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AN incoming season never brought
us so much splendid furniture
as our present stocky displays. We
have been gradually raising our
standard of quality until we can
truthfully say that the best things
from the furuiture world maybe
found here. We believe that buying
trashy furniture is the most expen
sive investment one can make. So
we aim to sell honest furniture v?
Furniture that will wear and hold to
gether. r .
At the
Lowest Prices
that such a thing can be sold for.
Handsome styles, highest qualities
and reasonable costs are what you
will find here. Suppose you look
through our stock the next time you
buy a chair, a lounge or a household
of furnitureYou will say that your
time was well spent. Always wel
come to come and look.
Corner 2d Ave.
with an umbrella when a few .dollars will
buy the stylish Aquaproof" Rain Coat,
bearing the famous trade mark?
'I jt
Cirrtcij CltUtt Jot Mm
$15 to $28.
Big Line of Spring Overcoats
Bearing the Same LeJbel.
" 'Nviff . Sed."
Your money back if anything goes
wrong. We are exclusive distributors here.
and 16th St.
No rubber in the "Aqua
proof" never heats you
up or smells musty like
a mackintosh or rubber
coat. , But it sheds rain
just the same and in the
sunshine it's an elegant
spring overcoat. Alfred
Benjamin CSL Co. guar
antee the fabric to us
we guarantee the fabric
to you.
Cut in the late New
York style 50 inches
long, full skirts, with or
without belt in the back
Coverts, Cassimeres,
and Cheviots: olive, tan,
and gray. Custom-tailored
Claud Cootes, Who Snatched
Purse From Lady in
John Peterson Jailed on Vagrancy
Charge on Complaint
of Father.
Officers Moody ami Carlson this
morning1 effected the arrest of Claud
Coates, a young colored man, wanted
in Davenport. Coates was located in
the colored quarter near Twenty-second
street and Third avenue and was
turned over to the Davenport police.
He was sentenced to 30 days in jail
during the day.
The crime for which he was wanted
was the theft of a pocket book- yes
terday from Miss Elizabeth Wilson,
formerly of Port Byron, while' she
was passing- along- the street ?n Dav
enport. Coates grabbed the purs
which she was carrying in hfrliand
and ran, escaping for the time being
from the pursuit that was instituted
and finally getting across, to this side
of the river. 1m the purse was the
sum of $5 in silver, and all but 50
cents was recovered.
John Peterson was sentenced this
morning by Magistrate Johnson to
(JO days in the county jail on the
charge- of vagrancy brought by his
father, Adolph Peterson. The son
has become a drunkard and was once
previously given a jail sentence on
tho charge of drunkenness.
I'olloe Points.
Chief Dennis McCarthy Saturday
evening arrested four youthful trav
elers who were trying to induce the
charitable citizens of Twenty-fourth
street to provide them their suppers.
Taken to tho station the. boys, who
were all about 12 years of age, ex
plained that they had left Muscatine,
where their homes are, to take a ride
in an empty car that was pulled
through attached to a train on the
Koek island. It developed that two
of the boys had relatives in this city,
and they were all placed in their care
till the transportation to take them
home could be secured.
The police have be.-n notified by the
local officials of the Koek Island road
that boys have been carrying away
brass car journals from the yards in
the west end of the city.
The dea l body of Jacob lleidcn
reich was found today lying across the
graves of his parents in the City cem
etery in Davenport, lie had shot
himself in the heart with a revolver.
He was 30 years of age and had been
despondent since the death of his
father and mother, having often
threatened to destroy himself.
Clrrnlt Court.
Judge (iest Saturday overruled tho
motion to quash in the cases of Aug
ust Welding, Arthur Hill, Ceorge
.Schafer, Fred Ilildebrand, Herman
Hanker, William Allars, John Sward,
Ed Kautz and John "Schafer, all in
dieted for keeping houses of ill-fame;
against Emil Mortier and Herman
Hanker for harboring girls under 18
for immoral purposes, and William
Curran, charged with renting house
of ill-fame. Among those in which
counts of indict ments were quashed
were two in the ease of Capt. John
Streekfus for keeping slot machines.
Other counts still stand.
Judge F. I). Kamsay, of Morrison,
arrived in (lie city todny and this af
ternoon he convened the circuit court.
After some minor matters had been
disposed of the trial of Wesley Ked
dig, indicted for burglary, was begun.
Keddig is the party who watched an
opportunity to get into the cellar at
the MeCabe residence on Fifth ave
nue one evening last -winter and was
captured by the porter. State's At
torney Weld is prosecuting and J. F.
Murphy defending.
I)ner of Cold unci Grip.
The greatest danger from colds and
grip is their resulting in pneumonia.
If reasonable care is used, however,
and Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy tak
en, all danger will be avoided. Among
the tens of thousands who have used
this remedy for these diseases we have
yet to learn of a single case having
resulted in pneumonia, which shows
conclusively that it is a certain pre
ventive, of that, dangerous disease. It
will cure a cold or an attack of the
grip in less time than any other
treatment. It is pleasant and safe to
take. For sale by all druggists.
The Stomach la th Man.
A weak stomach weakens the man,
because it cannot transform the food
he eats into nourishment. Heajthand
strength cannot be restored to any
sick man or w-eak woman without
first restoring health and strength to
the stomach. A weak stomach can
not digest enough food to feed the
tissues and revive the tired and run
down limbs and organs of the body.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cleanses, puri
fies, sweetens and strengthens the
glands and membranes of the stom
ach, and cures indigestion, dyspepsia
and all stomach troubles.
Harper House pharmacy; A. J.
Kiess drug store, corner Seventh ave
nue and Twenty-seventh street.
To Care a Cold In On Iay
take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets'.
This signature, E. W,vGrove, on every
box."2o cents.
Hon. Guy C. Scott, of Aledo, was a
city visitor yesterday.
Dr. J. C. Haekett, of Muscatine,
visited with friends in Koek Island
Saturday. , . ' -.
Mrs. A. II. Kough and two children,
of Blue Island, are visiting with rel
atives in the city.
II. II. Cleaveland returned Saturday
evening from' a week's trip through
southern Missouri.
Miss Grace Stafford returned yes
terday from Chicago university for
the spring vacation.
Miss ' Fannie Divers has returned
from Chicago, where she was called
by the illness of relatives.
Attorney II. W. Olmsted has gone
to Chicago, from which place he will
depart for Texas to be gone about
ten days.
Mrs. Harry Soniiners departed Sat
urday for a visit in Iloekford before
going to join Mr. Sommers at Fort
Wayne, Ind., where he is located.
Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Hire, of Milwau
kee, are in the city. They are en
route to Colorado for a sojourn in
thei . hope, . of bettering Mr. Hire's
health.. ..:
Mrs. Gilpin Moore, who has spent
the winter in Chicago, has decided to
permanently locate there, and today
W. A. Meyer, her son-in-law, shipped
her household goods to that city.
Mrs. H. C. Metgar, of Port P.yron,
arrived Saturday from California and
visited here with Mrs. L. L.
Cool before proceeding to her home.
She has spent eight months on the
coast and her health is greatlv ben
efitted. Mrs. William Kamskill and daugh
ter Charlotte returned Saturday from
Milwaukee, where they attended the
funeral of Mrs. A. II. Knott, who died
suddenly at her home in that city.
Mrs. Knott had many acquaintances
in Koek Island, having visited here
Miss Julia Patties returned yester
day from New York City, where she
won distinguished honors at the re
cent dressmakers convention at Ma
sonic temple in that city March 4 to
14. Miss Patties was one of ISO com
petitors in the prize contest .for
American mode gowns and she was
awarded the second prize, the
competitor who won. the lirst prize
being Prof. H. Schneider, an expert
ladies' tailcr, nf New York City.
The honor Miss Patties has won is
shared with her not only by beu
friendks in her native city, but dress
makers of the west- are proud to
know that the handiwork of one of
their contemporaries has been found
to rank with that of the most skillful
modistes of the east, and Miss Pat
ties is receiving many letters of con
gratulation. The gown that was
awarded the second prize, as well as
a number of others of the prize win
ners, will be exhibited in some of the
larger west era cities by the Chicago
Dressmakers' association.
Advertised I-otter I.lnt No. 1.
The following is the list of advertis
ed letters remaining uncalled for in
the Hock Is-Iand postolTice for the
week ending March 21, 1903: Miss
Vera Allen, W. A. Priggs, Miss Klsie
Pranan, Mrs. Harry D. Pennett, Mrs.
Jack Prof sky, Mrs. Xora Pishop, Pari
Dickerson, Maggie Freeman, Thomas
Grillin, John M. Goswick, C. E. Gos
sette. Mrs. F. Henry, F. Johnson, Per
ry Kimbly, W. A. Landee, G. W. Mick,
I j.
C. Potter, Orion Payne, S. Pisher,
C. Keilly, Mrs. K. J. llussell, Frank
Schener (2), George. Schwegler. C.
Shore, Mrs. lister Smith, C. F. Ste
vens. Donald Truekeniuiller, Mrs. C.
M. West, A. ('. Waygandt. Foreign
Schalle Gcisler, J. Wachsmann.
. Taxes Do a.
Taxes for the year 1903 are now
due. Parties having no real estate
will be expected to pay their personal
property tax without delay. The law
in regard to the collection of person
al tax will be strictly enforced if
prom7t payment is not made. Office
with S. S. Hull, veal estate and insur
ance agent, room-15, Mitchell & Iiynde
building. J. W. TUPPS,
Township Collector.
Sever Attack of Grip Cured ly One Itottle
of Chamberlain' Cough Remedy.
"When I had an attack of the grip
last winter (the second one) I actual
ly cured myself with one bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Pemcdy," says
Frank W. Perry, editor of the Enter
prise, Shortsville, N. Y. "This is the
honest truth. I at times kept from
coughing myself to pieces by taking
a teaspoonful of this remedy, and
when the coughing spell would come
on at night I would take a dose and
it seemed that in the briefest inter
val the cough would pass off and I
would go to sleep perfectly free from
cough and its accompanying pains.
To say that the remedy acted as a
most agreeable surprise is putting it
very mildly. I had no idea that it
would or . could knock out the grip,
simply because I had never tried it
for such a pucpose, but it did, and it
seemed with the' second attack of
coughing the remedy caused it to not
only be of less duration, but the pains
were far less severe, and I had not
used the contents of one bottld before
Mr. Grip had bid me adieu." For sale
by all druggists.
For OrerHUty Tear
Mrs. Winslow'g Soothing Syrup has
been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. 25
cents a bottle.
Packet Due to Arrive Here To
day From Keo
Capt. Abraham Looney, Pioneer Pi
lot, Dies at Home in
The steamer J. S. was due to ar
rive today from Keokuk, where she
spent tho winter in the canal. Capt.
Streekfus went for the boat Thurs
day of last week and he expected to
bring up when he came F. K. Hop
kins, who will be local agent of the
Acme and Carnival City Packet com
panies, and family. The object of get
ting the boat here so early is in order
to make some repairs upon, her and
to renovate her for the opening of
the season. The main alteration that
will be made 1 the placing of a cafe
oni the lower- deck for the use of the
Word has been received here of the
death at his home in Dakotaj Minn.,
of Capt. Abraham Pooney, a well
known pilot of former days. He was
73 years of age and was on the river
between 1851 and 1S85. His home for
many years was in the vicinity of La
River llalletln.
Dang'r Hgt. Change
Pine. 8a.m. 24 his.
Feet. Feet. Feet.
St. Paul ... 14 7.4
Ked Wing 14 7.9 0.5
Keed's Landing ..12 7.1 0.8
La Crosse 12 8.5
Pr. do Chien IS 8.5 0.3
Dubuque 1" 8.7 .4
Le Claire 10 5.7 0...
Davenport 15 7.7 0.3
Des Moines DjmIs. .. 5.1 ....
Keokuk 15 8.1 ....
St. 1ouis . . . 3( 23.8
innsns City .... 21 14.2
Kiver forecast for 4S hours ending
S a. m.. Wednesday. March 25, 190:5:
The 'Mississippi will continue to rise
at nearly the present rate between
Dubuque and Davenport.
Tri-City Council No. 1G Commercial
Travelers of America Saturday even
ing at the regular meeting at Krell &
Math's hall, elected the following of
liecrs for the ensuing term:
S. C. II. J. Klaucr.
J. C. I. C. P.etz.
1. C. H. A. Morrow.
Secretary and treasurer Charles
Conductor H. A. Andrews.
. Page A. Van Koeckritz.
Sentinel C. Hailing.
Chaplain L. E. West.
Executive Committee, (two ycars
F. I). Andrews, John W. Day.
A committee comiOsed of J. W.
Day, II. A. Morrow, Charles Schnei
der. Joseph Andrews, H. J. Klauer and
L. K. West has been appointed to ar
range for the convention of the state
Commercial Travelers which will be
held in this city during the middle
of May. This will be one of the most
important gatherings to be held in
this citv this summer. i
I.lrenned to Wed.
Charles II. Davis Elgin, Iowa
Miss. Helena Hatipt Dubuque
William F. Williamson' Moline
Mrs. Elizabeth Willis. Charleston. W.Y.
Matthew Ohaver Manlius, HI.
Miss Xetla. Christian Illinois City
Calvin Yanatla Puffnlo Prairie
Miss Pert ha Sehm II Illinois City
Tragedy Averted.
"Just in the nick of time our little,
boy was saved," writes Mrs. W. Wat
kins, of Pleasant City, Ohio. "Pneu
monia had played sad havoc with him
and a terrible cough set in besides.
Doctors treated him, but he grew
worse every day. At length we tried
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, and tur darling was saved.
He's now sound end well." Every
body ought to know, it's the only sure
cure for coughs, colds and all lung
diseases. Guaranteed by Hartz &
Ullemeyer, druggists.
Tadle Can Wear Shoe
one size smaller after using Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken in
to the shoes. It makes tig-lit or new
shoes feel easy; gives instant relief to
corns and bunions. It's the greatest
comfort discovery of the -age. Cures
and prevents swollen feet, blisters,
callous and sore spots. Allen's Foot
Ease, is a certain cure for sweating,
hot, aching feet. At all druggists
and shoe stores. 25 cents. Trial pack
age free by 'mail. Address Allen S.
Olmstcad, Ie Koy, N. Y. .
The best pill 'neath the stars and
It cleanses the system and never
Little Early Kisers of worldly repute-Ask
for De Witt's and take no sub
stitute. A small pill, easy to buy, easy to
take and easy to act. but never fail
ing in results. DeWitt's Little Early
Kisers arouse the secretions and act
as a tonic to the liver, curing perma
nently. Harper House pharmacy; A. J.
Kiess drug store, corner Seventh ave
nue and Twenty-seventh street.
La grippe coughs yield quickly to
the wonderful curative qualities of
Foley's Honey and Tar. There is
nothing else "just as good." All drug
gists. - - " " -
- - "X '
EASTEK IS DKAWING NEAP If yon wish your new suit or wrap
for Easter Sunday we advise an early selection. Peautiful ready-to-wear
Silk Suits in Pongees, Fa ncy Taffetas and Foulards now
on sale. Prices begin at $12.
A Great Ribbon Purchase
Supply your needs for summer how-
Extra salespeople and space will be
provided for thi big Kibbon event,
3Be to 50e Satin Taffeta Kibbons 25c
200 pieces fine satin Taffeta Pib-
bon, white, cream, pink, blue, etc
4 to 7 jiM-lics wine, while or
they last, per yard HOC
1,000 Yard 5c Pibbons, 2c. jn-r yard-
AH colors in narrow wid.ths, usu
ally sold for 5c, at
per yard
1,000 Yards 7c Pibbons, 3,c per yard
All colors in stttin and grorain sat
in taffeta and taffeta Pibbons, usu
ally sold at 7c. at, per
yard U2U
Wide Fancy Neck Pibbons lOe and 5c
per yard- 10S pieces 3 to 4 inch fan
cy imported Pibbons suitable for
neckwear or belts, all new hand
some goods, worth up to 25e, at
per yard, Ijc 10c r
and OC
c Fancv Hair Pibbons, pvr yard 3,c
All pure silk, white and all colors.
regular price Ce, at per
yard ;
No. 2 Shirring Pibbons. 19c Polt 150
pieces No. 2 all silk Pibbons, can be
used nicely for trimming summer
gowns, worth 50c apiece,
while they last ;..IC
Shoes for Men
Some very new and snappy styles
f men's Shoes in regular and Pluch-
er cuts jnade of velour calf -patent
i-olt skin and vici k'nk remarkably
good and cheap at
2.50, 3.00, 3.50
FFERS you the widest
Boys' pfjf
and JJ
most moderate prices, tasteful Designs, Superior
Fabrics, Satisfactory Tailoring,, distinguish the boys'
clothes that we sell. We trust that you will call and
see our sumptuous exhibit of novelties in Sailor Norfolk Suits,
Sailor Plouse Suits, Russian Suits, Norfolks, Double Breasted
Blouse Suits and Three-piece Suits.
We Clothe Boys from Three Years
Upward, Fa.shiona.bly and in
Good Taste n
1801 Second Ave., Koek Island.
Styles in
Brandenburg Millinery Store,
Comer Twentieth Street and Fourth. Avenue.
'Phone Union Electric G130.
The new
will be a paradise assured if
warmed by HOT WATER. N
A uni form,
healthful tem
perature is pro
duced and at
large saving in
America Radiators
Allen, Myers (EL Co.
Lev. dies Shoes
Pretty Easter styles of ladies' shoes
in full assortment. Styles that are
up to the minute.
Patent kid and fine dongola kid, hand
sewed, welted and turned, the. best
shoemaking and materials that can
be put into $3.50 and $t shoes,
marked on our low price o fift
basis at ...t .iJUU
Morning at 9, 50c!
Fatncy Silk Mulls
29c ol Ysvrd
Tuesday morning we offer a very ad
vantageous purchase of fancy silk
mulls the very newest designs for
1003 lace and honiton stripe effects,
in all the handsomest color combina
tions. About l.(MH) yards in this lot.
They were sample pieces used by the
miixirters for display and hence the
reduction in price. Every- piece is
perfect while they last, OQ
per yd L.30
The New Shirt Waists
We are showing over 000 senaratc
'styles of waists and the low nriees
,are one of the chief attractions.
These, for instauce:
(kcc for sheer lawn waists with clus
ter tucks audi two broad bands of em-
broulery inserting ?1 value.
95e for $1.25 mercerized madra
waists, made with cluster tucks and
lo.v pleat.
l5c, $1 and $1.25 for handsome lawn
waists, with line or broad tucks and
embroidery- or lace insertion, special
i . .
range of newest styles, at the
: : 207 W. Second St., Davenport
Every lady will appreciate our
large and complete stock of ready-to-wear
Hats, also the showing of natty
Trimmed Hats to wear, not next
month, but right now, from our own
workroom. These hats from our own
workroom we consider have better
style and more individuality than fae-tory-made
hats, and tho prices, if
anything, are lower.
We. also call special attention to
our veilings. The vogue now is to
wear the two veils, the beauty veil
and the draje. Come in and let us
show vou how to wear them.
Idkal. Boilers and A

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