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Published Dally and Weekly at 1614 Second
Avenue, Rock Island. 111. Entered at the
Postofflce as Second-class matter.
TERMS Dally, 10 cents per week. Weekly,
1.00 per year in advance.
All communications of political or argumen
tative character, political or religious, must
have real n ame attached for publication. No
such articles will be printed over fictitious
Correspondence solicited from every town
hip In Rock Island county.
Wednesday, Dot-ember 17.
The nitmUr of :int i-t rust proposi
lions made liy republicans in congress
hnv :i :nl confusion of iilc:is ill their
party :i i what ought to be ilmie bv
the party in order to lo nothing.
It is safe to say tliat the contest
l.v.n l.'i.ckefeHer and C'ii rneirie to
see who can give tlie most will not bi
so nnimated as the contest tlie.v have
waged, so long to see who could get
the most.
Secretary Koot nexieroiisl v states
Ihut he does not want to hit lien.
.Miles from behind with his army staff
bill. Secretary Koot has evidently
minified some with public opinion
since his last dill at the "eticrnl of
the armv.
Senator Spooner. of isconsin. sa vs
he will accept reelection. After sev
era I months" labor to secure a favor
able leirislat nre this is a most remark
able disclosure. Some one should in
terview our man Hopkins and ascer
tain if he will accept senatorial honors.
While the hope is general that no
emergency will arise in the Venezue
lan situation to irive cause for mili
tary procedure on the part of this
country, it is nevert heless a source
of infinite comfort and satisfaction
to know that the I'nited States has a
bif fleet within short sailinjr distance
of the scene of act ion a ml that Ad
miral Dewev is on deck.
A story is told of Arthur Ualt'our's
experience as secretary for Ireland
which illustrates both his unpopular
ity and the wit of the celebrated
Father llealey. Balfour asked the
priest on one occasion: "Do the Irish
really hatt; me as much as the newspaper.-
say".'" "My dear sir." was
Father llcaley's answer, "if they on
ly hated the devil half a.- much as
they hate vou. my occupation would
be gone."
No matter what kind of a wild In
dian President (astro is alleged to
le. his "gentlemanly as well as humane
conduct toward the sick wife of the
(erinan consul at Caracas brands
him as a man jjrosslv misrepresented.
His critics, miiiic of them, have said
that lie is crazy. IF beiny coiirtcou
to a sick woman is iM-inir crazv. it is
a shame there are not more lunatii
in tile world. ome oi these Icllows
who spit all over the streets of Kock
Island and who stand ami use pr
lane expressions on the street cor
ners while ladies an
go crazy, if by losing
would be courteous
prohibition were some of the notable
leaders of the republican party.
"This result shows that the proh
bition fad is passing never again to
become prominent in state polities.
Vermonters found, as . -ople il
everywhere, that prohibition so-called
does not prohibit that it merely
drives the liquor tratlic into hiding.
where it cannot be restrained and
breeds far worse evils than those
which over zealous, but worthy ami
sincere people, would eliminate from
the bodv politic. Tin- lesson of the
defeat of prohibition in Vermont
like that of its defeat in Jowa. should
impress the fact upon the public
mind that the cure of the evils which
row out of the Honor tratlic is not
in prohibition but in consei'vnt ivel v
dealing with them.
"lotva. tried prohibition and in tin
right spirit modified it. The Mulct
law may not be Ihe best that could
be devised, but its passage demon
strated that the people of Iowa are
willing to profit by the experience
with prohibition. Vermont has
show n a like spirit i n .snbst it lit inn
local option for prohibition. The
country is tmt yet ripe for sumptuary
leirislat ion. It is a fact that there is
more drunkenness in the states where
there hae been prohibitory laws en
acted than where local option laws
permit the people to decide whether
Ihe traffic shall be shut out or per
milted.. The passing of prohibition
invites the best ability of legislator?
of the several states in the enact
ment of wise and proper laws to re
strain the evil that is inseparable
from the saloon and to minimize it
without abolishing; the sale ot lnpior.
Of course actual prohibition will
never be had.
"Laws should be made with this
end in view without being oppressive.
The - student of sociology will find
here a wide field of endeavor. The
iiiblie must be educated rather than
forced into a recognition of the evil
both morally and physically, of the
excessive use of alcoholic beverages.
"The proper use and the abuse of
liquor should be tailor lit in the public
schools. Its influence on the system
diould be demonstrated practically,
t hat is the true way to promote tem
perance. Prohibit ion promotes intem
perance because of the temptation to
secret Iv sell and drink stun that is
loctored." "
Trials ami Hardships of the Anthra
cite Miners.
The anthracite coal commission
is actually finished the hear
ing .of the miners
nse. The tales of
lesolation. sickness.
ibuse told on the wi
side of the
distress, want,
despair. and
tness stand bv
passing, should
t hei r heads t hey
to the itch I lei
At a sale of books in Washington
Ihe other evening the auctioneer put
up a set oi l heodore Koosevelt s
works, and after a sharp contest
among niniiers it was knocked down
at a figure slightly in excess of the
regular store price. When the auc
tioneer picked out a life of (ieorge
Washington and held that up with the
usual preface of choice comment.
Silence followed the conclusion of his
panegyric. Not a solitarv bid was
heard. Again the auctioneer tried
the value of advertising-, but not an
offer was made. Tossing the book
back on a shelf he said in a tone of
mingled contempt and1 distrust: "(io
back to the shelf, (ieorge! You're not
wanted; you're a back number. The
times are too- strenuous for vou
The Decline of Prohibition.
From the state of Iowa, which pre
sents as convincing an example a
could be conceived of the utter folly
and failure of prohibitory enactment
as a means of control of the liquor
trahie. comes through the columns of
the DuhiHiiie Tcleeraph the follow
"For many years Vermont Jiad pro
hibition, but as in all other states
where the tratlic in alcoholic liquors
was prohibited, the prohibitory law
5n the (ireen Mountain state was a
failure. Kealizing- that a prohibition
law that did not prohibit was only a
shelter for the sale of vile and dan
gerous concoctions which were con
sumed by many who sought alcoholic
beverage, the issue was squarely
made. The anti-prohibition republi
cans nominated a candidate for gov
ernor who ran as an independent. The
regular republican candidate ran tin a
prohibition platform. He was beaten
by a plurality larger than was ever
given against the regular republican
candidate. In the 'crusade against
miners, miners widows and children
have been a revelation to the People
f this prosperous republic. Tin
stones of poverty and oppression
tin! descriptions of conditions in the
inthr:wite fields, as the Springlield
Keiristcr sas. are eotial to those
inanating from the peasant quarters
f the Old World. That such condi-
tioiis should exist in I-ranee or in
I'ussia is not so ilitlicult to explain.
but. that such conditions should -
t right in the very birthplace al
most, of 1 lie iiinsl protrrt : ive. most
liisi. and mot powcrlul republic the
world has ever known, is almost be
yond explanation. Such conditions
are alone attributed to the existence
of a coal tru.it which is character
istic' of the other trusts now menac
ing this nation.
It seems only plausible that with
the prices of coal as high as they al
ways are there should pot be siif-
iicient profit to all concerned in mm
ing coal to enrich employer and em
ploye. There is no doubt that there
is siithcieiit profit. That those prolits
are not more justly and equally dis
tributed is only explained by the fact
that the coal barons have gobbled all
the profits and made industrial
slaves of the employes. The
profits have been large enough
to go around. but they were
not honestly distributed, the barons
have taken all to themselves and not
even given a reasonable pittance to
the suffering', half-starved miners.
The strike hearing has "gone suf
ficiently far to show what's what,
and who's who. The coal barons by
combining their interests have be
come tyrants ami stave drivers prac
tically, and there has been no law or
at least no enforcement of any law
to prevent this crime against labor.
The strikers do not ask as much as
they deserve.
The Pride of Heroes.
Many soldiers in the last war wrote
to say that, for scratches, bruises,
cuts, wounds, corns, sore feet and
stiff joints, Bueklen's Arnica Salve is
the best in the world. Same for
burns, scalds, boils, ulcers, skin erup
tions and piles. It cures or no pay.
Only 25 cents, at Hartz & Ullemeyer's
drug store.
What's In a Name?
Everything- is in the name when it
comes to Witch Hazel Salve. F. C. De
Witt & Co., of Chicago, discovered,
some years ago, how to make a salve
from witch hazel that is a specific for
piles. For blind, bleeding, itching and
protruding piles, eczema, cuts, burns,
bruises and all skin diseases DeWitt's
Salve has no equal. This has given
rise to numerous worthless counter
feits. Ask for DeWitt's the cenuine.
Harper House pharmacy; A. J.
Kiess drug store, corner Seventh ave
nue and Twenty-seventh street.
A Timely Topic.
At this season of coughsand colds
it is well to know that Foley's Honey
and Tar is the greatest throat and
lung remedy. It cures quickly and
prevents serious results from a cold.
All druggists.
Near the border which divides Sibe
ria from Russia lived Count Arkadye
vich, a country gentleman. His daugh
ter. Marya Alexandrovna, an attractive
girl of eighteen, was sought in mar
riage by uiany of the sons of the neigh
boring landed proprietors, but seemed
to prefer Ivan Mlkahailof, a lusty but
lazy young fellow who had never been
known to take an interest in but one
thing the town lire department, which
he had organized and drilled, becoming
very expert himself in the drenching of
burning buildings.
A battalion of troops came to the
town commanded by Major Nikolai Le
vin, a middle aged man whose private
fortune was large. From childhood he
had been accustomed to having his own
way. He had studied and practiced
the use of every known weapon, and
when any man stood in his way he
would insult him. challenge him and, if
necessary, kill him. All kinds of weap
ons had been tried against Levin, from
a Turkish scimiter to a mountain how
itzer, ami he had handled every one
with perfect skill, lie had no sooner
set eyes on Marya than he fell violent
ly In love with her. Marya, though she
accepted his attentions, could not be
completely won over from her athletic
tin it or, Ivan. Levin at last concluded
that with Ivan in the way he could
never win the girl, so he made up his
mind to kill him. He soon found a pre
text for considering himself insulted by
the young man and sent him a chal
lenge. Marya heard of the intended -assassination
and was much troubled, lu
her extremity she sent for a former
schoolmate, Kostia Saniu, in whose in
genuity she placed great confidence.
and asked him to help her.
"Well, 1 will offer him my services.
and if he accepts them 1 will see what
I can do for him." said Sanin.
A few hours later Major Levin re
ceived a visit from Samn. "I am to
arrange this affair between you and
my friend Mikahailof." he said, "and.
since he is the challenged party, choose
for him the weapons, the time and the
place of meeting."
"That is your right. It is immaterial
to me with what weaHn I light, and I
beg you will choose that with which
the young man Is most skillful."
Vou show a magnanimous spirit.
major, and I shall meet your wishes.
Ihe only weapon with which Ivan
Mikahailof has any skill whatever is
the nozzle of a hose. I therefore choose
this weapon."
"If you think you can turn the af
fair into a jest, you are mistaken."
'I propose no jest. The terms are
that you and your adversary are to go
into an unhealed room, wearing no
clothing whatever, each furnished with
a hose, and plav upon each other till
you are satisfied."
What an absurdity!"
Nothing of the kind. You know that
the temperature here at this season Is
never above zero and the water is ley
cold. Neither of you will be able to
endure the torture more than half an
hour without dving a terrible death.
mid in any event there is great pro! la
bility of pneumonia setting in after the
Sanin then named the time and plage
and took his departure.
The ma lor submitted the case to the
otticcrs of his battalion, who. after long
deliberation, decided that he must ac
cept the terms. At the appointed time
he and his antagonist stood stark
naked in a large room, each armed
with a half inch nozzle. At a given
signal the water was turned on by the
seconds, and the contest begun. Ivan
had always lived in that northern re
gion, while the major had been born
in the south. Ivan was hardy, while
the ma ior was delicate and sensitive
from having led a luxurious life. At
the first stroke of the icy water he was
shaken by a terrific chill, while the
stur lv Ivan, who had bathed in water
ns cold that very morning, braced
himself against the chock and stood
upritrht and firm as a rock. One of the
seconds stood with a watch in his
hand, while the other kept a band on
the water cock. At the end of two
minutes time was called and the water
turned off. The principals were per
mitted to niove'about for two minutes
to recoup and break the ice forming
on their bodies, when they were re
quired to take their jiositions, and the
water was turned on. At the end of
the next round Levin was shivering
terribly, his skin was livid, and his
lips were blue, while his opponent had
readily restored circulation. At the
end of the next round the major was
Informed by those of his officers who
were present that he might give up the
unequal contest without sacrificing his
honor, and be declared that he was
satisfied. He was taken into a warm
room, dosed with hot liquor, rubbed
and put between blankets. Neverthe
less be was (stricken with pneuiuouia,
from which he nearly died. Ivan pol
ished himself with a crash towel, put
on his clothes and took a brisk walk.
Kostia Sanin went to Marya and
gave her nn account of what had oc
curred. "You are now free to marry
either of those men you choose. I pre
sume from your interest in Ivan that
your choice will fall on him."
"No; it will not fall on Ivan."
"Then it is the major."
"No, nor the major."
"Well, then, I should like to know
what all this trouble has been about."
"To change the subject, how shall I
reward you for helping us out of this
"Well, you might let me kiss your
"What do you say to my lips?"
A light broke in upon Kostia. He
went to Marya. took her In bis arms
and kissed her, but when he had kissed
her once there was no stopping.
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colors, up from uC
Bargain lots of Christmas y jj
Aprons, at 50c, 88 o and. ... ZuC
Wool Waists, big values, -t f(
at l.!5, 1.62, 125 and 1 ,UU
Very pretty houe Wrap- ap.
pers, at 1.45, 1.25 and V5C
Children's Dresses in great tZfn
variety of style, up from . . uUt
Fancy Stocks with or with- gj-,
out tabs, each 1.S5 to ZOL
Automobile Ties and Crepe de Chine
Scarfs and Squares, 7 ZZ
6.25 to OC
Ijtce Collars and Ties, ranging 7C
In price from 3.25 to C
Windsor Ties. 6 inches wide by 88 Inches
long, heavy quality plaids, plain China hem
stitched ends, and Crepe de Chine, -C
all at each JC

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