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Professional Cards,
Attorneys at Law.
Rock 1-Und and Milan. Rock Inland office
over Ktell a. Matb's store. Milan orttce on
Miu street.
H C. ONKEl.t.T.
Attorneys at Law.
Monev loaned. Office over Tbotnas" drug
atore. noraer of Second avenue and Seven
teenth street.
Ileal Ktate. Loan. Insurance and
Collection Atfcncy.
Koom S. Huford IJlocfc.
Attorneys at Law.
Cftleein Ruck I-Jiind National Hank liuild
Attorney at Law.
Monet to loan, liencral lejral business. No
tary public. 1 7' iu Second avenue, Hufu d
Attomnys and Counsellor at Law.
Oilier in llentrston block.
State's Attorney.
Counsellor at law. f mice ln court house.
Attorneys at Law.
Loan money on goo4 security: make collec
oiih. He rcrcn.te.. Mitchell & i.vnJd. banners.
Otlleo. Mitchell & Lvinle liuililiii'.
PHV.sk IANs.
F. II. FIRST, M. I).
Physician and Surorcon.
Phone I on 17. Olriee. 3."S Twentieth
tri et. Oiitee hour.: (i to 12 a lu : 2 to 4 an 1
7 to N p. in. Sunday, 8:.To to H.i a ill ; I W to
3 . in.
J. A. T.ALL. M. I).
ITiysician and Surgeon.
onice an Second avenue. Residence Utiri
Tweot.tf-fourib street. Tclrtihoue llln. office
hours from i. to IJ a. m: i to 4 p. m: and 7 to H
p nx Sundays W to 10 a. in
nomo opaihic l'hysleian.
Speelal aitentioQ to diseases or women and
rhililrro. bU.t li-.ea.ses of eye. ear. none and
tlironi. Oitlec hours l.'lolJn m . I to 4 p
in iUI Sixteenth street, Kock Island.
Veterinary Surgeon and IVntlst.
Alldi.easesof horses and cattle treated ot
approved principles. Sunrb'al operations per
formed in a selentillc manner. 1)oks treated.
All calls promptly attended to. Residence.
Itr-H r'lfih avenue. Telrphooe I on l'.7. Oltlce
and Inllrniary. lfll.VI6l7 Hfth avenue (James
Mauekcr ss.ab ei. opposite No. I lire home.
lvrr Krell & Math's, Kill Sec .nd avenue.
i mist.
H.mms 1.1 an : is. Miti-hell I.vmla buildinic.
t ifflce hours 'nun to 12 a. m. and I to 6 p. in
An-hlteets and Superintendents.
Sklnnrr lllm-k Second floor.
Chlppiannoek Nursery.
Cut Mowers ami leMitns of all Kinds.
Cliy store. 117 Second avenue. Telephone
McCoy's New European Hotel
One blork Irvnt C. II. t. 4r P. an4
L. K. .n. S. H illroad 4epot
Imrrovement costins J7S.ftio.00 have
Just reen completca, anu tne nouse now
off tn t verv conrentence to bt found In any
hotel, inciuJing hot and cold water, elertru
light and 5tnm heat in every room.
Ritrt 7S cents per d.'y and npiras.
First class rstiurint in connt ction.
WILLIAM McCOY, Owner ui Popreto
tfrtCWT"? ':d F"'h-vc been
STIf5. "CAKjtls and tLey are the tx-V.
IT! W,,tv ttd In tbf hnu. La
fw-! Tif.'! ,nint'0 with klche lor
KUSwHS1 evrl ,he Im ln er bead almost
immliiBjy. WehotLreeoninicndCascarete."
t,,,;.- ' C'has. Stkdkford.
i'lruonn S&fe A Deposit Co. , Pitta bnrc Pa.
y( CATHAHT1C -fw"
TitADi manm weawnmco
PlciMnt. Pnlaubl. Potent. Taste f3orxl. Do
Good. itraSif.ei Weotcitor GiiieTloJ.,500.
tttrt. arty f 1.7, thtem, clrnl. Tri. J,J
RQ-T0-E4C 8r',' n2 .'jrjnte ty all drna-
Administrator' Notice.
IMatc o; John Sauermann, deceased.
Thej ahderHSmW havin been apgiolnted ad
jitriiior with the wiaaiinexeuof the e-tate
Of John Saueniianu. l.ueof the eountvof Rock
Isld, state ot Illinois, deceased, hereby trive
aotlee that he will appear before the county
court of Uook Island countv. at the county
court room, ln the el;v of Kock Island, at the
September terra, o!i the first Monday in Sep
toiuher nexu at auich tiaie all persons havuw
claims against said estate are notified and
requested to atteed. for the purpose of huv
nut the same aljusred.
All persons indented to said estate are re
quested to make Immediate paynieat to the
Dated this Uth day of Julv, A. D. IKW.
Aflmtnlslrator with the Will Annexed.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of Maria Simmon, deceased.
The undersiroed bavins; been appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Marie Simmon,
late of in count v of Koek Island. stte of
Illinois, decpaseo. hereby krives imtiea that be
will appear before the eountv court of Koek
Mand eotimy at Ihe effl-e of the elerk of said
eouM. in theeityof K -ek Island at the Septem
ber term, on the first M oudu v n Sept ember nex t.
at which time all per ons hnvinir claims aitaiust
said estate are notified ur.d reiiu.sted to af
tend. for the purpose of having the saxe ad
justed. All persons Indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payment to the
Uuted lU s l-.'ih day of July A. I). 1HS.
S. K t:ri iyoBTll v. Administrator.
Adniinlitrator's Petition for Dlsliari;e.
To the beirs at law if John Park, deceased.
Notice is hereby lven to said heirs at law.
and each of hem that the umier-izned has
thts day tiled in the probate court of the
eoimty of lioi-k Island, his .eti'ion for final
setilemicr and discharge as itduiinistrator
with the will a nex d oi tlie estate of John
Park, deeeasi d. and also for the diselianze of
the sureties on bis oil'.eial boid a said '.tdinia
ist tutor.
That on theiifth iay of Anirnst next he will
appeir before siiitl court and ask said court
for bis discharge as above stated and also for
Ihe discharge of said sureties anil also for a
final settlement of s. ,id estate, at which time
and plait" you will appear If you see til.
Koek Maud linnets. July Hub. IH-.H
(jtom.K llii.i.in:. ailtuinisirator. with the will
annexiil of the cilate of John Park, de
ceased. Master' Sale.
John T. Stafford. Attorney.
State of Illinois. 1
Hock Island county, t ss-
tn th Circuit Court, in chancery. Fore
closure 1,'eneiul No. 4:W.
Ithod.i Cowduti vs. J. Julius Strochle and Jane
Notice Is heretiy civea f-at by v rtue of a
decree of said court, e tered in the aliove n
ttUc.l cause, on lbi twi'nt.-UiuJi';:.vof.,ine A.
D. lKh. 1 shall, on Saturday, liie thirtieth
dav f.f July A. D. s.is. at the houroi one o'clock
ln the aliercoon. nt 1 110 nor'u door or ue.
courthouse, in the city if Kock 1: ir.nd. hi
a'.d coutr y of Hock IiJand. to sati- .'y said de
cree. Mali at pub'.: .- vendue to th- liiKhesl and
best b'dderlorcnsb in band, t'tat certain par
celof land.s tua'.ein the cjM ty of Kock Ifland
and state of Illinois. Vn , n and described as fol
lows, to wit.:
Iot mimbe' .u-c (S) in block number one
(It. In Cl.-i-' . Hufonia addition to the citv of
1! M-k l;a"d. a-. said lot is devlmiaied upon the
plat said addition recorded iiithreconlers
o.co of snid Koek Island eountv in book of
rjeonls of deeds a' pat-e !' thereof.
Datetl at Itoek Island. Illinois, this nth dar
of July A. D. Ibfs.
Kf.Wfs K Pakmestfr,
Master la Chancery, kock Klar.rt County. 111.
John t. St.4 t"fc ihii.
Complainant s Solicitor.
Notiea for Ilhls.
Public notice is hereby fiven tbat the board
of local Improvements of the city of Kock Isl
and, and state of Illinois, will receive sealed
bids until 2 o'clock p. Ul. of the 2Wth dav of
July. Is-.ig. at which time the said lids will be
opened 'or the ravin- of Twenty-sixth street
from the s itith line of Fifth avenue to u.e
north iine of Seventh avenue, in accordance
with the ordinance passed therefore on the
Istn day of April. IK. The saidordinance and
the specification for the said Improvement are
now on III In tha office of the citv clerk.
The contractor will he paid as follows: In
cash and bonds beanrir interest at per eent
per annum, us specified and provided In the
ordinance concerning said improvement. Bids
ill be received for the whole of said work,
and all bids sLall he accompanied by a check
piyablc tjthe order of T. J. Medill. as presi
dent of the Niatd of local improvements and
ccrtllied to hv saimu'responsilile hank for an
amount not less o p-r ctn. of the ayrrcvatc
amount of the propostil. Said bids and chm-k
shall be delivered to the president of the
loard of bcal imtrements. rr.d no propo-al
will he considered unless same be accompan
ied tiy smcIi cheek.
The lioard reserves the rit'hi to reject any
or all of said bids. The person cr persons to
whom such contract shall be awarded shall at
once enter into a bond u ith said board equal
to the axo":it of the conract. with sood and
sufficient securities to be approved by the
nojrd. conditioned ilia' he or thev will per
form said work aeco dinir to the contract and
ordinance, and tiial he or they will pay all
camn-es occasioned by any delay tr ilcfaut
ct tneirs.
Dated at Kock Isla-d Illinois tb-ls isth dav
ot July. ls;. T. J. Mctiit.1. Jk.. president.
K A. Pkmikr.
Hoard of Local Improvements.
Administrator's Notice.
State of Illinois. 1
County of Itoek Island.
In the circuit court, in cbancerv. to the Mav
term A. 1. Is... rial losed Veal estate. Uea-
enU No. 43(I
Fr. ik W. Plocblinrcr. comnla'nact. vs. Josech
A HiiM-hliniter. .lubn I Islmalinirer. Louisa
r. liehreti-. Fred Hl'vbiincer. c.eorre lehr
crs Anna Bchrens, Iotiis Behrens, tidn ard
Mebrens. detendauts.
ibbc notice is hereby riven, that hv virtne
of a decree of the circuit court of saia couuty
en'ered MaK IK'S, in the a.sjve entitled
cause, authorincff and emnowrcrinz the under
s-med asadminLstrator with 'he m illanucxeUof
tLe ej.tate of Jom rh U Dlochllnsur. deceased
to ci; the real estate with the appurtenances,
hereinafter described, ar.d all the estate, title
and interest thcrciu whereof the Raid Jos-ph
a tMn::iiinper. neceaiefi. niea soireu. in ree
wnirle. the underviued witl. on the :tuth d.iv it
Julv, A. l. w. t the hor of to (i o'clock
p. nj.. at the north door of the court boose in
the citv of KiH-k Lsland. in said eountv.
o!Ter for sle. to the biirncst bidder, the fol
io mt tract of land, with Ine appurtenances,
in said city, descnued as follows:
The west half of lot a.x () In block
sixty-two 10. ia that part of said city known
as Caicauoor Loer addition, and all the es
tate, title and interest therein of the cum
pUman; and defendants above named, and
each of them, and all the estate, title and in
terest taerein whemt the said Joseph L.
rUochiiUger, ueecascd. died scked tn fee sim-
p.e -
Tcns of sale. ca?h In hnd.
Luck Island. I'brnts. June 189
Fmnk W. P' pij?:Grit.
AdTni.-trator wita the "i! arjieTed cf tie
, estate 01 Josepa U biochticger, dccaed.
That Which the Treasury Depart
mer.t Has on Its Hands
Just Now.
three Ilttittlrn) TUonsautt Dirrreat Per
ons Are ta Get Theui-Some Notable
Parts of the Work That Has To Be Done
-tVl!l Uoijulre I nt 11 September to De
liver Those Taken by Small Subscriber
Ta k Zb n Gigantic One.
tVarhinetcn. July ifi. The following
statement concerning the new bon3 is
sue was made at the treasury depart
rntnt yesterday: "The first shipments oi
the new war bonds were made tday.
They consisted of J .100 bonds of J.'O e:c'i
and 1 CCO bonds of $"i(0 each. The public
mind Is pooriy prerared to comprvhcnl
the enormous labor and multitudinous
detai!s (o:ire"t?d vlih this gr.at p pu
lar han. Jn the first pla.e. after the re
jection and return of thousinds of sub
serptions to which no allotment couU
be made there remain about "OO.OO
persons to whom bonds will be al
lotted and forwarded in due course by
express. It is not a question ony of
300.0CO names. The name, including
state, tounty, town, and street number
of rach fuIis: riber, must le transcribed
and rewritt'-n in various ways at leas'
ten time?. Th;s is eqt:iva'ent ti enter
ing once, thus fully extended, 3,000,CC0
or more names.
That I Only Part of the Work.
"This mere clerical work is, however,
but a part of the problem: the olle.t on
of cheeks and drafts received as pay
ment for bonds, th computation cf in
terest, preparation of checks ia s.ttle
mrnt for same, the cnTravinjr and
after that the printing of ten kirrls of
denominations of bonis, the accurate
dlst oiitinn of tr.t.e in er.vo:o;fs rropT
ly ad Ircsscd all these ate a patt of the
problem that must be solved without
error or omission. Or.e simple f ict will
Impress the mir.d with ths magnitude
of the opfralb.-n: each cawloj e mus:
le se:tl d with thr.e rra's. " hich means
th.tt Wii.COd sea!s in wax must be im
printed on outgoing bend..
Liiuilation of Kxpresscse Noted.
"Another important feature is the
limitation in the ability of the rxpters
an-Kty to rereive, forward and deliver
the liono.s nfier they are committed to
their car for tlii3 purpo. e. This limita
tion is estimated by the express com
pany at 5,00 items per dt'y. Pors'hiy
if this limita'i ;i of ability did not exist,
it Is a naturally prudent limit, since on
an average of only $.?0 in each envelope
the express comprtny would receive as
fldui isry agent flCUOfKI of the securi
ties per day, and if it required an
averaK of three days to ryike de'iver
ies there would b? a continuous tnis o'
17,'tiO ('00 - as lurgp sn amount, perhaps,
as the reyporisibility of the express
comrar.y wo'.:kl justify.
There Are 2".!.OO0 of Thei .. 5 thr Walt
fr It .till Be I.onj.
"The faots thus citvd fro to show that
a nile subscribers in the sum of $4,ii00 or
less nti-y rest secure in the certainty
that the bonds vvil come to them all in
due time, they must patiently wait the
operation of the government machinery.
It is underwood that d-liverics rn the
subscriptions of JnCO and less for which
the money has been all received will be
made before the larger subseriptionsare
attendi-d to. Of these small subscrip
tions there are 2C0.C(0 in number, and it
is e.st'mated thrtt forty diys w.ll b ro-
quirrd for their delivery.
From this it will appear that sub
scriber!! in amounts larger than J.j03 will
ont begin lo receive their bonds until
after Sept. 1. From that date on the
bonds will be put in the hands of the
larger subscribers quite rapidly, since,
numericr.lly speaking, they aggregate
less than one-third of the number of
small subscriptions. In the meantime
the larger subscribers will be officially
notified by the treasury department
when and how payments in addition to
the 2 per cent, deposit will he required,
and before remitting funds they are
requested to await such notice. Much
confusion will thereby be avoided.
Hint Thrown Out That There May Ke
Lively Times in Alabama.
I?irrnPr.(rham. Ala.. July lifi. A con
ference of the Populist candidates for
state offices, members of their campaign
and executive committees, and others
high in the councils of the party, was
held here yesterday in Populist state
headquarters behind closed doors. A
large attendance, including a number
of leading Republicans, was present.
The meeting was understood to be to
mak final preparations for the state
election, whith occurs next Monday.
Dr. G. rt. Crowe, rnpulist state chair
man, has issued instructions for the
Populists to demand fair representa
tion at the polls and to keep tally sheets
of the votes cast, and he tells them that
if from these reports as rendered to him
by the Topulist managers he holds that
there has been fraud, and that the Pop
ulirt tirket has been elected, he will In
augurate course of action which will
result in its being seated. Pome con
ftrue this to mean a threat to establish
a dual government.
Has stood the test of more than too yerrV use among all
Classes, and for purity and honest worth is unequalled."
Jftdml omd Smrjicvt JvuntaL
Costs less than ONE CENT a Cup.
Trade-Mark on Every Package.
tr -
Established 1780.
Question the Express Companies and
Their Patrowi Are Disputing.
Lansing. Ia., July 26. Theo Nachtwey,
a drugsii-t of this city, yesttrday offer
ed the United States Express company
through its agent here, Herman Boeckh,
a package of medicine which was not
accepted fer transportation because he
refused to pay the stamp tax of 1 cent.
The I'nited States district attorney at
Dubuque was at once notified, and a
test case of the rights of the corporation
and shippers under the new war reve
nue will be made. Should the sick man.
G. W. Stone, of New Albin. die for want
of his medicine in the meantime, a civil
suit for damages will doubtless result.
Did Not Hit Gen. Shaffer.
Washington. July 6. General Shat
ter's report of the "bueak" made by
Correspondent Scovel at Santiago is as
follows, in brief: Scovel made as effort
to ascend to the platform from which
the fiag was hoisted. He was ordered
back, but persisted in carrying out his
intention. Finally, when he found he
cf uid not succeed, he approached Gen
eral ?hafter, end making an abusive
mark attempted to strike him. The
blow fell short and General Shatter or
dered Scovel placed under arrest. The
two New Tork Journal corrtepondents
also expeih d wer so punished for bill
ing the town with a newspaperadd hav
ing the inscription "Remember the
Movement lid Not Take Place.
Chickamauga Park, Ga., July 2S The
cxpecttd movement of the Third bri
gade, First division, First corps, did not
talte place yesteniny. As it looked last
night the First Kentucky would get out
this afternoon and the Fifth Illinois and
Third Kentucky break camp tomorrow
morning. . This brigade will go to the
front under command of General Fred
Grant, who was recently transferred to
the command of this brigade from a brt.
gade in the Tlkird corps.
Miss Schley'a Mission m Failure.
Lrndon, July 26. The Madrid corre
spondent cf The La'ly Te'.egraph says
An American lady, said to be Cimmo
dore Schley's daughter, has arrived
here, but ncithor the queen regent nor
any responsible parsonage will receive
hr. She wi:I probably b? requested to
depart at the earliest possible date.
Note. This is probably Miss Jessie
Schley, of Milwaukee, Commodore
Schiey's second cousin.
Haines Tirlgadc. fs Kinbarkllig.
Newport News, Va., July 26. Incom
ing trains have brought nearly 6.0CO
troops to this city. These include the
Second brigade of the First army corps.
Brigadier General Haines commanding,
from Chickamauga I'ark. (ia., and five
troops of cavalry from Camp Alger.
General Haines' brigade is composed of
the Third Illinois, Fourth Ohio and
Fourth Pennsylvania. General Haines'
brigade began to embark early this
I)r. Fisher's Disappearance.
Metropolis. Ills., July 26. Much ex
citement has been caused here by the
strange d'sappea ranee of Dr. H. C.
Fisher, one of the oldest and most suc
cessful physicians in the city. He did
not go home at the dinner hour, and
when he was sought at his office two
notes were found, one addressed to his
wife and another to Miss Ada Shiek
relative, in which h? said he was going
away. He did not know where and he
did not care.
Rat War Not in Sight of Peace.
St. Paul, July 2G. Regarding the re
ports that the rate war was to ba soon
settled President J. J. Hill, of the Great
Northern, said to a representative of
The Globe that "The rate war is no far
ther away from a settlement now than
it has been for six months: nor Is It any
nearer. The reports that President Van
Home and myself have reached a tt
tlement of the the differences between
the roads is absolutely without founda
Waller Breaks a Rnad Record.
Stoughton, Mass.. July 26. Frark
Waller, who started at Norwood Sun
day against the twenty-four-hours
paced road record, finished here at 4:49
yesterday afternoon one minute short of
the twenty-four hours, havin? civered
3CS 4-10 miles, thereby breaking the
previous record of 3i3 miles, T93 feet.
His finish was strong.
Sol t nf wa Madrid Gets.
Medrid, July 26 A private dispatch
from San Juan de Porto Rico says a
strong American squadron has ap
reared before Hahia Honda, but that
the American attempt to disembark was
repulsed considerable loss.
as Wholesome an It la Delirious."
ffllh a Score of 9 to Against Ihe Sew
Yark Ha Ball Expert.
New York, July 21 New York yes
terday forfeited the R.trre to Baltimore
aftr ha'.f of the fourth lnrlns had been
played. The score at that time was 1 to
1. Holmes when at bat In Baltimori's
inning struck out. A "fan" in the
grand stand yelied: "Oh, Ducky: you're
a lobster."
"Well, I'm giad I'm net w 01 king for a
Sheeney any more." rerlled Holmes.
Umpire Lym-h turned around and ta d
Something to Holm.s. who went to tlv
President Freedman. who was sittint
ln the grand stand, feat a representa
tive down with a reiue.-t that Manag r
Henlon take Holmes cut of the game
HanlcnrsfcrtedFreelmar.'s rep-esenta-
tive to the umpire, who said he had
not beard the rerrark and refused to
take Holmes out of left field. Fie d
man then came on the grounds and
asked for the expulsion of the player
and on biner re'used told Joyce not t
play ba'l. Lynch then gave the g.tm
to the Baltimores. 9 to 0. The sp"cta
tors, abeut 3,000, received their rtoney
Capital punishment In Massachusetts
wi'l hereafter be by the electric chair.
Frank Pchcuer, of Rloomcr. Wis.,
tried to commit suicide i n account of
domestic trouble.
Quite a number of farmers in Branch
county. Mich., report a yield of forty
one bushels of whcr.t to the acre.
John W. DivilhKss is a Democratic-
candidate for a congressional nomina
tion in th Third district of Missouri.
Grand Rapids, Xlich.. is flooded with
bogus dollars and dimes and detectives
are hunting f. r the source of supply.
Solomon Palzcr.stein, aged 16 years.
was drowned while bathing in the north
fork of the Sanpamon river at Spring
field. Ills.
Rev. F.'iward Iltibcr, of Baltimore.
has shown tbat Commodore Fchley's
ancesb r was Thomas Pchley, a Girman
Conttact p.nd obeservation mines in
New York harbor are to be exploded
by the government and danger to navi
gation removed.
ir. ueorge aSii;ng;on Fatten, age'i
6T,, died at I'ar.a, He was one o'
the oldest and most widely known prac
tili'-ners of th? state.
Chicken cholera is making great
havoc among the chickens around Pa-
vison. Mich. Many farmers have lost
from fifty to ICO f.tvils.
S'tuire Bra'kelt II ill committed sui
ciart at i-.var.svu;e, inn., by jumping
ir.t: a cistern. H lost hi health abr.tita
year ago. r,nd it ir. thought his mind be
came unl alar.ee J.
Fred Rob"rtsor.. of Owcsro, Mich..
bad his head blown off at Pansville,
Slich. He was preparing to give an ex
hibition of the destruction of the Maine
snd a premature explosion occurred.
The grrtid jury at Chicago has voted
true bills" against Ceorge H. Wheeler
and Jtmes Howard, president and s;ee-
retary of the Washington Fark club.
They are charged with keeping and
maintaining a common gaming house.
John T. Pavis. a young farmer living
near Podgevllle, Yi'is., was seriously if
not fatally injured. He slid down the
pole of a hay derrick, coming in con
tact with t:ie handle of a hay fork.
which entered the body aliout eight
Chicago drain anil I'rmltire.
Chicago, July 2a.
Following were the o,uoutions on the
Board of trade today:
Wheat Open. High. Low. Close.
July $ .TV $ .74 t .74i
September .. .fi.'A .fci-rg .Si
L'eeember ... .7'i .67'; .6's .67
September .. .r4'; -S4"t .S4
Pec-ember ... .:4j . .-b ;?
May 27 ."!v Vi
July -?4H -H'i
fifptember .. .20-S, .21 .2-W .V
May 2u'- .-4 .2a-s .-I-
September .. 9.?:. l.CO S.0:',i 9.9i
T ..-4 f I
F. pfmber .. r6r4 5.62',2 5.C0 6s;ii
Oi-tnl-er n.fij 5.67'.
Produce: Butter Hxtra er.amery
17',j per lb: extra dairy, lr.c; Ires'!
packing stock. IclOlic. l-.ggs r resn
stock. 11c per doz. Live Poultry
Turkevs. C'Se per lb: chuxens.
s:rin. lfttlle: duel s, H'jfi'-c. Tota-
t, f SNVw. $1.25il.ro j,er brl. Berries
Rap i-aerri-s. red. C4t ...c per 24-pt case;
black. 40ft "ific per ll-ot case. Black'
berrifs, 40')ic pr 16-it rase.
Chicago Live Mirk,
Chicago, July 2Z.
Hoes Estimated receipts f.;r the day,
SI'.CCIj: i-ales ranged at t2.f1(!f?..i'i tor
pigs. H.TV'M.Pii for light. J3.85WX90 for
tough pa' King. .,.;..oi.iu tor mi:ra, ana
S::.3.',!i4.1a for heavy parking ar.H ship
pirg lota. Cattle Estimated receipts
for the flay. 14.5; quotations ranged
at J5.20wi.t5 or.otr.e to extra steers. 11..
W5.20 good to choice do.. $4 S0'ri5.fi0 for
fair to good. ji.ia'fM.Mi common 10 me
riium do.. Sl.1C4il.45 butchers' steers
J4.25f?5.10 fed western steers. JlCn !
rocker. !4.W!m.mj teeners. K.n'i'cM.Z
cows, jn.2C'B4.S5 heifers. 2.704.25 bulls,
oxen and stats. $2.60&4.7O Texas steers.
and $4.7SSS7.") veal calves. Sheep and
Lambs F.stima ted receipts for the day,
lfi.noO: Quotation ren-d at JtWcM..
w-f steins. $J.2;g5.0 natives, and i.-a
6.40 lambs.
3111 wan lie firain.
Milwaukee. July 25.
' Wheat Lower; No. 1 northern, t9c
No. 2 northern, ifco; S"Tterrher, ic.
Oats US -Tic higher: 25'A2SUc Rye
Ptearjy; No. 1. 46?46-.iC. Rarley
Higher; Ivo. 2. 4jc; sample, rsac.
Loral Market.
Corn -.TK-S!c.
at -;-35e.
Hav-Timotbv. wUd. GI. .
Straw- .
Potatoes Sew. I Or.
Uutter-Fair to choice, 13c. fresh creamery
CbickeD-SpriDg. ?.4o.2.; per dozen.
Coal Soft. inc.
Cattle Butchers oav for corn ferl ters $4
4 00. cows and ncirers, 3 i'tc: calve. 4 y
Sheep- tHSc.
Sprtt,!,- Latnb-43 a bead.
For Infants and Children. .
The Kind Yoa Hare Always Es.g
Bears the
Bignatve of
niEEXcmsm: use of the word "CASTorviv and s
"rrrciiER's castorlv." as our trademark. i
, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
was ihe originator cf "CASTOR I A" the seme that
has borne and does now bear rj - on every
the facsimile signature of CuvrfygZZic vrappcr.
This is the original "CASTOR I A" which has been used in
the homes of the Mothers cf America for over thirty years.
LOOK CAREFULLY at the icrappcr and sec that it is
the hind you hare always bought - on the
and has the signature of axTdcMk wrap
per. No one has authority from me to use my name except
The Centaur Company, of which Chas. It. Fidchcr is Fresidenl.
March24,lS9S.7 a
Do Not Be Deceived.
Do not endanger the life of your child by ncerplinj
a cheap substitute which some druist may offer you
(because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in
gredients of which even he tlocs not knew.
"The Kind You Have Always Bought"
Insist on Having
The End That Never Tailed You.
NO. 'ilo.j.
Peoples National Bank
In the State of Illinois at the clo-e of
business. July II. If.l.
Loans and discotiiils. isi.rftt l
OverUrafts. secured and unsecured.. 471 48
I . S. lJoiirls to secun; circulation i.t) ii
Stocks, sccurltlea. etc M ml
Ranking-bouse, furniture and Hxlifos 1.100 10
Lhie from National Hanks tnol Ke-
serve Attents) TifMI M
Due from State Banks and Hanker. . 5.154
Due from approvcil recrve ascnis . I7I.KM l
Checks and 01 her cash Items -.T
Notes of other National Hanks 1 jnl UU
Fraittional paper currency, nickels
and cents JUS 21
Specie 45 -w, 4
lo-tral-tcnaer notes .1.1..1 eo i
hetlcmption fund with 1. S. Treas
urer (5 per cent of c rculationi l,35rt 06
Due from V. S. Treasurer. utn rtban
S per cent redemption fund 2.SH") Co
KOI .R-.'O 45
Capital stock paid in llOnOoO 00
tsurpina runo ou w to
Undivided profits, lesa eipcn-cs asd
taxes nam i"."fW .sn
National Bank notes out standlni; S7MV (t
Due to other National Hanks HiO Zn
Due to State Hunks and Hankers HO 14
Dividends unpaid 3 00
Individual deposit subject to check.. Sfa.flUli 35
Demand certificates of deposit Xt.VM i
Ccrtitled checks ftiw On
Total W0l,M
tol'NTY 1 V HiN'K Lsimi. (
1. C. Ilf Upenstcll. cashier of the atwe-
naniiMl bauk. 1I0 solemnly sweartbat IbealKivc
statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and bcUcf. . IH.LLl'KNS) TrJ.I..
Rnbsi'ribcd mid sworn to twfore me this JHth
day of July, IWs. GK IRHK F. Htri'H.
ski. J Notary Kcpuoitc.
Corrct Attest:
J-. R isr.NflEl, I
I'rrrK Kribs. VDIrcctors.
U. T. Hokinsox, S
Diamond Jo Line.
St. Ixinis & St. Taul Tacket Co.,
elegantly fitted Mcamers bf-tween
above ix)inl as follows:
rrr.AtuKB vuiuct.
GKaf Kortk at Ham.
June 13. !
JulT I. 10. Sn. ft.
Au. 7. 17. 16.
Sept. 4, 14.
Codif SwlA 8 a. m.
June 18. 7.
Julv. 15. -Aug
3.11 2t. 31.
Sept. 9. IK.
GMuf Xartk at Kvm.
June la. 27.
July S. 15. 21.
Auk. 3.12. Kl, 31.
Sept. , IB.
Onini SnuU I a. .
June OK.
July 2. It. . 29.
Auft. a. 17. M.
Sept. 11. a
Carnival City Packet Co.
Hejrular Hock Islaml & Iiuriin?tnn
racket steamer W. J. Yountr. Jr
handsoiucly cruiptil. leaves for Bur
lington every Monnay, Wednesday
anT Friday at 4 :30 n. ni. Steamer .
J. Youno;, Jr., leave every Sunday at
3:30 p. m. Willi F pec ml cxrnrsioii to
Muscatine, returning at It p. in.
nonna trip, iucludini; supiier, fl, or
7o cents witbont nuj'jitr.
Acme Packet Co.
Rock Island and Davenport & Clin
ton and Fulton packet line. Fast and
finely quipped steamers City of Vi.
nona and Yerne Swain. Delightful
steamers fur pleasure parties. Jtoats
leave at 7 a. in. and 3:15 p. in. Boats
meet at LHIaire. Round trip to that
point ii'J rents.
To partiies of 10 or mor1, rouud
trip rate to Clinton 7ic. Regular
htindavrouuil trip rate toUlinton 00c
For freight and passenger rates and
all other information in rejrard to any
oi mv a uii c iiiie aiquire oi
GEO. LAMONT & RON, Agents.
Fire Insurance Agency,
Established 1874.
Tr-nlors Ins. Co., - - Cliiita0.
Union Ins. Co. - Philadelphia. Fa.
Kockfonl Ins. Co. - - Rockfonl. III.
Security Ins, Co.1- New Haven. Conn.
State Ins. Co. ... Rockford, III.
OBloe. Room 1 ttafnrd block. Ratea
slow aa conslatent with aecunty.
J. M. Buford,
The old Fire ana
Time-tried Com
panies Represented-
Losses Promptly Paid.
-Rates aa low at aar
reliable company
van altotd Your
patronage Is sollo-
! PrriTa4 wM ir a
., by Insuring in Re- j
sponsible Compa- i
Call on or addrma
C. R. Charrbcrlin,
Telephone n35.
Koom 13.
Mitchell A Lynda Hloek
Represents the following irelj
known Fire and Aecldeot Inbor
anee Oompanlea:
Rochester Cernan Ins Co.
..Roebetr ?f T
New York
Buffalo .1 T
Hewna. Ill
..Manehetr. N H
....Uilaauke. W
New York
Wetcbeter Ftre " .
Buffalo Herman " .
Reliance " .
i.i-nnaa Plre " .
New HampKhlre .
K.lwaikee Meehanlea
t ldcUty and Casualty " .
Offloa earner Bghteenth treat and
Seooad arcrrae, aeooocl Sots.
Telephone 1017.
ttmWi with yoa ktyr r enattaa t
lb dtfor Urlitrt, ltb i I
cullwntt.4iilfiM.tlb.iiktf0tr11ll . 0
mtm him, r:
'J9 I
' i, mail? rarwt: lboi Ma.
root ot Vth 6t- Teiepbons 1105

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