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OL. XLVI. 10. 137
Itoth Houses of Congress are on the Very Verge of
Declaring War at Once.
Looks as if the House Might Actually Override Speaker
Ken! at any Moment.
Matters Have Been Submitted to Spain and an Early
Answer is Awaited.
WMhlnfrtn. Mtrrh 39 Senators
and others, who taHed with tka pres
ident la alffht, today y propo
s.tloa tor armtattea has rasa from
Spain, and while it if being coaaid
arat in connection with other nc
of doty of military supplies was
pwiik Oc n at ea la raaaa.
Madrid, March 39. i complete
tranquility prevails hern and In the
province: pablic opinion if quieted
tiatioaa. the president Insisted that I bj the bf lief that the difficulties be-
aay proposed armittica matt be con
pied with other eonditiona which
Spain haa not ihown a disposition t
fjooept. and prhape will not accept
The tenor of the conditions are not
ted. h it look to permanent peaoe
and aalt fovrnmnnt f r the Cnbant
It wna stated by -an aanntor tan,
matteri wonld be brought to n kei J
wttkia a eery abort time.
Al tka eloee of the cabinet meeting
t day. Alger gar ml the statement
to tka effeet tkat all membere of tka
ethinet ware in kearty aceoid witk
the president, and tke atatemeat
oaclnde P. may be nld farther
there need be no fear that the presi
dent will not act He . t no time;
In preventing act oaly the Maiae in
ideal, kt the wkole litnatina t
Soeln. aad tke rountry can wall
a ford tn wait the result of negotla
tiona. which will be promptly made
niowa whaler, r tke reelt "
WlMM nN W.r I 't'" ?
Waakington. March In the
net. Rawlins, ol Utah, introduced
joial resolution raaogalaiag the in.
' penlenca of Caba aad declaring
war against Spain.
Maeoa followed the Introduction of
the reeolatinae with a strong war
h whick tka galleries vigor
ously applauded Tke popnllsta and
silver republicana of notk houses
held a conference today resulting in
the introduction of Cuban independ
eoco resolutions in the senate by
Allea. and in tha house by Bell. A
very determined movement is on
fool among the members of the
b uee in which prominent members
of b tn parties are cooperating tc
bring a proposition for Intervention
In Caba I a vote if n?rj by an
arbitrary overruling of the chair. A
very prominent leader says there will
be ao delay beyond Thursday.
Foraker offered a resolution for
Cuban Independence, and sprke cf
the delays caused by the Del. ime in
cident and the Maine incident, but
declared tke Cuban peetton would
r ase up whatever was dona with tb
ktaiae. la regard to reports of threatened
dleturbaace m Havana, IHy said thi
forenoon tkat a Ulegram from l.e
shoes there is no oroasioa for alsrm
lag reports as to the situation In llv
Fryn IatrodaceJ a resolution re
nting the condition of Cuba, and di
reetiag the president in kis discre
tion to take stepe to drive tke aaval
aad military frrcee frrm tke inland
Tka Raw line-Foraker Frye resold
ttoae went to tke foreiga relations
ta tke h ir Marsk. ckairmaa of
tke militia committee, iatrodoccd a
xat reeoluti -n declaring war be
tween Seme and tke United States
A raaolation frr tke importation
twecn Spain and the United States
will be arranged in a friendly man.
aer. The newspapers place grait
atrass upon tha conference between
Woodford and Sega t a to take place
this afternoon.
as-AMssi mi t i tiii: MUM-.
Fall sr
e mm ta ssae nnawj
tMiMW mm4 cSMekJaa.
or ih Sam Aanamnansm
Ihm Amr1rin Report.
Wahlnct' n. March it. A f ull ;ync psls
ef th report of the Spanlah r.aval rom
mis!r,n hi. h InxrstiKat-d the destruc
ti' n f the battleship Maine la here
given br the Associated 1'roee. It Is
taken fri.ni a cupy of the original report
hi. h It now .,n ir way here fr. in Ha
vana, the avnop'is Ulna; cabled in the
aeantln,. and -t. flay placed in the
hands of this government. The c. inclu
sion" reached are directly opposite to
th"e In the report of the court af in
quiry sutimltttd to lonsrcse M -relay.
The synopsis is as follows: "The re
port contains declarations made by ocu
lar wltnss. and experts. From the-se
si st-merits it clearly ldues ai d proves
the alienee f all those attendant clr-rurtt.ni-s
which are Invariably pres
ent rn the occasion of the xplt4on of
a torpedo.
"The evidence of witnesses compara
tively cloee to ihe Maine at the moment
Is to the effect that only one explosion
ocriirre.1, that no column t water was
thrown Into the air; that no shock to
th side of the nearest --ssel was felt,
cor on land was any vitration noticed.
and that no dead fish wore found. The
evidence of the nlor pilot of the har
tor states that th'.r- U abundance of
fish in the harbor, and this Is corro
borate. 1 by other witnesses. Th. as
sistant engineer of works states that
after explosion made during the execu
tlon of works in the harbor he has al
ways found dead fish.
"The divers were unable to examine
the bottom of the Maine, which was
hurled In the mud. but a careful exam
ination of the sides of the vessel, the
rents snd bn aks in which all point out
ward, shows without a doubt that the
exflosion was from the Inside. A min
ute examination of the bottom of the
hart., r around the vessel shows abso
lutely no siKii i f the action of a torpedo,
and the fiscal I Judge advocate of the
comm. ss. on can find no precedent for
the explosion of the storage magazines
of a vessel by a torpedo.
"The report makes clear that owing to
the special nature of the proceedings
follow, d and the absolute respect shown
for the extra-tc rrttortalldad of the
Main, the commission has been pre
vented from making such an examina
tion of the Inside cf the vessel as would
determine even by hypothesis the In
ternal origin of the accident. This is to
be attributed to the regrettable refusal
to permit the necessary co-operation
of the Spanish commission both with
the romman ler and crew of the Maine
and the different American officials
commissioned to investigate the causes
of the accident, and later on with those
employed In salvage work.
The report finishes by stating that
an examination of the Inside and out
side of the Maine as BBaa as sueh exam
ination may b p- sslh'.c . as also of the
bottom where the v ss,- rests, will
prove that, surpcslng the remains of
the wreck net to fee, totally or partially
alterrd In the process of extraction, the
explosion wis un!-uMedly due to some
interior cam."
i.t Inclined t Walt Anr Uagr II for
Tkia nHsl Mmhm.
Washington. March After ad
Jecurnment of the h-use yesterday there
wae c-r.sljerable discussion over a pro
posed consolidation of forces In the
house who f . r s m" f rm of In-medi
ate action cn the Cuban issue There
wast a strong feeling shown over the
. 'ame In the message cf any outline
of a definite administration policy, and
a derided disposition was apparent not
to await any further de'ay nor resort to
tetnporis'nar tr.cssures. The project to
furnish ad libitum relief supplies to the
Cuban non-combetar.ts Is meeting with
opr"ttlon to which members on loth
.. , f the h use have :vn vol. e in
private d sc-ussi. n on the ground, first
that "ipaln alone Is responsible for the
condition en the Island and. aecund. the
extending of such large and probably
assttaeed aid abroad Is unjust to the
peep; of this country The steps taken
yesterday on thta line were of an Ir.for
mat nature Kepreeer.tatlve Hull, of
towa. chalrrran of th house committee
on military affairs. Is leading the move
ment for prompt action.
A number of eenatrrs snd r-prc-snta
tlvee of b.,th parties conferred with the
president at the White House Isst night
It taaaj&jttat Ue jiuaion curcud bi
taost Cf those whotalked with McKin
ley waa that congress was inclined to
object to further delay towards a settle
ment of the Spanish situation, and that
unless the next message was more defi
nite the radical members could not be
held tn check. At the meeting of the
senate committee on foreign relations
tomorrow Senator Frye will move that
the committee remain In continuona
session until the questions relating to
the Maine. Cuba and Spain are fettled.
Foraker will introduce today a resolu
tion recognizing the Independence of
er Reed. Dlngley (tha
ho majority), nor Bailey
(the Democratic leader of the house).
woull make ar.y comment on the mes
sage. Other members, however, w ere not
ao reticent. Their comments ranged all
the way from approval of the message
out-and-out to entire disapproval of tha
fact that if""!!d net propose war Imme
diately, falling a complete back-down
by Spain. Hopkins of Illinois favored
intervention at once. Landls of Indiana
was equally radical. Many of the men
Interviewed were non-committal. Dem
ocrats were Inclined to criticise the
message for its lack of announcement
of a viperous policy.
Now Declared to nave Been Very Positive
Spain's Reply Energetic.
London, March 29. The Madrid cor
respondent or the Dally Mail gives a
version of the negotiationa between
United Statea Minister Woodford and
the Spanish cabinet last week differing
somewhat from that given by The
standard's Madrid correspondent. He
says: "The note which General Wood
ford presented on Wednesday was of a
commlnatory nature. It demandec
that Spain put an end to the war In
Cuba Immediately, recapitulating the
damage to American interests, and fur
ther hinting that the war was a danger
to the public health of the United
States, the continual smuggling be
tween the coasts of Cuba and Floridi
being the means of conveying the yel
low fever.
' Spain's reply was energetic. It de
clares that tho war would have been
ended long ago. but for the material
and moral help and support the rebels
were continually receiving from the
United States. The Spanish note com-
plalm of thn policy followed by th-?
Unit d States in demanding from Spain
the termination of a war which the
Unit, d States were virtually maintain
ing by the proser.ee of a squadron In
the rcighliorhood of Cuba, end by or
ganizing succor for the rcconcentrado3
In a manner that would bo offensive to
an nation, as well as by keeping in
Havana a consul who is publicly the
agent ard representative of the rebels.
"Public opinion rejects all Idea ol
yielding ami apparently neither desires
nor fears war with the United States.
Tet Spain knows she is confronted
with the most serious conflict she has
had to face since the Napoleonic wars.
There Is an ominous absence of excll
ment amonc the people, whose one topic
Is tho possibility of war. It !s the calm
before a storm, whic h will i!.-;tk v. hen
the American ultimatum comes
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Offer Their E0 -vices ta the CoTernment in
c use of llosttlitlr.
Washington. March 2?. Secretary Al
gcr yesterday pave out for pttbUcattioi
a telegram from Ann Arbor. March :N
which says: " The students of the Unt-
versity of Micliican stand liv the ad
ministration an-i tender services in cas;
f war'- This is signed: "Stude nts o'
the University of Mic hipan." Trie sec
retary'e reply was teat yesterday and
reads: ' Message sent by you tender-
ng your services to the government
should we have war. was delivered us
me to the president who greatly ap
preciates It.
I am sure all wish for continued
peace if we can have It with honor.
ut should we unhappily be plunsed
into war it Is gratifying to know that
reeds, nationality, and party afSiia
tions will nil merge into one thought.
and that the defense of the nation's
honor and its flag. I am happy to
know that among those who are willing
to make the sacrifice, if need L. the
students of the great university of mv
state stand among the list of thosj
noble young rr.en who are ready fcr
The little son of John KHnger, of New
London, Wis . was attacked by an en
rased heifer and severely gored In the
neck and face.
According to notice given on Satur
day the York cotton mills In Saeo, Me.,
opened yesterday, but out of 1,600 strik
ing employes only 200 went to work.
T. A. Gifford and wife, of Edserton,
Wi., who narrowly escaped suffocation
by coal gas. have nearly recovered.
though they were nearly SO years of
ICetnrni of the Spanish Flections.
Madrid, March 29 The latest election
returns show that III Ministerialists,
46 Conservatives, 7 Romeriasts, In Re
publicans and 3 Carlists have been
elected. Advices from Havana show
that 4 Autonomists and 2 Conservatives
have been returned.
Minister Woodford Confers with Gallon.
Madrid, March 29. United State3
Minister Woodford had an important
conference last night with Senor Gul
lor.. the foreign minister, and communi
cated to him an extract from the report
of the American board of inquiry into
the Maine disaster.
All the Ship Painted War Color.
Key west, l- :a., -vtarcn 2it. By mgnt
fall yesterday all the ships in the harbor
ex.-ept the Cincinnati were paUited a
lead color from water line to smoke-
strxk tor.
Amailcan Securities Hooming-
I.ondim. March 29. On the streets
yesterday American securities were
booming, at one to three points higher.
All the light shades in top coats. Overcoats for men who wish to
dress proper. No tailor can turn them out in better style prices
almost half tailor prices fit much better in many cases.
Overcoat Prices,
Democrat le Victory at Council BtnfTs.
Council Bluffs. Ia., March 29. The
city election held here yesterday re
sulted in a victory for the Democrats,
they electing Victor Jennings mayor
over C. R. Randlett, Republican, by a
majority of T.TS. Of all the city offices
th-- Republicans only elected one ward
alderman and the auditor. '
IHdiifroa liny Report Next Fall.
London, March 29. Curzon. the par
liamentary secretary of the foreign of
fice, announced In the house of com
mons yesterday tr.at the final report ol
UK Dolapoa bay arbitrators might be
expected early in the autumn.
Kepnbllrans Win at Oskalnosa.
Oskaloosa, la., March 29. The muni
cipal election was a Republican victory,
that party electing three out of five
Keirhstag Adopts th Navy Bill.
Kerlin, March 29. The nlehstag yes
terday definitely adopted the navy bill
without division and amid cheers.
National Volunteer Movement,
Warhinpton. Mar.h 29 Adjutant
General Corbin received a telegram vs
tc rcay from Gens. Sch. field. Howard
nnd McCook. a committee representing
the National Volunteer Reserve, aa fell
ows: "S;-eak well of and support our
rrat Union movement cf not:h"rn and
uthern veterans, forever puttins asid
the shadow of sectlc r.ali.-m. strengthen
ins the president s hamls. anil elec larmir
the firmness ard loyalty of the people
to the nation. 1'u all newspapers
throughout the country to publish en
rollmer.t blanks. The National Volun
teer Res?rve movement will have all
the effect of the president calling out
volunteers, and this without delay or
exp- r.se to government or creating too
much feeling as an act of war."
Mason Thank Ilr. Powell.
I-nCre.sse. Wis.. Mar.h 29 Dr. Geo.
E. Powell, who accepted the challenge
issued to Senator Mason by Har.en el
Cardo, the Spanish editor, yesterday
received the following letter fr. m Sen
ator Mason: "Dear Doctor: I thank
you for your maeriflcent letter and
the spirit of patriotism it shows. I must
decllr.e to let you fight for me. Let's
clean out the wh nation and move
them off the continent. I enclose a let
ter from a your.g man of Dayton, O.,
who wants to take your place."
i oanecrUeeat l .litis Gets Orders,
South WalkT. Cnn., March 29.
Connecticut National Guard Brigadier
General Russell Frost issued the follow
ing order yesterday. "Until further
orders officers commanding organiza
tions cf the Connecticut National Guard
will not absent themselves from their
home stations for a period exceeding I
twenty-four hours at one time except
by a regularly Issued leave of absence.'
For that Urad faeliag voo moat
enrich and purify your blood. Hood's
SafaapariUa is tka medic! no yoo
The -Voice" at a Political Meeting.
A candidate at an election was known
to bo struugly in favor of flogging m
tbo annv. He said he saw no necessary
disgrace attached to being flogged.
"Why," cried he, "I was flogged my
self once, and it was for telling the
"And it cured 'eo, naw doubt," said
a rustic in the meeting. London Tele
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