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VOL. XLVI. NO. 167.
The Red, White
and Blue
Pearl of
Reported Engagement at Mariel. Sixteen of the Dons Said
to Have Been Killed and Many Wounded.
KKY WEST. May 5.-A special says
the tu;j Lcydon landed two par.
tii'S in Cuba. The commission froii
Washington tofJomez debarked at Sunt
ta Clara and the other under Acosta
landed near Muriel after the Wilming
ton had shelled the Spanish cavalry in
that vicinity. Acosta'smon. after bcinr
landed, charged and routed the Span
iards, who retreated, carrying oil 60
wounded, leaving 16 dead on the
field. The American and Cuban
colors were hoisted side by side on
Cuban soil.
Hit nation In Santiago De Calm.
Kingston, Jamaica. May 5. Man
uel Carre, a merchant who "has
just arrived from Mananillo, says all
garrisons in eastern Cuba have been
ordered concentrated in Manan
illo, N'uevitas. ('iianlanamo ami
Santiago Do Cuba. All the other
places are to lie evacuated. The
British consul at Santiago De Cuba
cables that he is safe and that the city
is quiet.
Disturbance Increasing.
Madrid, May b. The disturlxinees
continue in the provinces. Looting
and shooting have liecn reported from
various points. At Barcelona a re
newed run on the bank has been
made. The holders of notes are de
manding silver.
Just Like the Oilier.
New York, May b. A Kingston
special says that ollicial dispatches
passing through there report an up
rising in Porto Itieo. The revolu
tionary movement is said to be well
under way.
No Authentic Wrl Kroin Dewey.
London, May 5. The Eastern Tele
graph company says Neither Presi
dent McKinlcy nor any one else has
received a message from Commodore
Something Definite Sorely Kx ported From
II lm Within the Next IS Honrs.
Washington, May. b. The delay in
hearing authentic news from Dewev
is causing no little apprehension on
the part of naval ollicials and in fact
departmental discussion also runs on
this line. It is thought that within
the next 12 hours something delinite
will lie learned as to the condition of
the American licet in Philippine
The authorities are imlignantat the
stories telegraphed from San Fran
cisco to the effect that they informed
Kirkland that Dewey reported that he
had lost 200 men. They say the story
is without foundation, anil in fact
that no information whatever has
leen received from Dewey.
There were many- conferences be
tween the president ami prominent
senators ""and representatives today.
The lirst comer was Senator Ilurrows.
of Michigan. As he left he said:
Everything is moving along smooth
ly. Well, what we want now is Porto
Kico. We ought to hjve that tomor
row." Will it If as soon as that
senator?" Yes." was the response.
Probably in a day or two."
The house has agreed to the confer
ence report on Ihe Alaskan homestead
art. The house coininiltte on foreign
affairs discussed the Hawaiian annex
atinn resolution, and adjourned till
Tuesday without action. It is claimed
a majority of the committee favor
the resolution.
In the senate consideration of the
Rsyal aakti ths food par.
wholesome mai Ucl t.
Absolutely Fur
Banners Side by Side on the
the Antilles.
postoflice appropriation bill was be
gun. Kirklnml Denies it Too.
San Francisco, May 5. Admiral
Kirkland denies the story that he re
ceived news in regard to Dewey's
It U Said We are Trading.
Paris. May b. It is reported that
the United States lias promised to
capture the Canary islands and cede
them to England in return for the lat
ter 's help in case the other powers
intervene in favor of Spain.
Enforcing Neutrality.
Pofita Del Cade, Azore Islands. May
5. A Portuguese gunboat arrived
here today to enforce the neutrality
decree of Portugal.
I.Ike Mother lied to Make.
l)es Moines, May . The ladies of
Des Moines gave 3.000 soldiers at
Camp McKinlcy a tine dinner today.
The weather is cold for this season,
and the hospital corps is taking extra
precautions to prevent illness. The
governor reviews the troops tomor
Itolilnlo Denounces Autonomy Spain
Waiting lor Another Licking.
Madrid, May 5. Public attention
centered at;ain yesterday in the con
gress (lower hous of the cortes). There
was a repetition of the great crowds of
Tuesday, the pulice and civic guards,
besides the secret police, mingling with
ths people. The galleries of the house
were packed and many ladies were
present. Several prominent senators
occupied seats Pesiile deputies on the
floor of the chamber. Pc-nor Reverter,
minister of finance in the Canovas min
istry, and the hero of the excommunica
tion incident iast autumn, defended the
memory and policy of Penor Canovas.
SVnnr Canalejas. editor of El Ileraldo,
replying dwelt upon "the weakness and
vacillation of the government of Can
ovas, which fostered Yankee boldness."
The principal speech was delivered by
S-eni r Itomcro y Kobledp, former min
ster of justice ami leader of the Wey-
lerite party, who maintained that Amer
ica fostered the Cuban rebellion, and
meant war from the commencement."
Senor Moret's policy of autonomy he
characterized as a farce and as abso
lutely erroneous. As for the Cubans,
he declared that they did not desire
autonomy; and as for the rebels, that
they never intended to accept it. "The
present conflict," he continued, "proves
the real intention c.f the Yankees. Spain
must now face her international ene
my, and she should not waste a single
peseta to give the Cubans autonomy.
which would lie or.e step towards inde
pendence. The war requires the energy
of all classes to defend the king and the
London. May 5. The Madrid corre
spondent of The Pally Telegraph says:
Those who are best informed as to the
government's view allege that if the
Spanish arms suffer another reverse
like that at Cavite the government
would informally request the great
powers to lend their service to arrange
the test possible terms of peace. Many
Liberals consider that Fnain. having
maintained her honor and justified her
chivalry, rnn now afford to yield to
superior forre. hut It is doubtful
whether publir opinion would approve
this line cf action." "
ISongli Draft of the Interior of Ihe Vessel
Found I' pnti Him.
I'hil.-idelphfa, May a. It was learned
yesterday thnt the name of the suspect
on the cruiser Pt. Paul is Howard Han
nan. He Is alviut r,0 years of age. He
claimed that he was an Austrian and
came to this country in 1SS1. Hannan
also said that he was a painter and had
given up his job to enlist on the St.
Paul. At the examination yesterday
Hannan strenuously denied that his in
tentions had been hostile to the ship,
but not withstanding his denials a rough
craft of the interior of the vessel, show-
ir.jr the location of her magazines and
engines, was found in his possesions.
He has not been placed In irons, but a
strict watch is maintained over him.
He will be put ashore at League Island
navy yard when the St. Paul passes
there. The prisoner win then be dealt
with as the government authorities may
deem proper.
Spanish Warship Fpon I'st
Philadelphia. May 5. Captain Aar
haus. of the German steamship Schles
wig, which arrived yesterday from
Haytl. claims to have been pursued and
fired on by a Spanish man-of-war off
Tortugas Arril 28, just after sundown
The captain says he not only refused
to heave to, but kert going ahead un
der full pewer of steam with shot after
shot coming after him and soon out
distanced his pursuer In the darkness
Shipping men consider the most serious
aspect of Captain Aarhaus' report the
evident fact that Spanish ships of war
are closer to our coast than seems to be
o oQision ct thejaayal authorities.
Doesn't Approve It, bnt TVonld Fight It
Out 1 Igoronsly Now.
Cleveland, May 5. Hon. Chauncey M.
Depew, who was in Cleveland yesterday
attending the anr.ua! meetings of the
T V e Shore and Violrol 'PlotA fnlln ova
in speaking- of the war, said: "I am of
the opinion that had President McKin-
ley been left to himself we should have
no war. The trouble is that in congress
there are a number of men who are
clamorous for a fight. Xo, I do not
think they would go to the front, but
war talk is sometimes excellent political
capital. Sooner or later they would
have embroiled the nation in a
war over the Cuban question, whether
the Maine incident had happened or
"Now that we have engaged in war,"
he continued, "I believe it should be
prosecuted with vigor worthy of a bet
ter opponent. The contest should be
made short, sharp and decisive. Not
solely with a view to a speedy victory
over Spain, but because of the object
lesson it would afford European pow
ers. They will respsct us more if they
see that when we engage in a fight, we
are a united peopie with but one end
n view, and that the upholding of our
national honor.
'I believe that the friendship of the
English people for us. which has been
so cemented during the present cris:3,
will result in something more than a
mere understanding between the two
nations in the future. It would be a
glorious alliance that of the two great
Anglo-Saxon races standing together
for humanity and peace."
Ibtrlierism at Michigan l lliversity.
Ann Arbor, Mich., May 3. Presidents
Kinney and Idema. of the warring
ophomore and freshman classes, were
on the carpet before President Hutchina
and were told that the hair-cutting
which has been going on fur the part
week must stop at once. There have
been twenty-five victims from both
lasses, but the freshmen have had the
best of it. Idema himself has been
sheared, but took his medicine good
naturedly. The rooms of several of the
boys who have been especially active in
the business are adorned with handfuls
of hair of different varieties, which are
treasured up as mementos. The sopho
mores swear that they will clip every
freshman in the literary, department
before they are through.
Shot His Victim from Itchlml.
Madison. Wis.. May 5. Without any
apparent roasen Christian F. Larsm
walked into the paint shop of R Nelson
at McFarland. nar this city, and fatal
ly shot Xe'iKun in the head from be
hind. Larson was arrested. It is thought
he is insane.
Nominated for Congress.
Fairfield. Ills., May 5. J. R. Will
iams, of Carmi, was nominated for rep
resentative from the Twentieth Illinois
district at the Democratic convention
held here yesterday.
Western Drawing Teachers Mi-et.
Ietroit, May 5. School teachers, prin
cipals and drawing instructors to a to
tal of several hundred were present
yesterday at the opening of the fifth
annual meeting of the Western Draw
ing Teachers' association. The conven
tion was called to order by the presi
dent of the association, Mrs. M. E,
Death of W. II. Tresscott.
Charleston. S. C, May 5. Hon Will
iam Henry Trcsscott. for many years
connected with the state department at
Washington, died at Pendleton, S. C,
yesterday. At the opening of the war
he was acting secretary of state of the
United States under President Buchau
an. Erie Canal Is Open.
New York, May 5. The first clearing
of the season over the Erie canal from
this port occurred yesterday and the
canal business has begun.
Populists Nominate a Ticket.
Montgomery, Ala., May 5. The Poru-
list state convention yesterday nom
inated a full state ticket with C. 13.
Deans for governor.
Wheat Goes to $1.70 at Tiaitimore.
Baltimore, May 3. The price of wheat
reached the highest point in six years
on 'change yesterday. At the close $1.20
a bushel was bid. against $l.lfi, the
closing price J Tuesday.
. Eleven Men Drowned.
St. John's. Xd., May 5. The schooler
Crown, Captain Linehan. was lost off
here Tuesday, and her entire crew of
eleven men were drowned. All of them
were married.
Cuban Keeruits at Tampa.
Tampa, Fla.. May 5. A party of be-
Pween thirty and forty young Cubans
recruited in Xew York arrived here
yesterday and went into camp at the
Cuban rendezvous in West Tampa.
Wheat still .lumping.
Chicago. Mav b. The w heat mar-
ket.sur:ed to the most remarkable
injures within the recollection of
the oldest trailers. May touched
$ l.oO with lijrht offerings. The for-
eirn markets made astonishiii'r ad
vances. In Paris it went up 5 cents a
bushel in spite of the removal of the
lutv. Letter sold 2.(Kio.(MMJ bushels
of red winter wheat to a Paris symli
cate at 1.47.
When the sultan cf Turkey attends
the Friday midday prayer at the mosqu',
in Constantinople, the garrison of 30.-
000 men is stationed along the route
in such a way that he shall be safely
guarded from the moment be leaves his
palace until be is on his carpet in the
sacred edifice.
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Sampson's Fleet Has Another
and More Exciting Job
on Its Hands. '
Will Scout the Occas to Locate the
Spanish Ships Whose Where
abouts Are Not Known,
They May Be Aflei the Oregon Schley'
Squadron Also Looking for Orders to Go
to Sea IteportTlir.t a Dispatch I'.out Has
Arrived at a I hluesc- Port with Noki
from Ileney An Offer Iroia Hawaii
Other Yliir lute lli'iv'nc e.
Washington. May u. Tiie sailing cf
Samrson's fioet ::i quest, as it is be
I.tved. of Ihe Fjar.L'h fleet that had
.-tn so Jong at Cnpe Verde islands until
it rni!-d thence a wi-.k ago, is some
thing t'::e authorities h-rra will not talk
about. The press dispatih announc
ing the return of the Spanish licet from
the ocean to join the one s fi rming
at Cadiz, or the C-mr.r:r-s. bar. not been
confirmed at the1 'navy department. Eat
it may bo sjKI tU.'.t Secretary Long and
his aids are preparing to receive that
ocean fkc-t in two places ofT I'ernam
buco or off I'orto Rico. If it comes to
Torto Rico, the ocean scout? v.iil know
it. If it does not come, they will know
it, and it will be presumed to have gone
to destroy the Oregon, where the Unit
ed States fleet will rursue it.
Is She Looking for the Oregon?
Washington, May 5. A track Spanish
cruiser, believed to be the Alphonso
XIII. is reported to be at Earhudoes in
the West Indies. There are conflicting
reports on this point, hov. cer. and if a
cruiser is there she may be trio Carlos
V, which left Madrid rome rime ago for
a supposed cruise alon the Spanish
coast. The Alphonso Xlli is a new
protected cruiser of S.CCO tons displace
ment with excellent ordnance, while the
Carlos V is a still more formidable craft
cf over 9.000 tons. The first named ves
sel is reported from another source to
be at Cadiz, so there is some confusion
in the reports. Supposing any cruiser
is in that section of the West Indies she
would be almost in the pathway cf the
Oregon coming north ward.
Sailing of Sampson's Squadron.
Key West, Fla., May 3. Tuesday
morning the most effective part of
Sampson's fleet arrived at tiiis port to
coal. Yesterday the fleet sailed and
it is learned that it has sailed, proba
bly. for Porto Rico, and that the other
division, consisting cf the smaller craft.
has been left behind to maintain the
blockade of Cuba. The vessels in the
fleet that sailed were the flagship Xew
Tork, the Indiana, tho Iowa, the Cin
cinnati, the Detroit, the Mayflower and
the Marble-head. The purpose of the
move, so far as can be 'judged :s to
meet the Spanish fleet that sailed from
Cape Verde islands last week. Our fleet,
it is said, will stop and capture Porto
Kico on its way and then meet the
Spaniards at sea.
Onlte a I'ormblahle rioet.
A Lisbon dispatch, however, says the
Spanish fleet is at Cadiz. The Spanish
fleet which was at the Cape Verde isl
ar.ds, consisting of the Vizcaya, Al-
mirante Oquendo, Cristobal Colon, and
Maria Theresa (ail first-class cruisers).
accompanied by the torpedo boat do-
stroycrs Furor, Terror and Pluton, left
St. Vincent, Cape Verde islands, on
April 29, destination unknown. The dis
tance from the Capo Verde islands to
the Canary islands is about S76 miles,
and the distance from the Canary isl
ands to Cadiz about T"0 miles, or 1,376
miles from the Cape Verde islands to
Cadiz. The Spanish squadron, being
five days out from St. Vincent, could
have made Cadiz by this time, steam
ing at the rate cf about 200 miles a day,
or a little over 12 knots an hour.
Schley Expect Sailing Orders.
Flagship Brooklyn. Oft Fort Monroe,
May 5. It is the general expectation
here that the flying squadron will go to
sea within twcr.ty-f.-njr hours, or as
soon as the cruiser Xew Orleans ar
rives. Commode. re Schley has been notl
fied that the cruiser Columbia has been
detached from the squadron, and that
the Xew Orleans will take her place
So far as fighting a'liiity is concerned
Ihe New Orleans is superior to the Co
lumbia, being more hiavily armed and
without so much freeboard and upper
vork& to act as a target. The squadron
as now constituted will consist cf the
Massachusetts, f.rst-class battleship
Texas, second-class battleship: Brook
lyn, arrr.ord cruiser; Xew Orleans, of
the type of the Raleigh and Cincinnati
and the Scorpion, a fast armored yacht
with four -inth and four six-pounde:
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If she 1 She Has News from Dewey The
Spanish Armada.
Washington, May 5. A sensation was
caused throughout the city by the news
that came yesterday morning cf the ar
rival of a vessel supposed to be the dis
patch boat McCuiloch at Mirs bay, forty
run"? rrcm Hong Kong, the cable ter
minus. The officials imediately fell
Into an air expectancy, waiting f,irs.rr.e
wcrd from Ac:miral Dewey thr.t would
not only confirm officially th stirring
r.ews of the tattle of Manila as report
ed by the press, but tell what had
happened since the call? was ir.tcrm; t-
ed. LP to the cicse cf cilice hvurs r.3
ord had come from ILr.c K- i:g sr. J
the officials who believe that the Mc
Cuiloch was really ir. Mirs bay w. re put
devising ir.gir.icv:; exrlanati, r.s of
the delay In the receipt of a ca! '.epram.
These touched upon the twelve hours
ifferer.ces in time, the distance frern
lirs bay to Hor.g Kor.g and the slow
ness cf cable communication, el.-.
Great interest is felt in the rcj ort'd
return of the Spanish Cape Vcr.ie lit -t
to Cadiz, but while admitting the possi
bility of the fast vessels of the Spanish
flying squadron making the pass-age in
the five days that the vessels have been
out from St. Vincent, the naval officers
ere disposed to regard with great sus
picion r.ews . f this kind emanatirs fr m
Portugal, because if the recognize
sympathy cf the Portuguese wi'h th
Spanish sid". It would be worth a ge.,.l
deal to the Spanish ftiim!n;l ce.mrtjar.d-
ing the flying squadron seppi ring he
were on his way across thn Atlantic
to throw us off our guard by bavin-,' us
believe that he bad returned t i Spain.
Xo new official news has cor.'.e to con
firm the report from Hawaii that the
.stands have been tend, red to the Tint
ed States for war uses. It is said that
If the incoming trail brought the propo-
ition to San Francisco it would scarce
ly be trust'-d to telegr.iph ther en Ac
count of its importance. 1 ut v.. mid be
forwarded by the railway mails, whii h
would bring it here in about five days.
Without exception the r.nval oflio,s
would welcome the possessionof Hnwcii
just at this moment, as n ford ins a
magnificent base for naval mr -rations,
in the Pacific; but it Is scid that Presi
dent's Pole's pn position must bo sub
mitted to congress, so that it will be for
the legislative branch in the enil to pass
upon this offer.
The nomination of a number of ma
jor generals' and brigadier gen rals is
an indication of the rurpose of the pres
ident to avail hioTSelf of the full i nnil r
cf troors railed for by his proclamation,
and even to follow the call bv .-mother
very soen, for it is evident that there
are not enough commands to go ,- round
properly among the otiic.-rs alreaoy
nominated. Assistant Seor. tarv Roose
velt, soon to b" Lieutenant Colon I
Roosevelt, yesterday received svta!
gratifying telegrams from tho west an
nouncing the rapid organization f
Colonel Wood's regiment cf mounted
ISigCift to Ann Arbor.
Ann Arbor. Midi., May 5. Th" uni
versity faculty is rejoicing over an ex
pected gift of an estate valued at yinr.,
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kidneys have the most important
functions to perform and therefore
rcijuire the jrroaiest care. Like all
machinery they are able to do :i little
more work than lstlietr normal por
tion. 'but thev cannot stand this inces
santly and must not le imposed upon
I Hey are so lvlnio.l and delicate in
their structure t oat I lie least ovcr-
taxino; of any other part of the human
body is apt to produce in taeiii er
ions troubles, which, if not attended
to at once, will lead to serious com
plications, resulting soon in death.
Katino; too much, drinking t
much, irreirular habits, lifiiutr he:iv
weights, exposing one's self to draft
and bad weather and a thoua'id ami
one other excesses and indiscretion
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would in health be thrown !T.
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