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VOL. XLVI. NO. 232.
Looks Very Much As if the Acting Rear Admiral Had Re
ceived a Reprimand.
No More Delay Will be Permitted and it May be That Watson
Will Take His Place.
WASHINGTON. July 21. There
is every indication that Acting
Rear Admiral Sampson halt been re
liukPil by tin- commander-in-chief of
I In? navy. William McKinley, fur
delaying in. providing the essential
ronvoys to escort (leu. Miles expe
dition to I'orto Kico. Sampson, from
the best that ran lie learned, has dis
pleased the navy department in his
disposition to net to suit himself in
muie lliings. ami today the president
cabled him thai no more delay would lie
permitted in providing the convoys.
The ship" were ecilily provided and
II. Miles ill get away this after
noon. There is also talk of a shifting
of naval commaudcrs invoIvingSamp
min ami Watson and possibly Schley.
T Spnln Ijiter.
The statements having leen pub
lished that Watson's expedition to the
chores of Spain had Iwen abandoned.
Secretary Long this afternoon author
ized the iccilii- denial of their aeeur
ncv. "The eMilition.' said the sec
letarv. "has not been abandoned, but
merely deferred until the I'orto Kican
it nation is clearer, so that we may
know better what .ships will lie npecs
s iry to retain in American waters."
The only iiiestion was whether the
es'ditioii should sail now or a week
or so hence. Ii will be sent to Spain
liter, when the I'orto Uiean cam
paign permits.
nil' at a Tills AKTKIOOON.
I.cu. Mile lid Hi NhmiI l.ort llil Starts
for Porto Kli n.
Wasb.ington. July 21. At 2:4. Sec
retary Alger received a dispatch from
Hen. Miles saying that he would sail
f r I'orto l'icn at .1 p. in. The war
ships accompanying him are the
Massachusetts. I )iey. (iloucesler. Cin
cinnati. Annapolis. I.imlcii and Wasp.
Alger says the troops that fought
at Santiago will not be sent to I'orto
Kico. They will remain in Cuba till
the yellow fever is entirely stamped
Troops I rior Charleston.
Charleston. S. C. July 21. Trans
ports with tietis. Wilson and Ernst,
and t he 2d and M Wisconsin left for
I'orto Kico todav. The Kith l'ennsvl
vania and two companies of the (it Ii
Illinois are licing embarked.
llrpartuieiit SemU speciHr tntrnrtlmi an
to Mile at Thin Morning.
Washington. July 21. At 2 this
morning orders were sent to Sampson
to furnish a convoy for Miles" expe
dition, consisting of a battleship and
n rruisrr. It is eccted this will be
done immcdiateljr. and that Miles and
his forces will get away some time
today. There seems to have arisen a
juestion of convoy or no convoy,
which in part at least was responsible
for the delay.
The orders issued under the personal
direction of the president are of such
a nature as will brook no further de
lav. Htl'IIKT or A I II IM.rill AIMIKAI.
Sampson Mat Take the Kaatern spnailron
ml Watson Remain.
New York. Jnlv 21. It is report!,
savs a Washington correspondent of
the Times, that Admiral Sampson will
Ik-detatcheil from the command at
karat BMkat ta food para.
bolctoaM aaa ctallcl
Aawolately Pur
m " co.. sow.
Santiago and put in charge of the
eastern squadron. leaving Watson to
take his place.
liaising Sunken Ships.
Washington. Jnlv 21. A telegram
has lieen received from Sampson say
ing that progress in wrecking the
Marie Teresa is very satisfactory.
She will probably be raised by Sun
day. The Heina Mercedes will prob
ably also lie raised.
I'onsililllt T of Seizure of Manila Being Ad
visable Soon Troop Arrive.
Manila. July 21. Dewey may de
cide to rapture Manila liefore Merritt
arrives iu view of the possibility of
early peace and the news from Cuba.
The insurgents are renewing activity.
The Spaniards say they do not now
believe reinforcements promised will
ever come and despair of success.
The navy depart ment has posted
the following: "Cavite. July 17. via
Hong Kong. The situation is un
changed. The second army detach
ment arrived today. All are well.
The health of the squadron continues
good. There is no sickness whatever.
(Signed) Dkwey."
Agtilunlclo Wants Annexation.
New York, Jnlv 21. The World's
Hong Kong special savs Aguinaldo,
the insurgent leader. i lighting for
annexation to the United States.
.Mure American Reinforcement Are at the
Washington. Jnlv 21. A Hong
Kong cable nays the 'sWnnrl fleet of
American transports has reached Ma
nila. The China arrived the after
noon of the 16th. the Zealandia, Colon
and Senator the morning of the 17th
I'orto Rico to he llebl as the I'rlce of
War -Other (lain.
Washington. Jnlv 21. The author
itative declaration is made today that
I'orto Kico will lie held as a perma
nent possession of this country as the
price of war. It is intimated, though
not definitely asserted, that the I ax
drones might also lie retained. U-ing
valuable coaling and supply stations
The future of the Philippines is not
settled, but is considered a matter of
development in the Paeitic war situa
tion. I'mtage In the New Territory.
Washington. July 21. President
McKinley has issued a proclamation
extending the postal service to Santi
ago and other Spanish possessions
which may mine under our jurisdic
tion. It provides for the use of
I uited States postage stamps even
in domestic postol traffic.
Saganta Want totiet Out.
Iondon. July 21 A Madrid spe
rial savs Sag.ista has again offered to
resign anil has lieen counselled lev
the ipieen to advise with other politi
cal leaders relative to his future
Summoned to Madrid.
llarcelona. July 21. (ten. Polavij:i
starts for Madrid this evening in re-
sxmse to a sudden summons from
the government.
Krlllsh Steamer Captured
Key West. July 21 The British
steamer. New FoundianJ. loaded with
food supplies was captured attempt
ing to run the blockade of Cienfucgos
Wisconsin and Prairie state Troop Start
for the Front from Charleston.
Char st.-:i. SCiuiv II. With band
lying and 30.000 peop'e cheering the
fir.t vessels of the first expedition to
follow General Mi Us to rVrto Kico got
la from here at 7 o'c'.o k last even
Ii g. The expedition is under command
i of Major General J. H. Wilson and
I a ill. w hen complete, consist of the Sec
ond and Third Wisconsin, the Sixteenth
Pennsylvania regiments and two com
par.k-s of the Sixth Illinois. The first
two regiments are on the transports
Grand Duchess and No. 30 respectively
and they are at sea: No. 21. carrying
the Sixteenth Pennsylvania and the
Illinois men, sailed early this mornin
Each of the ships carries a large quan
tity of supplies, and on No. 21 there
are LOCO head of mules and the wagon
train of General Wilson's division.
These men. 'together Tvith those of the
Sixth Illinois and Sixth Massachusetts
v.hich sailed from here last week for
Santiago, constitute the First brigade
of the First division of the Fir.-t array
ccri s.
All the City Saw Them Off.
For two d3ys and nights the work of
loading baggage and provisions on the
tranprts had been going forward un
der ruth crders. All the stevedores iu
the city were emrjlwyed at it. They
were assisted by details of men from
the various regixents and the 5J0 negro
laborers employed hc:e by the govern
ment and lestin;d for work on the
..ads and bridges in Cuba. The scene
which accompanied the departure of
the vessels from their dooks was one of
indescribable enthusiasm. Practically
the entire population of the city was in
evidence. As the vessels made the
stream the bands on shipboard and
ashore played national airs and th
thousand? 't peoM cheered like mad.
The expedition will sail directly for
Pr.rto Riro.
Would Take the Flrajt from CTiirkainnuga
1'ark to 1'orto Rico.
Cfclcknmanga Park. Oa.. July 21.
r.ti:ernl r.roi.k and Color.el William R.
ik-hards. adjutant generp of the First
culpa, who went to Washington to con-
ft-r with Fecretary Alger upon the pro
posed Porto Kican expedition, returned
to Camp Thomas at 10 o'clock yesterdav
'. nrv j h. V.-II.PON.
morning. c; ru-ral UnTor.p denim d to
be interviewed. preC t rine that nothing
official shall he said until i.ul. is are is
sued. The plans fer an in-.pi.t -taut move
ment of troops from I'nn.p Thomas are.
however, progressing, t'.tlor.el l.ee. chkf
quartet toaster, was in consultntiea with
a number of railroad men yeslerdtivaft-
I noon, hurrying a. rapidly as possible
the arrangement of transportation. It
Is learned from excellent authority that
it Is the earnest desire of General
I'.rooke that the r ntite Finn corps form
the expeditionary force going from lure.
This would mean a cepattuie from
Chickan-.auga of about 20.U-0 volunteers.
The inference is that the war depart
ment is considering whether or not it
will bo necessary to didtt- so heavily
upon the forces at Can.p Thomas, it be
ing a question as to whether so many
men would be needed in addition to the
reginrnts now under otdew to go from
other points. The minute this point is
settled it v. Ill be definitely known just
what regiments are to he included In
the fcroe. Advices are expected from
Washington at once and upon their re
ceipt it is prchable that immediate or
ders will be Issued t begin the move
ment. There Is still some question as to
whether the corps will go as organized.
There are some fine regiments in th
Third corps th:it are thoroughly drilled
and equipped and it is not improbable
that some of these v.ill be included In
the force, being substituted for regi
ments that have all along been blentiih d
with the First corps.
Mrs. Fdwin Young. president : Mrs.
Bristol, vice president; Mrs. M. L. II.
Chamberlain, corresponding secretary,
and Miss Frar.trs Harper, of the First
Illinois t'nited States Volurte .-i -Cavalry
Auxiliary of t'hie:igo. arrived at thn
camp yesterday to investigate the san
itary conditions of the camp- W. H.
Harper, chairman of the Illinois Army
and Navy League, also arrived yester
Illinois Colored Kegiuirut Mustered.
Springfield. Ills.. July 21. The work
of mustering in the Eighth IKinois in
fantry volunteers, calored, excepting
the field and staff officers, who have
not yet been appointed by Governor
Tanner, w as completed yesterday. Frank
Clay, of company I. Ninth regime! t,
Clay county, who was In the regi
mental hospital, was severely injured
In Tuesday night's storm by being
struck by a tent pole. Private Walter
Cwin, of company B. Eighth regiment.
Chicago, was atar.ding beneath a large
tree, the top of which was blown off,
one of the large limbs falling across
his back, injuring him severely. Others
were injured slightly.
Flag Presented to Illlnol Sobliem.
Bloomington, Ills., July 21. A beauti
ful flag was presented by the pe .p'.e cf
Bloon-.ington to tnop G. First Illinois
cavalry. The rrcsentatie.n was made
ty Captain Jonathan II. Howell, of this
city, the (lHg being received by Captain
Ed C. Butler, of troop G. who. with h.s
brother. Major Butler, also of th First
cavalry, chanced to be here on a short
furlough. The prestation took place
at the north side of the court house.
In the presence of an immer.s-- thror.3
of people. Captain Butler departed last
night for Chickamauea, takirg the flag
with him.
Hallway Agents in s.ion.
Buffalo. N. Y., July 21. The second
annual convention of the Xationa', As
sociation cf Railway Agents opened
n(.r. yesterday. The delegates were
welcomed by MayorPUhl.
The future is uncertain, but if vou
keep your bloexl pure with Hood's
Sarsaparilla vou may Ik? sure of good
Btantb Ti Hind Ysa Ha HlwaB Boiigbt
Now Occupy the Attention of the
Officials at the National
Consequently It Seem That tie I Still at
Santiago Itelay Caused ly the Deter
mination to Have the Poio Rleo Force
Completely Equipped In? All That the
Phrase Implies, and Xot Half or I.ec
Supplied Mile Ha Hi Soldiers Cm
barked and Ready to Start.
U'ashlngton, July 21. The war and
navy departments are now making all
the arrangements for the Cispatch f
the Porto r.ican experiition and Wat
sen's eastern squadron. There has oc
curred one of those natural pausias in
the progress of the campaign Incident to
the completion of one set of oper;t4iens
and the initiation of another. There be
ing no possibility of the receipt of news
ofagreatbattleorof asurronder thereis
less excitement and less evidence ofner
vcus strain than for weeks past. Gen
eral Miles' expected departure was
again deferred. The explanation given
was that there was difficulty expe
rienced at Santiago in securing th na
val convoy for the expedition. It Is
known, however, in addition that the
president himself has restrained Gen
eral Miles to the extent of adjuring him
In earnest terms not b commit the folly
of starting for Porto Rico without the
most complete preparation.
Will He Nothing Lucking This Time.
The government has pre flted by the
les-sor.s taught by the Santiago expedi
tion. Aside from the a tual loss of life
that mif?ht be expected to result from
a badly calculated start It is realized
that our reflations with some of the
European powers would le In a small
measure, at 'least, impaired by the ad
verse moral effect created by anything
approaching a de-feat for the American
arms at this stage of the war. There
fore it Is certain that, rn far as the
department can prevent, Ceneral Miles'
soldiers will not run short- of food, nor
of tents to protect them from the trop
ical rains, nor of the means eif transpor
tation, that were so deficient at the be
ginning of the Santiago movement,
llelayed for Wnnt of Convoy.
General Miles reported yesterday aft
ernoon t'wit he had with hm ten trans
ports, whiih it is presumed have aboard
several thousand soldieMT, Rlthough at
least two of them are filled with equip
ment. Inquiry made at ttwe navy de
partment to ascertain where the 41elay
had arisen in securing convoys was met
with the statement that the orders to
Admiral Fampson in tills matter were
very lie was simply directed
by the ciepartment to furnish a convoy,
and it was assumed that he would con
fer with Genera! Miles as to the num
ber and character of vessels required
for that purpose. As the campaign is
to be principally a land movement the
naval ofliceis do not believe a very ex
tensive convoy Is nccrssary.
MontrrcT I'roluiltly at -Manila.
According to the calculations at the
navy department Admiral Dewey's
fleet at Ccvite should now be rein
forced by the coast defense vessel Mon
te rey, which with her tender and collier
the Brutus has now been about twenty
days out from Honolulu. "Wrth the addi
tion of this monitor Dewey will be am
ply able to take care of fcimse If so long
as the naval forces in thePhilippinesare
maintaining the relative proportion
they now occupy. The disclosure by the
state department of the lack of founda
tion for the sensatioiml stories of
strained relations with : Germany has
largely abated the anxiety entertained
at the navy department as to Dewey's
position at Manila.
Soldier of the Two Armies Fraternise
Hounding I'p the Spun lards.
Santiago de Cuba, July 19, via Kings
ton, Jamaica. Jaly 21. Hundreds of
American and Spanish soldiers who
but a few days ago were shooting at
each other crowd the streets of Santi
ago, meeting and mixinc on the most
friendly terms. A general fee-ling of
good fellowship is evinced everywhere,
victors and vanepuished apparently be
ing equally rejoiced that the strife? and
bloodshed are over, and that the hor
rors of the siege are ended. Along the
water front, under ev.ry awning. dozens
of women and children may be seen
munching American hard tack, and
food is being distributed very rapidly
about the plaza faring the palace and
In the numerous airy cafes, where the
officers of the opposing armies lounge
throughout the day.
Lieutenant Milcy. of General Shafter'a
staff, left here this morning with a
troop of the Second cavalry to make
the rounds of the entire military dis
trii t of Santiago de Cuba, f.r the
purpose of receiving the formal sur
render of the Spanish forces. A total
of 20.000 Spaniards are exicted to yield
their arms t' this one tre,op of cavalry.
To reach Para oa L euterant Miley w.ll
comp'-iled to ride straight across the
island to the northern coast. He will
ride under a white Pag, for protection.
but General Toral has sTiTt members of
his st j IT ahead to notify the post com
manders cf ttve terms of the surrender.
Th pawn shops are doing a rushing
business, their counters being crowded
by people of all sort of color ar.d condi
tion pawning hirlo'ms. clothes,
dresses and furniture. Officers tender
their medals, spurs and swords, and
civil employes offer their tortoise-shell
gold-headed eanes of office for a mere
song, which are in turn bought at fancy
prices by American soldiers, officers or
newspaper correspondents as relics of
the war. Tnfre have beer, more machetes
sold to our men as souvenirs than were
laid down cn the morning of the surren
der. The useable ammnniticn of the Span
ish trocDS here was exhausted befcr:
the surrender, as tr.e r.iH-o.f ! cortrhTg. s
found in the magazines of Santiago do
not fit the Maus.-r rifles. The Spaniard
say our tro ps fought like tigers and
that tlvlr ci'S' ip ir. was rx:e len but
they insist that tiiore lives were lost
on cither s than wa warranted by
the conditions of July 1. They assert
that our U-ifps could have walked into
the city without having a shot bred at
them, as ther.- were no s. Idb rs left
within the walls at the time. It appeals
that they had orly'a few thousand nn-n.
nd they all w.-nt to Kl Caney at the
time Ua battle- was fout.M. bar.g
Fantiago imptotect d Re-lnfoicerui i.ts,
however, arrived h.teV and br. ui;ht t! .
number of T ai:i:-h :nps -- t V.i
At the battle of El C.sr.ey , :.r casual
tit s exceeded those cf the SpaniutV.s.
P.'Mie they h-d 4C9 rre n kii'.e.l t. . ur
200 tl.ey had only 5wu rn-n wcinde 0 to
Our l.i:'-0.
CVHAX .11 NT I I DPI I: 1 1 LAlNs.
Declare There I No IHssatikfurtlon with
I lie -lr Sam's loiiit.
Washington. July 21. St nor Qu-se5.i
and other r -pr senta' v. s cf Mie Cui-tn
junta were in consultition with o:i'c ui.
of the war depurtra.nt yest-r li. Tic
Vnipd Slates cfiM-hsN .r.. .i.,s-n--l
that there was r.u liis at'sfai ti .,i with
tire inanuire tin nt of aiTairs In 'uba
f.ir as the Cuban representae'v s w.-ie
cincerned. and that if Gern-i.;! G.uia
end ether Cubans operating ub.u; t.tn
tiiigo were not l:i Harmony tilt t.
T'niied suites authorities there it ttri;s
fom a misunderstanding of th" pusi
dent's prcclamatiun, and of the int -n-tions
of the fnited Slates gov -i luu-' it
in the premises.
TneCiibans at Santiago. it was rtated.
prol al.ly thought that the a.ii ei .if
General Shatter meant the eonti;iM
tion oi Spanish rule ar.d Span s"i m
thorlty It being well undeT.oo,; i,..r,
Cut su'.f. was mt the ease It was fh
teii-ef cf the Cuban reprei-entat.v -y tnat
w hen tho matt, r was n-n.le pi. no t.i ih..
Cuban ofl.c ers ia the IbilJ th y w.uld
e.ciij'.iesce in the :etion of the t'nited
States and render the t'nited States
army We.it ry support. The Cubans as
sured the w ar ofli. ials that n-thin.was
further from thur dciires than a "rup
ture with the Cniteil States forces and
It also became known that the junta
had sent dlspat- lies to General Garcia
and other Cuban dicers tliut their
course at Santiago was not approved
by the junta, and If persisted in woul 1
result in serious injury to the Cubans.
It is believed that the reprt-s. utatfone
made will bring ahiut a better under
standing between theCuhjin i.lllreis and
the Americans. The opinion was ox
pressed at the war department th.U the
better c lass of Cubans in the Nland will
have no sympathy with these who
would brhrtf aUiut trouble, but that it
Is the lower ami vie ious hisses who
desire U loot and plunder the city.
Shipping Firm of Don W III Take Toi al's
Army to Spain.
"Washington. July 21. Arrangements
practically were con. luib-d by the gov
ernment last nlcht f..r the tra'ispcrtai
tion of the Spanish prisoners at San
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tiago fresn Cuba to Spain. The con
tract waa awarded to the Spanish
TransatlaatlQtie company, r. pres.-nt.-d
by J. M. Cellabo t o, ,f New York.
The company agrees .to carry the pris
oners from Cuban ports to Spain at the
rate of l.'O for eae h enlisted man and
f.w for each commissioned offin-r. sub
sistence ta be furnished Vy the com
pany on the army ration basis, as pro
vide J for in the government's adver
tisement for Mils. The bid as consid
ered the l est one, and on a basis .f
CJ.Ot persons It will cost the t'nited
States li..r.,CC0.
The award provides also that the
company shall have five ships at Fan
tiaco in nine days from today. to in
seventeen days and enough to complete
the transportation of the piis.mers In
twenty-one days. The ships will fy
the color cf Spain and will be manned,
probably entirely, by Spanish crews. It
was remarked as one of the curious
developments of the -war that the fnit
ed States government should enter into
a fi-W-ndly contract with a company,
many of whose vesse-ls are auxiliaries
to the SpaniVh navy.
ru scorn, stiukk sh aiti h?
Or Was It the Irate Omrral lilt Fir
Alleged Santiago Incident.
Xew York, July 21. According to ad
vices received here from Santiago Syl
vester Scovel, the newspaper corre
spondent. Is under arrest for striking
Major General Sltaftcr. Accounts dis
agree regarding the incident, tine says
Pcnvel returned a blow struck by Gen
eral Shafter, and another that, angered
by an order of General Shafter. Scovel
sought the general and sluptied him.
"fiio latter version says Scovel had
ask. d permission of General Sh.iftT to
ascend the roof eif the governor s p ila
with the American officers wh hoist, d
the first American flag In Santiago.
General Shafter refused the request.
Hcovd tin reupe.n renewed th" r.-qn -st
and v... nram peremptorily refused.
Net satiilb-.l. Scovel. so the refieirt
rn?t. attcnipt'Hl to gi up on the build
in;, but was promptly seiz.d by or-d.-rlie
Riifl elrarg?l down. Tli-n came
the assault, and his jii.m was .r
tlercd by General Shatter. He was
placed in ecmel R.al and later removed
in Mo- tug Colon under c Iom t-uard
to Siboney. It Is not kiionn how his
cas will bo ilix-'..-sed of. ns It Is pos
sible to try him t the front or bring
him to the t'nited States, lie can also
be shot for his diversion according to
military law If this smry Is true.
en. ItuAteld Is Improving.
Washington, Ja y 21. Dr. Greetileaf's
last reij.rt to Secretary Alger from
the American camp at Santiago came
yesterday afternoon and was to th ef
fec t that while the yellow fever was
widely spread among the troops it was
very mild in type. General Duffteld,
who has been suffering from the dis
ease, was reported to be improving.
Pay master Kid Not 1 depart.
Washington, July 21. The ordersend
Ing nineteen paymasters to Santiago to
pay th" tr.Mips tinder General Shafter
has been revoked, it having iWn ascer
tained that the re are not complete rec
ord!; ai'd rolls of the army In Cuba to
enab' payment to lie made.
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