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We Need the Money 5 5
5 You Need Groceries
For the next 80 days we will
retail at Wholesale Prices.
Peaches 25c
Peaches 20c
Peaches 15c
Apricots 25c
Apricots 20c
Apricots 15c
Bartlett Pears 25c
Uartlett Pears 20c 18c
Bartlett Pears 15c 10c
Kg;? Plums 25c 22c
Efrtf Plums 20c 18c
Kgg Plums 15c 10c
White Cherries 25c 23c
liaked Beans 12Jc 9c
Tomatoes 12 J c 11c
Corn 10c 7c
M&J Coffee 25c 19c
Japan Tea 60c 43c
12 boxes Matches 10c
1 ft Corn Starch 5c
Patent Flour OHc
1 gal bour pickles 25c
1 gal tour kraut 25c
326 Twentieth street. Telephone 1321.
The Thankful
will lind you in the correct
mood if you are well furnish
ed with the attractive things
we can show you for JIKII'S
WEAK. We are making some
special reductions -that may
interest you. Call on us for
your needs.
Toggery Shop.
1714 Second Avenue.
For your sweetheart, wife or
children is very appropriate
have them in all sizes and
prices. Nothing but the best
and purest will be handled for
your benefit as well as ours.
We are not in the butcher t
business, but still we have a
nice line of
Roasted Turkies, Geese
and Ducks
stuffed with our delicious
Candies. Come and get one.
Let us have your Ice Cream
order for your Thanksgiv
ing Dinner.
Frank J. Math.
ffhe Old Eeliable Tarty Supply House,
1718 and 1718 Second avenue.
Contractors and
Also Manufacturers of
Bash", Doors, Blinds and Mouldings;
Veneered and Hard Wood Floor-
lag of All Kinds.
Dealers in
Eiogle and Doable Strength Window
Class, Polished Plate, Beveled
Plate and Art Glass.
G2i -w-v
'Brother Officers" or "Quo
Vadis" Offered by Mr.
Number of Subscriptions That Have
Not Yet Been Met-Pay-ment
There was a larg-elv ntendtd meet
ing of the general thentre commit
tee At the Itork Island Club yester
day nrternonn to confer with Pro
moter George H. Johnston in refer
ence to the formal jeninR' of the II
linois. C. T. Kiiult, of C'hamberlin,
Kindt & Co., lessee! of the new
house, was also present. They
seemed confident the theatre could
x in readiness 10 davs hence, al-
thfuTh it was likely there would be
a hitch in the matter of the radia-
tirs. I!ut both Mr. Johnston and
Mnj. . T. Channon, of Channon.
Perry fe ('.. who have the steam
heating contract, -were of the belief
that this obstacle could be overcome
by temporary ruuiation.
Two Offered.
Two plays were submitted to the
committee, as appropriate for the
first perormaiice Howard Gotdd in
"Hroth-jr Officers" and "Quo Vadis
which could be secured on Dec. 1
and Dec. 14, respectively. The
"Prther Officers" engagement was
Vt once considered out of the ues
lion, as it was in conflict with a
number of other entertainments on
the same date, chief of which. Til a
public way. was the Tri-City Press
club lecture.
uuo vadis apieareu to be re
garded as an acceptable attraction
but some objection was offered to
Saturday night. So all things con
sidered it was deemed prudent not
to attempt to open the house prema
turely, it being realized that tern
porary radiators would subject the
management to criticism if not prop
erly decorated, and Mr. Johnston
for his own part, said he would not
use them unless they were painted
All this would involve expense the
committee would like to spare Mr.
WuU Sabacrlptlona First.
lSesides, Mr. Johnston objects to
opening the house until the sub
scriptions arc all met. In this course
he can hardlv ! blamed. The list
of those delinquents who do not
seem disposed to pay, while consid
erably diminished since the last
meeting of the committee, wus uguiu
read by Mr. Johnston's assistant, and
some of the excuses that were of
fered for failure to meet the pledges
were both surprising and amusing.
The committee feels that the sub
scriptions that remain unpaid should
be promptly i.iet, not only for the
honor of those making them, but for
the reputation of the city and the
good faitli f the general committee.
Of course this does not apply to
those it is knowu will meet their
pledges when they are presented to
them. It merely refers to those
who are delaj-ing the whole enter
prise by failing tc fulfill their obli
llve Bird Contest Proposed by C. It.
Stephens is Aban
doned. r ailure to secure the required
number of entries before the time
iuiit expired, the proposed live bird
dioot contest which was to have
been held at Watson's Park. Burn
Ide, under the direction of C. K
Stephens, of Moline, has caused the
event to be called off. The fixture
was to have been held Mondav. Dec
me time limit lor the Jilty en
tries, which number was agreed up
on to participate in the shoot, ex
pired Nov. 23 with-only forty-six at
The shoot was to have been held
nder Grand American Handicap
rules and thousands of dollars in
ash and merchandise bung up for
prizes. The forty-six entries re
ceived by Stephens came from var
ious parts of the country, and it was
expected that the contest would be
the biggest of its kind held about
Chicago in a long time
Mr. Stephens had innumerable
promises from shooters to partici
pate in the contest, but could not
reach them. He announces he prob-
bly will arrange for the fixture to
e held some time in the spring.
A Woman's Awful Peril.
There is only one chance to save
your life and that is through an oper-
tion" were the startlinir words heard
by Mrs. I. B. Hunt of Lime Kldge,
Wis., from her doctor after he bad
vainlv tried to cure her of a frlchtful
case of stomach trouble and yellow
f.t.twl-o. flail lm. fcnd frvrmil
nsl aim 4sn4flnlf crrjftur u'nrs, Tnn I
"v J - I
he besran to use Electric Bitters
v,'. r..r..i hoi- a nr,.,.
j I
erful stomach, liver and HdnfT
remedy. Cures dyspepsia, loss of ap
petite. Try It. Only CO cts. Guar-
nteed. For 6ale by liartz & Ulle-
Kindles anew the fires of voutb.
It's the head of the works. The main
i n i? f t..
made by Madison Medicine company.
35c, T. IL Thomas, druggist. I
Ijdle Showing- VUltora Through Bulldinc
Todar. .
Secretary M. O. Fuller and assist
ants worked till late last night in
putting the Hawthorn Y. M. C. A
building in shape for the forma
opening ioiay ana this evening.
Kverj thing is now in readiness for
the beginning of the actual service
for which the institution is intended
the place being thrown open to rail
road men from today. The first
meal was served at noon todav. The
building was thrown Open for inspec
tion this morning, a party of ladies
being on hand to receive and show
the visitors about. Many took ad
vantage of the opportunity thus ex
tended. This evening supper will be
served at the usual hour and at
o clock there will be a reception for
railroad men followed by a program
of addresses by prominent railroad
officials and Y. M. C. A. men who will
be in atendance.
At the regular meeting of the Tri
City Hricklavers and Stone Masons
International I nion Xo. 1 a repre
sentative was appointed to attend
the international convention to be
held at Pittsburg on Jan. 11. O. L..
McVey was electee! to that osition.
and was instructed to offer the tri
cities as a localtion for the next con
vention. The following officers were
elected to serve during the ensuing
President A. 11. Williams.
Vice President George House.
Financial Secretary Kd Kniese. '
Recording Secretary D. W. Hath
Treasurer Ernst Wooten.
Deputy Henry Garstang.
IIow to Properly Feed the Body.
Physicians nowadays realize how
necessary it is that the food contain
the right elements that the body re
quires to rebuild itself, and replace
the loss that occurs each day from
activity and energy.
If one lifts an arm, that means the
expenditure of a small amount of
energy, and the burning up, so to
speak, of certain deposits from the
food. This means a certain loss,
and this loss must be made up each
day from food. If the food does not
contain1 the things required, nature
hoists a flag of distress; aches, ails,
sickness of some sort sets in, mean-
in"' that there is somcthinir lackinz
in the food.
The reason physicians so jjeneral-
ly advise the use of Grite-Xuts
Breakfast Food is that thev know
from what it is made and what it
coin 1. 1 ns. j lie medical journals in
various parts of the world have giv
en the analysis. 1 he famous "Iaih
don Lancet" went so far as to make
a very careful analysis uv its own
chemist. Its remarks are worth re
The preparatory process undoubt
edly converts the food constituents
into a much more digestible condi
tion than In the raw cereals. This is
evident from the remarkable solu
bility of the preparation. Xo less
than one half of it being soluble in
water. The soluble portion contains
chieflv dextrin and no starch. Ac
cording to our analysis the follow
ing i. the proportion:
Moisture 6.02 per cent.
Mineral matter .. 2.0t
Fat 1.60 "
Proteids 13.00
Soluble Carbohy-
dartcs 4'J.40 "
Unaltered carbohy
drates 23.07 "
The features worthy of note In
this analysis are the excellent pro-
lortion of proteids and mineral mat
ter. and soluble carbohydrate.
lhe mineral matter is run inos
phoric acid. Our analysis shows that
it is a nutritive of high order, since
it contains the constituents of a
complete food in the right propor
tions, and in an easily assimilable
Xotice the carbohydrate total is
about 73 per cent. These produce
energy and warmth. The phosphor
ic acid in the mineral matter comes,
as do all of the other ingredients,
from the field grain, not tine particle
being introduced as a drug.
Physicians know that the soft mat
ter in the brain and nerve centers
throughout the body ar made from
the elements of albumen acted upon
by phosphate of potash. Albumen
is a very common article in almost
every food, but phosphate of potasji
does not exist in all foods, nor is it
found in easily digestible form al
ways. However, in Grape-Xuts these
elements exist, and are presented to
the body in an easilj- digestible form.
and explain the reason why users
feel the new spring of life, the bruin
and nerve power increase, after they
have been using Grape-Xuts for a
time. There is a reason for it. The
doctors know it, therefore they pre
scribe Grape-Xuts.
Couh.od Cold. l Children-Beoommeo
(IIIIMOI nu ii-vBum
. , ti m i
anLI w,","t"r"' "
cou:rh remedy ior almost an uu-u
. t...-i , ...ttt. .it-
". "K""
resujf. I preserile It to children of
all ages. Am glad to recommend it
to alfln need and seeking relief from
colds and coughs and bronchial af
flictions. It is non-narcotic and safe
" nanus vi in. uopro.e.-
sionsl. A universal panacea for all
mankind. Mrs. Mary K. Melendy, M.
Ph. P- CM"Br. , TW remedy
Novel Piece of Mechanism
Connection With Henne
pin Canal.
To Begin Construction Next Sum
mer Descrip
tion. A big surprise will be caused by
the announcemtnt that the Hennepin
canal dam across Kock river at Ster
ling is to be a movable clam, largely
of a mechanical nature, instead of a
solid wall of masonry, as it has been
pictured for the past few years in the
public imagination. It will resemble
an immense steel trussed bridge
about forty feet high rather than a
dam. the latter feature being- only
pari or me structure mat will spun
the river.
Lnrge movable dams at any kind
are not common, but those heretoiore
built, including one or more bridge
dams in use in France and the mov
able dam formerly used to close the
canal of the Sault St. Marie, are of
altogether different details from the
one that will attract the attention of
the engineering world to Sterling as
long as it continues to be a novelty
The war department at Washing
ton has approved the plans for the
dam, with the exception of only a few
minor details, and has returned the
plans to Capt. L. L. Wheeler, the de
signer of the work, who expects to
begin building the masonry parts by
the middle of next summer. It will
be several years, however, before the
steel work, which will be let to some
bridge company, will be put up. Capt.
Wheeler states that it will probably
be four or five years before the canal
s entirely finished, and as the dam
will not be needed until then, it will
not be put up until the end of canal
work is much nearer thnn it is at
present. The big lake formed by the
lam is therefore not to be spread
out over the lowlands east of town
for some time, and when it is made,
he dam will be removed each year
at the close of the season of naviga-
ion and the water will recede to the
natural channel of . the river for
wo months or longer during each
Gate to Hold Hack Water.
The water will be held back by a
erics of gates let down upon a solid
ill on the river bed. The gates will
raise the water seven feet six inches
bove the sill, the total depth being
en it-et on tiie upstream sine or me
dam. At the ordinary stage the wat
er on the site of the dam is not over
two feet deep, so there will be a raise
of elht feet above the present sur
face of the river, allowing for six in
ches of water to run ovt r the gates.
The dam is to cross the river
squarely, which will give it a direc
tion slightly toward the northeast.
touching the Sterling shore between
Ilroa'dway and Eleventh avenue and
the Kock Falls shore just below the
entrance of the canal feeder. The
estimated cost of the structure is
$SS.013.2S. There will be two abut
nients and seven piers of concrete.
the iers 150 feet apart from center
to center, making the total structure
1350 feet between the banks. The
piers will be eight feet thick and
twenly-seven feet wide. They will
have a cutwater incline on the up
stream side.
Upon the piers a Pratt truss steel
bridge will be erected. The trusses
will have vertical end posts, instead
of sloping end posts such as are on
the-free bridge. These vertical posts
will be used to help lift and lower
the gates. It should be stated that
the bridge will not be u thoroughfare
of any kind and will not be open to
the public or used by uny railroad.
It will be merely a necessary adjunct
to the dain to alltiw the operation of
the mechanical parts and to. brace
the structure for the strain caused
by holding back the immense body of
water in the lake.
To Kveape Damage,
Strong I beams will be fastened to
the bridge and to the sill of the dam,
and these metal beams will hold the
gates in place. An ingenious safety
hook invented by Capt. Wheeler will
fasten the beams to the bridge by
means ot wnicn any ueam miy uc
leased and swung down stream or
cast loose entirely in case an ice jam
or floating logs and debris threaten
to damage the structure.
The gates and their arrangement
will be the peculiar feature of the
dam. The eight spans of the bridge
will be divided Into thirty-seven gate
spaces to each span, each space to be
closed by four gates, making 1181
gates in all. The four gutes will be
placed one above the other, bottom
gate three feet high, second gate
three feet high, third gate one foot
and top gate six inches, making seven
feet six inches. The two foot sin at
the bottom and six inches of water
Mowing over the top gates will raise
the surface of the water ten ieei
above the bed of the river.
A. J. Snell wanted to attend a party
but was afraid to do so on account of
pains in his stomach, which he fear
ed would grow worse. He says, "I
was telling my troubles to a lady
friend, who. said: 'Chamberlain s
cone, cholera and diarrhoea remedy
will put you in condition for the par
ty. I bought a bottle and take pleas
ure In stating that two doses cured
me and enabled me to have a good
time at the party." Mr. Snell is a
resident pf Summer Hill, N. Y. This
remedy la for lo by all druggists.
Fear That JefTerson II as ton Committed
Jefferson Huston, a harnessmaker
at Hock Island arsenal, left his bench
Monday morning complaining of
feeling bad. He went to Davenport
and left his dinner pail in Wither
spoon's saloon. Third and Itock Is
land, at 2 p. in. of that day. Since
that time he has not been seen, and
it is feared he may have committed
RQLilwoLy News
James J. Hill will retire from the
presidency of the Great Xortherri
Railroad company, which he has
dominated for many years. He will
he succeeded in the position by his
son. James X. Hill.
lius move has been forced upon
Mr. Hill by reason of the fact that
his many official ixisitious demand
that he spend the greater part of his
time m .New lork city. He will take
a house there antl live there, though
probably he will maintain his legal
esidence in St. Paul.
- lew years ago .Mr. Hill was a
one-company man. but lately he has
become director of the Erie, the
Xorthern Pacific and the. Burlington
road, the Chase National bank and
the Manhattan Trust company, and
finally director and president of the
Xorthern Securities company. To
continue his duties as president of
the Great Xorthern railroad would
require his presence in St. Paul oft-
ener than he can afford to be there.
F. II. Hill has been appointed
cashier at the Milwaukee freight of
fice to succeed E. C. Merrill, who
has been promoted to agent. The
new cashier was formerly bill clerk
at the office of the D., K. I. & X. W.
n this city and upon the practical
abolition of the company's freight
business here was given a similar
position in Moline.
Hereafter station waiting-rooms
on the Burlington, system are to pre
sent a more cleanly appearance.
eneral passenger orders have been
sent out by the passenger depart
ment of this roatl to all agents di
recting them to remove from walls
f waiting-rooms all orders, instruct
ions and advertising matter of
very description.
In place of the matter to be thrown
ut a framed set of rules and regula-
ions relating to tickets and check-
ng or baggage win be uispiayeu.
Ihis will be the only thing in future
hat will adorn the walls of Burling-
on station waiting-rooms.
Saved III Life.
T feel I owe mv life-to Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure," writes II. C. Chrestcn-
son. Bayfield, Minn. "l-or three
years I-had dyspepsia so bad that 1
could hold nothing on my stomach.
Finally I was confined to my bed.
Doctors said I could not live. I read
your advertisement of Kodol Dyspep
sia Cure and thought it fit my case
and commenced its use. 1 began to
improve from the first bottle. Xow
I am cured and recommend it to all."
B. II. Bieber and liartz & Ullemeycr.
The Result
Our work cannot le excelled.
It is equally the pride of our
selves and our customers.
You will be pleased if you get
your photographs here.
We carry a fine line of frames.
The Blakeslee Studio
1822 Third Ave.
Telephone 4533.
A box of choice BON BONS Is
an ever welcome and suitable
gift, and you will make no mis
take, for caudies are always
you will make a mistake If you
don't buy them at Coiu's. lie
has one of the finest displays of
fresh candlea in the three cities.
Prices range from, 25 cents to
f 1 per box.
Give him a trial
We serve tea, coffee and choco
late. Ladies' luncheon a spec
ialty. Coin's Palace of Sweets
1810 Secoad Avenue. Phone 1030 Rock Is
land. Kourta and Brzdy. Phone 8113
Cold Weather
Be prepared for the cold weather by keeping your feet
warm .. We can supply you with warm lined and felt
shoes in all styles, from the Broad Common Sense last
that the older people find such comfort in to a fine Kid
Stylished Lined Shoe for the younger generation.
Our Slipper Department is complete .. Every style
and shape of Felt Slippers that you can think of, from
50c to 1.50.
Were you
Mitchell & L.ynde Block, Room 3S. Office hours 8. a. m. to
6 p. m., and Wednesday and Saturday Evenings. Tel. 1514.
A SNAP for the men now in our PANTS
Ullemeyer & Sterling,
1724 Second Avenue.
Recent Shipment of
At Summer Prices at
419 Seventeenth atraet. Telephone 476S.
The Carving Season,
The dava of cranberry sauce have
come, liie turkey, too, is nere. Jo
vember formally introduces the carv
ing season. Our cutlery is of the
best quality aud most graceful pat
tern. You will enjoy your duties as host .
If properly equipped. We can doit
at the lowest price.
Allen , fflvers
Opposite Harper House.
o o
ever stuck?
Sometimes you are bumped right up against
a sharp circumstance where you are unable
to live in comfort unless you can realize a
given amount of cash without delay. We
can supply you the cash that will enable you
to get off of this sharp circumstance and we
will be glad to accommodate you to what
ever extent may be necessary. We take as
security, a lien on your furniture, piano,
horses, wagons, live stock or other personal
property - which remains In your own pos
session. All business is confidential and you
get the money the day you find 3ou need it.
We would be glad to quote you our rates and
e Practical
eef erl
is the Coat for
Jewel Stoves.
Here's the heater that will double
your comfort and divide your coal
bills. The Jewel Heater is made in
several sizes, all constructed on the
same principle the principle that
gives prodigality of heat with parsi
mony of fuel.
Come and examine them
& Company
1821 Second Avenu

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