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Extract From a Letter Received by
Mrs Pinkhairi. How Familiar
These Words Must be to Many.
f - -
"I am so nervous and wretched." "I feel as if I should fly." How
familiar these expressions are ! little things annoy you and make you
irritable. You. can't sleep, you are unfit for ordinary duties, and are
suDject to dizziness.
That bearing-down eensation. helps to make you feel miserable.
You have backache and pains low down in the side, pain in top of
neaa, later on at tne base or uiq brain.
Such a condition points unerringly to serious uterine trouble.
If you had written to Mrs. l'inkham when vou first experienced
impaired vitality, you would have been spared these hours of awful
- Happiness will be gone out of your life forever, my sister, unless
you act promptly. Procure I-ydii 12. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound at once. . It is absolutely sure to help you. Then write to iira.
Pinkham, at Lynn, ilass., if there is anything about your case you do
liuu uuueraianu.
You need not bo afraid to tell Mrs. Plnkbam the things you
could not explain to the doctor1 your letter will receive attention
from women and is absolutely confidential. Mrs. Pinkham's vast
experience with such troubles enables her to tell you just what is
best for you and she will charge you nothing for her advice.
11 -- V .t
I a. It rt'JL
Mrs. McRae Tells of Happy Results Accomplished by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. '(
.VDbab Mas. Ptskham: I Buffered with womb trouble, backache, nrr
Toutmess and dizziness, and when walking had that bearing down feeling, but
thanks to JLydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I am now entirely
well. I have no more pains or aches, can do my work, and walk without any
bad feeling'. I will recommend your medicine to every one 1 can." Mbv
Gko. McliAE, 14 Center St., Yonkcra, N.Y. (Dec. 20, 1900.)
- " Dear Mrs. Pptkh a. m : I can truly ntate that I derived great benefit from
the use of Lydia 11. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound during Chang- of
Life. I was so ncuous that I eould not sleep, my feet and limbs would swell
and pain me a goou deal, and I suffered in other ways. 1 took six bottles of
Tour Compound and cheerfully recommend it to all." Mlia. A. SI. McCarbick,
Canton, Pa. (Feb-10, 1901.)
...No other medicine in the world has received such widespread and
unqualified endorsement. Refuse all substitutes.
Owine to theiact that mine skeptical neonle
have from time to time questioned the genuine
Bess of the testimonial letters we are constantly
publishing e have deposited with tlie National
Citv Rink, of Lvnn. Mass.. Ss.ooo. which wiil
be paid to any person whs will show that the above testimonials are not
genuine, or were published beiore obtaining the writer's special permis
sion. K.ydi K. Flnkhstna Medicine Company, Lrnn, Msh.
DsM'8 B-
To id Guftd of
People who suffer from habitual constipation with all its attendant ill,
clogged stomach and bowels, 6luggish liver, heartburn, indigestion, and thin
and impure Idood, are too apt to believe that the only remedy is violent
purgatives. The contrary is the case. Such cathartics, even if they do move
the bowels, arc irritating; and griping, leave the stomach inflamed and enfeebled
and the constipated condition recurs with greater difficulty of cure and tho
sufferer constantly growing worse. There is a laxative that moves the
bowels without pain or griping, cleanses the stomach, sharpens the appetite,
Ktimulates the live r, strengthens the nerves, and purifies the blood, while its
marvellous tonic properties tone up the entire system and keep it healthy.
Its remarkable tonic properties reach every organ the liver, kidneys
and stomach, nerve, heart and brain and removes the cause of your debil
itated condition. This is the only way to secure an absolute and permanent
cure. .
Laxakola is the only medicine for babies, is purely vegetable and its
action is gentle, speedy and effective. For coated tongue, simple fevers,
colds, chills and languid feeling it is the ideal medicine. - "
It tastes good. IjT Children like it and ask for it.
LaxakoLa, the great tonic laxative, is not only the most efficient df family remedies, but the snost
economical, because it combines two medicines, viz : laxative and tonic, and at one prsce.- No -other
remedy gives so much for the ir.-jn . At drucgists, 25c and 60c., or send for free sample to LAXAKOLA
CO., 132 Nassau Street, N. Y., or 3je Dearborn Street, Chicago. , '
For sale "by Hartz Barmsen Co.
If you want to look neat and up-to-date join the
1909 Second Avenue.
Opposite Spencer Square.
Phone 1645. -
At a meeting held inS. A. Finger's
office the attorneys organized a
baseball team which will challenge
the bars of Clinton, Maquoketa, and
.Muscatine counties, as also of Bock
Island, and the local Medical asso
ciation to a series of contests on the
diamond to be pulled off this season
The following officers were elected
trt look after the matter of the ar
rangements of the season, and the
schedule of events. J. C Hall pre
sided at the meeting. Captain, Jack
McOee; manager, W. II. Campbell;
treasurer, S. A. Finger.
Antoine Wiggins, bartender at the
Dew Drop Inn, now conducted by I,
L. Stevens on the corner of Third
and IJrown streets, while engaged in
a scuffle with Frank Brown over
drinks, pushed the latter with such
force against the north plate glass of
the establishment as to completely
shatter it. Brown, was quite badly
cut about the head and shoulders
Dr. Hunt was called to attend his in'
juries. The accident occurred at 2
o'clock .Thursday afternoon. The
damage to the flass will approximate
Tomorrow the .six united lodges of
the Independent Workmen of Ameri
ca will picnic down at Offerinanu's
island. Blaekhawk. Humboldt, Edens,
Kinigkeit, Equality and Winona
lodges of the order are busying them
selves with the preparations of the
event. The steamer C. W. Cowles and
other water craft will take the mem
bers of the order and their families
down .to the island for the day's en
joynient. Strasser's full band and
orchestra will be in attendance. The
Vorwaerts Singing society with 30
voices will participate in a program
which will include addresses by Hon
Waldo Becker, mayor of the city, and
Hon. (George W. Scott.
At 5 o'clock yesterday morning at
the home of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. August Knaack, Sr., 503. Oneida
avenue, at the age of 23 years and 4
months, after a lingering illness, oc
curred the death of August Knaack,
Jr. The deceased was reared and
educated in this city and beside his
parents, is survived by three broth
ers, Willie, Harry and Eddie, and ,imc
sister. Iconise Knaack, all at home.
The funerul will be lield from the
parents' residence, 503 Oneida ave
nue, at 3:.'!0 o'clock Sunday after
noon, with interment at Fairmount
Bischoff & Kuehl report two losses
by lightning during the recent storms
One was the killing of sonic stock on
tne farm of Julius Sireverkriebbe,
three miles cast of Kid ridge, and the
other was the demolition of the chim
ney and a portion of the roof on the
Jansen farm house down near the
The two lads who' rait away to fol
low the tented shows last Monday
night have returned home. When
boys leave home the meal time
doesn't come as regularly and it only
requires a little hunger to make them
long for the pantries of home. Both
lads have learned a lesson.
The sisters of Notre Dame, who
will have charge of the new St
.Mary's parochial school,' arrived in
the city Thursday evening and are
looking after the furnishing of their
new residence which will shortly be
occupied by them. They attended
the session of the St. Matthew's sew
ing circle held in the school hall yes
terday afternoon.
Motorneer Oeorge Hart of the Tri
City Street Kail way company had
quite an experience during the storm
Wednesday morning. As he was leav
ing his home on Cedar street, be
tween Third and Fourth streets,
lightning struck a big tree close by
him. He was thrown to the ground,
and sustained such a shock that he
was compelled to lay off for the day.
John Kruse, residing on the Indian
road, had the misfortune to sustain
the fracture of a leg in the neighbor
hood of the Northwest Davenport
Turner hall Thursday evening. He
was taken to his home in the ambu
lance during the -storm.
Some days ago there was a scuf
fle in a saloon in Chicago, A man
who was attempting the role of a
peacemaker was killed, and a Dav
enport boy, Alfred Sanders, is now
on trial for the offense.
There was a genuine land slide yes
terday at the home occupied by
Frank A. Kichey, 621 Kast Sixth
street. His house stands upon a lot
with 90 feet frontage and this was
washed away back to a depth of 50
feet, clear to the stone foundation
and leaving the porch standing un
supported. The house stands upon a
terrace and the dirt was washed out
into the street, leaving an odd look
ing sight where formerly was a
beautiful lawn. Thursday night's and
yesterday's heavy rains.together with
the softened condition of the earth
due to the recent rains, was respon
sible for the land fclide.
There was a dashing runaway upon
the government island Thursday
morning whirh might have had more
serious results attending it, for
which Lieut. Brisker of the island
staff and Henry Garstang, 5517 West
Third street of this city, are duly
thankful. Mr. 'Garstang was upon
the island looking after some work
and about 10:30 o'clock met lieut
Bricker in a buggy, who asked him
to get in, as both were bound for
Davenport. They had just passed the
headquarters when a wheel of the
u,,PToy dropped off and the horse be
came frightened and made a wild
plunge forward. The hxigy . was
overturned and the occupants thrown
heavily to the ground, Mr. (Jarstang
alighting upon the ground first and
the lieutenant upon top of him. Both
suffered several cuts upon the scalp
but not of a serious nature and Mr.
Garstang also had his right leg in
jured by being thrown against a
tree stump. The horse continued its
maddened course into the timber und
completely demolished the buggy be
fore it was ruptured. It was a for
tunate escape for both of the occu
pants. ,
The failure of present-day women
to make the home comfortable and
attractive and their inability to cook
and sew properly is, according to the
oelief of the Chicago bureau of char
ities, responsible for a large percent
age of the cases of estrangement be
tween husbands and wives among the
poor. In the last issue of its Weekly
Bulletin the bureau makes -a strong
plea to charity workers for the edu
cation of girls and household duties.
The Bulletin says:
If the home is to be the center and
root of our civilization it must be made
a place worth while going to and
spending time in. It is the girls who
must be taught this lesson and arous
ed to the nobility of their culling.
We are hearing clarion notes on this
subject .sounding from even the uni
versity halls. The men und women
of thought are realizing the faults
of the old education that looked well
to filing the head with facts. Presi
dent tJ. Stanley Hall of Clark uni
versity says: "The home should be
served by every child, who should feel
himself a useful and integral ruem-
ber of it, with duties. Every girl
should cook, sew, clean, polish and
perhaps wash have something to do
with flowers, develop some domestic
taste and pride, in place of the shame
so often felt by higli'school girls for
their lowly homes, for which their
education often breeds distaste
They should be reminded that too
soft hands in the young suggest a
soft brain; that hand and brain both
grow and are educated together
The kitchen is the heart of the home;
its industries, intelligently under
stood, are among the most educa
tional of all possible influences, and
to overcome- the alienation school
often breeds for home life in the
modern American girl is one of our
most serious problems."
Women, however, who are interest
ed in public welfare and charities are
not inclined to place the blame wholly
on their sex, but agree that model
housekeepers are jewels, and their
work about the house goes a long
way toward making homes comfort
able 2nd attractive.
"It is tremendously overstating
facts to say that a large number of
the cases of estrangements among
the poor are due to a lack of ability
ujHn the part of the wife to make
the home comfortable and attrac
tive,' said Miss Jane Addams. "Very
often the home is uncomfortable
through no fault of the womau. It
certainly is a trying task for a wo
man with several children to make u
home of two or three rooms ideally
comfortable. Thousands are forced
by circumstances to live in still more
cramped quarters than I speak of.
It is true a great many are unclean.
Personally I do not know of a single
ease where the woman's inability
to make the home comfortable has
furnished the sole ground of com
plaint in the separation of u hus
band a lid wife. There are always
tributary causes. Of course a 'neat
housekeeper is a jewel, but fiat
quality comes far from being every
thing. There are many tidy women,
w'e all know, who are capable of mak
ing themselves decidedly disagree
"I don't believe there is a larger
proportion of women who fail to' do
their part in home life intelligently,"
said Dr. t ranees Dickinson, "than
of men who fail to make intelligent
provision for homes. Manual train
ing and domestic science should be
taught to boys and girls alike. A
knowledge of both is essential to
them in home lffe. Later, in adult
life, the young men and young wo
men in the colleges should be taught
normal anatomy and physiology.
If they were given a course in physi
ology they would receive a know
ledge of food chemistry. Then there
would be no more harping about
eating this and that food. The ma
chine way of living would be done
away with. In the cities the boys
and girls of today are brought up in
flat buildings. Flat life is the ruin
ation of home life for children."
"P!verv girl should be taught all the
little things necessary to proper
housekeeping," said Dr. Anna Dvyer.
"There is much in making the home
attractive, and above all, in keeping
it clean. Every woman should be
proud to be the queen of a household.
There, a re duties that devolve upon
a husband, too. He should be a good
provider, of course. He ought to eee
that his wife has some, entertain
ment outside of the home. He
should take her to the theatre oc-casionallj'."
Hno of nature" remedies; cannot
harm the weakest constitution; never
fniiu tn ni-f summer complaints of
young or old. Br. Fowler's Extract
of Wild Strawberry. .
Mr. and Mrs. A. .7. Freeman, of
1013 Eleventh-and-a-half 'street, were
suddenly bereaved Thursday evening
bythedeathof their little son, Freder
ick, aged 2 years, who died at 6:30
after an illness" of only four hours.
Mayor Wessel has received from
Prof. J. II. Heil a plan of the athletic
grounds of the Chicago uni'versity;. It
has been' found" that the proposed
road in the cemetery park will not
leave a space wide enough for the
grounds. The space left is but 287
feet and there should be M feet more.
Mrs. Charles Swan, of Home, X. Y.,
is the guest of her sister, Mrs. W. H.
Crawley, and will remain until Sep
tember. OO
Magnus Monson, who worked for J.
T. Browning, of this city, for a long
time, was drowned at his home in
Smoland, Sweden, Sunday, July 3.
The meagre information received
comes in a letter to Miss Anna Peter
son, and the only particulars are
that he was bathing in the river near
his old home. He was about 30 years
The Moline Scale company has ef
fected a reorganization uhii the
visit of Josiah (irout, of Vermont,
who is here. There will be no rad
ical change in the company and the
name remains the same. The capital
stock is $2ti.(K)0 and the incorporators
are Josiah (irout, C. II. Vincent, who
is manager at present, and J. A. Kit
tilsen, superintendent.
The deal has been practically clos
ed by which C. 11. Deere will erect a
two-story building on the north side
of Fifth avenue for the Brunswick
bowling alleys. C. E. Wesson, propri
etor. The building, which will be of
brick and two stories high, will be
located between Fourteenth and Fif
teenth streets on the avenue and will
contain six alleys. Mr. Wesson's bus
iness has increased- so rapidly that
he cannot now supply the demand
with four alhlys. so he has called for
a larger building with larger accom
modations. He will conduct both al
leys in the future. The new alleys
will be equipped regardless of ex
pense, as it is the intention to make
them the finest in this section of the
Company F left last evening for
Camp Lincoln for a week's encam
ment as part of the 3rd brigade. The
roster of the company: Capt..M. H.
Lyon; 1st Lieut., (I. T. Crowder; 2d
Lieut., W. (i. Shadle. . Sergeants, C.
W. Schomp, Harry Blackmail, (ieorge
K. (iibbs, Oscar Dahlberg. Charles
La urine. Corporals, (ieorge Kimmer
ling, Arthur Kiel, Adel Anderson,
Percy Winans. H. It. Wright, Thomas
McDonald, Charles Olney, Victor
Lingblom. Musicians, Ira Oliver,
James I). Pearce. Hospital corps. A.
C. Kobcrts, (Jeorgc L. McCoy. Pri
vates, O. J. Anderson, Charles Bell,
C. H. L rch, David Bcrgquist, Elmer
Burke, (ieorge Cox, Joseph Cox, Mar
tin Carlson, Jess Donahue, Charles
Dangerfleld, Daniel Denk. Clarence
Donnell. L. T. Earl, Allyn Fleming, E.
II. Grantham. T. A. Gowning, G. II.
ji j i ist"w Lme,sMwsul
pKis backer Kscs
ex stirriip' tra.de .
e s
yrce yroiw
every debt ;
rvd every bit of
doug'K Kcs iwade
Wixs raised witK
Hatch. William Hedling, Ernest Hus
sy, Thomas James, James Jennings,
James Kennedy, A. W. Lark, Louis
Lorenz, ' Paul Lorehz, Jason Mcssick,
James . McConoehie, John McKeever,
Fred Murray, David Nelson, Leander
Xorthrupt, A. J. Olson, Arthur L. Pe
terson, Austin Patterson. Arthur M.
Peterson. Cornelius Pluukctt. Kalph
lloberts, Henry Boss. Oliver Bandall,
Daniel " Scully, Warren Stein, Boy
SWanson, J. Shadle, Charles Tam
bour, Edward 'Poland, Boland Willis.
On account of the storm, of
Thursday evening and the bad
weather, of yesterday, the man
agement of the chautauqua has de
cided, after consultation with rep
resentatives, to continue the assem
bly one more day. The I). A. K. will
therefore have the afternoon of July
22 for their program. Any changes
in it will be announced later. There
will also be a session the evening of
July 22, and the committee is seek
ing to arrange with some speaker of
national reputation to come that ev
ening. All season ticket owners will
be admitted to the afternoon session
of the 22d on their tickets, but, un
less further storms prevent programs
from being carried out, they will not
be admitted to the evening session
of the 22d on such tickets. The rea
son for this is the great additional
expense to which the committee has
been put and the fact that the season
tickets expire on the 21st. A straight
charge of 25 cents will be made for
the evening performance. Program
will be announced later. Today's
program: 10:30, bible, reading; 2:30,
song recital, Edward C. Kuss; 3:30,
"Cardinal Wolsey," John 1. Brushing
ham: T:30, song, Svea male quartet;
reading, tharles H. Cornwall; song,
Sveas; reading, C. H. Cornwall; Swed
ish song. Sveas; S:00, illus-trated lec
ture, "University Life in Sweden," Dr.
Gustav Andrccn, president of Augus
ta na college.
Victor Hegberg, the happy electro
type artist, leaves for Chicago to
morrow night to take a week's rest
after close confinement to his duties
at the Muline Engraving company's
works. The boys say that upon his
return he will be accompanied by the
lady of his choice and will occupy a
cosy house, which he has already pre
pared. Hegberg's former home was
in Chicago, and it is there that the
little love romance which had its be
ginning several years ago will reach
a conclusion.
There -is more catarrh in this sec
tion of the country than in all other
diseases put together, and until the
last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years
doctors pronounced it a local dis
ease, and prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it
incurable. Science has proven ca
tarrh to be a constitutional disease,
and, therefore, requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
& Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only con
stitutional cure on the market. It is
taken internally in doses from 10
urops to a teaspoonful. It acts di
rectly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case it fails
to cure. Send for circulars and tes
timonials. Address,
F. J. CHEMEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists. 75c.
Hall's Family Pills arc the best.
Mother Always Keep It Ilnnrlr.
"My mother suffered a long time
from distressing pains and general
ill health due primarily to indiges
tion," says L. W. Spalding, Verona,
Mo. "Two years ago I got her to try
Kodol. She grew better at once, and
now, at the age of 76, eats anything
she wants, remarking that she fears
no bad effects as she has her bottle
of Kodol handy." Don't waste time
doctoring symptoms. Go after the
cause. If your stomach is sound
your health will be good. Kodol
rests the stomach and strengthens
the body by digesting your food. It
is nature's own tonic. All druggists.
nrw "IT if . a-H
I neaaaciie, meanourn,
Nausea, Constipation,
Belching, Indigestion,
Flatulency, Dyspesia
Are symptoms of a weak and disordered stom
ach, and if you are a sufferer from any of them
and want to get well we would urge you to give
this wonderful medicine a fair trial.
. - It is a specific remedy for the stomach and
contains nothing that would injure the most
delicate system. A dose before meals will
strengthen your stomach, improve your appe
tite and start you on the right road to good
Here is convincing proof. .
rieasanton, Cal.
Dear Sirs I have used your Bit
ters and have always found it benefi
cial for a disordered stomach. It
does everything you claim for it.
vv York, Y.
Dear Sirs I have used your Bit
ters and found it a valuable tonic. It
stimulates the stomach, increases the
appetite and prevents Belching and
Heartburn. O. PFIXGSTEX, M. D. ,
til M"M I1IH 1 "i'Mlr-t i ' HI 1 1 1 H H I II tl I M I I I 1 I 1 I I I I I It I IHH"" "l1ltl" 1

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