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!TW tif W War Han. 1
Fair toaifht and Vt f in' !aj J
warmer Wedaeedav I
r ,.('. l..mnarilnri SB
Lr. B. Dcvr, Uwmr.
Boy a horn of Kelly Bros.
Flahlag taakla. Tn-'i A Co.
V aster novelties. Trnfi A Co.
Uavsaport MIlllMry. OtUMD.
Fran river nth at Hni Br '. to
For reliable Bra insurance coil on
T. J. Burns
Sm tha prattj lis of Easter noval
Um at Trof a Co's.
Anything ia nibln outfits a. Tro'i
A Co V Low pr mo
Wait fr the hi . pr..r.,' at Yoanjr
A M ' .u ' To ir.da
Mil loorj npQing tjmorrow and
oil da, a. MrCf- Br '.
Cari'a. 3917 Fifib aaeane.
All 'ha M lateat In iprinjr haad-
(T-nr at Hyrn-t' v- r. . r. tomorrow.
K--r.r- dv ah u. 1 a-:- n.S Mr La
Freaa 'pria opening 'omjrrow
For MoCahV milliaerv txhibit
Wadae-dajr and rburadaj, sea ad.
Protlj Raatar aovsitlae (or tha lit
lit oiae at Trafs A L'o'i. Met than
Tha alt big 'priafc opeainjr will
ba at Tranf A MoCosjba' Tharadaj.
DrNi onions, rad e&ee. caglitljw
or pit pUat and oter piant at
Tha i aljr tug aatllmery and dra
KaapaaibK will ba at Toqbk A
V Tharadav
Jam- Taylor, of Taylor RHrfe one
of Ifto o 1 auraori!tr o t TlIK AR'H1
list a a oa lr today.
Hui property, reai B"e prcp
any aa-l it f r al io al par: of
af' mi bt F.. Buro-
Hrr Ka(iuaa. Carl Bernhardt
ant Qi . Rhhi miaraal it tbsl
tudte . ' i a ii. a t 'ay
Bay y i- wall n.fr eleaaer.
painta "lie, varaiahe and It r oil
of W C H ihbt. the boat la Ua auy
Doa'i fall to Byraaa' sallUaer
opniair tomorrow atidara V'tot'i
lateaa patterns from Pane art oa at
bib. Hon
Aaolbar ar. abipmmt of trail pa
air twiTi Wal. p-p-r l ' i n r
Hap tbaa esr at v V. Habbr'a
Hit TaiN.ataaii
Harr Ki r i 1 .'. lb liff in'
of B Ii Kaaly ia th Stitb war t
tbi pna iMi ia a map at"
taiB-av uf r in tb ward
fraciaal L C l ifr'ry. of tb
Hatb -a rbNi. haa aanouacv t
bia ca-dldary fr.r tha rtpab'.tcaa
B- atiaailoa for cuaty aopnntiad
oat of naola
Hon roda of n tt?' bait ll bt
n nly at Yiiaa(( A M C re1-
rand aarlnir -p-nmif. "taH-h Will
craamt-rt) Wlnrday r ibk at
All ar- iatd
Mr La Frraa will bat fr1-,-
optaiDiT I' m .rr an 1 r i-.tinu. a
tbt raai of lb trrtk. Kttry owl bj
tita' to tt.-n t A nar atiun will ba
f Ivan to atcry ouatoaitr.
rbn ra Sbo r mpaoy rry
bt a i.J abura in tha trry lata
tylao r . tbaa i; r at tbt factory
in mat lnin at IB air. c
at tb I taala h ator
'Or wioina in oiaci ti i a, a n .
i 4 t f i t t pa r at tb-
'i'i" 4 tal at tbo !' a- -I
atora Tha taraa cradf of aho rot'a
joa 1 a pair alawhar.
rb draw food aala at MrCaba'a i
atira -t nk' mn n m r iha th ana
amount of attention. No intond;n;
boTpr of a now prm drr -hku.u
orarloook tbi plBHd opportunity
Aid Ntlaca baa dictated t tba
rapubl'caaa of tbo Sarntb ward Ii
tbo lat tlrna Hi dominant ml
la aaaVd. J W. Lahad wtil b
tbo aaxt aldarmaa from the STanlb
11. a 1 aork C W afaMPM and L M
Iraek Uate for Loan tonight t
matt tha M trn Woo'1mn diroctor
to aalact difTcrtat malarial for th
hail titK la cou'aa of aractlon in hi
S ma tart rood aaloaa In II
Pla Sho e- mpaaa' tart tin
f and oiforda for l 2i. l So
aad 1 71 a pair at tba aiaiee' aala
of tba Rock lland factory (boa at
tba Paatlna) h alora.
UM tan iboaa ia a ricb, dark,
chocolate hada of tba tar tin -i
grado .if kid. for 3 a pair at tba aa
atKaaa'a ala at tba Ttaalfa ibca
atora. Tba aataa frade coats ;oa
13 40 a pair alsawbara.
Satcliffa doaa n t ofTar yoa jaat
oaa paiiara to look at whan yon ca.l
for l on' ppr. bat (Ira yoa a
romp ato haa to aalavt from And
all othar (raJa of papar ara offr:d
at propirtioaatoly low rate
Bob Back baa tba V.rt ward alJar-
ruanio candldact a'td Ha ia trna
a ttaal aad a prnad aad proper rap
raaaatatita of tba lavi'lajt pa- p t ia
tba waat aad o! tba city, la tk r.
tbay caa alwayt pat tbair confl)ana
Ail ara latlwd to at fraad la
formal opaalaff Wadaaaday araaiar
fr m 7 ta 1 ' Mat, walcb for
proftam tomorrow araalaf N
rrooda aold. Ktblbltloa aad an
wrtaiamaat fraa I ar; A M
Co alba.
Tba (' HA', Traaafar A Kt
praaa aompaay. wboaa work to tba
paat la wail kaowa. baa mada ar.
raafaaiaata ' i ftta av a battar aar-
r ao'lrr bawgaga aad aapraaa
baad'l -g. atura doer dt'.ltary. ate
Tbla auaapaay'a rapatattoa for aatia
factory work ka an aaaamtaa of iav
' rrraoad baicat. and all who have1
i work of tht -t will do well to I
gat their term.'. Heary Looges is lo- J
cal masarrr, :.. : tbe te'eparno nam-
' ,'T Is 1131.
Tba train oa ike St. LouiadivUiGn
of tba Birliartoa are running
tbrongh and on ached ale time again
tba damage caaed by a wishoutnaar
Bardioan having tccn repaired.
Laat atentng'a train did not arrive
antll 11 o'clock.
Never baforc hate McCaba Br .
made auch elaborate prcpaialiona for
their Dill. inert exhibit aa they have
for tba one to take place Wednesday
and Thorsday. All tbe ladiea of thia
tlc'.nity are moil cordially invited to
noma Kmesb:r tomorrow and
The cte of Mi Kdna Bener. the
R"Ct Iland girl wh I petitioned tbe
ru i . ' coort at Pittaburg fcr tbe
removal of ber gonrdinn. Attorney
it B Ivory, who charg-d her ?2 "00
aa bla fee. wa rontinmd at Pitts
harg ytJtarday.
P.ilit Bker. ciiaparoned by Tore
C 'X. paid a visit to 'be insar.t ay-
lum nt watoftoara tudav Billy ha- s
! to aifcM at tnJ h.-j.un ana wdk
i see hiw It will go to live in tn' pari
f tbe oiiictrv locidentlv B'Uy and
will feel the political pulse of
B Winter : It will indeed bo cold
weather ibe:i the pop ,nr Third
ard alderman fails la capture the
ward In which b has lived so roanv
ears, ard which ba haa served so
aitbfally Aid Winter will b re.
arned to th- council br an increased
majority thi -pring.
Al t Henry L Wbealan con d not
.,. 'triii j ruore to his
xmg tnn th rerooiination of
rge 'ichnei 'rr in the Fifth ward.
will beat little d r-rgo w.irse than
'id two years ago It will be
hrce tirri" and ( Ut for stood for
V-hnaider tbia ii-ne aid the repuh-
an kr? it.
C. C 0 yne. f ' ort Byr n. was
the city todav Mr. Covne ha
ha.'craa a candidal'' f r the deriio-
ratic n uuiiiaiion tor couotv tre-
rr Mr (' vne comes from th-
aeighborhiod where tho damocraiic
party ch oee lu wlcocrs for this
or1 .
A clerk in oaa of the drj foods
l re was r ujht shrp i.Hinj ves-
rdav A lot of plunder was also
ound at his borne. Ha was dis-
"hark-eit. the propriet'-r refraining
pruccuticc bim ut of conid-
A Mighty Army
standard quality.
Cresc?nt Bicycles
F CRESCENT riders contemplate
with great satisfaction their pur
chase of a 97 CRESCENT. The
use of the wheel has proven its
For 'o$ surpass any previous efforts in
bicycle construction. No grade so high
as the Sky High Crescent grade. Ex
amine them at
This Week Ladies' Shoes Slaughtered.
To make room, and start the spring business, we shall slaughter some very
desirable styles, all new and up to date. "No old shelf worn stuff. Space
does not allow us to quote many prices, but we shall offer ladies' shoes
from SSc to as high as you wish to go.
"This Week's Leader."
A Ladies' Tan Vici, Coin Toe, Vesting and Kid Tops, A to E, newest
lasts, equal to any $3'shoe in the city, for - - - -
1615 Second
You May Not
How many opportunities
we oftYr for a bounteoua
dinner unless you give
attention to the faet. Call
at the store and you will
fird no trouble in select
ing something for a rel
ish. Read tbo M and
rav o for r . family, wbo are in
poor circa as a tan oaa.
tii tba was the crowd iroe. Tnat
way ia to Hu e itTe a wall paper at re,
i t- 'he -'.art mue. All tbii
a e-t thi:itr in wnll Paprr cirried I
bt a. i 'h lrg, t far: rie- n the,
uutry. K i.m nioti.'ug in nil coi
rs to salt eo!or of paiT Mued
pairta ia all tha ' . . ; aliadea of
colors that are made.
Ie Sbanron. of thia cltv. has
baccate in'erated in aMsat a lead ore
n. i to nlle fri m t. I. ohm in
FrankJin county. whi h. jndginsr
f . . M. t.k...L n a r. r.A I. UVi.n.
; n at I nr. Aaoi a trice today, gives JJ
j, omiaa of tioiding a deposit
n a aloe to the iuot fascinatiog pro
Iteta of the Ki r"' ke.
Sew !.!' .
SSJ Bfta,
r.-i .,
Miad lAUmut,
' ax H -,
Xca Pcu,
Ctlcrr, ; loach
The Wheel the Cracker
Jacks Ride,
Ride a Stearns and be Content
1897 Models, $37.50
1898 Models $50
Tandems $100
We are Agents tor
fix the punctures fre .
Mrawbenirt, Oranges.
Katie; Apple'. Banana.
Treawd C-.lrleo. Sprlr.jt C bicken.
Wild Pscks
A Sm H.tor. roriiamil iho Kaaldanea
W. J. or Wvtaie'' Hcardsley, as
fri'-od known biu. baa titled up a
nnat ictltin Btotfl at 201'.) Ninth
avt'uue. wb- re he aftll couduct a
aaasjsjl oath Btjaary ta ah that the
name iiupliea. Not only gruccriea,
but a aue comprising tba many .it
lie nerds "t a residence neighbor
li .ol will Kbt k'.-p?. "Wjmie" ha
ability and plentt .if huatie, and nis
lf-ire tu faceted wil! Oi.jV be
trtnglhcned by tbe pltasure he will
tak" In pleating his patrons. Give
bim a call.
1C23 Steal Art. BBtgbM 10S1.
llni tr, iniurr un
it ken an ' thought- f beautifying
your h uii will be t.pperut' . in your
wind for vera! wees-. I? you want
a pairiier, AM nsjaat or paper BMSJtjf
wbo ccn do tirst-class work, (Je.jrge
Sntcliffe tbe big wallpaper dcal r.
has a '.ar ' rce of akilled workmen
at yo ;r s rvice. with al the equip-
u' i.t m earv to loail aindf ni in.
sld aad outside rk satisdetory.
.art' t.ik'.iif . i. hi. ct ia
Or wet take d e of Dr. Bell' Pm.
far-UoLey ad f rufy yourself
sainst eolrt. Jblt is one of tbe
m 't tlicsci. us rernedlfs known to
cienct f"r coufci. colds and incip
ient nuruptlon.
FULL line of Potted Plants
of all kinds.
CUT Flowers and Floral De
signs at lowest prices.
"flLL t- iidd n on
the track io
Kot,k Ishod in '98 by
Walter Hyoes. Art
J nop, Genrve Knox,
am towlby, Art
Mead ard G org
Porter They xs
more than the other
wheels, but when the
spet d and beauty of
th' machine i taVeo
In consideration, cr st
cu'.s no fctfure.
LL sizes in Wire Netting.
WE tsell Sewing Machines
the be, made; all kind
of Needles, Belts, Oils, etc.
CULL Mne of Electric Sup-
plies. BeAteries. Belts,
Push buttous, Sal-smmt niac,
Zinc, etc.
334 Twentieth St., Rook Island.
303 West Third St., Davenport.
Ask for the Patee Crest,
The best wheel in
the world for $35.
Chase Tires and
We carry tbe largest stock of Sundries
in the city at prices that are right
HlePreseijt toOurGeitleneiiBrieids
The mcs: complete assortment of MEN'S WEAR ever shown to the trade
in this vicinity.
S3. 50
Our Leader for the Spring of '98.
AU the Style, All the Finish, All the Wear acd All the
Omfon as ia the higher priced goods. Five Styles in
Tan. Tbrve Styles in Blac'c We carry Wirths from
to EE
One sit stnsiler a'itr usin? Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken
into tha shoes. It makes tiht or
new shoe f.-el a-j pivas inatant
relief to cms and bunions. It's tbe
(rr ateat cemf -rt discovery of theatre.
Curas aad prevents swmlen fet,
blisters, rallrius and sore spots.
Al.sn's FosjaWajg is a certain cure
for sweating, h t acbinr fact. At
all dra?it and tb'a store. 25
renu Trial package frte by mail.
Addreas. . r. S Olmsu !. La ti jr.
N T.
A l inlicural.
Jiari 1 am in aa awful prcdicar
ajaM 1 am in I if with two nsesx
-i t 1. 1. aaj io-
twrrn 'b-m ll w embasTBaaiag!
Marie Oh. I can choose all right,
law sjeMltar of tbe snan arems able to
' w rk World.
'Phone 4474.
Architectural Ironworks
Brass Foundry and
Machine Shops
Maker of 1 1 r a&S Uzht Brass ana
Brm.a raa'iaf. PaUrro Makliu u1 Oan
era Jobbing. Brara ri, Bailie?. Iran
aad traa .r l. OBct Bal'lner Arebea,
Oaua and fDCitt, Iron rr. Door,
Gcrd" acd Shcttrra, a tc.
Tea thoaaaBil demons
wbv at cce'a vital ou'.dn't
na:h wrrae
1 1 c h i a ;
fit HI
v a w ar a. aa ' T. i
.r. - o ntment narer fails. Sio.d
. Shop and OCioe Cor. of Second Ave.
knawing ,B1 Twenty-third St
4.'a t
.Tri City Railway
Power House.
tba tortures of
there's a rur.
An Exquisite Display of Easter Novelties.
It's a pretty big contract o EasU r-clot he the boys of this entire community. We'll do cur duty
if you'll furnish the boys. You'll be pleased with our way of doing it, too. We are showing a
multitude of New Spring Styles In Children's Wearing Apparel, sparkling with beauty, goodness and
usefulness, marked at Low Price?, making them tempting and desirable, and thus Increasing the
deserved popularity cf our Boys' and Children's Department Swell Russian Blouse Suit with
leather belts; beauties in siilor suits; jaunty little junior suits, with the latest agonv in fancy vest,
double breasted re- fer suits. We have the satisfying goods at satisfying prices,
Parents taking pride in seeing their boys look neat ard trim should not fail to have them togged
In one of our Special Confirmation Suits. EASTER MILLINERY We are showing a swell line
of gentlemen's Fedoras and Derby Hats All the popular light and dark shades, as well at all the
cu e, fancy, fussy thi-gs for the little tots
by Marshal. A Fisher.
Kock Island, DL

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