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Published Dally and Weekly at 1024 Second
Avenue, Rock Wand, I1L Entered at the
PoatofflM a Second -daw matter
TERMS Dally. 10 cents per week. Weekly,
12-00 per annum; In advance II .60.
All eommunlcatloiu of political or argumen
tative character, political or religious, must
bare real name attached for publication. No
ucn article will be printed over fictitious sig
natures. Correspondence solicited from every town
ship In Rock Inland county.
Fkidat, Jllv 22, 1898.
Demorratlc Nominations.
Vor Ststu Treasurer
For.Siipertntenant Public Ins ruction.
For Trustees State rnivcrslty,
For. Representative In Congress, Tenth
Fot Representative In the General Assembly,
Tbirty-tbirtl District.
rot County Judife W. C AI.LKN
For County Clerk JOHN NORTON
For UhertB a. D. iii'ksinu
For Treasurer t. R. LKKS
For County Superintendent.. .O. I. ADDITON
mr. t uoaiii are rapidly learmn"
Knglish. Already most of them can
Hay such simple words s hardtack,
bacon, U-ans. cofTee, and the like.
Tiik first Spanish Hag captured
t libit has liccii sent to the war de
partment at Washington. The reason
uone were captured before was In-
cause the don took most of them
down to the Ifottoin witli them.
I nr. NmiinviIIc IVst jr,.s after
Richanl Harding Davis in u tcrrilit
manner lor the lies that be has sent
to the Tans editor of the New York
Herald. The Post holds that the lies
sent out by Davis have cost this conn
try the lives of set' era I hundred Amer
Admiiiai. t'Ki: Kil t ami lieu. Toral
are in no hurry about going home t
niRiin. inevie aii'aw ol Item"
hanged for mil dving in Cuba. It
Las been suggested that these officer
take out naturalization papers, stay
in America and learn how to run
lllK dominant trait of Spa nisi
rnaracier is no ocncr shown than in
the reported intention of the Spanish
authorities to make scapegoats of
Montejo, Cervcra and Toral by court
martialing them. In no other conn
try in the world could such action be
probable under such circumstances,
A DM l if M. Samcson evidently became
too munitions as well as too self-nn
poitaiit as far as the conduct of the
naval part of the warfare is con
cerned, and it became the duty of the
o discipli
just as would have been done with
any other attache of the t'nitcd Stat
fighting forces.
iiie democrat of the Fifteenth
Illinois congressional district at Mon
month yexterday nominated Joseph
A, lioy. oi iuillcv. as the opjiouciit ol
Col, H. V. Marsh, of Warsaw, uhi
preferred running again to acceptin;
a brigadier generalship in the arinv
t i . .. . . . ....
j ne resoiiiiious reiterate the I Iiica"0
platform of 1 s:, express rciietvet
faith In W. J. lirvaii. pay a magnani
inotis tribute to President McKinlev
and denounce I atmcr and the Allen
;r.. t.u:a. the Cuban leader,
may prefer to conduct his campaign
independently, now that Ins men havi
Wen fed and armed 'by the Cnitd
Mate, but he w ill have to be careful
not to cross the right of way of th
United States troops. The Cuban
are a lot of ingrates and always hav
Wen. but this government havin
gone over there to put a stop to
bark-irons warfare and establish
rivilixed form of government, a
obstacles to such a program
must lie removed, whet Iter they Ik
Spanish or Cuban. '
Cait. '-.lt k" Piiii.ii'. of theTexa
i doubtless the must Isdoved. as h
1 ne of the most pictim-sauc of ou
captain. Like humorists generally
he has his inlt n-elv serious moments
at is attested by his 'fervid regni
tion of the handiwork of Providenc
In the annihilation ofCervera's fleet
and his sutierb rebuke to the sailors
jubilation over the destruction of the
Spanish: "Itoii t cheer, boys, tlipv
UVIDg. nut ins neatest mot. unti
the Peoria Journal picked it. u
escapeti me general niiiie. vt n
the lexas Had silenced a vie
Ion shore battery atter a furioit
el. and the otlieers were seated a -
' i ., ... i i V.
listed on the iiuailcr deck, an aeci -
nansted on ine ii
dental ilischarge from the Massachu-
setts sent a shell whizziuj; just over
the heads of the officers. All the pro -
test Capt. Philip made was to signal:
0IST m.mJ
'A good line shot, but about six fee t
oo high.
Some War Indemaltlea.
Now that there is a likelihood that
the United State will soon- hate un-
ler consideration the war indemnity
that should I demanded from Spain,
the follotvinjj from the St. Louis
Gtobe-Denioerat, regarding the in-
lemnities other natious have exacted
at the end of modern wars, is of in
terest: "The usual form of indem
nity has been lioth money and terri
tory. At the end of the last war with
Turkey. Russia demanded a mouev
ndemnity of 725.000.000 but finally
accepted territory and reduced the
cash indemnity to $225,000,
000. When Prussia defeated Aus-
ria in lHtiti the indemnity
nclnded territorial concessions and
f 30,000.000 in money. The indem
nity following the last war ln-tweeu
crmanttaiKl trance was enormous.
consisting of proyinces and fortres
ses, in addition to fl .0DO.O0U.lMJO in
cash. Originally the German claim
was for f 2O0.O0O.000 more, but a dis-
omit was allowed for the cessioa of
Met.. When Japan defeated China a
few years ago it received a money in-
einnit y of $15,000.000. Stilll more
recently I m'ker obtained a strip ol
territory and $20,000,000 from Greece.
At the end of its war with Mexico,
we demanded no cash. and. in fact,
paid $15,000,000 to settle the bounda
ries satisfactorily to ourselves."1
Puni.hment For a Murder That Was More
Cruel Than Death.
Iu 1801 a man died iu tho Catskills
who had been condemned by one of the
strangest Sentences on record. Kalpu
Sutherland was born ill 1701 and lived
iu a stone house near Leeds. Ho was a
man of violent temper und morose dis
position, shunned by bis neighbors aud
generally disliked. Not being able to
get nu American servant, ho imported a
Scotchwoman, mid, according to the
nsuc of the times, virtually held her
iu bondage until hor passage money
had been refunded.
Citable to endure any longer tha rag
ing teniiier of her master, tho girl nan
away. Immediately upon discovering
her absence the mau stt on iu an angry
cliu::e upon his horse and soon overtook
her The pour woman never reached the
house alive, ami Sutherland was indict-
cd uuil arrested on the charge of murder.
At tho trial ho tried to provo that his
horse bad taken fright, run away,
pitched him out of thesaddlo aud claxh-
cd thu girl to dentil upon tho rocks, but
tho jury did not accept the defense, and
Sutherland was sentenced to die upon
tho scaffold.
Then camo th") plea of tho iusuffi
cicucy of circumstantial evidence and
the efforts of isllueutial relations, lhuse
so worked upon tho court tlurt the judge
delayed tho sentence, of death until the
prisoner should be 1)9 years old.
It was tirdercj that the culprit should
bo released on his own recognisance,
anil that, pending the final execution of
bis sentence, he should keep a hangman s
noose about bis neck and show himself
before the judges of Catskil) once a year
to prove that be woro his badge of in
famy and kept bis crimn iti iniud. It
was a more cruel decision than tho sen
tence of immediate death would have
been, bnt it was no doubt iu harmony
with thu spirit of tho times.
Thus Ralph Sutherland livwl. He 1-
ways lived alone. He seldom spoke. His
rough, lmpvnuus manner bad gone,
Years followed years. At each session
of tho court the broken man came be
fore the bar ef justice) and silently
showed tho noose that circled his ucck,
At last his uniuty-uiutli year came,
tho time when the court had ordered
tkat tho utmost penalty of the law
should be executed. For tho last time
the man tottered before tho judge's
bench, but new judges bad arisen in
the hind, new laws had been made, old
crimes had Is-eu forgotten or forgiven
und there was ymu who would accuse
him or execute? sentence. Indeed the
awful restriction that had bound bis
life no intimately to tho expiation of
His crime was now legally removed.
Hut the spirit of self punishment con
tinned, and when Sutherland, after he
had passed his hundredth year, was dis
covered tlead, alone iu his house, his
throat xvas found to bo eucirp led by the
rope which had been placed there nearly
tbree-ouarters of a century buore.
Youth's Conipauiou.
Attention, old Soldier.
The manufacturers have instructed
T. II. Thomas, druggist, to Ac
Ixittle of '5-cent si.e of Foley's Colic
t tire free to 'the tirst soldier of the
civil war who applies for same. It
is the great remedy for chronic diar
rhoea. cramp colic and all bowel com
The Chief Burgess of MUesliim'
Pa., says IVWitt's Little Early Risers
are the Wst pills he ever used in his
family during- 40 years of house keep
iiiiX. lhev cure constipation, sick
headache and stomach and liver
troubles. Small in size but great
result. T. II. Thomas. A. J. Riess
ami M. F. Bahnswn. druggists.
'or Orer Fifty Years
Mrs. inslow s Soothing Syrup has
ocen useii tor ciniiiren teethin". It
soothes the child, softens the gum
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is me nest remettv tor tuarrnoea. 2o
cents a bottle.
Beauty la Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. Xo
beauty without it. Ca&carets, Candy Cathar
tic clean jour liiood and keen it clean, by
iirniK up me tary over aim driving all im
unties irom ttie Douv. llesin to-dav to
anish pimples, loils, blotches, blackheads
and that sickly bilious-complexion bv taking
1 larp,,"'7,T",my for '" ns. All drug
( satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25e,5tc.
l ' 11
' Bean Uw
' fjignatwi
j f
lite K;ntf Yoa Ha Ulnars Bought
O roejs of Seattle,
That bloom in Jane and May,
Ton are perfect as the pout's dreaa.
Fair as the golden day :
Too scatter waves of fragrance
On the eleepinc air of night;
Tour rainbow painted petals
Are the glory of the lightl
Fair is Nile's storied lotn
Ami the rose of Gulistan.
And pleasant is the poppy seed
Tliat lulls the noal of man.
Bare arc the lights and shaded
In the pansy's purple eye.
Eat the roses of Seattle
Are tho Cowers of paradi.se.
0 roses cf Seattle.
That bloom iu May nnd June,
Deep hearts of gold and cr'.scn
That light the summer duob.
The cottage of the lowly
You naint with God's own plan;
In the uansiun of the lordly
You shame the art of man I
1 hold them fast in memory
Wherever I may roam,
' These lilossoms from the prnrdrn
Of the tods, dropped Cuwn from heme.
The cruel year lake from us
Wh.it year caruiot restore,
Bat tho roses of SJi attle
They hinoirt forever.nort l
Eliza Areuard Conner in Meattlo Post-Intel-
Satan at Camp MertiuE.
We will call him Bishop Simmons
Dunns tho alternoon tr.o younger min
isters had listened to him with vciicra
tiun and respect, cud when their turn
camo thfj found him a dignified auu
careful listener.
The alternoon was delightful and the
camp meeting service wa3 a long one
The good bishop was a keen lover cf the
weed, aad after tho ruetting hail closed
ho strolled off for a smcke. Ataliule
distant ho found an abrupt ledge en
tixeiy out of tuc view ot tuo camp
grounds, and goiug down around to tho
foot of this ho lit hi;; cigar and prepared
for a quiet half hour.
As it chanced, soon after one of the
younger ministers took a walk from the
grounds, and finally camo to tho top of
tho sattio ledge, aud, looking down, saw
tho bishop.
For the sT:acu ct a moment or two be
stood with a gl?nm in his eye, and then,
stooping dov:u. bo said iu a sort of tri
umphant to::e:
"Ah. Father Simmons, I've caught
you burning incense to tho devil."
Tho bi:-'hop took out his cigar and
turned about till ho had swung the
speaker fully into view, and thea added
slowly iu a deep voice:
"But I didn't know ho ivas so near.
Current Literature.
Value of a Constitution.
It happened in the spring of 18(10,
when Garibaldi was pursuing his expo
ditinn in Sicily and when tho words
"Constitution aud Liberty" were on ev
ery Neapolitan's lips. "Whv arc vou so
auxious for a constitution?" asked a for
cign tourist of bis guido and donkey
driver, while they wero traYclina
through thn mountains of Sorrento.
V, ell, you see. xotir excellency, was
tho answer, 'because I think we shall
be all he better for it. It is now cImso
upon '20 years that I am letting out my
asses to visitor from all conntcie:
English, Freuck, Americans; ali of
theso have a constitution, and thev aro
all rich. " Argonaut.
Life In Colorado.
person m tuis country no sooner
gets through shoveling coal and carry
iug out tho ashes than he has to sprinkle
his crass and push the lawn mower.
Tho more coal he shovels the more ashes
he carries, aud the more water he squirts
the harder ho has to push the lawu
mower. It is ever thus. Longmout
(Colo.) Ledger.
Something to Know.
It may lie worth something to know
that the very liest remedy for rest or-
ing the tired out nervous system to a
healthy vigor is Electric Bitters. Thi
medicine is purely vegetable, acts bv
giving tone to the nerve centers iu
the stomach, gently stimulates tl
liver ami kidneys, and .aids these or
gans in throwing oil impurities in the
blood, hleetric Bitters improves th
appetite, aids ingestion, and is pro,
uouneeti dv those wiio itave tried it a
the very liest blood purifier and nerv
ionic, irv it. oiti lor on cents or
1 per lMittle at Hartz & Ullemeyer
drug store.
When You Take a our Vaeatioa
the most necessary article to have
with you (after your pocket book)
a bottle of Foley's Colic Cure. It i
an absolute prevention or cure of all
derangements of the bowels caused by
a cnauge oi water, lou are likely
neetl it. ior sale bv T. II. Thomas
Dost Toksrro Spit and Smoke Tosr Life A wit.
To quit tobacco easily and forcer. be mae
netie. full of life nerve aad vior, take No To
Bac, the wonderworker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 50c or fl. Cureguaran
icca. tsoomet ana sample tree. Address
Sterling tiemedy Co., Chicago or New York,
Publication Notice Chancery.
McCaskrin A McCaskrin. Attorneys and Coun
State ofctUinois.
Rock Island County, f "
In the circuit court of the said county and
ttuie. to the September term thereof. A. 1)..
Knitn Haer vs. Charles Baker, in chan
cery divorce.
Affidavit of non-residence of Charles Baker.
Hie above named defendant, buvini; been duly
certified aud sworn to and filed in the elerk's
office of the said county and state, knowing
thut the residence of tbe above named de
fendant is unknown, and that due and diliKent
inquiry ha been made t- ascertain ibe sane,
i otiee is therefore hereby viven to the said
defendant that tbe said comolainant Hied her
hill of complaint in still court on the chancery
sidd thereof on the th day of July, A. D..
isys and that thereupon a summons was is
sued out of said court, wherein said suit is now
pending, returnable cn tbe third Monday of
S-epiemlier next as is by law required.
Now unless you. Charles Maker the de
fendant ahove named, shall personally be
and appear before said circuit court of
Hock Island county, on the first day
of the next term thereof, to be holden at Bock
Island, in Hock island county, and the stste
of Ilbiois. on the first dav of the nest Sep
tember term on the third Monday of tbe month
i of September next and then and there to plead.
answeror oemur to toe nuiu ctmpiauiaut s
bill of complaint, the same together with tbe
matters and thins therein charged and stated
wiU oe taken as confessed, and a decree en
tered against you according to the prayer of
tbe said bill.
Kock I&land, Illinois. July 21. t
Gc hoe Gamble. Clerk.
Mi'Caskhis ii Mi-CKais.
Complainant Solicitors.
Quick Relief for Asthma. I
Tl tt l rw
roiey b noney ana j.ar is guaran
teed to give prompt relief in all cases
of asthma. Do not class this with
other medicines that have failed to
ive relief. Give it a trial. For sale
by T. H. Thomas.
Educate Tour Vowels With Case rets.
Cand Cathartle. cure constitution fnmrip
10c. SDc If C C. C. fa:L druggists refund money.
S17-S19 Perry Street,
Billy Woodruff, Manager.
Only First Class
Place of Amusement
In the City
A strictly high class Vaude
ville entertainment every
night in the week anil Sun
day niatiuee at 2Mi).
23 Cents
IS Cents
Doors open at 7:30, xrform
ance commences at 8:15.
Ilon't forget Sunday matiuee
at 2:30.
For Particulars See Small Bills.
Tom A. Marshall
Telephone Co.
Loivej Distance LiNtd
". 6CNCRAOfTlCt5
ernes and rotmiJirjtBour
Ablnfrdon, 111.
Lcwirton, IU.
LeCluire, Iowa.
W.iUae, IU.
Miluu, liL
5f :ttrnib, 111.
MarUalltotrn, Iowa,
liiiicatine, Iowa.
Mllleriarn. IU.
Monmouth. III.
Mt. ripaan, Iowa.
Norwood. 111.
lirw 15o tou. 111.
Kew y.'fnilrs-, IU.
orth Henderson, IU,
Amialut-iu, 111,
Altnno, lit
Alexis, UL
Alwlo, 111.
An', lu
Alpbe, IU.
Li4rVillS, IU.
BasTiuoU, Hi.
Buriiiur1.ni, Iowa.
Cable, 111.
Caiubriuge, 111.
Cordova, 111.
Canton, 111.
Columbiu Jc, low.
Ctslar KaiilH, loma.
Cliuton. luwu.
Cuba, 11!.
Drtt Moiueff, lowiu
Davenport, Iowa.
Dubuque, Iowa.
ItlKinttUm, IU.
lilmtviMNl, 111.
Farmrogtou, 111.
Fort MaiUwm.IowB.
Galburg, IU.
Ucrlavr, III.
Galeun, 111.
GilcanM, 111.
tiidva. 111.
tiilsnn, III.
Ucneco. 111.
Joy. 111.
Knoxville, 111.
hiiithpburK. 111.
Keokuk, luva.
oneiila. 111.
thilc, 111.
I ort UjrrWn, IU.
1-ruirio City, 111.
I'eoria, III.
l'ekui, 111.
l'rw-iiij, llixi. 111.
I'tiuiH-vill. 111. .
, l:,xeille,l:i.
1k k Inland. IU.
l.OuolJt, IU.
Kio, 111.
Kmuu Creek, III.
St. Au?uuio, 111.
fceuton, 111.
'Inylur lU,lge,IU.
Toulon. Iu.
Viola, III.
Wslunt Grove, IU.
Wnpello, Iowa.
West Ijtierfjr, Iowa.
tKvl hull. 111.
iiunintnTt. IU.
Vate City, 111.
Mott's Nerverine Pills
r?-?V 1M great
cjrvous pros
tration and
ail nervous
diseases of the
trenerativ-e or-
KkiuRk. A'D Af-T4.lt USISU. n, cf eilhrr
tXf such - Nervous Prostr ticn, Failing ot
lost Manhood, Impotency, Nightly tmis-
hoos, xoutntul errors. XMental Worry, ex
oesive vat of Tebaxxo or Opium, which
lead to Consumption and Insanity. $1.00
per dox try ouu; 6 boxes for S5.00.
For sale by M. F. Tlahnsen. druggist, corner
lourtn avenue and Twentieth street-
ire the most fatal of all
3t money refunded. Con
tains remedies recognized
by all eminent physicians
is the best for Kidney and
bladder troubles.
rfce nc. ri(t fl
... r
"old hy M F Bahnnn.
It rests with ywi whether yon wntmr tbeBB
n.TTtkriln loliar,-,. bafclt. hO-TO-StA 1
r.me th 4earefor toban-n. wuhmmm 1
ontarrvnait4itrM xpaiaueo-Bl ll Z
tine. punRr tbe blomi, rmJM I k KTJsjsf .
tortss loft manhsd.agi'Tal fj B fcjlSI form
InikM won 'ronitTV . 1 1 1 i UVkkI. 400. MM
in hemltfi.aereJ,Ti U lMI9,rUTn!lir
nd packetTt VI jVMOTO-BArfroai
t?"- Ily rylyovr own droirrirt. wha
III f"lll otirh torus. Ta. It with
J niV "IILpatlratiy. pxrulwatly On
I MwU hos. Si, usually rnres; s bote, as St.
I JiFtl.nls?i(.,1r.nTwreftlBS money.
eKeaawaitrilat aVaaaei (e,, UkHs. aaeueal. See tmi.
Assignee's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that in pursusnce of
an order of the county court of Rock Island
countv. Illinois. 1 sh )j on Saturday. July O.
ls. at 10 o clock In the forenoon, at the east
door of tbe court bouse, in tbe city of llock
Island, county i.nd state as aforesaid, offer for
sale to tbe hiirnest aud best bidder the real es
tate, known and described as parts of lot
seven (I) and eiirht isi. Mock forty-three t.
in the citv of Ruck Island, as aforesaid, to
gether with ail shops and fixture", commonly
calitd the Variety Woodworks.
leted at Bock IJiiid 111 . tb's letb day of
July, let. C. HlLAJ-EsilLt, Anenee.
In the old neighborhood. Our stock of stylish footwear has Ixrn niored into tho hand
some remodeled store room at 1702 Second avenue, next door to our old Wation in the
Bengston block. In moving tre noted many lines of goods that e will rush out at
big bargain figures. The goods comprise a variety of styles. ud in fitting yourself
out in footwear you cannot miss it now by calling. Give ns a chance to make vour
feet feel comfortable and please your pocketbook as well.
Diamond Jo lino.
St. Louis & St. Taul Tucket Co.,
elpgantly fitted steamers between
above points as follows:
SMh el ti-l mi
tioint Xorfh at A'oon. Going Scvlh 0 a. m.
June 13. K. June 1. 27.
July I. 10. 2b. a). Julys. 15. .
AUt. 7. 17, 26. Aug. S. 12, 22, 31.
Sept. 4. 14. Sept. , 19.
Ooiug A'lirtft nl Xwn. Going Souta ( . m.
June IS. 27. June 1.
July rt. 1. 24. July 2. II, 50. 2.
Atur. 3. 12. 21, 31. Auu. . 17. 2S.
Sept. V. IK- Sept. 14. 23.
Carnival City Packet Co.
Kcirnlar Rock Island & Burlington
packet steamer V. J. Young, Jr..
liantlsotnelv equipiied. leaves for Bur
lington every Monday, Wednestlav
and Friday at 4:30 p. iu. Steamer '.
J. Young, Jr., leaves evert- Simdav at
3:30 p. in. with sjtecial excursion to
Muscatine, returning at 11 p. m.
Rouud trip, including supper, (1, or
id rents without supper.
Acme Packet Co.
Hock Island and Davenport & Clin
ton and Fulton packet line. Fast and
finely equipjM.'d steamers City of Wi
nona and Verne Swain. Dcliirhtful
steamers for pleasure parties. Boats
leave at 7 a. in. and 3:15 p. m. Boats
meet at lA'Claire. Round trip to that
point 00 cents.
To part iies of 10 or more, round
trip rate to Clinton 7."c Regular
Sunday round trip rate to Clinton r0e.
For freight and passenger rates and
all other information in regard to any
of the above lines inquire of
Foot ot 17th St. Telephone 1 105.
Own Tout Wrmt and ifarr it I mured.
Reldy Bros.
Real Estate,
Insurance and Loans.
Room 4. Mitchell & Lvnde Building.
Telephone lOt'S.
Gas Fitting.
Sewer Pipe.
All Work Qnarsnteed-
Qosenflold Brcs
roars For Reliability,
Leaders in Shoes.
! A ProvoMng TasK
C7TNDONF. whlrh is enough to. make the righteous pro
J fane and te forgiven, is an old stove tbat won't draw
when one ia iu hurry for their breakfast. W hen
yon can boy a superior etove or range that is handsome and
useful, e good baker, and of tbe Tery best manufacture,
that wo sell at such low prices why bother with a use
less oil balk.
The Elixir of
If not, consult
the celebrated
Specialists of
the Chicago
Medical Insti
tute, erman
ently locatttl in
Davenjtort, Ia.
Who Has Cured
Our Electric Mitclime for
t- e treatment of Ni-rvoue
IMeriise, KbeumaUsmaiid
X Huy wora.
Hundreds of Cases of Chronic Diseases Pronounced Incur
able by Others.
XERVOUS DEBILITY. Exhaustive Drains. Sleeplennnees. Thu-atene.1 n
Mtnity. Weak Memory, Mental Delusion, or any other couditou due to oervuua ihj..il..
MMitively cured.
CATARRH, Dyspepsia. Asthma, Rheumatism, Scrofula. Syphilis, It!.!.
Kidney, l iver and Skin Disea-ees can be quick' ani perrtienrot'y cured our advauiwsS
system of medicine.
VARICOCELE is the most active cause of Nervous Ieliilitv. Why- treat
month with other when we iruarantee you a permanent cure la sereti darn by ur ;in
less metboUe. Hydrocele cured ia three day no uaia.
WOMEN suffering from diseases twculiar to her sex, nhouM consult us.
We have cured idhut cjset piten up a b'ljieiese. n4 e nny lie a'lie to eu-c you Suvi.
eI operationa performed at your home if desired. Abdominai and brem aur-t.ry tl 'iUlf
erous arktiowledireniftite we have received from the Deaspaprrs for our rnrVM r irem
in botb medical and kur.'icu: e.4ses is proof eoneiiisive thai our atlvwed nie:w.l eurw
where ail others fall. Tberef'tre. do not iil tune with u,ers lui -.Hisult us at iue" and
regain your lost health. Tuto te a t aire In every I1s4 .se ihat can t ein-d lloa
yi-u passed that stave If not do not ripetiineni nv lotufer but consult un at once Kur
therraore. we offer (1 Hfi to any one proving our credent iU false IVe ni:ike H.mol.i-"t
to investigate our. No other specialist oflers men a fair nrteisHi.n. ti'.'I.V I'll A 'IT F
"AM-S TAKEN Ikst of refi renee and ereib-atiale If run c.m-t ca.L write liu'a.'
dreda cured by mail, lloure k to I i. S to. 7 to . bundays. I IJb to l M.
AOVICE Ur r Phy.nn and a FREE ll
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Dr, Cray's
l ure, lb rery wort re-of Inri,U. f ontlp.it.m. llm.lat-lM-
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all ul your .ye.PV.m-. Iw. key'e Kkumbut i. e,,M by drvarUts. r ut
l,w an 1 1 oa rere-tiA ef .rm, e mm.. a, i nr.
adeVan Dr. . J. KAY MEDICAL
Cor. Nineteen! h street
and Second Avenue. F
Life Is Health
You Cot It?
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ly Siir'coi. In t bl f of M.
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