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A. W. Vander Veer, chairman of
the board of park commissioners,
lias" been questioned a good deal of
late in regard to the concerts to be
given in Central ark. The building
of the new band stand there has
made it impossible to give a concert
for some time, but soon after the
stand is completed a concert "will be
"given. The workmen are busy on
the contract, and the platform will
soon be done.
Constable llolliday made, a call up
on a party named La Moke, living on
West Third street adjacent to the
new Wessels Hats, Tuesday evening'
La Moke had seized upon the plans
anil specifications employed in the
work being1 done by the llawkeye
Construction company, and refused
to give them up, saying the construc
tion of the Hats was a damage to his
property. He thought he had the
right to keep the plans he had seized
and thus prevent the -continuance of
the work, but the constable 'undeceiv
ed him.
There is on tile in the office of the
county clerk the executive pardon
extended to K. S. Jenks, the well
known contractor and builcier, who
was sentenced to five years in the
penitentiary in November of last
year, for the crime of forgery. The
date of the pardon is Aug. 4. Mr.
Jenks came to the city on Saturday
and is now employed at carpenter
John Kothermel, Louis Uoddewig,
Adolph Ewers, Louis Boccklmann
and Phillip Son tag are' camping at
the mouth of the YVapsie, angling for"
the finny tribe and waging extermi
nating war upon the mosquitoes.
Miss Grace Uifdsall of Los Angeles,
Cab, arrived yesterday, and. is the
guest of Miss Janet Chambers.
The local recruiting station has
been doing a little during its dull sea
son. The summer geuerally find the
young men from whom the army is
largely recruited working on farms,
and there, is not much to do but to
keep open shop. The local station
has been very successful this sum
mer. James YY. "Fritz, of Cresco,
Iowa; James . Price, of Kewanee,
Illinois, and Henry Frietsch have
gone to Fort Flagler, Wash., to join
the coast artillery which is about the
only branch of the service seriously
in need of men. Martin L. Coryell
.r.l ax........ At:. .v.
siaiiru jiii x w i i,l l lir, .111111., nj-
Melf s Grape Totalc
... The Perfect La.xOk.tive ...
The most quickly effective thing on earth for nature's "house cleaning." It relieves the clogged system of the
impurities which poison the blood and drag down the vitality. Physicians and druggists who are familiar with
these facts, and all the well informed are, do not hesitate to eommend Mull's Grape Tonic, the basis of which
is the juice of the grape in all cases where a mild laxative is needed and in diseases of the Stomach, Liver,
Kidneys and Bowels, and for convalescents or whenever a tonic and builder is needed. MANUFACTURED IN
The Lightning Medicine Company, R.ock Island. Illinois.
For a mild laxative and a general family" medicirfe for man, woman or
child, I consider Mull's Grape Tonic the superior of any remedy. It's
pleasant to take, prompt in action, and the results are wonderful. Its
power in building up a weak and run-down system is greater than any Cod
Liver Oil preparation. I've tried them all. I write this hoping that some
of my friends will read and profit by it.
MRS. VTSl. STYLES, Glenwood Springs, Colo.
I was an object of pity, for my suffering was great, before I began
using Mull's Grape Tonic. The pains over my hips and in my back were
frightful. The doctor pronounced it rheumatism and kidney trouble, but
he did not help me. The neighbors had given me up once this summer,
but, thank God, I am here yet, and I know Mull's Grape Tonic saved me.
God bless you and your wonderful medicine. '
MRS. M. O. HONEYCUTT, Center, Texas.
Gentlemen: I send you the picture of my little daughter, Nettie, who
has taken Mull's Grape Tonic and been greatly benefitted by it. She was
troubled with, catarrh in the head, and her general health was very
poor. . Since taking this medicine she is much stronger and her catarrh is
nearly gone. I will have her continue using your tonic until she is per
fectly well.- S. STERLING, 1208 S. Second St, Dcs Moines, la.
day where he will become a part-ol
the detachment of the Fourteenth
infantry Stationed there.'
' The property of Martin Greeley,
who lives on Division street near
liowditch, abuts the creek on the
north which Hows diagonally be
tween Division and Harris streets in
the block between the Rockingham
road and liowditch. Yesterday
the creek was a raging torrent, and
its path ' was 'swept clear of every
thing. A wood pile was shifted fully
100 feet from where it stood without
disintegration, liut worse than all
was the drowning of CO chjks which
were the pride of the Greeley home,
and the hope of its larder. Martin
works at the arsenal, and his visions
of fried chicken and fresh eggs in his
dinner basket have vanished with the
torrent in the creek.
One of those heavy thunderclaps
accompanied an electric bolt that
visited the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. F. Fidlar, at Tenth and Trcmont
Tuesday morning. At about 2
o'clock a chimney, extending into the
air from a two-story portion of the
house, and having a metal top and
steadied by three guy wires, was
struck, and the bolt from there evi
dently went in three directions.
along the guy wires to different
parts of the house. The guy wires
are gone, and part of the cornice
and shingles were knocked ff at two
places, the shingles falling to the
ground ablaze, while a hide was
knocked in the roof at another point.
The storm had 'already awakened
members, of the family, and while
they distinctly saw the blazing
hingles falling past the windows,
the house fortunately did not catch
fire, doubtless owing to the heavy
rainfall at the time. Mr. and Mrs.
Itichard McDaniel, of Chicago, who
ire visiting at the Fidlar home, Mr.
and Mrs. Fidlar, Frank, Sarah and
Nellie Fidlar, were all' more or less
hocked, and several were positive
that flames cjuue right into their
rooms when the bolt struck the
John M. llelmick returned yester
day from Valley City where he made
one of a little colony of Davenport
ers who have become accustomed to
spending the summer there. J. L. Ma
son bought property there some time
ago, designed for a summer resi
dence, and Mr. llelmick followed suit
in buying land. Byron Whitaker and
Rev. F. L. Thompson both have sum
mer residences there now, and next
year there may be more Da ven port
ers in the colony. Mr. llelmick has
purchased his property with the in
For Sa.le by Hartz & Ullemeyer.
tention of making permanent iin
provenients, and is looking forward
to the time when the interurban
railways get into running order so
that he can make his residence at
Valley City. The colony is about
ten miles above Davenport, and it is
the only place on the river in this
vicinity where the bluffs run down
to the river. There is a fine and a
wide view, and the situation of the
Davenporters residences is an ideal
J. L. Siegfried, brother-in-law of
Julius Schlueter, the man drowned
down the river a couple of weeks ago,
returned last evening frijm Louisa
county, where be identified the float
er found in the river Monday as the
body of his relative. The remains
were in, such condition as to prevent
identification by means of features
and marks on the body. However,
Mr. Siegfried identified the floater
positively by the number of th
watch found on the clothing and by
the clothing itself. He says there is
not the slightest doubt that the body
is that of his brother-in-law. Julius
Schlueter, it will be recalled, came
to his death by drowning. He was
jumping to land from the bow of a
launch and miscalculating the dis
tance fell into deep water and did
not return to the surface alive.
r ire uestroyeu tne Darn on tne
farm of D. Keginnitter Son's com
pany, near " alley City; early We
nesday morning. There were about
eighteen tons of hay of this season's
cut in the building, part of which be
longed to the owners of the farm and
the other part to the tenant, Hem
mings. Nothing was saved as there
was no way in which to rescue the
property until the fire had made too
much headway. The damage will
amount to several hundred dollars
The theory of the origin of the fire
is that it was started by a lightning
bolt which struck the barn at the
time of the heavy storm." The barn
is located on the line of the D., R. I.
& N. W. tracks.
IIU Sight Threatened.
"While picnicking last month my
11-year-old boy was poisoned by some
weed or plant," says W. II. Dibble, of
Sioux City, Iowa. "He rubbed the
poison off his bands into his eyes and
for a while we were afraid he would
lose his sight. Finally a neighbor
recommended DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve. The first application helped
him and in a few days he was as well
as ever." For skin diseases, cuts,
burns, scalds, wounds, insect bites,
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is sure
cure. Relieves piles at once. Beware
of counterfeits. All druggists.
Tfie Famous
.. or
located along the River Rhine, have
established a world-wide reputation
for their wonderful cures of Wasting
Diseases, and for diseases of the
Stomach, Liver, Kidneys anil for Con
stipation. A scientist writing in
Johnson's Cyclopaedia on the Grape
Cures of Europe says: "Admirable
results are attained especially when
the 'Grape Cure has followed suit
able treatment of the bowels; but
the usefulness of the grape diet is
beyond question the main factor in
the cures."
On account of the great expense of
traveling many cannot go abroad to
avail themselves of this treatment,
but with Mull's Grape Tonic, at a
nominal cost, ,
A Large Bottle for 50 Cents
jvou have a "Traubenkur" at your
door. All the best features of this
celebrated Grape Cure are combined,
after years of careful experiment, in
The 'annual picnic of the North
eastern Iowa and Northwestern mi-
nois Woodmen Logrolling associa
tion is in progress at Prospect park,
several thousand strangers, mostly
Woodmen, being in the city. This af
ternoon the drill teams are having
their contests and this evening there
is to be dancing, etc.
Capt. Simons, of Quincy, who will
have command of the Second ship's
crew during the training period on
board the Dorothea next week, was
in the city Tuesday and completed
arrangements with the local division.
The men leave this city for Chicago
next Saturday evening, where they
will arrive about G o'clock Sunday
morning. They will board the Dor
othea immediately upon arrival and
will take breakfast aboard her, after
which they will cruise to Manistee.
They will be gone six days on the
water and will return on Sunday
Aug. 24.
Members of the First Methodist
church, to whom the matter was re
ferred, decided last evening that the
Labor day excursion should be run
over the Rock Island road to Peoria,
starting at 7 a. m., and returning
start back at 7:30. The commit
tees in charge . includes Rev. M. V.
Crumbaker, C. F. Smalley, F. A.
Burgston, L. A. Vinton, W. A. Jones,
E. li. McKeever and others to be
named. Mesdames E. li. McKeever,
L. A. Vinton and Miss Jennie Wake
are to have charge of the sale of re
freshments. OO
The master in chancery's sa4e of
part of the Jacob Stewart estate was
held Tuesday afternoon in South
Moline. W. H. Christison secured
three of the largest lots for a total
of $3,770. William Eckhart purchased
two lots for $ti'J0. The following
purchased a lot apiece: M. Simon
son, $4S0; Caroline Paul, $1,533.34;
John Mc-Graw, $400; R. E. Ober
lander, $Sf,;; E. D. Kohn, $333.34
Emma lioenitz, $360; Henry Daebel
Iiehn, $S23; N. O. Johnson, $G0; J. .D.
For flie second year the contract
for furnishing of coal during the
winter season at the various public
school houses was let to teamsters,
this time it being Henry Washburn,
be Johnson, F. S. Melm and M. Nib-
ert, who are successful. They will
sell and haul all the coal needed for
$3 a ton during the season.
Wood & l'eek. the attorneys, today
received a check for $5,000 from the
C, 11. I. ifc P. Railway company, being
the amount allowed as damages by
the court for the killing of Henry
Kcelev in this c.itv. It will be re-,
inembercd that Keclev lost his life
it the Thirteenth street railway
crossing in September, lMli. Suit
was instituted against the company
for $5,000 damages on behalf of the
widow by Wood & l'eek. Since that,
time it has been in court, was twice
tried and at last appealed to the ap
pellate court by the defendants.
The appellate court reviewed the
case and affirmed the verdict for $5,-
000 granted by the circuit court.
Miss Estella McCarthy, who resign
ed her position in the grade school
corps of the city at the meeting of
the board of education last night.
will attend the University of Illinois
it Champaign in the fall.
During the storm Tuesday night,'
lightning struck the chimney of Fred
Meyer's house on Fourteenth avenue
and Twelfth street, completely de
molishing the brick yard work and
alarming the occupants of the house.
When the brick began roiling down
the roof, Fred says he thought the
devil was playing marbles, until he
was finally convinced of the true
situation. Fifteenth street work suf
fered the usual washout from the
flood. Trees were broken in various
parts of the city, one large tree be
tween the residences of George II.
Huntoon and John MeEniry. on Sixth
avenue being badly splintered.
Miss Kathryn Leipold has returned
from a six weeks' visit with friends
and relatives in St. Louis.
Miss Grace Warrington has re
turned from a vacation trip to Chi
cago and St. Joe.
Miss Fannie Entrikin, who submit
ted her resignation as high school li
brarian to the board of education,
will attend the state normal school
upon the opening of the fall term.
E. J. Dwyer, an employe of the new
telephone line, while working with a
draw-knife, yesterday made a slip
and cut his knee-cap to the bone with
the knife".
Hilbur, the 9-year-old' son of
Charles Hedin, of 2522 Fifth avenue,
while sliding down the cellar door
yesterday struck a piece of bro
ken glass and cut a gash in his leg
3 inches long. Several stitches
were necessary to close the wound.
The fire alarm from box 61 yester
day afternoon took the department
to the barn owned by Mr. Shibley,
near Sixteenth avenue and Fifteenth
street, where some boys playing in
the bam had set some hay afire. A
few buckets of water extinguished
the blaze. "
All the news nil the time The
Daily Argus.
St. Paul
Ked Wing
Heeds Landing
La Crosse
Prairie du Chien ...
Le Claire
Des Moines Rapids..
St. Louis
Kansas Citv
Litis 8 a m. Si hour
rut rut rut
14 21 -41.1
U 26 no
12 1.2 au
13 2.3 -0.1
IB 2.0 -0 1
15 2 8 -0.2
10 19 -0.1
15 3 6 -0.8
2.8 -0.1
15 4 8 -1.4
50 ltt 7 -0.1
18 9.1 -0.1
51 10.1 -0 8
The congregation of the German
Lutheran church last evening gave an
excursion on the C. W. Cowles and
barge that was patronized by about
1,000 people, anil was a success so
cially and financially.
Steamboat Inspectors Sloan and
Tracy are in the city for the purpose
of inspecting the ferry, T. J.. Robin
son, the Ruth, City of Hudson, and
other local craft.
The Ruth and Winona were down
unri tho ir 1J. Kendall. E. ltut leilff
Unth "and Winona went north. The
W. J. Young departed for Ilurlington.
At C a. m. the stage of water was
3.50 and at noon it was 3.35. The tem
perature at noon was 7(5.
l:ow Are Trar Kidney t
Dr. Hobbs'SparKsns Pills core all kidney 111. Parn
ate free. Add. bustliiui KumuOr Cu- Ciucauo oi H.X.
One hundred miles shortest to
Chattanooga, Queen & Crescent
Queen & Crescent fast line to Bir
mingham and New Orleans. Two-fast
trains dai'. .
Via the Rock Island system, Aug.
17, 21, 22, 27 and 2S. Good to returu
up to Sept. 30.
One fare, plus $2, to a number of
points in the north, west and south
west, Aug. 19, Sept. 2 and 16, for the
round trip, via the Rock Island.
Only through car line to Ashcville,
N. C, Queen & Crescent route and
Southern railway.
Queen & Crescent service Cincin
nati to Atlanta and Jacksonville, the
best in the country.
Home visitors' tickets to a number
of points in Indiana and Ohio on sale
via the Rock Island system. Sept.
10 and 23, at rate of one fare, plus
$2. Good for return within 30 days
For full information call on depot
agents or city office, 1S13 Second ave
Shatters All Kecorda.
Twice in hospital, F. A. Gulledge,
Verbena, Ala., paid a vast sum to
doctors to cure a severe case of piles.
causing 2t tumors. When all failed,
liucklen's Arnica Salve soon cured
him. Subdues inflammation, con
quers aches, kills pains. Rest salve
in the world. 25c at Hartz & UUIe-
meyer's drug store.
For a Round-Trip Ticket
Salt Lake City
Rouml-trip ticket, good until October
31, will be sold at this remarkably low '
rate on August 1 to 14, inclusive. An
opportunity of a lifetime to visit the
famous Mormon capital at the lowest
possible cost.
Wonderful Colorado
Past alt the Beautiful Scenery.
Kindly write or call for
FRANK A. HART, Pass Agent C. B. & Q. Depot.
343 Telephone 1 180.
Colona Sand
Stone Quarries
For cheapness, durability and
beauty excelled by none. This
stone does not wash or color
the wall with alkili, etc.
Plans sent us for estimates
will receive careful attention
and be returned promptly at
our expense.
Quarries 12 miles from Rock
Island on the C, B. & Q. R. R.
Trains Nos. 5 and 10 will stop
and let visitors off and on.
Sample of stone and photos
of buildings can be Been at
' Room No. 12, Mitchell &
Lynde's building1. Address:
Bock Island or Colona, EJ,
; mm
Where will you spend your vacation?
THE CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC Railway is now selling
Very Low Rat6 Hound Trip Tickets
Also the popular resorts of the Northwest and East by Lake or Kail.
Fast Tra.ins. Through. Csvrs.
For particulars call at City oilice, 1813 Second avenue, telephone
1423, or Depot cor. Fifth avenue and Thirty-lirst St., phone 1033.
H. E Cast ml. President. L. D. Mudgb,
Rock Island, 111..
Irce-perated Uuder State Law.
Capital Stoek. SIOO.000. Three-and-a-half rer Cent Interest raid on UepoBlta.
Trust Department
Estates and property of all kinds are managed by this department
which is kept entirely separate from the banking business of the conipan.y
We act as executor of and trustee under Wills, aaminisrator, guardian
and conservator of estates.
iieceiver and assignee of insolven estates. General financial agent for
aon-residents women, invalids and others.
From Opposite Harper House
1610 1-2 Second Avenue.
Rock Island, 111.
Incorporated under tlie
State Law.
Morey Loaned on Personal Collateral or Heal Estate Security.
J. MBuford, President.
John Crubaugh, Vice President.
I. Grcenawalt, Cashier.
Began the business July 2, 1890,
and occupj'ing S. E. corner of Mitch
ell A Lynde's new building.
sks, 5sseeKSx5s
I Professional Cards. f
Attorneys at Law.
Rock Island and Milan. Rock Is
land, office in Bengston Block. Milan
office on Main street.
II. C. Connelly. B. D. Connelly.
Attorneys at Law.
Money loaned. Office over Thomas'
drug store, corner of Second avenue
and Seventeenth street.
Attorneys at Law.
Office in Rock Island National
Bank Building.
V. L. Ludolph. , Robert R. Reynolds.
Attorneys at Law.
Money to loan. General legal busi
ness. Notary public. 1705 Second
avenue, Buford block.
E. D. Sweeney. C. L. Walker.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law.
Office in Bengston block.
, J. Searle. C. B. Marshall.
Money to loan on good real estate
security. Mitchell & Lynde block,
Rock Island, Illinois.
Attorneys at Law.
Loan money on good security,
make collections. References, Mitch
ell & Lynde, bankers. Office, Mitchell
& Lynde building.
Attorney at Law.
Office room, 12, Mitchell & Lynde
Lynde building.
Money to loan. General legal busi
ness. Notary public, ueai estate.
insurance. 1714 second avenue.
Vice President. II u. Simmon, Cashier
3i rer Cent Interest Paid
on Deposits
It. R. Cable,
1. Grcenawalt,'
John Crubaugh, Phil Mitchell,
H. P. null, L. Simon,
E. V. Hurst, J. M. Buford,
John Yolk.
Solicitors Jackson and Hurst.
Attorney at Law.
Room 15, Mitchell & Lynde build-
Homoeopathic Thysician.
Special attention to diseases cf
women and children, also diseases of
eye, ear, nose and throat. Office
hours 9:30 to 12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. n.
321 Sixteenth street, Itock Island.
N. M. MOORE, M. D.
Star Block.
Hours 10:00 to 11:00 a. m., 2:00 to
1:00 and after 7:00 p. m.
Occulist and Aurist.
Out of city during August taking
post graduate study.
Medical Masseur.
Graduated rom Royal Institute,
Stockholm, Sweden. Practical med
ical massage and baths. Specialty
for rheumatism, nervousness and
paralysis. Removed from Library
bldg., Moline, to 514 Brady St., Dav
enport, Iowa. Telephone No. 9511.
Office hours 8:30 to 12 m., 1:30 to
5:00 p. m. 219 Eighteenth street.
Opposite Union office. Telephone
383 green.
Architects and Superintendents.
Skinner Block. Second lloor.
Office hours F. M. Drack, 10 to 12
a. m., 4 to 5:30 p. m. Ueorge M.
Kefns, 2 to 4 p. m.
Chippiannock Nursery.
Cut Fowers and Designs of all
kinds. City store, 1807 Second avenue.
Telephone 610. . "
J, .f - J . JL A if if i if i iti --

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