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"llf A NTI:i TcO ftf iKHS. arjla.tia-MU.iOMS
a nri.i v 1.1: v K'tv i
- l-.-i.iior.-r '.Tin l u.i
;V Mi.--.
WA;:Tr.D-pcpils wishing to take
private la t,i. in d:..cin;? can do o by
enquiring -i -110 Hfta avcuus. Jones.
.nti;u- I.AOY v:i;kt rtRATi:
a! I li pii'ici nKi-i-: n'!'- al Icu.
irsol.i ij.to.1 r.-fere'e'es re.i-iireal.
. i t.. '- I i 1 ro- i.f f'i,ba.M "O'Hi
in - ..i; ... ::;: '1 v r. : h ::' .
r.N'i '- '"
.....li . M
i liTAi.l.i 2 H.AT iV I-' it i;
Hi '-r i.' a it.vuali ill'! !'.-.
xit c t-n i :i klri.".-.. J. J. I.'
tin :e ui'li luotlem coiiver.i-fn--
1 .rfi.i'.i posr.i-iec. I wu yi'tiiu' men.
j..trle-M;ir. A'lure-- ii." 'J lit .;.
i ..1 si.1,0 i-
kn kb';i-:ti: s a m:vik.v
'..unirv vrK
litu -.il :,; crirn:i.i -!'. I
. "o . a Ii--.:-..
! I ' Milllil.R ALI I
ri:; ! -i -ii:
. i.-i l. r f ait.il
I. ,,. . !. ,
ml , i rt-.i -'ii-i -
i r
ant;:i -
. f-. i -f - - j
; 1!..- .-.!-l.
l 'I ll !!
r..-. I Mi. :
t i 1 1 -f. ll.
.; I I
, . . l.l A I.
.- I
1 A"-i i"i-aITI- T!
.i:;i.--l..-r '.r ..
rv M'l.-:
t-v- .. i-xiKru:fi:: u
1 r.-r.T. :!. 'I !:-
X ii'.r... -.y.. i:iMri
r Bililrc-- M. H . I5..lll.
iKtVL'UIM.rl. ! a. I
-rANTKi-.".r:,-: sor.Krrrf i:s iv ro;:c
? . l-lstrtl i. tii- "rl.-i s f..r '!.? c. !.-t.r..i !
Miliar v-u I r. (r iri:i!ii:i.?. A N. I cuntrjct
j-;viti l r:,-li: ;i:ir: i. fall n .ir u'!.ir. s t :nr
-i'i;-.-r : : ft. Tin r.n y. iT llarri.-Ma
fcLr. t-t. I.i..:iijwri. Iowa. I
'AN'i'f li-ri I'll,- in n;n.:i,i:i'.y"J
..it:i:.i":i. v. it I'ti a:.o mi..
;.,... p :it::;- ...! in-w iii.-:uI water "
r.. Ii: .1'. i ! i- .iiiiril.iv a; ta-i nf)ir
-.. it'll,!-: l.-.-s..'i :.iil r -ia: . 1 1 .4 1 lui- t la in
ii . - intr I . - :i- '-i :. .V'i-o
.i:i' '4... J j.'bi.-iiiii r.'T.
nia.n.N. viaiirtf. j'v:c-iry. h.tnl are.
n-.a:"-l ln.'n;rT;ei:ts. hlcv-..'v clo'.L'InK. cry
p-xif.-.. f i .-nit ur. a--.a'. Ilii-'.t a-iiNli prices
'1 r.r -:.., ! i;.l..il i'oM.s ..: a:i hiiiu.i
aixivf i'i. :s lur t..t!.r al bail to., iismtl
file;-.- jit:..". A. ii I'-jMncs rar sactioriA striiriiy
cainM'Sa-rilial. Hi.- Lew mitLtier and locution.
See. mil aa-ui,a-. Dam I lurgel ll J. V.
Jones. Two r.nKN on W7.
F01. RENT.
-,'..i: i:
J la-a-u
:knt Ti'i: sT'ip.r. skats
t'lilli i.iri'i'1. I.trrii-'i I v .n'.-.iii.l n-. Iiar-
i.e-s sti.ti. i:.i.mI i.ie.iii..fi i.'i- .tii i-.iiiti .ti fm-t
III -.-. Iii-riU iJ cl I-'. V. . SailTlii:.n.
t.-a-lillt lift rl.
IIF.NT N K'.V I.otx.K
UitttM. WHAT
-il i'i!t r.i.i.1 .s.
a' il eoii-i I.-: e
O::.-. ..r ii i-.
.ts I. TlT.ei-Iv lli - I aii.lao
Ii.HM I. .an I. l.-it i'?. : Ii
ln.l: a iii.'tn I ' i i.i atlal I;
aie.-ri a.nl :..u! in' trT.eelittn
f.lieait rem:
tl.-.iru lii'al. Al'l'ly I - -H -
MiR SAUVfW l)(i' ! HfIMl?-tS T.OTS.
J n ii fe-e'., i.ear i
barKQiiu, ii, lOu.
I: 1 i. 1'. Uepot, a
T A a taie. atr-.e -'.itat th.' nt tier tl lot; pavil.-g
paid for. I1.t4.11rc al IllTtiirtl avenue.
.A- All minis at Iruit: pi ixl l.ipi.lincv". near
town. A dari-'ain forborne one il taken soon.
i:a.-racc & IMwmaa.
farm n.-ur 1011. Its of fnult. To lie
a M eheaii to settle an a-sta:a. Hajre ts liar
K-i.:ti cheap for ca--.ii. N o trade, ajordon A
1? clSiiiticli uroveriikM) snr ion do
Ilrered C. (. Ii. t.) aov pun of .Le i!. y. Loare
o-dern a. r.irrinar.Mt.1 boiino barker aop, itooa
IiIaLd, or KuuaJ.tn.en, Milan
JL? ttr s al(lit ..tn, atltl ti:isehall trrounrt.-s
lots wi.1 Lc ...'i.i ir..tu t-4 tu ufward: small
amount, dow r. tii.iaiu-e on lori tluio at i per
cent. Held; llrotv, room 4, MitclieU it L-jcde
Jt with about "V '. ,"e.-cnt m des. sulta&lo for
M!r.r lra'. tiarks or ar.y d,' cripl'.on of p.apers
l:i Hat farni to hi kept in f-t.ape f-.r wntinn'
A coiE;-rncnv.ve l.u.'x eonnea-tod. Junta
t:t,r.; Kir any t!We itu oKtra-i!. c:c, to
tun. AJJrtks If. U.. care of Tbk A mo us
I ..ST
1 i I .1,.
li.rntui In- 1
anil 1
RKi I t'-r 11:
' I- . iMi A'l.,1 -V'-f
-. e re at
,1 inacna-T t..'.iiir lui'ar.'ti a: sj-'yiin
Rireft. !.:it i-.'.f i.i! t".i.ir."iia -oil. ITivalo and
cou:itl'tit i tl U-ite;-, an-wera-d.
J1ST AX I'l-KX-FAi KH I.Aflf.-- (ail.D
i wal.'lil.l the a'liut t- of T eni v-ili.id St.
altotit tao .-i'li. nilit b il:a!.-r return to A It
ers olK.-e mid ra-ceive reaar.1.
cnl a tri.i. u iihttut pubiu'ily r rn:val He
vl?vO tLUiicn ciic"ti.ii-. - b-rtJ ai ts a specialty
lanI;itres nt l. tue for. iiirf surri;;il
nwrpttl env fh'o lur reply. ilriiU j; Co.,
Itnftok.yn. N. V.
: UM.N S'T MMll.Y. SKI.UN'i,
.ir Ui 'T.-sirv.' tl: if t r.'.iTtvi.irr.'
.u ( . 1 hi rMr:t 1 v . -t nv t-i.'t a. ne ;!.
'!- r u n;iicil A tut r..it: No el ohi:j
. i rjr ictr.il., 0!ii'.
t -J
w r.t-.T. oin:; fct unt nr.il t)u;iifv, tne-
4;:';tt!. Ali U: it f pi;irri.ur. iiv r-e.
MTir.i! 1. ii-. farijiv t r law. lu':. ft-
niuv-.L. i-citi or mtin. lost r -ili rt:-
I Le nlv vi..;o r.:;.-:k m.U;utu won; of
Corner Third Avenue Nineteenth
Fine Rath.
Rig Oynmasin m.
Rright Roaaling Kooni,
S.H-ial and (!:tme Rooms,
Evening Etlucatioual Classes,
Ci:n:aeri".il Arithnie'.'c,
I''ehanlcal L:-aw:ug,
l'.ibie Stmly.
Any elf respecting man irrespec
tive of creed or nationality may join
An Excellent C'ojubinritioii.
Tin- pleasant mtthmi and i.em. fi-.'ial
efforts the well l;;:iim renit ';.".
Svr.l'l' K Fl'.R, lnauufaaturcd 1.;.- the
Ca i.ikokma Kin Svsiif ("... :l'.i-i"-.rnt-the
vluo of a.Va:!iijij' the ii.-uid laxa
tive prinoiph -i of p!a:.ts k';ov!i to tie
im-il i -1 " ! I y l::::itiv am' i c-. 'e .iny
t'.f-.f la the fir;.i nnmt nfrv. t . .lit-ta--'-
Ji'i iiial'!'.' In tin- svii-'.i. 1
i- t!,
ti: i"
in ...
I'.i V
. ., i
. "Ill-
ly i I pr,:jjiiT I y I; fiat -l
..iin" 1 1 . i I 1 1 1 1 ; 1 H'ti
.it :i
ii1 v. I'.s lit
iC . :-l i. ...I i '
"tiin-f. ami it i.r.ir on tli k:.ii.
livi-r :mi.J l '.-. uitiiv.jt v .'.!:' n-i-ir
or irrifati;isf them, n.al.i- il th i i.-:.i
laa' iv.-.
Intiiu ni'ii.Tv-; of n;aji.if:iclr.i ',? .i.'s
cr- ii-.'J. ii-. tli".v in' j'lt-a-.;!it t
ta-t-. but tin tti.m) i.-iri:; ' fjiiaii! U'-. 1
ri"int'ly are oV.air.l from si-m .' ii-
otlier aroii.atio pian:-,. y a im ti:--i
!niovn to t!io C'.u.i.-oi!XiA Fig Hv:.it
Co. only. In oril. r to t".-t it:, I t in '.l.
I'ftVcts anil to nvoi.l imitations, y K-e
rerii.i'i'iT 1 1'.' full nam.' ol t J. Coii.var.y
jr:nti-l on tiio front of everv a lui'.
I.OTTibVII.1.3. KV. KEV VCT.K. ft. Y.
For aulc t.y all fruEiils. Price 50c. r--
A Hungry World
This Would he
If nature ha. I
with inateiial
w erhl is run on
nnt snpplia
for food,
a food has;,-.
ll us
There arc Foods
And Foods
'1 he most necessarv
alia-t ara- Il.lkad (liiml-.
here again, as before,
ail olha-rs, air as many
articles of J
And than
iftcr trying
ns we I tax e
opporl unit v t I rv.
vince.l 1 hat" Kl'L.'.L
Bahcry Goods
Arc the Best
we are con
Trv our Caka s, liread. Rolls, l'ies
or Pastry and you will be con
vinced that our Raked Coods are
as represented.
Nothing on the cheap .scale order.
Wo l:iiy Iht- best ami tina-st ma
terials ami must thi'refore be
able to turn
t ifUlds.
cut the linest l.akerv
l'ARTY sri'I'LY llol
I'lione 1 1 "li
Many things there Le
that a man doesn't
"care s. continental
about." But it is not
so with this cigar. It
must be good, and to
get it good he must
buy it at a store where
they knowgood cigars
and keep them.
There are two places
where " satisfaction "
can always be found.
In the dictionary and
The Palace Cigar Store, Bengs
ton Block.
Sam Arndt,
- $re
" '7' --r- e.T'tt- feT-?i;-TV
f -t.-T i rfit:K. 1 1
." I -lt . i'llV";. I At all Crurelita. C5c. a Ttol. Gntde to
;: V . -Jl 1 -J - L. afc ..iC. mr: r.-.'nl .v!c f..-. IV.J A'-hn.. l'hlin
Ol'R Crimp La af will make
1'-' nice round Sand- PSKJ &l f3 E2 f?
w kmmmi
ill. i. .-I Ki oliiiiriii's New Vi.il. l.v-
Mlin lln:ilri- sm-rf-s. 'Ilia' l'ri-..ii-r
of Zemin."' vi!! ! prc-j-nti-.l :il t liar
Burti-3 tliis tvpnin-x.' 'l'Uf -oiiipany
which will be seen in the play is saM
to le stronger than ever and will give
a suptrb scenic productioa. llowanl
(iould. w ho has already u.ade a -Jtrt-at
if -piitation tliroiifjhout the conniry in
the alual rolo a.f litidolpii ar.l t he kin-.
is rten-.:a?d for the part, ami ho will
In; as.-i-ti'd l.y a .-triii-' i-oiupany
.specially jelucte--. and carefully r-j-heal'.-ed
at tin- Lyceum theatre. The
sta-'- f.i: -it;e-- and tiie f. enie otitlit
will In- iainntieal with those of the
uriir.uul Xc'.v York production, at:d
the i-n-xai-nu-iit will prove to l one
of t'.e theatrical events af t lie year.
'.lack and the IVanr-talk" will 1
present a-il at t liar I'.urli-s lr'.day niiit
in :i!l the -pieudor and iiianilieena-e
that iiava- ehar.iet eri -d its encra-'e-
j meiit in iiie! I 'j .1 iji I all lilies. Kiaw
Jaml Li liiii-i-r. t!i- iiiaini'.-r- and pl o
! ! in-. i i.i' ' m k. " ifi v li M "met aiii r
Innei. ihat the perfornia m-c ti lie iva ll
at the Iturtio will In-in everv pailicii-
lar as a i.iiipl. ! :ml as -al i.-l'v in- as
a-re t Iiiki' "i V I'll III New tori., l.os-
Hid a-
-'.'. liere. TheX
I'vcrv a-lTorl t
"s" p i -1 and t !i
ii.ic. in
i m prove
tra--aiit a-a-t
ii I tt in
1 1 in ,ii i 1 1. ii in .rt will at
!an iinui:a! a! !iio-i there of lire "iitm-ss.
i . . .
as tin: -costume, scenic aud other
I equipment are all either new or new-
Iv refuiaiiishi d.
A .tt.ntaral t Suara.il ir. .
Clout- at Ilia
ia orge W. Shelalon was ye-teiday
afipointeil manager of the Hock Islam!
olhce of the l-tal Telegraph coin
pan v. sueeeeiling L. C. Clones re
signed. The rccoirnitioti tlms ae-
l -or!a
! serve
Mr. slielibm is
Coiiiiu.' here
certainly lc'
iasl slimmer
l""om Chicago. !ia; has silica' b.-cll serv.
ii'g as assistant at tin
Molilil! oflieas of tne
i Uock Island am!
compaliv. He
has time and airain aJcmon-tralcal his
faithfulness to this tru-t, and when
the messeiiger boy was not about
(b-orge was not too big to go after
iiiesages himself. lb' is the kind of
material that will inaka' a iir.st-c'.ass.
bustrii" liianat'er. lie will proceed
t Ini
lit u: t hi' luisim
of the local
to where it usa-il to lie.
Illia-u tiia ti.-1 11 . with i; s .sharp
twinge, aa lia-s and pains. l)o vou
1 kinnv 1 1 1 , 0:1 1 1 s a i Aa-",d in the blootl
!:as ac-iimulateil in your joints. The
ciiri' is tot'ml in Hood's Sar-aparilla
which neni 1 aiies this acid. Thou
s:t'i! writ. thai they have been com
pletely cnreil of riiouiiiatisiii by
iloo.r.s S.irsap:irilla.
Hood's Rills ure nausea, sick head
ache. 1 iiiousne.s, hidiga-t-tio:). I'rice
I'.j cents.
rAl.ita-liaai ;it I'avt-niort.
Jack Leonar.l is etideavoring to ar
range a contest, to be waged before
tht. Iri-City Athletic club at Daveii
pan. between ie(rge Ka-rwin ami
Young" Maiioiiey. of Chicago, and
may secure t hem for his next show to
be given the latter part of the month.
It is possible may also arrange a
match between Steve l'lannagan and
llarrv Harris.
f lU!..a'V
I will guarantee
that my Kiducy Cure
vlll euro 'JJ i'ir cent.
Of all forms of kidney
ocroplalnt ond la
ixncy liistnci-cs the
most perlous forms of
J'.riglit'a aliseasc. If
tae disease Ja cotn
IlUatcd Bond a four
ounce flat of urine.
Yt? will analyze It
end aJv!se you. fre
what ti do.
Reduced Prices
On Photographic Work
C. E. Smith's'Studio.
In order to more thoroughly
introluee our dull linish or
platino work, we have de
ciiled to reduce the price,
making it aa object to all.
Call early, examine work and
place your order. All work -guaranteed,
to be satisfac
tory, lixiug in the little
Booms opposite Harper House.
Diamond Jo and Short I.lue Packet Lock
From present indications, as l.iit-tH
reterre.l to in vest erd.iy "s Ai.i.i s.
tlu-ra- is to I to a hitter war this suni
nu r between the liianioml Jo line of
packets and the boats in the short
line trade from St. Louis to St. Paul.
Heretofore the Diamond Jo people
have permitted the short line boat- to
store and receive freight from their
freight houses at tuiney. Keokuk.
I t. Madison and Burlington, ami on
to the northward, l'-ut the little
short liners, arriving and departing
at convenient hours caeh day. run
ning over saml bars instead of stick-iu-;
on them, have taken awa from
the bi through line a large propor
tion of its business. Ami hcsialos.
instead of imia'pemlent hort line
runs, between: towns at occasional
points on the river, there is now an
oranied chain of .short liners, which
connect anal transfer at fjuiney. Keo
kuk, r.inlington. lloa-k I -land. I'avcn
port. Clint on. I )iil.u.ii'. and so mi to
tint far north with a ' oat both ways
alailvi All these things oparalelo
the alisatl vantagt' af
lina. as that a-onipanv
t ho 1 'ianiond do
has It ii :t II v conic
to real 10.
Another matter to .-.hou how tleter
mina'd the short line people are : il
taking Up tha-ira-lld of the light, I hey
have .-eciira-al .linlgo II. O. I'.rowning.
formerly ami for many years of tin
Hiamond Jo, as their agent al Rnr
lington. lie has resigned from his
former position anal will take care of
the interests of Capts. RIair ami Wis
her.!. The W. J. Young ami the Volunteer
are t he t wo boat s which Capt. Rl.wr
will have plying between Rarlir.gton
ami Rook Island, and they are both
fast steamers, well adapted for the
service into which they will enter.
The Voiuntcer will be hrst out. and
she may be e.xpecteal as soon as the
ice runs five.
It is rumored that the burning of
the Van Metre may make a change in
Capt. Rlair's plans, and thai instead
of running two boats in the Rurling-ton-Rock
Island tratle, he may pat
tha Volunteer in the Ruilingtoii-Keo-kuk
Il is said the Diamond Jo company
hr s sent forth an edict that the short
lii.es be no longer allowed to use its
wart houses. Lamont tr Son, the local
aga-iits for the Diamond do, have 10
ceica no such older, however.
l-:va'rls Comniaiitlary Him a J.aiNiiicits Hnal
Soa-ial Sei.Hion.
1 a i'rts com mamb-ry No. IS, K. T., at
a meeting hehl yesterday afternoon at
Masonic leicple, confened the red
cross degree of honor rpon Compan
ions William Wilnierton, of Preemp
tion, and J. J. Ingram, of Rock Isl
and. Supper was .-.ei vi 1! a! ii o'clock,
after which the Tempiars and their
wives and frieiuls en jo ed a program
which consisted of a piano solo by Miss
Mae Culton: piano duet. Miss Carrie
V. Hail and William Lieiierknecht, of
(ieneseo; vocal solo by Charles Lieber
kneclit, of Geneseo: cornet sulo. by
Miss Alma Holt, and whistling. Miss
Huntoou, of Moline. Visitors from
Joliet, (leneseo, Cambridge, Orion,
Aledo and I'reemption were present.
Kusliie's Ilownfall.
Wliile the wiml whistled and howl
ed about S) o'clock last night tin- fa
miliar shriek of that Rurlington en
gine was heard. It continued for
several moments, and many were un
der the impression, that a lire was
raging or that probablv another war
hail been declared. It was all duo to
an acciilent, nowever. While engine
No. 1 Il'S was being run on to the turn
table al the i. round house, she
missed the rail and toppled headfore
most, into the pit. The apparat us that
works her whistle was caught and a
calliope concert followed. The engine,
slightly damaged, was soon got tarn
back onto t lie t rack.
. Narrow 1 :!..
Thankful worls written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hart, of (iroton, S. I).: "Was taken
with a bat! cold which settled on my
lungs: cough set in and linally ter
minated in consumption. Four aloe
tors gave me up, saying I could live
but a short time. I gave invsi If up
to mv Savoir, alctormineil if I could
not stav with mv friends on earth. I
would meet my absent ones above.
My husliand was aal vised to get Dr,
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion. Loughs anal l.olals. 1 gave it a
trial, took in all eight bottles. It has
'U red 1110, ami thank (Jod I am saved
and now a well and healthv woman.
Trial bottles free at Hartz tV L'llemey-
er's druir store. Eeirular size
cents anil 1. Cuarantci-d or price
ref uuded.
l.oinf; Down Hill.
People suffering from kidnev alis
eases feel a graalual but steadv loss of
strength and vitality. They" shouhl
lose no time in trying Foley's Kidney
Cure, a guaranteed preparation.
Mv mother suffered with chronic
aliarrhoea for several months. She
was attended by two physicians who
at last prouounced her case hopeless.
She procured one 2.3-cent bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, and five doses
gave her permanent relief. 1 take
pleasure in recommending it as the
best on the market. Mrs. i. i.. Wat
son, Aiken. A!a. boM by all urng-
Dfauty la Blood Deep.
Cliari blood means a a-lenn t-kln. No
IVauty without it. Casenrti, Candy Cathar
ttc ilciiu yo:r i.lar-cd ai;d it iltan. bv
rtrrtn? up the lazy liver and driving ul im-
ur.iies irom ine uouv. Ik i;m to-ur.v to
4tr.h uiiiiijiia. loili. Llou t.-i LL.-.-i.Li
and that sickly biliouj cociplexiozi bv taking
Cascarets, beauty for ten cents. All drug-,
gists, aatisfaction guaraateed, Joe, 25c, Coe. j
Calico Sew Followed lT a Program and
Cake IV it Ik.
a 1,1 p. Rov.'il Wo: iiKors
Dewev camp. Roval Wo: hKors of
America, g-ava- a calico s..-ial and
dance at Krell A. Math'.- ha'.l la-l
night. A gooally niimLor of members
and friends were present to assist ia
sewing the oJa pieces of calico to
gether. The program included a
song by Mrs. Mae Casey, accompan
ied on the piano by Miss Josephine
Roche: recitation. 'Miss Minnie Chin
lund, of Moliue: guitar aud mandolin
smIo. Miss Elbe Luketis and Mrs. Ren
Carrington; oval solo. Char es Alex
ander. The cake walk tumors were
won by Leon Conover anil Miss Min
nie Tiodeman. Refreshments were
r Ara- Your Nert.es l't.lt;ety :'
This is not an impudent .juostioii.
Von would pay your abactor ..ll a-a'nls
or a al i!!:ir to ask vou tin' sania- thing
with a lew inre ipiestiams, and think
it all light.
Woa.sk t ho apieslioii. charge noth
ing, tha-n sell aaii a lo of Morrow's
Kid-no-oids ft.r half a dollar, ami let
yon go over "11 . There is no remoilv
on tin- inarka't which strikas the Mow
at nervousness ami backache as abies
Morrow s Kid-no-oids. Thcv are not
a nerve aluller either, but a nerve
strengtl.ener. Re ware of nerve dull-
ers. Thev contain some strong nar
cotic. which braces vou ui now and
leaves vou worse tomorrow. Kid-ni:
oitls destrov the germ that is killing
the nerves, and the nerves turn back
am! grow strong again. When vou
have pain in your head. back, liuil
a nil iioa.lv vou mav ilepoml upon it
that something is radical! v wrong
with your neiva's.
Miss Lizzie Johnston. ol-'5 Filmore
street. s:ivs: 1 nave heen in verv
baa! condition with ki.!iuy trouble: it.
was impossible for me to sleep anal I
got very little rest day r night. I
was exirema'iv nervous ami liau a .se
vere pain across the small of mv
back. Mv most alarming and annov-
ing symptom was a very excessive
and fie.jua-nt discharge of tha- secre
tions ol the kidneys, which wrrc in a
very unhealthy comlition. I aloetored
for a year or more with physicians
ami was constantlv growing worse.
I took a iiuinli'.i' of alilTerent kinds of
patent liieilioines and kidnev pills.
sinio for months withonl nogleol, but
nothing 1 could get would do ma; last
ing gooil until I got Morrow's Kid-ne-oi.ls
at a alrug store, which 1 had read
about. I took them lor a few weeks
ami the good they alid 1111 was simplv
"I think every one who is .sulTering
with kidney trouble should stop ex
perimenting with doctors and patent
medicines ami take Morrow's Kid-ne-oids.
because they will cure."'
Morrow's Kid-iie-oids an; Yellow
Tablets (not ills) and cure all kid
ney ailment, nervousness, sleepless
ness, etc. They arc put up in wooalen
boxes, which contain enough tablets
for about t wo weeks1 treat me tit. They
are for sale !ty all tirss-ela's alrug
gists, or mailed by manufacturers on
receipt of price. John M.)rrow &Co.,
Chemists, Spr'.nglield Ohio.
For sale
bv M. F. Rah tiscn, druggist.
Koek Isluuil I.otiije Olll. ers.
The following ollieers were elected
last night bv Rock Island lodge No.
IS, I. . O. F. :
Noble (JrantC. (I. Wa'.Iick.
Vice (irand J. W. Tioniann.
Recording Secretary D. F. Krell.
Permanent Secretary J. M. Trena
111:111. Treasurer Frederick Rudolph.
Trustees E. D. Sweeney, C. R.
Knox, Robert Kuschniann, George
Tronkensohiih. R. 'I. Hudson.
Knekleo's Anuria, salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum
fever sores, tetter, chapped hands
chilblains, corns ami all skin erup
tins, and positively cures piles or 11c.
pay rc-uirod. It is guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction or monev re
funded. Price cents per box. For
sale by Hartz & Ullomeyer.
(iive the Cltil.lren a Orink
Called (irain-O. It is a delicious, ap
pi'tizing, nourishing food drink to
take the place of a offee. Sold bv all
grocers ami liked by all who "hare
used it liecause when properly pre
pared it tastes like the linest "coiTee,
but it is free from all its injurious
properties. lirain-O aids digestion
am! strengthens the nerves. It Is not
a stimulant, but a health builder, and
children, as well as adults, can drink
it with great benelit. Costs about
one-foul th as much as coffee. 10 anal
'.Lb cents.
A3 the season vt the va-ar when
pneumonia, lagrippe, sori throat
coughs, colds, catarrh, bronchitis ami
lung troubles are to be guarded
against, nothing '-is a fine substitute"1
will "answer the purpose." or is
"just as good" as One Minute Cough
Cure. That is the oue infallible
remealy for all lung, throat or bron
chial troubles. Insist vigorously
upon having it if "somcthin r else" is
offered vou. ter sale bv T. II.
Thomas, A. J. Reiss and M. F. Rahn-
sen, druggists.
Pneumonia is the quick agent of
death. Fully one-third of recent
deaths have leen from pneumonia fol
low ing !a grippe. Pneumonia cannot
follow the use of 1-oiev a Hoiicv ami
Ta Ctmra Constipation ForeTanv
Take Cascarets Cacdv Cathartic. 10o or 55e
If U. C. C loal bo care, drvntif rtf -ino Sioasj
Bears tba
i Ifie Kind Yra Haw A:3ts Emrtl
f . . . .GROCERIES. .
tfp Nice Pure Lard, two pounals for 15c, or four pounds for
12) Plsuty of fresh Country Rutter, per pound loc and
Oj Choice Jersey Cranlerries, two ijuarts for loc,
Nice Large California l'runos. two poumls for.
Slrictlv Fresh E;
rgs warranted,
and fresh, ten
Rolled O.Us nice
. . . .OTHER GOODS. ...
We have a good stock of shoes, overshoes,
rubbers, dr goods, notions, tinware or
house furnishing goods to sell cheap, and will
give a nice stepladder free to every customer
buying Si.oo or more worth this week.
-fi8-1513 and 1515 Second Avenue.
i - ,-3
if.'.' ..
Men of Taste
Are always attired in tailor made clothes. In
Rock Island Ximmer & Co. are at the head of
the procession for this line, of work.
rellects the choicest offerings of the eastern and
foreign markets. The workmanship is a feature
that no other establishment in this vicinity can
surpass and few equal. Come and see the line.
-zmiMER ol CO.
Fashionable Tailors.
John iliollaiid,
Careful investor.! are invited to examine the merits of our new form of
bonds. They run live years and ba-ar i per cent interest. The Iwinds have
coupon-. 1 to pay interest, and 10 to pay principal. The interest and 10
per cent of the principal are payable semi-annually. You receive 10 per cent
of the principal eva-rv six months, lut continue to draw per cent interest
on the ORIGINAL SUM b.r tha: full term of the bonal, thus enabling the
investor io get an increased rale of interest, on the investment. The bondi
are as absolutely secure as it is possible to make a security. Highest
efcrenccs from investors given. For full particulars address j
ADLERT WELDON, room l- Mitchell & Lynde Ridgor
SO.5-9 No. 21S LaSalle Street Chicago, 111.
20S-1-J Keith-Perry Ruihling Kansas City, Mo
611-1:$ Century Ruihling St. Iuis, Mo.
842-3 Ranigau Ruihling Providence, It. I.
Give the Baby an Airing
- - .V:r :A t: f
m h a . -i
I ro,a,M .araA.
A few notes regarding fall gocxl-j that ran be found by looking
at this ad. Her are some prices we qnote: Fall novelties
in suits the prices range from $18, $20, $22, $25 and up. The
prices in the fall trousers range from $, $5 50, $6, $6.50 and
upward. Come ia and see our fine line.
GUS ENGLIN, 1803 Sateond Alt
Cash Store.
or four,
pou ml
per tlo.en . .
pounds for..
High Class
Ladles9 Tailoring
Now is the time to
select your spring
tailor made suit at
Treffer Co., Ladies' Tailors,
Phone 762.
Davenport, Iowa.
We have a complete line of impor cd En
glish Worsted. English anal Scotch Che
viots, Meltons, Plain and Striped Vene
tians, Scotch Homespus, Tweed,
RroadiJloths, West of England Rox Coat
ings, Habit Cloth anal Coif (ioods, all of
w hich are exclusive styles. Call anal see
styles and examine our work.
6 Per Cent
In one of atur convenient and
handsome go-carts or baby car
riages, and make it healthy and
cheocv. We have a full line of
baby carriages anil go-carts in all
the latest models and standard
makes, in a great variety of
shapes, upholstering, etc.
PflPnCQ 1802 Second
UUnUtO, Avenue.

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