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First Porto Rican Expedition Gains a Footing After a
Spaniards at Santiago Sink One of Their Former Craft
Movement of Troops.
POUT (il'AXK'A. I'ortoltico, July
2.5. 2 1 1. in., via .St. Thomas. D.
W. I., (Copy rijrlit imI by the Associated
I'res-.) The I'nited States military
expedition which left (iuaiilanaiiio,
Cula. Thursday landed here today
after a skirmish with the Spanish
troops. Ni Americans were killed.
t.KOHH HlttCAfll lF skiikmii:k.
Mmiilftll Sink One of Tlielr RvllnqnUneil
4imilHtft at ShiiIIiik".
3 Iuantanamo l!ay. Santiago de t 'uba.
July 26. The Prairie arrived from
NijN hay last evening and reported
all iiiet. The Spaniards last night
mink the Spanish giinhoat Sandoval,
which has leen lying nearCaimanera.
This is looked upon as a gross
breach of the terms of surrender,
which the Spanish then had knowl
edge of. especially considering the
fact that food has been sent by the
I'nifod States navy into Caimanera.
It is ditlicult to see how so large a
body of Spanish troops at llohpiin can
fail to surrender very soon, although
reinforced by Spanish forces from
(iihara. News from there is expected
shortly. I'pon it will depend some
of the plans of our commanders.
The main body of the licet here is
coaling and cleaning as well as the
facilities of the bay permit. The
Texas will leave for New York shortly
for repairs. The movement of the
other ships under Sampson's com
mand, except those engaged in the
Porto Hico expedition, depend upon
the decisions of the authorities at
Washington. The impression is grow
ing that it is not advisable to semi a
fleet to Spain without enabling the
ships to 'indergo thorough prepara
tion, including going into dry dock in
several t-iic. ,
Col. Kwers. sent by Shafter to re
ceive the surrender of .5. (Kin Spanish
troops at (iuantanamo. arrived Sun
day night with twoof Toral's officers.
and proceeded to Caimanera and (Iu
antanamo vestcrdav. He said 1.700
of the Spanish troops in the (iuantau
aino distr it t are sick.
t nlt.it State TriM o-ruty (iuantanamo
- Shutter mid SUIT.
Santiago de Cuba. July 26. The 1st
I'nited States infant rv went to (inan-
l.tnaino yesterday afternoon to occupy
the place. Urn. Shafter and staff left
the city yesterday for Camp Wood
Military Cov.-tleu. Wood remains
Fred Grant' Ilrijtaite.
Chattanooga. Julv 26. The 3rd
brigade, 1st division. 1st corps
left Camp Thomas this afternoon
for New port New s. This brigade is
commanded by Cell. Fred Crant and
is eonijxtsed of tjie 1st and 3rd Ken
tucky and ,th Illinois. The brigade
U.v.l makes thfc food pare,
bolrMue and tfcllrtaa
Absolutely Pur
A1 v0i OO., 04K.
is accompanied by the 3rd bat
talion of the 16th Pennsylvania.
The w hole of Brooke's force, 'w ith
the New Orleans, Annapolis, Cincin
nati, Lcyden and Wasp, is expected
here within 24 hours.
The Kaiser Seat no Mtmace to I'resldent
Berlin. July 26. It is semiofficial
ly announced that there is no founda
tion for the report that the German
ambassador at Washington presented
President McKinley a personal letter
from Emperor William.
Berlin, Jtilv 26. A Kiao-Chou dis
patch says the (Jerman warship
Ileutschland having Prince Henry, of
Prussia, on board, started for Furan.
Cores, yesterday.
Permanent Naval Station in Chicago.
Washington, Julv 26. The navv
department has established a perma
nent naval recruiting station at Chi
cago, the only one in the middle west.
This station is nowopen for lousiness
in the Masonic Temple in charge of
Lieut. Commander llolman Vail.
II l Troops Reach Porto Rico and at One e
Land Near Ponce.
St. Thomas. July M. The Un'ted
States troops landed yesterday on the
island of I'arto Kleu near lVncc, on the
Eutith coast.
Madrid, July L'6. The; Cuban culon'al
government, it h; r.ow announced, will
confer with the repr Ter.lathc ; of Mix-
lmo Gomez, and it is I cliewd that the
conference may result in the inrv.r-
Kents espousing Pp.cin's tea??,
I.ir.don. July LC T.-.e Iv.ily C'ir. niole
this ri.ornins c a run to kr.ow p itiv-Iy'
that no peace m-sctiuliur.s 't f any sort
have occurred i.e'v.een the; American
and fja'd.-h government. The Daily
Chn.nicle rays: ':"i.ir. ha" made no
6 in.a h.and apparently C s not mem
to yet."
Washington, July 2C The war dp.
fartrr.ent was 1 usied yesterday hurry
ing the dispatih if the remainder of
Miles' expedition against Porto Rico.
Such progress has been made that it Is
hoped all of the troops will be on Porto
Kican soil within a week, at the latest.
War drr--rtmer.t cfTicials expect that
the f.rst news received from General
Miles ill come through the press dis
patches, as the general has not with
him so far as is known any dispatch
beats. It will be at least Saturday be
fore direct cable communication can be
established with him. and in the mean
time reliance must be had on the dis
patch boats running across to St. Thom
as, distant about four hours" run. It
was expected at the department that
General T.rooke and General Haines
would sail yesterday from Newport
News to J.iin Miles, and that most of
General Brooke's commend would be
embarked by tomorrow.
4, rant', llrigiule Ordered Away.
The work ef embarkation at Hampton
Heads Is bfir.g conducted with much
lers difficulty and delay than was ex
p?cted. The secretary of war yester
day ordered all of General Grant's bri
gade from Ohickamauga to Newport
News. It is not exr ed that all of the
transports required for their accommo
dation will have arrived there by the
time the soldiers get in. but they will
be camed on suitable ground there, and
it is believed will be benefited by the
change from Chickamauga. Adjutant
t.eneral Corbin. with his faithful prl
vate secretary. Coursfy, Sunday night
comob'ted the lcoth consecutive night's
service at the department, and still
there seems to be little diminution in
the number of telegrams and letters
and orf!o!;! papers pouring in upon this
ollice work.
Will Try Ihe Itntlamn la Porto Rico.
The signal service has succcedtd in
reclaiming fmm the battlrfi.-ld i f San
tiago the tubes which supplied the mil
itary balloon with pure hydrogen gas.
ar.d they, with the balloon itself, have
been brought over to Tampa on the
steamer Adr'a. The tub.s will be re
charged immediately and the whole ap
paratus will be dispatched at once to
Porto Rico to assist General Miles in
his campaign there. The balloon is said
to have proved of great value in the
Santiago campaign, end from the char
a ter of the country In Porto Rim wher
military operations mul be conducted
It Is believed that It also can be used
to advantage there. It was anr.ounctd
yesterday at the navy department that
th long expected report from Admiral
Sampson upon the destruction of Or
vera's fleet, with the accompanying re-
ports of the commodore and captains of
his squadron, had reached the depart
secretary Tong yesteraay forwarded
to Admiral Dewey the joint resolution
of congress extending the thanks of
congress for the victory achieved at
Cavite. The resolution was beautifully
engrossed and prefaced by a formal at
testation of its authenticity by Secre
tary of State Day. the whole being en
closed in richly gilt and ornamented
Russia leather covers.
What Ha Been Done in the Ninety Day
Since the First Call.
Washington, July 26. Adjuta-.t Gen
eral Corbin last nlsht made public a
statement of the rrogress made in th
organization of tiie regular and volun
teer armies of the I'nited States up to
and including July 24. In the ninety-
days w hich have claps-d since the pres
ident issued his first call for volunteers
an army of 2til.4O0 men has baen
recruited, mustered, equipped and
placed in the field, an achievement that
has elicited surprise and admiration
from the best informed military au
thorities of Eurcp". The personnel of
the army is far superior to that of any
body of men hitherto raised for military
purposes by the I nited States. Every
man recruited, whether for th? regular
or for the volunteer at my, has under
gone a careful physical examination
ndurted by disinterested and com
petent officers.
As a general proposition, therefore
the army is physically without a flaw.
Quite naturally the requirements for
the regular service are more rigid than
those for the volunteers, because re
cruits for the regular army being con
sidered merely as individuals are
obliged to undergo a more s.-vere ex
amination than the volunteers, many of
whom are taken into the service as or
ganizations. The statement indicates
that only one in fjur applicants for ad
mission to the regular army was ac-
tepted by the mustering officers and
medical examiners. In this way a
notably hlj-h class of mna has been se
cured for the army.
Of the 216,500 volunters authorized by
congress 212.C09 iave t een placed in the
field, nearly all of them fully equipped.
In a few days theentire v lunti er army
will Vie thoroughly organised into regi
ments, brigades, divisions and army
corps. The aptitude for military dis
cipline and instruction which the vol
unteers have evince! has created sur
prise amou.3 the representative.-? of for-
. The principal harbor ami city til t'ac i.Lmd f Puerto Rico is San Jiian. A fair
view of the city, shov.-in? seme of its chief brjlUing"!, is given in the illustration,
with an outline cf tlie harbor in the distance.
etgn RiivcrnmeniS with t Ii - i nn-,
States army. They asree that tne
Americans are the linrst soldiers in tlie
The figures de nut include sigral and
hospital corps men respectivi.iy. The
It.JOO recruits ol tained for the in?rras3
of the regular army, authorized after
war was declared to exist, were se
lected from a! out 100.000 applicants by a
limited number of recruiting officers.
but illy spared from their respective
regiments, ar.d fnr the most part
Ftrangers In the country canvassed, and
during a period of competition by state
authorities for the Fame men. Returns
wi;l show- a progressive increase as this
.ompc titic.n ceases.
Col. Campbell I Inst Commander Negro
Soldier in Trouble.
Springfield, Iils., July 26. Governor
Tanner yesterday afternoon appointed
Colcnel James R. Campbell, Ninth Illi
nois infantry volunteers, post com
mander at Camp Tanner. Colonel
Campbell appointed Captain C. C.
Wrieht. of McLeansboro. adjutant of
the Ninth, post adjutant. Major Beech
er B. Bay. I". S. A., paymaster at Chi
cago, will arrive here next Monday an 1
pay both the Eighth and Ninth regi
ments. The pay roll will aggregate in
the neighlxirhr.cd of piii.OON. In answer
to an Inquiry from Lieutenant Cole,
the quartermaster, the war department
replied last evening there was no def
inite Idea when the regiments here
would be ordered away.
Private Taylor Tucker, of company
E. Eighth regiment. Chicagj. was tried
yesterday by court martial and sen
tenced to ten days at hrd 1 ibor and to
pay a fine of $10. Tucker attempted to
run the guard on Sunday night and
drew a revolver cn th s.-niry, Andrew
J. Lane, of company E. Ninth rvgiment.
and struck Lane on the face with his
fist. Privates Brock, of company A,
Chicago, and George Burton and Jas
Frazier. of compar.y H. Springfield.
Eighth regiment, are accused of at
tempting to steal a revolver hulstf-r at
Maurice Goldstein's pawn shep in this
city and of resisting Officer Tipton
when he attempted to arrest them,
Frazier drawing a revolver.
The principal theater in Havana, the
Tacon, was built by convict labor. '
Doesn't Seem To Be Very Dan
gerous as He Operates at
Santiago de Cuba.
repealling Fever One That Wilt ProbablT
Render Its Victim Immune Men Vp
In a Few Bays-Mr. Porter Writes
What She Saw at F.l Caney and San Juan
Ion Again Charged with ltarbariom.
Authorized by Their Officer, at That.
Washington, July 26. In a dispatch
to the war department last niht Gen
eral Shafter reports that about 5'K) new
cases of fever developed in his corps at
Santiago Sunday. This number ipcluues
all classes of fevers, probably some
cases of genuine yellow fever. Only
one death is reported, that one being
from yellow fever. The cheering in
telligence is conveyed that the situa
tion is improving and that about 4J0
men who have been 111 have returned
to duty. AS heretofore indicated by
General Shafter and the medical ofll-
ecrs ot his corps the c ases of fever are
of a r.otahly mild type. The patients
are ill from three days to a week, and
then return toduty quite as w ell as ever.
The medical officers concur in the opin
ion that this fever renders the men im
mune, for the time at least, to yellow
fever. The question of returning a
large part of General Shafter's com
mand to this country for rest and re
cuperation was ur.der consideration by
the wai.iffic'als, but the id'-a practical
ly has been abandoned, at 1 'ast f,r the
' Experleneew of Mrs. Porter.
Frorn Santiago, under date of July
8, Mrs. John Addison Porter, wife? of the
secretary to the president, and now
with Miss Clara Barton in Cuba relief
work, has w ritten a perse nal letu r
describing eruditions there. U was
written a week after the battles of EI
Caney and Pan Juan. The Kcd Cns
was , then aiding in the c are of the
wounded and feeding the thousands of
fugitives from Santiago. The Spanish
wounJ?d taptivescxpress dn.u h grati
tude that they were given the same
attention tiat the Americans received.
One surgeon, who dress' d the wounds
of 200 American and Spanish s.-.ldiers,
told Mrs. Porter that nearly all the
Spaniards were hit two and fare-times.
whilo as a rul- th"? Americans reieived
a single wound. indicating the difference
of marksmanship.
Cite lntaii-- of pnnMt llarliarlty.
At this time everybody was buy car
ing for thf s'nk and w our d-d. The
American oVa.i had b-en buried, but
the trenches Were full of Spaniards,
dead, wh..s- bodies filiated on the sur
face of the water caused by the rains
and lill-d the air with a sii k-ning odor.
She cites intinrrsof Spanish barbarity,
and says that in several instances m-n
were shot dead as they lay in Red
Cross litters in the way to hospitals.
This firing ent on so unreasingly that
the surgeons oerated by moonlight.
They were afraid to light candles or
lanterns, as Spanish sharpshoo'i rs
would have picked them off. Com
missions authorizing this dastardly
work, she writes, were found on the
bodies of some of these guerrillas.
Another Complaint of the ( nhuis
The letter steaks of the high estimate
the private seldiers have of General
Wood and Lieutenant Roosevelt, who
0& Ml
they say always have a good word to
say to them. The white soldiers also
pay tribute to the bravery of the cl
ot ed troops, but complain because the
Cubans, lamiliarwith f awards' tactics,
did not prevent the Spanish bush
w hacking.
IVople at Cieafucgn Ak Sampton to
Come Onickly.
Guantanamo Bay, July 26. Copy
right, 1SS, by Associated Press. The
following pitiful appeal has been ad
dressed by the starving people ef Cien
feegos to Rear Admiral Sampson:
"Honorable Sir: The Cubans, eld
men, women and children, resident in
the town of Cier.fuegos and this neigh
borhood are all dying of hunger. Th
young men are all in the field with the
Cuban troops and have not shoes, neith
er food. All the provisions in this town
are in the hands of the Spaniards. Cu
br.ns cannot obtain a piece of bread, as
it is necessary to send everything ti the
fiild. The Wsylcr system is in his way.
The situation is terrible.
"If you, honorable sir, !'i not come
quick with your squadron in our help
ar.d take possession f ths tow n we
sV'all be lost. We beg yon to precipitate
your operation. About 5.0-.0 old nun.
womsn and children shall die of hunger
in this tvT. Some of these old mm
have fear or five sons fighting for his
freedom. This are our situs. tbn. horri
ble sit ur.tii n. If the great people of
the I'nited States do not come ouiik in
our help we are lost. Fer God's sake
come quick.
Signed "SOME CTT.ANS."
Nothing can be dune for the people c t
C'enfuogos until that place is caplu'.ed.
This will not be fur S"nie time.
niilrtl Wbile He Ti'm I'o-tini; a I-rltrr -Itiiinnnt
of Lite. ,
St. Louis, July L'6. Cl.sr.es A. Pr.int.
st enographer '. r an eluctr.cal supply
company in this city, sirp:ie.l to mail
a letter at the corner of Twenty-first
and I-ceust sttcels lat i.ight and was
shot and almost instantly ki:bd. Tniee
Sliots were iired and thtce men seen t
run. l'.rant staggered across the street
and fell dead. In his pocket was an
afiYctionate letter. evid--nty to hi wife,
but addressed to P. liox CH:'.. Asimry
l ark. N. J.: also a Will headed:
"To Miss Mary Hardin?. Davenport
Ir.n, Asbury Park. N. J., whom I d -sire
to be notified in case of my sudden
death, and who, in the sight of God, is
my lawful wife."
Miss-Harding is the daughter of K iger
E. Hardin, a wealthy citizen of St.
Louis, v.hi ai l'.rant married in October,
l-'6, against the wishes of her father.
They were divorced ii April. lSHT.
Uiant was-forntr.y a Iwtel cluk at Lis
Angee. Ca!.
Iil'.biii anil larraM-ti Tie.
Viennn. July -'. After the conclusion
of play in the llnxl round i.i the inter
national chess tournament last night It
was found that l illsbury and Tarrasch
h :d won an equal numb r of games and
that therefore a tie match, which is to
bi gin on Monday, w ill have to decide"
the destination of the first and second
pi tzes.
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End of the War Formally Sought Through the French
Was Held This Afternoon and Continued an Hour When
the Purpose Was Made Known.
WASIIIXCTOX. July 26. Spain ba sued for jn-acc. formally and
directly to the jvres'nlent. thmuli the French ambassador.- The
folTowinjj oflicial statement w as made:
The French ambass idor on liehalf of the (verniiient of Spain and by
direct ion of the SjiaiiisJi miniMcr of foreijin affairs jiivseutcd to the
president this afternoo n. at the White House, a nmp-ajre from the Spanish
jjiivennneiit looking t the termination of the war and sett lenient of the
term of peace.
French A nitinlilor CbwMfecl With the
lreileiit anil Secret arj Iay.
Washington. July '6. Secretary of
State l)ay. Frneh Aiuliassador C:nboti
and his first secretary, Thiebatit. are.
in concreiiee with the president.
The interview lietween the French
ambassador and the president, was ar
ranged for lift ween l.iy ami Thie
baul. The conference lK-gan at
and lastetl an hour. When the par
ticipants wero asked if it brought out
a peace proposal, the cpicstjon was
riiiruiticantlv iinanswereil.
t:fiTl THNS I'OK PlJt t
Step i:i ll vcd to Haw Iteen Taken Lead
ing to Ihe Much leirel Knil.
Washington. July 2 There is rea
son to lieliove at least that initial steps
liavo lajen tukeu for oeuing negntia.
tions for pcaee. At this moment it is
impossible To learn the details of the
project nor even obtain oflicial roii
lirination. It is reported the statement from
the Vatican of what purports to l
terms of peace acceptable to !olh the
United Slates and Spain is set down
here as one of manv feelers thrown
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out recently to test public feeling in
the I'nit.il States and break slow I v to
the Spauish jH-ople a realization of
their complete defeat. These con
ditions are the .mnevition of Cuba
and I'orto ltieo to the I'nited States
and the rcliiHjtiNhniciit f the Phil
ippines to Spin. These are looked
iimiii as the in -i vim tint concessions
Spain is willing to make, though it
must lie rcalicd that this is far In-low
the minimum the I'nited Slatea is
willing In accept. While the publi
cation of those feelers are not depre
cated ley our government, it i-all lie.'
stated jMisitively thai tliev have no
basis in fact on tlii - m.!o ..f the At
lantic. ypnoKl at t amp Alcrr.
W'Bs'.incton. July 16. Sixteen pa
tients suffering from typhoid fever were
taken lo the Fort Mr hospital yes
terday. This is l!ie larc. st number yet
deeloM d !n one day at Camp Alg r
and the cli-ejs- l.as a).pearcd in regi -ricnts
not affected u-r lofore.
Men. women :nni children w ho are
troubled with m.iy. humors, pimples,
etc.. may tind crmanclit relief in
Hood's Sarsapiirilia.
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