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Tba Weather Vf Hay Have.
Fair tonight and Wednesday; con
tinued warm.
Today' temper:ure fei
J. II. Shbbieb, Observer.
Decorate tomorrow.
Ivanhoe special bicycle.
Buy a home of Reidy Bros.
For insurance, E. J. Barns. .
' For real estate, E. J. Barns. '
Iranhoe, special $25 at Hjnes'.
Bobber tired rigrs at Mauckers'.
Fattee bicycles $ 15.75 at Uvncs'.
List jour property with Reidy Bros.
Ask for Haesing's soda and mineral
Dance at Huber s garden every
. Juesday.
iirnes sells bicycles at the same
price to all.
Plenty of fresh country batter and
eggs at Beechers.
Call for the old reliable Carse &
Ohlweiler pop.
Men's 35 cent balbriggan underwear
lo cents. M. & K.
Young & McCombs' for flags, bunt
ing and festooning.
Telephone Huesinsfor A. B. C, the
king of all bottled beer.
Hull & Co. for real estate and in
surance. Head their ad.
Order Huesine's soda and mineral
waters. Telephone 1338.
Men's ventilated cushion shoes for
tender feet at Dolly Bros'.
Last week of the bisr July clearing
sale at Young & McCombs'.
Enjoy the cool breeze on G. J.
Deiupsey's lawn this evening.
Ke member the umbrella and para
sol sale at xoung & ilcCombs'.
Iileuer's band will give a concert in
Market square tomorrow night.
Crash hats and caps, the 50, 75
cent and (1 quality 25 cents. M. &K.
At Walker's, 1,500 pieces of sheet
music, the 10-ccnt kind, take them at
3 cents.
Festooning and paper decorations for
Modern Woodmen day at McNevin &
Attend the big July clearing sale.
Everything at cut prices at Young &
McCo nibs'.
A few hundred dollars' worth of
Eictures at Walker's. Take them at
alf price.
If you want anything in the C. C.
Taylor stock Walker will sell it to you
way down.
Festooning and paper decorations
for Modern Woodmen day at McNev
in & Gansert's.
The Emanon Dancing club gave an
other of its pleasant parties at the
tower last night.
Carse & Ohlweiler's ginger ale. Best
on earth. Drink it and be healthy.
It's good for you.
Tomatoes onlv 12 cents a basket
and blackberries two boxes for 15
cents at Beecher's.
Horses boarded by the month with
the lest of care at reasonable prices
at Mauckers' livery.
The only place to buy your decora
tions for the Woodmen picnic is at
Young & McCombs'.
One of R. C. Benson's delivery wag
ons, loaded with hay, broke down on
Second avenue today.
The internal revenue collections
made by Deputy L. K. Eihl last week
amounted to $4,111.04.
Mauckers have just bought tire
new rubber tired rigs for use in tneir
luery. Give them a call.
You will stand in your own light if
you do not investigate our $3.50 suit
sale, Simon Jc Mosenielder.
Anton Uinswaan has legun suit in
the circuit court for divarce, charging
his wife, Anna, with desertion.
Men's crash suits that formerly sold
at $3.50. $3.98 and $5, reduced to
$1.95. M. & K. July clearing sale.
Women's $3 black vesting top, heel
shoes for $2 a pair, at the clearing
sale of Rock Island factory shoes.
R. G. Summers has a few Alaska re
frigerators which he will sell at away
down prices. J22 -twentieth street.
Look at their east window. Collars
and cufTs of pure linen, 4 plv, all
styles, all shapes, all sizes. M. & K.
Another batch of those Fatee Crest
bicycles sold Monday. Call at Spen
cer's and get one before they are all
If you want to look your lest to
morrow get inside one of our $8.50
special sale suits. Simon & Mosen
felder. These suits are not $8 50 suits, but
suits worth from $10 to $13.50. First
come first choice. Simon & Mosen
felder. There are some big bargains in the
C. C. Taylor stock. Many things at
half price. Walker is going to sell
that stock.
Bessie Dellinger, a county jail pris
oner, was today removed to the Mo-
( IN )
line city hospital, being in a very del
icate condition.
- Until Aug. 1 we will sell suits worth
from $10 to $13.50 for $8.50. You
are invited to inspect the same. Si-
mon & Mosenfelder.
Attend the K. I. S- rnooqligbt ex
cursion Wednesday, July 26. - Stras-
fer's orchestra. ' Dancing and re
freshments on board.
At the clearing sale of Rock Island
factory shoes you get men so.5U ana
$4 shoes, tan or OlacK. ior fs.ou.
The special sale of those $8.50 men's
suits, former price irom f iu io ia.ju,
will last until Aug. 1 only. None
after this date. Simon & Mosenfelder.
The First Baptist church Sunday
school will give a Jawn social at J. lr.
Dem pscy 's resid ence, corner ofTwelfth
street and fourth avenue, this even
Let us put our keen edge on youi
lawn mower. Work called for. 119
Eighteenth street. Rock Island Elec
tric Construction company. 1 hone
At the clearing sale of Rock Island
factory shoes $2.50 buys any pair in
the store, men's or women's. Lots
of cheaper ones, too. Hurst, 'He Cuts
the Price.
Not necessary to go to the M. W. A
picnic looking shabby when vou can
buy a $13.50 suit for $8.50. Simon &
Special home seekers' excursion to
Kansas and .Nebraska Tuesday, Aug.
1, over the C. B. & Q. ior full par
ticulars call on Hull & (Jo., room 21,
Mitchell & Lynde building.
Don't forget us on house wiring
and bell work. Fans. All kinds of
electrical repair work done. Phone
4572. 119 Eighteenth street. Rock
Island Electric Construction company.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Vogel wish to
express their gratitude to neighbors
and friends for assistance and sym
pathy during the illness and death of
their daughter, Elizabeth; also for the
many beautiful floral tributes.
There will be 150 head of choice
horses sold to the best bidder at
F. W. Downs' sale at Davenport
Thursday of this week, July 27.
The sale will commence at 10 o'clock
a. m. with a line dinner at noon.
Kewanee's independent baseball
team and the M. & K. team, of this
city, will strive for supremacy at the
J. weirth street park tomorrow after
noon. (Jus Morgan, a Western asso
ciation pitcher, is scheduled to do the
twirling Ior the Kewanee boys, while
Avery will do the box work for the
M. & K. team. The game will be called
at A o clock.
Spencer did sell Patee Crest bicy
cles at f 3a, $25 and now $22, and be
will sell to anyone desiring them the
Peoria Rubber Company's Atlanta
wheel at $13. This is the wheel that
others are advertising under the
name of i'attee at $1.75. It is a
cheap jobbing wheel, and is sold un
der any name, and in this particular
case is intended to mislead people
who are not familiar with the Patee
Crest, the only Patee wheel made in
99. Remember they are $22. e
sell what we advertise and nothing
Second Annual of the Tcntb District
Woodmen Association.
Tomorrow occurs the second annu
al log rolling of the Tenth Congres
sional District Woodmen Picnic asso
ciation at Black Hawk's Watch tower.
Favored with pleasant weather it is
expected there will be several thous
and visitors in the city. Prepara
tions have been made for the proper
entertainment of all who mav come
The work of decorating the line of
march was begun today under the dl
rection of F. G. Young, chairman of
the decoration committee. The decor
ation committee asks the cooperation
of citizens generally in making as neat
a display as possible. The parade will
form promptly at 10:30 at the Wood
men building. The exercises at the
Watch tower will begin at 1:30 p. m..
and will consist of a foresters' prize
drill, various sports, a bicycle road
race, and addresses by u. 11. AlcKown,
president of the picnic association.
Mayor William McConochie, Head
Consul W. A. Northcutt, Head Cierk
C. W. Hawes, Hon. J. G. Johnson,
State's Attorney C. J. Searle and M.
J. McEniry.
The line of march will be as follows:
Leave head ofliccjtt 10:30 sharp. East
on Third avenue to Sixteenth street.
South on Sixteenth street to Fourth
avenue. East ou Fourth avenue to
Twentieth street. North on Twenti
eth 6treet to Second avenue. West
on Second avenue to Twelfth street.
Countermarch on Second avenue be
tween Twelfth and Nineteenth streets.
South on Twelfth street to Third ave
nue. East on Third avenue to Sev
enteenth street. South on Seventeenth
street to Seventh avenue, where cars
will be taken for the Watch Tower.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will be received at
the head office. Modern Woodmen of
America. Rock Island, 111., until Aug.
16, 1899, and said bids will be opened
on said date at 3 o'clock p. m.. for
the finishing and completion of the
third and fourth floors of said head
office building. Plana are on file at
the office of Messrs. Drack & Kerns,
architects. Rock Island, IU. .
Each bid is to be accompanied by a
certified check for 2 per cent of the
amount named in said proposal. The
owners reserve the right to reject any
and all bids.
Dated Rock Island, 111.. July 21.
1899. Dback & Kerns,
The Largest Assort'
meat and Lowest Prices
la the City at
1615, 1617, Second Avenue.
r '!!! i
mhmm. m$si23mM .MmwJk
Bought These Gloves at Bennett's Glove and Fur Store.
Tbe premium payers of the state are main
taining a fund by popular subscription from
whleh Is offered s
Reward of $200
By the undersigned association for tbe arrest
and conviction of any incendiary in any of ice
associated towns.
Rook Island, IU
A few notes regarding fall goods that can be found by looking
at this ad. Here are some prices we quote: Novelties
in suits the prices range from $18, $20, f 22, $25 and up. The
prices in the fall trousers range from $5, $5 50, $6, $6.50 and
upward. Come in and see our fine line.
GUS ENGLINt 1 BOS Second Ave
Before You Select
Your vegetables, and
fruits for your Sunday
dinner, don't forget to
read our. list for this
New Peas. Wax Beans,
New Potatoes, 'omatoes.
Cucumbers, Parsley,
Cabbage Radishes,
Summer Squash, Bermuda Onions,
Celery. Head and Leaf
Lettuce. Ureen Uuans,
Kg if Plant,
Raspberries. Currants.
Blueberries, Mu.ib Melons.
Naval Oranges, lilood Oranges,
Plums. Apricots,
Cnerrles, Peaches,
LUatoai Gooseberries,
California Cherries,
Water Melons on ice.
Dressed Chickens.
Spring Chickens dreased to order.
IiUpben ion.
Slaughter Sale Extra
Low Prices on All
Water Coolers.
$1.25 for 3-gallon lilizzard cooler.
$1.75 for4-g:illon 151'izzard cooler.
$1.97 for 5-gallon Blizzard cooler.
Hammocks, Hammocks.
Closing them out at greatly re
duced prices.
69c for hammocks witn piuow ana
97c for any $1.25 hammock in store.
$1.75 for a $2.50 woven hammock.
with pillow and stretcher.
Hut mock ropes, stretchers and books.
Croquet sets, closing them out at cost until
all are sold.
&-(rallon galvanized oil or pasollne cans 4c.
2-burner oil stoves, brass burner, tbe good
W ire pais stretcher, per pair, 25c
10-ouurt tin pails 10c.
Lunch boxes, libre. 10c. 15c and -J0c.
Folding paper rack, glass front, with nice
picture only 3yc.
nest mucuatre, per dovuc. jc
Ice tonirs only 10c.
Fruit lars. pints 3c. Quarts 40. 3-auarts 5c.
the best, machine made.
Jelly glares, with tin lids, I He.
Sewing machines, needles, belts, oils, etc.
Twentieth Street.
We keep a complete
line of RAILROAD
WATCHES in all
grades, also agents for
the celebrated
We do all kinds of fine
watch repairing and ad
justing.. Give us a
J. Ramser,
Manufacturing ..
Southwest watch in
spector for C. M. & St.
P. R. R-
Fhcne 4093.
l It s-Sswailiii
A Collar and
Cuff Event.
fruit ' il
For the largest display of Mens Linen Collars and Cuffs
ever shown in Rock Island. More than one man
changed his notions as to what linen collars and cuffs
should cost him. M. & K. furnishing counters supply-Four-Ply
genuine linen collars and cuffs on the follow
ing terms:
Collars 15c Each, 2 for 25c.
Cuffs 25c a Pair.
We have all the latest and best shapes in collars at $1.50
per doz. made for us by one of the best factories in the
world, and. we paid them 10c a dozen more for them
than the standard price. We do so in order to get a
better collar for our customers than any other house sells
for that price, and it is better in linen and finish and will
feel better and wear better. See the new shapes.; . -
Our Men's Tan Shoes, Willow Calf, Box Calf,
Kid, $3, $3.50 and $4 Grades in Good
year Welts $2.48.
t- yT- T'H-v. i . m i Mm.ywrrxj it TWtrn- zzryf " - nayr- c-r i.-erx iwBtqarwnfprjj aT 7
1729 Second Avenue, Reck Island.
115 and 117 W. Second St Davenport.
1 1
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