercy. The arm was boiled from fingers
to shouider. and amputation waa neces
sary. Sole Vry light in llatana.
ni. i i ..i .. ae. aeswaaway was
election day In Havana and was more
quiet than many elections In New York
Chicago and other large American
cities It is too soon to give the result
of the elections, but claims are mtde
that the government ticket. Including
twenty Autonomists and ten Conserva
tives, has been ejected. The vote in the
dry has been very light
Window glass is up
order of the trust.
Tin plate has fallen to $2.70 per 100
lbs. because the trust is disrupted.
Flour is $30 a barrel and starvation
prevails In the Interior of the republic of:
Gladstone's condition is that of an
aged man simply waiting for death,
which is probably not far off.
Representative John Simkins, of Mas
sachusetts, died of heart failure Satur
day night. He was only 36 years old.
George? and Anthony Alderemott,
young sons of John Alderemott, were
killed by an electric street car at Ak
ron. O.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dowling, of
Charleston, Ills., Saturday celebrated
the fifty-ninth anniversary of their
The body of William Marvin was Sat
urday taken from the debris of the
Wabash avenue fire at Chicago ninth
body recovered. - '
Oxford won the annual boat race
against Cambridge Saturday cm the
Thames. Cambridge was "not in It"
from the start.
It is the talk in boxing circles at Haw
York that Fitzsimmons will give Mc
Coy a chance to show what eort cf
champion he Is.
Illinois teachers in session at Jack
sonville elected David Felmley, Normal,
president, and Gertrude R. Chapin,
Ga'.esburg, secretary.
General William Booth, commander-in-chief
of the Salvation Army, has
arrrived at Chicago, and been given a
reception by the Fress club.
Delia Sadville, who had her knee
permanently injured by falling through
a defective sidewalk at Chicago, hes
neuSfcd a verdict of $10,000 asaicst the
Very Reverend Peter J. Marck died
at Ieeatur. Ills.. Saturday nigbt. He
w as rector of St. Patric k's church, and
one of the best known priests In Illi
nois. The house of Edward Hansman at
Kent. Minn., was burned, and all the
family perished in the flames, including
Mr. Hansman, his wife, and five children.
The wrestling match at New York
between Youssouff, the Turk, and
Roeber, the world's champion
Graee.i-Roman wrestler, was a fiasco.
Rreber kept uway until the Turk rushed
at him and pushed him off the platform.
wrenching his back. The match went
to Roeber on the foul.
itagswU Wins In the Klectlons.
Madrid, March 2S. The elections In
the capital Were without especial inci
dent. The elected deputies include five
Liberals, one Independent and two Con
servatives. Despite great precautions
at Filbao there was much disorder. A
body of 100 miners tried to commit acts
of violence. It is reported that a So
cialist has beaten a Conservative candl
date there. All the other provinces are
reported calm. The Sagasta party will
have a big majority in the coctes.
Death of Mrs. Jndga Bryan.
Chicago, March 2. Mrs. Thomas B
Bryan, mother of Charles Page Bryan,
United Statesminlster to Brazil, Is dead
of heart paralysis in her home at Elm
hurst. The remains will be interred at
Republican Nominate at Eau Claire.
Eau Claire, Wis., March 28. The Re
publican city convention nominated Dr.
J. H. Noble for mayor, B. S. Phillips for
treasurer, Percy Cochran for city clerk,
and Julius - Gilbertson for municipal
Money to Leu
At 6 per cent. Private money
William L. Ludolph. Buford block.
Kock Island.
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coats and suits pressed and kept in repair for one year.
Underselling Everybody
Continues to attract
all shrewd and econ
omical buyers to the
Big Store
SS Years Experience.
The greater includes the less.
Hood's Sarsaparilla cores scrofula,
aad may be depended a Don to car
boila aad pimples. i
baariht) for Tu Assci.
Dr. Con-Naughton,
403 Brady St, Davenport, Iowa.
ease8 men and wom en
How to eet well Hrw to keep
well. Contttat;ot. from 9 o'clock
a- m. to b o'clock p. m. Sunday
Irom 9 a, m. to 1 p. av Telephone
So. .
Z 324 326 328 f
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readily appreciated by
all people can be
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unnK x
unfliwrsvj watr cam
bsa nur.Thrnnlv ihn.
oachly picicai roeib
od of duration it b
means of a -i yvhui f
t-'ounusiii" porou
tTM k 1lti anil avn K.
iiiau HjMvnjpiiiniuritir
poe unlet it can b aepttcrapnloast
f lean. Hut nns P. trr mul .
sjajsjawaoayji ig cieuI.ID; Qex i".
2 II
rtlul ibe
ui Jim. vsunifuii
It If aturhd to (hewatrr mom. and m n
I ilniple tbal it crd he cloned , taati)- with
out opening It so porfrrt mat It can't be
cojpctoujouclauiytorJcr.. "
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112, 114 W. 17th
It Will Cost
You Nothing
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Incorporated Under tat
Stat Law.
Foot Par Cent Paid oa Deposits.
afoner Loaned oa Personal Collateral or Baal Batata
t. M. Bcford, President,
John Cmbauah. Vice rTerident,
P. Ortena wait, Caohitr.
Began baninea Jolt S, 18M, and occupy the 5.
X. corner Jtltthell A Ljnde'a ntr DaUdicf .
a 8 oasia.
Wa ftaatitm.
E P HaiL
BW Karat,

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