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like it
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the dealer will return your money if be knovs
you bought it of him.
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Oar dalntT wk of nrnnn "Snroe 0nnan Rnrpe-n." tn nn
H 8. Caole,
John CrfebancB,
H. HuU,
F- W. Uarfll,
John Volk.
P. Grentvkti
ftU MlMlCll, . ,
L Streon.
Bouejor ckon and Ham.
Baccalaureate Sermons to Augus
tan a and High School
Points Out the Path That Brings
Success andllappiness
Commencement. This li commencement week at
Augustana College and Theological
seminary. It is the 4 1st commence
ment of that institution, which this
year is sending out the largest classes
in its history. The lycenm entertain
ment Saturday evening marked the
beginning of a busy week for the fac
ulty and students. Last night the
baccalaureate sermon to the classes
of the collegiate, theological and nor
mal departments, who are to ba grad
uated this week, was preached al the
college chapel by Prof. C. J. Soder
gren, of the faculty. It was a mas
terful discourse and was listened to
attentively throughout its delivery
by the large audience. The speaker
chore for his text IIeb:12:l. To do
without God," said Mr. Soder
gren, "is the crime of the ceutur
res, and man is the criminal. Our
rebellious 'no' to God's fatherly and
benevolent 'yes1 has the blasphemy of
a free will, creating sin and plunging
us into that death which is separation
from the living God, and its unutter
able iuin, darkness and woe.
But God, the unsullied God. kindled a
light in the darknes3. Its. beams
glimmered amid a chosen race as a
lamp shin'mg in a dark place until
the day dawn.1 In the fulness of the
times a day pprung from on h gh
hath visited us to shine upon them
that 6it in darkness and the shadow
of death to guide our feet into the
way cf peace.' "
A Race for Life.
'A Race for Life' shall be the
theme Dt our sermon tonight." con
tinued Mr. Sodergren, "suggested by
the passage chosen as text for this
occasion, and this we propose to treat
under the following divisions: First,
the exhortation; second, the condi
tions; third, the incentive, and fourth,
the goal of the race. The exhortatlou
comes from God. lie wishes to gain
oar love, and love will not be coerced.
Nothing can become the eternal pos
session cf a soul except by conscious
and voluntary choice. Another coa
lition cf success is endurance. We
are not sprinting. A short-winded
sprint is not enough. We are engaged
in a century run. Impediments of
all kinds will re encountered. Hell
nizh impossible barriers will be
thrown across your paths.
Instead cf life becoming impov
erished and barren it is being tilted
with the riches of eternity. Gd
never takes anything away without
giving something inhnitely better in
its stead. The cider leaves of winter
only give place to the new leaves of
spring, and the sunset in our conti
nent is the sunrise in another.
We have a strong incentive to per
severance and endurance in 'being
compassed about with so great a
cloud of witnesses.' -
f UtttiQ th Jol.
"The goal is heaven, not as a dis
tant place, but as a high condition
and state of mind, soul and body.
Onr race is not locomotion, but
sanc'ification. To be Christ-like is
heaven, and when conformed to His
image we shall be where He is. Pur
ity of heart, perfected love and ex
alted wisdom, these are the joys of
heaven, and not the streets of gold
or the jasper sea. though the sur
rounding will correspond to our state
of heart. The reward is not for what
we have done or become, but for
what Christ has become and done f jr
us and in us. Bath are the vicarious
work of Christ. The merit and glory
are Hie, and still 'He holdeth our
crown in His bands.1"
Pi of. Sodergren in turn addressed
each claes personally, congratulating
them upon the completion or their
college work and giving them some
wholesome aavice as 10 ineir iuiure.
The remainder of the commence.
ment calendar follows: Monday
7:30 p. m.t conservatory recital; 6 p.
m., senior c'ass day exercises, rues-
jay 9 a. m., defense of thesis for
V. M ; o p. m., peminsry commence
ment. Wednesday 10 a. m., collrge
commencement; 3 p. m , annnal mcet
ng of alumni association; 8 p m..
commensement encert.
tFiiKs to niua DCUOOL class.
Baeealaaraat Sermon Prrmcbed Wj ICav.
, W. S. Marquis.
Rev. W. S. Marquis, of the Broad
way Presbyterian church, delivered
the baccalaureate sermon before the
eraduating class of the high school
last evening. He took for bis text !
Saul's words. "Lord, what wilt thou
have me do?" and upon it preached
He said: "Saul of Tarus facid a
new feature when he asked that ques
tion. It was a momentous hour for
him and for the world. It is ever a
momentous hour when a human soul
determines what it will do. Deeds
are the fruit cf education, of nature,
of all the influences and purposes of j
the soul; therefore they will reveal
and Ox the character' and destiny.)
this class oi ui Dai caosen ur us
motto 'Spectemur Agendo" (let us'
be seen by onr deeds), it is a loyal
motto, and though coined by tome
old Rowan it is one singular! appro
priate for this day and age. It is an
ago of activity. Every door is open
and voices are" calling. The youth of
the lind feel the energy of Anglo
Saxon blood stirred by the tonlo of
opportunities unparalleled.
The Important Question.
"The important question for you at
this juncture is 'ijoru, wnat win rnou
have me do?' Surely this is a ques
tion which should be referred to the
higher power of guldauce Do noth
ing until you are ready to do the right
thing. Panl was made to wait and
learn in silence for years.
"There is no surer way of finding
one's place than in the doing of the
next thing, the proving oi one s worth
and ability in tho service that (rod en
trusts with you. Do what is asked of
you if it is honorable to do it.
"Start in life with the golden rulo
as a working motto. Do not let
selti-jhncss make you a slave. He who
thinks only of self and gathers only
for self, destroys that very self for
which he strives.
"Use what has been entrusted unto
you. The state has spent money for
you in giving you an education They
have given you knowledge, training,
increao of pleasure, ideals; use them."
Frank P. Bauer, of Alcdo,
dayed la the city.
K II. Buck and family have re
turned from a visit to Peoria.
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Taylor, of Chi
cago, were at the Harper yesterday.
Rev. and Mrs. H. Smith arrived
from Galesburg this morning for a
visit at the home of Rev. C. A. Men
nicke. Mr. and Mrs. John V. Dauber and
family and Miss Anna Z2itz, of Peo
ria, spent Sunday at the home of Val
entine Dauber.
F. W. Means went to Rockford to
day, having been summoned by the
serious illness of his mother, who is
sojourning there.
Capt. W. II Pierce, of Gilchrist,
was a visitor in town today. He goes
from here to Chicago, thence to the
exposition at Buffalo.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bral. the lat
ter formerly Miss Dolly Cool, are here
from McCook. NeK, Visittns' at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Bailey.
A S. White, of New York, ami W.
B Brinton. nf La Sille, are in the
city interviewing manufacturers of
Rock Island and Moline in relation to
the proposed plow trnst.
Mrs. M. W. Davis and daughter.
Mrs. J. D. Greene, of Beardstown. have
been visiting at the home of Thomas
Campbell. Today Mrs. Davis left for
Buffalo, N. Y., and Mrs. Greene re
turned home.
Petition For Saloon IJoense
To the Honorable, the Mayor and
City Council cf the City of Rock Is
land: We, the undersigned, owners
of property on Seventh avenue and on
the south and north Bide thereof, and
of 300 feet eat and west of the north
east corner of said Seventh avenue and
Third street, in the city of Rock Is
land, hereby petition your honorable
body to issue a dram shop license to
Carl Storr, to be conducted on the
premises known as the northeast cor
ner of Seventh avenue and Third
street. Caul Stokr, 120 feet.
Emu. Gernay. 116 feet.
J amr Dokkklk. 1 23.J feet.
Xavier VtxiF.L. 40 feet.
J. H. LiDiEKs. 116 feet.
M. I. Mokkis. 116 feet.
Notice to Contractor.
Bids wanted on new opera house:
Stone work.
Carpenter work.
Galvanized iron and tin work. .
Composition roof.
Steam heating. ''
Iron work.
Plans can be seen at Ament's store
or on the grounds.
11. H. Button.
Notice to Water Containers.
Notice is hereby given that the or
dinance fixing the hours of upi inkling.
which permits sprinkling from u to o
a m. and from 6 to 8 p. m will be en
forced strictly. I be water of con.
sumers who sprinkle before or after
these periods fixed will be shut off
without further notice
P. T. Bancroft.
Superintendent of Waterworks.
Orand Trunk Kallway Hystern.
The "Picturesque Pt.n-American
Ronte to Buffalo" will mail, on re
ceipt cf two cents in stamps, sent to
i'n city passenger and ticket agent,
249 Clark street, Chicago, the hand
somest descriptive folder of the Pan
American exposition yet issued.
Biliousness is a condition charac
terized by a disturbance of the di
gestive organs. The stomach is de
bilitated, the liver torpid, the bowels
constipated. There is a loathing cf
food, pains in the bowels, dirzines.
coated tongue and vomiting, first of
the undigested or partly digested
f jod and then of bite. Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets allay the
disturbances of the stomach and cre
ate a healthy appetite. They also tone
up the liver to a healthy action and
regulate the bowels. Try them and
you are certain to be much pleased
with the result. For sale by all drug
gists.. Try the new remedy for costlve
ncss," ChamDerlalns's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. Every box guaranteed.
Price '25 cents. For sale by all drug
gists. Roosters often crow over eggs they
did not lay. Same with peopte who
eell an imitation Rocky Mountain
Tea, made famous by the Madison
Medicine company's advertising. 35
cents. T. II. Thomas' pharmacy.
John Wich, Well Known Citizen,
Succumbs to Attack of
Heart Failure.
Frank Henrichsen Passes Away
Other Obituary .Mat
John Wicb, a wrll known resident.
died very suddenly at his home. 2725
Sixth avenue, at 7:15 last evening.
He was president of St. John's branch
No. 8 of the Western Catholic Union
and a member of St. Anthony's so
ciety of St. Mary'a church, and as
such had participated during the day
in the corner stone ceremonies at
Sacred Heart church. When he came
home in tho evening he was in very
good spirits and after eating supper
he lay down on the sofa. A few mo
mcnts later he rolled' to the floor.
Members of the family raised him
and summoned a physician, who pro
nouueed it a case of heart failure.
The patient grew better for a time,
but within half an hour a second at
tack came on and he succumbed.
Deceased was born in Germany.
May 31, 8''J, and had been a resident
cf the city for the past 20 years. For
a long period ho wa shipping clerk
for the Rock Island Lumber company,
and last January he embarked in the
grocery business, opening a store at
ZUb ruth avenue, ut the immediate
family the wife and 10 children, Frank,
John, Andrew. Annie. Henry, Her
man, Josie, Marguerite, Leo and
Charles survive. The mother and a
brother are living in Germany.
The fueral will be held at 9 o'clock
Wednesday from St. Mary's church.
Frank Henrichsen.
Frank L Henrichsen, for a genera
tion a resident of Kock Island, died
Saturday afternoon at his home, 2820
Sixth avenne. of pneumonia following
paralysis. He was born in Germany
Feb 3, 1834. coming to America in
1856. After two years' residence in
Davenport he settled in this ci y and
for over thirty years his family has
occupied the heme where they now n -side.
Deceased followed the trade of
bricklaying, lla was married twice,
his second wife, who survives him,
having been Miss leocadie Kreuger,
to whom he was married in this city
June 4. 1874. He is survived by nine
children: Mrs. uilliam Langhmnchs.
Mrs. I. N. Holsapple and the Misses
Minnie, Hattie and F.IIm, of this citv;
Mrs. Ernest Kortumn and Albert, of
lows; Henry, of Indiana; Mrs. Wil
liam Weisaenbuehler, of Winona,
Minn., and Herman, of San Antonio,
Texas. The funeral will be held at
1n0 o'clock tomorrow from the home.
John Locr.
John Long died at 4:15 Sunday
morning at the home of his mother,
Mrs. Mary Long. 2936 Thirteenth
avenue, of typhoid fever, after an ill
ness of two weeks. His death was a
shock to his friends, many of whom
did not even know that he had been
ill. Mr. Long was one of the best
known employes of the Rock Island
Plow company, with which he had
been connected for 30 years, being a
molder by trade. He was born in
this city Oct. 28, 1856. His wife died
eight years ago. He is survived by
three children, George C Charles and
Grace; his mother, three brothers,
George, Thomas and William, and
two sisters. Miss Mary and Mrs.
Agnes Herman, all of Rock Island.
The funeral will be held from the
home at 4 p. m. tomorrow, Rev. W.
S. Marquis, of the Broadway Presby
terian church, to conduct the services.
Campt 29. M. W. A., and Iron Mold
ers' union 230 will attend in a body,
Mr. Long having been a member of
both organizations at the time of his
death. The Woodmen will have
charge of the service at the grave in
Sirs. Bowlby'a Fnncral.
The remains of Mrs. Lncretia P.
Bow)by were laid at rest at Chippian
nock cemetery yesterday afternoon.
Services were held at the late home,
1827J Second avenue, at 4 o'clock, the
ceremonies being in charge of Rev.
W. S. Marquis, assisted by a quartet
composed of Miss Je-sle Bgue, Miss
Edith Quayle, Carl G. Taylor and
John Hazard. A wealth of floral
tributes attested the affectionate re
gard in which the departed was held
by a large circle. The pallbearers
wereG. E Bailey, David Dn, W. II.
Marshall. E. B. McKown, R. Cramp
ton and II. D. Folsom.
Those from abroad iu attendance at
the funeral were S. L. Bowlby, La
Crosse; Mrs. E. T. Bowlby, Chicago;
Mrs. Libbie Oaks, Muscatine; Mrs.
Addie B. Shays, Clarksfield. Ohio;
Mrs. Newt Miller, Shiloh, Ohio; H.
H. Sid well. Viola; Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Livingston, Peoria; Mrs. Libbie
Forbes. Marshalltown, Iowa. Mrs.
Shays is seriously ill of heart trouble
at the home of her brother, D. Roy
core. la 1) led soe's Funeral.
The funeral of Georgia Bledsoe was
held this morning at 10 o'clock from
the First Methodist church, the pas
tor, Rev. C. O. McCuIloch, ofliciating.
A quartet composed or rror. Phil
brook, Will Collins and the Misses
Carpenter and Lldders sang two
hymns, wmcn were seiectea oy
Georgia herself. The junior league,
of which she was a member, fang the
hymn "No. Not One," which was a
favorite with her. The floral offer
ings were many and beautiful. The
pallbearers were S. J. Fergu
son, . E. II." Johnson. 11. M. 11c
Caskrln, 11. K. Walker, J. S. Free
man and Dr. J. T. Taj lor. A large
companV of friends attended the ser
vices. Her class from Lincoln school
attended in a body with Mies Puilp,
the teacher; also her Sunday school
class with Miss Ida Bowen, teacher,
and the junior leagne with Mrs. Pin
kerton and Miss Taylor, leaders.
' Kobert K. Scott.
Robert Ewell, the 8-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Scott, died at
8:30 last evening at the home, 2012
Ninth avenue May 1 he was opera,
ted on for appendicitis. Yesterday a
second attempt was made to reach the
source of the trouble, but the patient
was too weak to rally. Deceased was
a student at Lincoln school, where he
was a general favorite among his
classmates. The loss is a severe blow
George F. Scfimale, Prop.
Different and Desirable.
The furnitnre manufacturers are al
ways striving to produce something
different, and we are always anxious
to show the most unique shapes and
the most perfectly finished pieces.
Here are sonic bi?h!v polished natural
wood odds and ends which will prove
a pleasure in your nome ana don't
cost much, either.
John Spilger.
1702 and 1704 Third Ave.
The Wrong Mr. Wright
Will not be found but instead the right one .
if you go to WRIGHT'S SHOE STORE
FOR SHOES. Odds and ends on our
bargain counter are trade winners. Come
and see them, ladies, Misses and chil
dren. Wright's Shoe Store,
1702 Second Avenue.
Who Are Cured
Ought to Know
And they all praise
Natural Healing
Home testimony should convince
you. Kead what one of Dr. Home s
patients has to say about his treat
ment. She had tried 25 doctors, but was
not even benefited by one of them un
til she gave Dr. Home a trial, who
has completely cured her:
I had been in very poor health for
more than fifteen years, suffering
with severe headache and pain be
tween my shoulders, and also the
troubles that are so common to my
sex. 1 suffered with my head at
times for more than a week, and was
always in poor health and not able to
attend to my household duties. Dur
ing this time 1 have doctored with
more than twenty-five doctors, who
did not even help me. I was per
suaded to call and see Dr. J. Alvin
Home, of the Illinois Infirmary of
Natural Healing, who told i me he
could cure me in two or three months.
But I am happy to say that he has en
tirely cured me in one month's treat
ment. I feel better than I have for
the past fifteen years. I wish every
woman who is suffering from any dis-
We are now prepared to show our customers all the lat
est designs in W all Paper, all New Stock. Give us a
419 Seventeenth street. Telephone 4753.
to the parents, who have the sympa
thy of. the community in their be
reavement. Vf. S. Cameron. "
W. S. Cameron, the former well
known halter and pioneer business
man of Davenporc, died at his home
in that city last night.
May 25 John O. Johnson to Swan
G. Nelson, lot 15, Hitchcock place,
Moline, f $25.
William J. Bleuer to Nannie So
wash, tract by metes and boands, t,
nw. 6. 17, lw.fl.285.
Take Rocky Mountain Tea. See it
exterminate poison. Feel it revitalize
your blood ani nerves and bring back
that happy, joyous foaling of boy
hood days. 3.0 cants. T. H. Thomas'
This season offers irrcsistable at
traction in all lines of Footwear,
especially at f 2 50. The price
is the converse of the quality;
the latter high, the former low.
Some one has said that well
kept shoes are a sign of refine
ment. Our shoes, good to start
with, easily and long kep
their shape and indicate elegance
The Modern.
1705 Second Avenue.
ease peculiar to her sex would consult
Dr. J. Alvin Home and get well and
strong as I now sm "
Carbon Cliff, 111.
People Are Oalnlnc InteUlgence
Regarding treatment of diseases, and
thousands argue in favor of "Natural
Healing." The positive assurance
that in the treatment of your trouble
by Natural Healing there can be no
injury come to your system is greatly
in our favor. AH the chances of re
coverv with none of loss are yours.
My patients are grateful for the res
toration of their health.
Call and receive one week's treat
ment free.
Dr. J. Alvin Home.
Rooms 49 to 55. Mitchell & Lynde
building. Rock Island.
Hours: 9 to 12; 2 to 4; 7 to 8;
Sundays, 9 to 11.
Take elevator to iounn noor.
f mk

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