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Pabllshed Dally and Weekly t 1S4 Second
Avenue. Rock I.-l&nd, Iil. Entered at Uie I
fuoMflice aa Second-class matter.1
decided to provide for
would not be surprising.
his return
TERMS Dally, 10 cent per week. Weekly,
13.00 per annum; In advance II .60.
All communications of political or argumen
tative enaracter, political or religious, must
bave real name attacned for publication. No
neb article wU) be printed over fictitious sig
Correspondence solicited from every town
ship In Rock island county.
While contemplating with prMe
gratitude ana satisfaction the accoin
plishments of the tri-city citizens
including Commandant .Blunt to
whose timely and unfailing endeavor
liock island arsenal has attained the
advantages that have been added to
its importance and utility, we should
not forget the inUuence of the tri-citv
newspaper man, II. F. Tillinghast
whoe work, "Hock Island Arsenal in
I'eae and in War,' really started the
ball to rollinir.
Sati kijav. Mak'.h 11.
Democratic- Caaruiffi and Convention.
The dt-niocratic voters of itae citv f Rook
I-ianl are ue'.K-d to meet at their respec
live wards Tuesday evenini'. March 1 1, at
) cliM-k p. rn.. to non-lxi-iie one carnlidate in
e icli ward for alderman, and to l-'.K'H three
tiH-mbersof the city committee, and to rhoont
clelenates l Itie ei'.y-iowtisbii convention
Tue eaueuse-i will le held in ti.e respective
vards as follows:
J-"i:nt Ward Nold's coal office.
Secocd Ward Slodd s bail.
Third Ward l.;H Third uvcuue.
Fourth Ward Fr;ek ,v Ka s livery stable
Fifth Ward Hose ho'ise on Twentv-seconU
Sixth Ward ifilO Fifth avenue.
Sevei.th Wanl Old No. 7 sehooi ho:.e.
The tas;s of representation wiil be or.e dele
ifate to each ji votes or major fraction tnere-
of ca--t for the demoeratit: national tieket In
I -.;. Eaeb ward Is entitled to de!e;':iti
Votes. Oelesr.ites.
I -i
Secretakv Ai.i;f.k has submitted
the plan for the reorganization of the
army under the law to the president
lor n is approval, liie proportion
regulars under the plan as now draw
up is: Infantry, 34. 4;0 men: cavalry
l-J,-ii): artillery. 11.U: engineers
r2: signal corps, 720; hospital corps
2,600: ordnance, GO.; commissary ser.
geants, loo: post quartermaster ser
geants, 50: Indian scouts. 75: recruit
ing parties, 50o. The president doe
not expect to enlist the J.,00 men of
the provisional army unless an emer
gency arises to require it.
First ward
S;eoiid ward
Third vt ard
Fourth ward
Fifth ward
Sixth wan!
Seventh w ard
; Delegates elected in their
will ;temrilc at Turner hall Thursday evenltid
March l. at H o eloek. to nominate eandidate
ior mayor, city cle. k. eitv attorney, city trea.-.
i. nr. two assistant supervisors, assessor and
collector, and select a ebairiuau of the city
lo-.tsh:p committee. W. . Mtn kcii.
Cli airmail C.'cmmittee.
I :
I "l
'I i:i srs have l-en announced in the
dispatched this week whose combined
capital amounts to over a billion dol
lars- and the end is not in sight.
'I'iik attempt to bribe Attorney Gen-
cral Moiiett. of Ohio, to let up on the
Standard il company, is now agi
tating certain circles in New York
It is announced in some of the Chi
cairo papers tuis moruinir that the
charges of Gen. Miles that embalmed
beef was sold to the government fr
consumption bv the soldiers during
the war has been disproved, and that
on the strength of the tour of inves
tigation made by the inquiry board
among Chicago's big establishments
yesterday, a report to that effect has
already been written. While general
will le tue satisfaction of the peopl
only of Chicago Out of the entire
west over the vindication that
promised the Chicago enterprises, vet
the fact remains, nevertheless, that
id u Iterated beef was furnished the
soldiers, and all the greater will be
dangers that surround the country
nereaiicr n me perpetrators or the
outrage go undiscovered and unpub
lisncil. Jstit without the least intent
to relied on any concerned, the que-
tion may not unnaturally present it
self did the inquiry board expect anv
f the Chicago packing houses to fur
nish an exhibition in the presence of
the army loaid of the process of em
balming meat for general consumi:
'I'iif. armor plate manufacturers re
fuse to furnish plates to the Ameri
can government at as low price as
1 hey sold them to Kussia. This is a
forcible example of the workings of
protection and the gratitude of t he
This weather dues not cut much ice.
but who cares? The American people
have been strictly m it in that line any
way you look at it during the p:tst
year, and the administration to the
contrary notwithstanding know
when they haveenoiigh of a good thinj:
fur the time l-ing.
Si. r. the beginning of the Spanish
war .'i'17 olliccrs and men have lcen
killed in action, and about U.07
wounded. Ucsides this about -1.-100
have died of disease contracted in the
service, making the total number of
deaths from all causes 1.7i7 ollicer
and men. I p to the present tunc
s.'.mm) applications for pensions have
been liled.
ItPfil'n Sarcaittle Keply.
(Ien. I. It. Sherwood, of Cleveland,
expressed surprise the other day at
the bitter attack (ien. Shafter inade
on Speaker Kced in a recent speech at
ios Angeles, cai.. ana Knowing it is
contrary to regulations and sullicient
to call for a court martial of the olli
ccr making the attack on the presi
dent or any inciulier of the govern
ment. Gen. Sherwood inclosed the
clipping and sent it to Speaker Reed,
and inquired what was the animus be
hind it. In answer to his note (ten
Sherwood received the following brief
Speaker's Koom, House of Repre
sentatives, Washington, I). C-, March
1. ls'Jit. I. li. Sherwood, Ksq.. Edi
tor of the American Sportsman, Cleve
land, Ohio Iear Sir: I have vour
letter of the tilth ult., with the in
closure, for which I am very much
obliged. I suppose (Jen. Shafter was
looking for a furlough on full pay.
Very truly. T. U. Keep."
Va;hs are being raised,"' .shrieks
a republican organ. Yes, and factor
ies are being shut down bv the trusts
throwing thousands of men out of
employment. The alleged raise in
wages, when properly realized, is
simply a reduction in pay. The
trusts are endeavoring to pave the
wav for four years more of Hanua.
l'EKHAfs by the time the national
campaign comes around if the Amer
ican jN-oplu have begun to manifest
their displeasure with the conduct of
the administration of the islands which
have come under the llag through a
misconception of righteousness
Marcus Aurelius will consent to free
dom for the Cubans. 15-it he has no
such intention at the present ' writ
i:ig. '
Iiik American people are becoming
so thoroughly in earnest in their
righteous concern a t Admiral
liwey and their demands that he le
not only permitted but instructed to
romp home Ix'fore his health is seri-nii-Iv
impaired, that the administra
tion is beginning to realize that it
may before long le obliged to act in
the premises. While it -sends out
the apparently sincere information
through sources of its own that
lovey will positively not le relieved
nut';! he asks it. "the early an
nouncement that after all it has been
The Review of Reviews thus de
scriles Aguinaldo: "In his features
face stmt skull Aguinaldo looks more
like a European than a Malay. He is
what would ie called a handsome
man, and might be campared with
many young men in the province of
Andalusia. Spain. If there l: truth
in phrenology, he is a man above the
common. The zone of the skull,
which indicates mentality, is well de
veloped for a European abnormally
large for a Malay. The moral zone is
of medium development ami the ani
mal or cerebellar zone is comparative
ly small, with the jxceptitiu of the
reach over the ears, indicating de-
structiveness and cruelty. The phre
nologist would le borne out bv the
consensus ot those who know him.
Friends and enemies agree that he is
intelligent, ambitious. far-sighted,
brave, self-controlled, honest, moral.
vindictive, and at times cruel. He
possesses the quality which friends
cail wisdom and enemies call craft.
According to those who like him. he
is courteous, ponshcu. luoughtliil and
dignified: according to those who dis
like him. he is insincere, pretentious.
vain, and arrogant. Roth admit him
to lie genial and capable in the admin
istration of a!Ia:rs. If the opinion of
his foes be accepted, he is one of the
greatest Malays on the pages of his
tory. If tne opinion of his friends !e
taken as the criterion, he is one of the
great men of history, irrcitHiclive of
race. "
of U Globe for
- , a,r i;,e trlnirrnt
iiira bj cm.neat ptynciAni
ntv r'Tinlne w.-ri Trade Mark A iwhor '
IK. AO. KirhlrrJlfo.. li I'rarlsU. rw ari
13 Branch Booms. Own Glasrworkt.
if Men, Laiiurnd Tci tiii.im mltsl I-J
Marshall & Kikber. I'-J Ci:d uve
T H. 1 honias. ifzv itid ve-
.Jobn lu-nifsion. it.w v.
Kuct l si ana. li
"ANCHOR fT1.n-CUAI. bt for
Crie. 1 ytvT-A itMn-lt f - t'tv.
In the spring the humat. body needs
assistance to throw oil the stagnation
produced by winter diet. As the tem
perature rises under the growing heat
of the sun's rays, wc feel tired, half
sick and low in spirits, because the
blood is sluggish anil full of impuri
ties. Dr. J. II. McLean s Strength
ening Cordial and Blood Furitier is a
reliable spring remedy to invigorate
the blood and give tone to the diges
tion. Price 5u cents nd $1 a lottle.
For sale' by M. F. Bthnsen and T.
I H. Thomas.
No matter how long you have had
the cough; if it hasn't already devel
oped into consumption Dr. ood 3
Norway I'ine Svrun will cure it. For
sale bv Marshall & Fisher.
The Wonderful Results Obtained in the
of Supt. Davidson.
Now, what is the grip".'
Can it be avoided or prevented-.'
And can it be cured?
Crip is characterized bv a continued
fever, bv a tendency to inflammation of
the membranes of the digestive and
often the respiratory tracts, by pain
in the muscles, and by debility.
The "Tip m individual cases vanes
from a slight iudisposition to severe
forms with grave symptoms these
variations depending wholly upon the
health, age, temperament or nervous
condition of the person. Those pre
disposed to rheumatism sutler great
pain in the muscles; persons oi ner
vous temperament Income low spirit
ed, often have hysteria, and, if not
closely watched, have been known to
commit suicide. Several cases of this
scrt have been reported this month
in the newspapers. Headache is a
constant symptom. I he bowels are
enerallv constipated. Whatever
form the disease takes there is invari
ably extreme prostration. The dan
ger to persons in prevous healthful
condition is slight.
It has been absolutely proven that
there is one certain preventive of ser
ious cases of grip; and that there is
one certain preventive or serious
cases of grip: and that there is one
emedv for persons sintering witu it.
or beginning to be convalescent from
its attack.
The unexampled public demand for
I'aine's celery compound during the
last two months and the pro
prietors of this remedy have never
known so great a call for it has been
due to its use by thousands of people
for whom it has been prescribed by
intelligent physicians, to restore the
patient's vitality, to purify tiie blood
of the enervating poison, to l-estore
the nervous system to healthy action
and to rtrengthen the vital organs.
A person will continue to sutler
from the evil elTects of grip for many
months unless he attacks the disease
by getting rid us the unnatural, un
healthy poisons in the system, sup-,
plying" the body with new blood,
arousing the healthful action of the
kidneys, liver and digestive organs,
and nourishing and upbuilding the
over-exerted and debilitated ner
vous system. All this and just this
l-l'aiiie'd celery compound will do. In
the multitude of cases wnere it has
been used it has never failed.
A ease well known in Chicago is
Frank K. Davidson, who is one of the
most brilliant and best known engi
neers in the world, had just finished
the plans, for the great intercepting
sewer system of Chicago, which is to
divert the entire sewerage of the citv
from Lake Michigan through the
famous Chicago drainage canal and
down the Mississippi. Supt. Davidson
hail worked for months on this scheme.
He was well nigh exhausted and took
to his bed with an attack or the grip.
After a while the disease not having
left him, he was advised to tryl'uine's
celery compound. He was soon back
at his oflice in the department of pub-
lie works, a well man, and forthwith
wrote a letter to the proprietors of
the remedy, in which he says:
I had been told bv friends of the
wonderful results obtained by them
from the use ot l aine s celery com
pound. After niv severe attack of
the grip I determined to try it.
have already found that my friends'
report were not at all exaggerated, and I
wish to join most cheerfully with
them in recommending the remedy to
Hundreds of grateful letters hare
been written to the proprietors of
Paine's celery compound since the ap
pearance of grip this year, telling of
the perfect recoveries it has effected.
The letters come from men and worn
cn of many conditions. Jrew persons
are so poor they cannot afford to have
this great remedy constantly in the
house, and none arc so prosperous
that for their health s sake they can
afford to be without it. When so many
men ami women whose words carry
the utmost weight in the communi
ties in which they live and testify as
they do to the great benefit they
have received from Paine's celery
compound, there can be no hesitancy in
trying it. A single trial is the test
which is confidently invited.
t heap Kate to the North went.
March 7 and 21 the Chicago, Rock
sland & Pacific will sell one way as
well as round tx'tp tickets to points in
North and South Dakota, Montana.
Idaho. Oregon. Washington and Rrit-
ish Columbia at very low rates. If
vou are thinking of locating in the
northwest or wish to go out there and
see the country and return here, now
is vour opportunity. For rates and
my other information call on F. H.
Plummcr, ticket agent.
As the season of the year when
pneumonia, lagrippe, sore tnroai.
coughs, coldi, caiariu. oroncuius aim
lun" troubles are to be guarded
gainst, nothing '-isa tine suoalilute
will answer the purpose. or is
just as good"' as One Minute Cough
Cure. That is the one infallible
remedy for all lung, throat or bron
chial troubles. Insist vigorously
upon having it if something else"' is
offered you. Fer sale by T. II.
Thomas.'A. J. Reiss and M. F. Rahn-
sen, druggists.
o'i?- cr, rlUQI
Ik ok
In all l!3 t.rr t::cro
ph'KiM be clpaanne-s.
F.!v3 Crca-n Ralm
the dti-i-asci meaitiruna.
It cures tatnrr'.i t-c:l drives
away a co.d iu the licatl
( rram Raltn Is j-'-accl into the nostrils, spreads
over the tue'iilir-uic a::d is ai3frlcd. Relief is im
mediate and a cure folicws. It is not dryins does
not produce sncc-tin-j. I.re Si.ce, SO cents at Drug
jista or by mail ; Trial Siie, 10 cents by maiL
. ELY CaOTUEIta, 00 Warren Street, New York.
"T. i T. Coffee' is roasted and put
up by the famous Thompson & Taylor
Spice Co.. Chicago. It's clean and
pure, tuat s the point.
Ruilds up the system, puts pure.
rich blood in the veins; makes men
and women strong and healthy Rur-
dock Blood Bitters. At any drug
store. For sale by Marshall & Fisher.
The buoyant effect of Orangeine"
relieves exhaustion and checks disease.
Ao-lo-Bac for "Fifty Ceotc
Guaranteed tobacco babit cure, makes e M
men strons, tuco-t pure. U All uri
Hoeliold Cement
Mends Everything.
The only Cement that is not effected
by heat or moisture.
Otto flrotjan. 1601 Second Ave.
A J. Riess. Fourth Ave.
J. M. Keim. 7th Ave. and :ith St
Otto Rudert. 5th Ave. and Kim St
F.mil Koehler.
John Volk &
Contractors and
Builders : : :
Sash, Doors, Blinds and Mouldings;
Veneered and Hard Wood Foor
ing of All Kinds.
Single and Double Strength Window
Glass, Polished Plate, Beveled
Plate and Art Glass.
ill to 3JC Ei(-ht-ritii
Rock Island.
Klilo Halm Thrnnrrh Fpnnnmipal MpfhnrlQM
fMj IIUIO IlllUUgll LbUIIUIillUUi Iiiuuiuuuk4
and successful efforts beeu able to go forward never allowing
ouiselves to lag neither in quality nor price. The result is that tj
2 each succeeding day has placed us in a better shape to sell the Q
, j. . .i i" . : . . - : 1 .1 Thai 1 i 1 ovi 1 n-itrnnnirn
l lie St goons at mo ion est uiie mssiuic.
ft we are receiving tells the story why we can sell.
No. 1 shore mackerel, per
pound 121c
Apple butter and -jelly, 3
pounds 9c
Buttermilk soap, 3 bars in
box 7c
Honev drip svrup, per gal
lon". . SOe
Sorghum, per gallon Soc
Splendid baking powder,
per pound 20c
Sliced pineapple, per can. . . 10c
Grated pineapple, 3-pound
can 10c
2 cans of yellow table
peaches 25c
2 pounds of anchovis 15
1 sack Pillsbury Hour 1.10
Finest French soaps, 3 bars
in box 23o
18 lb9 granulated sugar. . . f 1.00
1 saek Pride of Owatonna
Hour 1.15
1 sack White Star Hour 1. 10
4J lbs SantosPeal-erry coffee 1.00
Good rice and raisins, per lb 5o
Seeded raisins, per package 10c
Yeast foam, per package.. Se
Rising Sun stove polish. . . (c
Knaiuiline stove polish .... 7c
Ro. large size, In'St shoe
polish Set
Peas per can, 5: 7 J and. . . . 10c
Golden Rio coffee, per lb. .. 15c
CASH GROCERS, 329 Twentieth St. 'Phone 1090. M
Drink at the Fountain oi Health
Our Klectrlc Machine for
the treatment r Nervous
Diseases, KheuiuatLsu
and X-Kay work.
and he made well
Dr. Walsh
The nvst successful
ami the mHtscicuUlic
blieei.il.. si in
Dlt. J. K. WALSH,
Late of Chicago, former
ly ur'eiii-iu-c'li!t-f of ist.
Anthony's iiospu-tl.
His reputation for years in Davenport. where he hascured hundreilsof chronic eivsea Riven us
as hopeless by others, proves conclusively thai his seientlllc methods of treatment, cure when
others fail.
CATARRH, Dyspepsia, Asthma. Rheumatism, Scrofula, Syphilis, Blood,
Kidnev, Liver and Skin Diseases can be quickly and permanently cured by our advance
system of medicine.
WOMEN suffering from Diseases of the Womb, Ovaries, Bladder, Kidneys,
Nervous Kxhaustlon. Palpitation of the Heart. Dyspepsia, or any disease peculiar to ser
should cull on the preai Specialist and irei an opinion on their ease free of charge.
ELECTRICITY Scientifically applied: Nervous Debility, Piles, Exhaustiv
Drains. Nit'ht Losses, Defective Memory. Threatened Insantv. Loss of Will Power, Ment
Delusions, -sleeplessness. Lost Mac-hood, Weakness of Men. etc.
VARICOCELE is the most active cause of Nervous Debility. Why treat
months with others when we guarantee you a permanent cure In seven days by our painless
methods. Hydrocele cured in three days no pain.
Remember it Pays to Consult the Best First.
erous acknowledgments e have received from the newspapers for our remarkable cures
In both medical and surcical cases U proof conclusive bat our advanced methods cure
where ail others fail. Therefore. do not waste time with others, but coomiiII us at once and
regain your lost health. There is a stare in every disease that can be cured. Have
you passed that staler If not. do not experiment aiiyl onuer. hut consult us at onco. b"ur
thermore, we ofier 41.000 to any one provinu our credentials false. Wo ruu'-e it an object
to Investit-ate ours. No other specialist oflers such a fair proposition. ONLY MTltAHLIS
CAt-jtlS T-nlvEN. Best of reference and credentials If vou cannot call, write. Uua
dreda cured by mad. Hours U to 1J; 2 to 5; 7 to 8. Sundays, 11:30 to 1:30.
1 Bright Days
Brings Bargains.
We are now busy getting in our spring
stock. 1 here are many snap bargains In
our stock upou which prices have been IfJ
placed that will merit your attention. The 3
receipt of new goods nuke the old ones
move and we have put prices on them that Q
will make them go lively. jt
Come quickly and you will do your
pocket book a favor. $f
Bennett's Spring and
Summer Sports.
Golf Goods, Whitely Exercisers,
Raseball Goods, Tennis Goods,
Indian Clubs, Uoxinj; Gloves,
Dumb Iiells. Athletic Shoes,
Leather I'.elts.
' Goods
S to
0 order.
Bennett's Glove and Fur Store
Bennett's Kid Gfoves
Are the Best Made
Ladies' Kid Gloves. Ladies' Ri
eycle Gloves, Ladies' Fencing
G'loves, Ladies' Driving Gloves.
Gents' Kid (Moves of all kinds.
C Over
2 500 styles
ii always
5 on 3
Is hand.
A few notes regarding fall gooIa that can 1x3 found by looking
thta A A ufA mva cnniR rrirfK wr fitift: Ka.ll nnv-!ltiM
CW MM' 9 Of.m iVi W 4 I ' 1
in -suits the prices ran'u from tlH, $25 and up.
prices in the fall trousers ranire from $5, $0 0, $6, $6.60
upward. Come in and see our fine line.
GUS ENGUN. 1803 Second

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