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Published Dally nd Weeitly at IC4 Second
venue. Hook island. 111. (Entered at the
PonoOce a Second-class matter.
TERMS Daily. 10 cent per week. Weekly,
12.00 per annum. In advance it .SO.
All communication of political or argumen
tative character, political or religious, must
nave real name attached for publication. - No
'ach article will be printed over fictitious sig
nature. Correspondence solicited from every town
ablp In Rock Inland county.
Tl'Esda y, Ai-;rvr , 1898.
Democratie Nomination!.
For State Treasurer
For Superintendent Iutilic Instruction.
For Truster Slate I'nivcrsity.
NAIHI.KllN II. MollltlSOX.
For Representative in Congress, Tentb
For Representative In the C.cneral Assembly,
luirij-iuini irisinct,
FJ.M01CK W. HL'ilST.
For County Judge W. C. ALI.BN
For Count Clerk JOHN NOBTON
For Sheriff A. D. HUESINO
For Treasurer T. It LEKS
For County Superintendent... O. I. ADIHTON
ttM k IsI.ami has decorated htlv to
receive I he president, if he did not
Ik I resident McKinlev makes Spain
toe i ne mark we may forgive him
lor iH-ing awav from Rock Inland to
Spain may not yet have been hum
bled sulhcicnllv to rid her of her
trickery. Hut she is dealing with
nation that found her out when the
Maine went down.
A Sr. Li ii is uncle has married his
nephew's widow. According to fain
i IV tree experts. Hij, makes the uncle
his own nepliew and his wife, w ho is
also his niece, her own aunt.
Kx-Sknaiiiii Waiixkk Mii.i.kk.
New York, and Senator Moi"-aii.
Alabama, two strong friends of the
Nicaragua n canal scheme, have had
11 coliIereNce. lilts nonlil apiiear to
insure the building of the canal.
IU.va. is what a Kansas farmt
painted on tne sides ot lus wa"on
when he heard of the battle of Santi
ago harbor:
'Hundreds more Spaniards
down lu'low.
"Prake li.nl from Whom
till blessings How."
lit ntkiis must look out about this
time that they do not run contrary to
the hsh and game laws of the state of
Illinois. Ignorance of the law is no
excuse for its violation, and there is
no excuse for ignorance, because anv
ImmIv who is interested in the game
ami iisii law s can receive a copy In-
directing his application to the state
secretary at Spnngticld.
iuv. W. J. Sionk. of Missouri, has
published a card in the St. I.onis Rt
ll;. ; i ' t i . . . .
puoiic, iii which ne states ins post
lion in regain to the relations exist
ing liet ween himself and Mr. Bryan
mis is in answer to a communication
intimating that Stone in a candidate
for president, and is opposed to Mr,
Bryan's candidacy for that oflic
Mr. Stone savs that he is a friend
f- i V t . i . ...
nr. nryaii. ami mat iioiiiiug has oc
cnrreil laltveoti them to interfere with
that friendship or to place him in anv
position aiiiagouisiic to the great sit
ver leader.
Tlir Hoy In lllae.
vn since the dark Uavs of the bOs
has Rock Island felt toward the sol
uiers ns sue noes to iiuv. lor she again
nas iiovs oj her own at the front
The present, when the veterans of '61
are among us. is an occasion of double
rejoicing. Always a proud distine
thin to greet the bovs in blue
who fought the "rav. it
particularly gratifying now to wcl
eome the men who saved the union,
when it is realized that those we now
have at the front are liglitiiigshoulder
to phouldir with those who in battle
array a ipiarter of a century ago fol
lowed the single star. There Is now
but one glorious flag, and America is
proud of and loyal to those who have
defended ami saved it ami will evr be
true to those w ho carry its iuspira-
For Rats, Mice, Roaches,
Sr Vermin.
Afar mine. vermin wefc watrr and the opva air.
Hacthia kiilr ia the aroKckaaly oncaith.
For Sal by an DninrMs. Price. IS Ceata.
95 WlHUa Street. Mew Yark.
lions, its teachings and its blessings
to other lands, llock Island's creet-'
itig, therefore, is hail to the boys in
blue of the past, and hurrah for the
boys in blue of the present.
Company A Among the Soldiers Moving on
San Juan.
It is expected th3t the bovs of Com
pany A are engaged in a conflict with
the enemy on the fields of Porto Rico
today. A dispatch from Ponce, which
appears elsewhere, is authority for the
information. It says that Con. Henry
with the tlth Illinois ami 6th Massa
chusetts will move todav toward San
Juan. The road over which they are
traveling is reKrted to lie in bad con
dition. That the Rock Island bovs
will maintain the valor and manli
ness which has thus far characterized
their actions no one will doubt, and
that good fortune will continue to
smile on them is the ferveut hope
of their relatives and frieuds here.
Lieut. L. R. (Jaylord and Privates
W. Bvers and Fred Berglund. of
Company F, Moline, are itiuoug the
sick who have arrived at Norfolk. a..
from Porto Rico.
Among the latest list of deaths re
ported from Porto Rico is Alfred
Ulicrg. Company C. Gth Illinois regi
ment, who succumbed to typhoid
fever. He was buried ashore near
Ciiauiea. Porto Rico, July 2". Dear
Folks: We have at last reached our
lestiuatiou. Talk about a line coun
try, this beats anvthinir I ever saw.
I'he litst thing "we saw when we
sighted the bay was toenail lit palms.
Cocoaiiut trees grow I'O feet high here.
liovs about 6 or vears old run
mm nd scantily clad. The women
have about one garment and seem dis
gusted with the world in ireueral.
The natives are very friendly. V'e
Imiight milk of one this niornin".
I heir cows are just like our Jerseys
only liner. We also bouirht a pint of
native ruin yesterday. It was the
best I ever tasted. The air is line and
bracing, which we need after the ta
ble they set. for us aboard the Yale.
J lie lirst day we received pig bosom.
hardtack, beansaud coffee. After that
we lial hardtack and coffee straight
for li days. Once or twice we had
The position of Connnnv A is about
three-fourths of a mile from the main
winy, itc are posted on a young
mountain on outpost duty. We hail
a very interesting time last night.
some of the enemy's scouts passiu
the right Hank of our tiring line and
bumping into Company A's outposts.
Lieut. Ileiuenwav had charge of No. 1.
('apt. McConochie of No. 2 and I of
No. b. Some of them came U along
the road witinn varus ot my post
1 allowed them to pass on up the
mountain, knowing the men were in
hilling and had the best of the situa
tion. They were seen a laoineiit
afterward, ami were given a good
scare. I he men let drive in line
style. I look three liien and
Corp. Schinid and made a little
charge into the brush, but only
pot one shot. Two or three
companies were called out lor the pur
pose ot taking alter the Spaniards, but
it was unnecessary. There was lir'nig
almost all night along our line. The
dons wer very anxious to get back
home and we helped them along the
liest we knew how. The bovs bagged
four dead and three wounded. The
hitter will die. We only had one hurt
Kosev assisted in dressing the wounds
of the Spaniards and he savs it was
very nastv affair. The dons do not
aim from the shoulder, but shoot anv
old way so.as to make a noise. They
do not make a dangerous adversary
e did not have a sick man on the
voyage from Cuba. The Gth Massa
chusetts hail 60 cases of fever. One
man died and was buried at sea. He
leaves a wife and two children. He
was color U-arer for hut regiment.
Al.KliKI) l'.KAU
Consumption I'oxltively Cured.
R. It. ('reeve, merchant, of Chil-
howie. Va. .certifies that he had con
sumption, was given up to die, sought
all medical treatment that money
could procure, tried all cough leine
dies he could hear of. but got no re
lief: spent many nights sitting up in
a chair: was induced to try Dr. King's
New Discovery, and was cured by usv
of two lHittles. For past three years
has lieen attending to business am
says Dr. King's New Discovery is the
grandest remedy ever made, a's it has
done so much for him and also for
others in his community. Dr. King
New Discovery is guaranteed for
coughs, colds and consumption. It
don't fail. Trial liottles free at Hartz
& Ullemever's drug store.
Files! PUes! Piles!
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment
will euro blind, bleeding and itchin
piles when all other ointments have
failed. Il absorbs the tumors, allays
the itching at once, acts as a poultice.
gives instant relief. Dr. Williams
Indian Tile Ointment is prepared only
for piles and itching of the private
parts, and nothing else. Kvery box
is warranted. Sold by druggists or
sent bv mail on receipt of price, 50
cents and ft per box.
Williams Makvcactcrixo Co.,
Proprietors. Cleveland Ohio.
Sold by M. F. Bahnsen, Druggist.
One Minute Cough Cure surprises
jieoplc by its iuick cures and children
may take it in large quantities with
out the least danger. It has won for
itself the liest reputation of any prep
aration used today for colds, croup,
tickling in the throat or obstinate
coughs. T. H. Thomas, A. J. Riess
and M. F. Bahnsen. druggists
Edarats Your llowels TVIIh Casearets.
Candy Cnthnrtle. cure constipation forever.
lOc.Sic U CC.C. (ail, drogjUuretaiid move.
H. Wylle. of Davrpport. Wins the Third
Preliminary Tournament.
II. Wvlie. of Davenport, was the
victor in the third of the preliminary,
tournaments for the handicap enp at I
the arsenal golf links Saturday. The '.
score was as follows
Jross Hand!- Net
Score. cmd. Score.
II. Wvlie US 90
J. Samuels KM 87 m
.1 M. Van Patten II? Si 7
i l. W. Cable 12 -Si In)
K. II. Oliver 121 21 1"J
A. '. uart. Jr 131 iS ll
W. McClelland lis x lW
M. N. hichanisoa l. : lot
W. Butterwortb 133 Ss lit;
W. J. jMeCullougb iXi ia
I. ieut. il. f. Horney... NW Y
W. I. Veiie I2I M l7
H Ainsworih 133 18 trf
c. v. nan i as ior
.'. K. Lvnde l:s SI 10S
llr G. U Eyster IJtt S4 IDS
W. K McFiand -js li
J. l. Cadv 1I-; in
U. W. rYench l.Vi i IIS
Csipl. W. S. Pieree . .. llrt 116
Pbil Mit shell US M 117
T. A. Murpbv 1W 'A! 117
II. h- Curtis ISS Hi IIS
K. W. Hurst l id s: 130
I. Decker tea 86 1
C. A. Kieke ITS S.t l.
N. Kiibnrn lt'4 S is
VY. U Martin IK MS
K. Miner li SS
Xoi competing, being winners in previous
F. C. Deukmann did not complete his
in score, while . V. inian did not
turn his score in.
irs. j. i. iiornev was tne winner
in the ladies' last tournament.
Crunching a chubby list full of dry
'rape-Nuts, the little chap announced.
'Mamma gives us ('rape-Nuts when
we want candy. She savs thev are
better for us and we can play harder.
Leading grocers sell Grape-Ntitg.
hang a Double Bill.
The Marie Hell Oiiera company pre
sented a double bill at the Watch
Tower theatre lV.st evening when Gil
bert Sullivan s nautical opera, "Pin
afore." and Petro Masca-rhis'inelodra
matic production, Cavalleria Rusti-
cana,"'ere sung, thus producinsr a va
rietythat should have been pleasing to
tne most ciever and rehued musical
taste. The company did itself particti
larly proud in the rendition of the
ast named opera. Miss Ada Palmer
walker as Jriutuza iieing exception
ally strong, while E. F. Seaiuaus as
Turiddu. Miss Lottie Kendall as Lola,
.Miss Km ma Wells as Lucia, and
George Bryon Browne as Aliio acquit
ting memseives wun merit. The
double bill will be repeated tonight
Klver Klplet.
the Mountain Belle came down
with 16 strings of logs.
The Marv B. came down and the
Moline (with two bares) aud Mascot
passed up.
1 he stage of water at t he Rock Isl
and bridge is stationary at 2.3i: the
temperature at noon 78. 1
the water is falling at St. Paul. La
( rosse. North McGregor. Dps Moim
uapnuand Keokuk, is stationary at
bed Wing, Reed's Landing. Dubiniiii
Le c Iaire and Rock Island. But lit
tlechange will occur from Dubuque
to nock island in tuo next at hours
(iolil Found In the Philippine Islands.
On Mimiauar one of the Philippine islands.
Kold is found in the river beds, but owing to
the primitive conditions prevailing there it I:
not known how rich these deposits are. With
the advance of civilization tliis mutter will be
fully investigated by shrewd prospectors.
Oreat discoveries may be made, bat no discov
ery was ever treat-r than Hostetlcr s S'om
ach Hitters, which civilization long ai;o inves
tigated and f.Minl to be all that is claimed for
il. In cises of loss of appetite, indipest'on.
biliousness and cocstipalion it acts in a truly
wouderful manner. The bowels are made
act muuly. the desire for food is increased
sour stomachs are sweetened, and a heal thy
color is ttiven to the face. A trial is recom
ST to Indianapolis and Return,
via Rock Island & Peoria railway
Iickets sold Aug. l'J, -20 and 21. Re
turn hunt Sept. 10, M'JH. Account
Knights of Pythias meeting. Best
service on this route. Leave Rock
Island at 8:05 a. m. and 1:45 p. m
vrrive at Indianapolis at b p. in. am
I a. m.. respectively. Equally gio.
service returning. For further par
lieu lars ami ress It. Moekhouse. (
A., U. I. iV P railway. Depot foot of
twentieth street.
Ladle Can Wear shoes
One size -smaller after using Allen'
Foot-Ease, a pow der to be shaken into
the shoes. It makes tight or new-
shoes feal easy: gives instant relief to
corns and bunions. It's the Teatest
comfort discovery of thea"e. Cures
and prevents swollen feet, blisters
callous aud sore spots. Allen's Foot
Ease is a certain cure for sweating,
hot. aching, uerrous feet. At all
druggists and shoe stores. 25c.
Trial package free.
Allen S.
Olmsted. Lc Rov, N.
iiuiu nrs eii. i eopie nave
learned that DeWitt's Little Early
Bisers are reliable little pills for regn-
'I" . . O TI , ,
ianng tne noweis, curing constipation
and sick headache. They don't griiie.
T. H. Thomas, A. J. Riess and M. F.
Bahnsen, druggists.
No such thing as '-summer com
plaint" where Dr. Fowler's Extract
of Wild Strawberry is kept hand v.
Nature's remedy for every looseness of
the bowels. For sale by Marshall &
Arnold's Broruo Celery cures head
aches; 10, 25 and 50 cents. Reiss'
drug store.
To Car Constipation Forever.
Take Oscareta Candy CatUartlc. lUe or Sc.
If C C. C fad to cure, druccisu relund aumey.
Boan th Tla Ui w Han Klnjt BoagSt
of ,
L. II. Greer is in Chicago.
. J. P. Kiefer is back from Le Mirs,
F. T. Mevers left this niorninir for
Galesburg on business
Mrs. F. S. Rrough and son. Marcus.
are visiting in Clinton. Iowa.
Mis. Mary Montgomery and chil
dren have gone for a visit at Weqni-
tousing. Mich.
Conductor II. J. Horn, of the R..I.
& P..1 and w ife; left this nioriiiu-r to
tttend the Woodmen picnic at Chilli-
J. (5. Johnson, general attorney of
the Woodmen, has gone to Chillicothe.
his old home, where toworrow he is
to deliver an address at a Woodmen
Emil Liungberg and J. A. Sten-
stroiu. employes of the Rock Island
shoe factory, aud their families, left
this morning for Peeatouica and Rock-
ford respectively, to make their fu
ture homes.
Mrs. A. E. Lvford and daughters.
3jissesAimee aim came, have ar-
ived from Corvallis. Ore., to join
Mr. Lvford, who has leen here some
time. Miss .Genevieve remaining to
complete her year in college.
Sheriff II. (jniun, of Henry county.
accompanied by his wife and Mrs. (J.
W. McCluie and Miss L. York.
stopped at the Hanicr last niirlit
on their way to Cambridge, after
a pleasure trip to St. Paul.
lp Goes a Thousand Hands at Ones at
This Question.
Every miner in the state knows Mr.
Guvmore, who has been secretary for
the United Mine Workers of the "state
for live vears. He is now an honorary
memlier of the organization, but they
all know him still as a slronir and
powerful member.'
Jt is not necessary for me to ro on
and tell you what vou all know so well.
but there is one thing I want to tell
vou which vou may not know but
It is about Morrow's Kid-ne-oids
Mr. Guv more has used them and he
has highly praised them to us, and
says he thinks a.phbhe statement
would help many a miner, or in fact
anv one who has bad kidneys to use
lie wants to lie of as much service
to tue puonc as ne can, so here is
what he savs:
I have lieen a sufferer more or less
for years with my kidneys. Sime
times thev would lie very bad and
unereu a great deal. 1 had severe
pain across mv back m the region of
my kidticvs which, was always worse
when I stooped over, so bad sometimes
1 could scarcely straighten up again
ine lxiisoii lrom the trouble in the
blood effected the nerves and 1 grew
nervous. Sometimes I could not
sleep at night for hours if I woke up,
lou can see that the natural result
would be a broken down system, w hich
1 was rapidly getting. My appetite
laiied me and w hatever 1 ate 1 hail to
force down. I read such wonderful
things about Morrow's Kid-ue-oids
that I thought it would do no harm to
try them. I am glad I did for thev
proved to be the very remedy I re
quired. I got mine at R. N. Dodd
drug store and took them according to
directions. Today I am entirely cured
of all the backache, nervousness and
everything arising from this trouble,
I consider them a safe. sure. niick and
economical treatment anil that thev
effect a permanent cure."
.-vim at. druggists lor oo cents, or
mailed by us if not obtainable.
John Moijumw & Co.. Chemists
Springfield, Ohio,
Aug. 7 Charles E. White to Loui
L. All mend inger, s 145 feet of w 20
feet of outlot A, Smith & White's add.
Moline Heights. $400.
John II. Fluegel to David Ziffren
26 feet, block 7. Thompson & Wells
add.. Rock Island. '.U0.
How to Look iiood,
dood looks are really more than
skin deep, deluding entirely on
healthy condition of all the vital or
. If .1 f
gaiis. nine liver ne inactive, vou
have a bilious look: if your stomach lie
disordered, you have a dyspeptic look
u your Kidneys ue atlected, vou hav
a pinched look. Secure good health
and you will surely have o-ood looks
Electric Bitters,,is a good alterative
and tonic. Acts directly tin the
stomach, liver and kidneys. Purifies
the blood, cures pimples, blotches
and boils, and gives a good complex
ion, r-very noiue guaranteed. Sold
at Hartz & Ullemejer's dm" store
50 cents per liottle."
More than twenty million free sam
ples of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
have been distributed by the manu
facturcrs. What better proof of their
counueiice in its merits do you want?
It cures piles, burns, scalds, sores, in
the shortest space of time. T. H.
1 honias, A. J. Riess and M. F. Bahn
sen. druggists.
Burdock Blood Bitters gives a man
a ciear neai. an active brain, a strou"
vigorous body makes him tit for the
battle of of life. For sale by Marshall
& Fisher.
Jo-To-Iae for Fifty Ceata.
Guaranteed tobacco habit core, makes weak
men strong, biood pure. 60c. L All drncgisu.
For Infant and Children.
Th Kind Yea Hits Atop Et
Hum V
TJew 'Building Sale and Building Announcemen
FIRST-Ton t Judee the K
mi'.lilp i,f ... h, ik. i.. - fc. '
oAii.iu-uuni lorKt'i
there are others who will
appreciate these rare bar
gains. Come early.
afs -
BOUT the 1st of February.
(.oods Store in the Mate
'iW any convenience that will
.'bter. has been oinittml it
- . -........ - ',11 aMKi. i.ii uer I I !lll
Lights. Spacious Aisles. Eleiators. luiprove.l Counters and Fixture.. CarefuUSnmping t.f Various U
partments: in short, everything that could make our New Store exceed in apj aiauce. coiueui.-n.-e aud
security any other Dry Goods Store in the Haw keye state, has been iiicorMrat-d in l he p,n for this
building. The people t.f D-aveiijiort want the liest. As citi.-ns and tiierchams .f the same -nitiiuu'.tv.
we wouldn't lie satislitsl with anything but the best (prices on our inerehaiidise excepted), hence it is
with pride and pleasure that we will soon throw ojM-n the doors and welumie the public to the Finest
Dry Goods Store in this section of the country.
TO Open With Entirely New Goods. In order to oH-n the New Store wiih an mirelv
New Stock of Merchandise, every effort, every price concession will lie mad t.i sell every dolNr u.mli
of Dry Goods we have in our present quarters at such Low Prices that you who have lvn wcaiin.r the
medium priced goods can wear the liest. and you w ho have lieen wearing th heajn-r good, t u wear the
medium without ay'nig any more fr them.
WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10, the First Se
ries of the Sales Will Be
Everything in Summer Gom1s. like Wash GonU. Summer Divss (kkIs. Silks. Waists, rlc.
item embraced in these lines will U placed on sale at tremendous reductions at .r'i.-es like ibesr:
Wash Fabrics.
l.rm yds. Orirandies. Cordrrettes and
Lawns. all new and fresh. Net "tr
Uuildiii bale lriee
?.0 yds. f)ri?and!es in in and ll-vd.
p ickaces made up of various leniriiis.
Xew Building Sn e Price, per tQn
package "t
About "i.Vl.1 yds. of assorted l.as-s
l.appws. IXmi ifts and llTL'aidies will
be closed at the New Bui.diaK sX-
Sale Price, per vd Jl
A vds. TV.irk Percale. New
lluildMi.' Sale Irice. per yd J,
17 licces Japmetx. a soft, tine fabric.
"T. medium colors and very ureltv le-
dii t-usun. sold v ry where for He. and
V is,... New Hu klin Sa.e Iri ;e. f) n
per yd
,y 1..T.H yds. :H-in?h Pen-ales; a I merchants
? a k IS'ic. f r them: our New J r
iiuiiuioK aaie 1 nee. pcryu v-
'"yds New. Ilriirli and lrcttv Ten
nis rl.iunels. Now HuilriiuK '11-.
Sa'e Price, per vd .t
I .on yds. Scotch Lawns, nil warrancd
"T fast colors New Huild.lur I
Sale Iricc. ti yds.
1.0 W yds. of Hie vry bcsl ('alio, all
n-w and frn iikI up tMt.it tvlw.
New Buildinir Sale Price, n-r tl-.
yd J.C
AtKHitmti yds. Douh'e Fold ('beck and
.Mix-l Njve'.iy Urcss UimmIs. instead
of l-.".e. New lluililinit Sale 1-.
l"rice. ocr id Uit
5i yds. Epinirallne Cheek iinirhams.
J reiru ar price I3sc.. New H'lild .ls
4 inir Sale rrice. per yd. 't or
k l.Snfl yd Poncee and Sa'en Ulumin
T a'.eil Nov liies. a new In... cloth tills
season, wew Kuiiuini; sale Jt?1
Price. er yd. O iL
Ilcst Quality Anviskeav llr.-si (iinif-
bams: also a lot of Imported Zcpbcr
will be put in with thin lot and will eo
at the New Hulldinit Sale
trice, per yd
A few patterns of S lk and Linen Hasd
r.miroiaerel IJress fat terns. .ast
seasjo's prises Mini. II. i. use. and
tWe. yd . New Building Sale Price
er yd. i. H.ic;.. Aie.. ttr
and JL-
A trememdous Ions, bat must tic sold
notwitbHtandini;. '
Xs ! neces ery Pn-tty and Neat Kiirurcd
yfr Marseilles, sold all -ason at 3Sc .
Q New HuilUnK Sale Price, per (yQ
Colored Oritandie IJninirs. 4" Inch. wide.
,V li'ie kind. New IkiildiiiK Sals CU
Price, per yd 0,L
Laee Stripe fiinvhams and Madras
U t'lolu. MriR'd linen ellecis and other
;3C novelties th t sold for I.Vt. and s.
t yd.. New HuildinK Sale lrice. fn
Ta ' ler yd
0 Hosiery Department.
Th5 celebrated No. S0"J I.a1ies Hose
-'r tbt bat no equal for wear, jam pair
Si! 1:0 at tne ne riuiiuinic hale J tn
-s 1'riire. per pair. lt.
V No. 21 Seamless Fast Hlaek Ilk? Hose.
New HuildiiiK Sale Price, per jjQ
0 mi Pairs Trilby Black II ne. 4 sjKr
T. Pair lor ?L
4 Colored Black Dress Goods
in m to 7 yd lenv.b
at ,
from regular prices.
' 1" J.I rr, riCUCH riAIIUTTls. S'HU TTVerj-
. wncre ror.Kica a over. ew lss
,jT Buiidini; Sale Price, per yi. . . JUl,
iy All Wool and Silk and Wool Chtllles.
A the '! and 75c kind, what Uteres
s(f left of tliem. ut New Huild- J
lou Sale Price, per yd L.
r 10 pieces to-inch Black Mob sir Hro-
catcs. New Buillinif Sale 4 r
iTice. per yd L
U Si pieces Aborted Sewes. Henriettas.
JX . Mohairs and Novel ies in all colors
fc ' reKular price Sue to our lQc
New Builduiij Sale Price 3"W
2S piecfa Avorted Black Materials. In
V 'ct a wbo e counter full to elect
"V from. Choice for our New A y r
Budd nx Sale, per yd v
0 Children's Hats.
a) For Bjvs or (;irls. 11 Hats. Sic and
-a kind. New Building Sale IKr
t Price, each Jt-
The SSc and .Vic kind 35C
15 Ma'l Hats for Ciirls at Uaa-Half
ft raarjr Kan Mhadea at Oae-Half
; J, Price.
Iharneb d VON MAURA
T A.
Davenport, Iowa.
HirueU & Von Maur ill occupy the
of Iowa. Nothing that could add to th
make tradini' easier for our patMn.
will l a "M.ull si,ir" ,. t;..
Silks, Silks.
Ihe public knows that wbonwesiv -sidk
Sale ' -t rucaiisai-reat saviae ti the imrcha.st.-r.
We aive you now the irremest ippopuuiiv of
lhm all to imv Silk at a very little price. Vbi
rel New lluilditiv Sale.
H pieces lYintel Foulsnl and Pongee Silks.
;.H-:ind rl.Otioues. New Bui dinr Sale tZTr
Price J L.
IJ pieces Brocade India Silks f v.il- KCr
uea. Mew BuUdiuu Sale Piice. - VL
10 pieces il incj nc Brocaded Iwlia mJJg
Silks. New Buildlnv Sa.e lriee ' -jC
IS pieces Fancy Trimmine and Waist Silk all
dark, reirular l.ii. aui ai.ai OIs
Si k New BuildiiiK Hale Price O
Kai-Ksl Wash S'lk. ier maUl -length,
l pieces Pongees tn coiors for fancy
worn tne soc kinl. Building Hale
hie Surahs, la colors,
go at
.''J Saieens. in colors.
tiiie Sherred Chidon
eo at
R mmtits will tic . and
prices '
from regular
.ie and .W- nalds and Stripe Kal-Kai
Wash S Iks all go at
Cotton Shirt Waists.
Toc!osj tbem out withanish webavedivkled
tue out re atock Into three lots:
Iit I First choice. Kie value tip 10 W.
Lat II - Second choice. jc value up to f
ln lit -Third cboiee. loc value up to Tf.
Ladies Knit Underwear.
11 dozen Kfyptlan Union Subs. r.-ini!iir
price tmc. new Bailliug bar yttlr
llice "fVC
1(1 dozen Kgyptlan Vesta. Sic kind. J
i doen Keru Vests. Tajx- Neck and
Sleeves. Mew uulidlng Si t Price.
Attend the
New Building Sale
at the
Here and There.
250 Sunbonueis. the Sac ones. New 1 Lr
Buileing Sale Piice fill
Itcnnlsons Crep Paper, tinted edue and
pmin. New Building tic P. Ice. tier tS.r
Mil ; OC
fl. ..Medics Muslin tlowns
ie and lie Corbel t.'iver.
1 5c un1 Jlc f'ors-t Covers.
jc vc nd Corset 'overs, sl.t 1 1
a.', xs and m. for Jst
Assorted I -l Skirts, llrawrrs. ina ns. Infants
Slips and Drev.es. wild for sl.au
anil ti.m JSew Bu Wing stale
Sash Curtain Goods.
iVi yds iOc White Curtain Swiss. New
Bu iutng 8aie Price, per yd I LC
.Vi yds Hash Curtain material. -ic for- fit
mer price. New Building Sale Price.. .
W yds llai 1 While Goods wrf I for Mr an 4 Sk
per yd. New BuUding Sale Price, fi.
per yd la;C
sW yds Turkey Red Table Clothing.
i pieces f I SO i-ya-d wtde TaMe llaaiask ele.
Koi paiieras. ew Building Sale f
Mpie.-cs lS'jc iH-incb Iileacbed Crash
per yd
Children's Ready Made Dresses
so Iiressw. regular price l and f O ac
UT. Mew Bulldiof Sale Price ea-a. I.A,3
J Dresses, reirular price IOc a d IMe. "7
New Buiidin aaie price, each J L.
n Dresem. at 2 to f. yesra of r-. regular
imuc. .t llu.KUbg Sale IT.ce.
each ........ .,
Finest and Most I'p-io D4u Dry
attra. t;etic inide or out. .'r
or luak tin. l ib .r ..f .,..,.i,.. .
- - ... 1 I U I -. . , i -.
.. . ., .. .
Gossamers and Mackin
1 tiroe I as dit ided as follows-
Rccul.r priee Sep. New
Buikliur tle Prioe. eai'h
HutMitiff Hulr lYt
Krifiilsir (trice tXm to UX. New V'
Building Sale lrlcc. J 98
The first buyer rets liml rbu rr.
Short work mvle of 'he
attd s; 7
tteatt Irs. r Buiiiltnx
Sa e Irice. i-hoice
3.98 :
Ladies' Wrappers.
Two L.MN. 7c
Regular priors ( to , more
Cloak and Suit Depart
Children's Sutiug and F.ll Jackets
Mit-i-ari ...... ...ul II - ...
" I- - ' - ' ' l 2-
mator.alv Lnviibsl luv.i three lots : VP
Lot I Sold for X3 to f.1 7i
New liuildint' Sale I Vine
It 11 sold si mh to
Nr lltilkliii;.' Sale pricr . .
Iy.t III sx.i.l at M Vnto Vi
New ll'illding Sale PHer . .
STSn I . Hi.i. Nw Bullii ' .1 ff K
iog Sale Priise. eaci J.VIU N-
A few .tnlv if Indies' Kersev faf.--
iM-aiiititiny iritnttiea -
lidili to mm new ta'.s
New Huildiug ri.tle lYIee.
II irl l.liw- 7
7.50 O
I ltt Clilldrrti ' Jackets, good
w imiI aialeri :. e arh at
69c O
on y i;.kn FJderlr jIVs' Hlel KUk
Caie. Mew Building Mile 1 ri SJ Z
Irlcc -y.-yo
tltber garments the rediictimis range
Inim'ttoH. S.T
Boys' White Waists.
Tork-ar Ibc counter. f ar ?
cwh. 13C
This price Itielules a lot of Mm hers' a
Friend Boys Waists that v4 al sue y
and ;.V.
Sis- White awl White Fjiiliroil.-rrd
Boys l riiiimed Waist . New 1 71-
Building Sale lYiee. eieb .. - sX
into oti.
each for
77c $
Ladies' and Misses' Cloth O
and Worsted Suits. O
Fira choice of anv suit In the li.xise tlp
y 12.75
Second cboier regular price T
up Ui II.VHI lOy r."7
Another lot of Suits. New A y tC
Buudtg liale lriee 1.ZZJ -
Ladies' Skirts.
Silk. W MI and M.ibalr Skirts o-il r IS
lluildiug rtaie lr n . 97
In Bla-H Novell Wirv.t f Al rX
KKlrts each go f r. I.fr -
S-M!r si. .0, silk Skirts. New o g A
Building JSae Price O. O
Others at ' to ', less tfaaa regular
Millinery Flowers.
Choice of Milliuery Flower. JQq &
Domestics. b
As"irlrd tn of Wool ( asal neres for r
Mea sad Boys' SuiUng-s'id tbat
sold for Tr. td. to .s quo-Mr at
this New Budduur Sale, per J "Jg
I leers Heavy Jraas. ue (jaa'lty New
B.iUMii Ssla Price,
per yd IJC jT
la Pieces Fancy as Ticking K.i
BuUiitic Sale ITice. j 7C r?V
Have a lot oc baud f ar Faa- Wo.-k for t
1 be Hii3a.
1 r
J ' ....... i

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