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Harper's Tbeurt,
nee MtTi .
Oread r BeeeeMtee:
Passion Slave.
With IS Spatial!
Prtea !Oc,20c ad3c
eaeea.. ea eele at Blrlcr Braa'
Thursday Night. March 31.
Roland Reed,
At 1UHMM hf eliad I. I Re tAe
nrllllaat i ..acl j ,
The Wrong
Mr. Wright
17 (tforKt A. Broadhurst.
Mm i v, it. 7$? . sc.
or All the Reasons
or the Vear
That period whlrh marks a chance
fmsa wlnsar into tha lap of aprtna: ta the
awnl dancarmi. It la the tuna whan tbe
air la til lad with iliaaawa, whan lha wind
waft ptwnmnnia aral other pulmonary
troulila wltu .my brreie. Km fata h tie
of thla character are .imp alarmlnc. in I
In ptta of all wainlnc may seem tn be In
eraaainc Pnaamntila mmrn aaxWsty, I
arte i-iiraly ami far ton often raaalta fatal
ly- Ta enact and rapalr the waata o( oca
a if laaaaa l a aroMeni every doctor ks to
eutva, ami if ha amid only lied amue laaana
tu rapier Ua rapid waata of tissues la tha
haantn at rm-t ma faarar than it tosa an
thrra la an dlaaaaa which ha aould aot m
qnar. Ha la Ilka tha aJrheaalate of olden
llmaa, aon Dually waking; tha oaa awarVal
aalvaat which ahoald turn ail thing Into
rM. It la a neatiim af a .tlmalaat. and
spartanee telle him thara la nothlec ea
aiiiial fare Whiaky. Than, why not gaard
aaalnat thia rvll iflHaaao by hat las: always
In your medlrtria cheat a - (tie of I'ura I. re
nr fhmrhan Whiaky ' It at a sfeioaUve aa
wall aa a ease Wa have Beany i.rand - and
uioiia ark-ee, hoi all ira uaranlaad aban
Inialy awra. We ara taw anly wh..i-ai-hmiaa
eailrrc rnda at retail la any quanta
foil may wank
Oaea .eeateee a e'tioea
Telauaaaa aa taw.
The Em-El.
rawny t.ar nre, tjnsTeira aeeaae.
Woltmann the Jeweler
Our stock will be
found to contain one
of the finest assort
ments of Jrwelry to
be seen anywhere.
Novelties of all Kindt
Besides a regular line
of Watches, Clocks,
and lewelry that is
worth seeing. Call
and look it over.
Woltmin, the Jeweler.
IK Seeosd Art
t a
Both tha method arvl reemlU wheat
Syrup of Fitra ia taken; it is plpaxaot
arm mrrahinc; to the Usto. and acta
rjeritlv yet promptly on tbo Kidney a,
Litre and Dowels, rlcanar the aye-
cncrtiauy. dispels colds, head-
aiM lever ami ctirca babiUul
1 1 nation. Svrun of Fi-a i that
Iv fTIDpdr of it kind mr rim-
nanaairrg to the taste and ac-
cepsaiMe to the atomaeb. ttrrmpt ta
ita action and truly beneficial in Ha
feet, prenatrd only from l be moat
healthra-il aereeahleauriatancoa, ita
nanny exexllent qualities! eommend it
to ail and haw made it the moat
popnlar remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for Falo in 80
cent bottlca by all leading drag,
friatt. Any reliable drncgist who
may not Lave it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wiabca to try it. Do not accept say
uunmHiM no syrup co.
mv Auactaco. cl.
iu. at. near roax a.r.
cam Diets
; is Mi nitti T3
F a aloe rup of frasrant Hot Cnffpe,
'.-. .lataor I'. a, or a l.! iou? dlli
of lea I' ream or Kurt Ice.
in-m Bcoooa A vcoue
White PatosSweets 1
ARK th- laadera for fino
n fraah Caadiaa Atmood
and Hirkory Nat Nnpnt
aro wonderful takera. Taf-
flaw and Nat Candy'a freak T
erery morning. Oar Cara-
melt ara perfect, and thoaa 4
dclieioaa Popcorn r litters A
land tkom all. 1
Italian Creams
Will aaraly anlt yoo. and a
onrlaant lull of Cream -
and Chocolates are tho beat
ia tha three cities. Try a
Reldy Bros.
Real Estate.
Insurance and Loans
4. MItaaaU A Ly a ia aa
Brick of J
k Ice Cream I
raoa tbb
Whitt Pllici if Sweats
Talapkcae ? oa 1S48. I
r i
8chcdule For the Western As
sociation is Now
Bscrlbt (or Tu Aaaci
'"e r T.rarr Aadaraaw Btprraaata
Rk laM.4 aad I i Baoklac
aw Tana al tlaaaa Far Baene .t tha Baa
a. r Sana- l rl aant riawawaraw ta BUIaa
laaatra' aal rtaa A ai' UaaraUaa.
The r preaentativea of the We a tar a
Riaaball aaijeiation met at the Trc
mnat h'ue ia Chicago yesterday,
adopted a achedale for the camic
eoiaon, and traotaetd minor busu
aea. Those present at the meeting
war : T. J. Hiekey. H. G. Kuright,
St. Joseph; S. W. Frick. W. S. Smith,
Qamey ; F. Q Clark, F J. Reilly,
Ottamara: Wbliaai Kreig, Barling.
tn; A. Franchier, Cedar RapiiU;
Varnay Andaraon. Hock island; John
ria'ey, Pat Wright, Peoria; Ttd Sul
liTan, J K Skemp. Uabaqae. r.es
Idtot T. J. Mickey presided at the
meeting and J. E bkump acted as
secretary. Ac-ording to the ached
ale adopted, tho sea on will opun
April ; and cose Sept. 2-1.
Iu addiUoa to the schedule the
representatiees dabbled ia legia
latlon against rowdy ball and
oad the preriient power to disci
pline any piayer and suspend him f r
any act wnich might offend. The
penalty for the first offense will be a
suspension oi six dajs, fur the second
30 days, and tor the third the
i dander will be barred from partici
pating in any gamea daring the re
ma ndcr of the season. An incen
tive to gnad umpiring was also given
when the piesident was voted the
power to isise the salary of any um
pire $5 a month. The present aal.
ary is Vib The transfer of the fran
chise from Jouaph Moran and the
original owcers to Ttd Sullivan was
also ratified. Guaranty for each
gam? to a visiting club will be flu, to
bn paid in case of a poslp-icement
Should wet grounds or rain inter
face, however, only half that sum
need be paid.
Manager Anderson succeeded in
doing well by Rook Island. Too lo
cai team will be at home Decoration
day, Labor day and on the dates
which it is contemplated to hold the
national Union Veterans' Union en.
campment here, and the national
Sangerfest at Davenport. The first
irame at home is with Cedar Rapids
May 3. The schedule in full is ap
pended: At Cedar Rapids Dnbrqne, My
15, 11, 15 July 19, '20. Jl. Sept. 19,
I, 21; Reck Island, May 6. 7, s, July
29. SO. 31, Sept. 13, 14, 15; Peoria,
May 9. 10. 11. July 15, 16, 17, Sept
9. 10. 11; ijaincy. Ma; 31. June 1, 2.
H, 25. 26. Au?. 15, 16. 17; Rurling.
ton. May 28. 29. SO. Jane 28, 29, SO,
Aag 5, 6, 7; Oitumwa, Msv 21, M,
26, June 17. 18, 19. Aug. 9, 10, 11;
St. Joseph, May 20. 21, 22, Juno 21,
22. 23. Aug. 12 13. 14.
At Dubuque Cedar Rapids, May
16. 17, 18. Aug. 1. 2. 3. Sept. 16 17,
18; Rjck IsUnd, May 9. 10. 11. Ju'y
15. 16. 17. Sept 9. 10, 11; Pdoris,
May 6. 7. 8, July 29. 30, 31, Sept. 13,
H. 15: idiocy. Miy 28, 29 30. June
28 It, SO. Aug. IS. 13. U; Burling
ton. May It. June 1, 2. Jane 21, 2,
St, Aug 9, 10. It; Ottumwa, May SO,
21, St, June 21, 22 23. Aag. 5. 6. 7;
St. Joseph, May M St, 26. June 17,
is. 19, Aug. 15. 16, 17
At Rjok Island-Cedar Rapids,
May 3. 4 5. Jaly 26. 27. 28, ept.
3.4 p; Dabuqie. April 28. St, stay
I. July 22. 23. 21 Sept. 6. 7. 8; 1W
ria. May IS, 14. '5. July 19. 2J, 21.
Sep'. 19, 20, 51; (Juincy, May 14, 25.
26, June 17, 18 ly. Aug. 5. 6. 7; Bur.
lington, May 20, 21, 22. J ne 21. 22.
25. Aug. 15. 16 17; Oltumwa, May
31. June 1. 2. 58 rt, 30. Aug. 12, 13.
14; St. Joteph, Mav 28. 29, 3J, June
J4, 25. 26, Aag. 9,1C. 11.
At Peoria Cedar Rapids, April
28. 30. July 22. 23. 21. Sjpt.
6. 7. 8; Dubuque. Mav 3. 4. 5, July
26, i7. 28. Sept. 3. 4.'5; Rnck Island.
May 16. 17. 18. Aag. 1. 2. 3, Sept
lfi."l7. 18; QsttMf, May 2 ), 21, 22.
June 21. 22. 23; Aug 9. 10. 11; Bar
lington. May 24. 25. 26. June 17, 18.
19, Aug. 12. 13, 14; Ottumwa. Mav
28. 29. SO, June 21. 25, 2G. Aug. 15'.
16, 17; St. Joseph, May 31. Jane 1,
2, 28. 29. 30, Aug. 5. 6. 7.
At ijiincy Celar Rapids. Jane 7,
8 9. July 8. 9. 10, Aug. St, 31. Sept.
1; Dubuque, Jane 1", 11. 12. July 12,
13. 11. Aug. 22, 23. 24; Rck Island.
Jane 3, 4. 5. Jalv 6. 6. 7. Aag. 19.
20, 21; Peoria. Julo IS, 11. 15, Ju y
2. 3. 4. Aug. 26. 27. 28, Bnrliogton.
May 16. 17. IS Jalv 26, 27, 28, Sept.
3. 4. 5; Oitamwa, April 18. 30. May
1, July 15, 16, 17. Sept. : 13, 14, 15;
St. Joseph, May 3. 4, 6, Aug. 1,2 3
Sept. 9. 10, 11.
At Burlington Cedar Rapids,
June 10, 11, 12. Jaly 12. 13, 14 Aag.
19. 20. 21; Dubuque, June 13. 14. 15.
Jaly 2, 3. 4. Aag 26, 27. 28; Rock
Island. Jane 7. 8. 9, Jaly 8. 9. 10.
Aug 23, 21 25; Peoria. June 3. 4 5
July 6, 6, 7, Aug. 30 31, Sept. 1;
guincy. May 13. 14. 15, July 19 10.
21, Sept. 16. 17. 18; Ottumwa. May
10, 11, 12. Aug. 1. 2. 3. Sept. 9. 10,
11; St. Joseph. May 6. 7. 8, July 15,
16, 17. Sept. 6. 7. 8.
At tjttumwa cetiar Kaptda, Juts
13. 14, 15, July 2. 3. 4, Aug. 23, 24,
25; Rock Ialaod. June 10. 11. IS,
Joiy 12. IS, 14, Aag. 6, 27, 28;
Peoria. June ., 8. 9. Jaly 8. 9. 10,
Aag. 19, 20. 21; Quiacy. May 6. 7. 8.
July 22. 23. 24. Sept. 6. 7. 8; Bar
lington. May 3. 4. 5. Jaly 29. SO. 31.
Sept. 19. 50. 21; St- Joseph. Mv 16.
17. 18. Jaly 19. 20. 21. Sept. 1,4 5.
At St. Joseph (Mm Ktptde, June
S. 4. 5. Jaly 5. 6. 7. Aag. 26. 27, 28;
! Ddbtqae. June 7. 8, 9. July 8, 9, 10, i
Atlf. 1 '' '.) '1 Koet Island J iro '
13. 14. 15. July 2. 3. 4, Aag 30. SI.
Sept 1; Peoria, Jane 10. 11. 12. Jaly j
12. 10, 14, Aug 29, Z4, zo; juincy,
May 10. 11. 12. Jaly 29, 30, 31. Sept.
19. 20. 21; Burlington. April 29. 30
May 1. July 21. 22 23. Sept 13. 14.
16;Ottomwa. Mav 13. 14, 15, Joiy
26. 27 . 2. Sept. 16. 17, 18.
lie rata r.
The Qoiocy club has exhibition
games arranged for early in April
with the Chicago Unions and the
Kansas City team.
Harry Steal z, a Western associa
ball player, living at Elwood, fell
from a telegraph pole and broke his
ankle. His mjiry will probably
put him out ol the game perma
nently. Listen to this from the Bnrliogton
Hawkey e: "Rock Island is as pas
si va as a dead jack-rabbit. When
Hickey suggested that the Rockford
club be transferred there, the people
cf Rock Island informed him that
they bad not the slightest objection
to having the club. The daily pa
pera t ied hard to instill enthusiasm
into the dead issue of baseball, bat
so far without success. At present
it looks as if Rock Island is a 'dead
pigeon.' " The writer from whose
fertile imagination the above bit of
bosh sprung ia way off hi trolley, to
use a slang expression. He had bet
ter post himself before he attempts
to enlighten the people of his neck of
the wods on the' baseball situation.
Mom Island is in t e W.s.ern
association, it might be stated
for the information of the
Hawkeye. Her guarantee money is
up it was in the hnls of President
Hiekev before several of lhe other
clubs had succeeded in scrapie;;
together their 00 bucks she has a
nailing team engaged, her park has
been rented and is being placed in
condition aa fast as graders and car
penters can work, bae has a few
dollars in the treasury, and the
statement can be ventured that she
is in aa good shape, if not better, to
begin the season, than any club in
the association. Put that in yrur
"dudeeu" and take a pull at it, Bur
lington. And by the way, Burling
ton has no cause to swell up. Rook
Island was in the baseball business
before the Iowa burg was ever
thought of as a tit town to launch a
lea-rue franchise Rock Island earned
off the pennant both the teasons she
was in the Western association. What
did Burlington ever do? It will be
remembered that she waa always one
of the first to flank when she was in
the od Interstate league. Rock Isl
and never flunked. Not much. She
has backbone, and when she goe
into anything baseball in particu
larshe stays until the last duck is
Wins Honors and Money at
the Grand American
Takas SSOO of tha Prlri Offaetaas oa
.a of the Fattest and kintal Shootlaa
Urooada ta tha W or 1 i O Tar Two Hoa
f rsi BUrktmaa ta too CtaaS-stock
laUadtr Aeecmpaalaa C Alcoa Party.
Thomas P. Laflin arrived home
this morning from Long Branch, N.
J . with his parse 1500 richer and
crowned with fresh liurels as a re
sult of his participation in the Grand
American handicap live bird shoot.
There were 2u7 entries in the con
test, which lasted three daya. There
was something over f 5,t.00 hang ap
in prizes. Mr. Latin was one of
nine who made 25 straight killa. The
li ek Islander was tucoessfol in ail
tho events, winning over f 100 ia the
smaller shoots.
Mr. Lstl n shot at 73 pigeons, and
lost but two of them. This is a re
ntrkable record, aad one which the
iiock Island gentleman and his
friends alike will be proad of, when
it is considered that it was made on
the fastest and finest shooting
grounds in America.
Maw tna tight.
Mr. Lflln improved his trip by
viitiner a day each in Niagara Falls".
New York and Philadelphia. He
waa a member of a party of SO who
left Chicago in two special coaches.
The Gibneys plaved "ngie, The
Cimntry Girl," to a full house at
Uirper'a theatre last night. 'Pas
sion Slave" will be given this even
ing Roland Rei will bo one of the im
portant stars to visit Davenport this
foi-on, and there is no little interest
manifested In the production of his
new comedy next Thursday evening
at tbe Burtis. "The Wrong Mr.
Wright" is said to be one of the best
hits of the season. Charming Isa-
dore Rash will be seen in a happy
role. Miss Rush, the charm
ing actress with Mr. Reed, who
has become a great favorite socially,
will cause a flutter amobg femi
nine heart with her n jw gownB.
which she has specially designed
for her appearance.
Bow tu Uot Utod.
Good looks are reallv morn than
akin deep, depending entirely on a
I I . 1 Jl.! . 1 .
neatiuy uuumtiun 01 ine viiai organs.
If the liver be inactive, vim havn a
bilious look: if your atomach be dis
ordered, you have a dyspeptic look;
if Tour kidnevs be affected, von have
a pinched look. Secure good health.
anu you win surety nave good looks.
"Electric Bitters" is a good altera
tive and tonic. Acts directly on the
stomach, liver and kidneys. Puriliea
the blood, cures Dimnlps. hlntohea
and boils, and gives a good com
plexion. r.very bottle guaranteed.
Sold at Harta & Ullcmeyer'a drag
store, no cents per oottle.
Bttaamatlsm Cared In 24 Hoots.
T. J. Black more, nf HalW &
Blackmore, Pittsburg, Pa., says: "A
short time since I procured a bottle
of Mystic Cure. It got me oat of
the hoase in 24 hours. I took to my
Dea who rneumatism nine months
SCO and the Mystic Ruro ia tha nnlw
r- j 1. 1 J
medicine that did me anv good. I
had live of the best physicians in the
city, but I received very little relief
. . , ,, ....
iioiu laem. sou oy utto urotjan,
1501 Second avenue, 'druggist, Rock
Island; Gust Schlegel & Son, 220
West Second atreet. Davenport.
Tt niter u
March 28 John Amber to Oecar
IX - - . - . . . V ..
n . AOluvri;, wj 101 D, D103K 1, BaUCy
Divenport's second add., Moline,
Oscar W. Aralierg to Louisa M. Am
berg, ej lot 5. bssasl 1. Bailey Davea
port's add , Muline, 11,000.
Did Yo anal l'p Weong-
Take a doee of Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-
Honey. It will relieve the discom
forticg cough or cold, and help yon
to feel good all dav. It exhilarates
the ldngs and soothes the bronchial.
Davenport. Ottesen. Millinery.
Lee's Little Gem is the beat broom.
The great dresi g )rds event of the
a irson this week at McCabe's.
Fred Gross was fined f 10 and oosts
vesterday by Magistrate Stafford
for assaulting Jacob Sohanm.
Mrs. H. J. Johnson and daughter.
Miss Frances, arc Lore from Port
land, Ore., on a vhit to relatives.
Don't forget the chicken pie sap
per at the Central Presbyterian
church Thursday evening. Only 26
Mortimer Fleet, of Hampton, has
been appointed gardener at the in
sane hospital at Watertown, and he
entered upon his duties yesterday.
Prof. W. H. Hatch, of Oak Park.
111., former principal of the Rook
Island Hiph school, accompanied by
Mrs. Hatch, is visiting in the three
George W. Aster is rnnnimr like a
race horse in the Fourth ward
Noftsker, with all that is back of
him, will not hold a candle to him
election day.
Herman Schmacbt is now prepared
to take orders for famishing yoa ice
for the summer. His ice is uure and
olear, and the delivery service will
oe prompt ana reliable. Telephone
orders to 4062.
"Boney" Johnson is already buried
in the Second ward, despite all that
can be done by those interested in
his political and public welfare.
William Eckermann is the next alder
man from the Second.
John Voss, of this city, and Joe
Krepps, of Buffalo, Iowa, will wrestle
for f25 a side and the gate receipts
at Turner hall tonight. Tho style
will be catch-as-catch-can, best two
in three fall. There will be prelim
inary bouts between local athletes,
and the match of the evening will
start at '. o'clock.
A St. Paul dispatch says: "David
M. Emmons, a heavy holder of the
Soutball time heck securities, has
assigned. Mr. Emmons is a real es
tate dealer, and holds more than
1100,000 worth of the Southall time
checks. He places the assigned es
tate at 125,000, the greater part of
which Is in real estate."
The legislative bee is still buzzing
in Chris Uactjer's bonnet. He won't
say that he wants or don't want the
republican nomination, but he usual
ly leaves tee impression that he
would accept it if it were tendered
him. The other fcllowa had bettor
fix up their fenoes. for Chris is liable
to oreak into the held as a dark her jo
ttnrll ..'a a a t . .. u 1
The beat salve in the world for
cats, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt
rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped
hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
prnntinnc anil nfiaittn.lw nM. nil..
or no pay required, it is guaran.
wut In w.-.f.x.t
fnrinj.Tj rut n rH..l 1'rif.a of.
box. For saic by Hertz A UUo-
Have Too Bad lha Grip'.'
It yon have, yon probably need a
reliable medieine'like Foley's Hooey
and Tar to heal - our InoifH and stop
the hacking cough inoidental to this
Foley's Honey and Tar cough med
icine ia unquestionably the best rem
edy for the throat and lungs Plnaa
ant to take and is guaranteed. For
sale by T. U. Thomas.
"tA Tired ratlaaB"
overcomes as when inferior prepara
tions are recommended by unscrupu
lous dealers as "jast as gcod aa Fo
ley's Honey and Tar crugn ay rap,"
when we know the antqusled merits
of this great medicine. For sale bv
T. H. Tnomaa.
Halle rf ye
'A PERFECT FOOD as Wholesome as It ta Delicious.'
"Hex Stood the test of more than tnr. vn
daasei, cad for purity and honeat worth ia
Costs less than ONE CENT a Cup.
Established 1 780.
Trade-Mark on Every Package.
Glove Sale
Base Ball Gloves Hade to Order.
Cornea from oar brewery. II Is Iks favorite
of the laborer, tbe epicure, the rich matt sad the poor bmbj
Its flavor is delicious, its "bidy" right to please all latttt
Made right here at home of the finest malt and ohoioest hope,
and by the most advanoed prooesa; why shouldn't "ROCK
ISLAND" be the best?
Sample Shoes
Going at Legs Than II Costs
To Make Them ...
UAVING bought all the samples (this spring's styles) of two
" large factories at 40 per cent discount, will place them oa
sale at less than it costs to make them. As we save never,
been undersold, come and get prices and sea goods before yoa
Leaden in Low Prices and Good Shoes.
The Beauty
Of our new stock of Wall Papers
doesn't alone lis ia their srtlstis
colorings and designs, sat iq
their remarkable eheapaess. Wall
Papers 20 par cent cheaper than
ever before. See oar great re
duction In prices sad yoa will
be surprised.
810. 812. 314 TWENTIETH ST.
A few notes regarding spring goods that oaa be foead by look
ing at this ad. Here are some prices ws quote: Spring aovel
ties in suits- the prices range from $18, 20, SS, $91 sad ap.
Tbe prices in the spring tronssrs rsags from $6, $0.60, $f,
f 5.50 and upward. Come in aad see our fine line.
Gas. Englln, Uiiifir, 1803 Sicul In
ina-aeveiopmTii or onrmns ana noay.
mem. cannot no Barm lire ar
For sale by M. F. Bahnsen, druggist, cor. Fourte At. sad
TweaUeta fU.

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