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A Sixteen Page
t Illustrated
Rivalling: Harper's, Leslie's
and Collier's, given free ev
ery Sunday with the
Chicago Chronicle
Delivered early every Sun-
day morning'. Send your
order to the '
Z American News
1 , Stand
X Only newstand in the city
having a telephone. Call u p
t westum. ,. .,,: ,.-
Canned Goods
to be nutritious and wholesome
must be the best that money ean
buy, and none but the most relia
ble, true anil tried brands are of
fered by W. J. Moeller. Deleteri
ous effects on the health follow the
use f inferior goods. What we
sell we know is pure, fresh and
wholesome ns they are delicious in
flavor, preserving the natural taste
of the fruit or vegetable or meat.
Phone 1215. 2030 Filth Avenue.
During the.
Hot Weather
You will undoubtedly go
j- picnicing, and we have just
what you want for lnnch in
the Bakery line which is
absolutely the best you can
pet, not because we know
how to make it, but we use
the best material and high
grade workmanship.
Our Ice Cream
la absolutely pure, no starch
or glue, but the best cream
'nly, furnished by an up-to-
date farmer.
Try a dish of Caramel
Cream it's delicious.
At our Soda Fountain you
will get nothing but pure and
healthful drinks.
They are refreshing.
1716-1718 Second Avenue.
Is the verdict of all who
have tried our
Ice Cream Soda
5 Cents a Glass
We use nothing but the ,
purest and best ice
j cream and fruit" juice."
We have a telephone. x
1810 2d Ave. 4th and Brady.
writ v rr vt ADf Por Drunk-
" V " enn.ss.Mor-
1 KcA 1 mtilN 1 phlnc & Tobacco
Habits. Purely vegetable treatment;
has cured thousands; has Injured none.
Incorporated under the laws of Illi
nois. Established over twelve years.
Writs for Uteratara. DANYERS, IUU
Harry Shreve. and Miss Bessie
Lyford. of Port Byron, Put. an
End to Parental Delays
Bride Leaves Beloit College to Take
- Up liife on Farm Groom
Has Rented.
'fA-i romantic story of the wedding of
ttvp prominent young people of Port
Lyrori comes from that town. Ln
wllling to wait for the completion of
the college courses of the bride and
groom the couple met by .appolnt
thent in Clinton and were married
Wednesday. Xuw they are to live on
a farm which'has been rented by the
groom, preferring love together on
the farm to learning apart in college
For three years the young man has
been attentive. He is Harry Shreve.
who has beeni teaching xchool for the
past two years and had dreams of
finishing his course in electrical en
gineering in the Illinois State univer
sity, "but he had an opportunity to
rent a farm and he thought the time
for action had come.
Parent OliI Not Object -
The young lady is' Miss Hessie Ly
ford, daughter f Dr. Lyford,' of Por
Byron. Her parents had no objection
to Mr. Shreve, but it was desired that
she should complete her college
course before she took upon" herself
the duties of n wife; Accordingly
she was sent to Beloit college in Wis
consin and it was thought that this
would expel the idea of gettlngmar
ried from her mind. Mr.; Shreve
knew that it was useless to try to
get the consent cf her parents, so he
wrote his fiancee to meet him in Ful
ton and they would have o ceremonj'
In "A Jolly American Tramp," fc.
E. Kidder, the well-known playwright
who wrote "A I'Kr Relation" and
Peaceful Valley" for Sol Smith Rus
sell, solves'the problem that Hasvex-
cd the rural communities for years.
In it Mr. Kidder attempts; to show
that with kindness, a just apprecia
tion of man, even if in rags, and the
consequent respecting of his rights
will impel even the most confirmed
hobo to think he is on earth for a
purpose. In this play the author
promises a new and rather novel mo
tive, that of a rascally husband in
suring the life of his wife, then stupi
fying her with drugs, hiding her in
an attic of a deserted (and supposed
to be haunted) house, substituting an
other body for hers and collecting the
nsurance thereon. Through the me
dium of an firdinary tramp th?
wronged wife is liberated and re
stored to rights that had been wrest
ed from her. and the guilty punished.
There is said to be a happy blending
of pathos and wit in "A Jolly Ameri
can Tramp." The cast contains the
names of such well-known and fa
vorable players as Walter Gale, "Hap
py Jack," the tramp; Miss May Ward,
the dainty little soubrette star; Miss
Helen Davage, the well-known comic
opera prima, donna, late of the Cas
tle. Square company; Miss Margaret
Meredith, a clever character Irish
woman, and, in fact, every partkis in
the hands of competent people. The
play w-ill be strong in musical and
vaudeville numbers. "A Jolly Ameri
can Tramp" will make his Initial bow
to local theatergoers tomorrow even
ing. ' A musical engagement of the great
est Interest to the lovers of melody
is announced in the coming of the
Foxy Quiller opera company to the
Illinois theater Monday evening. Th
light tunefulness of the regular mu
sic and the fun of the piece will be
all the more enjoyed by the regular
patrons of the theater, from the fact
that Mr. DeKoven is said to have re-
.performed in Qlnfo'S.: This plan was
ugxeeaoie to .miss Hessie.
The day set for the meeting was
uruiirwiM ana the groom-to-be
drove to Cordova aiyl left his horse
in that place and took the train for
Fulton. When he ! arrived there he
found that' the train upon which' Miss
Lyford was coming did not stop at
Fulton.' lie therefore went to" Clin
ton and succeeded in getting .'there
before the train arriied at" 1:30 p. m.
Bon A rains t a Suae. . J
After, reaching the city they repair
ed to the court house, expecting to
have everything move smoothly, but
the county clerk informed them, that
u witness was uecessary before the li
cense could be issued. The friends
of the young people in the city were
scarce, but after some trouble Mr.
Khreve was able to locate one ac
quaintance. . With this friend they
returned to the court house and pro
cured the necessary papers, and the
next thing was to find BV'ne one to
perform the' ceremonj-. The friend
suggested that Justice J mid be. call
ed upon an J his services procured.
He was glad to be able to render as
sistance and the nuptial knot was
tied. The bride and groom then drove
to Fulton and took the evening train
for Cordova.
Done by an experienced man. All
work guaranteed satisfactory. Leave
wrders at 925 Nineteenth street or at
C. E. Smith's studio. 'Phone union 32.
J. L. SMITH, City Upholsterer.
Own Hli Life to a Nelarnbor'a Kindness.
D. P. Daughertj-, well known
throughout Mercer and Sumner coun
ties, W. Va., most likely owes his
life to the kindness of, a neighbor; He
was almost hopelessly affected with
diarrhoea; was attended by twophy
sicians who gave him little, if any,
reiief, when a .neighbor learned of
his serious condition, brought him a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarreoea. Remedy which
cured him in. less than twenty-four
hours. For sale by all druggists. '-
turned 'to the more legitimate, and
that Mr. Smith has really told a
story in the plot. The very fact that
DeKoven and Smith are responsible
for the Foxy Quiller insures a de
lightful evening. . The idea of pack
ing the thief and his booty in the
portmanteau of the illustrious Quiller
and starting that famous detective
off from Portsmouth to Corsica to
capture 'his own luggage is one, of
the cleverest as well as one of the
most humorous devices ever employed
in comic opera. In addition to Rich
ard Golden, who of course plays
Foxy Quiller. the cast includes Adolph
Zink, Henry Leone, Charlotta Oilman.
Daisy Hamlin, Edna Dronson, Mel
ville Collins, George W. Head, Emily
Baker, IJIanche Powell. W. J. Conley,
Marie Christie and others.
Walker Whiteside and his large
company will appear at the Illinois
next Wednesday evening in a mag
nificent revival of Shakespeare's great
play, "Hamlet." Mr. Whiteside has al
ways had the reputation of being a
careful producer of Shakespearian
plays, and in his productions for this
beason he has completely eclipsed all
his previous efforts along that line.
He has supplied a large company in
cluding many of the most capable ac
tors in this country. The scenery is
raid to equal if not surpass in beauty
and richness any ever attempted in
Shakespearian revivals.
Kate Claxton in an elaborate re
vival of "The Two Orphans"" begins
her season Oct. 20, in Elizabeth, N.
J. The tour calls for her appearance
in the southern and western cities.
Nelson Roberts and W. W. Randall
are Miss Claxton's managers.
Joseph Jefferson has four sihis. The
elder-is Charles, who is the manager
of his father's company. The next
is Thomas, who is also playing "Rip,"
Thomas is 42 years old, and he finds
it very pleasant to be referred to by
the affable critics as the "youuj
W. M. Hobbs Made' Assistant to
Oeneral Manager of ,
4 Rock Island.
Milwaukee Increases ' Stcck Gen
-. eral News ot Rail,
Official announcement was made
yesterday by the Chicago, Hock Isl
and & Pacific Iiailwa.y . company of
the appointment of W. M. llobbs to
be assistant to the general manager
of the system. At the same time an
nouncement was made of the ap
pointment of 11. F. Slifer to succeed
Mr. Hobbs in the position of general
superintendent of the eastern dis
trict, which includes all the lines east
of the Missouri river. The hcadouar-
tcrs of both will be at Chicago.
The new assistant to the general
manager has been with the ltock Isl
and since 1S71, when he commenced
his service as messenger boy. In the
31 years of continuous connection
with the company he- has tilled the
positions of telegraph operator, sta
tion agent, operator, in truin dis
patcher's office, trick dispatcher,
chief dispatcher, trainmaster, assist
ant superintendent of dhision, divis
ion superintendent, and since Octo
ber, 1S1I9, he has lieen superintendent
of the lines east of the Missouri river.
He was born in Rochester, X. II.," in
1854. ;
H. J. Slifer, the new superintendent
c.f the eastern district, is a native of
Pennsylvania. He entered railroad
service in isso after graduating from
the Polytechnic college of Pennsyl
vania. For two years he was with
the Mexican Central in the engineers'
department. From 18S2 to 1SD1 h
man." He realizes the value of his
father's creation of "lJip," and he is
not going to let it-. get out of the
family if he can avoid it.
In her production of '"When Knight
hood Was In Flower," Effie Ellsler
weasrs three courr costumes, a riding
habit and a page's costume. The
court costumes are of considerable
interest to students as being repro
ductions of gowns worn by the or
iginal Mary Tudor, ' heroine of thi
play. They arc splendid affairs ami
will indicate to women how beau I i
fully the stylet voi nearly 400 yeitrs
ngo can' be adapted to modern use.
The new play written for Blanche
WalshVby Stanislaus ' Stange has at
last hern' named. It will be called
"The 1 Daughter of Hamilcar." Al
though based on Flaubert's Salamm
bo, Mr. Stange has practically evol
ved 'an original play having intro
duced several characters which do
not appear in the French classic and
made many and radical departures
from his story.
Adolph Zink, the liliputian comedi
an of the Foxy Quiller company, had
a funny' experience in Cumberland,
Md., where the opening performance
of his season was given. The parrot
which is used in the opera has hail
three years experience as a mem
ber of the company, so has Zink.
This parrot is a knowing bird and
has its likes and dislikes. For some
unknown reason, he took a dislike to
Zink last season, and never failed to
emphasize his feeling when the-little
comedian went near his ' cage. In
the hurry and bustle of a first 'per
formance at Cumberland, the parrot
got free from his- prison and was
perched in the second entrance just
as Zink started to make his first ap
pearance on the stage. At the sight
of the '.diminutive actor, the bird
ruffled up its feathers and made a dive
for Zink. The little fellow tried tu
pass the enraged bird, but the at
tack was so fierce that the comedian
was compelled to retreat. , The prin
cipals on the stage got ' nervous at
the non-appearance of Zink, and a
serious break in the performance
would have occurred had not tw
of the stage hands gone to the rescue
and coaxed the parrot back into it
cage. Since then Xink each night
looks to see if the parrot is in its cag
before he starts to make up.
pas assistant engineer of the Phila
delphia division of the Pennsylvania:
from 1831 to 1893 he was principal as
sistant engineer of the Milwaukee,
Lake Shore & Western; and since the
last" date has been Connected with
the Chicago & Northwestern as engi
neer 'of 'second tracks and division
engineer of the Ashland & Iowa di
visions of that system. '
1VI11 Increase Stock. .'
. Favorable consideration to a prop
osition to issue an additional $20,
000,000 of capital stock Mill lie given
at the annual meeting of the stock
holders bf the Chicago, Milwaukee &
St.' Paut Railroad company today in
Milwaukee. The details of the pro
posed issue are said to include the
reservation of the rights of the hold
ers ttt the present stock to take the
proposed shares with a deduction
from the present value of 20 per cent.
Theories are numerous as to what
the St. Paul company intends to do
with this additional stock. The re
vival of the suspended plan'for build
ing from the Missouri river at Evarts.
S. I)., to the Pacific coast was one of
the supposed reasons. The amount
of the new issue, $20,000,000, calcu
lated with the available surplus
which the last financial statement of
the company showed it to have would
furnish the $40,000,000 necessary to
cross the mountains and establish u
Pacific terminal.
Grrcki mm Laborer.
The party of about a dozen Greek
who are employed about the local
Rock Island yards live in box cars, as
is their custom wherever they ar
employed along the line. Two old
cars have been backed in north of
the water tank and they are used
for sleeping and living quarters. The
crew has used some of the brick
that was taken from the old round
house to make shanties in which to
cook. Thev are built up without mor
tar and are roofed with old ties and
other rubbish. There are four or
five of them and inside of each is a
well arranged fireplace where the
frugal Hellenes conduct the culinary
department of their households.
These same Greeks make very fair
sectionmen and are employed pretty
much all over the Rock Island sys
tem. They are rather short of stat
ure, very even in size and are tireless
workers. The regularity of their
habit& and their sobriety are among
the strongest points in their favor,
for they ean always be depended up
on to.be on hand ami discharge th
duties of which they are capable.
The fact that they are not, as a rule,
talkative and will work together
without losing much time in conversa
tion, also increases their working
Very few of them can speak" Eng
lish, and they learn very slowly -on
account of living apart from Ameri
cans. There must always be in each
section crew, however, one who can
act as an interpreter, and transmit
the orders of the foreman. It is only
during the past couple of years that
Greeks have leen employed in this
part irf the country on railroad work,
but it. seems that they are growing in
demand in the absence ef reliable
laborers of other more intelligent
Rork Island Noted.
S. N. Conover is dispatching at the
local office filling the vacancy that
has been created through the resig
nation of Chief Dispatcher Scott.
Work on the new express antl bag
gage building is going forward rapid
ly and the prospect is thyt within the
next week the brick work will have
been completed. The preparation of
the grounds about the building is go
ing on and they will be graded and
the walks laid before the station is
Increasing business in the Daven
port yards has necessitated the put
ting on of an additional seeon 1
switch engine within the past two
weeks. The one put on last is the 153
and it is in charge of C. Odin, who has
been promoted from fireman to extra
duty as engineer.
Fireman G. Weyrouch is also run
ning a switch engine. .
. Machinist M. Manyon has been
transferred from the local to the
Davenport shops.
Engineer J. Smith is laying off and
has gone on a visit to Chicago. Engi
neer Schofleld Is on the 1107 in his
Engineer Silas Sprague is laying off
and C. Nelson is on the 462 in his
Engine 339, formerly the No. 11, is
back oh the Cable branch after an
overhauling in the Davenport shops.
Engineer Noble and Fireman D. M.
Smith have been assigned to the 50
nights and Engineer G. J. Smith anil
Fireman J. Needham have been as
signed to the 47 days. -
Enginer A. Hotchkies has returned
from his visit in Chicago.
Fireman Ward is off duty.
Fortune Favora a Texan
"Having distressing pains in head,
back and stomach, and being without
appetite, I began to use Dr. King's
New Life Pills," writes W. P. White
head, of Kennedale, Texas, "an soon
felt like a new man." Infallible in
stomach and liver troubles. Only 23
cents, at Hartz & Ullemeyer's drug
A New Jeraer Kdltor'a Testimonial
. M. T. Lynch, editor of the Phillips
burg, N. J., Daily Tost, writes: "I
have used many kinds of medicines
for coughs and colds in ray family,
but never anything so good as Foley's
Honey and Tar. I cannot say tod
much in praise of it. Sold by all
Ednesta Tour Bawals With Caaearat.
Candy Cat-"rt1e, cure constipation fore ret,
Wc,u- . 3, tail, drag gUu refund maaej.
.. tun. nation artcir
lr J.I
z.T.e ir. suit
For FeUl and Wirvter
Ullemeyer & Sterling's
Fidelity Loan Company.
1 Mitchell & Lynde block. Room 33. ; Office hours 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. and
Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Telephone 1514.
, !.'.'.'.
Stores warm the house only "in spots."
Hot-AIf Furnaces chronically refuse to
wasm rooms on the exposed side.
While Steam and Hot-Water Systems
genially warm the home through
out. Why? Write us.
Alien, Afvers & Company
Sanitivry Plumbers
114 West Seventeenth Street.
? Don't Throw Your La.st
Uring it to ns, let us examine it. We can make it look
gooi as new if you'll give us the chance. Our cleaning
and dying is in the hands of of competent people, and our
work and prices will suit you. . -
Standard Svii tori vim Club.
L. F. BAUMBACH, Proprietor.
300 Twentieth StreeU - ' r Phone tffil WesC
-v -
Copyright 1002 Fy
Buha Nathan A Plachsr' Co.
How much that word moans. When
you are satisfied, everything is all
right. We can satisfy you in the
malter tf loans on personal proper
ty furniture, pianos, horses, wag
ons, eic, and we believe you will find
it to your interest to deal here for
anything in this line. We serve you
promptly, at reasonable rates an I
without publicity. The property is
left in your undisturbed possession.
Xo unnecessary red tape, no charge
for papers, business conducted quiet
ly and with an eye to your interests
as well as ours. Let us tell you mor;
about it.
On Windy
fae about equal a hot
water bag.
IDEAL Boiler and AMERICAN Radiators
is the main point. Style is much
a matter of fancy, but it can be re
lied upon as absolute truth that
any plumbing done by Channon,
Perry & Co. will be the best that
experience, skill and good judgment
can command. Only modern, up-to-dale
sanitary work is done, fin
ished in the most substantial and
enduring manner.
Winter's Overcoat Awa.y J
- ft. --V.K 1 n I. bar
i at vi.-t.f-' J JL'S .iPJArO

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