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ffflEHK r
VTbr let toot neighbors
know it?
And why give them a
chance to guess you axe even
five or ten years more?
Better give them good
reasons for guessing the
other way. It is very easy;
for nothing tells of aee so
2 quickly as gray hair.
is a youtb-renever.
It hides the age under a
luxuriant growth of bair the
color of youth.
It never fails to restore
color to gray bair. It will
stop the cair from coming
out also.
It feeds the hair bulbs.
Thin bair becomes thick hair,
and short bair becomes long
It cleanses the scalp; re
moves all dandruff, and
prevents its formation.
We have a book on the
Hair which we will gladly
send you.
If you do not obtafn mn the bene
fits jrou expected fjomtbftvo(Uia
Vl?or. write the doctor about It.
rrrbatlv there Is some difficulty
with your general evstem
ixs eaai;v removeu. Add
. J. C Ayr. LeweU. Mass
I Administrator's Notice).
Estate of Marie StempeL deceased.
The undersigned having been appointed ad
ministrator ot the estate of Marie fetempeL
late of tbe county of Rock Island, state
of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice
that he will appear before tbe county
courier Rock I-Janil county, at tbe county
court room, in tbe city of Kock Island, at tbe
Ixcembrr term, on the first Monday In De
cember next, at which time all persons bavins
claims agaliint said estate are notified and
requested to attend, for the purpose of hav
lng tbe same adjusted.
All persons Indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payment to tbe
undersign ed.
Dated this 3d day of October, A. D. 1893.
Fukoehicx V. Stempei, Administrator.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of Jeremiah LeQuatte, deceased.
TLe undersigned, 'conservator and ex-ofll-rio
administruior of tbe esta e of .icre
mla!i Lc yuntte. late of tbe county of
Kock Island, state of Illinois, deceived,
hereby trives notice that ' he will appear
before the county court of Rock lland
county, at tbe county court room, in tbe city
of Kock Island, at the January term, on the
first Monday in January next, at which time
all per-ons navinir claims aitalrrat said estate
are notified and requested to attend, for tbe
purpose of havinir the same adjusted.
All persons indebted to said estate are re
quested to make Immediate payment to tbe
Dated this Ssth day of October, A. D. 1893.
3 H. Kiotek. Conbcrvator and Ex-ofiicio Ad
ministrator. Administratrix Sale of Real Estate.
By ytrtue of a decree of sale made and
entered by the county court of tbe county of
Kock Island and state of Illinois, on the
14th day of October. I, in a certain
cause then and there pending in suld court,
for the :ile of tbe real estate here
inafter described, to pay debts, wherein
Ibe u,idemi'ned us administratrix of tbe es
tate of Henry Carsteusen. deceased, wfc pe
ttiiouer. and Worthy Ihirt Carstensen a'.U tbe
liwii Island Suvinr Hank were defendants,
the undersigned will, on the IwtH day of Xo
ttnlier. A. 1- Isvh. at the hour of o'cloek p.
m.. at the ea-t doorof tbe courtbose. In the
c ty of Kock Island, to said county, sell at
p-il'he sale, to tbe biwhest bidder. lor casn in
band, the following tract of land with tbe ap
purtenances, situated In slid city, atd tie-s'rlht-d
as follows, to-wlt:
The north sixty-seven and seren-fntbs
("7 T-ld) feet or tbat portion of outlot 47, In tbe
southeast quarter of section number thirty-
Dve (i(. tow nsnip numoer rignieen 1 1". norm
of ranire uuaint two ;!. west of tbe fourth
ub principal meridian, in tbe city and county
of Kock Island and stale of li luoa. bcintf
boucded as follows:
lieiMnninir at at Iron stake on the east line of
Nineteenth street. In tbe city of Kock Island,
one hundred and ninety seven and four-tenths
(IV7 4-I0 feet-south of the Indian boundary
line, rjnciuif thence e.ste"ly parallel with said
Indian boundary line two hundred and eU-tity-twound
three-tenths i.9C3-lt feel totbe west
line of tbe aliev: thence north alone said west
line ist v-seven and even-tenths 7 7-U feet,
thence westerly parallel with tbe Indian boun
dary line two hundred andeiKhty-twoand foue
tenths 2 4-10 feel to tbe east line of said
Nineteenth street, thence south t-lxty-seven
and seven-tentbs ((57 7-10 eel to tbe place of
Ik eiininir.
To-other with all tbe estate, title and inter
est t hereto, whereof said Henry Carstensen,
deceased, died seized in fee. aod all be es
tate, title an d Interest therein or petitioner
and said defendants, and each ot them.
Rock Island. ILUnoU. October 18. lf8.
Administratrix of the eats tc or .Henry Carsien
ku. deceased.
Gas Fitting.
Sewer Pipe.
Ail Work Guaranteed'
Rogenflelcl Bros.,
Spot in the Disputed African Ter
ritory Disappears In a
-u Larger Issue. .
Mia Ball Credited with the Intention ot
Defying- Earope and Proclaiming a Pro
tectorate, as aa Explanation of the Ex
traordinary War Preparations Sow Go
ing- On Significant Bemark of a French
Diplomat Professor Mryce Indorses
Salisbury's War Policy.
London! Nov. 2. The situation re
varding Fashoda. is practically un
changed. Baron de Courcel, the French
ambassador who on Tuesday saw Sir
Thcmas Sanderson, permanent under
secretary of state for foreign affairs,
was absent from Lord Salisbury's re
ception Tuesday. The special dispatches
from Paris this morning reoeat the
semi-official statement that the evacua
tion" of Fashoda Is accepted in principle,
but that other stations Jrj the Iahr-el-
Gahzal region will be maintained.
The fact that the coasV guardsmen
througtout the United Kingdom have
been warned to be In readiness for
mobilization is regarded as a'menaclng
sign. Mary cf them have already joined
their ships.
Shipload of Submarine Mines.
Sydney. C. B.. Nov. 3. The British
warships Cordelia and Pelican arrived
yesterday from Halifax. Their visit is
regarded as extraordinary, as both
were supposed to leave for home to go
out of commission. The chips have sub
marine mines and heavy guns aboard,
specially shipped at Halifax, and it is
reported they will mine the entrance to
Sydney and St. John's, Nd harbors.
Halifax. N. S.. Nov. 3. The British
battleship Renown is in full fighting
trim and last night tested her electric
searchlights. This week the Renown
has taken aboard large quantities of
ammunition and naval stores.
View of a French Diplomat.
Washington, Nov. 3. A French dip
lomat here, speaking of the Fashoda
affair, said: "There is not the siighest
chance that Fashoda alone will lead to
war. Although of strategical value it
Is practically inaccessible to France,
while at the same time easily accessible
to England. English chips arc now
well down the Nile, and the British
troops are not far frcm Fashoda. Be
sides, the Nile route brings the British
within two weeks' travel of Fashoda.
On the other hand it took Major Mar-
chand two years to reach there on the
route from the west coast of Africa and
across the Congo country. From a
military standpoint, therefore, it would
be inexpedient if not impossible for an
spue to be made on Fashoda. If there
to be an issue at all it will be on the
larger question of Egypt in general and
the control which Egypt is to exercise
on the heart of Africa."
Inst Where Fliflit May Come In.
It is just here that the war may come
n. The specials at London have been
rylns to account for the extraordinary
war preparations now going on in Brit
ish territory all over the world and have
come to the conclusion that John Bull
has determined to make the Egyptian
ssue himself by issuing a proclamation
declaring a protectorate over Egypt.
This would raise an issue that would
mean fight or British supremacy in the
Nile valley for all time. It would Ig
nore the sultan, who is the nominal su
preme ruler over Egypt, and is believed
to have no very friendly feeling for
John Bull anyhow at the present time.
It would forestall a European confer
ence to discuss the whole Egyptian
question, and be a challenge to any na
tion in Eurcpe which chose to gainsay
British ac'Jvi.
Startling News from Wei-IIai-Wei.
Startling news was received yester
day from Wei-Hai-Wei. It was to. the
effect that all the British war vessels
there, comprising a squadron of one
first-class battleship, one first-class
cruiser, one second-class ditto, threi
torpedo boat destroyers and a first
class gunboat had cleared for action
and were ready for sea. There Is the
greatest activity and excitement In na
val and military circles on both sides
of British America Halifax and Esqui
Eminent I.tbcrsl Stands by Salisbury In
Defense of tbe Jills-.
London, Nov. 3. Rt. Hon. James
Bryce. former under secretary of state
for foreign affairs, subsequently presi
dent of the board of trade, and now
member cf iarliamrnt in the Liberal
interest for Aberdeen, speaking there
last evening indorsed Lord Salisbury's
stand Ic the Fashoda controversy, de
claring that the military control of al!
the navigable waters in the Bahr-el-Ghaxal
basin, as well as the Nile, must
be recured to Egypt." Referring to tha
increasing cordiality between the Vnit-
t x
: by :
x itself ! :
Coifee takes on the flavor of any-
J thing with which it cornea in con-
tact, and an inferior brand will spoil
the aroma of a good one.
!"T& T Coffee"!
is grown on private plantations in
choicest coffee fields of the
world, and is roasted, blended zbTX.
packed bv an improved process rj 3i
room "all by itif f ." Thus ha aronfci1
is developed to the fullest extent,
w and being packed whole in sealed
2-lb. cuu to be ground at home as J
wed, none of its delicious flavor is
lost from contact with the air, as in
the case of looee coffee or that
J ground at the store. Long experi- X
ence makes it
"The Finest Coffee t
X in the World."
SP 1 ell jobt grocer "T. T. Coffee pt to
co free at all. ' nnd be will j-et it lor you f
not ia stock. Packed exclusively try
Tbeasoa Tajior Spice Co.. Cbteto. III.
ed States and Great Britain,' Bryce J
sn in ; v neu, iast in tue umieu otaitra
I was much struck with the change In
public sentimeBt. The spontaneous out
burst of feeling in Great Britain wh?a
the European powers wished to inter
vene against the United States durin?
the recent war with Spain made, the
Americans understand how close we
felt the tie between them and ourselves.
They have shown that they appreciate
and reciprocate our sentiment.
"I would never advocate a formal
alliance. At all events the obstacles at
present are serious, but all the condi
tions exist for a solid and durable
friendship between America and Great
Britain. They have no adverse inter
ests anywhere in the world, and they
have common aims in sundry regions.
Everywhere each can render a great
service to the other. Tbe Americans
and British understand each other bet
ter than they can understand any for
eign country. Nature and history meant
them tobe friends, and the closer and
deeper that friendship is the better it
will be for the greatness and welfare of
Cape Colony to Help the Navy.
Cape Town, Nov. 3. In the Cape
Colony assembly yesterday W. p.
Schreicer. the premier, introduced a
bill proposing an annual contribution
by the colony of 30,000 pounds to tha
British, navy.
Trouble at Wilmington If Any Repub
lican Rnns for County Ofuce.
"Wilmington. N. C. Nov. 3. The polit
leal situation is practically unchanged.
The present indication is that there will
be no Republican ticket for the county
offices, though there is a suspicion that
the present negro register of deed3 may
be an individual candidate. Should this
suspicion become a reality it is believed
it will provoke trouble, as the Demo
crats will consider it a violation of the
compromise by which it was agreed
that there should be no Republican can
didates for any county offices or the
It Is reported that the registration
book of North Williams precinct in Co
lumbus county cannot be found and this
has added fuel to the flames. The pre
cinct mentioned gave 177 Democratic
majority in 1S96. and it estimated that
the majority next Tuesday should be
over 200. As these 200 votes will probably
elect twelve Democratic state senators
and the board of registration is con
trolled by the f uslonists the importance of
the incident Is manifest. The excitement
in Columbus county is so great that it
is feared personal violence may be done
the custodian of the registration book
if it is not produced. a
Oshkosh Case Decided in Favor of the Ac
cused Leaders.
Oshkosh, Wis., Nov. 3. Thomas I.
Kidd, George Zenter and Michael Troi
ber, accused of conspiracy to Injure the
business of the Faine Lumber company.
of this city, were acquitted In the mu
nicipal court yesterday. The Jury was
out about an hour. The case has been
watched by the labor organizations
throughout the country. The Oshkosh
case followed the woodworkers' strike
of last summer, which lasted thirteen
weeks and involved 1.600 men.
Klddwas secretary cf the Internation
al Woodworkers' union, and was prom
inent in directing the strike, while Zen
ter was captain of the pickets and
Troiber was a picket. The case of the
defendants rested largely upon the le
gality or illegality of the practice of
picketing, which the state maintained
amounted to conspiracy, but which the
defense contended was in itself inno
cent and lawful.
The public debt increased $43,487,717
during October.
' The business portion of Divide, Colo.,
has been wiped out by fire.
John Bloom, of Chicago, was held up
and robbed of 25 cents in a saloon.
St. Louis will hold an exposition in
1903 in commemoration of the centen
nial of the Louisiana purchase.
The recent Canadian plebiscite re
sulted in a majority of 13,884 for prohi
bition only one out of five voters cast
ballots, , .
Mrs. Amelia Sonnabend, a first cousin
of Prince Hohenlohe, the chancellor of
the German empire, committed suicide
at Detroit.
Charles Baum, a well-known Wash-:
ington dealer iri dry goods and notions,
has made an assignment. Assets, $217,
100: liabilities. $175.0C0.
Jennie Holcierman, a quarter-blood
Cherokee at Pryor Creek. I. T-. kllleJ
herself because her Indian lover, John
Watka, met death while resisting ar
rest. .
No teuioTatic Ticket There.
Clinton. Ills., Nov. 3. After two weeks
of fruitless but continued efforts before
the courts the electoral commission
threw out both Democratic county
tickets here , and the county clerk re
fused to allow any names by petition.
This disfranchises one-half the county.
The result will be the addition of 1.000
votes to the Republican majority in the
Threshing Machine Men in Session.
Indianapolis. Nov. 3. The "National
Association of Manufacturers and Job
bers of Threshing Machinery met here
yesterday in annual session and elected
the following officers: President, J. E.
Brown. Mansfield. O.: vice president, M.
T. Reeves; Columbus. Ind.: secretary
treasurer, S. S. Stratton. Jr., Richmond,
Limit Is Set at w Tear's Day.
Havana. Nov. 3. In pursuance of the
oral agreements reached at the last
joint session of the evacuation com
XiSatv'tiV.tbe American commissioners
lst4 f ent o the Spaniards a note nam
TMn f11"8 the date upon which
Spanian evacuation must be formally
accomplished. '
Can't Kill Some Thugs.
Columbus. O.. Nov. 3. Ben Wheeler,
while handcufTed, Jumped from the win
dow of a Panhandle train runing at the
rate of sixty miles an hour and made
his escape. No trace of him can be
found, and he undoubtedly escaped un
injured. Death of aa Illinois Private.
Lowell. Mass., Nov. 3. Private Eu
gene William Sawyer, Jr., of Chicago,
a member of company B. First Illinois,
died here yesterday, aged 25 years. He
contracted fever, at Santiago on Aug. 6.
These Fierce Soath American Brutes Fight
Each Other to the Death on Sight Two
! Battles That Show the Characteristics of
the Animals. a ,
"On the A pure river, near its head,
lives or did live there five years ago
a woman of mixed Spanish and Indian
race named Maria Padilla, the wife of
the mayordoma, or foreman, of a cattle
ranch. I have talked with her and
heard from her lips the account of the
strange adventure she had when a child
of 7 years.
"Her parents with their children
were making a jonrney over a trail that
led along the foothills of the Maritime
Andes. They had encamped for the
night, and this child, while her parents
attention was occupied, started into the
forest to gather firewood as she had of
ten seen her mother do. Her absence
was not noticed until she had been gone
some time from the camp. As she gath
ered dry sticks into a bundle she saw a
large, spotted animal stealing swiftly
toward her.
; "Every South American country girl
of 7 knows a jag-oar when she sees him,
whether she has ever seen one before or
not, for the dread of these animals ia
an instinct among the inhabitants of
regions which they frequent. Overcome
by fear the girl could only stand still
and await her fate. With her eyes riV'
eted on the jaguar she did not see where
they came from, but of a sudden she
perceived that he was savagely fighting
with two hngc, tawny animals that had
sprung upon him.
"The fight seemed to her to last a long
time, and once the brutes in their Strug
gles came very near to where she stood.
The pumas that had attacked him kill
ed the jaguar at last, and after standing
over the body a few minutes as if to as
sure themselves that he would not re
vive they for the first time turned their
gaze toward the child, who had been too
much terrified to improve her chance to
run away while the beasts were fight
"They favored her with a long stare.
and then, not offering to approach or
harm her, turned deliberately away
and trotted into the depths of the for
est. They scarcely had disappeared
when her father, having missed the
child and guided by the sounds of the
fight, came running to the place with
gun ana machete ana round ner safe.
He got a jaguar skin as a trophy, though
it was cut too nearly into ribbons by
the pumas' claws to be of value.
"In the Guarico country, at a village
called Paraya, near the Merida trail,
saw an Indian named Jose Lobado
whose face and head were deeply scar
red and whoso body was a network of
similar scars from wounds received
through being carried away by a jaguar
when an infant in arms. Of course ho
could not remember the occurrence, but
his mother, who had rescued him, de
scribed it to ma
Sho had gone to a mata, or wooded
spot, on the pampas for firewood, carry
ing her child, after the fashion of Ven
ezuelan women of humble station, in
a shawl looped from her shoulder. This
shawl, with the small boy in it, she slung
to a low tree branch whiio she gathered
her bundle of sticks, and she did not
perceive the approach of a jaguar until
ho had seized the child and was carry
ing it away.
"The mother grasped her machete
and ran after the jaguar, shrieking.
She managed to keep the beast in sight,
but he was rapidly getting beyond her
view when suddenly tho jaguar stopped,
put tho child down and bristling for
fight stood with his fore paws resting
upon it
"incn the mother saw that a puma
was fronting the jaguar. She hurried
on toward where tho two beasts faced
each other, growling and snarling. Be
fore she got to them tho puma sprang,
and at once the two were fighting fierce
ly above the child. In the struggle the
child was rolled to one side, but before
the mother could get to it "the jaguar
broke away from the puma and. spring
ing to tho boy again crouched with his
paws above him as before.
"The puma leaped again and the fight
was renewed, but again the jaguar-got
clear and jumped to guard bis prey be
fore tho mother could get a chance to
snatch her child. Once more the puma
attacked his foe, and this time aa the
beasts struggled and tore each other an
accidental kick from one of them sent
the boy 20 feet away, almost to the
mother's feet
"Catching him up she ran for homo
and got safe to the house. " The" boy.
though covered with claw wounds from
head to foot and bearing deep marks of
the jaguar's teeth in the back, where
the beast had seized him to carry him
away, recovered completely from his in
juries, although bearing the scars for
his lifetime. The puma and the jaguar
were found, both dead,-at the place
where they had fought' Philadelphia
Do not imagine that because a heavy
thunderstorm is far away to leeward
it is not likely to arise and wet you.
Even if the wind is blowing right
against the cloud it will come your way
all the more surely, for thunderstorms
always travel against the wind. .
The reason for this is tbat there ia
invariably a connterenrrent of air
above the breeze that yon feel close to
the earth, and this sky high wind blows
in the opposite direction to the one
which alone yon can detect Thus the
tempest eeems to work its way right
through the wind's eyes ia a very con
trary sort of way.
Fog never does this; neither does
ordinary rain at least very seldom
but snow or sleet some time works its
way up wind just as the tempest does.
Sheet lightning, by the way, is not a
disjinctive a.Jish..bjat.merelx the
reflection in the sky of a forfced lasn
many miles away. Yon can tell how
far away a tempest is by counting the
number of seconds that pass between
the flash and the peal. Each second
stands for about a mile. New York
living on tha limits."
"Nine-tenths of our surroundings are
superfluous," said the observant man.
"The government feeds its soldiers and
Bailers on SO cents a day. Just think of
that ! As for household goods, let me
tell you. There is a man who does odd
jobs around xur house, and the other
day he informed my wife that he was
going to move and gave her his new ad
"About -8- o'clock I was strolling
along the street when I met my man
and his wife and their 14-year-old boy.
Tho man had a clock under his right
arm, a picture in his left hand and a
roll of bedclothing strapped on his
back. His wife carried " a large basket
filled with crockery and a small roll of
carpet The boy brought up tho rear
with two chairs and a dishpan. I loiter
ed on the corner, and ' presently they
came along with more chairs, a collec
tion of pots and pans, and the man car
ried a table on his head. The third load
comprised another basket, probably con
taining kitchen utensils, more chairs,
broom, oil can, baby's chair and a bag
of flour. The man told my wife that he
had to borrow a pushcart to move his
stove and bedstead.
"Now, just think of that ! One hun
dred dollars would certainly cover the
cost gf that outfit, and three people
lived on it Doesn't it make yon realize
the hollowness of life?" Philadelphia
A Long One.
A man well known n State street
circles found himself in -front of what
he supposed was his Back Bty residence
late one evening recently. Ho had a
great many dollars' worth of wine un
der his waistcoat and could not gain
entrance through the medium of bis
latchkey. .Becoming enragea, in a
drunken fashion, he kicked tho door,
broke the glass and used language that
is unfit for publication. Finally the
doer was opened, and the owner of the
house, who is athletio and irascible.
proceeded to kick the State street finan
cier into the middle of the street
"Wazzer you hie mean hie?" in
quired the assaulted party indignantly
as he sat upon the curbstone and held
his throbbing brow with both hands.
"And what do yon mean by trying to
break into my house?" inquired tho
other man.
Your hie house!" exclaimed tho
State street man in bewilderment
"How hie long hash yon lived
hie here?"
"For four years," was tho answer.
"Holy smoke hid" exclaimed the
financier. "Havel hie been drunk
hie as long as that?" Boston Trav
eler. .
Chicago Grain and Produce.
Chicago, Nov. 2.
Following were the quotations on the
Board of Trade today
Wheat Open. High. Low. Close.
December .6 .66 $ .66 $ .66
May 67 .67 .67 .67
iNovemDer .. .Air
December ... 32
8. CO
.24 .
May 34
December ... -2C
May 24
December ... 7.S5
January ..... 8.90
December ... 4.S5 4.92
January 4.87 5.00
Produce: nutter .fcjxtra creamer
ies. 2122c per lb: extra dairies, 18
19c; fresh packing stock, ll12c. Eggs
Fresh stock. ISc per doz. Live Poul
try Turkeys. TfftlOc per lb: chickens, 6
7c: ducks. 6vfc7c: geese, Sj.oute.vu per
doz. Potatoes Early Ohios, 3035c per
bu. Sweet Potatoes Jerseys, l.'.uup
2.35 per bbl. Apples Common to fancy.
Jl.50fy3.Z5 per bbl. tjranDernes Wis
consin Bell and Bugle, $6.506.75 per
, , Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago, Nov. 2.
Hogs Estimated receipts for the day.
27,000; sales ranged at 2.503.S0 for
pigs. $3.25(33.67 for light, 3.253.35
for rough packing. J3.303.75 for mixed.
and J3.40-S.15 -for heavy packing ana
shipping lots. Cattle Estimated re
ceipts lor tne aay. it.vw, quotations
ranged at J5.30W5.60 cnoice to extra
steers, $4.75Ho.S0 good to choice do., J4.60
5.19 for fair to good, $4.1C4.75 com
mon to medium do., 4.004.45 butchers"
feers. l4.00Sa.15 fed .western . steers,
$2.SOftr4.00 stockers, $4.0094.50 feeders.
$1.754.00 cows, $2.6004.60 heifers. $2.50
4.25 bulls, oxen and stags, $2.&054.1a
Texas steers, $3.604.65 grass western
steers. $2.7504.10 western cows and
heifers, fnd $4.007.25 veal calves.
Sheep and Lambs Estimated receipts
for the day, 18.000; quotations ranged at
$3.45474.55 westerns. $2.8S4.70 natives,
and $3.8005.90 lambs.
Milwaukee Grain.
Milwaukee, Nov. 2.
Wheat Lower: No. 1 northern. 6Sc:
No. 2 northern. 66c. Oats Firmer:
2527c. Oats Firmer; 2 627c.
Kye Higher: No. 1. 52c. Barley-
Dull; No. 2. 4Sc; sample, 284Sc,
Local Markets.
Corn 305132c.
Out anjjiJc.
Hay Timothy, 77.50; wild, W&t.
Straw W.SOrTjA.
Potatoes New, 2Rc.
Butler Fair to choice. 17c: fresh creamerv.
Ftrtrs 15e.
Chickens Spring, 7c per pound.
Ducks 8c per Dound.
Turkeys Alive, fcc perpound.
(.oai oit, iuc.
Cattle Hutchers tav for corn fed steers.
iVctA: cows and heifers, SH4c; calves, 4ftc.
Sheep ni4Se.
Ncrrimi IJl.ra.ee yaUIng
Mrmor). 1m !.-,, Sirepleav
ims. etc. esund by Abon and
otaer Kiomi and li.Uaer
Uoos. Tber qnieklr ud
.urr-Iy rmtors lt Tltalltj In
OI4 or roang. and fit a man for
nady, biulaew or maraajra,
IrTewnt Ioua t it and Cuoum
tlm If ixken In time. Thrir tue
atow luimndiste Irnprownicat
Y. TSciM tUBK where
UKMManda and wtll eur.ro. We wuim wrCaZZ
ruarauiegtoerTecl a cure in racji caiVorref Jd tS
amoer. Pneefx) cents per pacuira, or mil '
(full treatment ) fr tiVL it mmiCllt plain wxaolwr.
apoaiecrtptotprlea. Circular frea. AJu
For sale in Roclt Island h-w Jnlin Rj.nntsm
J a&d Mai&baji A Fisucr, Crugg-isw,
mm mm m
Established I 7SO.
Paper Hangers,
Shop 41 9 Seventeenth St.
Fire Insurance Agency,
Established 1874.
Traders Ins. Co., - - Chicago, 111
Union Ins. Co. Philadelphia, Fa
Rockford Ins. Co. - - Rockford, 111
Security Ins, Co. - New Haven, Conn
State Ins. Co. - - - Rockford, 111
Office, Room S, Buford block. Rates
a low aa consistent with security.
J. M. Buford,
fr Insurance
Tbe old Fire and
Time-tried Com
panies Represented
Losses Promptly Paid.
Rate as low aa any
reliable company
can afford. Your
patronage la solic
Protect your homes
by Insuring in Re
sponsible Compa
nies. Call on or stddreM
C. R. Chamberlin,
Telephone 1030.
Room 4,
Mitchell A Lynde Block.
Insurance agent,
Represents trie
known lira and
oca Companies:
following well
Accident Insur-
Roebester German Ins Co.
..Rochester, N T
New York
Buffalo, N Y
Peoria. Ill
Westchester Fire " -
Buffalo German . -
.Reliance " .
Ciarman Fire
if Hafnpshlre "
lifaukee Mechanics " ..
Manchester, N U
...Milwaukee. Wis
aeuty and Casualty .......
Office corner Klghteentn street and
Second s venae, second flora.
Telephone 1047.
White Seal saloon
i?z5 Second ATcnna.
'A FOOD MS Wholesome . it ia Delicious." ,
Haa stood the teat of more than xoo years use among all
classes, and for parity and honest worth is unequalled.
Sltiitcol and Surgtcai Joui-mal.
Costs less than ONE CENT a Cup.
Trade-Mark on Every Package
We Are Busy
All the Time
Now is the time to have your
walls freshened with bright,
clean 'paper, so that it will
be a pleasure, to receive your
friends this fall when they
come to see you. Scarcely
any annoyance and so quickly
done by
810, 312, 814 TWENTIETH ST.
Calclmlners, Etc,
Bock Island,
J way Ticket, can b pnrehaaed or bagsaga
cheeked at B I 4 P Twentieth atraet depot, ot
O R I P depot, corner Fifth aT.nua and Thirty
flret i tract, Frank H Flunuusr, Agent.
Denver Limited A Omaha.. ,.
Ft Worth, Denver K O....
Mlnneapo is.....
Oman a and Dea Molnea
JOmmha A Minneapolis
Omaha A Dea Molnea Sz ....
tOmaha Ez
Denver, Lincoln A Omaha...
tChlcago A Dea Molnea......
Rock Inland A Bureau Ac...
Bt Paul A Minneapolis
Denver. Ft Worth A K O..,.
t 3:05 am
t 5:0 am
t 6:M am
t 8:00 am
tlS:06 am
tl0:40 pm
8:90 um
1 10 :8ft pm
:( am
tl0:i5 pm
t :iam
I : am
S:SS pat
e:l n
t 8:01 bn
7:55 am
11:. '.Sam
8:00 am
1:00 m
t 4:80 pro
1:00 am
B:00 am
t 650 ten.
t erORpTae
t TiOTar.
t T:40n
tKannai City A ht Joseph. ..
Rock ieland A Waahtngton.
Chicago A Das Moina
"11:10 pm
1M:40 pm
t l:1B pm
Rook Island A Brooklyn Ac.
o :jr om
Arrival. tDepartare. IDatlr. xoent Sunday.
All others dally. Telephone 1093.
FJ way I
street, M J 1
-Depot First avstias an BlXVaeuU
xoung, Afenu
TRAraS. i.sav anarvs
St. "L., Rpringfleld. Peoria, "
Bnr. Quin. via Mon month 7 00 am T :20 pm
Chicago, merlins;, Clinton A
Dubaqae t7:40 em t I'M PM
Peoria, Beardstown. Bur
lington, Denver AWest.... 1 1:8 pm tli:S8sm
Bt. Paul A Minneapolis 7:60 pm :10 am
Sterling, Clinton A Daboqne ' 7:60 pm t OlsVV '
Bt. L., Kansas CIt, Denver -A
Pac. Cot via qalesh'rg 786 pm 6 TBS an,
Dally. tDaily except Sunday.
way Racine A Southwestern Division
Depot Twentieth street, between First and Second
avenues. ! B Greer, Agent,
TRAINS Lntva Anitrvn"
Mall anl Express 7:0 am :1R
Bt Paul Express 4:00 pm ),l:80snv
freight and Accommodation e:(K) am ao an.
Daily except Bnnday.
IX) pot Flrrt Avenne and Twentieth street,
tockhouee, Gen'l Tkt Agent.
TRAINS. Lsav An nxm
Springfield, Cincinnati, Feo- ' "
rla, etc 10 M pas
Peoria, Bprlngfield, Bt Louis
etc 81O8 am 6:40 pm
Accomodation Fast Freight. 10:90 am
Peoria, Pari-ezneld, Cincin
nati, etc 1:45 pta MfTS mm
Peoria Aeom. Freight...... 7:10 pm ISA am
Cab'.e and Bherrard Accom.' rOOam -80 pm
Cable Accomodation........ 8:40 am rV) Jim
Cable and Bherrard Aaeera . . 8:30 pm trUta
trains leave C K I A P (Molina
avenue) depo
pot Ave (T5 IT minutes earlier than time
riven. Trams marked dally, all other trains
dally xcent Sunday.
Colona Sand
Stone Quarries
8awed building stone,
Ashlar and Trimmings
a specialty.
For cheapness, durability and
beauty exoelled bj none. Tbia
tone does not wash or color the
wall with alkali, etc Plans sent
ns for estimates will receive
caret nl attention and be returned
promptly at oar expense.
Quarries 13-railes ffrdra Bock
Island on the'jCi B4 Q. Bi II.
' Trains Nos. 5 and 10 will ston
and let visitors off and on.
Bridge stone, corn crib
blocks and foundation
stone, any size desired
Samples of Stone and Photos ol
buildings can be seen at Boom
No. It, Mitchell 4 Lynda's build
ins. Address:
Rock Island or Colona, 111.

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