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VOI,. III. NO. 254.
Outpost of 27th Infantry
Attacked at Gamp
Occurrence May Result
in Move Against
Manila, Aug. 13. A small party of
Morns surprised the outpost of the
'71h infantry at Camp Vicars yester
day. Serjeant Foley and Private Carey
were killed and Private Van Dorn se
verely wounded.
The Moros, numbering'" only a doz
en, were armed with spears and
swords. The morning- was dark and
Attacking Fart Crowds Clone.
The attacking party crawled to
within a few feet of the sentinels,
then sprang upon them suddenly.
The entire outpost rushed to the
relief of the sentinels, but too late.
The Moros escaped, though possibly
a few of them were wounded.
Cat by Swords and Spears
The American sentinels were ter
ribly cut by swords and spears. The
attacking Moros were all from Rac
olod and the occurrence probably
will result in a move against that
town, which has a strong fort and
other defenses.
Anniversary Celebrated.
'1 tie fourth anniversary of the cap
ture of the city of Manila, which
surrendered to the American forces
Aug. l.'t. lS'JS, wai observed as a gen
eral holidav.
Salt Lake City, Aug. 13. The feat
ures of today's program of the Klks
reunion was a parade of the uniform
ed bodies of Klks in competitive
prize drill and selection of the place
of the next annual reunion.
Salt Lake City. Utah, Aug. 13. G: E.
Cronk, of Omaha, was selected grand
exalted ruler of the grand lodge of
Elks; V. 1!. Brock, of Lekington. Ky.,
was elected grand leading knight, and
Judge J. C. Fiekcns, of Denver, was
elected grand loyal kight, all by ac
clamation. San Francisco-, Aug. 13. The chief
feature of today's session of the
Knights of Pythias was a grand par
ade participated in by So brigades of
uniformed rank and thousands of
other Knights.
Council Bluffs, Iowa. Aug. 13. The
annual reunion' of the National Soci
ety of the Army of the Philippines
began today in this city. Among the
early arrivals were (Jen. Irving Hale,
president of the society, and (Jens.
Funston, MacArthur, Wheaton and
King. The day was given up princi
pally to registration.
Fatal Yachting Ac-ciilent.
Pctoskey, Mich.. Aug. 13. lr. John
A. White, a dentist, whose home is In
Saginaw, Mich., but who was visiting
at West Wequetonsing. was drowned
by the sinking of a pleasure yacht.
He had put out from Harbor Springs
with three companions. The mast
broke in a squall and punched a hole
in the bout. His companions were
Two Women and a ;irl I.ont-
Iron Mountain, Mich.. Aug. 13. A
reiort from Sagola is that that entire
town is oitt searching for two women
and a girl who are lost In the woods.
The lost party Mrs. Lucy Dcvereaux,
Miss Hattie Ililey and a 1-year-old
daughter of the former went berry
picking and have not been seen since.
Did Ifot Heed the Warning.
Cicero, Ind., Aug. 13. Tom Mount,
an employe at the pumping station
near Kempton. was severely burned
by a gas explosion while in the act
of lighting the furnace. Mount had
been told of a leak In the main, but
did not heed the warning. He is un
married. There Are Still Throe Mlslng.
San Angelo. Tex., Aug. 13. A fund
has lxen raised with which to search
the debris of the Hotel Landon which
burned early last Sunday morning, to
pee if there are any bodies In the ruins.
There are still three guests missiug.
. Daridnon Renominated.
Oshkosh, AVis., Aug. 13. James E.
Davidta was yesterday renominated
for representative in congress by the
Eighth district Republican convention.
Has GoAe to West Virginia. -
Indianapolis, Aug. 13. Secretary
W. n. Wilson, of the United Mine
Workers of America, has gone to the
iWeat Virginia mining district.
Is Shot Dead Before He Can Get
Aim on Offi
cer. Devil's Lake, N.D., Aug. 13. Mop
day night at Edmore, a sum II town in
the northeast part of the county, Carl
Okelson, with three other men from
Walsh county, went to a 'blind pig"
run by Frank Pelke. When Pelke
opened the door lie shot,Oke!son in the
face, the bullet lodging in the back of
the neck.
Deputy Sheriff George Hanson and
Constable John Johnson, with a war
rant, went to arrest Pelkel Hanson
ordered I'elke to throw up" his hands,
and I'elke drew a gun, but Hanson
was too quick and shot Pelke in the
left side. I'elke died one hour later.t
Okelson is not, expected to live. Dep
uty Sheriff Hanson brought the news
to this city.
Cat a Regular Colombian Surgeon Truth
About Ir. Wilson.
Columbus, O., Aug. 13. In n letter
written t a cousin in this city Dr.
Russell Wilson, of Norwalk, O., who
was reitorted to have been condemned
to death by the Nicaraguan govern
ment for paiticipating in a filibuster
ing expedition, says he has never been
arrested and was never In danger. The
doctor says, in substance:
Several months ago I joined the
Colombian tegular army with the rank
of major surgeon. Colombia and Nic
aragua were at variance, and T was
placed on. Jtoard the gunltoat General
Piu.on as furgeon to accompany the
exitedition. We tried to land at Rlue
ticlds at night, but a high sea sudden
ly coming tip fifty, men only were able
to land, and at daybreak we were lired
on from the forts and forced to re
treat, leaving the fifty' there. That
may account for the story getting out
that I was arrested. The expedition I
was with was not a filibustering trip,
but one und"r the direction of the reg
ular Colombian army."
Will "Sot Absolve McGulre.
Philadelphia, Aug. 13. The execu
tive hoard of the Tinted Brotherhood
of Carpenter and Joiners has received
returns from more. than IOO.(hh) mem
bers of the organization throughout
the country, to whom had been sul
niitted a referendum on the question
of the charges against I. J. McGulre,
national secretary-treasurer. The prop
osition to absolve McGuire Is over
ruled. Six months ago McGuire was
arrested, charged with embezzling
$10.KK of the funds of the brother
hood. He effected a compromise. The
vote rejects the compromise. .
Reprenentatlre Rumple !' the Cril.
Chicago, Aug. 13. Representative
Ilumple. of Iowa City, who has been
at the Presbyterian hospital in this
city for several days suffering with an
acute attack of pneumonia. Is reported
to be on the road to recovery. For sev
eral days Rumplo's condition was so
serious that his physicians were of the
opinion that he would be unable to
withstand the disease. Now he shows
marked signs of improvement, and it is
Itellevod that tho crisis has been
Change In the Lord Lieutenancy.
Dublin, Aug. 13. Earl Cadogan, the
retiring lord lieutenant of Ireland, and
Countess Cadogan formally said fare
well to Ireland yesterday. A number
of loyal addresses were presented. The
Earl of Dudley, the succeeding lord
lieutenant, will assume othce without
He Owned the Luray Cave.
Philadelphia, Aug. 13. Edward
Roberts, Jr., n prominent resident of
this city, died yesterday at his coun
try home at Rosemount, Pa., aged 70
years. Roberts was the owner of the
famous Luray cave in Virginia.
Snu Water Power CanaL ,
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., Aug. 13.
Water js flowing into the great water
Iovcr canal of the Michigan I.ako
Superior Power company. At 10:30 p.
in. Monday, without a spectator save
the workmen, the sluiceway was
opened and the water began to iour
in. When the Soo awoke yesterday it
was to rind the canal partly tilled and
the tide steadily rising. The filling at
the present time is in the nature of a
Ranch Company Suspends.
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 13. The River
side Ranch company, of Ashland, Neb.,
owned Jy George E. Rieker & Co., has
suspended payment. The company is
the largest breeder of thoroughbred
Hereford cattle in this country, selling
mostly in carloads. The present own
ers of the property bought it last spring
and it is said the affairs are in a tan
gle, owing to disputes overt owner
ship. Vilas Suggested for Uuvernor
Milwaukee, Aug. 13. Democrats
who are opposed to the nomination of
Mayor Rose for governor are now urg
ing the consideration of the name of
William F. Vilas, of Madison, former
United States senator and one time
postmaster general and secretary of tho
Killed by a Vicious null.
Mason City, la.) Aug. 13. J. M.
Molsberry. ex-postmaster of Plymouth
ard a pioneer of this county, has been
gored to death by a bull. He was driv
ing cattle from the pasture when the
bull viciously attacked him. He was
80 years old.
- Train SerTlce Inaugurated.
Springfield, Ills., Aug. 13. Train
servicewas Inaugurated Monday on the
Decatur and Springfield extension of
the Indianapolis, Decatur and West
ern railway.
Hotel on tlie Old Capitol Bit.
Lansing, Mich., Aug. 13. Tile old
state capitol will be erected a large ho
On the site will le erected a large ho
'tel. If additional property can be se
cured by the owners;
Shipbuilders and Harvester Mak
ers Have Organized Their
Respective Interests.
Build Ships Here for Foreigners to
Cuy Latter Has a Capital
Of $120,000,000.
w York. Aug. 13. The Trust
Company of the Republic has com
pleted the payments for all the ship
building plants held tinder the options
of the United States Shipbuilding com
pany, Including the liethlehem Stevl
company; Union I rim Works, San
Francisco; Rath Iron Works and Hyde
Windlass company, Ilath. Me.; East
ern Shipbuilding company. New Lon
don, Conn.; Harlan & Hollingsworth
company, Wilmington, Del.; Crescent
Shipyards, Elizabeth, N. J.; Samuel L.
Moore '& Son company, Elizabeth, N.
J., and the Cauda Manufacturing com
pany, Cataract, N. J. This consum
mates the transaction, and jthe busi
ness organization will begin at once
by concentrating in different yards dif
ferent types of vessels and introduc
ing economies which are expected to
result in increased profits over those
of the independent companies before
they were brought together.
Object of the Combination.
, Daniel leroy Dresser, president of
the Trust Company of the Republic,
says: "There have been i-ro negotiations
whatever between Vickers. Maxim &
Vickers and the United States Ship
building company." Nixon was asked
as to the report that the new company
haul acquired the Vickers. Maxim &
Vickers plants In England. He said:
"Our desire is to put American ship
building establishments upon such a
basis that we can build foreign ships
here. No steps looking to taking in
English plants have loen taken."
Oreat Combine In Harvester.
Trenton. N. J.. Aug. 13. The Inter
national Harvester company, with an
authorized capital of Sliiu.tinti.OijO, was
Incorporated here last evening. The
company is authorized to manufacture
harvesting machines and agricultural
implements of all kinds. It is under
stood that among the concerns Inter
ested in the syndicate is the MeCor
miek Reaper and Mower concern, of
Chicago. The articles provide that all
of the $120,(K).U0 of the capital stock
shall be common stock unless it shall
be decided to increase the company's
capital leyond those figures. In that
event the ?lJ0,0i(O.(KK) is in become
preferred stock and the additional cap
ital Is to be common stock. The in
corporators of the company are Alt
rani M. Hyatt, of Allenhuist. N. J.;
George W. Hebard. New York: Row
land R. Dennis. Auburn. N. V.: Ed
ward M. S. Miller. New York; Robert
S. Green. Elizabeth. N. J., and Eras
tus M. Cravatli, New York.
Milwaukee Company In the Dent?
Milwaukee. Aug. 13. The Journal
says: Tho Milwaukee Harvester com
pany ,of this city, has been sold to
an eastern syndicate for $.".hkj,000
cash. The deal was consummated
through a prominent firm of local at
torneys, and the transfer made. The
resignations of the oilicers of the old
companies were received and accepted,
and the works will be in the iosses
sion of the new officers within a few
days. Just who the eastern capitalists
are could not be ascertained, but It is
thought that they are representatives
of a trust. Tho information as to the
deal Is authoritative. The Milwaukee
Harvester company plant was brought
here from Reloit, Wis., in 1S.SC. by Sen
ator Fred Depnett and Assemblyman
L. Ilolden Parker. Its capital stock
was then $30.000.
"Myriads" of Rattler Have Their Habitat
y In a Marsh.
Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 13. A
marsh on the farm of Aimer Rutler,
who lives northwest of Whitmoro lake,
became Infested with myriads of rat
tlesnakes. No horses could be found
to (lo upon the maish. The animals
would rear up in terror when an at
tempt was made to drive them in with
the mower. Finally all the neighbors
turned out and surrounded the marsh.
Uncut hay was set on fire, and as
the reptiles were driven out by the
spreading flames the crowd of farmers
fell upon them with clubs and slew
thousands of them. A 10-year-old girl
named RolLnson did her share in the
work of extermination. She did not
entertain the slightest fear of the rep
tiles. She went In among the writh
ing, hissing snakes and not one at
tempted to fasten its fangs in her.
She seemed to think it was fun.
In .Memory of Senator McMillan.
Cleveland, Aug. 13. At a special
meeting of the Lake Carriers' associa
tion yesterday resolutions were adopt
ed on the death of Senator James Mc
Millan, of Michigan.- The resolutions
dwell especially upon the late senator's
faithful work in behalf of hike ship
ping. The flags on all vessels of tjie
association will fly at half-mast un
til after the funeral. N
Cuban Itet'iprucity Twaty.
Washington, Aug. 13. The execu
tive has negotiated a reciprocity treaty
with Cuba and, it is stated, will call
an extra session of the senate, prolt
ably shortly after the, November elec
tions. The extra session will bo called
for the purpose of considering this
treaty, The president- is said to de
yve that this question should be a
Closed Incident when congress meets.
More Jboera Sail from ermula.
Hamilton. Bermuda. Aug. 13. Tho
steamship City of Vienna sailed yester
day for Cape Town with the second
batch of -Boer prisoners. nmibeilug
1.090. on, board. - 'v
Prosecution of Witness on Perjury
Charge Delays Inves
tigation. Kankakee, 'Aug. 13; Trustees of
the Kankakee insane asylum diverted
the course of the inquiry into mal
administration of the institution yes
terday by twice arresting a former
attendant who had testified against
one of them and becoming defend
ants in a suit for $50,H) brought
against them by that same ex-attendant,
Harry II. Rail.
Rail, who had accused Trustee Mur
phy of drunkenness and immorality,
was arrested at 2 a. m. charged with
perjury. He was tried in the after
noon and promptly acquitted "for
lack of evidence.".
An hour afterward he was again
arrested on the same charge before
another police justice and the case
is set for today. In the meantime
Rail has begun a suit claiming $50,000
damages from Trustees Small, Mur
phy and Powell and Col. Rucking
ham, their attorney, for alleged con
spiracy for false arrest.
The inquiry at the asylum went on
after a fashion, being delayed during
the morning and part of the after
noon to allow Trustees Small and
Murphy and Col. Buckingham to be
present in the police court.
Later the following facts were
brought out:
An admission by Supt. Corbus that
he had collected political assess
ments from employes.
. An admission front Trustee Small
that he hail used at home a horse be
longing to the asylum.
An admission from Trustee Small
that employes paid by the state had
been used for political work.
An admission by Supervisor Wag
ner that he had been drinking- "on
the ward." as charged by former at
tendant Hill.
Rainfall Over Greater l'art of State During
Springfield, III., Aug. 12 Showers
occurred occasionally over most of
the state during the week. These
occurred most frequently in the cen
tral district and, as a rule, were
heaviest in the western portion of
that district, in the southern dis
trict showers were generally
light, and in a few localities the
drouth remains unbroken. Over
most of the state however, the rain
fall was sufficient to njeet the needs
of vegetation. In some localities
farm work was interrupted to a con
siderable extent, but generally work
was interrupted but for a short time.
In the northern part of the slate
the weather was rather cool, especi
ally at night, but in the southern
part it was not so cool. As a whole
the week has been favorable both
for crops and farm work. Consider
able was ilone by a storm in Pjke
county. Wheat and rye in shock
have nearly all been threshed. A
good average yield continues to be
reported. Some slight damage to
grain in shock was caused by recent
rains. Oat harvest is practically
over. Many fields in the northern
part of the state were not harvested
on account of wet ground. Thresh
ing is well advanced. In the central
district the average yield is large,
and in the central and southern dis
tricts the average yield is good,
though in some localities it is poor.
The corn prospects continue very
fine. The showery weather of the
past week has been favorable for
this crop, and it has made good prog
ress. In the northern and central
districts the conditions are much
more favorable than in the southern
district. Though a good crop is
promised over most of this district,
there are areas of considerable ex
tent within which considerable in
jury has been caused by dry weather.
Chinch bugs have attacked the crop
in some localities and liave damaged
it to some- extent. l'.room corn
promises a good crop, in parts of
Coles county harvesting has begun.
Pastures are generally good, but
they are becoming dry in the ex
treme southern part of the state.
The second crop of clover is good.
The apple prospects have improved
in some" localities anil deteriorated
in others. Many correspondents re
port damage from bitter rot. Other
fruits vary from poor to good. The
potato crop will be large, but reports
of loss by rotting continue to be
made by many correspondents. Gar
den truck is generally abundant.
Plowing for wheat has been carried
on to a considerable' extent.
Chicago, Aug. 13. Walter I. Steb
bings, who Saturday stabbeu to
death Walter A. Scott, president of
the Illinois Wire company, in the
hitter's oflice in the Monadnock build
ing, was held tit the grand jury to
day by the coroner's jury.
' Mint Property Sold.
Washington, Aug. 13. The sale of
the Philadelphia mint property was
consummated today, the buyers be
ing the Philadelphia Mint Realty
company, and the price was $2,000,
000. -
It Was Fierce and Lasted Through
the Greater Partc-f a
l'otal Fatal Casualties Keportctl at
tOT Foreign Consulates Out
raged Other Barbarities.
Tort of Spain, Trinidad, Aug. 13.
Details of the lighting at Barcelona,
Venezuela, received here by boat, show
that a terrible battle started on Sun
day, Aug. 3, and that on the follow
ing Wednesday the revolutionists en
tered the city. They kept up a con
tinuous firing day and night, destroy
ing houses one by one to reach the
center of the city. At midnight on
Thursday two-thirds of tin? city was
in the power of the revolutionists. On
Friday the government strongholds
were carried, and the last survivors
of the goverument oilicers tried to es
cape by the river to the sea, but fail
ing in this they made one last stand,
after which at noon Friday they
surrendered to the revolutionists' com
manders. Generals Fraucisco, Monagas
and Platero.
W'm a Time of Tillage anil Ranine.
Among tliose taken prisoners are
Martin Mariano, president of the state
of Rarceloni. and commander of the
government troops; eight generals and
twenty-three colonels. The dead on
both sides numbered 107. All the
houses in the city were sacked, and
in some Instances inoffensive women
and children were maltreated and
killed. All the stores were pillaged,
especially those belonging to foreign
ers, and the French cable oTice was
robbed. The T'nited States, Italian
and Dutch consulates were pillaged,
and the consuls have asked for men--of-war
to protect life and property.
Port of Spain, Aug. 13. The Vene
zuelan revolutionists attacking Cn
mana intend to storm the city within
24 hours. The government cannot
oppose more than 3."0 men to 1.100
revolutionists composing the attack
ing party. Cuinana is a town of
about 10,(100 situated in the state of
Rermndez on the gulf of Cariacu.
(ierinan Foreign Office Not Posted.
Berlin. Aug. 13. At the foreign of
fice it is said that, the Herman govern
ment knows nothing of the reported
intention to land Herman marines at
Porto Cabello, Venezuela, and if the
United States had sent a vessel to
land marines there it must be for
other reasons than the rejiorted Her
man landing. Commanders of Her
man vessels In the Caribbean, it was
added, would not go beyond their dis
cretion If they considered it necessary
to land a force to protect Herman in
terest a-
Report That the National nml American
League Are to onollilate.
Chicago, Aug. 13. Consolidation of
the National and American Leagues in
to a twelve-club circuit is well under
way, according to a statement made to
The Daily News. "John T. Brush,
chairmalt of the executive committee;
James A. Hart, president of the Chi
cago National League club, and A. II.
Sodeu, jiresidont of the Boston Nation
al League club, and both members of
the executive committee." says The
News. "have been in conference in Bos
ton for two or throe days, anil have
opened negotiations with the clubs of
the American League toward the con
solidation of these two organizations.
"This, it Is said, is the real reason
the present trip of Hart la the oast and
the trips about the circuit of both Chi
cago magnates and the chairman of
the executive committee."
Boston, Aug. 13. A. II. Soden. pres
ident of the Boston base ball club,
when asked about the proposed consol
idation of the American and National
Leagues, said that tlifrc was absolute
ly on truth in the report.
lypostVIll Consider the Matter Talfc on
Cincinnati, Aug. 13. The Interna
tional Typographical convention yes
terday heard statements from Secre
taries Born" and Kemper, of the
United Frewery Workers, asking for
the boycott of Cincinnati and Boston
beer. A boycott resolution went over
under objection. Frederick Driscoll.
commissioner of the American News
paper Publishers' association, deliv
ered an address on arbitration, etc.,
and urged the enactment of. amend
ments tit the general laws of the union
that will promote the interests of the
publishers . as well as those of the
union. This matter was referred.
It was decided that the Typographi
cal Journal should be published
monthly hereafter, instead of semi
monthly, to make the othcial organ
self-supporting. The report of the
committee on laws was taken up and
the convention decided that a law
should be enacted limiting machine
work to six-days a week, so as to giVe
"subs" a better show. There are eighty
proposed changes In the report, which
disapproves of most of them and is
generally backed up by the conven
tion. m
Peacemaker Meet.
Bloomingtoii, 111., Aug. 13. A two
days' convention of the Police
Chiefs and Sheriffs' association
opened here today with a large at
tendance. President Fred Hinman,
of Galesburg, presided. The proceed
ings today were confined to a discus
sion of plans to make more effective
cooperation between oilicers in the
various counties of the state in ap
prehending criminals.
Fifty Pounds Exploding and Passen
ger Due at the Same
LaCi'.tsse, "Wis., Aug. n3. ibo sta
tion at Ilogan. on the Burlington rail
road, about seventy-live miles above
here, was struck by lightning and to
tally destroyed yesterday. Fifty pounds
of dynamite stored in the building for
blasting purposes -exploded at the same
time, with a report that was heard for
ten miles around.
The limited train, south-bound, was
running into the station Just at the
time of the explosion, but the engin
eer, realizing the danger, put on the
emergency brake and kept the train
at a distance from the lire. Had the
train iK-en along sooner it would have
been damaged and probably burned.
No one was injured.
HaflleU -with a Butcher Knife He Hankers
for Human Illooil.
LaCrosse, Wis.. Aug. 13. An un
known man created' consternation in
LaCrescont, Minn., a village across
tho liver from LaCrosse. by entering
the residence of Rev. Father Dolle
and attempting to rob the priest." Rev.
Mr. Dolle attacked the man with a
butcher knife and drove him from the
house. Later in the day he sent an
infernal machine to Postmaster F.vta--ett
He afterward went to the drug
store of Thomas Minshall .and threat
ened his life. Then he ran to the post
ollice and called for the infernal ma
chine, whicu was destroyed. A vigi
lance committee was trailed together
and pursued the man several miles up
the load with tar and feathers. He
escaped, however, and has not yet
been captured.
lie Has a Wife Too Many.
Mattoon. Ills., Aug. 13. Hraiit Frost,
a well-known young farmer, and Miss
Elizabeth Frakes. 14-year-old daughter
of Benjamin Frakes, who lives east of
this city, in Lafayette township, eloped
Sunday and are believed to have gone
to Monet t. Mo. Frost last January
married Mrs. Anna Coleman, daughter
of Charles Crites, one of the . most
prominent farmers In the county. A
state warrant for abduction has b-eeu
sworn out against him. He sold his
farm and stock to secure funds fur the
Vicious Perjury by a Woman.
Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 13. Mrs. Jennie
Craig, of Knox county, Nebraska, has
made .a confession that she caused M.
G. Hubbard to be sent to the Nebraska
penitentiary on a i-h.-ir.--e of criminal
assault by falsely testifying against
him. The woman has made a deposi
tion stating that she perjured herself
and that the assault did not occur.
Kx pensive freight AVreck.
Warsaw. Ind.. Aug. 13. An expen
sive wreck on the Pennsylvania road
hot ween Winona and Warsaw occurred
late Monday night, badly smashing two
locomotives and twenty freight cars
loaded witli fanning -.lchinery and
merchandise, entailing .i toss of about
7o,0 KJ. No one was injured.
fJranrt Jtoke lior'm Coming Kant. " ' '
San Francisco. Aug. 13. (irand
Duke Boris, cousin of the emperor of
Russia, and party left here yesterday
for Chicago. The duke will visit Pres
ident Roosevelt at Oyster Bay. The
meeting will be an Informal one.
A MUttnry Order In. Enwrrsencr.
Captain Verne M. Uouvie,who raised
cud commanded a company itj an Ohio
regiment in the Spanish-American war,
told of a very unusual order he heard
given by an officer of a Missouri regi
ment at Camp Meade.
"The Missouriau's company was com
ing down a muddy road," said Captain
Bouvie, "and presently they came to a
place where only two abreast could
pass. The. company was in a column
of fours, and the problem of getting
them past puzzled their commander
completely. The correct order was
'Right, by twos. After some hesita
tion he shouted peremptorily:
" 'Gee round that puddle?
"Tho company had evidently been
better drilled than their commander,
for they broke into a column of twos.
When they had passed. the water, I lis
tened eagerly for the ' next command.
After some delay the officer shouted
" 'Twos inter fours, right smart;
git." "
A Remnrkable Sentence. -
The Lattn sentence, "Sator arepo ten
et opera rotas," which is, it must be
admitted, pretty bad Latin, is a curios
ity nevertheless. It can he freely trans
lated as "I cease from my work; the
sower will wear away his wheels." Its
line oddities are these:
It spells the same backward as for
ward. The first letter of each word spells
the first word.
The same may be said of the second,
third, fourth and Cfth letters.
The last letters, read backward, spell
tho first word, the next to the last the
second word, and so on throughout.
There are just as many letters in
each word as there are words in the
Konproarrelve. '
Farmer Dunk That 'ere hired man o!
yourn is pretty slow, ain't he Ezry?
Farmer Hornbeak Yuss; he's too
slow to make a successful pallbearer.
Judge. --
A, man may be simply mulish during
his lifetime, but In the obituary notice
It is always said that he had the cour
age, of m. convictions. Denver Post.
Chicago Murderer Be
coming as Elusive
as Tracy.
Pair Discovered to Have
Stopped at
Joplin, Mo., Aug. 13. William J.
Bartholin, wanted in Chicago in con
nection with the Bartholin-Mitchell
murders, is believed to have been in
Joplin Monday night last in company
with a man who answers to the de
scription of Harry Church, a former
boarder at the Bartholin home iu
Denerlptlon Tallica
The man believed to be Bartholin
stopped at the Forney house Monday
night, and from pictures received to
day by the police and from descrip
tions of the man given by Jibb For
ney, proprietor of the hotel, it is pos
itive that the stranger was Bartholin,
stranger Number Two.
The man was accompanied by a
stranger who fits the description of
Church. The second man did not
stop at the hotel, but joined his com
panion at the Forney before day
light Tuesday, when the two left has
tily. Since then no trace has been
found of the men so far as known.
Object of the National Tithers' Convention
in Sesttion at Winona Lake.
Warsaw. Ind., Aug. 13. The Nation
al Tit hers convention opened at Wi
nona yesterday. The welcoming ad
dress was given by Thomas Kane, of
Chicago, who was chosen to preside
during the conference. Rev. F. O. Bal
lard, of Indianapolis, whose signature
appeared among twelve others from
various parts of the country to the call
for the tirst national gatering of this
character, outlined the objects of the
meeting, lie stated it was an insugural
effort toward getting all churches
throughout the country to adopt a
tithing system or Wesleyan chapel
If the system s adopted, the speak
er said, there would be plenty of mon
ey to evangelize the world on a scale
far exceeding the dream of the most
ardent Chritsian worker and foreign
mission advocate. Interesting ad
dresses were delivered by Rev. E. C.
Ray. of Chicago, and Mrs. Frank F.
McCrea, of Indianapolis, the lattis
talking on the "Third Crisis of Mis
sions." Delegates are present from all
sections of the country. The denomina
tion most numerously represented are
the Baptist, Presbyterian, Christian,
Methodist, Episcopal, I'nited Brethren,
Progressive Brethren and Congrega
tional. Outlaw niifttnpss Seems Thriving.
Guthrie. . T., Aug. 13. Four out
l:lws held up ten vehicles containing
from one to six persons each, in the
highway near Chiekasha, I. T., and
relieved them of over .4f in watches
and other valuables, and then com
pelhil them at the jtolnt of guns to
stand together until the highwaymen
were out of sight. A number of the
most prominent men of Chiekasha
were among the victims.
Let His llabc Itrop to Death.
' Chicago. Aug. 13. Pallid in death,
with his skull fractured, litttle Balishan
Hinkleman lies on a snowy cot at the
home of his parents. The father of tho
wee victim he was only 0 months old
was playing with him near the win
dow of the flat, which is ou the third
story. The infant wriggled i his fath
er's arms and fell, and by some means
dashed through a window to the base
ment beneath.
'o Shortage in Schoolinartns.
Tipton, Ind..'Aug. 13. Since the pub
lication a few days ago of the fact
that Cupid was to blame for a short
age of school teachers in this county.
County Superintendent Summers has
received enough applications' for posi
tions to supply nil the schools in the
Ninth congressional district with
teachers, and then have several sub
stitutes. .
Novel Order to the Fres.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 13. The Rus
sian press censor warned the press not
to describe the German emperor's de
parture from Reval, where he visited
the czar last week to view the Russian
naval maneuvers. No explanation of
the order was made.
Coronation Choir Making a Tour.
London, Aug 13. The choir which
sang at the coronation of the king In
Westminster Abbey last Saturday
sailed yesterday from Liverpool to
make a tour of the United States and
Tin Can f actory lur Collet.
Jollet, Ills., Aug. 13. Announcement
was made yesterday that the American
Can company has decided to erect a
mammoth industry in Jollet for tho
manufacture of tin cans...

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