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THE AHGrlfS, FltlDAY, ATI GUST 7, 1903.
Pobllsned Dally and Weekly at 1624 Sec
ond avenue. Rock Island, 111. Entered at
tHe postofflce as second-class matter.
TERMS Dally, 10 cents per week. Weekly,
1 per year in advance.
All communications of argumentative
Character, political or religious, must have
real name attached tor publication. No
such articles win be printed over fictitious
Correspondence solicited from every town
ship in Rock Island county.
Friday, August 7, 1003.
Half of the 40 families who emi
grated from l'ana to Manitoba about
u year ago have returned, and the re
mainder are expected soon. They
say the climate conditions are intol
erable, and they do not wish another
winter in that country. The farmer
who lives on a fowl farm in Illinois
cannot tind a better place anywhere
on earth.
An illustration of the possibilities
of modern manufacturing' is found in
the following' incident: A pair of
woman's shoes made in Lynn, Mass.,
to establish a record for rapid shoe-making-,
required 57 operators and the
use of 42 machines and 100 pieces. All
these parts were assembled and made
into n graceful pair of shoes, ready
to wear, in l'.i minutes.
Secretary of State Hay is noted for
the slippery manner in which he
dodges questions which he does not
care to answer. Not long1 ago a news
paper man was complaining- of how
the secretary "ducked" some queries.
"Why don't you pin him down'.'" ask
ed a 'friend. ""What? Pin Hay down?"
answered'the newspaper man. "Why,
1 tried that the other day, and he told
me what whisky was in 20 different
foreign languages. By the time he
got through, I didn't know whether
he thought I was drunk c,r not, but
I didn't try any more to 'pin him
down n foreign questions."
Former Senator Thomas If. Carter,
of Montana, who is being boomed out
west for the second place on the re
publican ticket with Roosevelt, is an
Ohio man by birth, but was reared in
Illinois. While he was in the senate
lie made a speech at a big dinner
given by Senator Perkins, of Califor
nia, and in tajking of his early strug
gle., he said that he used -to travel
with a threshing machine in the
Sucker state. Before the dinner was
over other admissions from senators
present were that some had plowed
corn and worked in the harvest field.
Carter is president of the national
commission for the Louisiana Pur
chase exposition, and will be 49 years
old Sept. :;o.
A certain well-to-do New Yorker
purchased a lot far uptown some 30
years ago at least it was' far up
town then. He paid his taxes on the
place yearly, and sometimes wonder
ed why he kept it. Long before he
had purchased it a man had built a
little shanty on the place, and there
he has squatted ever since. No one
bothered him, and he raised a large
family, several of whom are now in
business for themselves. Recently
the owner decided to retire from bus
iness entirely, so he sold the lot at
private sale for a price vastly in ad
vance of what he paid. The new
owner is the man who has lived there
rent free for TO years.
There are some fancy salaries paid
to railroad presidents in these days.
President Harris, of the Burlington
road, is understood to receive $5,000
a year, and President Mellen, of the
Northern Pacific a similar amount.
President Hill, of the Northern Se
curities company, is said to draw
$50,000 a year and a nominal salary
as president of the Great Northern
railway. President Stickney, of the
Chicago Great Western, draws a sal
ary of $;5,000 a year, as does also
President Yoakum, of the St. Louis &
San Francisco system. Charles M.
llaj's, vice president and general
manager of the Grand Trunk road,
was reported to have been offered
$40,000 a year to return 1o that sys
tem when the left the Southern Pa
cific. President Ramsey, Jr., of the
Wabash, is credited with drawing a
salary of $40,000 a year.
- Democrat Can Klect President.
Hut admitting that the democrats
will nominate a man who will be ac
ceptable to both factions of the dem
ocratic party, whose election will not
threaten the stability of manufactur
ing interests, and who stands for all
that is honest and good in adminis
tration, will the democrats then have
a chance to elieet him to the high of
fice of president? The 'answer must
necessarily be in the affirmative.
There is discontent over the domina
tion of the trusts; there is the fric
tion and disappointment incident to
the distribution of patronage; there
is the feeling of resentment which
certain representatives of corpora
tions feel because the president has
not spared them from suffering the
just execution of the laws. There
are a" number of factors in the polit
ical situation which will operate ad
versely to President Roosevelt if . the
democrats will unite and act in sen
sible fashion. It does not now seem
probable that they will be able to 'do
so; and. of course, if present condi
tions continue and the democratic
party marches forth to battle with
ranks divided and officers quarreling
among themselves, there will be no
doubt of Mr. Roosevelt's triumphant
reelection. H. (L. West, in . July
Forum. '
Robbery By Chicago Batchers.
The Chicago Chronicle enters the
following complaint:
It is but a little more than a year
since the price : of beef on the hoof
was the highest with oneexception
ever know n at the Union stock 'yards.
Prime beeves reached $s.(5." ' per 100
pounds and the consequent advance in
the price of meat to the consumer
caused an agitation which led to the
federal prosecution of the so-called
meat trust..
Prices of live beef are today almost
$:i per 100 pounds, lower thiin those of
the period named. Stock raisers are
losing much money, on their shijv
ments to this market and to eastern
markets. Commission men are ad
vising their clients- to withhold ship
ments until better prices are attain
ed. Beef on the hoof is almost at its
lowest. Dressed beef by the carcass
has sustained . a corresoonding de
Yet the individual consumer, the
householder, the small family, the
purchaser who cannot afford to buy
at wholesale is compelled to pay prac
tically the same price for good to
choice cuts of beef as were paid when
when live cattle were 33 1-3 per cent
higher than they are today. If there
has been any reduction in price, it is
so small as to be imierceptible. Hie
small consumer has not shared in the
benefits of low-priced beeves.
In other words, the retail butcher
who last summer swore that he ad
vanced price because of the high price
of cattle is now charging the same
outrageous prices, though live-cattle
and dressed beef have decreased in
price one-third. He is "hogging" the
difference between last summer's live
stock prices and those that obtain
this year.
It is jut as well to bear these
facts in mind when the family butch
er makes his ' conventional whine
about the "meat trust" compelling
him to charge high prices. It is not
the meat trust, but the retail butcher,
who is responsible for the robbery
that is being practiced. The quota
tions speak for themselves.
Captain George Fearing Hollis, for
merly United States consul at Cape
Town, South Africa, is dead at Mai
den. Mass. He was ." yenra of age.
A constable at Chicago Interrupt ed
the wedding celebration . of William
Kresser to serve paiors of eviction
from rooms prepared for his bride.
Secret service agents prevented a
band of negro boys from an orphan
asylum at Charleston. S. C, from sere
nading President Iloosevelt at Oyster
Mme. Calve has telegraphed the
managerof a French theater from Lon
don that she cannot keep her en
gagement, as she is very ill of heart
Fifty Ladroues implicated in the re
cent raids in Mindanao, P. I., have
been sentenced to long terms of Im
prisonment. Russia has prohibited all meetings
of Zionltes In the province of Kherson.
Because he is sflticted with cancer
Andrew Murray, a wealthy Brooklyn
man. has leen denied admission to"
Hinghnmpton. N. Y., hotels and forced
to seek lodgings rn the poor house.
The American School Furniture com
pany at Piqua, O., has lost no.OOO by
General Gillespie, chief of engineers,
will be designated president of the
board of ordinance and fortification on
the retirement of General Miles.
The employers and employes in the
Pittsburg building trades have got to
gether and the labor trouble Is show
ing signs of ending.
The new coins struck by the United
States government for the Philippine
islands are not popular in the islands.
Five men were drowned by the sink
ing of the barge Florrie in a storm off
the Massachusetts coast.
The French bark Grand Duchesse
Olga has arrived at Portland, Ore., a
year out from Antwerp.
The house of lords has adopted one
amendment to the Irish land bill.
End of Bitter Fight.
"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn fight with an abscess on my
right lung," writes J. F. Hughes, of
DuPont, Ga., "and gave me up. Ev
erybody thought my time had come.
As a last resort I tried Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption. The
benefit I received was striking and I
was on my feet in a few days. Now
I've entirely regained my health." It
conquers all coughs, colds and throat
and lung troubles. Guaranteed by
Hartz & Ullemeyer's dTug store. Price
50 cents and $1. Trial bottles free.
Eat All You Want.
Persons troubled with indigestion
or dyspepsia can eat all they want if
they will take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.
This remedy prepares the stomach for
the reception, retention, digestion and
assimilation of all of the wholesome
food that may be eaten, and enables
the digestive organs to transform the
same into the kind of blood that gives
health and strength.
Sold hy' Harper House pharmacy;
A. J. Reiss drug store, corner Seventh
avenue and Twenty-seventh street.
No. 146.
"No. 140, yen are discharged from
this prison and may go where you like.
I hoie you'll live au honest life and not
have to come back here again."
As the warden spoke the prisoner
stared at him as though his mind were
upon otlier matters, then, without a re
ply, hastened out into the world.
Several years before this Henry
Tracy was a young business man of
such marked ability that when Man
ning Brlghtman, an intimate friend,
though fifteen years bis senior, died it
was found that Tracy had been named
sole executor of his estate and guard
Ian of the only heir, Edith Bright
man, seventeen years old. One day
Abel Barnicourt, who had once been
Brlghtman's attorney, produced papers
transferring the whole estate to Sarah
Parton, who claimed to be the second
wife of the deceased. These papers
disappeared, and there was such strong
evidence that Tracy had stolen them
that his incarceration followed. While
he was in prison the estate remained in
litigation, and Edith Brlghtman, being
deprive! of her income, was forced to
earn her own living.
On the evening of his discharge he
stood on a street corner waiting for
the clocks to strike 10. At the first
stroke a man crossed the street and
Joined him.
4The shovels?" asked Tracy.
"On the place."
"All right. Y'ou go ahead, and I'll fol
fow. We don't want to be seen to
gether." Tracy followed the man out of town
to a deserted house standing beside the
road, and the two entered the grounds.
A pick and a shovel were found under
a porch, and Tracy, leading the way to
a large tree In a corner of the lot, be
gan to dig. Coming to a small sheet
iron box, they removed it and returned
with It to the city.
"We'll go to your room. Brown," said
Tracy. "You've got the documents
there, I believe."
A few minutes later Brown scratched
a match In his room, lit the gas, locked
the door, pulled down the shades, and
the two opened the Iron box, taking
out a bundle of papers. Browu mean
while unlocked n desk and brought
forth an envelope -ontalnIng docu
ments. Tracy seized them eagerly and
scanned them one after another till he
came to one at which he uttered a cry
of Joy.
"This Is the key to the situation:' he
exclaimed. "Without this the others
are worthless. I'll take care of this
myself. You look out for the others.
Meet me in the morning at the court
house, and we will swear out the war
rant." It was 11 o'clock at night when
Tracy left the detective and walked
rapidly to a house where there was but
one light burning. lie rang the bell
and when a servant came asked for
Miss Brlghtman.
"Gone to bed."
"Never mind that. I must see her
"Who shall I tell her wishes to see
"Never mind that either. She'll ap
prove of your calling her up."
When Edith Brlghtman entered the
room and saw her guardian, the ex
convlct, she caught at the door knob.
Ills Imprisonment and the mystery at
tending It, together'wlth the loss of her
property, had not only been a puzzle
but a horror to her. When It occurred
she was still half a child. Now she
was a woman.
"Edith." said Tracy, "your estate is
saved to you."
She stared at him wonderingly as
he proceeded:
"When your father asked me to be
his executor he told me of the woman
who claimed to be his wife, and that
he also suspected Barnicourt. 'When
I die he said, 'there '11 be some rascal
ity practiced on my little girl. Promise
me you will see that she is not robbed.'
" 'I promise on my honor and my
life I replied.
"When the blow fell I knew the pa
pers were fraudulent, but could not
prove It. The court was about to turn
over the estate to this woman, who
would at once turn it Into cash and
leave the country. I deliberately stole
their papers and buried them in my
yard. While serving my term I em
ployed a detective, who has only re
cently unraveled the case. Here Is a
contract between Abel Barnicourt and
Sarah Parton, wherein she agrees to
divide the estate with him in case he
secures it for her, and below her con
fession that she was never married to
your father, and the documents are all
forged, the signatures being copied
from letters of your father which had
falleu into her possession. This con
fesslou Barnicourt was to hold over
her in case she refused to divide with
him after the estate was acquired."
While Tracy was giving his ward
this brief summary of a case which
could only be written in volumes her
face wore the expression not of one de
lighted at hearing how she had re
gained her property, but an engrossing
pity mingled with wonder, admiration,
gratitude for one who had suffered dis
grace and imprisonment that it might
pass to its legitimate owner. '
"And you did this to fulfill a prom
ise?" "No. I loved the little girl for whom
I did it."
It was a long while before Edith
Brlghtman, reversing the conventional
order of matrimonial occurrences,
could persuade Henry Tracy to be
come her husband. Despite the truth,
to the world he was known as an ex
convict and his career was ruined.
Then he fell ill, and it was in one of
his weaker physical moods that his
consent was obtained. The pair went
abroad and have never returned to
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The Laurgest Selling
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JVetej OjcforeU
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A Draughty
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discomfort. Steam
and Hot-
Water Systems give perfect heat
distribution there can be no cold
rooms or hallways. The air is
rendered evenly warm and balmy.
IDEAL Boilers and Allen, MveTS (XCO.
Charles E. Hodgson,
Fire Insurance
Established 1874.
Imeritan Ins. Co Newark, N. J.
Continental New York
Agricultural ....T Xcrr York
rraders Ins. Co Chicago, 111.
Onion Ins. Co Philadelphia, Pa.
Boekford Ins. Co Ilockford, 111.
Security Ins. Co. ...New Haven, Conn.
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decided to close oit aJl our
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new goods ....
13he New Clothiers
Gustafson & Mayes,
The New Clothing Store : 1714 Second Avenue.
efriger actors
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Pvire Sanitary Results.
Refrigerators $ 5 . 5 O U p,
Drake Furniture & Carpet Company,
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Family Gro.ups Large Groups Best Grovips
Atthe Smitk Photo Stvidio
Opp. Harper House. Cor. 19th St. and 2nd Ave.
Our newty enlarged skylight room enables us to produce
the BEST large groups in this part of the country. Ca
pacity, eighty people at a time. Bring the whole family
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large cards at about HALF the usual price.
All Kinds of Photo Work at the Very
Vice President.
Central Trust $ Savings lank
Capital Stock. 8100.000- Fonr Per Cent Interest Paid on Deposits
Trust Department
Estates and property of all kinds are managed by this depart
ment, which is kept entirely separate from the banking business of
the company! We act as executor of and trustee under Wills, Ad
ministrator, Guardian and Conservator of Estates.
Receiver and assignee of insolvent estates. General fnanelal
agent for non-residents, women, invalids and others. J
"" ' 4 i
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Thones Old Union 213; new 5213. 419 Seventeenth St.

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