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AtMrasyt at Law. J
BoBfe Mm Mid Milan. Rook Mm t
Offlea over KreU 4 Hata (tor; kUlaa
olBMoatUin ntMt, T
Attorney! at Law.
Money loaned. Office over Thomas' g
dnig store, cor. becond avenue and 2
Beveoteectb at reek 9
; 2
ICcul Estate. Loan, Insurance and
Room Iluford block.
A ttorne; at Law . J
' (n
Cleoeral total business, collections,
notary public. 17U7 Second avenue, r.
Buford biuck. (
Attorceri at Law.
Oflee la Boom lalaaa Natioeal bank
BolUUng. 5;
Attorney at Law.
Money to Loan, General Legal Boat
Ms, Notary Putt'l. I7H Seoond aa-
Doe, Uuford blook.
a. d. iwumY. a l. vuiii,
Attorney and Counoeliori at Law.
CNDee la Bengnon Block.
Bute Attorney. 1
OoaneeUor at law. COoe In eourt !
Attorney it Law.
Loan money on rood seeurlty: make '
eolleetlors. Reierrsee, Ifuohea y
Lyaae, oaniera. unioe, Hiteaeu Jt e
A llomn V aft Law sIiiattAM nf th
Peace. j
I Offloe In the City Hitli. Telephone J16.
F. II. 1IB3T, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon,
Phone 4 on 13T7. Offloe. 128 Twen
tieth street. Offloe Hours: 10 to 12 a
m.; t to i and 7 to H p m. Sunday, 8:30
to :30 a. m.; 1:10 to 3 p. r.
Homoeopathic Physician.
Special attention to diseases of wom
en and children, also dinettes of eye,
ear, none and throat. Olllce hours
an to I.' a, m , I to 4 p. m. 3: 1 Six
teenth street, Itock Island.
Veterinary Surweon and UcntUt.
i All diseases of horse nnd cuttle.
1 trciitcd on :ipprocd principles. Snr
1 gietU operations performed in u scicn
I tlti milliner. Koch Irctilo.l All call
Prompt U attendee to. Kesldenee, If-i!
I'tti avenue. Telephone I on i:n"7.
Offloe and InHrmarj. Hil.i pii; Fifth
1 avrnue unities Mnucker stable.) o
I Nislle No. I lire Iioum.
a mmmm
Over KreU Math a, ITtt beeond are
c. v. (;i:.fk)n.
' RixiniH 1.1 11111I IV Miti-l-iil A I.vndi'
hinliliDK t'flK-c huiirs I101.1 S to 1 u m.
ami 1 to n p m.
Areklteet and BnporUiieEdest
Room 41, HitaheU Liade buildlns.
third Boor
Archlteeta and Superintendents.
Httesei ifloek,
Heeond Boor.
m OfelptlaoBoek Msrsery.
9 Oat flowera ant Ueaigns ol. at Kinds
t City store, IPC? Beeond arenas, Ts.t
BJ paoee, mu.
A (ape worm eighteen fet Ions; at
o Ic .S;J5 Biicr my taxing two
CASCAKbTS. This I am sure has caused my
bad health for the past thres ve::rs. I am still
Uking Cascarcti. the only ca'Jiartic worthy ol
notice by sensible people."
r.p,;aVnt- Palatahle. l',i-pi. Tafte Gm. T0
sjumI, ever Sicken. Weaken. .r Gripe, lilt. 3jc. Ux.
il'ritas Bwnlr . Uifw IMnlt K Int.
KD.T0.9AS tl"!', """"fnteell by alldrnir-
us t j 4 1Kb Tubacct llaljit.
lb; a i,.
Kzcrulor'M Xnticr,
Ktateof Wizabcth A. Hoivm-in, decpivscd.
The unilcrsimil lrn bi.-ra u'lp iinlcil exe
euturollhe l..st will a:nl !i-st:iiium of Kli::i
lieth A. Iii.. !ii:i:i. 1 -ito of tlic i-ou-:!.v of Hii-k
1.1:il1. tali of illi:ii.i-i. ib'caril. herrbv cives
nonce tint liif i;i Tipp.'.ir tie'ore tue eou.nv
four, of l.'oc1; J-J.ir.il vo.:i;ty. m the fount v
fourl room, in Hie ci v .f Kock Island, at the
July tern, on the Its. MomI.iv in July next,
at which time all Toi:!,avii,ir claims 'against
said csiate are notitieil imd requested to at
tend. Tor tbe purp.jse of havint; the same tid
jusied. All persons Indebted to said estate are re-qnvsii-it
to make iaiiiicdiaie payment to the
IJated this 36ib day of April. A. I). IS".
S. ('. LWman, Kxecutor.
A l 111 i 11 in! ra t iir'n Not U-e.
Kstatc of Sop"nia(;li'si;n!ia'en. deceased.
The nndersiirncd havioi? t een ariTxiinted ad-
flii M 1st r. it.,r it! ti.., ... 1..,.. s ,.
... i. vn. ,fi .(,,1111,, , iiesenna-
k'en. laie of the county of Kock 1s1.uk!. state
of IlluioiH. defeased, hereby (rivi-s notice that
.'I'l'ear iiciore tne eouiiiy eourt of
I.OCK I'laTifi cimtov :t 1I1.. .. ,,!.- .....i.
ID Ih,' li:v Iti llt,i.l; 11 i,,rl , 11,.. I...
- . '...im. ui 1111; wuil 1,1 III,
m the first Monday in June next, at which
nine aa persons na 11,1; elaltns against said
estate are noiitled and reijuested to attend.
miv jr.iiniM-iu ii.iuiiK uie same aujusted.
All iMTsiins ITllliitit.iH l. i.l .. .., u ......
iuesu d to make inuuediate i.aviuent to the
Dated this 12th day of April. A. D. im.
Husky t;ii:s::.ii v.ks. Administrator.
William U Li:uilpii. Attorney.
KxMiitor'K Sale of IJcal Km ale.
Ktiou n as the Vrvini-.ir ii-,ii..pt ... MI..
Ilv lrtue of piiHet line- ted in me as i-v.'.-mi. r
of the l:s ;n and les'aiitent of At-neKr.v-sinuer.
ilecc i ,1. a:,.1 ti.i onler of the Oiilian s
fourL ot liar iniore city, state of Maryland I
will sell at puiilie sale a'. Hie north ri.mr of :h-
eourt hoMs1r ju t ,,,., siatn:. in said count v"
tale of hiinois at llo -',o,-k a m. hViiicv v li
A, IK.ik i tit- real dale described as follows: '
me soti'ii pan ol tlie northwest fr.1cii.1nal
'lu-irter ol scciio-.i 1 we'll v-lhrec in township
seyetitec.i ii.inli of r r'ne two west, eoniai'i
luj forty and riMe out- liiai'tretiihs acres, more
or less inelialiiiii- iiitiirovf tiictiis ,,n.. ' lur.,..
(loi:l le Uii sinr; frame dw ellinu'. iirnl live oiu'
story fr.ime ilweKlli-s. t wo Oucestorv brick
in:il(!iii;.-s formerly used as ulfoiioi distilleries,
three laru-e one slory lirie w.i:-chot:ses. one
lar,'e briel; smoke s:aci' one frame barn
fie . I'll located ill the town of Milan .eintv
Of Hock ls ml, siiueof Illinois.
leriu-, ea-ll. ?-(D lietuisiL rennfreil ibiv r.f
sale. ' ''
11. .1. rnVsiM.nn. exeeiitor tor Allies l'ry-
Mii.er. iieeeasfii.
Ke nlrix-s Sale of Keal Kstnte.
Uv virtue of an order and decree of ttie
eolint y court of !; , k I-':i ail counl v. Illinois.
lliaile oil tin- JH-I !'!,.-, .,f t1"' l..llll.Tsine,i. Atlll.l
Kir-loi-f. foi-t'i-ilv Anna M'illms. cxeenfix of
the last mil ami test.:'.,. ,,1 Jcob tvillius.de
ceased lor lcnvu to sell real esmte of said il .
ee.'.st-ii to pay d. bis. i;t the Mav term A. I.
' "-'. of sial conrt. to-i': 'n t he :ui day of
May. Ip'.is. shi-il on Saturday the llilidavof
June next, between the hours or ten (Im
o'cloc'; in ih- fitr.'iHititi and four li o'clock in
t tie alt em1 i'n of s;:I. ilay, sell at ptihlic sale
al the nor1 h door of tin- e.'urt house in Kock
lsl.mil. in sit.l county, Hie real estate de
sen'ied ;'s follows:
he west t luee iptarters ( ) of lot four (4 1
in block t went v 1 AM in Sr.ciicc,- ( ase s adili
tion to the n' v ol nock Island
')'( nils of saie: One 11 alf 1 iof the purchase
pi i-c at t he time o s.ile. and the remainder iu
one (li ye ir Ir mi the date of said sale, w il h
iaieres, on s .i.l balance at sis iiii per cent
per annum secured by mori-ai-.: upon the real
is a. i- so sell!: n- in, entile s, iin id tlie pur'
chase a,, H.ev in iy Ik paid lu casli. if Hie pur
fii.iscr so eleei.
I'm dt!. is It h d.M of .May A l. Is. S
As.Aislnu.ini-. tori'tcily Anna Willtns ex
ecutrix i u,e estate ol Jacob Wiliius. de-ei-as.d.
riibl'i a: inn Notice
S. It Kcii,o. iliyt holieitor.
State of Illinois.
Kocli Island County, i sv
In th - (.'nun i v t'onrt. June term. A. I) , lstiH.
IVtitiou to sell real estate lo pay dolus.
J. Henry ladders, adtninistn'torof the estate
of I'n ileiicl; Ki auu r. deceased, ys llor.l
Iti-elioll. ,I,,,, 1 Selt'"i-di-r. Joseph SeiiroedlT.
D.iuiel Si liroed r. lmis Si lir.icdcr. Fred
Sehroed-.-r. and .Minnie (ioeser, Joseph I reix
Icr. Haibara l.'app. iluito Vol.. INmat lleck
erl. 1a o,Miit tscnioeili-r. Joseph Sehtoedcr.
ApiHilonta llartn.ann. Al"ls Sehroeder. Anna
Seh-oeder Marin Anna Vol.. Ilerta Dreixler.
Ferdinand Sehioidrr. Alois ftcLroeder.
Kmi l'e M-hroeder. llennau schroctler. and
Hosa M'hroeiier Hat s J.icas. Walter Ha' ins.
th.- iit ki.owti heirs of rredetick Kramer anil
the unknown ownirs of lots teti (101 and
leven 1 II 1 in V'caUicrhead s addition to the
city of tto.-k Island.
A Itlilayit of lion reiiU'lice of TMr.l I'.isi'hotT,
.losepu I'n-i-.ler. !i.ir 11 a Banp. Hiilo Vol..
IV'tial Heekert. !.eot.oUl Sehroeder. Joseph
Schrocdcr. A i,Miloi.i.i Hartmann. Alois
ScnriM-der, n:ia Seliroe'ler. Maria A una Vol..
Heria I'reiMer. I cnlii::mil J-chrocdi r. Alois
chrocdi-r. l-'.niclic ae'iroeder. Hetman
"lir.H'ift-r. I,.sa tsehro -iter, the unknown
heirs of KmmU ricK Kramer, deceased, and the
in.kow n ow uiTs ot lo's ten 101 and eleven I'll
in We. ill. 1 riic.nl'. nddrio.i to tlte city of Hock
Island ile'cni'.ints a .ne tiataed. havniL' been
llleil iu Hit-otitic 01 tne clerk of the couniv
court of i;x-l; Island ivxmi y. n,,' ice is hen-hy
Kivcn to the si.id tr. llisehe.l. Joseph lrei
ler. Haib-.r.l t! ipp. Unco Volr IJoua, oeekert,
U-"iltl Schr.M'iler. Joseph SehriM-rter. Apimi
lonta ll.irtm nn Alois Sehrmiler. Anna
ehroeilcr. Maria Anna Vol?: Iter'.a Itreirler,
Kenluiti'l Sebr.Ksler. Alois Sehroeiler. Kt:n
lie eh.i)eiler. Hennan Sehroeiler. ltosa
Schr.Kder. the unknown heirs of frredcrick
Kramer, ueeeased. and ihe unknown owners
of lots ten 1IO1 in-.d eicven Oil in Weathcr
heiMt s auilition to ihe city of hue!: Island
that tl.e said pUiiin.'T J.'luMir, l.iildcrs ad
ministrator r,i tne estateof FTeiicn.-k Kramer,
deceased, h.-s tlleil bis petition ia the sii l
county eourt of Uock Island county for an
order to sell the premises leionk'ini.' lo the
estate of said rieeeasi-d r so much of it as
may lie neiiled t.k pay the debts of said de
ceased, and described as follow s. to-wi::
lds.ien mi) and eleven 1 II I in Weather
heud s addition to Hie city of hock Island, and
that a summons has tieeii Issued out of said
court acalnst yu. returnable at the June
lean. A. U. s. etf said court, to be holdcti 1111
Ihe ttrst Monday i Jum- a Ii. lsvs at the
eourt house in the city of Rock Island, in the
eotaitvol KiM-i, Maud Illinois
Now unless you. the sa d Hira r.i-ehod Jo
sci'U I',, i .i.-r. I'.arbata l apn. Hu-o Vol..
Ism at lU cki rt. l-eit'ld s-enisHsier. Josejih
ehrM-,ler. A "m 'Ionia Hartmann. Alois
Set riHilrr. Atitnt VchriM-ilcr. Mtri-i Atiaik
Vol. Ilerta l.-ei!er. Kenlinand Sehrmtler.
Alms .sc;,ro di r. Kinelie Schroeiler. Herman
e!:r.x l!cr itosa Sehroedcr, the lun-toan hetr-i
of 1 rei'.er.ek Kramer aad the unknow n own
ers of im.-, 1 . a 1 im uud eleven (Il 1 in Weather
head s a iJiiioa tu the city of iiuek Island
sha.l iH-rsoiiaiiy If and appear beioresaid
cnmvv eoiiri ..f Km k I-land oitimv. tn tbe
tirst riayi.f a term thereof, to be holde.i at tbe
city of KiMk Island, in said eo.iaty. on the
tirsi Monday of June. A. l IK'S ' and plead.
ai:seror demur to ihe said complainant s
petition lilisi therein, the same and tde mat
ters at.d tntaits the-viu eharjed and stated
will be t..kt-n as c;r:(ess.d and a decree rn
tenil a :..jnt jou aeoorJiua to the braver of
said bill
K k Island Illinois. Mar J. PSS.
. HjAt. JAtt Eohijeb Clerk
S. K Kexwobiht, Complainants boUcltor.
That Is What Is to Happen Next
in the Hispanc-Arvisr
ican War.
And Is Now a3 Safe as Anything
Spanish Can Be at
Good Chance to Transport Troopn to Cnria
and the Oppoitm.ity T lie Kiabiai rd
.Ship Are Iteady to flii.liaik tlic Troops.
Wlilth Have Ileen Ordered to Tampa
from liirkaiaauu. l'ark and Arc Now
on the Move.
Madrid, May 11. A fiirpateh received
here from Jiavrtna yer-teriiay aftcrnom
says the Ppar.it-h EtL-anter llontserrat,
which with a valuable earso, troops and
a laree sum of money inU-rtilerl for Ha
vana, esrartd tlte fnitcd .tatis fleet
and entered the r"rt of Ci. r.furpos.
Cuba, has now run the tlockatie of the
American squadron and has entered the
port of Havana in safety. It is claimed
here that this proves the blockade of
the Cuban ports to be ineffective.
"Wilmington, X. C. I.lay 11. A special
dit-patch to The tar from Beaufort, X.
C. says: "Captain Allen, of the sth'j. it
er Alert, and many others cf the oct un
fleet of fishermen cf this place, re;a:rt
hearing heavy cannonading off Cape
I.oi.kout, X. C, ct 10 o'clock yesterday,
counting fjrty-seven distinct shots.
Washington, May 11. It i3 hard to
tell whether the naval ofrkers o-e r.
lieved or disappointed by the no.vs that
came lute yesterday afternoon to both
the navy and state departments to thj
effect that the Spanish Hying s.iuaJr:,.i
had arrivei at Cadiz, Fpain. The ri-.feiv
of the Oregon from attack is n iy.- cu::-
pii tely assured, and the v. ay is ilntr fo:-
military operations in Cul-a without
running the risk of having the occupy
ing army ti line of commitnic.-.ti.'ii cJt
cff. On t".ir ulher httr. l. it ia b.'icv .!
that no t-r 'aring pave ca.i be seearcO
until the Ht'dnifh n.tvv has Inn de
stroyed, a:;d it now apiK-ais tht to do
this c.r.r Fatlors must r.i.tke u;i their
minds t'j pi afiCr the Sr-aniar.:!-, a task
Very muih utnr; dilllcult than thai e
meeting them t:-:tr ottr own shores. It
was suggested by ; o:t;j ()f t',R. riembprn
of th- war boanl that thee was jut-t
a po!--:-i: iIity that the Si.nni:-h s-iuadf 'ti
mliht make a quiik r::t.-ae into t;.
I'aeilic tlu-. 'jgh tin- Fu -z canal and jit
tack Dewey at Manila.
l'rcpiirinjj for the Invasion of (11I13.
One effect of t!:-.- r treat of the Span
ish fleet fcus Ll-.ii to hustua eVLti more
FLAGsmryrw top.k.
tlie preparations alrea.lv under full
headway for the !:;;; v tc vl 11 of military i
expeditions to Cuba. It i'.'.sn has caused I
a complete change in. the c n -isitration
plans. Time is now belie veil to be the
great f.i( tor. There is no 1ms; r op-j
portunity to indulge in extensive drill
Dr. Miles' Nervine
Effects of Tobacco.
BJtn E csecssive use cf tobacco, especially
ty joun men is always injurious aad
nadccbtealiy shortens life materially.
Sir. Ed. C. rbsen, coffirx .sitor on the Conlra
Cctta A" .;, Mart Inez, Cal., vrrit'.j; "I have
used Dr. Stiles' Kestorative Nervine ard re
ceived much benefit from it, I was troubled
with nervousm, iizxy ypells and .slee-pltaii-m-ss,
cause d by the use cf tobaevo and j,tim
u'.anu. I t k It. S:i!es' Nervine with niar
vtloosly pood results, aiityinirtbedirziness,
quictins the m rves, and enablinj me to
sleep and rest, proving iu rr.y case a very
bcccfii-ial remedy." Vt. Sides Restorative
Nervine Is estiecitlly adapted ta restoring
the nervous sr.-tem to iu corm il randitinn
under sush circuntances. It soothes, heals
Kill CtSir ,tli:-.sf II
mil strctttbons. Krmmmm
I'rfMil. s" Lercedies UAofy rL
trescid by aU crus- RN iips-t
Cists under a positive
unucr a positive gs. 9
ictce, first botuc &.rlsrv ine 3
E'-s cr tioncy r- oAK.'jrm--3
funded. Rook oa dis
eases of the bean ai.3
aerrc-e f w a ,i.;-..-
II 111 II
re-.- .rmt
if Pi
f"7Pf !
PB. lili.3 HEDXCAL CU,
lllfir and DrufttiLe iria"hnnvrTni Ti
I regular army troops do not need- these.
and are to be thrown nt nnr int.i t,o
Iiray. Many or the regiments of the Na
tional Guard which are entering the
volunteer service are felt to h diff
erently trained from a military point of
view 10 ioitow me regulars immediately,
and the department indicated Us pur
pose yesterday of dispatching these vol
unteer troos directly to the gulf coast
lor shimcnt. instead of sending them
to Chickamauga.
Transports Are at Hand.
The quartermaster general has al
ready gotten under charter twenty
seven merchant stamfcrs for the trans
port of troops, and roughly speaking
these should carry about 20,000 men.
Others are being procured as rapidly as
possible. The plan of the war depart
ment is to have these vessels assemble
at the different gulf ports Tampa,
Mobile. New Orleans and Galveston
to take on troops which will be sent
there. The navy department is expected
to furnish convoys for these transports,
which would lie absolutely helpless
against a Spanish attack. At this point
there are signs of friction. First, the
transports will be obliged to await Ad
miral Sampson's return, in order to se
cure proper convoy, and secondly, the
navy objects very decidedly to under
taking the task of conveying a number
of transports. It insists that to assure
the safety of the convoy of the troops
all the transports should be gathered in
one fleet to start from Tampa, and the
navy is likely to prevail In this.
All the Cavalry and Infantry nt Oilrha
luaugra net Marching Orders.
Chickamauga National Turk, May 11.
Major General Brocke, commanding
the United States regular provisional
army corps at Chickamauga park, has
received orders from the war depart
ment directing him to send all the
cavalry and infantry trout. s now in
camp at Chickamauga park, about 6.000
in aid to Tampa, Fla., without delay.
Tile order Is accompanied with instruc
tions to provide the men with a full
supply of ammuniticn for sixtv dm-s
On receipt of the order General r.i.vihe
at once issued an order to the division
commanders instructing them to notify
the regiment commanders to prepare at
ence for departure. There are five regi
ments of infantry now in camp the
Second, Seventh. Eighth, Twelfth and
Sixteenth all of which are 1 rdered to
Tampa under command of Colonel Guy
V. Henry and Colonel Adna 11. Chaffee.
Two regiments of cavalry, the Third
and SiXih, will at once rroceed to
Tampa under General S. S. Sumner
These troops will march from the park
lo Jiijiggold this afternoon and take
the Western and Atlantic trains at t'mt
Ail regiments began preparations to
Move last night. General Urooke nnrl
staff wiil remain here to at-:--i.st in the
organization of the volunteer army
should it be ordered here. The signal
corps has also been 1 nler d to remain
here until further orders. The medical
corps of each regiment was yesterday
providc-il with medical supplies f.-r sixty
days. The medical force is to be regu
larly increased from fifteen to twenty
five men, as soon as the regiments have
been increased to their war strength.
AH recruits wiil be ordered to report to
Tampa. New Orleans and Mobile. A
large number arrived yesterday and
were provided with the necessary equip
ments. There will be Very little delay
in transporting the trops. all the rail
roads having rn vided the necessary
cars in expectation of hurry ordrs. The
loading of supply trains began yester
day afternoon and a number are ready
for shipment.
Washington. May 11. Friday morn
ing the commanding g-neral of the
T'ntted States army, Siajor General
Miles, will have assembled his staff
around him at Tampa, Fla. He leaves
Washington tonight. I'nless present
plans are changed the general will gn
with the lirst expeditionary force to
Cuba. The arrangements for the move
upon Cuba are being hastened with
such energy that it is evld -nt to an;
obsiryer that the beginning of th" cam
paign is imminent. It is expected here
that within a week the first troops will
be on their way froai the United Slates
to Cuba.
Only flair It Had to On.
London, May 11. There is r.o confirm
ation of the report that th? Spanish fleet
frrm the Cape Verde islands has re
turned to Cadiz; but it is generally re
garded as the mcst likely movement
to be 'made. The qui stion is generally
asked: "What possible use has Spain
for continuant? a hopeless struggle?" as
it is considered next to Impossible that
f.he has any alternative plan or that
the retreat of the nuadrun hides some
etrate-gic design.
IxMikini; for Spies at Cleveland.
Cleveland, May 11. Ir.fnrmatbin was
received here yest. relay from a trust
worthy source that a number of I'nited
States secret service agents are in the
city shadowing Spaniards.
I.ocnuitive fr.iif;iner Mivt.
St. Ix uis. Slay 11. S. vera! hundred
delegates to the third bierriial conven
tien ef the Ilrotherhood of Loce motive
Ensinttrs. which opened this morning
in this city, have already arrived. It is
expected that fO delegates wi l attend
the convention, which wiil hold a three
weeks' session.
Four officials cf the township of Du
luth Minn.) Tr-at-urer Henry Agncw
and Trustee? M. A. Farr.ep. Henry Kirk
and James ?!i!br have been indicted
for rr.isnpprcpriating $5.00 cf the jro
c?eds of JlO.CfD sale made last year.
Wayv.ard rHnctna lis l:-o Corrntrsl
Her Tremendous :el,(
London, May 11. The Vienr.a ccrre-sp'nd-
nt of The Daily Chrcid. le says:
'piini-c-ss Louise cf t-axe-Coburg And
Gotha was conveyed to a private asy
lum Monday night. The princess had
dandi stinely passed the last few weeks
with Lieutenant von Mattachich-Keg-linch,
her lover, at his castle near
Agram, Croatia. In the meantime her
debts grew up to millions of florins,
and bills bearing the alleged forged
signature of th? Archduchesa Stephanie
came into circulation.
"Fiince Fhilip of Saxe-Cc.burpr and
Get ha had the lieutenant arrested, the
f ttrpii ii n prevailing that he forged the
bills without the knowledge of tit-
prine.ss. The latter has been placed
under guardians, ar.el Ktug Leopold, h'-r
father, is prepared to pay hT debts and
to range the matter of the forge I
Apache. Pnpnc'S ami Vani Tlirealeu
Niiirale. Arizona.
Pcnver. May 11. A sp'vial to Tlie
Xows from Xogales, A. T., nays word
has been received In Nojrales from Fort
Huachuca that 1C1V Indinr.s. con:ioscd
cf Apaches, Papageis and Vaquis. had
banded together and were moving in
the direction of Xogales. The Cilizci.s'
Home Guard and Compart G. of the
Arizona militia, were immediately no
tified. The stre'et3 were patroiK-d all
ni.iht and guards were stationed on the
Furiounding hilltops to cive warnine
of the approach of thendians. Xo dis
turbance occurred during the night, but
a shttrp lookout was kept yesterday
and last night. Another rompany of
the Home Guards will patrol the t treets
to prevent a rurprlse similar to the
Yaqui outbreak which ocurrcd a few
years ago.
M-orr on the lXitll K.VIdn.
Chicago, May 11. Records made by
Lene-ue clubs at base ball yesterday
were: At Fittsburg Iiuisville 2, Pitts
burg 6: at Xew York Brooklyn 0. Xew
York 5; at Washington Philadelphia
6, Wa.-hington 4; at Boston Baltimore
4, Ituston 10; at Cleveland and Cincinnati-
Y.'estern League: At Omaha Kansas
City IS, Omaha S: at Minneapolis St.
Paul S. Minneapolis 10; at Milwaukee
Indiantpolls 3. Milwaukee 2; at Detroit
Wet grounds.
Illinois Siindtiy School Association.
Springfield. Ills.. May 11. The fortieth
annual convention of the Illinois Slate
Sunday School r.rsc.i itition opened here.
Meetings are held in the Presbyterian
church. Eight hundred delegate's are
expected. II. F. Jacobs, of Chicago, pre
sided over the first session. A platform
meting was led by Y. C. Pearce. of
Chieago. A large contribution whs taken
up for Shawneetown flood sufferers.
Memorial services were held at night.
VT1II l!e Imy'iTtVlviit sJerrtary.
Washington, May 11. C. J. BabcocV,
who was private t-ecretary to Secretary
Sherman while he vns in the sennte.
ai.d r.lso while he was at the head of
the state denartment, has been re
qitrstid by Secretary Day to continue
to serve him in the same capacity and
he lo? upci'tfi! th" position.
Eat Well Sleep Well,
It's the World's
, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Hassachusctls,
was the originator cf. "CAST0RIA," the same that
has borne and docs iw:o hear 01l crcrj
?. f?c-simRc Mature cfC&&0gzx tcrcpr.
This is the original "CASTORIA" which has been used i:i
the homes of the Mothers cf America for over thirty years.
LOOK CAREFULLY at ihe wrapper and see that il h
the hind you have always bounhl c7 alc
and has the signature ofCffi2ix wrap
per. No one has authority
The Centaur Company, of which Chas. II. Fletcher is President.
VaT r M a a . a
i n. . .
r.TBl)H " I V II'MU ST
Do Not
Do not endanger the life cf your child ly acccptht.'
a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer yi
(because he makes a few more pcxTnies on it), tJic ia
rreJients of which CVCTI he tioei not knm-
iue Ainu iou nave Always bought
DC A DO "ri 1 r- r-1 s ,.,, z. O
w cr v aBr '
Insist on Havinir
The Kind That
t" etaraua oomrmi, tr
Should remember we have a large and complete
Stoves, and all kinds of 1 lousehold Goods. Wc
Can Save You Money.
Get Strong,
Greatest Tonic and Will Surely
luuio lucd oc uv., wnuiesaie uisinouiors. vjt
from me to use mu tramr rrrrnf.
. 1
Be Denewttl
Never Failed You.
, arnur. ii.MTsa eirv.
Touch the Spot
JrtlTTfcrtT3tadrlI-M-l-T-s)l i ll-lw-

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